A*STAR ScholarshipsGRAD & POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPSCHOLARSHIPScienceVaries; See Website Varies: See details. The A*STAR Graduate Academy provides scholarships and fellowships to enable young aspiring students to pursue their passion in science, and prepare them for a rewarding career in R&D. In addition to offering scholarships and awards for undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral studies at top universities and laboratories locally and overseas, we offer awards and attachment opportunities for pre-university students.
AEI NSO Student Scholarship SCHOLARSHIPCivil Engineering Varies; See Website No citzenship requirements. All undergraduate and graduate level students who (1) intend to continue education in architectural engineering in the 2020-2021 academic year, and (2) are in good academic standing with their university of study, may apply for this scholarship.
Aker Scholarship SCHOLARSHIPAll DisciplinesTBD for 2024Norweigen CitizensThe Aker Scholarship is open to Norweigen studentspursing an advanced degree in any dicipline. This scholarship is only applicable to students at one of the following insitiutions: Caltech, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and the National University of Singapore.
Amelia Earhart FellowshipGRAD & POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPAerospace Engineering TBD for 2024Women of any nationality pursuing a Ph.D./doctoral degree conducting research applied to aerospace engineering or space sciences. See details.The Amelia Earhart Fellowship was established in 1938 in honor of famed pilot and Zontian, Amelia Earhart. The US$10,000 Fellowship is awarded annually to up to 35 women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering and space sciences. It may be used at any university or college offering accredited post-graduate courses and degrees in these fields.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Foundation GrantsSCHOLARSHIPPetroleum, Energy Mineral Resources, and Enviornemntal Geology1/16/2023The AAPG Foundation must adhere to sanctions and regulations as set forth by the U.S. Department of Treasury. If you are unsure as to whether sanctions have been placed on your country of residence, please review the list of sanctioned countries to determine if you are eligible for a Grants-in-Aid award at this time. See details. AAPG Grants-in-aid is open to all gradute students. Grants are given based on merit, and in part, on the finicial aid needed by the applicant. Eligible students can apply for $500 to $3,000 grants to cover expenses directly related to their thesis work such as field work, laboratory analyses, etc.
American Association of University Women Dissertation FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPAll Disciplines11/1/2023US citizens or permanent residents.The purpose of the American Dissertation Fellowship is to offset a scholar’s living expenses while she completes her dissertation. The fellowship must be used for the final year of writing the dissertation.Applicants must have completed all course work, passed all preliminary examinations, and received approval for their research proposals or plans by the preceding November. Open to applicants in all fields of study. Scholars engaged in science, technology, engineering and math fields or those researching gender issues are especially encouraged to apply.
American Association of University Women FellowshipGRAD & POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPAll DisciplinesVaries; See Website Have citizenship in a country other than the U.S. or possession of a nonimmigrant visa if residing in the US. See details.AAUW is excited to announce more than 200 awards and $3.5 million in funding for fellows and grantees in the 2020–21 award year. These exceptional recipients, who were notified by email on April 15, will pursue academic work and lead innovative community projects to empower women and girls. For questions about your status, please email
American Heart Association (AHA) Predoctoral FellowshipPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPScience; Bioengineering Varies; See Website No citzenship requirements. AHA's Predoctoral fellowship helps studnets initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research by providing training and mentoring opportunities. Proposals are encouraged from all basic science disiplines, bioengineering or biotechnology, public health, behavioral, epidemiological and community and clinical investigations that bear on cardiovascular and stroke problems.
American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowship Program GRAD & POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPInterdisciplinary11/15/2022U.S Citizens or Non U.S citziens attending College or University in the U.S. See details.Graduates specializing in Indian aspects of academic discipline & for study in India.. Non-U.S. citizens may apply as long as they are either graduate students or full-time faculty at colleges and universities in the United States. Approximately 35 fellowships are awarded each year.
American Nuclear Society Graduate ScholarshipsSCHOLARSHIPNuclear Science or Nuclear Engineering2/1/2023Varies: See website.The American Nuclear Society (ANS) student members are the future of the society and ANS believes in rewarding those members for their academic, service, and leadership excellence. ANS scholarships are awarded to applicants that have personified the high standards set by the Society and since 1979, over $5 million in scholarships have been distributed.Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen, undergraduates, and graduate students, and are distributed at the beginning of each school year. Evaluation is based upon numerous factors, such as, academic excellence, leadership within the ANS, references, career goals, and financial need
American Society of Microbiology (ASM) FellowshipsGRAD & POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPMicrobiological ScienceVaries; See Website No citzenship requirements.ASM provides a variety of fellowships ranging from undergraduates to post doctoral candidates. The goal of the fellowships is to increase the number of underrepresented groups completeing a degree at an accredicted U.S insitution.
ASME Congressional FellowshipPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPEnergy, Bioengineering, and Advanced Manufacturing 12/15/2022US citizen and an ASME member at the time of application.Since 1973, ASME has sponsored the Congressional Fellowship program to provide an opportunity for Society members to work with the U.S. Congress. As federal legislation becomes increasingly technical, the need for engineering expertise is essential. Congressional fellows participate directly in the lawmaking process and learn how the federal government operates. In addition, Congress is provided with the necessary engineering expertise and, at the end of the fellowship year, a fellow's employer has an engineer with in-depth knowledge of congressional decision-making processes.
ASME ScholarshipsSCHOLARSHIPMechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology TBD for 2024No citizenship or geographic requirements.A scholarship is considered by ASME to be a grant made to a student to enable or assist the student in pursuing an educational program in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology at the undergraduate or graduate level.
Audio Engineering Society Education Foundation SCHOLARSHIPAudio Engineering 5/15/2023No citzenship requirements.The Mary Lea Simpson Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship of tuition for final year of studies, is being offered to an undergraduate student entering senior year at a North American college or university Audio Engineering/Recording Arts Program. Graduate Studies Grant - The request must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation, which attest to the applicant's satisfactory progress toward the degree.
Chateaubriand Fellowship ProgramPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPSTEM and Social Sciences1/14/2022No citzenship requirements.The Chateaubriand Fellowship is a grant offered by the Embassy of France in the United States. It supports outstanding Ph.D. students from American universities who wish to conduct research in France for a period ranging from 4 to 9 months. Chateaubriand fellows are selected through a merit-based competition, through a collaborative process involving expert evaluators in both countries.
Dartmouth - E.E. Just ProgramGRAD FELLOWSHIPSScience and more!6/7/2023The E.E. Just Program helps graduate students from systemically underrepresented minority (URM) groups chart pathways to success in STEM by offering a suite of interconnected initiatives designed to meet them where they are along their career arc. The program also helps URM graduate students find community and peer-to-peer support networks by serving as a bridge across disciplinary boundaries.
DOE - Office of Science Graduate Student Research ProgramGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPPhysics, Chemistry, Material sciences, Biology (non-medical), Mathematics, Engineering, Computer or Computational Sciences, or specific areas of Environmental Sciences3/3/2023US citizens or permanent residents.The goal of the Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program is to prepare graduate students for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) careers critically important to the DOE Office of Science mission, by providing graduate thesis research opportunities at DOE laboratories. The SCGSR program provides supplemental awards to outstanding U.S. graduate students to pursue part of their graduate thesis research at a DOE laboratory/facility in areas that address scientific challenges central to the Office of Science mission. The research opportunity is expected to advance the graduate students’ overall doctoral thesis while providing access to the expertise, resources, and capabilities available at the DOE laboratories/facilities.
DOE Computational Science Graduate FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPApplied Mathematics, Astrophysics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Enviornmental Science, Life Science, machine Learning, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics1/12/2023US citizens or permanent residents.Established in 1991, the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) provides outstanding benefits and opportunities to students pursuing doctoral degrees in fields that use high-performance computing to solve complex science and engineering problems.The program fosters a community of energetic and committed Ph.D. students, alumni, DOE laboratory staff and other scientists who want to have an impact on the nation while advancing their research. Fellows come from diverse scientific and engineering disciplines but share a common interest in using computing in their research.
DOE NNSA Laboratory Residency Graduate FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPApplied Physics, Material Science, and Engineering DisciplinesTBD for 2024US citizens.As part of its science and national security missions, the U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE NNSA) supports a spectrum of basic and applied research in science and engineering at the agency's national laboratories, at universities and in industry.
DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPHigh Density Physics, Nuclear Science, and Hydrodynamics1/4/2023US citizens.As part of its science and national security missions, the U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE NNSA) supports a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in science and engineering at the agency's national laboratories, at universities and in industry. Because of its continuing needs, NNSA has a special interest in encouraging development of the next generation of leaders in stewardship science.
Ford Foundation Dissertation FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPSee Website1/5/2023US citizens, US nationals, and US permanent residents (holders of a Permanent Resident Card).Dissertation fellowships will be awarded in a national competition administered by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine on behalf of the Ford Foundation. The awards will be made to individuals who, in the judgment of the review panels, have demonstrated superior academic achievement, are committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level in the U.S., show promise of future achievement as scholars and teachers, and are well prepared to use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.
Ford Foundation Predoctoral FellowshipPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPScience and Engineering Disiplines1/5/2023US citizens, US nationals, and US permanent residents (holders of a Permanent Resident Card).Through its program of fellowships, the Ford Foundation seeks to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students. The program fosters a community of energetic and committed Ph.D. students, alumni, DOE laboratory staff and other scientists who want to have an impact on the nation while advancing their research. Fellows come from diverse scientific and engineering disciplines but share a common interest in using computing in their research.
Fullbright Program for Foreign Students GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPAll Diciplines Varies; See Website Open to Foreign Students from select countries. See details.The Fulbright Program brings citizens of other countries to the United States for Master's degree or Ph.D. study at U.S. universities or other appropriate institutions. Foreign students apply for Fulbright Fellowships through the Fulbright Commission/Foundation or U.S. Embassy in their home countries. The Institute of International Education (IIE) arranges academic placement for most Fulbright nominees and supervises participants during their stay in the United States. See the Fulbright website for country specific information.
Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Post Doctoral Fellowships in Aging Research POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPBiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Science TBD for 2024U.S Citizen or possession of nonimmgrant Visa.Fellowship Awards for graduate & Ph.D. students of biology, cancer, biochemistry, or biophysics in the aging research. Postdoctoral fellows at all levels of training are eligible. Up to ten one-year fellowships of $60,000 will be awarded in 2021.
Google PhD Fellowship Program GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE DOC FELLOWSHIPComputer Scinece and Engineering Varies; See Website The citzen requirements vary by region. See details. The Google PhD Fellowship Program was created to recognize outstanding graduate students doing exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to computer science and related fields. Fellowships support promising PhD candidates of all backgrounds who seek to influence the future of technology. Google’s mission is to foster inclusive research communities and encourages people of diverse backgrounds to apply. We currently offer Fellowships in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, East Asia, Europe, India, the United States and Canada.
Hertz FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPApplied Physcial Science, Applied Biological Science, Mathematics, or EngineeringTBD for 2024US citizens or permanent residents. Non-citizens, we require proof of application for citizenship or a permanent resident card.The Hertz Fellowship is awarded annually to the nation’s most promising graduate students in science and technology. Using a rigorous, merit-based process, we identify innovators with the greatest potential to create transformative solutions to the world's most urgent challenges.
IBM Ph.D. FellowshipPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPComputer Scinece, Engineering, and Business ScienceTBD for 2024No citzenship requirements.The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional Ph.D. students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study. These include: computer science and engineering (including cyber security, cloud, and mobile computing), electrical and mechanical engineering, physical sciences (including chemistry, material sciences, and physics), mathematical sciences (including analytics of massive scale data with uncertainty, operations research, and optimization), public sector and business sciences (including urban policy and analytics, social technologies, learning systems and cognitive computing), and Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME).
Indo-US Science and Technology Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE)GRAD INTERNSHIPPRE DOC INTERNSHIPScience, Engineering, Technology and Medical Diciplines5/31/22 & 11/30/22 (Two Cohorts)U.S. Citizens or permanent residents and Indian Citizens (Currently persuing higher education in the U.S.). Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) announces the Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) to provide unique opportunities for science, technology, engineering and medical students from the United States to undertake internships in national laboratories, federal research centers, academic research institutes, and private R&D laboratories in India. Objective of the internships are to provide students exposure to Indian S&T milieu, gain practical skills and develop collaborative networks. Internships are envisaged as a source of mutual cultural and professional enrichment for both the interns and their host institutions.
L’Oréal USA For Women In Science FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPSTEM FieldsTBD for 2024Varies: See website.The L’Oréal USA For Women in Science fellowship program awards five women postdoctoral scientists annually with grants of $60,000 each for their contributions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields and commitment to serving as role models for younger generations.
Lawrence Livermore Post-Doc Program/FellowshipsSCHOLARSHIPAll Science DisciplinesVaries; See Website No citizenship requirements.The Livermore Graduate Scholar Program (LGSP) and its predecessor programs have played a critical role for many years in helping to recruit new scientific and engineering talent to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Top Ph.D. students are granted appointments of up to four years to conduct research of interest to the Laboratory while completing their thesis.
Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering, and Technology FellowshipGRAD & POST GRAD FELLOWSHIPEngineering, Natural History, Physical Sciences, Astronomy, Life Sciences, Environmental Studies, Aeronautics, Earth Sciences, Cold War Science, Infrastructure studies, and Mathematics1/20/2023U.S Citizen or possession of nonimmgrant Visa.The Linda Hall Library invites doctoral students and scholars of exceptional promise to apply for its 2021-22 fellowships in the history of science and related areas of science and technology studies. The Library offers researchers a setting that allows for deep immersion in its outstanding collections and a rich intellectual community of in-house experts, fellows, and scholars from nearby Kansas City institutions.
Link Foundation Engery FellowshipsGRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPEnergy Related Dicipline12/1/2022No citzenship requirements.In an effort to foster education and innovation in the area of societal production and utilization of energy, the Link Foundation invites applications for 2-year fellowships for students working toward a Ph.D. degree.
Los Alamos Natonal Laboratory (LANL) - Graduate Research AssistantshipGRAD & POST GRAD INTERNSHIPPRE DOC INTERNSHIPScience DisciplinesVaries; See Website No citzenship requirements.The Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Program is a year-round educational program that provides students with relevant research experience while they are pursuing a graduate degree. In some cases, students can arrange to conduct master's or doctoral thesis research at the Laboratory.
Meta Research Fellowship Program GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPComputer Scinece and Engineering TBD for 2024No citzenship requirements.The Facebook Fellowship is a global program designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students who are engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas related to computer science and engineering at an accredited university.
NASA Space Technology Graduate Research OpportunitiesGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPSTEM FieldsVaries; See Website US citizens or permanent residents.This solicitation, first released in September of 2019, replaces the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships solicitation. NSTGRO20 marks the tenth consecutive year that NASA’s Space Technology Mission directorate seeks to sponsor U.S. citizen and permanent resident graduate students who show significant potential to contribute to NASA’s goal of creating innovative new space technologies for our Nation’s science, exploration and economic future. NASA Space Technology Graduate Researchers will perform innovative, space technology research at their respective campuses and at NASA Centers. Awards are made in the form of grants to accredited U.S. universities on behalf of individuals pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees, with the faculty advisor serving as the principal investigator.
NASA Student ProgramsSCHOLARSHIPEarth Science, Heliophysics, Planetary Science, Astrophysics, Space Bioscience, Aeronautics, Engineering, Human Exploration and Space operations, Astrobiology, and Science ManagementVaries; See Website Varies: See website.The NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) provides early-career and more senior scientists the opportunity to share in NASA's mission, to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind. NASA Postdoctoral Fellows work on 1 to 3 year assignments with NASA scientists and engineers at NASA centers and institutes to advance NASA's missions in earth science, heliophysics, planetary science, astrophysics, space bioscience, aeronautics, engineering,human exploration and space operations, astrobiology, and science management. NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellows contribute to our national scientific exploration, confirm NASA's leadership in fundamental research, and complement the efforts of NASA's partners in the national science community.
National GEM Consortium FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPApplied Science and Engineering1/15/2023US citizens. or permanent residents.GEM is a network of leading corporations, government laboratories, top universities, and top research institutions that enables qualified students from underrepresented communities to pursue graduate education in applied science and engineering.
National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships in Science and EngineeringGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPAstronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, and their subdisciplines, and related engineering fields: Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical.12/15/2022US citizens.Formerly known as the National Physical Science Consortium, Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity is a partnership between government agencies and laboratories, industry, and higher education. GFSD is open for application by all U.S. citizens regardless of race or gender. GFSD's goal is to increase the number of American citizens with graduate degrees in STEM fields, emphasizing recruitment of a diverse applicant pool.
National Research Council of the National AcademiesGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPSTEM FieldsVaries; See Website US citizens and permanent residents.The NRC Research Associateship Programs (RAP) promote excellence in scientific and technological research conducted by the U.S. government through the administration of programs offering graduate, postdoctoral, and senior level research opportunities at sponsoring federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. In the NRC Research Associateship Programs, prospective applicants select a research project or projects from among a large group of Research Opportunities available through this website. Prior to completing an application, prospective applicants should contact the Research Adviser listed with the selected Research Opportunity(ies) to assure that funding will be available if the application is recommended by NRC Research Associateship Programs panels.
Natural Science and Engineering Research Council in Canada SCHOLARSHIPEngineering, Computer Science, Mathmatics, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology Varies; See Website Open to Canadian Citizens. The NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships – Doctoral (PGS D) program provides financial support to high-calibre scholars who are engaged in an eligible doctoral program (see Eligibility criteria for students and fellows) in the natural sciences or engineering. This support allows these scholars to fully concentrate on their studies and seek out the best research mentors in their chosen fields.
NSF - Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)GRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPLife Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology, Social Sciences, Materials Research, STEM education, Chemistry, Geosciences, Physics, Astronomy, MathmaticsVaries; See Website US citizens, nationals, or permanent residents of the US by the application deadline.The purpose of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is to help ensure the quality, vitality, and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States. The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students who are pursuing full-time research-based master's and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) or in STEM education. The GRFP provides three years of support for the graduate education of individuals who have demonstrated their potential for significant research achievements in STEM or STEM education. NSF actively encourages women, members of underrepresented minority groups, persons with disabilities, veterans, and undergraduate seniors to apply.
Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New AmericansGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPAll DisciplinesTBD for 2024US citizens.The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans program honors the contributions of immigrants and children of immigrants to the United States. Each year, we invest in the graduate education of 30 New Americans—immigrants and children of immigrants—who are poised to make significant contributions to US society, culture or their academic field. Each Fellow receives up to $90,000 in financial support over two years, and they join a lifelong community of New American Fellows.
PEO International Peace ScholarshipSCHOLARSHIPAll Disciplines2/1/2023US citizens or permanent residents or Canada is not eligible. A student with residency for tax purposes only is permitted. See details.The scholarship is based upon demonstrated need; however, the award is not intended to cover all academic or personal expenses. At the time of application, the applicant is required to indicate additional financial resources adequate to meet her estimated expenses. Examples of additional resources are personal and family funds, tuition waivers, work scholarships, teaching assistantships, study grants and other scholarships.
Roberto Rocca Education Program Fellowship GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPData Science, Metallurgy Engineering, Materials Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Varies; See Website Students who are citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Romania, and who will enter a Master or Ph.D. program outside their own country or who have already begun their studies towards a Ph.D. at a university outside their own country. For exceptional university graduates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Romania, the Roberto Rocca Education Program offers fellowships to help fund studies towards Ph.D. degree in specific fields of study that include Materials Science, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering (see Eligibility requirements), at a university of the student's choosing outside his or her home country.
Schlumberger Foundation - Faculty for the Future Predoctoral and Postdoctoral FellowshipsPOST GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE DOC FELLOWSHIPSTEM FieldsTBD for 2024No citzenship requirements. Preference is given to applicants from developing countries. See details.The Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future program supports outstanding women from developing countries in their pursuit of advanced graduate studies in engineering, science, and techology at leading universities worldwide.
SMART Scholarship ProgramSCHOLARSHIPSTEM Fields12/1/2022Must be citizens of US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or United Kingdom. See details.The SMART Program provides STEM students with the tools needed to pursue higher education and begin a career with the DoD. With a full scholarship, students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees will be able to focus on complex research to further the DoD’s mission and create lasting impact. SMART is a one-for-one commitment; for every year of degree funding, the scholar commits to working for a year with the DoD as a civilian employee. Summer internships prepare scholars for full-time employment and get them accustomed to working with the DoD.
Society of Exploration Geophysicists SCHOLARSHIPGeophysics 3/1/2023No citzenship requirements.SEG Scholarships are based on merit. To qualify, you must be a student who: Is a high school senior planning to attend college next year or an undergraduate or graduate college student; Has above average grades; and Is intending to pursue a college curriculum directed toward a career in applied geophysics.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers ScholarSHPE ScholarshipsSCHOLARSHIPSTEM FieldsTBD for 2024No citizenship requirements but all degree programs must be in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.
Congratulations on taking another step towards advancing your academic career and giving the world what it needs - more Hispanics in STEM like you. Our scholarships open February 1, 2021, and are due on April 30, 2021. Please check this webpage on a weekly basis during the application period for the most up-to-date offerings.
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) SCHOLARSHIPEngineering, Engineering Technology, and Computer ScienceTBD for 2024No citizenship requirements. SWE Scholarships support women pursuing ABET-accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science in the United States and Mexico.
The Adelle and Erwin Tomash Fellowship in the History of Information TechnologyGRAD FELLOWSHIPComputer Science1/15/2022U.S Citizen or possession of nonimmgrant Visa.The Charles Babbage Institute is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Adelle and Erwin Tomash Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship will be awarded to a graduate student for doctoral dissertation research in the history of computing.
The American Society for Naval Engineers Scholarship ProgramSCHOLARSHIPEngineering Disciplines TBD for 2024US citizens.The American Society of Naval Engineers began its scholarship program in 1979 in order to promote the profession of naval engineering and to encourage college students to enter the field. Since the inception of the Scholarship Program, ASNE has since awarded hundreds of scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing an education and career in naval engineering.
The ASCO Engineering Scholarship ProgramSCHOLARSHIPEngineering Disciplines TBD for 2024US citizens or legal US residents.ASCO Fluid Control & Pneumatics products from Emerson have been relied upon around the world for over 100 years. Our college engineering scholarship program proudly bears that name and was founded over ten years ago to reward exceptional undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in manufacturing and processing engineering.The award consists of two, $5,000 scholarships to U.S. engineering students who are pursuing careers in industrial automation-related disciplines. Additionally, $1,000 grants will be made to the engineering departments of the colleges in which the winners are enrolled. The scholarships are merit-based and will be awarded on the candidate’s potential for leadership and for making a significant contribution to the engineering, instrumentation, systems, and automation professions, particularly as they relate to the application of fluid control and pneumatics technologies. Scholarship recipients may be eligible for an internship.
The Electrochemical Society Honors & Awards Programs GRAD FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPSCHOLARSHIPElectrochemistry & Solid State Science and Technology Varies; See Website No citzenship requirements.ECS distinguishes outstanding technical achievements in electrochemical, solid-state science and technology, and recognizes exceptional service to the Society through the Honors & Awards Program. Recognition opportunities exist in the following categories: Society Awards, Division Awards, Student Awards and Section Awards. There shall be no restrictions or reservations regarding age, sex, race, citizenship, or place of origin or residence.
The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP)GRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPAll Disciplines10/7/2022US citizens.The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) identifies and develops the next generation of exceptional national security leaders to achieve the NNSA mission: Strengthening our nation through nuclear security.
The Society of of Naval Architects and Marine Engineering SCHOLARSHIPMarine Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Naval Architecture 6/1/2023No citzenship requirementsSNAME's Graduate Scholarships Program bestows multiple scholarships in honor of SNAME Members. Applicants use a single application to apply for all scholarships within the program.Since its inception in 1933, the SNAME Graduate Scholarship Program has awarded millions of dollars of scholarship awards to students that wish to pursue advanced studies in naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering or in other fields directly related to the maritime industry.
U.S. Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPScience and Engineering DisiplinesTBD for 2024US citizens or US nationals. Dual citizens may apply.The DoD NDSEG Fellowship Program, established in 1989 by direction of Congress and sponsored by the Army, Navy, and Air Force, serves as a means of increasing the number of United States citizens trained in science and engineering disciplines of military importance. This program is designed to encourage Baccalaureate recipients to enter Graduate school and ultimately gain Doctorates which align to the DoD services Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) in research and development.
UAS7 Study and Internship Program SCHOLARSHIP + INTERNSHIPAll Disciplines 2/15/22 or 10/1/22 (Two cohorts)Varies: See website.The program lines are open for full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing currently enrolled in a degree program at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university (U.S. or Canadian citizenship is not required) or at one of our partner universities in Brazil (UNISINOS, PUCRS). The Internship Program is also eligible to graduate students. Students need to be currently enrolled as sophomores or juniors in a field represented on UAS7 campuses - engineering, science, life sciences, business, management, economics, architecture, art, design, journalism, or social work
Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitution Geophysical Fluid Dynamics FellowshipGRAD STUDENT FELLOWSHIPPRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPInterdisciplinaryTBD for 2024No citizenship requirments.Graduate students and researchers from a variety of fields who share a common interest in the nonlinear dynamics of rotating, stratified fluids share an intense ten-week research experience, and vigorous discussions of concepts that span different disciplines. Fellows pursue a research project under the supervision of the staff and present a lecture and a written report for a proceedings volume. Fellows are expected to be in residence for the full ten weeks of the program.
Yale-Hastings Center visiting Scholars ProgramSCHOLARSHIPBiomedical Ethics Suspended for 2021 due to Covid-19U.S Citizen or possession of nonimmgrant Visa.The Hastings Center Visiting Scholar Program welcomes scholars and practitioners conducting independent research on bioethics. Visiting scholars give lunchtime work-in-progress presentations and receive feedback from Hastings Center scholars. Visiting scholars are provided with workspace and access to The Hastings Center’s Morison Library and grounds.