Want to be added? This list is for Filipinx WGA members and writers who are actively submitted for staffing/development opportunities (writing assistants, fellowship winners, has TV Lit Representation, etc.). If that's you, fill out our submission form:
Writer(s)Contact Info: (this can be your reps, your personal info, and/or a link to your WGA "Find a Writer" page which allows people to contact you without sharing your information)GenreStaffing LevelTop CreditsSocial MediaBIO -- WHO you are as a writer, aka your voice, is more important than what you’ve worked on
A. Rey PamatmatNathan DeRemer at APA (agt.) and Samantha Starr at Circle of Confusion (mgr.)DramaConsulting ProducerSubject to Change, The Wilds, NOS4A2
Achilles Stamatelakyachilles.stamatelaky@gmail.comComedyStaff WriterBroad City@astamateI'm a UCB Theatre-trained writer/director who loves to write comedy of all types. I'm also a teacher, director, and sometime-actor.
Adam Higgsadamhiggs@gmail.comDramaCo-Executive ProducerFUBAR, Reacher, Whiskey Cavalier, Scorpion
Ali (agent)ComedyStaff WriterAli Lu is a comedic writer, stand up comedian, vocalist and 3 time game show loser from Anchorage, Alaska- currently trying not to melt in Los Angeles. As a first generation Filipino-American who has been fortunate enough to travel the world provides a unique lens, and 25 years of classical and musical theater experience contributes to her distinct voice. She gets away with saying outrageous things because she looks like a kindergarten teacher and can soften the blows with a catchy tune! She was a featured artist in the Alaska B4UDie Festival and performs stand up and musical comedy all over the country, including a monthly residency on "The Tribute Show," at The Hollywood Improv. Most recently, she was selected from over a thousand applicants as a finalist for Universal's "Thousand Miles Project." Ali believes there is always humor to be found, even on the darkest of days, and that honesty will always drive one's work to its funniest, most fulfilled and enlightened conclusion.
Alyssa LernerManager: Jairo Alvarado:
TV Agent: Abby Glusker:
Comedy, DramaStory EditorDiary of a Future President, My Lady JaneAlyssa Lerner is a queer Filipinx comedy writer and director. She has written on shows for Disney+ and Amazon Studios and is in development on her feature film directorial debut, a high school comedy titled JESSE IS A FRIEND that was featured on the 2020 GLAAD List. Her films have won Best Comedy Short at Palm Springs Shorts Fest, Best Narrative Short at aGLIFF32, and the audience award for best short at Frameline43 Film Festival. She is represented at UTA and Redefine Entertainment and mostly wants to make queer people laugh.
Amy Hubbsamymhubbs@gmail.comComedySupervising ProducerA.P. Bio, Alone Together
Andrew LopezMgmt: Phil Sun and Natalia Williams // M88
Agency: CAA
Comedy / GenreStaff WriterMike And Dave Need Wedding Dates (writer's assistant) / The House (writer's assistant) / Neighbors 2 (writer's assistant)IG: @TheAndrewLopez TW: @ablopezisatweetI am a first generation Filipino writer and performer from small town Iowa. I was the writer's assistant on movies like NEIGHBORS 2, MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES, and THE HOUSE. For the past year, I've been touring the world as the opening comedian for JO KOY's Break The Mold Tour. Last year, I acted in the movie BLOCKERS. I am in love with doing three things; laughing really hard, crying really hard or screaming really hard. I strive to elicit those responses from anything I work on. I love reading and writing stories that come from a deeply emotional place that sets the backbone to hard hitting punchlines, heartbreaking moments or big scares. A script I co-wrote is currently in development with Conan O'Brien and his company Conaco.
Angelica, Ilana Miller and Samantha Driscoll at Jennifer Hollyer AgencyDrama, Comedy. YAStaff Writer N/A @angiexem, www.angelicamendizabal.comAngelica Mendizabal is a TV Writer focused on telling female-centric stories. Inspired by the village of resilient women who raised her, Angelica's writes about women claiming their power and unapologetically owning it. She draws from her experiences as an immigrant and the sense of wonder she found spending Friday nights at the library to write stories that combine adventure, heartbreak and humour. Angelica has worked on multiple series in development for Temple Street (Producers of Orphan Black), eOne, Shaftesbury, Keshet International and Amazon Prime.
Aris Mendozaarisalexia@gmail.comAris Mendoza is part of the .04% of applicants chosen for Imagine Entertainment's writing incubator, Imagine Impact, with her half hour comedy series, Blasian. She has written for Will Smith, Willow Smith and she is an alumni of the Groundlings School & Theatre. Aris is committed to creating narratives with WOC at the center that shed light on the parts of life that we must laugh at in order to keep from crying. Originally from Chicago, she survived harsh winters to then survive the hottest, stickiest summers which made her an optimist at heart, because no matter how cold it gets, she knows eventually there's a heat wave coming.
Ashley DizonChris Emerson @ Authentic Talent & Literary Management / chris.emerson@authenticm.comComedy/DramedyStaff WriterHAWAII FIVE-0The daughter of Filipino immigrants, Ashley fulfilled her familial duties by surrendering to piano lessons at the age of six. In a misguided attempt to rebel against her parents, she switched instruments and began playing the drums with their church’s band at 11-years-old. Ashley was awarded a music scholarship to Pepperdine University (for her drumline/orchestral percussion skills – not the bad Christian rock music), where she also studied performance percussion for a semester in Heidelberg, Germany. After graduating college, she realized it would be easier to rent an apartment as a quiet writer than a loud orchestral drummer. She found the best of both worlds and began her career as a writer reviewing new music releases and concerts for an online music magazine in exchange for press passes, AKA free concert tickets. Aside from her work in music and entertainment, Ashley served as an Elections Specialist in Northern California and spearheaded a local government project advocating for transparency in campaign contributions and spending. In addition to co-writing two episodes for Hawaii Five-0, Ashley has spent the last few years working as a development executive producing projects that have sold to CBS Entertainment and All Access. When she’s not writing about post-pubescent growing pains or obscure musical genres you’ve only heard about through your weird friend that probably lives in Atwater Village, Ashley is frolicking through the wilderness of her favorite campsites, mining her family’s tragic history for writing fodder (it’s okay—they’re mostly extended family), or trolling the local comedy scene for free drop-ins of her favorite stand-up comics.
Bernard BadionKendrick Tan & Matt Dy @ Lit Entertainment 310.988.7700ComedyStaff WriterUntitled Transformers animated comedyTW: @bernardbadionBernard Badion is currently writing on a Transformers animated comedy at Nickelodeon. He's also recently developed comedies with Imagine Entertainment, Disney Television, and Entermedia. He also wrote in the punch-up room for comedian Jokoy's TruTV pilot. He worked as an assistant to Writer/Co-Showrunner Sanjay Shah at Apple’s Central Park and Fresh Off The Boat. During his time with Shah, he assisted on his pilot with Jonathan Krisel and the Indian Boy Band feature he’s penning for Universal. Bernard is also a proud alum of NBC’s Writers On The Verge Fellowship.

A San Francisco Bay Area Native and a first generation Filipino-American, the road to writing television started when he made the first feature film to originate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, taught high school for a year in Silicon Valley, cleaned stacks of dishes as a Top Chef Masters production assistant, was a 30 year-old intern (undercover because Asian don't raisin) at Conan on TBS, and now a father (his wife can’t believe it either). He also was DJ KidSpinz for ten years, for which he is deeply, deeply sorry.
Bradley Estrin-Barksbradleyestrin@gmail.comDramaStaff Writer4400; 2021 CBS Writing Program FellowIG & TW - @bradleyestrinBradley Estrin-Barks is a mixed-race Mestizo-Filipino American, a Bay Area native and former actor with a tremendously deep well of stories to pull from the many lives he’s lived. This includes being a former American Idol Top 30 finalist, an HIV/AIDS counselor and LGBTQIA+ public health expert, a martial arts instructor, to most recently working as a writers’ PA on Sony/Amazon’s THE BOYS. He writes grounded genre with character-driven heart, told through queer, female and unconventional family-centric lenses that put misfits and outsiders into the spotlight. Bradley currently lives in West Hollywood with his husband and their two cats - Lily Potter and Miss Floofypants.
Brittany Jo FloresManager: George Collins Drama, ComedyStaff WriterSkylanders, My Little Pony: Friendship MagicIG: @bookslapbrittBrittany Jo Flores is a biracial writer (half Filipino, half Polish) currently working in animation television. Her writing explores identity and human relations through building fantastical worlds, heartfelt characters, and comedy. She strives to write stories where people feel a connection to her characters as they do with people in real life (note: her therapist isn't worried about this). Britt’s unique voice and perspective comes from growing up within a fractured, diverse family as well as overcoming blindness as a child. When she’s not writing, she’s reading a book or trying to explain to people that they cannot Google the rare eye condition named after her. It’s her dream to have her own ‘Beauty and the Beast’ library one day and to live long enough to read all of the books in it.
Brittany RochfordTBDComedyStaff WriterTBAI am a comedy writer with work ranging from kids 6-11 to adult animations and teen dramas. Hailing from a large, mixed, Filipino-American family myself, I have a particular passion for writing about large, blended, complex family dynamics. Both of my grandparents successfully immigrated their families from their respected islands to all live in one house in Echo Park. And most of my family still lives in the greater Los Angeles area, which is why I lovingly call Los Angeles “The Village”. I am currently working as a Freelance Writer and Script Coordinator at Nickelodeon.
Brooke Montoyabrookemontoya3@gmail.comDrama and ComedyStaff WriterLooking for a break :)Twitter/Instagram: @hibrookemontoyaBrooke is a queer Filipino-Italian-American creator and producer from Chicago new to LA. In Chicago, she was a creator and producer of live comedy with @stirfridaynight and @baselinesketch. In August 2019 she moved to LA to pursue TV writing. She is passionate about sex-positive, anti-imperialist, and anti-colonial work. Her latest creation "FELL" is a pilot based on her liberating experience with sex work while trying to escape an extremist Christian cult. She is open to all opportunities at this writing!
C.J. Toledanocjtoledano@gmail.comComedyStaff WriterLate Night w/ Fallon, Bleacher Report, NBA, NFLTW: @cjtoledano
Carlo Nicdaocarlonicdao1@gmail.comDrama, ComedyStaff Writer2021 Disruptors Fellowship, 2021 Walt Disney Writing Program FinalistIG: @
CARLO NICDAO is a 2021 Fellow for Center of Cultural Power's Disruptors Fellowship. A 2021 Walt Disney Writing Program Finalist. A first generation Filipino-American writer born and raised in Pasig city, Philippines. After surviving a lethal dose of culture shock as a teenager, he adapted through the new environment and learned the English language by watching American shows. An outsider for most of his life, he excels at writing misunderstood characters living in a world that rejects them. They are often overlooked or invisible in society embroiled in espionage, political intrigue or conspiracies set in futuristic worlds (elevated and grounded) drawn from his experiences in international affairs, national security and cybersecurity inside a medical setting. He thrives in stories that lean towards themes of capitalism, social justice, and immigration. They can be dark, funny, globally influenced, explore the nature of humanity, and aim to spark thoughtful conversations. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from California State University, San Bernardino and currently juggles working two full-time jobs inside a COVID-19 unit as a cardiac monitor technician at Providence St. John Health Center and as an administrative assistant at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine.
Carlos GutierrezMax Timm |
Felicity Wren |
ComedyStaff WriterWinning Time, Heels (assistant)LinkedInCarlos Gutierrez is an award-winning comedy writer listed on ISA's Top Screenwriters to Watch in 2022. He specializes in television comedies that bring depth and levity to colorful worlds parallel to our own.

In the wake of several awards for his absurd comedy Asians Can't Play Jazz, Creative Screenwriter Productions is now developing Elysian Ring, a children's animated series co-written by Carlos which follows a meek 13-year-old indoorsman struggling to unite a group of kids marooned on a decaying planet and find a way home before all life ceases to exist.

Carlos has ghost written episodes for Starz's Heels and Hulu's Wu-Tang: An American Saga. He is currently developing an Imelda Marcos project while working for a television showrunner with an overall deal at HBO.

After growing up in a midwest city boasting the highest number of churches per capita, Carlos studied Telecommunications, Music, Spanish, and Italian, worked for a nonprofit in Antigua, Guatemala teaching women’s self defense, and studied political science in Rome.
Celena Cipriasocelenacipriaso@gmail.comDramaStaff Writer2017-2018 NBC Writers On the Verge FellowCelena Cipriaso has been a finalist for the 2019 Disney ABC TV Writing Fellowship and the 2019 MACRO Episodic Lab. She also was a fellow of the 2017-2018 NBC Writer’s on The Verge Program and the 2018 Writer’s Assistant Network Fellowship. She has written for All My Children, worked as a script coordinator for History’s Knightfall and The Arrangement on E!, and was also a writer’s assistant on Starz’s Teresa. Prior to her TV life, she was a pop culture and beer journalist writing for, Draft, Bitch and She also was once a playwright and spoken word poet who has had her work performed throughout the Northeast, Chicago and San Francisco. She first became hooked on television as a child watching soaps with her Filipina grandmother so both of them could learn to speak better English.
Charlene deGuzmancharstarlene@gmail.comDramedy, ComedyStaff WriterUnlovable@charstarleneCharlene deGuzman is a writer and actor who first garnered attention from tweeting her self-deprecating thoughts as @charstarlene. Rolling Stone named her one of the "Funniest People on Twitter Right Now." She went on to write and star in her own short films, and her most popular one, "I Forgot My Phone," has over 51 million views on YouTube and was featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Time, NPR, Good Morning America, Vice, The Today Show, and more. Charlene is an advocate for self-love and bringing awareness to sex and love addiction. She speaks publicly about her recovery, and has her own advice column with FLOOD magazine. Charlene wrote her first feature film, Unlovable, which premiered at SXSW in 2018 and received special jury recognition. It stars Charlene, John Hawkes, and Melissa Leo and was executive produced by the Duplass Brothers. Variety wrote, “deGuzman’s performance is so arresting and engaging, you keep your eyes glued to her – if only so you don’t miss the next development that will be hilarious or heartbreaking or both.”
Chelsea JavierSharon King at SK Management: skmanagementinc@gmail.comComedy, DramaStaff WriterSmile or Hug (film)Chelsea Javier is an award winning actress and writer based in Los Angeles. She recently wrapped the lead role in Wayfarer Studios' feature "Smile or Hug" opposite Danny Trejo and Andrea Navedo, executive produced by Justin Baldoni. You can spot her as a recurring presence on the award winning web series "Coasters", as well as in a handful of commercials and independent film projects.

Chelsea was a finalist in the Women in Film x Blacklist 2019 Episodic Lab for her dark comedy pilot "Halloween Club", and has a few other writing projects in development.
Chrissie De Guzmanchrissie.deguzman@gmail.comDrama, ComedyStaff WriterCAPE LIST x BLCK LIST 2020; Short of the WeekIG: chrissie_deguzmanChrissie De Guzman is a TV/Features writer and director based in Los Angeles, California. She received her MFA in Film and Television production at USC. She is a storyteller defined by curiosity of the Filipina & Queer experience, pushing mainstream boundaries in hopes to create a platform of non-traditional content. Her work has been the official selection at the Palm Springs International Shortfest, Outfest, American Cinematheque Local Shorts, San Diego Filipino Cinema Magic Hour, London's Little Wing Film Festival, Festival Angaelica, NewFest New York and Short of the Week. She is also the 2019-2020 fellow of the Viacom ViewFinder: Emerging Director's Program for the MTV network and one of the 2020 CAPE New Writer’s fellows. Her most recent half-hour pilot Venus Phase made 2020’s The CAPE List x The Black List.
Christianne Cruzchristianne.e.cruz@gmail.comDramaStaff WriterAftertaste (film), This is How We Do It (film)Christianne Cruz is an independent producer and writer and director - born in Toronto and based in LA. She is the mother of two young daughters and producing/life partner to Alex Ott. After a career switch from advertising to entertainment, she worked at ICM Partners before producing her first feature, Black Mitzvah (Andrew Lauren Productions). Her directorial debut, AFTERTASTE, is set to premiere at the Chinese theaters in October for Screamfest LA. Filipinx dance icons, Mari and Keone Madrid (Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Karate Kid, Us Again- Disney) are attached to direct Christianne’s feature debut, THIS IS HOW WE DO IT. She attended The Bishop Strachan School and is a graduate of Queen’s University’s Drama Department.
Christina De Leoncndeleon5@gmail.comDrama & YAStaff WriteriZombie (CW), The Baxters (MGM)@ShutUpChristina
Dana, kobrien@3arts.comComedyStaff WriterEVERYTHING'S GONNA BE OKAY S2 (Freeform)Instagram: @hottestdana, twitter: danadonlyDana Donnelly is a Los Angeles based writer, actor and self-proclaimed ‘crop top comedian.’ Most recently she was on Dana was a staff writer on season 2 of EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE OKAY on Freeform. Originally from the Silicon Valley, Dana has achieved full singularity with her phone. After graduating from college, she was one of 11 writers selected to develop a pilot for the HBOAccess Writing Fellowship. You can find Dana performing at clubs and theaters around Los Angeles, on Twitter, Instagram, or at your local Brandy Melville. She would also like you to know that boys sometimes text her back, and she is not white!
Davis Kop Comedy Staff WriterIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet @davis_kop Born and raised in Hawaii, Davis is a second-generation Filipino mixed with some Chinese and Native Hawaiian. He grew up around zero white people, but enjoyed the art white people made, such as Neil Simon plays, The Birdcage, and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. And Fleetwood Mac.

In 2012, Davis was recognized by the CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) New Writers Awards for his Community spec script, and has served as a Writers' Assistant on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet. Unrepped and unmanaged, he's hoping to continue the trend and staff on a show with an entirely too long title.
David Tolentinodtolen11@gmail.comStaff WriterSaturdays (Disney)
Dennis Salduadennis.saldua@gmail.comDrama / DramedySupervising ProducerAtypical, The Passage, Limitless
Derek Santos Olsondereksantosolson@gmail.comDramaStory EditorFriday Night Lights, Hawaii Five-0samples on WGA site
Donald Diegodonalddiego@gmail.comComedyProducerAmerican Housewife, The Wedding Year
Emily MenezTBAEmily Menez has written for IFC, Funny or Die, Nike, and CBS. Her original plays and sketch shows have been performed in NYC, including Margene Salt, which ran off-Broadway in the fall of 2017. Emily was one of seven writers selected out of a pool of 900 candidates for NBC’s 2020 Late Night Writers Workshop. Menez trained at the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade. She has appeared on "Rachael Ray" and "The Doctors" to discuss nachos and coffee, respectively. She hails from Overland Park, Kansas, which is the coolest part of the midwest (do not challenge her on this).
Eric S. Garcia8hitdicemonster@gmail.comComedy/Drama/AnimationEP/Co-EPAlexa & KatieCreator and Showrunner
Eugene Ramoseugene.ramos@gmail.comDrama, GenreStaff WriterN/A@eugeneramosAfter devouring countless Shakespeare plays, Eugene Ramos earned a degree in 16th-century British Literature from Northwestern University. He later graduated with an MFA in Film from Columbia University where he received a fellowship from Comedy Central. Since film school, he has participated in Film Independent’s Project Involve, the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop, and the Hamptons International Film Festival’s Screenwriters’ Lab. His spec scripts for the TV shows “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Supernatural,” and “The Big Bang Theory” have placed in several competitions. His romantic-comedy screenplay, "Newton’s Laws of Emotion," won the TFI Sloan Filmmaker Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival and a Gold Prize in the PAGE Awards. Because of his love for the Bard and science fiction, Ramos has earned the nickname The Sci-Fi Shakespeare Guy.
Francisco Castroffcastro1016@gmail.comDrama/ComedyStaff WriterWithout A Trace@fkafernandoBorn in the Philippines, grew up in Cajun country, this Asian-Cajun holds an MFA from LMU, is a WB Writing Alum and was selected in the Humanitas Prize "New Voices" Program. Francisco's first horror script, DESOLATE, won Best Screenplay at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival and was bought by Stan Winston Productions. Also, he wrote the action film, URBAN GAMES, with China Film Group, which was released in China on May 2014. Francisco co-wrote and co-produced the low-budget horror movie, DELIRIUM, for Martini Films/HG Productions. The movie won Best Picture at the 2016 Los Angeles Fear & Fantasy Film Festival. It received a limited theatrical release by Gravitas Ventures. Francisco is also a produced, award-winning comedy playwright. His full-length Cajun comedy play, THIS IS MY F-ING WEDDING!!!, was produced by Above The Curve Theatre to great reviews. In 2016, his full-length relationship comedy play, ANYTHING SERIOUS, about 30-somethings in Portland was produced to stellar reviews and won Best Original Play at the 2016 NoHo Fringe Festival. He recently adapted ANYTHING SERIOUS into a half-hour single-cam pilot script which was nominated for Best Comedy Series Episode (Screenplay) at the 2019 Portland Comedy Film Festival.
Gil HizonManager: Steve Smith | Evan Lewis - Stagecoach Entertainment - (310) 395-9600
DramaStaff WriterInsatiable@gilhizonGil Hizon is a gay Filipino writer who is currently staffed on Netflix’s INSATIABLE. Born and raised in the Philippines, Gil grew up watching variety shows, satiric comedies and melodramatic soaps. A serial monogamist and a child of divorce, Gil is drawn to narratives about the screwed-up ways people cope with relationship issues. The stories Gil writes are sarcastic and edgy, yet grounded and emotional. Gil has BA degrees in Psychology, Theater and TV Writing/Producing. He’s also a self-proclaimed astrology expert. He’s a graduate of Fairfield University and Columbia College Chicago, and is thrilled to be an alumnus of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program.
Hernan Baranganhernantheb@gmail.comLife By Ela
Hernando Cortes WatsonEcho Lake Entertainment and Nelson Davis LLPStaff WriterHollywoodInspired by the educational paths of masters Francis Ford Coppola and Ang Lee, Watson received his BA from UCLA’s renowned Theater program in Stage Directing and MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in TV/Film Production, where he directed his debut film, A Reunion, in his final year. Warm notices from Indiewire and the Hollywood Reporter followed its festival run in 2015. Acclaimed television soon beckoned, and he worked on the Emmy-winning American Crime Story franchise, in the Writers’ Room of Netflix’s Ratched and as the Staff Writer on the Emmy-winning Limited Series, Hollywood. Driven to tell authentic stories with AAPI leads, Watson is an Alum of the Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute, Film Independent’s Project:Involve and the Reykjavik International Film Festival's Talent Lab. He is in active development on his drama series, Them Stallions, with Filipino creatives Diane Paragas (Yellow Rose) attached to Direct, Emmy winner Michelle Tesoro (The Queen’s Gambit) to Edit, Tony winner Clint Ramos (Respect) to Costume Design and Jon Jon Briones (Miss Saigon) to Star. He has just signed to adapt the literary classic, America Is In The Heart, for Isabel Sandoval (Venice Award winner, Lingua Franca, FX’s Under the Banner of Heaven) and Tony and Grammy winning producer, Jhett Tolentino. On the Film side, he is in post on his first feature documentary, I Am Protector and writing his next feature, PS Operator. Hernando is a member of the WGA and is repped Echo Lake Entertainment and Nelson Davis LLP
Hillary Benefiel of Interest, Beyond, The Magicians@morethanbunnies
Isabel GalupoPersonal contact info:
Agent name: Karen Kirkland
Agent contact info:
Dramedy, YA, AnimationStaff WriterTransformers, Ridley Jones, Barbie: It Takes Two, Little Ellen instagram: @isabelgalupoISABEL GALUPO is a queer, part-Filipina, Jewish woman with three moms and a dad. After being an only child for 10 years, Isabel found herself an overnight oldest kid with four younger sisters; this made Isabel really good at changing diapers, but also at observing, adapting, and - at times - escaping into genre fiction. It only makes sense, then, that she grew up to be a writer, constantly drawing on her unusual family dynamic and intersecting identities to tell stories at the knife's edge of painful insight and bizarre heart. Isabel graduated from Ithaca College as a Park Scholar with a B.S. in screenwriting and a minor in sociology, and participated in the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices in 2015. Isabel has written for Nickelodeon and Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS, WB Animation and HBOMAX's LITTLE ELLEN, Mattel's BARBIE: IT TAKES TWO, Netflix's RIDLEY JONES and WE LOST OUR HUMAN, Amazon's CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, Nickelodeon's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and THE CASAGRANDES, as well as for a handful of forthcoming shows for PBS and Apple TV+
James Arcega TinsleyAgent: Lyra Tan @ Gersh
Manager: Loren Albento @ LBI Entertainment
Drama, ComedyStaff WriterMayor of Kingstown, Poker FaceJames Arcega Tinsley is a Filipino USC alum from the rough neighborhoods of East San Jose, CA. He’s overcome a debilitating stuttering problem, his dad's issues with drugs and gangs, and a mom who was devastated that he didn't want to be a nurse. Knowingly breaking his mom’s heart, he pursued screenwriting and earned finalist status for the CAPE and Film Independent Project Involve fellowships in both drama and comedy. Professionally, he’s contributed punch-up jokes for CBS’ “The Neighborhood,” and he’s assisted the writing staff on Rian Johnson’s murder mystery series “Poker Face,” where he also pitched frequently in the writers’ room. Most recently, James co-wrote episode 209 for Taylor Sheridan & Hugh Dillon’s “Mayor of Kingstown” and he was promoted to staff writer for the show’s highly anticipated third season. His favorite hobbies include boxing, learning about cuisines, and talking to his dog as if she's a therapist.
Janelle GatchalianMgr:
GenreStaff Writer The Penguin (WPA)Janelle B. Gatchalian is a drama writer based in LA. She moved from Manila, Philippines to the San Fernando Valley when she was 12. She discovered screenwriting in her late 20s, as a product manager in entertainment, and most recently left her tech role to become a writers’ PA for an HBO Max series. She writes genre, horror, and historical drama. Her writing has placed in Soo Hugh's Thousand Miles Project and the Screencraft True Story and TSL Free Screenplay contests.
Jarreau Carrillo TBAComedyStaff WriterI'm A VirgoJarreau is a Brooklyn based writer, director, and actor originally from Seattle, Washington. His short film, THE VACATION, screened at Sundance Film Festival where Jarreau won the Special Jury Award for Directing. Jarreau is currently a staff writer for the Amazon Studio series I'M A VIRGO. Jarreau received a BA in Political Philosophy from Morehouse College and a MFA in Directing from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Jarreau’s most recent work is a nine episode web series entitled, “Somewhere in the Meantime” and is available on Youtube. His thesis short film, “Strange Planet” was funded by the Spike Lee Production Fund at NYU and won the Martin E. Segal Award from Lincoln Center. Jarreau's debut feature film, "The Last to Survive in America" is supported by the NYU Production Lab.
Jason ConcepcionTBAComedyTBAPrimo@netw3rkJason Concepcion first gained notoriety through his popular Twitter account @netw3rk. By 2014, his witty social media missives on sports and pop-culture got him hired as a staff writer for Grantland. In 2016, Jason joined The Ringer as a writer, podcaster, and host before being promoted to the title of Senior Creative. His series included NBA DESKTOP, BINGE MODE, AFTER THE THRONES, TALK THE THRONES, and THE CONNECT.

Time Magazine named Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin's podcast BINGE MODE: HARRY POTTER (#4) to their Top 10 Podcasts of 2018, and named BINGE MODE: GAME OF THRONES as the #1 podcast of 2017. BINGE MODE delved deep into the worlds of HARRY POTTER, GAME OF THRONES, STAR WARS and THE MARVEL UNIVERSE.

For the 8th and final season of GOT, Jason and Mallory along with Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald gave instant in-depth analysis immediately following each episode on The Ringer digital show TALK THE THRONES (Twitter).

Jason and producer Jason Gallagher received the 2019 Sports Emmy for "Outstanding Digital Innovation" for the series NBA DESKTOP -- a web series that looks at the NBA through the lens of the internet -- and followed that up with another nomination for the series with a 2020 Sports Emmy for "Outstanding Social TV Experience".

Jason joined Crooked Media in November 2020, where he is not only creating new content for the site- but also the executive in charge of their Sports & Entertainment vertical.

In March 2021, Jason launched the weekly sports & cultural podcast TAKELINE with Renee Montgomery. He also reunited with Jason Gallagher to launch the weekly NBA series NBA ALL CAPS.
Jason Palmerjason.M.palmer@gmail.comComedyProducerThe Bernie Mac Show, Everybody Hates Chris, Are We There Yet?, NFL on FOX@jasonmpalmer
Jennifer YaleTBADrama, Sci-FiEP / ShowrunnerSubject to Change, See, Da Vinci's Demons, DexterJennifer Yale’s first job in Hollywood was the Writer’s Assistant to Mel Brooks and Director of Development at Brooksfilms Ltd. -- the best film school and masters writing class around. She began her writing career in children’s animation where she won a Daytime Emmy, before moving to live action television as a staff writer on Showtime’s Dexter. Since then, Jennifer has written on Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons, WGN’s Underground, FX’s Legion, Starz’s Outlander, Netflix’s Chambers and Apple’s See. Currently, Jennifer is the showrunner on J.J. Abrams' new series at HBO Max, Subject To Change, and has shows in development with HBO, A24 and Sugar23
Jeremiah Wesslingw.jeremiah@gmail.comComedy, Drama, HorrorStaff WriterMayor of Kingstown, Bel-AirJeremiah Wessling is a Filipino SDSU alum from San Diego, CA. Jeremiah is very proud of his Filipino heritage and has always been drawn to the folklore of the country ever since his mother shared stories with him at a very young age. Jeremiah quickly developed passions for reading, writing, film, and television, so after graduating college, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing for television and film. Professionally, he has worked on such shows as, “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Truth Be Told,” “Bel-Air,” and most recently, “Mayor of Kingstown.” Jeremiah is very excited to meet other Filipino writers in the industry and to be a part of that community which he feels is underrepresented in film and television.
Jess dela MercedRepped by 3 ArtsDramaStaff Writer2020 Sundance Episodic Lab fellowJESS DELA MERCED is a Filipina American writer/director from San Francisco. Jess graduated from NYU’s Graduate Film program, where she received the Spike Lee Fellowship and wrote and directed her short film HYPEBEASTS under Spike Lee's mentorship. Her short film PHONY was executive produced by Paul Feig, and is now in development as a TV series with Feig and Powderkeg producing. Jess is a 2020 Sundance Episodic Lab fellow and grant recipient. Her short WAIT ‘TIL THE WOLVES MAKE NICE premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. Jess was a director in the Disney ABC directing program and one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film. Her feature script CHICKENSHIT is a San Francisco Film grant recipient, a Hamptons Screenwriters Lab participant, and was also selected for the Breaking Through the Lens initiative at Cannes.
Joelle Manager: Loren M. Albento at LBI EntertainmentDramaStaff Writer2018-2019 Universal Writers ProgramAs a former reality tv producer Joelle Luman (Top Chef, Shedding for the Wedding, Big Brother) is no stranger to the idea of ordinary people thrown into unique and interesting situations. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Joelle developed a love for science fiction thanks to her engineer dad while her mom exposed her to wealth, glamour and a semi-clandestine life due to her career as a licensed international arms dealer. As a way to subsidize her college tuition, Joelle joined the family business and found herself in the arms trade making deals for high-tech weaponry with the likes of steely generals, questionable politicians and power-hungry CEOs. The experience not only helped her get a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California, but fueled her imagination to become a storyteller with a passion for action thrillers and grounded sci-fi. Since her transition into screenwriting, Joelle has been a finalist in numerous writing competitions, including the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition where she placed in the top 25. Most recently, she was a writer in the 2018-2019 Universal Writers Program, where she wrote two feature scripts for the studio.
Joey DizonReps:
Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment
Josh Goldenberg & Ben Neumann
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, ComedyStaff WriterTBAJoey Dizon is a mixed-race Asian-American screenwriter from the world-renowned San Fernando Valley of California. He spent 7 years at Marvel working on over six films where he learned the ins and outs of the company's creative process and groundbreaking storytelling. Most noticeable was his work as the Creative Assistant on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame where he caught the eyes of writers Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely who poached him to join Joe and Anthony Russo's production company AGBO to work with them overseeing development. As a Creative Executive at AGBO, Joey had a hand in developing franchise takes on EXTRACTION as well as the upcoming Russo Brothers directed titles THE GRAY MAN and THE ELECTRIC STATE. His itch for writing began at the mere age of 13, clacking away on his dad’s janky IBM computer that ran Windows 3.1, which didn’t get upgraded to Windows 95 until 2002.
John Paul +19176795130Comedy, DramedyStaff WriterIG: @jp_su Twitter: @jpsuJohn Paul “JP” Su is a queer Filipino-Chinese-American filmmaker whose work re-imagines contemporary themes by combining dark/absurdist comedy and lyrical drama in a way that is both genre-defying and accessible. A third generation Chinese immigrant in the Philippines, and a first generation immigrant in the US, he often explores the immigrant experience, and tackle characters living on the fringe of society and their resilient spirit. A Master of Fine Arts graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, JP won the Directors Guild of America's Best Asian-American Student Filmmaker Award for his narrative short, PAGPAG (THE REFUSE). His feature screenplay, Captain C!, is a quarterfinalist for the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, a finalist for both WeScreenplay Diverse Voices and Screencraft Family Screenplay Competions, and most recently, a San Francisco Film Society- Westridge Foundation Grant awardee. Prior to NYU, JP worked as an editor and segment writer for a New York-based Pan Asian TV network, a freelance news video journalist covering stories in the Tri-state area, and part of the original creative team the mounted music legend Daryl Hall’s web series-turned-TV show “Live From Daryl’s House”.
 He writes for both TV and Film.
Jonathan Hernandezjhun247@gmail.comComedyStaff WriterUniversal Animation Writers Program Finalist, DreamWorks/Netflix Show 2022, DreamWorks Shorts 2022Twitter: @jhun88, @lakerslegacypod / Instagram: @jhun88, @jhunnywiththeshotJonathan Hernandez is a 1st-Generation Filipino-American who, after being born in Trinidad and Tobago to two Missionary immigrants from the Philippines, eventually moved from the Caribbean back to the Philippines, then to Dallas, and finally to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer - all while telling you the history of Spanish Colonization in the Philippines in under a minute. He gravitates towards stories that use awkward, self-referential humor to help delicately unearth the universality in people's biggest insecurities and fears. Whether it be wrestling with identity & purpose or feelings of being an outsider just trying to fit in - finding ways to spark empathy towards people's seemingly lonely and unique cosmic struggles and then reframing them into something redemptive and relatable has always been his jam.

Aside from writing, Jonathan is also an amateur photographer and the host/creator of a popular Lakers podcast who loves talking about Asian-American representation in Hollywood, the NBA, The Great British Bake-Off, Korean Dramas, and that one season in his life that he went to a pan-Asian, non-denominational Charismatic Christian Church (of the flag-waving variety) and attempted to 'krump' in front of the pulpit.
Joy RegullanoManager is Mazo Partners, David Clark // Personal email: jkregullano@gmail.comComedyStaff writerDreamworks/Netflix animated show 2022, The Healing Powers of Dude (Netflix), Sesame Street Writer's Workshop@joyregullanoJoy Regullano is a writer / actor / comedian based in LA and is currently writing for a Dreamworks / Netflix animated show ( 2022?). She was a Sesame Street writing fellow and recently was a staff writer on the Netflix show, THE HEALING POWERS OF DUDE. TV acting credits include CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, MODERN FAMILY, SPEECHLESS, HOUSE OF LIES, and SUPERNATURAL. She has performed improv and sketch around LA at UCB and Second City Hollywood. Her YouTube sketch WHITE FETISH went viral with 1M+ views and has been featured in the Huffington Post, Upworthy, and more. Her musical SUPPORTIVE WHITE PARENTS, about an Asian girl who wishes on a shooting star for supportive white parents, has played at UCB and Second City and won a scholarship at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She has major daddy issues and writes a lot about her disapproving parents because she just wants them to love her for who she is. She also writes a lot about the graveyard of failed “situationships” that was her 20s. She majored in Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley and cares a lot about telling her parents’ and community’s immigrant stories (like that her father had no shoes growing up. Told you she had daddy issues). She is repped theatrically at AEFH. Lit management: Mazo Partners.
Kalena RanoaAgent: Jeff Greenberg (Gersh)Staff WriterKalena Ranoa & Jason Director are an LA-based writing team. They met as mentors for Young Storytellers—a non-profit dedicated to teaching 5th graders how to write screenplays. Kalena was raised by a Filipino-Hawaiian father and English-German mother in San Jose, CA. As a 6’1” Hapa, Kalena found her cultural identity when she enrolled in the University of Hawai'i. There, she immersed herself in “choke” Hawaiian lifestyle—dancing Hula, studying ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i, and trying to surf. Jason is from a blue-collar suburb outside New York City. His video diary of his father’s mesothelioma diagnosis was responsible for one of the largest settlements in cancer history. His work has been featured on Hulu and AwesomenessTV’s digital streaming platform
Kathryn Lynkathrynlyn@gmail.comGenre, DramaExecutive Story EditorStar Trek: Lower DecksKathryn is a Filipina-American writer from rural blue-collar Michigan. Former feature dev exec, now writing TV with a focus on genre storytelling and underrepresented communities, including socioeconomically underrepresented groups. Kathryn is also a gamer, Trekkie, horror trivia champion, and a pretty terrible punk rock drummer.
Kelli DramaStory EditorYou (Netflix)IG: @kellibreslin
Kirk Damatokirk.damato@gmail.comComedy, animationStaff Writerco-creator: Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space Damato is a comedy and children’s TV writer who most recently worked as a Writers’ Assistant on an unannounced children’s animated series currently in development at Netflix. He was a finalist in the 2020 ScreenCraft Animation Competition for the pilot he co-wrote, HANA ZHANG AND THE WORST DESTINY EVER. Previously, Kirk was a performer and comedy writer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (NY), and trained in puppeteering at The Jim Henson Company. He’s best known as the co-creator of the cult web series CAKEY! THE CAKE FROM OUTER SPACE, in which he also played the title character. Kirk hails from St. Augustine, Florida, one of the most haunted cities in America. No, really!
Kristine Comedy, dramedy, animationCo-Ep in animation, Story Editor in live-actionThe Great Indoors, Kipo and the Age of WonderbeastsTW: @lady_writers IG: @songloKristine Songco writes comedy, animation, nerdy genre dramas, and the texts that get the most likes on the family text chain. She grew up in Diamond Bar, CA, which is only an hour from LA but somehow it’s mostly conservative... so that’s a fun thing to come home to. She has one sister who’s 13 years older than her, which means she has all the benefits of having a sibling while having the crazy weird imagination of a kid who was left alone a lot. Her parents immigrated here from the Philippines and she has a huge family that’s somehow close but also has a hard time talking about feelings. Fortunately her writing partner, Joanna Lewis, is really great with all that feelings stuff, and she makes up for a lot of things Kristine sucks at. She won’t say those things here because who lists their shortcomings in a bio, but they make a great team and they can harmonize to “Alone” by Heart at karaoke.
Krystal, DramedyStaff Writer, Story EditorI Feel Bad@HandsOnBanzonKRYSTAL BANZON is an hourlong & half hour drama/dramedy writer. She is a queer, first-generation Filipina American who was raised in the Breaking Bad deserts of California. Born out of a marriage of convenience between a gambler-dreamer father who wanted a family and practical nurse mother who wanted a green card, it makes sense that Krystal writes about complicated family dynamics. Soapy/or snarky relationship driven stories are her jam. She grew up on ST: VOY, X-FILES, THE L WORD, & SEINFELD - which speaks to her eclectic tastes for irony, romance, and adventure. Krystal received her BA from Smith College in women’s studies, a Masters in New Media from NYU Tisch, and a Fulbright fellowship to study theater in the Philippines. After working in the multicultural theater scene in NYC, Krystal transitioned to Manager of Diversity Programming at NBC where she supported the network pipeline programs and worked to expand the representation of women and people of color in front of and behind the camera. A long time ago, she once thought that being a lesbian was the best form of birth control…then Krystal fell in love with a pregnant woman. Never one to say no to an adventure, here she is, three kids later (1 + twins)! Krystal is an alumni of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program, and was most recently staffed on Amy Poehler's I FEEL BAD on NBC.
Krystal Javierkljavier18@gmail.comStaff WriterBunk'dI grew up with a religious mother who enabled my gambling addict father. My mother withdrew 20,000 dollars in credit cards and pretended it was winnings, giving it to my father. She did this because she didn't want to face his wrath when he humiliated her in public because they lost. I remember being at home, and just sitting with my headphones on, reading fantasy and sci-fi books for countless hours while they fought. It was in those fantasy worlds where I found comfort, where I found people I could trust. I write hour long drama, focusing on families because I see people and I see the delicate balance that is a relationship with either your mother or father. I write genre because I love to encase these relationships in extraordinary worlds.
Laurie Len MagersLLmagers@gmail.comComedy, DramedyStaff WriterOblierated, CBS 2020 Showcase, Nasty Women (pilot presentation)TW: @lauriemagersLaurie Magers is a queer hapa writer/comedian from the Bay Area. She began her writing career as a competitive poet, winning international poetry slams and gracing famous stages across the country. In 2020 (before the pandemic), she was selected as a writer/performer for the CBS Showcase and a finalist for the ABC/Disney Writing Program. She has written for a now defunct all-female sketch comedy pilot called Nasty Women for VH1, Comedy Central digital, and is now working as a Showrunner’s Assistant while she searches for her next big break. 
Leann Bowen White People, I Love You America with Sarah Silverman, Ted Lasso
Leizel Olegarioleizel.olegario@gmail.comTBA
Leo Aquinoleo@leo-aquino.comTBAThe Disruptors Fellow 2022TBA

Madonna Diaz-Refugia
Rose Zhang | Aaron Kogan Management
Mentorship Matters Fellowship RecipientMadonna Diaz-Refugia got her start writing jokes for drag queens in Philly and now lives in Los Angeles where she writes about mental illness, addiction and being queer in the Filipinx-American community.
Maria Elena RodriguezLanny Noveck, Signature Ltd. Management, //
Drama, dramedyExecutive Story EditorQueen Sugar, OWN; Kingpin, NBC, Resurrection Blvd, Showtime@madriguezinkAs a “Lati-sian” from San Francisco, I had a Filipina R.N. mom, an authoritarian Lola and a huge Bay Area clan who didn’t believe in privacy. They fought and gossiped in Tagalog over mah jong but always kept the rice cooker on. So, I write character dramas about secrets we can’t keep and mistakes we all make. They are funny, tragic, and utterly relatable. My family was always breaking story. I began to develop original pilots at the AFI TV Writers Workshop, the PGA Diversity Workshop, the Fox Writers Initiative and through ABC/Disney’s CTDI Latinx workshop.
Mark KramerJayme Yarow @ Authentic - // mkramer128@gmail.comComedyStaff WriterLast Week Tonight with John Oliver, 2017 NBC Late Night Writers Workshop, 2016 NBC Scene Showcase@kramerkramMark grew up the son of a Filipina immigrant and a Jewish Brooklyn Dodgers fan, on Staten Island – where diversity meant serving red sauce and white sauce. From this POV he likes to write about the structures that divide us and the people who get caught in between. Before writing he took many formative detours, like working at a juice bar for meatheads, making websites for a mafia-connected Scientologist CPA, passing the CPA exam, and sadly more. Mark’s half-hour comedy ISO BALL was a 2018 NYTVF Official Script selection and he was also selected to the 2017 NBC Late Night Writer’s Workshop. Mark is a regular writer for Vulture, and has contributed to Funny or Die, Above Average, The Kicker, FLEXX, Weekly Humorist, and Slant’d magazine. After studying sketch at UCB, he put up monthly sketch comedy shows for several years at the PIT as a writer for Boogiemanja.
Matt, 317-402-2621comedy, genre, actionStaff WriterGrimm - Writers' Assistant
Tales of Arcadia - Writers' Assistant and Script Coordinator
Unikitty! - Writer
The Remember Hour - Writer
Twitter - @mattlomanI am the great American melting pot. Mom's half-Chinese, half-Filipinx; dad's half-Italian, half-the whitest people to ever come out of Oklahoma. I was born in Manila, but raised in central Indiana. I have a huge background in comedy: stand-up and improv in high school, then sketch in college, but I also love genre. I was raised on comics, kung-fu, and cowboys and telling universal stories about people trying to do the right thing or trying to be better in genre are what interest me. I also find myself drawn to consuming and creating stories about found families. The nobodies and underdogs who take a chance on each other and becoming better together. I do feel the need to confess; growing up in Indiana, there weren't a lot of people who looked like me. Those that did were very unkind to me and my family, so I never had that real Asian-American experience; I don't feel I have the right or the expertise to comment on that experience in a meaningful way. A lot of my time in LA has been spent trying to find out what being AAPI means to me. I'm a fast-learner; I play well with other, and I will never, ever be outworked.
Maura MilanDave Brown, Amy Schiffman, Chelsea Benson (Echo Lake)
main contact:
Marissa Fine & Ethan Neale (Paradigm)
main contact:

Adventure, DramaStaff WriterNational Treasure (series), Vela (podcast)A graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts, Maura made her first marks in filmmaking as a cinematographer and director. Over the years, she has written and directed short films that have been shown at film festivals all over the world. In 2009, her short film, CROCODILE, was selected as Best Narrative Short Film for the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival. Her short film, KOREATOWN, was funded by JFAK Architects and the National Endowment for the Arts for display at the 2009 Guadalajara Book Festival. Maura is also a published author and has penned the award-winning YA series, IGNITE THE STARS. She has spoken on science fiction and diversity panels at San Diego ComicCon, NY Comic Con, WonderCon, and other festivals. Recently, Maura worked as a Staff Writer for NATIONAL TREASURE for Disney+. In her free time, she enjoys watching Korean dramas, and hanging out with her dog Thor, who she believes should become a professional comedian.
Mia ResellaReps: Karen Kirkland ( and Brad Rosenfeld ( at Culture Creative EntertainmentDrama, Comedy, Supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, genre, world-building, animation, kids/familyStaff WriterDeadEndia (Netflix), Vampirina (Disney Jr.), Craig of the Creek (Cartoon Network), The Ghost and Molly McGee (Disney) and Ridley Jones (Netflix) love shows with comedy, world-building, and heart. I'm passionate about inclusion and LGBTQ+ representation in the kids and family space. I love animation and write for all age groups. I originally got my start as a writer in the Nickelodeon Writing Program.
Michael Golamcomikegolamco@gmail.comDramaProducerGrimm, Nightflyers, Always Be My Maybe (Feature)
Michelle NationBrandy Rivers and Stephen Crawford at Industry EntertainmentDrama, Dramedy, GenreStaff WriterDash & Lily@michellenationMichelle Nation is a genre writer from Los Angeles, California. Born to a Filipino immigrant mother and a mixed race Jamaican and white father, both she and her father are first generation on one side of the family. As someone who never checked one box as a kid, she loves to pop in and out of worlds working in both comedy and drama. While everyone in her Black, White, and Asian family pursued careers in medicine, she was interested in saving people in a different way—through story. She was showrunner's assistant to Michael Green on Y The Last Man, writers' assistant on Dash & Lily season 1 & 2, and she co-wrote the finale of Dash & Lily season 2 with EP Joe Tracz. Dash & Lily won the Daytime Emmy award for outstanding writing team in 2021. She most recently wrapped on Marvel’s Secret Invasion as writers' assistant. Before pursuing a career in entertainment, she was a competitive Tahitian dancer from an award winning Polynesian dance group, Nonosina. Michelle’s goal is for all worlds she is a part of to look like the one she grew up in, made of many cultures and people where anyone could be anything they wanted to be. Michelle fosters puppies in her spare time and is a WriteGirl volunteer working weekly with young middle school and high school women in Los Angeles schools to mentor them with their writing.
Mikki, Rep: Karen Kirkland karen.kirkland@culturecreativela.comComedy, Animation, Fantasy, HorrorStaff WriterThe Owl Housetwitter: mikkicrisostomo, IG: meekkeeI was born and raised a Manila girl, which means nothing except that I'm fearless in heavy traffic. I came to the USA to get an MFA in Screenwriting at Columbia University, and somehow wound up becoming a staff writer on Disney's The Owl House, where I currently write weird and spooky jokes to my heart's content. I've primarily written genre scripts (both animated and live-action) set in the Philippines, from screwball crime comedies in Manila's dark underbelly to romantic fantasies in the mountain province (this one got me into the 2019 Film Independent Screenwriting Lab). One day they'll get made. Maybe? Libre mangarap.
Myra AquinoMyraaquino.films@gmail.comComedy, Drama, Medical, and Sci-FiStaff Writer2021 WIF & Black List Feature ResidentMyra Aquino is a writer-director who grew up in Guam and the Philippines. She is a 2020 graduate from the UCLA MFA Directing program and her work has been supported by the Delia Salvi Memorial Award, the UCLA Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, the Sony Streisand Fellowship, and the Norris Fellowship. Most recently, she was selected to participate in the 2021 Women in Film x Black List Feature Residency for her feature screenplay LAMB, and her thesis film BEAUTY QUEEN won the 2020 First Place Gold Circle Award from the Caucus Foundation and Best Short Film from the 2021 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. Myra has also received an MD and Masters in Public Health from the University of Miami.

With her eclectic background, Myra is passionate about exploring the impacts of multiculturalism and globalization on Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and other underrepresented communities.

She’s currently writing a coming-of-age feature set in 1990s Guam, and a high school feature set in post-9/11 Philippines.
Nathan Ramos-Parknathan.e.ramos.1@gmail.comComedyStaff WriterClub Mickey Mouse, SuperZeroes- Disney Asiainsta: @nathanramosparkNathan Ramos is a comedy writer, actor, and musician. He recently finished writing and Executive Producing Superzeroes, a show for Disney SE Asia and was a CAPE New Writers Fellow. He was Writer/Songwriter/Creative Producer for Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse. His song ‘When December Comes’ opened the ABC Christmas Day Parade (one of Seventeen Magazine’s Top Holiday Songs.) Webby nominated for his work on 'The Station by Maker', and his musical comedy Gay Asian Country Love Song was a viral hit. He won the See Change 2042 National Playwriting Competition and his play 'As We Babble On’ had a critically lauded World Premiere at East West Players in 2018. As an Actor, he has been featured regionally across the country, and Off-Broadway. His work has been featured on Tosh.0, Buzzfeed,, and the Front Page of Reddit, including the Kelly Clarkson Talk Show this fall.
Neil PunsalanNP@neilpunsalan.comcomedy, sports, realityexecutive producer/directorDoing the Most with Phoebe Robinson, No Script with Marshawn Lynch, Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, Friends of the PeopleProud Filipino-American who enjoys caring about work, and who he’s working with.
Nicholas Pangilinannicholaspangilinan2@gmail.comStaff Writer
Nicholas Pilapilnicholaspilapil@gmail.comTBD
Nick Jack
Patrice Asuncionpatrice.asuncion@gmail.comComedy, KidsProducerSydney to the Max, Nicky Ricky Dicky & DawnIG: @patrice_asuncionPatrice Asuncion was born in Manila, but immigrated with her family when she was 2 and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not wanting to be an Asian stereotype, she refused to go into anything math or science-related and instead double majored in English and Mass Communications at UC Berkeley (also, because she is terrible at both math and science — take that, stereotypes!). She has worked in TV for over a decade, starting as a PA and showrunners’ assistant on shows such as The New Adventures of Old Christine, Galavant, and numerous shows and pilots you’ve never heard of. For the past four years, she has worked as a writer in live action kid’s TV, telling stories from her childhood that make your children laugh and confuse white writers in the room. She previously wrote for Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and currently serves as executive story editor on Disney’s Sydney to the Max with her writing partner/husband, Nick Rossitto.
Patrick Emralinopemralino76@gmail.comDramaStaff WriterThe Cleaning Lady (WA)
Philip Drama/DramedySupervising ProducerShameless, Bates Motel, Preacher
Rachel LeycoMike Diaz at ATN Entertainment: mike@atnentertainment.comDramaStaff WriterSundance Episodic Lab Semi-Finalist; Sundance Makers Lab Finalist, "Re-Live: A Tale of an American Island Cheerleader" (feature)Instagram @rachel.leyco / Twitter @rachelleycoRachel is a badass award-winning queer Filipina American writer/filmmaker/actress. Her TV pilots and original feature film scripts have garnered her various accolades. Her stories explore the Asian American identity, queerness, mental health -- and sometimes a bit of music! So many flavors -- we love us some Halo-Halo!
Ray Utarnachittrayutar@gmail.comDramaCo-Executive ProducerDC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Tomorrow People, Person of Interest@rayutarRay Utarnachitt is currently a writer/producer on DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. He is a Michigan native and like any good Asian student, was pre-med at the University of Michigan for 3 years. Much to his parents’ dismay, he switched tracks and graduated with a Film degree. Ray broke into the business working in production on commercials, music videos, and features. He has also written for PERSON OF INTEREST and THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. He is an alumnus of the Warner Bros. Drama Writers Workshop.
Rene GubeWGA Directory ListingComedyCo-Executive ProducerSuperstore, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Brockmire@renegube
Rochelle Zimmermanlookingzimmerman@hotmail.comComedy / DramedyStory EditorRuby & The Rockits, The Troop
Ron Anahawronanahaw@gmail.comDrama, Comedy, Magical Realism, Sci-Fi, FantasyStaff WriterSesame Workshop Writing Fellow 2021@ron.of.the.oaksRon Anahaw is a Filipino-American screenwriter, playwright, and poet. As a writer, he uses magic and surreality to reframe how audiences perceive masculinity, emotions, and minority experiences. He is a 2021 Sesame Writing Fellow, 2020 National Playwright Conference Semifinalist, and 2018 Kenyon Conference Playwright. He is also an avid climber and novice tarot reader.
Sean Ericson QuetulioRep: Matt Prater, CSP ManagementComedyStaff Writer"The New Guys" development pilot for Melanie Comarcho, Funny or Die front page sketches: MasterClass: Betsy DeVos Teaches Education I Official Trailer and 'Twas Only a Matter of Time believe foremost in creating comedy and dramedy that places character-driven ensembles, their grounded and broadly relatable dynamics, and mental health awareness, in big and/or absurdist worlds. All of which, obvioulsy puts Asian-Americans, specifically Filipinos, in the leading roles, but doesn't force race identity to solely define their characters.
Set Hernandez Rongkilyosethr.mail@gmail.comDramedy, DramaStaff WriterCall Her Ganda (documentary by PJ Raval), In Plain Sight (docuseries work-in-progress)@sethernandezr (IG only)Set Hernandez Rongkilyo is an undocumented immigrant writer and community organizer whose roots come from Bicol, Philippines. As part of the inaugural cohort of the Disruptors Fellowship by Joey Solloway’s 5050by2020 and the Center for Cultural Power, Set is developing a half-hour comedy pilot about the undocumented experience. Set's works encompass different genres from social justice to sex comedy, but at the core, these projects speak to their identities as queer, Pilipino, and undocumented. Set’s short films have also been televised, featured, and awarded in film festivals across the U.S. They produced and directed “COVER/AGE” (2019) which tackles healthcare expansion for undocumented immigrants, and they served as Impact Producer for PJ Raval’s "Call Her Ganda" which premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Set is the co-founder of the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective which tackles the inequities that undocumented immigrants face in the media industry. They are the recipient of numerous fellowships including the Firelight Impact Producer Lab Fellowship and Soros Justice Fellowship. And they have spoken at different platforms including the Film Independent Forum and the Sundance Film Festival.
Sophie SantosArtists First
Casey Neumeier <>
Carly Hoogendyk <>
Her best-selling comedic memoir, The One You Want to Marry (And Other Identities I've Had), was published by Topple Books on October 1st 2021.

You can now hear her in the new Audible Original Hit Job alongside Pete Davidson and Keke Palmer and as Emily in Hot White Heist directed by Alan Cumming. She currently hosts the critically acclaimed and sold out satirical comedy show, The Lesbian Agenda.

Sophie has appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and MTV News. She’s written for shows on Bravo and MTV. She’s also written for Broadway Video and her writing has been featured in New York Magazine & McSweeney's. She’s been featured in Bustle, them., Autostraddle, and more. Sophie has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Kennedy Center. Follow her on social media @sophieesantos for lesbian propaganda.
Tera TolentinoManager: Kevin Donahue
c: 585-545-8420
DramaStaff WriterMagnum P.I.@terawrr
Tess ParasDavid Rubin, Gersh -- Amy Slomovits, Haven Entertainment
Staff WriterCBS Sketch Showcase - Assoc. Director
Fusion Comedy - Producer
Just Add Magic: Mystery City - Series Regular
IG & Twitter: TessParasTess Paras is an actor, writer, director and former cruise ship singer. In 2020, she made her series regular debut on the Amazon family show Just Add Magic: Mystery City after recurring heavily on the previous Daytime Emmy-nominated season of Just Add Magic. She’s most recognized for recurring as Jayma Chan on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (part of television’s first Filipino-American family) and as Dana Tomas on NBC’s Grimm (featuring the first Fil-Am storyline on tv). Tess served as the Associate Director of the 2020 CBS Diversity Showcase, after being a performer and writer in the program in 2014. Previously, Tess served as a writer/producer for F-Comedy, a digital news satire studio launched at Fusion (a joint venture between Disney/ABC Television and Univision) where she wrote alongside sketch comedy veterans from The Soup and Inside Amy Schumer. Tess is known for writing pop culture, political, and musical satire, including the viral shorts - "Trumping Makeup Tutorial,” “Typecast” and “What If Catcalls Were Cheeseburgers?” In 2019, Tess completed production on The Patients, a short film she wrote and directed, inspired by events in her own life. It premiered at the 2019 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, screened at Bend Film Festival, Cinema Sala, and received an award from the Asian American Psychological Association for its advocacy of mental health awareness. Her mom wants you to know that Tess graduated magna cum laude from NYU.
Theo Macabeotheo@theomacabeo.comComedyStaff Writer"Fruit" 2 Seasons (Fictional Podcast / Issa Rae & Earwolf)

"Ali + Stella" (Webisodes / Haati Chai & Amarillo)
Hailing from Seattle Washington to two Filipino immigrant parents, I grew up mixing up my he/she, my lepft from my right, and sitting on my nanang's lap in the front seat while ducking when the police would come. Never giving any hope to my parents of becoming a nurse, it wasn't a surprise I went to conservatory for acting at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers and finished my undergrad at Brooklyn College. For over ten years I've taken various gigs directing and writing mostly web content. While I am close friends with Issa Rae, I'd call myself a far cry from being an Asian Bae. Besides wearing a man bun for 12 years and having a beautiful wife of 10 years, who is black, I'm four inches shorter than Alexander Hodge, and my boring west coast dialect doesn't compare to Alex's Australian.
Thomas Reyes EditorThe Great North, American Woman@thomasjreyesThomas Reyes is a comedy writer from Los Angeles. Growing up, his Filipino immigrant parents moved a lot. He attended seven different schools, and lived in Las Vegas for seven years, all by the time he was in middle school. As an only child, he could make friends easily, but sitcoms became his surrogate siblings. He attended UCLA and after graduating, instead of going to law school, he studied sitcom writing at UCLA Extension. He has held a variety of positions in both scripted and unscripted television and has written for ISAtv as well the BuzzFeed series Ask an Asian. He has also written for the Disney ABC Talent Showcase and the CBS Diversity Sketch Workshop. He was a semifinalist at the New York Television Festival and Austin Film Festival. He is an alumnus of the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop and was recently a Staff Writer on the half-hour show American Woman on the Paramount Network.
Tim, Rep Angela Nikas: anikas@buchwald.comThriller, Drama, Comedy, YA Supervising Producer, Staff Writer, DirectorThe Final Rose, Murder in the Suburbs IG/TW: @Timcruzlovesyou; www.timcruzlovesyou.com1st generation Fil-Am Writer/Director Tim Cruz recently completed his third feature film “The Final Rose” released on Tubi. His previous feature films, teen thriller "Murder in the Suburbs”(Secrets at Lake), was released domestically on Lifetime and on international broadcast , and rom-com Starting Up Love, released on UPTV and broadcast worldwide. Over the past 10 years, Tim has written and developed multiple TV and feature films for production companies Run Jump Fly, Stargazer Films and Reel One. Tim has also directed and produced music videos for major label billboard artists such as Bebe Rexha, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Andra Day.
Tim's first exposure to film and love of it came while working to develop negatives in the back room of his father's beloved photography business in New York City. Born in Manila he emigrated to New York as a teen, Tim worked as a wedding videographer through high school before studying film at NYU and SVA. Tim is a fellow of the Producer’s Guild of America Diversity Program.
Tim writes from the perspective of a scrappy Fil-Am Millennial searching for happiness and a good laugh. During Tim’s pursuit for a film and TV career he has produced reality shows, directed dating commercials once PA’ed at the Oscars, the only credit his mother remembers.
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Wallaine Saraowminneth@gmail.comDrama, Dramedy, Sci-FiStaff WriterN/A@wallainesaraoI was in the FOX Writers Initiative in 2010, and the Black List Feature Writers Lab in 2017. I write TV and film. I write drama and genre, particularly YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

I grew up with a religious mother who enabled my gambling addict father. My mother withdrew 20,000 dollars in credit cards and pretended it was winnings, giving it to my father. She did this because she didn't want to face his wrath when he humiliated her in public because they lost. I remember being at home, and just sitting with my headphones on, reading fantasy and sci-fi books for countless hours while they fought. It was in those fantasy worlds where I found comfort, where I found people I could trust. I write hour long drama, focusing on families because I see people and I see the delicate balance that is a relationship with either your mother or father. I write genre because I love to encase these relationships in extraordinary worlds.