DateModuleDescription of UpdateVersion Library SectionVideo Description
6/24/2022Entire ProductImplemented Digicert signing of entire application to assist in meeting clients IT concerns re security ahead of Version 19 introductionV19.7.12.2022
6/21/2022Digital Standard WorkEmulation mode added. Upon creation of digital standard work users can now preview what it will look like in Timer Pro Web Services. Major enhancement as it shows exactly what Web Services can deliver via the web before IT get involved.V18.6.8.2022
6/10/2022Line BalanceAdded Ergonomic Health Risk Assessment. Allows users to set a value to light, moderate and severe classifications to enable the quantification of ergonomic risks by station. Summary report displays data in station sequence and then in severity sequence so it draws attention the task with the most ergonomic issues first
5/19/2022Vide Timer ProAbility to define and use "Action" words in adding descriptive text. Based on sample seen at clients who use standard text to describe their operations
5/11/2022Digital Standard WorkNew option to only digitize the work instruction worksheet and allow users to create "as required" video content to be presented to end users. Many users have long processes and automatically creating a video clip for every step is not required e.f. "walkto bench". This feature allows users to focus their attention on key points in the process and quickly develop video content just for those areas. Ability to at audio, hyperlinks and supporting documents also provided.
4/21/2022Work InstructionsAdded Data.Note option to work instruction design to automatically add users "Notes" to the Excel and digital content
4/18/2022Digital Standard Work Added option to simplify the addition of audio and hyperlinks to Storyboard content, Instead of processing in Excel can now add directly in the digital content
4/6/2022Digital Standard WorkAdded option to process legacy standard work for all clients. Even clients who have work instructions developed in Timer Pro many years ago can now automatically digitize them and present them via the web using Timer Pro Web Services.
3/10/2022Video Timer ProAdded GoPro Utility to toolbox to allow the fast concatenation of multiple sequential GoPro Videos into one
3/2/2022Digital Standard WorkAdded republish to easily process changes made to Excel work instructions and update the corresponding digital standard work
2/4/2022Line BalanceAdded "Backfill to Mark" option to Mark processing to handle when a user wanted to add space from a previous mark to a new point in the processV18.2.4.2022
1/10/2022Digital Standard WorkAllow creation of a scrolling work instruction video - allows the user to add audio to a work instruction since audio cannot be added to image file in web services
11/24/2021Video Timer Pro and BalanceSimplified the addition of your own audio to video clips. V18.11.24.2021
11/17/2021Video Timer Pro and Work InstructionsAdded options to send data directly to work instructions directly from video time study area - bypassing the line balance. Will allow user who mainly use video time study to easily generate work instructions from their studies.
11/8/2021Work InstructionsAbility to have page numbers automatically added to custom deigns
10/27/2021Time Study Module/Time Study Web ServicesLaunched web based, self time study and sampling option for office staff and work from home employees. Links to web based data collection integrated into Main Menu of the Time Study Module
9/22/2021Line BalanceGrouping Breakouts automatically digitized
9/8/2021Video Timer Pro and BalanceEnhanced Autosave function. Presents the most recent autosaves first and allows the user to delete specific daily folders plus all folders after a user selectable x months to better manage their archives
8/26/2021Time Study ModuleAdded work sampling to time study on windows tablet
8/12/2021Work InstructionsAutomatically digitized work instruction summary sheets
8/3/2021Line BalanceAdded ability to add precedence on grouping of activities to greatly simplify line balances of large processV18.8.3.2021
5/11/2021Mainmenu and Reporting in Excel Based time studyAdded support for new web based time study under development. Any template with install data of 5/11/2021 will have the ability to use web based time studyV18.5.24.2021
5/10/2021Work InstructionsAdded Info capability to video time study, balance and by station in balance. Allows user to add additional process related data. Updated Work instructions to allow the use of any of the info fields in a work instruction to greatly improve the information that can be incorporated into the standard work.
4/8/2021Balance/Video Time StudyAdded browse capability so that named clipboards can be saved and recalled from any folder
Reporting in Excel Based time study
Added activity rollup to standard reporting
3/2/2021BalanceWhere Used and Mass Update capabilities added to balances. Ability to isolate line balances under folder structures and find all occurrence of specific, text, times and videos. Content in the balances matching the user defined parameters can then be mass updated to new values. Detailed Excel reports of all changes made are generated to give users the opportunities to select the changes to be moved to production. V17.3.2.20216. Line Balance. Where used and mass updating
2/12/2021StoryboardsSupport added to capture videos attached to a worksheet via hyperlinks. This option was created when a client wanted to add a single video to an operation instead of a listing of all videos in the operation by individual activities. The feature in Timer Pro that allows new "segment" videos to be created from the Video Training option or Video from Grouping makes this an ideal feature. Users use the standard Excel Hyperlink feature and must use the word "video" in the Text to Display description of the hyperlink. Only MP4 files can be attached as MP4 files are one of the few video formats that will stream automatically to the latest browsers.V17.2.18.2021
2/5/2021Work InstructionsAdded macro to allow a symbol to act as a "Return to Summary" sheet when standard work instructions included both job element sheets by operation and single summary worksheet that consolidated results for the entre task. Major ease of use feature for end users.V17.2.18.202112. Standard Work Instructions New Sub Section:
2/5/2021Work InstructionsSupport for work instructions with footers. Requires a fixed (and maximum) number of worksheet lines in the design. Used by clients who wish to put images at the bottom of their standard work designsV17.2.8.2021
1/18/2021Work InstructionsAutomated symbol insertion added to work instructions. Almost all clients make use of symbols in their work instructions to highlight specific conditions e.g. safety concerns, QC, inspection etc. The manual copying and pasting of symbols is manual effort intensive and prone to error e.g. positioning, aligning etc. Excel macros are now provided with the latest Timer Pro install. These macros can be added retroactively to any existing work instruction designs as well as any new work instruction designs. The macro provides a two click process to position any symbol in an Excel cell in the body of the work instructions. The insertion also centers the symbol vertically in the cell. Multiple symbols can be place in a single cell. A single click will also clear out all icons from a cell. This generates a substantial productivity and ease of use gain to the end users. V17.1.19.202112. Standard Work Instructions New Sub Section:
All videos in that section
1/8/2021Video Timer ProWhen adding quantities to individual observations in a video time study you have to change the focus field to 'Quantity". If you stay in that mode and click 'Time Preview" the time preview value will reflect the quantities enter i.e. the total activity time will be divided by the quantity. V17.1.19.20215. Video Time and Motion - Sub Section: SummaryTime Preview - All Data, Averages and Quantities (4:52)
12/24/2020MAJOR NEW CAPABILITYENGINEERED SAVINGS FROM VIDEO ANALYSIS. Based on client feedback a new "Savings and FIlters" group was added to the Home ribbon in Line Balance module. This group consolidates the "Engineered Standards from Video" section shown below dated 11/23/2020 and adds new work to highlight and report on savings suggestions made by the user. New filter options allow for the visual presentation of activities where savings estimates are made and also show the resulting affect on the process line balance. The text from the 11/23/2020 update follows:
New capabilities, features and reports to allow users to easily identify, quantify and act on potential time savings from video content. Special reports are provided to document the effect of their changes and supporting video clips can be created with a single click to complement their time saving suggestions. Although it can be used by any user it will be particularly useful for users with long cycle times where using classical engineered standard approaches such as predetermined times would be prohibitively expensive. Also includes features to use the same concept with legacy processes that have no video content. Continued enhancement is planned as feedback received from clients.
V17.1.19.2021New Section 4 of Video Library Published January 2017
12/9/2020Line Balance Abiility to add precedence constraints to any line balance. Easily define activities that must occur before others. Graphic display of precedences that have been set. Automatic checking as activities are moved with visual warnings if precedence constraints are violated. V16.12.23.20206. Line Balance. Sub Section Precedence Constraints3 videos - Defining, Reviewing and Using Contraints
11/23/2020Video Time Study / Line BalanceENGINEERED STANDARDS FROM VIDEO. New capabilities, features and reports to allow users to easily identify, quantify and act on potential time savings from video content. Special reports are provided to document the effect of their changes and supporting video clips can be created with a single click to complement their time saving suggestions. Although it can be used by any user it will be particularly useful for users with long cycle times where using classical engineered standard approaches such as predetermined times would be prohibitively expensive. Also includes features to use the same concept with legacy processes that have no video content. Continued enhancement is planned as feedback received from clients. V16.11.24.20206. Line Balance. Sub Section ENGINEERED STANDARDS FROM VIDEO. In January 2017 this feature was incorporated into Video Library section 3 and renamed ENGINEERED SAVINGS FROM VIDEO ANALYSIS
Engineered Standards From Video Overview (4:05) and 7 others
9/18/2020Video Time Study / Line BalanceAdded ability to exchange named clipboards between Video Time Study and Line Balance - and vice versa. This makes it easy to add blocks of work from Video Time Study to a line balance by using a named clipboard. And also - for the first time - be able to take blocks of work from Line Balance via a named clipboard and import them into Video Time Study to make additions and edits. The edited data in Video Time Study can then be moved back into the line balance by named clipboard. V16.09.24.20205. Video Time Study / 6. Line Balance. Sub Section Using Named Clipboards To Move DataIntro to Moving Data via Named Clipboards (4:27) and 3 others
8/15/2020Timer Pro Web ServicesRebranded Storyboard Web Services to reflect deeper integration of Timer Pro features in Timer ProV16.09.24.2020
7/1/2020StoryboardsAdded 'Map a Workbook" to support any number of Excel worksheet mappings to support automated extraction of report images for display on any device. With this option any Timer Pro report e.g. PFMEA, Value, Work Combination Sheets, VSM etc can be presneted to end users via Timer Pro Web Servces. V. from Work Instructions
6/24/2020Multi Model Line BalanceMass Update activities across multi model balances. Need arose due to multiple models going down the same line with the same activity occurring several times in each model. A change in one occurrence of an activity requires the update of that activity in all places it is use in that model and the same change to be made in all models in that lines that used the same activity. Saves 95% of effort previously required.V.
Mass Updating Every Ocuurence of an Activity in Multi Models (3:47)
5/29/2020Line Balance - GroupingsAutomated the playback of video content related to a specific grouping. User can also publish a standalone video of all the activities in a group, This Publish option will add captions to the video outpot. A separate option is also available to Export just the video content (without caption) as a standalone module.V.16.o6.29.2020
Playback Publishing and Exporting Grouping Video Content (4:01)
5/12/2020Line Balance ReportingWork Instruction Revision Updates - change of Excel report generation to only update processes steps where changes are made rather than updating every process step. This change reduce update time by up to 70%V16.05.12.2020Internal
4/15/2020Line Balance - GroupingsMulti Model Line Balance – base model creation with options used to create Excel template to allow rapid development of multi model input including model percentages, option percentages, color coding and naming in Excel. This eliminates 80% of manual effort. Schedule shell also provided in Excel.V16.04.15.2020Grouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/15/2020Line Balance - GroupingsMulti-Model line balancing. Grouped and ungrouped elements now supported. Grouping Inheritance Supported. Options Supported.V16.04.15.2020Grouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/9/2020Line Balance - GroupingsLine Balancing module previously worked with only ungrouped elements. Now supports balancing with grouped elements and a combination of grouped and ungrouped elements greatly simplifying and speeding the balance process.V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/9/2020Line Balance - GroupingsNew Grouping Report Capabilities: In addition to standard reporting Timer Pro identified by adding “–TP_rev” at the end of the name assigned to the report Timer Pro can now generate reports by group detail (“-GP-rev”), by grouping (“-GP-rev”) and by group breakout (“-GB-rev”), Option now allows use of Grouping Long Descriptive in reports plus option to save printer ink by suppressing Group Color coding in reports.V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/9/2020Line Balance - GroupingsAdditional Work Instruction Report Variables by individual Groupings: Timer Pro now calculates and makes available to you by grouping the following variables: Total Value Added Time, Total, Non Value Added Time, Total Required But Non Value Added, Total Wait, Total Manual, Total Auto, Total Walk, Total Internal, Total, External, Total Avoidable Delay, Total Unavoidable Delay. Available in subscription and floating license configurations.V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/5/2020Line Balance - GroupingsGrouping Breakouts : Probably the most significant enhancement of Version 16. For processes with longer takt times where groupings have been applied. A single selection breaks out all the groupings in a task and creates a separate balance chart by grouping. Makes the process infinitely more readable and manageable. Available in subscription and floating license configurations. V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/5/2020Line Balance - GroupingsGroup Element Inheritance. Dragging and dropping activities now inherit the group property of the place when the activity is dropped automatically. When an activity is dropped between to groups the user is automatically prompted which group they wish the activity to be associated with. A previous 5 click process is replaced by one or two clicks and a 90% reduction in user effort.V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/5/2020Line Balance - GroupingsGroup Naming: The same name can now be used any number of times throughout a process e.g. “Setup” and each group is a maintained as a unique entity;V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
4/5/2020Line Balance - GroupingsGroupings : Create processes with a mix of ungrouped and grouped elements. Pre version 16 Timer Pro required entire process to be either grouped or ungrouped to work, This saves approximately 60% of time required to group processes.V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
3/27/2020Line Balance - GroupingsGreatly simplified the creation and maintenance of activity groupings. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with long takt times where many activities are involved. With long takt times the task became very hard to read due to the density of activities. New point and click start and end element selection.V16.04.09.20206 Line Balance and Lean Process AnalysisGrouping Activities for Ease of Use
3/27/2020Standard Work InstructsionsWork Instructions with Summary Sheets: Add a customized summary sheet to your standard work and consolidate data from standard work worksheets into the “cover” sheet. Perform detailed summary calculations e.g. total process utilization, efficiency, yields etc. Available in subscription aand floating license configurations. V16.04.09.202012 Standard Work InstructionsStandard Work WIth SUmmary Sheets Section
1/10/2020Storyboard and Storyboard Web ServicesStoryboards from Legacy Work Instructions: Capture your pre-Timer Pro work instructions and make them available on the web for review in any browser in Storyboard Web Services. Will work for any work instructions created in Excel with a consistent format.V15.02.13.20209 StoryboardsStroyboards From Work Instructions Section
12/19/2019Storyboard and Storyboard Web ServicesStoryboards from Work Instructions: Probably the easiest way to create web based work instructions as you use your existing work instructions as is – no additional work has to be done Your work instruction is captured as an image and Timer Pro calculates pixel coordinates of where each activity is positioned on the image. Video clips are automatically created as MP4 for streaming to any browser. By double clicking on the image in Storyboard Web Services the activity you clicked is identified and the video is located and played. The Storyboard option does not allow you to add additional content but it is the easiest way to create web based content.V15.12.19.20199 StoryboardsStroyboards From Work Instructions Section
11/11/2019Storyboard and Storyboard Web ServicesUpdated Storyboard processing with near instant procession of MP4 file segment extractions. Recommend all clients try to use MP4 which is supported natively in HTML5 to stream directly from any browser. Added addition resouce monitoring during process to alert users to lack of system resouces to meet the video pricessing demand. Added a full Help and FAQ option to the Storyboard to assist clients. Updated Storyboard section in Training Video Library to reflect all changes. V15.11.11.20199 StoryboardsAll videos
9/3/2019Storyboard Web Services™Storyboard Web Services™ is a completely new internet-based subscription service that for the first time will allow you to securely distribute your video work instructions, operator training and customer support video content to your internal and external end users. The latest Timer Pro will allow you to immediately develop Storyboards from any of your existing Timer Pro video content. No additional work is required. Storyboards can be created from Timer Pro’s Video Time Study or Line Balancing modules. V15.09.03.2019
3/14/2019StoryboardExtended the use of MP4 format to the creations of the video clips in the Storyboard Publish option in Video Timer Pro. This dramatically improves the quality of the video content when played back in the Storybard player presenting an excellent professional quality output. Thi is a major improvement from the previous output. Further the created MP4 files are in a format than can be directly streamed from the web. V15.03.15.2019
3/8/2019BalanceUnder Summary/Video Processing/Extract Clips added option to extract in MP4 format as well as the previous MPG formar. The need for MP4 extraction is to allow video called via URL to be streamed in the browser. Ths also required a reorganization of the output file to put the streaming information at the start of the file being downloaded. V15.03.15.2019
2/28/2019BalanceUnder Summary/Export added a Compile Reports option that users to generate multiple reports from a single request rather than generate them one at a time. Thuser can set a default selection of reports than can be reused with a single click. Revision control is implemented on all reports. This is a MAJOR enahancement saving significant time. User can also easily browse and review all revisions of all processes. V15.03.15.2019
2/18/2019Work InstructionsUpdated Work Instruction report generation to correct carry forward to all process sheets in the work instructions references to fixed data entered on a support sheet included in your WOrk Instruction design. For example if you want the a product number to appear on all process sheets you can enter that information in a support sheet and reference that cell in the master "Template" sheet to have the data automatically placed onto every sheet generated by Timer Pro. Say you have a support sheet called 'Process Details' and in cell E5 you plan to enter the product number. On your 'Template' sheet in the cell where you want the information to appear you would enter ='Process Details'!E5 This will place the contents from cell E5 of the 'Process Details' sheet on ALL sheets automatically created by Timer Pro. This also gives you a single update point to change the data in all sheets. V15.03.15.2019
2/15/2019StoryboardCreated a form to hold the video content to greatly increase the performance of the video playback. Implemented a drag and drop feature to position the video form exactly where the user wants ot positioned.V15.02.09.2019
12/4/2018Timer Pro Version 15 IntroducedMajor new build with updated video displays to handle more video file formats. Also simplied installation procedure V15.12.04.2019
10/10/2018Video Timer ProAutomated fixed interval stepping through video playback to address video buffering challenges to scrolling.V14.10.10.2018
9/25/2018Video TIme Pro Mutiple camera angle support to allow the easy syncing of multiple camera angles of the same job. Ideal for point of view video and side vie integration.V14.10.10.2018Video Timer Pro Sub Section: Comparison
9/15/2018Free Storyboard Player for Toshiba dynaEdge AR Smart GlassesIncludes navigation by voice and simple buttom presses on the dynaEdhe unit's 5 button keypadV14.10.10.20189 StoryboardsFREE STORYBOARD PLAYER AND WEARABLE VIDEO GLASSES
9/15/2018Toshiba dyanEdge AR Smart Glasses Timer Pro Camera App released for Toshiba dynaEdge AR SMart Glasse. Works with the dynaEdge units 5 button keypad to record true operator point of view videoV14.10.10.20189 StoryboardsFREE STORYBOARD PLAYER AND WEARABLE VIDEO GLASSES
9/10/2018Video Timer ProUse the Excel Import Wizard to import existing standards into Video Timer Pro to compare existing data source with videos of job content. Generates Excel audit report to highlight deviationsV14.10.10.20185 Video Timer Pro and 6 Line BalanceSub Section : Standards Audit
8/17/2018Video Timer Pro and BalanceExcel Import Wizard - User defined importing of data from Excel. Allows the integration of existing data sources into Timer Pro. Includes linking back to source worksheets via the Master Standard Data tableV14.10.10.20185 Video Timer Pro and 6 Line BalanceSub Section : Excel Impoirt Wizard
7/26/2018Man Machine ChartsAdded link of dependent actions to allow updates to be instantly reflected in the entire man machine chart. Previously these updates had to be manually processedV14.7.28.201823 Man Machine ChartsSub Section : Linking Dependent Activities
5/22/2018Standard Data LibrairesImplemented load from Excel and drag and drop data library creation. Greatly simplies development effort V14.7.28.201836 Standard Data LibrariesVERSION 14 – EASE OF DEVELOPMENT UPDATE
4/1/2018Android and IOS Version 14 available on Play Store and App Store respectivelySupport for latest Dropbox API. Allow users to change Dropbox account so that multiple users can use the same device. Check number of records to avaoid users exceeding the 10,000 records per template in any single template. Minor usability enhancement and fixesV14.4.16.2018N/A
3/28/2018StoryboardAdded ability to add hyperlinks to content in the StoryBoard sections. Multiple hyperlinks can be added to any section by adding additional text boxes, shapes, etc as requiredV14.4.16.2018
3/12/2018Work Combination SheetsAutomatically update the takt time informnation on row 4 of the work combination sheets with the edits made in the Takt Time calculation option in Balance on the Home Tab. All entries made are passed to the work combination sheet when developedV14.3.12.201819 Work Combination SheetsAuto Update of Takt Time Data on Work Combination Sheet
1/16/2018Standard Data EstimatingIntegrated user definable Excel based estimating formats using either Quicktimes or your own Standard Data Libraries. Save from Excel to XML database.V14.1.16.201836 Excel Based EstimatingMASTER STANDARD DATA ESTIMATING
12/20/2017AllVersion 14 ReleasedV14.12.20.2017
12/20/2017StoryboardNew FREE Storyboard Player. Voice, Touch and Smart Glasses Based Operator Training. Building on the success of Timer Pro Storyboard which allows you quickly and easily create rich video based training material for all your operations using only your own Excel skills directly from Timer Pro. Absolutely no video creation and editing experience is needed.V14.12.20.2017Free Storyboard Player
The FREE Storyboard Player is designed to be deployed on inexpensive Windows 10. These devices are under $200. They offer touch screens so end users can click with a mouse, touch with their fingers - or speak the commands to control the playback. Exactly the same files will work in the smart glasses vendors such as Ubimax.( with whom we are working. The Storyboard program is free so you can give it to anyone user - both internal and externalV14.12.20.20179 Storyboard - Free Storyboard Player SectionSee example for sub $200 Windows Tablet
Ubimax Frontline Smart Glasses Software
11/30/2017BalanceEnhanced Man/Robot-Machine Processing: Easily define linked activities so that by changing one value the entire man/robot-machine process instantly recalculates
11/15/2017Standard Data LibrariesStandard Data Libraries: Drag and drop creation and customized Excel based development and maintenance
7/24/2017BalanceAdded a Resource option in the Summary Ribbon to allow grouping of stacks by common resource. Typical use of this is where you have a U Shaped line and an operator may work at more than one station. Grouped stacks are automatically color coded and labeled for viewing clarity and reporting purposes.V12.7.27.20176 Line Balancing - Presentations SectionU Shaped Lines - Opertors Performing Multiple Tasks
7/6/2017BalanceThese devices are under $200. They offer touch screens so end users can click with a mouse, touch with their fingers - or speak the commands to control the playback.V12.7.5.201719 Work Combination SheetsVersion 12 - WorkCombination Sheet Updates
7/6/2017Work Combination SheetsCompletely reworked to support 25, 50 or 100 row charts. Charts now generate around 10 times faster than in previous versionsV12.7.5.201719 Work Combination SheetsVersion 12 - WorkCombination Sheet Updates
7/6/2017Video Timer ProExactly the same files will work in the smart glasses vendors such as Ubimax.( with whom we are workingV12.7.5.2017Video Timer Pro - Data Collection Video Editing - Copy to Another Subject
7/6/2017Yamazumi ChartsEnhanced Yamazumi Charts: Automatic Scaling - depending upon unit of measure i.e. Seconds, Minutes, Hours or TMU's and the values on the chart program will automatically scale to show best fit. Auto scalng can be manually over written V12.7.5.201711 Yamazumi ChartsYamazumi Version 12 Updates - AutoScaling
7/6/2017Video Timer Pro New section added to support the use of Pivothead Point of View videosV12.7.5.2017
Video Timer Pro - Pivothead Point of View Glasses
All Video in that section
3/9/2017BalanceIn Toolbox added a Standard Data Library option that allows users to use Quicktimes to develop and manage standard data based standard times in their own customized Excel formats. The module manages the customizatio and maintenance and interfaces directly with the Balancing module and Standard Data Libraries V12.3.8.2017
3/9/2017BalanceIn Reports ribbon added a Worksheet Exports group to allow Timer Pro data to be automatically inserted in to client Excel workbook. Requested by clients who use Timer Pro data for internal specific reporting purposesV12.3.8.2017Balance - PresentationsWorksheet Exports
3/9/2017Video Timer Pro and BalanceAdded option to allow users to put identification info into each study. The prompts are userdefainable in File/Options/Header Info Config. In Video Timer Pro the Info Icon is in the toolbar above the video to the right of the displayed times. In Balance the Info icon is on the Home ribbon in the Misc (Miscellaneous) group.V12.3.8.2017included in 2 sections: Video Timer Pro - Data Collection, Balance - DetailsInfo Option-Information To Uniquely Identify Your Studies
3/9/2017Video Timer ProNew method to mass update broken video links to simplify the process after one client presented a study with 118 videos.V12.3.8.2017
3/9/2017Video Timer ProOn Summary screen pie chart captions updated to reflect the Default Timing selection in the summary ribbon. New feature added if no Default Timing selection made i.e. click on a highlighted selection and the selection will be removed - the pie charts will reflect the Total Time column values.V12.3.8.2017
1/3/2017Models and SchedulingModels and Scheduling: Integrates with your production schedule. Project bottlenecks before production begins. Analyze proactive actions ahead of production in Timer Pro withV12.1.3.20177. Multi-Model, Options, and SchedulingAll Videos in that section
1/3/2017BalanceExcel Model Template: Load multiple models and options from a single template.V12.1.3.2017
1/3/2017BalanceFilters: Display only selected stations, only value added work content.V12.1.3.2017Balance - DetailsFilter Value Added Work Content and Stations
1/3/2017Timer Pro Time Study In ExcelExcel Based Time Study: Single click timing - the easiest time study ever.V12.1.3.2017
1/3/2017BalanceScale: Minimum and Median time scales to allow you to view even the smallest elements in your process. Integrates with Perspective view.V12.1.3.2017Balance - DetailsScaling Minimum and Median View Options
10/15/2016BalanceLine Balancing: Save original view before changes. Toggle between Current and Original views. Excel based change report. Revert to original.V12.10.15.2016Summary - Balance Options
10/15/2016Video Timer Pro Keyboard Shortcuts: Autocad like customized keystrokes to speed your video time studies.V12.10.15.2016Video Timer Pro - PresentationsKeyboard Shortcuts
10/15/2016AllSupport for 64 bit Office: For Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016.V12.10.15.2016None Required