heyo friends,

As some of you may know, I've started a supper club. The premise for this supper club is that two guests will come to my place of residence, bringing absolutely nothing except their wonderful selves, where they will be served a four-course meal (aperitif/cocktail, appetizer, main, and dessert). Due to the size of the dining room, I'm only able to comfortably serve four people - two guests, Amy (my partner), and myself.

Before you arrive, I'll be soliciting input from you on three agreed upon ingredients that you'd like to see in the meal. For example, perhaps you'd like to see chicken gizzards, radish, and oranges in the dinner. The desired ingredients would subsequently be worked into the meal in any course or fashion. As my celebrated guests, any food restrictions and/or allergies will be honored, and no payments of any kind will be accepted. Details of your tailored supper club can be filled in on the "invitations" tab below. Please allow ~20 days in between supper clubs for me to do menu planning and experimentation. You can expect everything to be made from scratch and to order. That means I may not be present with you the entire time during the evening, as I will be firing off your courses, but I will do my best. :)

Previous menus and ingredients are also shared on the invitations tab to give you a preview on what to expect. Once you have been invited, you are welcome to sign up as many times as you'd like. Obviously, please allow space for others and don't sybil attack the page.

Shortly after the supper club, you can also expect food pictures to be posted on my Instagram feed, fronkfeeds. You can also find my writing at fronkfeeds.substack.com.