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Guides/FAQs/IntrosWebsites that attempt to gently introduce coronavirus or explain things about it. Typically non-exhaustive (36 links)What to do if you get C19, and how to prepareOverview with lots of sources and quotes summarizing how to prepare, and what to do if you get COVID. In the top things I would recommend if you want to get an
Intro to basic science of C19 and treatment/preventionGentle guide to the basic science of C19, diagnostics, the course of the disease, and types of treatment one might
Math of the coronavirus and exponential growth (by 3 Blue 1 Brown) (8 mins)Really good explanation, with great visualizations, while also being quite calming and
DashboardsWebsites showing up-to-date SC2-relevant numbers in easy-to-read format (33 links)Dashboard of economic indicators by countryPer-country economic indicators like electricity usage and restaurant reviews, with past years for
Coronavirus case dashboardVery comprehensive dashboard with dozens of graphs. Currently the best resource I know for tracking both national and global
Our World In Data dashboardBroad overviw of CV with many very helpful, interactive and up-to-date
Progression & OutcomeInformation on what happens once you have COVID-19 (42 links)Sarah Constantin: Home care for mild C19Review of studies for C19 home care. Mostly just summarizes studies, doesn't have any super strong
Lit Review of Risk for Young People of COVID-19Uses data from China, South Korea. Also analyses costs of getting the disease when hospital beds are unavailable, suggesting a 1-2% fatality rate in that
Demographics, symptoms and other data of 1099 Wuhan patientsOutcomes/symptom data for a 1099 hospitalized patient set in
Spread & PreventionInformation about current or predicted prevalence, how SC2 is spread, or lower the former/preventing the latter. We may need a prevalence model olympics (108 links)LW Advice SummaryA summary of the best suggestions from the justified practical advice
Collection of estimates of various C19 parametersContains both links to papers and their particular estimates for various parameters, including: R0, severity, IFR, CFR, incubation period, serial interval, infectious period, hospital time, doubling time, and
Paper: death rate of CV against various surfaces and disinfectantsList of surfaces and disinfectants and their efficacy at killing
ScienceBasic science that does not immediatley prompt action. E.g. 'here's what SC2 targets' is in, 'Here's a drug targeting that' is out (18 links)Video explanation of basic C19 scienceGreat explanation of C19's form and lifecycle, including explanations of how certain potential treatments could
Biologist-targeted intro to CVs in generalAn overview of the coronavirus family, including physical form, pathogenicity, and
Slightly more technical biologist-targeted introAn overview of the coronavirus family, including physical form, pathogenicity, and
Medical SystemInformation or models on the current state of the medical system, including 'here's how bad hospitals are' and potential treatments (84 links)FDA bans at home C19 testingFDA specifically ammends rules to bar at-home collection of samples for C19
John's Hopkins CHS says to get ready for a 1918-like scenarioJohn's Hopkin's Center for Health Security publishes a paper and does some Fermi's on ICU beds, predicting we will hit massive
TB vaccine maybe reduces C19 Deathsthe presence of mandated BCG policies was associated with a significant flattening of the exponential increase in both confirmed cases and deaths during the first 30-day period of country-wise
Everyday LifeAnnouncements of shutdowns, government or not (27 links)List of online board games to play while on lockdownGreat crowdsourced collection of online board-game alternatives
Bay Area to issue Shelter In Place orders6 bay area counties intend to issue shelter-in-place orders at noon
U.S. bans all travel from Europe for 30 daysExecutive order to stop all travel from Europe (non-UK) to U.S. starting March 13th for 30
AggregatorsWebsites aggregating other content (24 links)English translations of Chinese-language CV contentTranslates Chinese material (first person and news) into English. Updates < once per
Chinese language version of Quora on COVIDChinese Q&A site discussing
35 Coronavirus pageSurprisingly high-quality of articles on the Medium coronavirus page.
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