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Mixed Sets
640005001Beginning ReadersBears, Bedtime Story, Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear, Bread, Bread, Bread, Clifford's ABC, Danny's Dilemma, Dinosaurs' Halloween, Each Peach, Pear, Plum, Freight Train, Happy Egg, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Is it Red? Marmalade's Nap, Miss Nelson is Missing, Mr. Bananahead at Home, Of Colors and Things
Mixed Sets
640005002Favorites - Old and NewAdventure of the Buried Treasure, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible..., Beauty and the Beast, Caps for Sale, Chair for My Mother, Curious George Goes Camping, Curious George Goes Sledding, Emperor's New Clothes, Funny Old Man, Georgie, In a Dark, Dark Room, Little Red Riding Hood, Lyle and the Birthday Party, Night Before Christmas, One Monday Morning, Owl at Home, Pecos Bill, Three Little Pigs, What Mary Jo Shared, Where the Wild Things Are
Mixed Sets
640005003Animals - Fiction and Non FictionAnt Cities, Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs, Birthday for Frances, Chickens Aren't the Only Ones, Christmas with Morris and Boris, Clever Pigs, Dinosaurs and More Dinosaurs, Franklin in the Dark, Frog and Toad are Friends, Giant Dinosaurs, How Puppies Grow, New Baby Calf, Sharks
Mixed Sets
640005004Good MixtureAmelia Bedelia, Biggest Pumpkin, Bonjour, Mr. Satie, Elves and the Shoemaker, Gregory, Terrible Eater, Gus the Bus, "I Can't" Said the Ant, If You Make a Million, Orchestranimals, Owl Moon, 39 Kids on Block-Green Ghost of Appleville
Mixed Sets
640005005Fictional Animal StoriesBear Shadow, Chicken in the Middle of the Road, Clifford's Puppy Days, Halloween With Morris and Boris, Happy Birthday Moon, How Spider Saved Easter, How Spider Saved Halloween, Jump Frog, Jump, Little Gorilla, Mooncake, Spider's First Day at School
Mixed Sets
640005006Easy to Read FolktalesGingerbread Man, Golden Goose, Tale of Peter Rabbit
Mixed Sets
640005007Favorite AuthorsBaby Sister for Frances, Bargain for Frances (Hoban), Chicken Soup with Rice (Sendak), Clifford and the Grouchy Neighbors, Clifford at the Circus, Clifford Takes a Trip, Clifford's Word Book (Bridwell), Morris Has a Cold (Wiseman), Little Raccoon and the Outside World (Moore)
Mixed Sets
640005008McKissack Rookie ReadersBugs, Constance Stumbles, Messy Bessey, Messy Bessey's Closet, Messy Bessey's Garden,
Mixed Sets
640005009PotpourriAmazing Bubble Gum Caper, Ballet One - Pat's Promise, Christmas Cup, Class Clown, Dog Days, Flat Stanley, Flunking of Joshua T. Bates, Glass Mermaid, Haunting of Grade Three, Little Gynmast, Secret House, Sleepover Friends - Lauren Takes Charge
Mixed Sets
640005010Medley of BooksAesop's Fables, Charlotte's Web, How Pizza Came to Queens, Maxx Traxx Avalanche Rescue, Millions of Cats, Rip Van Winkle, Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors, Sleepover Friends, Story About Pink, Story of Ferdinand, Wild Christmas Reindeer
Mixed Sets
640005011Non-FictionAnimals in the Wild, Animals on the Job, Boats, Book About Benjamin Franklin, Book About Pandas, Crazy About Horses, Desert Animals, Facts and Fun About Presidents, Hunting the Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, I Didn't Know That, Koala Grows Up, Platypus, Koko's Kitten, Show of Hands - Say It In Sign Language
Mixed Sets
640005012Hodge PodgeBe My Valentine, Charlie Brown, Bruce Weber's Inside Pro Football, Chicken Bone Wish, Crysta Saves the Magic, Giant's Cake and Other Poems, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Hundred Dresses, Mailbox Trick, Pippi Goes on Board, Secret of NIMH, Too Much Trouble
Mixed Sets
640005013Folk TalesAdventures of Spider (West African Folktale), Legend of Bluebonnet, More Adventures of Spider, Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe
Mixed Sets
640005014Series SelectionsBaby-sitters Little Sis, Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All, Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Cake, Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Littles and the Big Storm, Littles Give a Party, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm
Mixed Sets
640005015MysteriesBoxcar Children - Yellow House Mystery, Lighthouse Mystery, Schoolhouse Mystery, Benny Uncovers a Mystery, Haunted Cabin Mystery, Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace, Hurray For Ali Baba Bernstein
Mixed Sets
640005016Mystery - Real and FictionStrange, True Mysteries of the Unknown, Christina's Ghost, Cry in the Night, Doll House Murders, Emil and the Detectives, Ghosts in the Picture, Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane, Girl in the Mirror, Haunted Island, Medical Mysteries, 911 Squad, Secret Files of Dakota King, Who Dunnit?
Mixed Sets
640005017BiographiesCan't You Make Them Behave, King George?, M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice, Nelson Mandela - No Easy Walk to Freedom, Wanted Dead or Alive - Harriet Tubman, Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?, Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?
Mixed Sets
640005018Goblins, Ghosts and MysteriesBad News Ballet, Ghost in the Window, Great Ghosts, Mystery Hideout, Mystery of the Missing Treasure, Princess and the Goblin, Secret Files of Dakota King, Witch Lady Mystery
Mixed Sets
640005019FamilyComputer That Ate My Brother, Finche's Fabulous Furnace, Five Children and It, Latchkey Kids, Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Little Town on the Prairie, Mary Poppins, Mom, You're Fired, Trolley Car Family
Mixed Sets
640005020Something for EveryoneAll Alone, Baby-Sitters Club, Cats Nobody Wanted, Great Ringtail Garbage Caper, Katie for President, Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Rancid and his Youthful Assistant Jeffrey, You're the Greatest Charlie Brown
Mixed Sets
640005021Well-Known AuthorsBurning Questions of Bingo Brown, Christmas Carol, Door in the Wall, Fables, Invisible Man, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, Trumpet of the Swan, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Wind in the Willows, Wolfing
Mixed Sets
640005025FantasyBorrowers Afloat, Phantom Tollbooth, Peter Pan, Pigs Might Fly, Rescuers Downunder
Mixed Sets
640005026More BiographiesBully For You, Teddy Roosevelt, Custer and Crazy Horse, Death of Lincoln, Defenders, First Woman Doctor, Freedom Train, John F. Kennedy, Mr. President, A Book of U.S. Presidents, Secret Missions - Four True Life Stories
Mixed Sets
640005027Mysteries and GhostsBunjee Venture, Christina's Ghost, Dollhouse Murders, Ghosts Beneath Our Feet, Jamie and the Mystery Quilt, Junglerama, Secret Window
Mixed Sets
640005028Mysteries and MysteriousCry in the Night, Forgotten Door, Ghost Cat, Ghostmobile, Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane, Haunting, Into the Dark, Susannah and the Blue House Mystery
Mixed Sets
640005029Amusing MixtureAngela, Private Citizen, Bummer Summer, Does Anybody Care About Lou Emma Miller?, Inside Out, Kid Power, Leave It to Christy, Sixth Grade Sleepover, Truth About Sixth Grade, You Be the Jury
Mixed Sets
640005031Stories of InterestCircle of Gold, Dog Called Lucky Tide, Fury and the White Mare, Iceberg Hermit, Moccasin Trail, Secrets in the Attic, Story of the Ice Age, Ten Kids, No Pets
Mixed Sets
640005033Reader's ChoiceAdventure of Ulysses, Between Friends, Call of the Wild, Escape from Warsaw, Ghost Abbey, Heroes and Monsters of Greek Myth, My Sister, the Meanie, No Coins, Please, Pocket Change, Pinballs, Summer of the Swans, White Fang
Mixed Sets
640005034More BiographiesRoberto Clemente-Baseball; Michael Chang-Tennis; I.M. Pei-Designer of Dreams; Hernando De Soto, Meriwether Lewis & William Clark, Jacques Marquette & Louis Jolliet, Rene-Robert Cavelier & Sieur de La salle-World's Greatest Explorers; Nelson Mandela-Freedom for South Africa; Black Elk-Man with a Vision; Jackie Robinson-Baseball; Elizabeth Blackwell-First Woman Doctor; Juliette Lowe-Girl Scout of America; Mary McLeod Bethune-Champion for Education; Cesar Chavez- LaCausa; Pocahontas-Daughter of a Chief; Rachel Carson-Friend of Nature; George Washington Carver-Scientist & Teacher; Kathrine Dunham-Black Dancer; Thurgood Marshall-African American Supreme Court Justice; Jesse Jackson-A Breave New Leader; Carol Moseley-Braun-Breaking Barriers
Mixed Sets
640005040Women of Achievement - (50 TitlesAbigail Adams,Jane Adams,Louisa May Alcott,Marian Anderson,Susan B. Anthony,Ethel Barrymore,Clara Barton,Elizabeth Blackwell,Nellie Bly,Margaret Bourke-White,Pearl Buck,Rachel Carson,,Mary Cassatt,Agnes de Mille,Emily Dickinson,Isadora Duncan,Mary Baker Eddy,Amelia Earhart,Betty Friedan,Althea Gibson,Emma Goldman,Helen Hayes,Lillian Hellman,Katharine Hepburn,Anne Hutchinson,Mahalia Jackson,Helen Keller,Jeane Kirkpatrick,Emma Lazarus,Clare Booth Luce,Barbara McClintock,Margaret Mead
Mixed Sets
640005041Ocean Life - (35 TitlesBlue Whales,Desert Beneath the Sea,Dive to the Coral Reefs,Dolphins - (2)Fin Whales,Going on a Whale Watch,Gray WhalesG,reat White Sharks,Life in the Sea,Hammerhead Sharks,Humpback Whales - (2)Humphrey, the Lost Whale,I Wonder If IÆll See a WhaleKiller, Whales,Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor,Manatee,sMako Sharks,Narwhales,Nurse Sharks,Ocean,Ocean Alphabet Book,Polar Bears,Sea Lions,Sea Otters,Sharks,Thresher Sharks,Basics Under the SeaWalruses,Whale Sharks,Whale Song
Mixed Sets
640005042Dinosaurs - (35 TitlesAlbertosaurus,Anatosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Archaeopteryx,Brachiosaurus,Brontosaurus,Chasmosaurus, Corythosaurus, Deinosuchus - (2)Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon,Dimorphodon,Diplodocus,Hunting the dinosaurs,HypsilophodonIchthyosaurus,Iguanodon,Mamenchisaurus,Nothosaurus,Oviroptor,Pachycephalosaurus,ParasaurolophusPlesiosaurus,Protoceratops,Psittacosaurus,Pteranodon,Dinosaur dictionary,Rutiodon,Scolosaurus,Spinosaurus,Stegosaurus
Mixed Sets
640005043Biographies of Famous Afro-Americans - (35 Titles
Mixed Sets
640005044Animals, Birds and Insects - (35 TitlesAmazing animal babies,Amazing animal disguises,Amazing armored animals,Amazing bats,Amazing bears,Amazing beetles,Amazing birds of prey,Amazing butterflies & moths,Amazing crocodiles & reptiles,Amazing frogs & toads,Amazing insects,Amazing lizards,Amazing mammals,Amazing poisonous animals,Amazing snakes,Amazing spiders,Amazing tropical birds,Birds,Birds do the strangest things,DinosaursDraw 50 animals,The egg,Fish do the strangest things,Foolish tortoise (2)Insects do the strangest things,Killer birds,Killer fish,Killer reptiles,Ladybug, A panda grows up (2)
Mixed Sets
640005045Science Helps - (23 TitlesBirth of an island - Book of planet earth - Cartons, cans and orange peels - Earthwatch - Flowers - Garbage Glass ark - Good planets are hard to find - Great Yellowstone fire - Heron street - How Spider stopped the Litterbugs - Hurricanes and twisters - Water squeeze - Kid heroes - Life in a tidal pool - -Looking at the environment - Mariculture People who hugged the trees - Our National parks - Planet care & repair - Story of the ice age - Planet earth - Tons of trash - The tree
Mixed Sets
640005046Indians - (14 TitlesBen Nighthorse Campbell, Dat-so-la-lee, If you lived with the Sioux, Indian crafts,Indian festivals, The Indian way, Indians of the eastern woodlands (2)Indians of the Plains,Indians of the West (2)A pictorial history of the American Indian,Pueblo storyteller (2)Sacajawea, Tecumseh, Village of Blue Stone, Wilma Mankiller, Indian legends of the North country
Mixed Sets
640005047Transportation - (26 TitlesAmazing bikes,Amazing boats,Amazing cars,River and canal,The best way to Ripton,Boats - (2)Choo choo,Clifford takes a trip,Famous flight,sFreight train,Gus the bus,Heavy steps -How many days to America,An international airport,Katy and the big snow,Here comes Stanley Steamer,Lost in a storm,Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel,Railroad book,Amazing flying machines,Sam goes trucking,Seabird,Sheep in a jeep,Sinking of the Titanic,Taking a walk,Taxi
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005048Animals in Danger - 32 BooksTwo children visit a zoo to learn about endangered animals.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005049Below the Green Pond - 32 Books Explores the wonders of plant and animal life above and below the surface of a pond.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005050Day in the Sun - 32 BooksThree children explore plants, insects, and animals on a sunny day.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005051In the Deep, Dark Forest - 32 BooksThree children walk through a forest to explore a habitat filled with plants and animals.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005052In the Weedy Tide Pool - 32 BooksTake an imaginary swim below the surface of a tide pool.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005053It's Snowing - 29 BooksExplors a winter wonderland to discovcer how snow, frost, and ice are made.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005054Magnet Magic - 32 BooksWhile sorting cans for recycling, a family begins an exploration of magnets.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005055Mirror Magic - 32 BooksDiscover how mirrors are used at home, in transportation, and by other people.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005056Rainy Day - 32 booksExplors the importance of rain to plant and animal life.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005057Strawberry Crush and Other Recipes-31 BooksTwo children and a mother make a variety of cold drinks to serve marathon runners.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005058Sunflower Cheese and Other Recipes - 32 BooksThree children and their father plan a birthday dinner for the mother.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005059Up the Tall Tree - 32 BooksA man and three children investigate an oak tree at a nature preserve.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005060Wheels, Wheels, Wheels - 32 BooksA woman and three children travel to a fair.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005061Wonderful Water - 32 BooksA father and two children take a bike ride to explore the water system in their area.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005062You and Me - 32 BooksSpend a day swimming and learn how the eyes, heart, and muscles function in the body.
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005063Biosphere's - 32 BooksAlong the Beach Desert Trek Mountain Hike River Journey
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005064Life Cycles - 32 BooksAsk About Animals Caterpillar Story Flower Seeds Frog's Eggs
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005065Occupations - 40 BooksLemonade Stand Let's Work Together Looking Around People at Work What People Do
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005066Old and NewIn Dad's Day - In Grandma's Day - Old and New - What Was It Like Before Cars? - What Was It Like Before Electricity? - What Was It Like Before Television?
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005067Our EarthDaylight, Dark Night,Hot Sun, Cold Water,How's the Weather?, Journey to the Moon
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005068People EverywhereClothes from many Lands -Homes Around the World -I'm Special -People Everywhere
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005069Primary ScienceIll' Push, You Pull,Let's Use It Again,My Five Senses
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005070SafetyLook Out by the Water - Look Out on the Road - Safety at Home - Watch Out for Strangers
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005071SeasonsIt's Autumn - It's Spring - It's Summer - It's Winter
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005072Animals (Rookie ReadersAnimal Babies - Bobby's Zoo - Hungry Billy Goat - Who is Coming?
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005073Brothers and Sisters (Rookie ReadersJust Like Me, Katie Can, Katie Did It, Who is Who?
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005074Childres (Rookie ReadersI Love Fishing Oh No, Otis! Sandbox Betty, Where's Brooke?
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005075Numbers and Counting (Rookie ReadersAddition Annie, - CollectingPear, By Itself, Too Many Balloons
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005076Pets (Rookie ReadersI Love Cats, - Polly Wants a Cracker, - Sneaky Pete, - Where is Mittens?
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005077Position and Location (Rookie ReadersBears, Bears EverywhereI Im An Explorer, - Mice! - Over-Under
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005078Primary Science (Rookie ReadersBugs! Great Bug Hunt Hi, Clouds Ice Is...Whee! Wait, Skates!
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005079Sports (Rookie ReadersBonk! Goes the Ball Hot Rod Harry Wait, Skates
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005080EnergyChemical Change Electricity Heat Lights Magnets Sound
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005081MatterAir Glass Metals Plastics Water Wood
Mixed Sets - Non Fiction
640005082Our EarthEarth's Surface Erosion on Earth Living on Earth Our Changing Earth Weather on Earth
16340L640005083Doorbell rangEach time the doorbell rings, there are more people who have come to share Ma's wonderful cookies.
12640005085Each peach, pear, plumA full-color illustrated "I Spy" rhyme book that delights readers with nursery rhyme characters "hidden" in the playful drawings.
14360L640005086Good-night moonGentle rhythmic lullaby as a little rabbit bids good night to each familiar thing in his moonlit room.
2BR640005087Have you seen my catA young boy encounters all sorts of cats while searching for the one he lost.
18460L640005088Jamaica's findA little girl finds a stuffed dog in the park and decides to take it home.
640005089We can read - 17 Books/ I Can Too - 13 booksA collection of stories
20800L640005090Berenstain Bears and the messy roomBrother and Sister Bear's room is a mess and Mama Bear decides to throw everything out. Papa Bear comes to the rescue with a neat, practical plan.
18320L640005091Cat in the Hat comes backTwo children are left with chores to do, and get unexpected help from the Cat in the Hat. Video included
640005092Cully Cully and the bearCully Cully, the hunter, wants a bearskin to sleep on, but the bear has other ideas.Cassette included
16220L640005093Eek! There's a mouse in the houseAfter discovery of a mouse in the house, larger and larger animals are sent in after one another, with increasingly chaotic results.
12870L640005094Fishy factsLook at amazing fishy photos, read fishy poems and enjoy fish art.
640005095Hang on HesterHester courageously hangs on to her house when it is swept down river during a flood.
18490L640005096Harold and the purple crayonHarold and his crayon go out for a walk and their travels are limited only by Harold's imagination. Activity Guide included Video included
14720L AD640005097If the dinosaurs came backThis is a happy story about all the things dinosaurs could help with if they returned.
16640005098The Itsy bitsy spiderThe itsy-bitsy spider encounters a fan, a mouse, a cat, and a rocking chair as she makes her way to the top of a tree to spin her web.
20340L640005099Miss Nelson is missingMiss Nelson has the worst behaved class in school; then Miss Swamp turns up to straighten things out. Who is Miss Swamp? That's the mystery! Teacher's Guide included
16390L640005100Mother for ChocoShare poems about different kinds of families and learn more about animal families.
10BR640005101My riverFrogs, fish, a turtle, and other creatures who live in or around a river state their need for the river, making a plea for protecting this natural resource.
640005102On top of spaghettiA traditional story and song in this amusing book.
10BR640005103PinocchioIn Gepetto's hand, a piece of wood that talks becomes a living mischievous marionette and eventually becomes a real boy. Video included
640005104Alex remembersA dog and cat are restless and troubled in the autumn moonlight as primordial fears stir in them, but their young owner is there to comfort them.
24490L640005105Bears on Hemlock MountainJonathan was the only family member who believed there were bears on Hemlock Mountain.
30150L640005106B-E-S-T friendsThe New Kids of Polk Street School learn that being different can be valuable and fun. Cassette included
20450L640005107Blue skies, french friesJust before school starts, the Pee Wee Scouts have a big Labor Day weenie roast.
24730L AD640005108Cloudy with a chance of meatballsA funny story, charmingly illustrated, about the tiny town of Chewandswallow, where food falls from the sky. Video included Activity Guide included
640005109Fables from around the worldThe Moon in the Well, Senora Hen, The Foolish Donkey, Turtle's Race with Bear, and The Ape
34610L640005110Flossie and the foxCan fiesty Flossie Finley outfox a fox if she's never seen one before?