Hello and Welcome to the Wednesday Downtown Project's spreadsheet. This a public version of the same spreadsheet we use for the Team. This automatically syncs with our private one.

Please remember, this is a community project. We have no deadlines and we do not push each other to finish things quickly. Please have this in mind! <3

You are obviously free to bookmark this page and check it every other day for updates! We are all working hard with the free time we have to bring you awesome subs. Thank you to everyone involved.

If you think this community project is an interesting idea and think about helping out check out the link below for some information. If you want to help, We're happy to have you!
If you want to join the Wednesday Downtown Project check out this page:

In this spreadsheet we have pages for each year and parts for each episode. Timers and translators claim a part of their liking and start working on it together.