About this spreadsheet: This sheet was started March 14, 2020, to track impact of COVID on museum staffing across the U.S. Data has been crowdsourced based on staff knowledge and media reports. Sheet is backed up and archived twice a week. Sheet is locked to prevent data loss. To enter new information, please use this Google Form: you are out of work due to museum layoffs or furloughs, see this blog post for resources: . If you are in need reach out to Museum Workers Speak Relief Fund at If you are not in need, please donate to that fund. Layoffs / RIFFurloughs Reduction in Hours or PayContract CancellationsEarly Retirement/Voluntary SeparatioVacancies Left OpenHiring Freeze?Wage Freeze?Additional NotesLast Update
Name of OrganizationStateAnnual Operating Budget b4 COVID-19Top Compensations Plus Benefits (2018)Total NumberBreakdown FT/PTDepartment(s)NumberBreakdown FT/PTPayment During FurloughEnd Date
(if Given)
% ReductionNumberType (describe)Describe
9/11 Memorial and MuseumNY$90,000,000$530,000 base plus $38,997 as of last year148XXAll departments, but primarily front of house, education, and exhibition development.51all15-50%Reduction in security and cleaning staffYYYAll remaining staff taking pay/hours reductions. Many were dropped down to part time, while senior level staff took a 15% pay cut.Staff were told since March that senior staff were still reviewing the budget numbers but that reducing expenses was necessary. After PPP money ran out staff was given a three business day notice that reductions would be necessary without using the word “lay offs”. Cuts were determined by division heads who were given a number of jobs and a cost to reduce by. Department heads were then sent decisions and required inform staff.UPDATE 062120: 148 laid off, 51 furloughed, 138 retained. Hourly staff get $500 severance. FT staff get severance based on years employed ranging from $5K-$20K. Tierd salary reductions range from 5%-15%.
Adler PlanetariumIL120XXAllpaying RIFed staff for another 60 days, with benefits through July, and will “assess” staffing needs when it is able to open again.
Adventure Science Center - NashvilleTN$8,000,00080FT/PT50-100%First wave: cut FT salaries by 50%, cut all PT hours.
Second wave: all FT staff became hourly with 0 hours scheduled.
Akron Art Museum OH$4,200,000415360- ----15FT NAdditionally, 36 percent will be retained at full time with a 5 percent pay cut and decreased work responsibilities. The leadership team will take a 10% paycut.
Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture GardenFL5Director offered to forego salary; board did not agree but reduced it by 25%. Other staffers also accepted salary cuts.
American Civil War MuseumVA$3,500,00034XXJune 8Staff were either partially or fully furloughed while pursuing CARES Act PPP small business loan. Museum covered staff contributions to health care during furlough.
American Federation of ArtsNY~3 mil, plus 13m endowment220k (excludes benefits)88xOctober 1Pretty opaque about process. Given 2 days notice of furlough start and loss of pay, end date of October 1 is firm and HR has communicated that we may get a call later on saying our jobs are no longer available. Furloughed employees include CAs, registrars, and special events staff.
Approx 8 furloughs (50% of staff)
American Museum of Ceramic ArtCA$1,100,00001176 FT/1PT50%0
American Museum of Natural HistoryNY$197,000,0001,000,00068Administrative staff in all areas 250Y5-20%%62Paid internshipsApril 6 - May 15 all full-time employees will be required to take the equivalent of two annual leave (vacation) days per week. All part-time staff will also be compensated during this time, but the specifics will be different than for full-time staff. Senior leadership are taking additional pay cuts on top of the steps described above. UPDATE 050720: NYT reports 68 layoffs, 70 early retirement, and ~62 contract workers cancelled, while another 250 people put on indefinite furlough. "Most staff who work directly with visitors" included in furlough. Graduated salary reductions for staff making $100K or more; CEO taking 25% cut. UPDATE 051320: At least 20% of remaining staff taking pay cuts but museum is not being transparent about this internally or in announcements. Sweeping reduction in edu dept, which makes up ~25% of staff. Percentage below is for much edu staff. The reported graduated salary reductions — 5-20% for those making above 100K — seem to only apply to supervisory or senior leadership positions who are returning to 100% time. Meanwhile, there has been no mention by the museum in any press of the reduction in time and salary for those making less than 100K. The reported 200 layoffs and 250 furloughs make up over 40% of the staff, but an additional unreported percentage has been affected by time and pay reductions. In education, there are at least an additional 40 FT / PT staff who have been reduced by 40% in time and in pay, but likely far more.
American Swedish InstituteMN$3,900,00051645Museums closed. Programs canceled through May 31. PT staff temporarily laid off until reopen.
Amon Carter Museum of American ArtTX~15-20mil1.3milBuilding closed to public from 3/14; staff allowed to work from home, then by late March encouraged to. Frontline staff paid for now.
Anchorage MuseumAK$12,500,0001,800,000XXX Collections, Exhibitions, Programs, Education, Front of HouseXXX55XYYPositions affected by layoffs include Curatorial Assistant, Facility Rentals/Assistant Business Manager, Educator, Exhibitions Assistant, Visitor Services Assistants, and Scanning Technician. Many of our team members in Collections, Exhibitions, Programs and two members in Education are working reduced hours. Unknown if top paid staff are taking pay cuts
Annenberg Space for Photography CA8Y
Arizona Science CenterAZ
Arkansas Arts CenterAR15May 18
Art Institute of ChicagoIL$315,000,0007.8m (+23.5m indep. contract)7625Education, Visitor Services, Library, HRXXJune 30/TBDYXYYFT employees will receive payment through June 30. Scaled decreases in salary from 0-50% depending on pay grade will take effect in mid-April. FT staff are expected to work their regular schedules. UPDATE 042920 FT employees will receive payment through June 30. Scaled decreases in salary from 0-50% depending on pay grade will take effect in mid-April. FT staff are expected to work their regular schedules. UPDATE: Not all layoffs are an effect of budget concerns related to COVID; COVID has seemed to provide a convenient opportunity for implementation of quick and opaque department restructuring.
Atlanta History Center GA9+9XYY
Bakersfield Museum of ArtCA$935,620.00000XClosed to the public as of March 17. Staff allowed to work from home. Education team is encouraged to develop project proposals (paid time) to implement via social media, web, etc. We have also attempted to coordinate some capital/construction projects during the closure. All eligible staff will continue to accrue benefits as before. Board of Directors has agreed to use "rainy day" investments to continue to pay staff that are working.
Bard Graduate CenterNY4311 Library and 2 Gallery (Curatorial) all FT; 1 PT DevelopmentXXX12/31/2015-20Art handlers (about 5-6 people); Contract Security Guards for exhibition (usually 5 per open day); Florist, Calligrapher, Printer, Caterers for openings and public programming events. 3YYCost of living increase for 2020-21 was frozen and two additional faculty positions (retired) have also been eliminated. The 3 FT staff layoffs were buried in a bulleted email with the subject heading "FY20-21 Budget," and were addressed in terms of numbers, not in terms of their humanity as members of our community. Their names and identities are still not known by all staff, now more than 30 days later in our small institution. Our student workers have lost hours (and thus wages) in FOH positions across the institution. While staff have tried to help with the loss of hours, the financial loss felt by our student workers is staggering, particularly our doctoral students. At least one of our doctoral students whose PT contract had expired mid-pandemic is no longer employed. *Students are ineligible for NYS unemployment benefits and have not been adequately compensated; some have lost their apartments--this is a demographic that has not really been addressed within the data.*
Barnes FoundationPAx
Battleship New JerseyNJ$4,000,00051X20X PT (45)Laid off 2 FT so far, plans to lay off more staff over coming weeks, until we reopen or theres no one left
Berkshire Museum66
Biltmore EstateNC3901810Pay reduction for management staff if not furloughed. Biltmore will continue to cover employee benefits without interruption, and it will cover health insurance premiums at no cost to employees. Also, employee 401k loans will be deferred for those on temporary furlough.
Black Mountain College Museum + Arts CenterNC~$450,0000Committed to retaining staff (4 FT total) at regular hours/wages as of 2020-04-03. Museum closed to public 2020-03-17. All staff teleworking.
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery (Dayton Society of Natural History)OH4.5 million35YY
Broad MuseumCA1301129Visitor Services, RetailJulyNo plans for pay cuts or reduced hours for remaining staff. Laid off staff given 1 week's pay and some additional severance for those who have worked 6 months or longer. "When the museum does reopen, “daily operations will change dramatically,” read a statement issued by the museum on the layoffs. Social distancing and sanitation measures will likely mean changes to operations and, as a result, it will affect “future staffing needs dramatically and unavoidably for a considerable period of time.”
Brooklyn Botanic GardenNY$24,000,000FT20%
Brooklyn Historical SocietyNY$5,400,000351313XAll PT staff lay off. Open, honest communication from senior leadership.
Brooklyn Museum NY29263All70XXY20-60%XAll17YYAll front of house staff furloughed as of 4/18 with no pay. Select part and full time staff taking 20%-60% pay cuts/ partial furloughs. Director and COO taking 25 % paycuts. Other measures contingent on PPP. UPDATE: Update as of 6/29/2020:"12 full time and 3 part time team members accepted the voluntary separation incentive last week.  Their last day of employment with the museum is July 1.28 full time team members, which is 7% of our staff, and 3 part-time employees, are being laid off starting today.  In addition to severance that they are entitled to, these employees will be paid through the July 16 pay date with extended health benefits through the summer. Until finances allow otherwise, 17 positions are frozen (all of which are necessary), from many departments, ranging from education to the library."
?? Botanic Garden (Name cut off)1.6 million1.6 million33Collections, Education8628/3/2010FT90%3YYProgressive salary reductions at all grades
Brooks Museum of ArtTNXXX29XXMuseum will continue to pay medical benefits. 7 administrators plus security staff left on.
California Academy of SciencesCA$65,519,778.0$3,615,58010596175(As of 9 April) Museum will be closed through at least May 3. Extending full pay and benefits to staff through May 1, which is the end of a pay period. The Chiefs are taking a 10% pay cut and ED taking a 15% pay cut. Temporary suspension of vacation and floating holiday accruals starting on the April 24 pay date. Sick leave accruals will not be suspended. Temporary suspension of 403b employer match starting on the May 8 pay date. Employee health benefits, for those enrolled and their dependents, will continue through at least June 30. These benefits will persist to June 30 regardless of any hour reductions, furloughs, or layoffs. UPDATE 5/27/20 Layoffs (165) and furloughs (96) announced. 165 staf will take pay cuts and 11 will work reduced hours. "An equity-based approach to progressive pay reductions will mean that staff earning higher salaries will see the biggest pay reductions, and no pay cuts will occur for staff earning less than $75,ooo."The Academy is tentatively planning on a July reopening and hopes that all furloughed staff will return with their full salary within three to four months.(
Carnegie Museums of PittsburghPA$86,500,0003.5mil0Visitor Services, Education, Exhibitions, Curatorial, Collections550XXXJune 1st/TBDCMP is comprised of four museums: Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, The Andy Warhol Museum, and the Carnegie Science Center. CMP will maintain full healthcare coverage for furloughed staff through at least May 31, 2020. Remaining staff are having their pay cut on a tiered system. 10% if you make less than 100K, 20% for more than 100K, 30% for senior executives
Cascade Locks Historical MuseumOR$150,00000003 PTClosed to public until May 1 with provision to extend. 1 FT and 1 PT staff working, either in office or telecommuting as needed. Pause on seasonal hiring.
Center for Jewish HistoryNY20XXAllXxApril 1 But likely to extendClosed 3/13/20, no reopen date set, received NEH grant to restore hours & pay to 21 staff and rehire 2 laid off staff
Chicago History MuseumIL
Children's Museum of ManhattanNY6969Guest Services, Maintenance, Education, ProgramsX
Children's Museum of PittsburghPA15631125Facilities, School Programs, DevelopmentSCLSCLSCLXApril 30thYAll part-time staff and some full-time were furloughed, with all being paid through the end of April for typically-scheduled-hours. Full-time furloughs retain health benefits through July. Six full-time positions were eliminated, with a paid severance package and vacation payout. UPDATE 07/22/20: Furloughed staff moved to layoff status. Museums plans not to reopen until January 2021.
Children's Museum of the Arts (NYC)NY$3,500,00050PTTeaching Artists, Visitor Services1111XJune 30thMuseum closed as of 3/14. Staff informed via email from ED on Thurs, 3/26 that "the majority of staff will be laid off, furloughed, or have hours reduced." UAW 2110 was able to negotiate continuing health insurance for furloughed staff through end of June.
Chinati FoundationTX3.2 million $250,000 + $25,000 annual bonus, free housing and utilities21120Visitor Services, ConservationXXXUnknown2catering, IT, tours, programsYY
Cinncinnati Museum CenterOH17550125XX1/1/2052AllXYYAll part time employees furloughed immediately beginning 3/14. Full time non exempt employees asked to use PTO with some given additional PTO if their bank was low. Full time exempt staff asked to give PTO to full time non exempt employees so that all full time employees would be paid through end of April. Full time exempt staff working remotely. Part time employees not given any benefits, options to work remotely, etc. UPDATE 7/27/20 Lay offs and salary reductions were effective as of July 1.
Cleveland Museum of ArtOH$60,000,0003.3mVS, Security, Retail, Education160XXYFT15%All PT staff furloughed; some laid off; 15% pay cut to FT staff. Temporarily laid off part of its unionized staff. In addition, all non-union employees had their work-week shortened by five hours per week.
Cleveland Museum of Natural HIstoryOH$14,400,000$265,000 (includes salary + benefits)26917All2Yes
Clinton House MuseumNY$240,000$60,00011Visitor Experience116/30/20201175%1Communications1YYInitially had two full-time staff and one part-time. After one departure, position is being left vacant. The other full-time, hourly staff person first went to reduced hours and then on April 24, that person was furloughed, museum paying full health benefits. Entire operation now being handled by one employee.
Colonial WilliamsburgVA$200,000,000 (2018)$817K, Pres CEO 2017690XXX4/30/2020
Computer History MuseumCAClosed to the public starting on March 14. Only essential employees are being asked to work on-site for security and maintenance. All other employees were asked to work from home. Per org chart the museum has a staff of ~64 individuals. Salary cuts across the board through the fiscal year. >$135k: 20% cut, >$70K: 5% cut, <70K: 3% cut.
COSIOH$20,000,000President/CEO: $358,502. Half a dozen VPs: $100-150,000 each22398125XTemporary layoff of 80+% of team, 98/145 FT, 125/125 PT/Temp. Healthcare benefits paid through June 30. Security and animal care will be cotinued, outreach and all major events canceled.
Crocker Art MuseumCA $10,000,000349, 904 plus 29,690 indirect 1631310FT10%10Programs, installationYSenior/exempt staff took 10% pay cut. Communication was straightforward and early. Not all departments affected.
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden NC$2,800,00042Laid off 80% of its workforce; was 51 now down to 9 people. (horitculture staff from 7 down to 2-1/2.)
David Owsley Museum of Art, Ball State UniversityIN$1,000,00080001following federal, state, and univeristy closure and teleworking guidelines. All staff Teleworking
Dia Art FoundationNY$19,000,000500000 (Director, excludes benefits)652045nJuly/TBDSalaried staff (not furloughed) teleworking. Benefits retained for furloughed full-time staff.
Discovery MuseumMA~$2,500,000~50482n6/29/2020FT/PT50%3NN
Furloughs and reduced hours began April 6th. Health insurance covered through April 30, no guarantee after that date
Discovery PlaceNC144All depts affected except C Level Leadership 75% Staff Reduction
DuSable Museum of African American HistoryIL
EcoTariumMA$3,800,0002m24159All12X22FT/PT25-50%2YYPaying 100% of benefits for those enrolled whose hours were reduced. Offered voluntary layoffs first.
El Museo Del BarrioCA45,000,000118XHigh School Explainers (like docents) 89XXreceiving 5% of pay to cover portion of benefitsJune 30, 202063Both 20% - 60%163 on-call hours cancelled through June 30 YNo layoffs, intention is to restore pay and hours after this period of lost admission and rental revenue. Numbers include union and non-union staff, ~300 full and part time at normal level. High School Explainers exempted from that count. All managers whose hours were not reduced received 7% pay cut. Senior leadership and ED have taken cuts of 15% and 30% respectively.
Ella Sharp MuseumMI14650%Senior management staff taking unspecified pay cut.
ExploratoriumCA100150on call250
Field MuseumIL$55,000,0004456XXX FT 90% 2710% pay cut to all salaried employees + hourly making over $16/hr, to continue after Museum reopens. UPDATE 06/12/20 "Over the past two days, directors and managers have informed their teams of layoffs and furloughs. In total, 71 positions have been eliminated, and an additional 56 employees have been furloughed. Of the 71 eliminated positions, 27 belonged to staff who have been laid off, and 17 belonged to employees whose terms will not be renewed when they expire in the coming months. An additional 27 open positions in the process of being hired at the start of the pandemic will not be filled. We hope to bring back the majority of our 56 furloughed employees within six months. The layoffs and furloughs will be effective as of today, June 12. Laid-off employees have been offered a minimum of four weeks’ pay, depending on their time at the museum, as well as continued payment of the Field Museum’s share of their healthcare premiums for the first three months. Furloughed staff will receive an additional four weeks’ pay on their final paycheck to see them through until they can begin receiving unemployment and continued payment of the Field Museum’s share of their healthcare premiums for the first three months."
Field House MuseumMO523
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco$54 million143305-10%?on call personnel and external contractorsClosed to public early March. Leadership has been open, supportive, and transparent. Exemplary care for staff. To date, no talk of reduction in salaries or staff through June. UPDATE Starting July 1, 14 staff laid off across most divisions and 33 furloughed-visitors services,bookstore. CEO taking 10% pay cut and senior leadership taking sliding scale cuts 2.5% to 5%.
Frank Lloyd Wright TrustIL$5,000,000XXXXsome employees reduced to as low 3 hours a week
Franklin InstitutePA$36,000,00020955154At least 1Exhibit cancelled
Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical GardensOH$500,000All
Frick Collection (New York City)NY$30,000,000100?YAll full- and part-time staff will continue to be paid through May 31, 2020 regardless of whether the galleries and library reopen by that date; no guarantees for contractors (this is at the discretion of each department). Everyone who is able to work offsite is currently doing so (no overtime for non-exempt employees working from home), but essential staff are still reporting to the museum as needed. Notably, the museum had already been in the process of counseling qualifying staff into voluntary retirement and had notified a large number staff that they would be laid-off as of June 1, due to anticipated closure for renovations and temporary relocation to the Met Breuer/former Whitney building. No overtime for WFH; status of contractors unknown
Frye Art MuseumWA21
George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NYNY$10,000,00014noMay 1
Gibbes Museum of Art SC$2,900,00077Visitor Services and Security All part time staff that have been laid off will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours through March and the first two weeks of April. All programming and events have been cancelled through May. This past week we cancelled our major exhibitions set to open in May.
Grounds For Sculpture (NJ)NJ$7,500,000401822ALL7740%3-4 April TBD end date, 3 staff will remain as corestaff on 3 day week till reopenyesYesPaying 100% of benefits for those enrolled whose hours were reduced
Guggenheim MuseumNY$74,000,0004.9m24visitor experience, advancement, and curatorial.92XXXThrough April 12 - no pay if not working after 4/1285?Paid through work scheduled thru 3/298"Staff making more than $80,000 will take salary reductions on a graduated basis. A spokesperson for the museum said this decision will impact 85 employees. Leadership at the Guggenheim will also be taking pay cuts; Armstrong, for example, will see his salary decrease by 25 percent.""Restructuring of all salaries over $80,000 “on a graduated basis with the percentages being higher at higher salary levels,” according to an email obtained by Hyperallergic. Armstrong’s pay package totaled $1,255,591, tax filings show, and faces a 25 percent cut — or $313,897. "(NYPost) UPDATE 091720: Museum permamently lays off 24 people. Another 8 took voluntary separation. "about half" former furloughed people have been recalled. "a third of those being laid off now were employees of color, although the proportion of white employees to nonwhite would remain the same" NYT)
Hammer MuseumCA$18,000,000150150Visitor Experience and Gallery Operationsall 150 PT staff lay off. Paid through April 10.
Hammond-Harwood House MuseumMD300K (2015)Closed to the public until the end of April, 30 docents will not work, 3 FT staff to work two days on site, rotating, so no one is there at the same time
Hancock Shaker VillageMA$2.2 million$178,00022616Education, museum store, development, facilities, curatorial3022822FT20%50+Exhibitions, concerts, public programs, weddings, gala, symposia, summer camps, workshops, educational programs, festivals, school group visitsYYDirector projects salary cuts for remaining staff. Will not hire for 25 planned seasonal employees for spring UPDATE Additional layoffs announced 5/1 as season opening is delayed indefinitely.
Harriet Beecher Stowe CenterCT9XXEducation, VS XIndefiniteFurloughs only in Education department
Heinz History CenterPA65Remaining staff taking pay cuts/redeploying
High Point MuseumNC$600,00013112Visitor services, store, education, administration, custodial 1YNThe museum is part of the City of High Point, which imposed the cuts on the museum. The museum was originally slated for closure & elimination of all staff, but after community outrage, the museum will stay open with 5 FT staff and drastically reduced operational budget. No other City department was made to layoff staff or take pay reductions, no furloughs are scheduled, and remaining City staff will get a 1% midyear raise.
Hillwood EstateDC18staff initially furloughed were brought back under PPP on 5/4
HIstoric Ships in BaltimoreMD381226Visitor Services/Retail, Education, Restoration420%1YY
History ColoradoFront desk, events, cafe
Honolulu Museum of ArtHI12
Houston Museum of Natural HistoryTX337XX144 144 staff remain on and take a 15% salary cut. Museum will pay health and other benefits through May 31.
Hudson Highlands Nature MuseumNY$1,000,000$75,000162312115/18/202FT, PT50%Preschool program. Public school programs. Public visiting hours. Weekend family environmental education programs.
Huntington Library and Art MuseumCA8Curatorial, library, education, communications, advancement20
Huntsville Rocket MuseumAL100180
ICA/BostonMA$17,000,0001.6m 0?XXXJune 300Nall staff (FT/PT) being paid in full through June 30 regardless of role status, hiring freeze instituted. skeleton crew on site, most FT staff working from home. excellent, honest and timely communication from leadership
Imagine MuseumFL511XWill bring back PT staff as needed during phased reopening. 5 laid off staff deemed "non-essential" and will not return.
Independence Seaport MuseumPA$6,000,000$150,000251510Education, development, maintenance, marketing, historic ships, public engagement, boat shop, archives X3FTYYFT staff initially furloughed for a week pending PPP-. Furlough turned to lay-off on May 1. Director of marketing was laid off. Assistant director stayed. Boat shop director was laid off. Assistant director stayed. Director of education (and entire education department) also Laid off. Education is being run by boat shop and on-water programs. Staff heard that the museum did receive ppp funding but had chosen to NOT bring back the staff that was let go. 3 remaining FT staff taking pay cuts, possible cuts for 13 more staff to come.
Indiana Historical SocietyIN$7,500,0006565XIndefinite
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary ArtINAll"announced plans to close permanently after 19 years of operation. The board decided it was not “economically feasible” to continue amid the impact of coronavirus and other financial strain" (artnet 4/8/20)
International Center of PhotographyNY17177282366,560802555Visitor Experience; Education, facilities (equipment room, darkroom, digital labs), and part-time/on call staff 35June 3020X10%museum educators; museum techniciansNYIInitial furlough taken Effective 4/11. Hope to rehire when situation improves. UPDATE 4/21/20: 55% of staff was furloughed 4/21. The remaining 28-35 workers are taking pay cuts tiered based on how much they made. All of the full-time curators, library staff, and collections team were furloughed, including the Director of Exhibitions. UPDATE 5/29/20: nearly all previously furloughed F/T staff members were laid off. Small number of furloughs extended.
International Museum of Surgical Science321education (programming/membership/volunteer coordination/social media/programming), visitor service (front desk + gift shop), exhibitions (curation + development)Nclosed to public March 16, staff reduced to two people on March 23.
International Tennis Hall of FameRI $10,000,000$544,893 including benefits770Museum, Marketing, Administration, Tennis Club, Tournament,220June 3021FT10%5Object photography, exhibits, special event service; tours, tournament, speaking programsNo retirement benefits. The CEO took a 25% pay cut while everyone else took 10%. The Museum is a department of the organization and five of the furloughed people work for it, the others work in jobs that cannot be done from home. The whole process has been shrouded in secrecy with staff being discouraged from talking to each other, especially to those who are furloughed. All information is being held at the management level, and people are too scared to ask questions or talk to each other about things.
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumNY$33,500,0004mXXMay 31Per Diem100%YYYWonderful ongoing communication. Skeleton crew for most depts still working from home, furlough for everyone else beginning March 30. Furloughed are not allowed to do any work or go in between 3/30-5/11, may collect unemployment UPDATE 072120 The Museum is officially considered a department, and four of its seven employees have been laid off as of July 20. The remaining employees have has their pay reduced by 10% (25% for the CEO). Retirement benefits have been frozen since April. Three additional staff members were furloughed as of July 20, and two are on medical leave. The Hall of Fame has not tapped its approximately $40 million endowment, relying almost solely on staff furloughs and cuts to stay solvent. All of the staff members who have been laid off worked there for less than 10 years, likely in order to minimize the amount of severance they needed to pay. Severance is contingent upon employees signing an agreement not to reveal the terms of their termination or to speak against the organization in any way.
J. Paul Getty TrustCA~7 billion endowment12.2m00Y"Getty employees are being paid, with full benefits and, if needed, additional paid sick leave. This is true whether you are working on site, working from home, or not working. It is our intent to maintain this policy for the duration of the immediate crisis. We have no plans for furloughs, layoffs of employees, or salary reductions." (3/30/20 letter from director). No fiscal year raises (usually 1-3% every June 30), unknown if no raises, period.
Joslyn Art Museum6.9m$395,577 +$24,167 (other compensation)431132All but Curatorial1414?FT20%?Art Class TeachersYOpen communication, minimal. Financial transparency, non-existent for mid- to lower-tiered staff. Major summer exhibitions, canceled. Reopening next week, announced. Staff who can work from home are encouraged to do so, but come in once a week, if possible.