Welcome to the Restoring the Archives project.

The first goal of this project is to catalog the status of all of the game’s artworks. This will start with all of the card game's originals, but will eventually include books and other materials over time. I want to thank João Isidro and the work he did creating the initial checklist for his personal card collection. He took the time to make a sheet for each set and list all of the individual cards. I have modified that slightly and included sections for artist name, medium the cards art was created in (traditional TYPE OF MEDIA – e.g. oil, acrylics, pastels, possibly dimensions or digital), the status of that piece (found, lost, for sale, trade, etc), and any additional notes on the piece. For example if the piece is digital, I will do my best to determine if there are any sketches or other preliminary work for it.

This will be a lengthy project as the game at the time of leaving AEG’s hands featured about 18 thousand cards and some dozens of other books featuring their own original artworks. Those numbers will only grow as FFG continues to release cards for the LCG and undoubtedly release an RPG. So I am asking the community for any assistance they can provide with this task. This document is set to allow anyone with access to it to be able to comment. If you have any information regarding a piece I have yet to update the details for, please comment here or send me a message via Facebook or email.

The last goal of this project, and the more lofty one, will be to ensure all artists have high quality scans of pieces they have produced. L5R is a 20 plus year old game and as such a lot of works were made before the boom of digital media. Artists likely made a piece and it left their hands before they could or thought to get a high quality scan of it. Some artists may have scans of their works but not to the quality they could be scanned in now.

This spreadsheet is specifically for the CCG. Please see the following for the LCG and RPG spreadhseets