2017 People's Climate March Faith Hospitality - PUBLIC
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INSTRUCTIONS: If you are seeking a place to sleep in the days preceding or following the People's Climate March, either in a congregational facility or in hosts’ homes, please view the various hospitality offers here and choose one or a few that best suit your needs. Then fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/a/gwipl.org/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkPeAHyuZRW2__tinaUTFy8ivNBilXI5USrgSi4b4wSf8uyQ/viewform
ID #TypeTitleContact PersonCongregation NameFaith TraditionSpace available for how many?Night(s) availableDescription of sleeping arrangementDescription of bathroom facilitiesClosest Metro station (Click for Metro map)Distance from the closest Metro?Available featuresAdditional NotesWhen guests should arriveWhen guests should leave
4Individual HomeEdith Holleman2Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30Sofa bed in room with private bathPrivate bath with single shower stall; not wheelchair accessibleTakoma (red line).9 mileKitchen access, Overnight facility parkingNo one under 18.Before 11 pmBefore 11 pm
6Individual HomeTalia OrencelUMD HillelJewishPossibly 10-15Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30Couches and cots4 bathrooms with showers toilets and sinksCollege Park UMDLess than 1 mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Wheelchair-accessible, Overnight street parkingNo restrictions. Some lodging may be in traditionally Shabbat-observant apartments.Anytime FridaySunday morning
10Individual HomeBonnie Sorak4Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 2 queen beds, a couple twin mattresses and air mattressesPrivate full bath, shared guest bathGreenbelt20 minutesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parkingWill be as flexible as possible. NoonNoon
11Individual HomeKolya Braun-GreinerUnited Methodist, Presbyterian3-5Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/292 beds, sofa bed, 2 floor1 bathroomTakoma (red line)bus stop 2 blocks, goes to metroWi-Fi, Overnight street parkingNo restrictions. 3-9pmanytime
12Individual HomeRoseMarie & Ron MeserveyUCC & UU6Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 Queen bed, 1 double bed, 1 double futon mattress on the floor in living room2 full bath upstairs, 1 bath with shower downstairsGreenbelt18.9 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingNo smoking. No one under 18 unless with parent. Will provide breakfasts- vegetarian optional. We have four cats so persons with that allergy might be uncomfortable. 3 of the 4 cats are reclusive and usually stay in the basement when strangers visit, Sparkle is the only cat that enjoys company and will try to make friends.Ideally between 7 am and 9 pm but other is ok with advance notice.No limit with advance notice
14Individual HomeSyliva DissCatholic2-3Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/291 double bed, 1 twin bed1 bathroomGrovsonor5 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingWill pick up at MetroDoesn't matter
15Individual HomeRobert CoxUnity Faith inter-denominational6-8+Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/291 queen bed, 1 futon, 4-6 on floor2.5 bathroomsReston Weihle20 min walk, approx 2 to 3 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parking, Overnight street parkingEasy to drop off Kiss n Ride and/ or parking at metro plentiful incl free parking across street from metro on wknd -- I am glad to shuttle folks as available

Plenty of pizza or fast food delivery or vegan alternatives incl Mediterranean restaurant nearby
Any ThursBy 4 pm Sunday
16Individual HomeRobyn Miller-TarnoffJewish2Fri 4/281 king bed1 guestroom bathroom with showerFriendship Heights0.5Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingAround 5 pm on FridayAround 5 pm on Saturday
17Individual HomePaula LewisJewish5Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 2 queen beds, 1 twin bed1 full bath/shower, NOT wheelchair accessibleGlenmont1.5 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingNo smoking6-8pmnegotiable
18Individual HomeColleen Meiman5Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 2 doube futons, 1 couch2 bathrooms with showersSilver Spring2 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Wheelchair-accessible, Overnight street parkingPrefer women only, but men are fine. Can get a bus from down the block to get to the metro. We have cats, so people with severe cat allergies wouldn't be comfortable. Thur or Fri after 5 pmFlexible
19Individual HomeDave HawverUU3Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 2 twins in 1 room, 1 twin in another room2 showers available, not wheelchair accessibleGrosvenor/ Strathmore1.6 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingCat on site.arrange by email or phonearrange by email or phone
20Individual HomeHelen HensgenUnitarian Church of Arlington2Fri 4/28, Sat 4/291 double bed1 bathroom with showerBallston5 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingMy husband and I are 76, but we are happy to share our home. The bedroom is best for a couple, but it could be two good friends! No pets.Afternoon to eveningNoon to afternoon
22Individual HomeKristin MooreEpiscopal6Fri 4/28, Sat 4/291 double bed, bunk beds, 1 sofa bed2.5 bathrooms, not wheelchair accessibleTenleytown/
American University
.25 (3 blocks)Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingNo smokersBefore 10 pm--
24HotelJessica HallerJewish
See Additional Notes
I have a block of 6 rooms reserved (3 are full) at The Capitol Hill Hotel (www.capitolhillhotel-dc.com) for Shomer Shabbat people who want to sleep within walking distance. If we have more people, we can arrange meals and/or tefillah. If there's a large response, I can reserve more room and potentially meeting rooms as well.
25Individual HomeCarol and KenEthical Culture/UU; Buddhist4Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 twin bed, 1 queen bed, floor space3 full baths Wheaton Station1.1 mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingNo smoking, no pets
We can provide breakfast food (cereal, milk, soy milk, fruit, eggs, bread, coffee, tea etc)
We are pescatarian/vegetarian household; it's ok to bring meat but we won't supply any. We can accommodate vegan.
10 am-8 pm (flexible)10 am-8 pm (flexible)
29Individual HomeEvelyn KarsonCongregation Beth El of Montgomery CountyConservative Jewish4Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 Guest room with queen, queen sofa bed in basement, another room with single bed2 gender-neutral, not wheelchair accessible to share among guestsMedical Center1.8Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingSmall, child-friendly dog lives here.
Please no pork or shellfish. Will try to arrange for some meals.
May be able to house a few more if couples that can share sleep and bath arrangements.
May be able to provide transportation to a metro station on morning of march.
Limited Wifi
Flexible but by prior arrangementFlexible but by prior arrangement
30Individual HomeSally Bourrie6Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 double sofabed, 2 sectional loveseats, 1 sleeping bag -- more floor space, if people have their own sleeping bags2 -- not wheelchair accessibleSilver Spring5+ need a car to get there or a bus ride or bike rideWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingIt would be best if people had their own transportation to the Metro. I am a single woman unaffiliated with an institution. I have a small dog and a cat. I welcome these guests, but I am somewhat vulnerable because I have nobody (i.e., congregation) as support.after 6 pm on ThursdayFlexible
31Individual HomeAnnie TulkinJewish/Catholic2Fri 4/28, Sat 4/291 queen sized bed and pack n play 2nd floor (stairs), bathroom in bedroom (tub, shower, toilet)Silver Spring 1.5 miles (bus 3 blocks from house, goes to metro) Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingFamily friendly. We have a 1 1/2 year old. After 5 pmBy 3 pm on Sunday
33Individual HomeSally Grobani Jewish2+ Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 double bed in private room. Couch and floor space in a finished basement.2 full baths and 2 half bathrooms.N/A - Penn Station MARC train10 miles to Penn StationWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingWe are kosher and mainly vegetarian. Any food to be cooked in the house would need to be kosher (non-kosher food can be eaten on disposable dishes). We are Sabbath observant, but very comfortable with non-Sabbath observers in our home. Any gender and orientation is welcome!Prefer by 10:00 PMFlexible
34Individual HomeElisa RapaportJewish4-5Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 beds, 1 mattress on floor2 full bathroomsBethesda1.7Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingflexibleflexible
35Individual HomeMaurie KathanJewish3Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 queen bed, 2 couches1 full bathWest Hyattsville and PG Plaza1.25Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingI can host more people if they are okay with sleeping on the floor.After 6 on FridayMonday morning
36Individual HomeBeth BakerEthical Culture4Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 double bed; 1 single pull-out sofabed, 1 foam pad on floor1 full private bathTakoma (red line)one mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingThere is not a stove, but there is a hot plate, microwave, refrigerator and coffeemaker.Before 9:00 pmflexible
37Individual HomeJune EakinPresbyterian3Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30beds, floor mattress1 bathroom & ½ bathGlenmont4 miles, bus connection 1/4Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingNo smoking, dog present in house8:00 am - 10:00 pm8:00 am -10:00 am
38Individual HomeMark PosnerJewish1-2Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29BedsPrivate bath with showerSilver Spring1Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parkingNoon to 9:30 pmBy noon
39Individual HomeAgatha TanSt. Mark's Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal4Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 2 on sofas, 2 on floor2 tubs/ showers (neither wheelchair accessible)Union Station1 mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingFor sleeping on the floor, visitors are encouraged to bring their own camping mattress/ pad, other bedding I can provide. Please be aware that I have two small children (ages 3 and 6), thus I try to keep the house pretty quiet between 8:30PM and 6:30AM. No smoking inside our house or use of recreational drugs. before 8 pmby 11 am
40Individual HomeSara Agarwal1-2Fri 4/281 queen bed in bedroom1 shower stall and bathroom next to the bedroomUnion Station1 mileWi-Fi, Overnight facility parking, Overnight street parkingno restrictions, but we'd prefer either a woman or a couple

We can't really offer access to the kitchen but you can share breakfast with us
after 6 pmideally in the morning
41Individual HomeBernard Ohanian3+Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29One queen bed, two single beds in separate rooms, sofa bed in living room2 full baths with shower and 1 half-bath. TenleytownAbout a mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingMust not be allergic to cats. No smoking. Hosts will NOT be home. Visitors will need to feed cats. anytime FridayBy 4-5 pm
44CongregationBenjamin DillsWestern Presbyterian Church15Sat 4/29Floor spaceBathrooms available, 1 shower per genderFoggy Bottom0.25Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Wheelchair-accessibleThe space available is a hardwood floor, so guests should bring mats in addition to sleeping bags.

There will not be time for our sexton or cleaner to clean the space before church Sunday morning, so please be tidy and sweep the space before departure. (You are also welcome to join the 11am service Sunday morning.)
After March9:30 am if not joining service
45Individual HomeRabbiRain ZohavJewish 4-6Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 1 full size bed, 2 sofas, floor spacetwo bathroom, share with others livign here. Not wheelchair accessible. Two steps up into house.Rockville1 mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingJust understand taht there are several people living in this house of various genders, races and religions. I can drive up to 4 people to and from metro.FlexibleFlexible
46Individual HomeNicole BernerTemple ShalomJewish3Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29BedsFull bathroom Takoma 1.7 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingkosher home
No smoking (anywhere or anything)
48Individual HomeEllen MyersonJewish2Fri 4/28, Sat 4/292 double beds1 guest bathroomBethesda 1.2 milesWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parkingOne couple or one or two women.5 pm11:00 AM
49Individual HomeCarl ProperAll Souls Church (Washington, DC)Unitarian Universalist1-2Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29fold-out double bed 1 private shower/bathroom in basementRed Line, Bethesda stop<1Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parkingPlease be in touch about arrival/departure timeFlexibleFlexible
50Individual HomeRay MartinProtestant3-6Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 3 beds, floor space1 full bath, 1 half bathWest Falls Church2Wi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parking, Overnight street parkinganyone welcomeFlexibleFlexible
51Individual HomePaul FitchEcumenical8Fri 4/28, Sat 4/291 twin bed, 1 sofa bed, 1 couch, floor space1 bathroom with showerFort Totten.6 (10 minute walk)Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingPrefer organized group. We speak Spanish and English.after 5 pmNoon
52Individual HomeBarbara ThomasSandy Spring Monthly MeetingReligious Society of Friebds/Quaker4-5Th 4/27, Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29, Sun 4/30 3 twin beds, 1 queen bed1shared full bath, 1 large half bathGlenmont Metro10 minute driveWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight facility parkingBring own bedding and towels. Parking available. 10 minutes to Glenmont Red Line metro station. Refridgerator space available. Use of kitchen is fine if you clean up after cooking well. Keurig coffee maker. 4:30 pm - 9:00 pmBy 11 am
53Individual HomeKatrina BrowneBuddhist/UU/Episcopalian3Fri 4/28, Sat 4/29A single bed, a comfortable couch, and an air mattress that would need to be in same room as either the bed or the couch.one bathroom in our homeTakomahalf a mileWi-Fi, Kitchen access, Overnight street parkingThis is in the home of a married couple; no kids; no pets. One friend of ours may be coming down, but there is still room for 3 more if someone doesn't mind an air mattress, and if two of 3 people are ok being in same room, and if being in living room (i.e. not a private room) is ok for one or two people.before 11pmany time
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