Salary ranges for Core Team Members on specific Career Paths and Impact Levels at Appsilon.
Ranges are in PLN (Polish Zloty), paid per month, defined as employer cost (include taxes)
Impact Level from Career PathsR/Shiny EngineerInfrastructure EngineerFullstack EngineerMachine Learning EngineerProject Manager
L37,000 - 9,0009,000 - 11,0009,000 - 11,0007,000 - 9,0007,000 - 9,000
L410,000 - 15,00013,000 - 18,00013,000 - 18,00010,000 - 14,00010,000 - 15,000
L516,000 - 20,00019,000 - 23,00019,000 - 23,00015,000 - 20,00016,000 - 20,000
L621,000 - 24,00024,000 - 27,00024,000 - 27,00021,000 - 24,00021,000 - 24,000
Difference between joining Appsilon as a Core Team Member and working for Appsilon as an External Contractor
Core Team MemberExternal Contractor
Compensation & BenefitsEmployment contract (umowa o pracę) or B2B contract (działalność gospodarcza)B2B contract only
SalaryBased on Career Guideline. Compensation above the average on the Polish market (based on 5000 offers analysed every 6 months). UoP net salary increased thanks to KUP.

Example: 15.000 PLN of employers cost equals:

UoP: 12.500 gross / 9.000 net (approx.) Calculator
B2B*: 15.000 + VAT gross (18.450) / 11.500 net (approx.) Calculator

* presented calculations are for Polish B2B contract. It will be different in other countries.
Negotiated by the Contractor. Possible higher rates than Core Team Member. Rates depend on sales potential (how complex projects we can deliver with the Contractor)
Flexible working hours & home office1 work day = 8 hours. It doesn't matter if it is 8-17 with 1h lunch break, 12-20 or several blocks that sum up to 8h. Overtime can be taken back on different day e.g. you worked 10h on Monday (+2h), but then 6h on Friday (-2h)
Paid overtime150% rate for the additional, voluntary work on the weekends (only in rare cases). Current system is described for Appsilon Team members in the OutlineHours are not limited. Appsilon pays for total number of hours required to deliver the result.
Guarantee of continuityCompensation paid even for non-billable days.
UoP: Notice period regulated by the Labour Law (between 2 weeks to 3 months)
B2B: 2 months
Hours paid only when there is a project, based on monthly timesheet.
Career path and personal growth supportContinuous support of personal Engineering Manager. Mentorship, peer performance reviews, tech talks, flexible career path planned with your manager. Advisory from CTO and senior team membersCareer growth and skills development is 100% on the contractor. Slow development and low quality results = no new projects. No time margin for improvement in case of being below expectations.
Personal development budget+5% of gross salary + 4 paid days per year for learning, e.g. for research, workshops, conferences.
Paid vacationsB2B: 26 days per year
Polish UoP: 20-26 days per year (regulated by Labour Law)
EquipmentMacbook with M1 Chip or Lenovo Thinkpad + additional peripherals
Medical care (Polmed Super Plus)Details of Polmed Super Plus package (only in Poland for now)
Paid sick leave33 days per year of a paid sick leave (80% of salary)
Life insuranceLife insurance for you and your family members
Support in building personal brand in the community as an expertHelp from Growth team in promoting content under your name. Covering all conference talk costs (travel, organization, equipment, materials e.g. graphical designs).
Local benefits (for now Poland only)Sports card (FitSport or FitProfit), personal assistant (AskHenry)
Travel to international conferences (giving a talk) or on-site client visitsWe will help you prepare abstracts, presentation materials, proofreading, promotion, travel. We will help you become a rockstar in the R Shiny community.
Company events (Summer Retreat, Appsilon Days, Christmas Eve, etc)Travel to Poland to meet the Team. See the video from our 2021 Summer Retreat in Gizycko (PL)