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First NameOccupation
Grad College YY (When you left the factory?)
SCREENNAME - "First 3 Email+Grad College YY+Occupation" For example: Ale01techsales, Lan07engineer.
Residence CityResidence State
How you can help me? Maybe you just want a 5 dollar Starbucks e-card? Or a property manager contact?
1 Year Goal3 Year Goal5-10 Year GoalLast updatedTimestamp
I am more than happy to buy coffee in exchange for a meetup to talk real estate. I also have a friend who sources off-market deals that I can connect you with so you can be on his buyer's list.
1 TK property Atleast 3 TK properties
Get into syndications, big buildings, private lending etc.
5/28/20195/28/2019 22:17:35
GinoPhysician2000GIN00PhysicianMontgomeryALI can share my personal experiences with syndication and TK properties10K/month
ScottRealtor2012SCO12RealtorPhoenixAZI have raised over $1.5M in capital for dealsraise $500k for a multifamily dealstart a 2nd business$5k/mo. passive income
LeeMechanical Engineer1995LFE95ENGINEERTempeAZAdd 2 more syndication deals
Generate twice monthly expenses
passively. Retire early?
Retire early!
Business Owner/Entrepreneur
1999adr99businessownerBurlingameCAI am happy to buy coffee/lunch in exchange for time and advice from those with more experience. Accredited investor. My husband and I own a duplex in Austin, and I manage a multifamily property in the Bay Area for my family. I would like to do a BRRRR deal, and would be open to partering with someoneComplete a BRRRR
$6k monthly passive cash flow
Replace my current income with passive income from real estate investments, and most importantly be able to spend time with my family.
AaronPhysician1994amk94physicianChicoCAIm a radiologist-- who doesn't ever have some question to ask about what a medical term might mean on a imaging report?? What the heck is "Atelectasis" anyway?? Along with this I am an AVID MFR investor and have many contacts in MFR (large scale) and would be happy to introduce syndicators, direct loan servicers, mortgage brokers, MFR brokers in DFW and SAT; also Im knee deep in doing a MODULAR construction deal in Crested Butte CO so i can speak about ground up developement a bit as well; and I've had SFR rentals for a long time so i have experience in that realm as well...Look into creating a "brand" and begin blogging(+/- podcasting (?*gulp*)) and creating business centered around such-- also cosponsor 100+ MFR deal continue to grow "brand" and expand MFR deal flow to syndicate my own deals and capital raise for mine and other's deals with lead syndicators i know, like and trust; at this point hopeful to by GP on 250-400+ doorsgenerate 20-30k+ passive income; retire out my wife and i can go part time... Still do radiology but 2 days week/ rest of time with family and investing / educating 8/22/18
NeilProgram Mgr, High Tech1996CupertinoCA
2 more single family rentals
5 sfh rentals, 2 syndicate apts..
10 million net worth, 10k passive monthly
DavidPharmacist2010DRX10PHARMACISTFoster CityCAMentor new REI, give them the shortcut and save them the time of reading hundreds of books just to analyze and scale their deals especially student housing. Provide equity if partner cames in with sweat equity to be boots on the ground on an investment with a niche. Keep it rolling$43,200 Monthly Passive Cashflow to fund multiple Syndications/ Development Project and get into Venture Capital game while working W2Quit W2, Start a Hedge fund/Shark Tank/Mastermind/Whateveryouwannacallit holding/Investment company that owns multiple businesses and business venture all over the world. Private jet. Put my son in top 1% earner in the world, get him out of the school system because he wouldn't need it. 6/12/2018
CarlLaw Enforcement1989Str89lawenforcementFresnoCaEnjoy discussing all aspects of RE investing: can help with Buy n Hold quesitons, rehabbing, wholesaling, financing,SFH, MF, Notes, Self Directed IRA's for investing, Private lending, management of of properties, Sect 8 tenant related questions, evictions. Am an Accredited Investor.Invest in more MF syndications. Gross 65k month. Gross 1 mil in income. Retire from W2 career.Grow more as an investor. Partner on many more Syndication deals. 7/5/2018
Daviddirector of photography1998dav98photogLaguna NiguelCAI've worked at tech startups and cinematography. If you have questions about lighting technique for web/tv, which super expensive camera or lens is better for a specific application, happy to provide advice. My REI career is a short 5 years of SFR and a few flips. All in SAT. I grew up in a family of building trades and small rental property owners. My dad has stories about collecting cash rent for his grandfather when he was in his early teens.3 additional SFR with an existing partner. 2 to 4 flips with a different partner. First syndication deal. Build a 4-plex on a existing lot in SAT. Sell several SFR and move to LP status on multiple syndicated MFR.20k passive mo, exit career, kid off to college fully funded, cruise long distance on a small boat for a few years. Mentor. Help kid pursue career and invest. 8/22/18
EricPhysician1992Eric92physLos AngelesCA
Engineer, Consultant, Realtor (California)
2012JEF12engineerLos AngelesCAI can be an extra set of eyes for underwriting and due diligence. My business partner and I can also create websites. I am a professional electrical engineer and can help with electrical designs, stamping plans, or general questions.Invest as LP in 2-3 syndications.
Purchase small MF as JV.
Syndicate an 80+ unit apartment deal$8k/month passive income, have control over my time to snowboard and surf for 2-3 hours 100+ days a year6/27/2018
JohnAdvertising Sales1996jra96adsalesLos AngelesCAHappy to share experience working with SFH and MF wholesalers and brokers in Central FL, also experienced working with TK and PM companies in TN, MO, and FL. Experienced with private lending for flips and new construction. Sponsor an apartment deal in FL, Invest in 2-3 more MF syndications, help friends and family get started investing in RE, continue to learn about MF syndications and grow network of investors and operators. $15k passive cash flow / mo7/3/2018
SameerConsulting2011NSAM12CONSULTANTNewarkCAContribute by deal finding for the community; organizing bay area meetups for the community. Love interacting with people looking to generate passive income streams.
Looking build a portfolio of investments via a hybrid approach - a) house hack in the bay b) deal find (am a people person and love talking to folks) and trade sweat equity for learning the business
Find 1 deal for a syndicator and close one multifamily dealEstablished deal finding; become accredited investor $18k passive income/mo. Set up systems to be a global investor
JustinCommercial Filmmaker0JTO00FILMNewport BeachCACapital and resources to deploy into new partnerships. Reach 15-20 SFHs and learn about syndicated deals.Increase cash flow to over $12K/mo.6/22/2018
MitchInternal Auditor2013Mit13InternalAuditorOrangeCA2 SFH by 12/3110 SFM and/or MFH by 12/31/20$10k passive income/mo.6/22/2018
ToddInvestor1990tod90syndicatorRedwood CityCAI'd love to share ideas and experiences with new and experienced investors. I have a background in corporate finance working in Financial Planning & Analysis. If anyone needs helps with spreadsheets, just let me know .Close on my first syndicationSay bye-bye to the rat race by closing on 5 more syndicationsContinue to grow my business and be able to help others along the same path.7/7/2018
Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer/REI Business Owner
2013MIK2013EngineerSan DiegoCAI truly enjoy connecting investors together. I have built a decent network of investors from Mobile Home Parks, Apartments, Wholesale, Flips - You may have a need that I can help find a solution. Additionally, I have capital for PMLs.
I am really creative like Lane and have created my own google sheet with Apartment Investors that I continue to grow... Again, I like connecting people :)
Addtionally, My wife does systems integration -manage book keeping, property management software, CRM, and marketing automation platforms, website development, lead generation.
Complete another Private Money Loan. Close on a 35+ lot Mobile Home Park and Apartment Complex based on my current property profiles.$2-3M of MHP and $2-5M of apartment assets under management and PML account in combine IRA at $350KRetired from the Navy with $60K pre-tax pension! $10M combined assets under management.6/22/2018
BENENGINEER11BSF11ENGINEERSAN DIEGOCABeing less experienced, I will happily pay for the food and drinks in exchange for your time. I love to talk about investing strategies and emerging markets with like minded people. My goals are focused on multifamily and I will gladly exchange my time and efforts for experience in aquisition of MF assets (cheap labor). Wokring for nearly 6 years as an aerospace engineer, I am proficient with numbers and analytics. I also have the syndicated deal analyzer spreadsheet (M. Blank tool). No pressure though - I'm cool with just grabbing a couple beers and talking.Begin investing out of state. Currently focused on aquistition and fund raising for multifamily assets. Target markets incluse Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Dayton, Cincinatti and Columbus.Close atleast 3 deals. $5k simple passive cashflow. $10k-$20k/month of simple passive cashflow.6/23/2018
RayPharmacist, RE Broker, Health & Life Insurance Broker, Aspiring Amazon e-commerce brand owner2005San FranciscoCA
Allocate fund out of 1% savings into higher yield, mid to long-term investments
Plan A) Marry Rich, Plan B) Solidify and secure investment with asset protection plan, continue to grow portfolio but into larger, more leveraged investments like larger multi-units or apartments
Start working on building a legacy and give back to my community, mentor others, make the world better, raise a family with passive income and become a super dad. Approx $200-250k+ in passive income. Transition to PROFESSIONAL real estate investor for maximum tax write offs and benefits. Daily mojitos on beach.
CoryDesigner2003San FranciscoCALooking to partner with someone to expand my rental and syndication real estate portfolio1 additional property for quick flip or rentalQuit my day job, doing real estate full-time$10k+/mo from passive income6/10/2018
KeongEngineer2012KEO12ENGINEERSan JoseCAI can:
- offer insights on different areas in KC (grew up there, have rentals).
- share resources I use in KC (realtor, PM, contractor, etc)
- potentially partner into MF deals in KC
- potentially do private lending
Create 1 additional stream of income.
Evaluate e-commerce or rental arbitrage by 'doing'
Stablize 2 KC Airbnb operations by creating a solid process and team.
Explore converting remaining 2 KC rental units into Airbnb.
Get a corporate housing contract for KC Airbnb unit for higher cash flow.
Fund MF syndication deals at 2-3 $50K chunks per year.
Grow side business income.
Make decision on San Jose 1bd Condo (sell/keep).
Learn to professionally day-trade
Quit full time engineering job and become either:
- a part time consultant
- an educator
- a day-trader.
Stop trading time for money.
Be financially free (>6K/mo aftertax to cover living cost)
AND have additional side income from business/part-time work to continue funding investments.
Spend more time with family and kids.
GregElectrical Engineer2013GRW13ENGINEERSan JoseCAI have some experience with out-of-state rentals in Atlanta. I chose not to go with turnkey properties since I wanted to learn the process on my own: calculating returns, interviewing agents, property managers, and contractors. I am also going through a HELOC application and looking for different investment opportunities to use it for. Most likely my first syndication deal. Outside of real estate, I have experience in the datacenter networking and manufacturing space. I would be happy to connect with anyone in the area to chat more about REI and/or tech!Invest as an LP in my first syndication deal.Become an accredited investor and invest in 3-5 more syndications.Earn enough passive income to cover my living expenses. Open a bar/tap room! 10/5/2018
JimmyEngineer2011SF Bay AreaCa
Buy as much properties as I can with my W2 before I quit
$6-15k in passive income or ~1M in assets
Own multiple apartment complexes min 30units/ apt
Evaarchitect/developer2010SF bay areaCA
complete 9 unit apartment development
have enough passive income
joebreast radiologist1995SF bay areaCAEstablish 5 airbnb/STR in Indy, Atlanta, California and have a manager who runs themsell HALF my portfolio. cut out the fat and focus on what's making huge cash flow -STR!Have no more than 10 properties all managed professionally. Replace my dayjob salary but still keep working part-time!1/1/2017
ROSSSOFTWARE ENGINGEER2014RYE14ENGINEERSF bay areaCAI offer software expertise consulting, also have done some real estate web scraping. Purchase 5 SFH in addition to the one I am currently about to refinance10 SFH
become a general partner in a large >1M syndication group
PBusiness Development2009PVC09BIZDEVSF YAY AreaCAPurchase 1 more SFH that cash flows at least $150/mo after my expense calculations.Generate $4K/mo in cash flow to cover primary mortgage. Primarily through SFH, small MFH, and MFH syndications.Say bye bye to W2 with $10K/mo in cash flow. Actively invest in MFH investments. Become an expert at another 1-2 investment methods. Continue working from home and bugging Lane.6/9/2018
ManuelMD2004SunnyvaleCAHappy to chat about my journey from investing in turkey rentals to jumping into syndication deals. You should talk to me if you are an accredited investor with excess cash, but without experience or education. Now growing in "sophistication" with experience, education. Would like to learn about capital raising and potentially leading. Invest in syndication deals, networking and learning about capital raising, build tax strategy team, growing in charity, stay at home dadFinancial Freedom More syndication deals, spend time with family, travel, grow charity, give back to community, mentor youth, stay at home dad, exit on some non-syndicated real estate (SFH, duplex, triplex, etd)Financial freedom, more syndication deals, capital raising, family, travel, grow charity, give back to community, mentor, stay at home dad6/19/2018
EricElectrical Engineer1996ERC96EngineerLancasterCALearning turnkey RE now. Serious student of maintaining personal health and various science and philosophy topics. Looking to develop enough to mentor others to financial freedom.8-10 properties of 1-4 units each. Open to other/better cash flow opportunities that may arise.
Financial Independence and hopefully mentoring others. Focused on MFH, syndications, and plant another orchard.
Enough excess cash flow to personally fund a number of sci-fi concepts and hopefully make them a reality, while radically increasing charitable donations.
SriENGINEER2006SRI06ENGINEERSan JoseCAI have single family homes in Austin, Tx. Interested in partners experienced with syndication & multifamily real estateSyndication investment, generate 3k per month cash flowEliminate dependency on w-2 income, Generate $8k/moth cash flow.Retire from day to day job. Focus on travel, and charity work.
KyleProject Manager2008kat08ProjectManagerLos AngelesCAHelp with PM needs - vendor management, contract management. Extensive knowleadge on 1-4 unit space. Property Management. Negotiations. Goal Setting add 4 units under my poftfolio (could be 4x SFRs or 1x Fourplex) + 1x passive invesment
Have 3M assets under management and 1.5M net worth
100k/annual passive cash flow
RonConsultant2008ran03ConsultantSan FranciscoCAShare my experience in SFH rentals, property mgmt/vendors in Phoenix, help analyzing multifamily deals, project managementInvest in 2 or more syndications, sell my current rentals and (2 SFH in Phoenix area), replace with SFH/small multiunit (open to suggestions) and increase passive income by 50%
7.5K/mo passive cash flow and 1M in net worth
10k/mo passive cash flow
ToddNetwork Engineer1992BroomfieldCO
Find 2 solid MFH opportunities, preferably 4-plex. Close on 1
3 more MFH if solid deals. 16+ unit apartment, possibly syndication
Replace all W2 and cashflow 3 kids in college.
GregNew Product Eng Mgr2008GNI08ENGINEERCentral CTCTI'm happy to help in any way I can, but can specifically offer guidance on any housing related maintenance/capex expenditures that come your way. I have a capable knowledge of a variety of heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, building codes, and automotive projects. Always good to have a sanity check to see if your contractors, property managers and mechanics are truthful. Professionally I'm knowledgable in aerospace manufacturing and operations.Invest as an LP in 2-4 syndication dealsGenerate enough passive income to cover all expenses10k/mo passive income & Escape Velocity.
Be teaching and helping others how to do the same
GregEngineering PM2008GNI08EngineerCentral CTCTWilling to share my personal experience investing as a LP in syndications and TK farmland. Getting better at analyzing MFH deals as a passive. Looking to connect with other passives to network and progress together.Invest in 3 more syndications as a passive. Convert to a a self-directed Roth to invest in even more.3-5k/mo passive cash flow with more LP investments10k/mo passive cash flow
MattRadiologist2011BAL11RadDelray BeachFL
ZackMilitary 2018ZSC18MILITARYFort Walton BeachFLI've lived in many different places around the U.S to include Alaska. I keep my searches limited to places where I know I have someone I can trust to watch over the properties. While I'm open to investing any where, I can provide boots on ground assistance in the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia areas. I'm willing to make regular trips to look at properties or manage renovations. I look forward to expanding my network and continuing to expand my knowledge in REI.Obtain my first mult family unit. I prefer to purchase at least 8 units but I'm open to whatever deals may be out there. I would also like to double my current cash flow.Acheive financial independence. I want to have ~$5,000 in cash flow. I want to expand where I invest. While it is nice to keep it local, there is always a better deal.I want to have ~$10,000 a month in cash flow. I will be retiring from the military in 10 years and my why is so that I don't have to waste my time at a 9-5. I want to be able to make it to their games and let them experience what the world has to offer. I also look forward to taking them on business trips so they can learn the game as well.
1 multifamily deal (8-16 unit), area undetermined.
replace my W2 income, quit accounting job to focus on REI, Realtor career, spend time with family.
Lead 2 apartment syndications & learn about ALF. Quit my job by 12-31-2017!
Start a ALF in Hawaii, 1 apartment lead a year
Travel and be a stay at home dad. I'm training really hard a Baseline fitness and learning from the pros. Continue to develop SPC to help people not get screwed by wall street
Cody-AllenROW Agent2006HonoluluHI
restructure debt, deleverage portfolio (accelerating payments toward debt)
looking to acquire SFH and increase to 3 or possibly 4 rentals
Have condos paid off in full and generate enough passive income to replace both salaries.
acquire 3rd multifamily property, expand ALF to different state (ie CA)
5-10 multifamily properties, systematize ALF business
diversify into KC market and purchase 2 to 3 props
branch out to mfhs and syndications
have my positive cashflow income to exceed w2 earnings
TylerEngineer2001TYF01ENGINEERHonoluluHIStart npn investing (close on 6 notes) to supplement rental income cashflow.  Maximize use of lazy equity by refinancing/HELOCs.  Convert past employers IRA to a SDIRAHave $10K/month in passive cashflow and become financially independent.  Shift focus to helping other W2  (especially those stuggling to survive in Hawaii) achieve financial freedom
DucRealtor/Teacher2004DUC04REALTORHonoluluHIPrivate money short term debt to acquire MFH in the Pittsburgh area (5 - 20 units)

Buyers and sellers looking for a realtor on Oahu
Acquire a 10 unit in Pittsburgh (currently under negotiations)

Help 5 more clients buy/sell on Oahu before end of 2018
Own 25 doors via Pittsburgh partnership

Participate in 4 more LP syndication deals

Get CCIM and transition to commercial RE brokerage with emphasis on apartments
Quit teaching and focus on RE investing and RE brokering full time

Run syndications as GP
MikeSoftware Engineer2006mde06engineerHonoluluHI- Looking to for private placement offerings. I have mainly focused on syndicated large value-add multifamily deals in TX. Going forward I want to diversify my investments geographically as well as by asset type (self-storage, MHP, industrial, etc).

- Looking to connect with other passive investors to share advice and deal flow
$10K in monthly passive income (my personal freedom number)
Network. Diversify my passive portfolio.
Continue investing aggresively
$20K in monthly passive income. Allow my wife and I to retire. Stay at home dad. Do all the travelling we've been putting off on the journey to financial freedom.7/20/2018
DawsonTeacher2012DVO12TeacherHonoluluHIGreat writer and editor - I teach English. Excellent contacts for investing in Phoenix, AZ. Acquire one or two more properties; diversify into new markets
Own 10 properties: 15-20 doors total
Generate 5k/mo in passive income. Teach my own kids rather than paying for private school, serve at my church more full time. 8/16/2018
DanielSoftware Developer2001dan01DeveloperHonoluluHIBeen doing software development for 17 years, have tons of experience there, but just now getting into real estate investing. Been reading and learning like crazy, and just excited to meet other like-minded people to help each other in this wide open spaceLooking to buy 5 new rentals by this time next year
Build portofolio of rentals up to 15+
10-15k passive income9/9/2018
At-home Dad/Military Reserves
3MAT03MilitaryDadKailuaHII'm new at RE investing and still figuring out how I can contribute.  I think I'm getting pretty good at analyzing deals, so if that's a weakness of yours, I can help.  I also brew my own beer and make delicious cakes and cookies, so you're welcome to join me for drinks and/or dessert while discussing passive investing :)Add 1 more passive sydication to my portfolio and figure out what to do with the lazy equity I have in my rental property.Become more active/operational in small mutifamily and/orSFHBecome financially independent and live off a passive income stream of $6K+/month6/22/2018
Stabilize 17-unit and refi
Cash flow 4K/mo to supplement W2
Cash flow 8K/mo to fund retirement
JaredConstruction Engineer18JVS18ENGINEERHonoluluHII have time to invest in finding deals, coordinating logistics, and putting together contentPurchase a single family home, and/or invest in syndications
Match 25% of my W2 income with passive income
Match 100% of my W2 income with passive income
AARONManagement2002AAR02MANAGEMENTDes MoinesIAI am close to the KC market and for those interested, and if time is available, I can run down and take a look at passive holdings. I have a construction background as I used to do concrete work between years of college. I have also done extensive renovations on four of my properties. I took a look at one house that was being done by a flip company for another person and based on the pictures I took he was able to get out of that hot garbage. I have some cash to invest as an active or passive, buy and hold investor. Syndicate or passively invest in 50-100 units in areas that make sense. Say adios to the corporate gig. Expand my RE holdings to $5MSyndicate 200 units. Develop a mixed use property on land that I currently own that has been rezoned. Spend 25% of year traveling and doing charity work. Generate over $1M in net income. Purchase home in Costa Rica or Belize; possibly Chicago. Mentor and continue to create biz partnerships. Move into Development. Wear yoga pants and pretend I am cool.
TomReal Estate Broker2004
ChicagoILLooking to find other investors Indiana investors and learn more about multi family$150k a year after tax passive income6/24/2018
4 more single family rentals
2M value in RE aquired with positive cashflow
passive income equaling living expenses, begin part-time at work
KenGrad Student2014JEN14STUDENTBostonMAI own four SFH (two purchased turnkey and two purchased through connections I made in the process). I can help newbies out with how to get started with TK and also am happy to chat with any others around my stage (~3-4 properties) about numbers or SFH investing in generalDouble SFH number from 4 to 8Move into apartments/syndications (50+ doors)$10k+/month in cashflow, start educating others and look into other avenues of investing asides from REI6/10/2018
Physician (Interventional radiologist)
Lead BIA (Business Intelligence & Analytics) Partner
2016BAK16BIAMinneapolisMNLooking build a portfolio of investments to allow myself and my husband more financial freedom. We just started (have one passive investment) and are looking for how to get involved in more/learn more/understand what we need to do to do reach our goals :)Invest in 1 more passive deal or purchase 1 rental property6/22/2018
AhmedIT QA Manager1994IQR94QASaint PaulMNI perform the bookkeeping for our investments and passionate about learning the impact of new tax laws, using IRA for investment, and working with lenders.Add 3 more door to current portfolio and I am about to do that.3k/month passive income. Create the right structure for legacy wealth bulding as well as have real overtake the % of my networth over financial instruments.7k/month passive income and become FI. Old to be FIRE6/25/2018
Real Estate Investor and REI Coach
2008..Kansas CityMoI am looking to partner with other investors (no matter what experience level you have) on investment opportunities. I am a Real Estate Investing coach to new investors looking to build a passive cash flow portfolio to allow them to escape the rat race and allow them to life the life they truly desire. I want to educate as many other humans on this planet to allow them to become financially free and wealthy. I currently invest in the Kansas City market and am open to investing with a great team in other solid cash flowing markets. If you are intertested in contacting me to discuss how I can help you please feel free to email me or call anytime. I want to help you achieve the life you truly want! If you dont know what life you truly want, then we REALLY need to talk and help you create that life vision. I am also a Human potential coach, working with clients to be the best possible person they can become- in every aspect of life. Focus on 24 flips this year and focus on profits and secondary debt pay down. Continue a minimum of 24 flips per year utilizing systems, processes and teams. Double our single family rental properties. Coach over 50 new real estate investors to get them on their way to financial freedom. Each client will have an established investing strategy to escape the rat race. Travel to 3 new countries. Travel full time, poroperty in Belize, over 100k in passive income, continue coaching from wherever travel takes me. 6/22/2018
AlexPICU RN1995Ale95RNHillsboroughNJ
HelenBusiness Management2000Helen00BizMgmtNYCNYShare my investment journey and offer insight on great platform/resources on OFS SFR; I have professional experience in capital markets transactions so very familiar with syndication process and comfortable going through dense deal docs. I can explain syndication process to those who are new to it,and share my journey on pivoting from SFR to MF. Expand my own passive income Can help raise > $500K for my team; grow my own passive incomeCan quit my W-2 job; travel more and spend more time with family6/22/2018
AndrewSW Engineer1996ASP96ENGINEERRochesterNYCould potentially private lend, or partner in MFH.Acquire 1 SFH to gain experience. Access some of my retirement funds to invest in an MFH deal.Have 400k invested in whatever vehicles make sense -- MFH, SFH, MHP, life insurance, notes, etc. 45-50k passive income. Pass on REI knowledge to others, including my son, who I could potentially partner with.Retire from W2. Probably head south. Continue building investments $1MM by 5 years, 10 years, 10MM? Help educate other in financial matters6/15/2018
SumitInvestments, Partner2008KOV08INVESTMENTClevelandOHI have gained extensive experience in hospitality acquisitons, management, and redevelopment and have acquired 30K sqft to 500K regional retail centers. My focus has been transitioning to 100+ unit, A-, B class value add multifamily. Interested in connecting with multifamily real estate investors. If you are accredited and need help gaining experience, there are opportunities to participate and grow your experience. I would be happy to grab lunch or jump on a call to help.Syndicate 350 units, value add B class apartment yielding investor return of 15%+
Own 1,000 units and systematize business, build a podcast
Focus on building legacy wealth, give my parents, siblings, family grow and pursue their dreams. Give them access to world class healthcare and impact the community by giving back consistently.
JacobCivil Engineer2008JAC08ENGINEEROklahoma CityOKBeing less experienced as an REI than most, I will happily cover the costs to meet up in exchange for your time. Always interested in investing strategies, emerging market trends, and alternative asset opportunity conversations with like minded people. My goals are focused on passive income growth. I am an eCommerce brand builder and entrepreneur as well as a civil engineer in the OKC market. Generate $2,000 in monthly cash flow through diverse syndications (multifamily, mobile park, and alternatives). Continue to learn and share with like-minded investors.Invest as LP in >10 syndications. Generate $5,000 in monthly cash flow through diverse syndicationsHave my positive cash flow income to exceed w2 earnings. Completely stop trading time for $$$.9/3/2018
JeffDigital Marketer2000PortlandOR
Pick up one more SFH rental in Portland Oregon Area
Pay down debt and add 3 more SFH in Portland Oregon Area
Generate enough positive cash flow to add 1 property per year until retirement
Corporate Finance, was engineer
1993pro93financePhiladelpha suburbsPAA second set of eyes on SFH/MFH financials; I've also worked both sides of syndication and can add perspective on private placement memos. Interested in MFH 2-200 and mobile home parks ~50-200. Invest in more notes and find another quad to buy.grow my passive income 50%double my passive income6/30/2018
ChrisManagement 2002CHR02ManagerPittsburghPa
DavidSoftware Engineer2012DAVID12SDEPittsburghPAI'm looking into more active business that leverages technology (my background) while investing majority of cashflow into lower risk and passive syndications.Sell my duplex before end of 2018 or cap rate compression; join 2 other passive syndicate deals; start my own business or at least draft a solid business plan (with about 15 hours/week investment for 2 months)Become an acreditted investor by ~mid-2020; If the biz I start proves no good, fail the business and restart, or bring the biz to at least $5k/month cashflow; diversify passive investment into private placement of non real estate assetsFinancially free (~$100k passive income /year) and have the option to quit W2 at the end of 2022 (but not necessarily quitting). Take multiple international trips a year to visit friends and see the world1/5/2019
MikeProduct Manager2003LIM03PRODUCTPittsburghPASoftware Product Manager background. Transitioning to Real EstateSyndication investments, Invest Locally in Pittsbugh
Have solid partnerships that enable me to have financial freedom
Real Estate, Asset Manager
2008JAS08realestateAustinTXHappy to help, and share my experience as an CRE asset manager for retail or mixed used properties. I work for an institutional multifamily developer now, and looking to syndicate my own shopping center deals. Grow passive income and syndicate my first retail strip center property.Syndicate another shopping center deal, and provide strong returns to partners. replace W-2 income, and become full time syndicator. Generate strong returns for investment partners6/30/2018
BrentEngineer2008BRK08ENGINEERDallasTXLead 1 apartment syndication of at least 100+ units.Lead 3 to 5 apartment syndications. Leave W2 job. Be stay at home Dad, travel, and continue to be active investor. Maybe move back to HI.6/10/2018
Corporate Real Estate Manager
2007PHI07REManagerDallasTXI have the most expertise in shopping centers, and malls in particular. If anyone ever wanted to get into that area of real estate, would be happy to share my knowledge. Additionally, I'm frequently on the phone with turnkey SFR investors who want to hear about my journeyExpand turnkey SFR portfolio, partner on BRRRR dealsExpand passive income and cover all living expensesWork fulltime on managing and expanding real estate portfolio6/22/2018
JohnAccounting professor96, 97, and 2010
DecaturTXI can share my experience of paradigm shift from wall street to alternative. I have a lot of self directed IRA experience. Love to talk about any investing ideas. I have deployed assets so wait and see.6K passive income/month7.5K passive income/month. Bring my now 19 year old son on and create more of a family business out ot this. Involve my younger kids and wife as well. I have a pretty autonomous job, so may not ever replace, but would love to ease the pressure!6/15/2018
KaraEngineer2010KAR10ENGINEERHoustonTXI can answer any questions about the Houston area, even check out a property if you need. Share my experience so far. Partner in MFH or private lending.Get my "house hack" rolling. Further my knowledge in syndications.Retire, stay at home mom.Spouse retires. We focus on family and volunteer efforts.6/13/2018
Engineer/PM Oil and Gas
2001CHA01ENGINEERHoustonTxIn Houston area and willing to help with due diligance and market information. I can coach on self directed IRAs and syndication due diligance as an LP. Project engineer of large capital projects by trade and can help with most construction and and project execution work. Can potentially private/hard money lend or partner on notes. Previous experience in SFH rentals and spec home building in the Austin and San Antonio areas.Deploy 75% of my SDIRA capital on right syndication deals. Ideally self storage and assisted living is of interest.Predicting we may be in a downturn at this point in the future, so i want to be in 10 cashflowing commercial syndications by this point.$5k/mo. passive income on top of career income. Relocate to the Texas Hill Country. Work part time. Maximize time to serve church and community and family.6/22/2018
Quality Manager - Oil & Gas
2001GCA01MANAGERHoustonTXJust started looking at real estate investing in 2018. Accredited although most funds tied up in retirement accounts. I'm more interested in MFH, syndications, etc. than SFH, and just need to get some hands on experience in how to manage such deals.
Invest in 2-4 syndication deals to start generating passive income and pick up more general knowledge along the way.Improve networking and look to be General Partner in syndication deal.Generate enough passive income to invest in multiple syndications/deals per year and eliminate need for W-2 work. Target minimum of $10k/month passive.10/21/2018
NikhilInvestment Banker2005NYP05FINANCELondonUKSeven years of M&A experience so particularly versed in both underwriting and negotiation tactics/strategy
Open to funding MF deals in cities that I like
I also have a decent balance sheet and am open to being a Key Person/Sponsor on the financing for deals that I like
>50 units in total$180k/yr after tax passive incomeMultiple businesses focused on the causes I care about6/24/2018
BenMechanical Engineer2005Ben05EngineerSandyUT5 dollar Starbuck e-card
I don't have much real estate investing experience, I owned a SFH that I rented for 9 years. I learned a lot and didn't make any money so I interested in learning from expereienced people and doing it right the next time around.

There are some areas where I could add value not related to real estate investing. If you need a product designed or 3D printed for prototyping or an internet connected sensor along with the cloud side system to support it or if you want to learn more about how to get started in cryptocurrency investing then I am your guy!
Make first passive cashflow investment$5k in passive cashflow through various dealsReplace my current income with passive income from various investments. 7/6/2018
BradFinancial Analyst2005Arlington VA
Reach financial independence.
~100 units in KC (value add)
Continue to diversify assets and income streams to multi family, notes/lending, stocks, commodities, etc. 
Windows Systems Engineer
10PAT10ENGINEERWoodbridgeVACrypto knowledge and experience.
Professional IT guy.
Avid and deep researcher and optimizer.
...$5 (in BTC) Starbucks Card
Purchase more SFH, diversify into Syndications. Restructure personal financial picture (Lay the groundwork for the other goals)
Restructure personal life to free up time to provide more value to partners.
Match 50% of W2 income, be able to have wife not work. (anticipating kids)
Allow me to pursue job based on passion vs raw income.
Fully replace W2 income.
Start teaching interested friends how to do the same
Work with teachers to teach financial literacy in schools.
RogerEcommerce Consultant2010EverettWA
$100K/year passive income
8 figure payday
$1MM/year passive income
JoshIT Engineer2004JOSH04ITKentWAAlways up for chatting and meeting new people! I'm relatively new to the game and trying to figure out how to make it all work.Sell my two turnkey properties in Ohio and re-invest elsewhere. Will have about $100k to work with.$10k/month passive income6/24/2018
RussellSoftware Engineer2010RUS10ENGINEERKirklandWA
purchase 2 rental properties in either Birmingham or Memphis
have 6 properties purchased
Replace W2 income with cashflow from rental properties, choose if I want to work or not, be more active in my kid's lives
$500K RE net worth, all cash flowing
$750K RE net worth
$1M RE net worth @ 5y, $2M @ 10y
Patrick Engineer 1990Kirkland WA
Syndication 2 apartment deals in 2017 producing doubl digit positive cash flow
Syndicate 3 or 4 apartment deals up to 200 units each
Replace all W-2 income with passive cash flow from Apartments
PeriWireless Corporate RE1987
Mercer IslandWAI can provide info about San Angelo, TX, Gulfport, MS, and Tulsa, OK. I have some connections in these areas.Acquire 1-2 MFH's (2X, 3X or 4X) for hold in markets I know or where I can find solid teams through networking. Partner (provide private money) on 1-2 flip deals; learn as much as I can about apartment syndications and "dip my toe in." Create one additional stream of income. Spend more time with family. The babies...they grow up so quickly!Trade up (SFH's & MFH's) to mostly all apt syndications to generate passive CF. Mentor extended family in REI to help raise their socio-economic state. Volunteer with my charity of choice; Spend more time with Family.Replace my W-2 income with all passive cash flow. Quit my W-2 job. Spend a lot more time volunteering. Continue to mentor. Travel and spend as much time with family as possible.
KevinBusiness Development2000KHA00BDMill CreekWAAccredited investor - Interested in partnering with folks in the WA area on local deals ideally (smal MFH). Interested in passive deals but where I can learn from the deal sponsors from the inside Invest in 1 add‘l passive deal for $50k, or partner with someone in WA area on a small MFHReinvest returns from current passive syndication deals into several larger deals that I do with a smaller group of investors/partnersBuild to $15k/month passive cash flow through rentals and investments6/30/2018
JayReal Estate Finance1992Jay92REFinanceMill CreekWAAlways looking to grow my newtwork, help make introductions to facilitate deals. I believe that your network is your net worth. Currently looking to syndicate multifamily value add opportunities. I can help analyze deals quickly and be a second or 3rd set of eyes. Want to learn from others experiences/mistakes to be able to better evaluate deals. Happy to help other like minded cool individuals or teams. Syndicate 2 multifamily projects (50+ doors) as the GP. Analyze no less than 400 deals, generate multiple passive income streams.Completed 400 doors thru Syndication by end of Yr3. Continue to build network and deliver better then conservative (average) rate of return to investors.To be able to make every day Saturday is our motto. Travel & Golf! + continue to be full time Multifamily Investor7/5/2018
ChadVP Finance1998Cud98VPfinanceSammamishWAHappy to buy coffee/lunch and have open discussion on your goals/committments to see if I have any contacts to introduce you too. I enjoy talking shop and learning others "why" for being in this business and what we potentially could do together. Also, I can quickly underwrite small and large multifamily unit deals to quickly provide second/third eyes and cover any potential risks previously missed. The tool I use is not your "store bought" underwriting model which may allow for a good double/triple check. Syndicate 2-3 multifamily projects (100+ doors) as the GP, grow network, and deliver better then conservative returnsCompleted 400 doors thru Syndication by end of Yr3. Continue to build network and deliver better then conservative (average) rate of return to investors.Only boss in my life is my wife. Making every day Saturday. Travel & Golf...A LOT! + continue to be full time Multifamily Investor7/2/2018
DavidEngineer 2012SeattleWA1 more SFH -> Duplex
Invest in 3 turnkey properties
JasminBiologist/Engineer (Grad student)2011SeattleWA
Learn more about REI. Maybe buy first property.
Have 1-3 SFH
Earn passive income for financial independence
First apartment building (10+ units) in Tacoma/Puyallup/Renton area, ~3m
Do 3 deals each yearHave 10 million in NW1/1/2017
invest in first property, closing in on SFH in KC
max out conventional loans with SFR/2-4 unit MFRs
own outright 50+ apt building
TomNetwork/Cloud Engineer1999SeattleWA
Buy another SFH (possibly in the Carolinas)
Take equity in CO home and 1031 exchange into 3-4 more properties
Reach 10+ SFH rentals1/1/2017
YoshiProduct manager1992SeattleWA
Restructure portforlio and cash flow.
ElisaProduct Manager2002SeattleWA
Sell 1 SFH for equity by end of June
Convert to my old 401k fund to Solo 401k fund
8 more units investing in multi-family (2 4-plex or 1 apartment in WA)
Build ADU rental generate $1000 cashflow monthly
Make all my units generate $100 cashflow each monthly
Can live off my passive income alone. Phasing out my W-2 income. 150 units each cashflow minimum $100 by 2020. 15 million in assets.
Use my passive income to pursue new business venture in Children's Book authoring and be a well-known artist.
OtgonWealth preservation1987Otg87FinanceSeattleWA