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PADUG 2013 Session Descriptions
FA (Financial Aid)- Track Leader: Joan Hock, Delaware Valley College
FA01Roundtable discussion on Financial Aid/Payroll processes for Student EmploymentPat StranoWidener UniversityShare your experiences with fellow Financial Aid/Payroll personnel on the processes and business practices your campus uses for Financial Aid and Payroll processing of student employment and reconciliation of Federal Work study earnings. Discussion will be on the pros and cons of the processes and business practices as well as offering suggestions on ways to improve/automate Financial Aid/Payroll processes.Roundtable xlist with HR track
FA02Financial Aid Eligibility Rules Writing 101Lana LudanovaAmerican UniversityThis session will introduce how to create and use Financial Aid Eligibility Rules
FAB (Finance and Business) - Track Leaders: Linda Kristekas, Montgomery County CC, Audrey Strickland, Widener University
FAB01Fixed AssetsMichael Kondrat
MarywoodThe module has a lot of information to present. This session will demonstrate:
1. how to add assets
2. how to run and post depreciation
3. how to dispose of assets
FAB02Development and Finance Pillow TalkTodd Fox & Jodi Millin
Allegheny CollegeExplore how Development takes a transaction from the time a donor makes a commitment to the point it hits the General Ledger in both fundraising-speak and accounting-speak. Yes, the Development and Finance folks can be good bedfellows if they understand the language and how things work. (xlist IA track)xlist with IA track
FAB03Process Improvement – Work Smarter, Not HarderKaren  ChrostekWidener UniversityEfficiently taking care of business in higher education has become a strategic priority for managers across the campus. While countless factors affect the institution and ultimately the student experience and retention, managers are increasingly charged with doing more with fewer staff members. The time is ripe to improve processes to increase efficiency, better serve the students and smartly distribute critical processes. This session will touch on some of the tools of Business Process Redesign used to improve several processes at Widener University.
FAB04Projects Accounting Mike Kondrat Marywood UniversityProjects Accounting offers an easy way to attach, monitor, and report on construction cost, equipment costs and other project cost you may have going on within your university. This session will go over the basic elements of projects accounting along with a systematic approach for adding a new project. It will also cover the modules strengths and outlook.
FAB05Sponsored BillingRich HartwellBucks County Community CollegeRoundtable to discuss how cleints are setting up and using Sponsored billingRoundtable
HR (Human Resources) - Track Leader: Pat Strano, Widener University
HR01"Affordable Care Act-Changing Landscape"John ManionArmstrong, Doyle & Carroll, IncThe Affordable Care Act will dramatically alter the health care landscape of America.  With the bulk of the changes occurring 2014, employers need to recognize where the changes will be occurring, what their direct responsibilities will be, and what the future might look like.
HR02Assignment Contract and Payroll Processing at MCCCLinda Kristekas, Associate Controller kristek@mc3.eduMontgomery County Community CollegeMontgomery County Community College will share how usage of Assignment Contract Online is significantly reducing missed faculty course section assignments for payroll processing.  Paper (electronic) stipend forms are mainly for "other assignments" and manual processing is more limited.  Will give an overview of Payroll role in Assignment Contract process prior to Student System entry and how the data gets loaded into Personnel for payment, with brief discussion on the approval process.
HR03I's Wide Open: A Look at Changes in Government Documentation for Foreign NationalsDan Stabb & Hubert Whan TongWidener & Villanova UniversityThis session will review recent changes in government documentation required for foreign nationals, including:
 Completion of the I-9 form
Transition to the electronic I-94 number
 Additional proposed immigration changes that may affect how we process and track foreign nationals.

HR04Roundtable discussion on Financial Aid/Payroll processes for Student EmploymentAll UsersWidener UniversityShare your experiences with fellow Financial Aid/Payroll personnel on the processes and business practices your campus uses for Financial Aid and Payroll processing of student employment and reconciliation of Federal Work study earnings. Discussion will be on the pros and cons of the processes and business practices as well as offering suggestions on ways to improve/automate Financial Aid/Payroll processes.Roundtable
HR05Panel discussion for New and Former Users of the Colleague PR/HR module.Widener UniversityAsk questions and share your experiences with fellow HR/Payroll personnel on the methods that your campus uses for HR and Payroll
processing.  Discussions will be for new users to learn how experienced Colleague users are handling difficult situations.  It will also be a good place to exchange ideas and suggestions on ways to improve some of your current processing methods.
IA (Institutional Advancement) - Track Leader: Kristen Ritzman, Susquehanna University
IA01Phonathon and NON-$$$ callingRon Cohen
Susquehanna UniversityHow one institution is using a Student Calling Program to increase Alumni Engagement in Non-Monetary ways.
IA02Using Analytics and Research to Help Guide Annual Fund Campaigns.Chris Praul
Susquehanna UniversityA repeat of the PADUG 2012 session: How one institution is using data and predictive models to help determine annual fund ask amounts and solicitation strategies.
IA03RESULTS of Using Analytics and Research to Help Guide Annual Fund Campaigns.Chris Praul
Susquehanna UniversityA follow-up presentation to the PADUG 2012 session where data and predictive modeling was used to help determine annual fund ask amounts and solicitation strategies. Come see the results to the 2012 presentation!
IA04What's on the horizon for AdvancementKristen RitzmanSusquehanna UniversityA round table to discuss what's on the horizon for Advancement's Evolution.  We will solicite information and feedback for Advancement users.Roundtable
IA05Managing Relationships with Affiliations and Campur OrgsNancy BryantW&JUsing Ellucian's Affiliations and Campus Orgs to help track alumni engagement and managing relationships.
IA06Naming Opportunities & Plagues in CATodd FoxAllegheny CollegeIn this session, we will take a look at PLAQUES, entering data, linking contributions and donors with plaques, and reporting.
IT (Information Technology) - Track Leader: James Williams, Neumann University
IT01The Challenges, Pitfalls and Unexpected Pleasures of Migrating to SQLAndrew Lawlor
Richard Hartwell
Bucks County Community CollegeIn February 2013, Bucks converted from Unidata to SQL. IT considers it a success, yet months later, we are still migrating in the minds of the users. Come and learn what worked, what didn't, and what Bucks has learned along the way that may help you with your own migration.
IT02User Photo RepositoryWilliam White
Loyola UniversityA look at how Loyola took one source of photos and used them in a variety of ERP and non-ERP products
IT03Colleague SQL Q&ARichard Hartwell
Bucks County Community CollegeColleague SQL Q&A
IT04Branding Colleague User Interface – Giving UI4 a Custom Look to Fit Your InstitutionMichael TimkoWashington & JeffersonIf you have ever wanted to change the colors and logos on the login screens and UI4 interface to fit your institution then this session is for you. The session will cover the steps necessary to create institutional color schemes and branding identification.
IT05Colleague Tech CAB Feedback ForumJames WilliamsNeumann UniversityInterested on giving your input on IT issues important to your school? Come to this session to provide the Colleague Client Advisory Board and Ellucian with input on top technical issues at your school.Roundtable
LMP (Leadership and Management) - Track leader: Peter Shoudy,  Widener University
LMP01Building for Business IntelligenceDavid Skica
Loyola UniversityTopics will include: Foundation: Governance and Reporting, Ad Hoc and Operational Reporting vs Decision Support, Reporting Data Store vs Datawarehouse, The Loyola Story: Lessions Learned, and Efforts that are still evolving.xlist with IT track
LMP02Educause Top-10 IT Issues 2013 (Part 1)Dan Faulk ( and Tom Carnwath ( & Jefferson College / The Univeristy of the Arts
LMP03Educause Top-10 IT Issues 2013 (Part 2)Dan Faulk ( and Tom Carnwath ( & Jefferson College / The Univeristy of the Arts· Ad Hoc and Operational Reporting vs Decision Support
LMP04Can We Say No? Strategically Working Through the ChaosTom Carnwath tcarnwath@uarts.eduThe University of the Arts
ST (Student Services, Admissions, and Enrollment Management) - Track leader: Lana Ludanova, American University
ST01An automated implementation of e-Scrip-Safe for producing electronic transcriptPete Gifford
Allegheny CollegeAllegheny College selected eScrip-Safe as their electronic transcript vendor and decided to create our own automation of the process. This presentation will describe the methods used to retrieve, prepare, process and transmit electronic and print transcripts using Transcripts on Demand and eScrip-Safe.
ST02A new way to use the Ellucian Portal Course Catalog - Calendar View!William White
Loyola University
ST03Student Planning Self-ServiceErica Austin
Widener UniversityA session on Student Planning Self-Service. I did one at Ellucian Live, but we'll hopefully be live by the time of PADUG and I plan to make the presentation more about the product as well as what we had to do to prepare and our experience after going live.
ST04Parent Access to Student DataDarrell Cook dcook@american.eduAmerican UniversityCurrently Ellucian doesn't have a solution for the Parent Portal. American University developed custom solution and did some research on what other options are available to Colleague institutions.
ST05Enrollment Deposits in Student Finance Self-ServicesLana Ludanova
American University
New look at Enrollment Deposits process.
ST06Challenges and Opportunities in choosing eCommerce ProviderLana Ludanova and Darrell Cook Max Bishop - Official Payments
American UniversityAmerican University for a long time used PayPal as a payment provider. After implementing Student Finance Self-Services all student payments services were switched to Official Payments to provide better solutions and services to our students.Needs internet
ST07Building Better Services to Students: Student Finance Self-Services TutorialLana Ludanova
American UniversityWhen American University introduced new Student Finance Self-Services to our campus and students few steps were taken to make transition period as easy and painless as possible. One of the steps was developing Student Finance Self-Services Tutorial Video which helped reduce number of questions and help desk calls.Needs Internet
ST08Student Finance Self-Services Debra Gonski - Lead Presenter, Lana Ludanova, Glenn Kwak, Darrell Cook dcook@american.eduAmerican UniversityStudent Finance Self-Services from A to Z: Installation, implementation, set up, lessons learned and more. American University is LIVE with Student Finance Self-Services since May 2012.
ST09Veterans and Millitary ProcessingNeil Belles
Neumann UniversityIntroduction and experience at Neumann University with the Veteran and Active Military Student Enhancements announced March 28, 2013 by ellucian. In particular the information based on use of the MILS and VETS forms.
VEN (Vendor presentations)  Track leader: Rich Metzger
VEN01Almighty  Financial Reporting Power with SynoptixChris BeckstrandCompuSoft Developmentxlist with FAB track
VEN02Go Near-paperlessLana OlmerSoftdocs· The Loyola University Maryland Story: Lessons Learned
VEN03Introducing Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNetJean SokolTouchNet
VEN04Ellucian Corporate OverviewJack KramerEllucian· Efforts that are Still Evolving
VEN05Ellucian Student Success RoadmapFran EckertEllucianNothing is more core to your institution's mission than ensuring each student's success and engagement with your institution. Creating opportunities for today's diverse students to succeed will require new ideas, new services, and new tools.  Ellucian is expanding on the solutions we offer to greatly increase your ability to target and drive this success to its fullest potential at your campus with some exciting new offerings (ST track)
VEN06Student Recruitment: Maximize Every Opportunity in Your Student Recruitment FunnelFran EckertEllucianYour admissions office is working to identify and move the best-fit students to an accepted status.  Recruiter helps you target and focus your energies on the prospective students most likely to accept and succeed at your institution. When paired with Ektron Web Content Management System, your institution can build a relationship witha prospect before them come to campus (ST track)
VEN07e-Commerce: Who, What, When, Why, and HowDave SchroederEllucianJoin us as we take a look at how we can use e-commerce to make life easier for students, staff, alumni, and more. We will take a look at how students interact with e-commerce to make payments, see how e-commerce works with recent update to Student Finance, and see how Alumni can make gifts with e-Commerce. Additionally, we’ll talk about how you can reduce your paper checking creation process, by using ACH payments instead.
VEN8Ellucian Mobile: Supporting Your Anytime, Anywhere Digital CampusDave SchroederEllucianEllucian Mobile evolves the company’s previous mobile solutions into one that spans the three core administrative systems and unites the entire Ellucian customer community.  This single new approach to help colleges and universities advance mobile initiatives faster and extend applications and services to a broad range of campus stakeholders. Delivered as a platform that supports both native and web applications. (xlist IT track)xlist with IT track
VEN9Colleague XE UpdateDave SchroederEllucianJoin us for an update on Colleague by Ellucian.  Learn what's new and what the Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem (XE) means to you.  Get details on recent Colleague releases and find out about new initiatives and fuctionality targets for the future. (xlist IT track)xlist with IT track
VEN10Faster, More Productive, and Friendly User Experiences: Colleague Self-Service and UIDave SchroederEllucianLearn why your institution should get excited about the next generation of colleague self-service and the newest user interfaces.  Get insight into what the new user interface offers and the benefits of adopting it.  We're reinventing self-service. (xlist IT track)xlist with IT track
VEN11eCommerce Campus Suite: Payment Solutions Max Bisschop
Official PaymentsOfficial Payments, a leading provider of payment
processing solutions to Elllucian schools, offers
solutions for all your campus payments, from
tuition and fees to parking to event registrations.
Now available, an enhanced interest-free
installment payment plan that includes balance
adjustment options for plan increases or
decreases, administrative tools for making realtime plan adjustments, an intuitive user interface
and account management tools for a convenient
and fast payment experience.
VEN12Colleague Financial Aid UpdateMichelle Taylor, Brian KraftEllucianEllucian will present a Colleague Financial Aid Updatexlist with FA track
VEN13Building a Business Case for Cloud ServicesSal Marullo/Joe StreetEllucianDo you still have questions about why you should consider a cloud adoption strategy? Get your questions answered: why should I consider the cloud? Which cloud is right for me? Where is the value? Learn how to build the business case for adopting cloud services for your organization. Deep-dive into the hard dollar cost reductions, cost avoidance, and value-added benefits that cloud services can offer, and learn howto custom build this analysis for your institution.
VEN14Reducing Risk Through Cloud ServicesSal Marullo/Joe StreetEllucianHow does Cloud Services reduce the operational and financial risk for your institution and its IT organization? Learn how you could drive better KPIs that your stakeholders care about. 
VEN15Make Data-Driven Decisions Faster with Informer Reporting and DashboardsAlex LeupenEntrinsikJoin us to see why over 300 Universities and Colleges using Ellucian administrative systems use Entrinsik Informer for reporting and business intelligence. Informer’s powerful and intuitive web interface provides simultaneous access to multiple data sources. With drag-and-drop dashboarding capabilities, Informer can quickly turn real-time data into interactive visualizations that allow users to easily visualize and monitor key metrics from a single consolidated view; then immediately drill into the underlying details within the different databases with just one click. Informer is often used to analyze and report on revenue and expense information from different departments and systems, perform real-time analysis to find and retain the most profitable students and courses, and measure the effectiveness of institutional research against results.
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