Activity DescriptionSupplies neededURLOfficer Testimonial
Type of Event
Guessing GamesPay $1 to guess # of jellybeans/candy in a jar; winners home the jara jar, candy, raffle tickets Event
Pie An OfficerDonate money, top two officers with highest money in jar gets pied in the facejars, whipped cream, plateThis is a fundraising idea that my chapter just thought of this yearBigger Event
RaffleBuy raffle tickets for 1 dollar, pick 3 winners who get prize prize, raffle ticketsEasy and successfulBigger Event
Ballon RafflePlace a raffle ticket inside of every balloon, and charge $1 for each one. Everyone will pop the balloons they purchase to find their raffle ticket.ballons and raffel ticketsBigger Event
Baby Photo ContestLine up all the photos and have people vote on their favorite one by placing money beside the images they like.officer baby picturesBigger Event
Board Game TournamentCould host a board game tournament with the winner recieving a small prize. Participants can pay a small fee to play in the tournament Board Games, volunteersHaving a board game tournament is very easy to host and just about anyone can participateBigger Event
Car WashWash cars in local parking lotsoap, hose, buckets, towels,
Bingosell Bingo cards for $1 and host a game of bingoCommunity
Golf TournamentHold a fundraiser golf tournament at a local course to benefit a chapterA person to organize main details, volunteers to help find players and run eventThese fundraisers can be extremely succesful if many sponsors support and many players attend. Golf Courses will help greatly to advertise event (benefits both parties)Community
5K/10K RaceOrganize a 5k or 10k race. Members/community can pay fee to participateA lot of planning and an inflatable finish lineRelay for Life is a minor success at my schoolCommunity
Bull Roast Rent a hall that participates in Bull Roast fundraisers that will cater food, drinks, alcohol (if desired). Provide entertainment through live music, dj, raffles, bringo, etc. Upsell tickets to make profit and be sure to advertise. Lots of planning, advertisement, volunteers, tickets, entertainment, money upfront. Businesses are willing to donate items to raffle off. Extremely successful if you have organization, advertsement, and good entertainment. Community
Talent ShowHave a fashion or singing talent show, and award winner for best.Lots of planning, advertising so that audience is big, and have a location.Community
1 Day Trip, Mini Day Carnival and Night DanceCarnival during the day and Dance at Night Lots of planning and huge advertisement one month prior. Partnerships might get involved. And also some of the fundraising listed below can participate in the Carnival.Excessive fundraising. And would be better to hire then having volunteers, which leads to less profit but great service to customers.Community
Fun Day TripCreate a Fun Day Trip where the price would be 5% or 10% higher of original price which would be the profit.Major and priority planning. Safety of participants. Research for the best demand for more participants. I am suggesting that this event target audience is mainly the State Officers' High School.Community
Trivia Night (or meeting)Have members pay an admission fee to participate, set up a trivia game about FBLA, their school/chapter, or pop culture in general; it's much like Battle of the Regions. This could also be broadened to the entire school, given that the topics are more generalized. Concessions may also be sold.Venue, Volunteers to set up (likely officers), approvalI haven't personally tried this yet, but I have heard from others that it's relatively successful. I think it should certainly be at least feasible if it's made perhaps a cornerstone event of an FBLA chapter, or paired alongside a partnership with a restaurant.Community
Movie NightChapters can allow their members to vote from a selection of movies to play. The one with the most votes with be played. The event can be held after school or around nightime at their school. Individuals may be allowed to bring blankets and pillows. Food will also be purchased and sold.Movie, Location, Date/Time, Projector, Screen, Speakers, Food, Volunteers, Advertisements/AdvertisersOther organizations at our school have done this in the past and many people attend it. It was successful during most years.Community
Karaoke NightChapters can host karaoke night which allows anyone to attend it. At the event, food will be provided (limited per person, if necessary) and will allow all to simply relax and socialize with one another. Individuals or pairs will be able to get up on stage and sing a song. The idea for a competition may be implemented as well. The individual/pair that scores the best will win a gift basket with small gifts inside. Individuals will be given 2 chances with tickets (allowing with the choice to sing alone or with someone else) to score the best. If there is a tie, there will be tie breakers between the individuals. Aside from that, individuals will be able to sing as much as they want with the limited time given for the event. There will be queue list to keep track of who goes next.Karaoke Machine (full set w/ mics), Speakers, Projector, Screen, Gift Basket, Volunteers, Food, Tables, Chairs, Location, Date/Time, Queue ListThe Asian Student Union at our school has done this in the past. More and more individuals attend the event each year. The more advertisement and "buzz" that is created, the more individuals that are interested.Community
Field DayA field day where different activities and events, such as colored water balloon fights, 2 or 4 way tug of war, volleyball, kickball, etc. can be set up. Volunteers can help organize how the events will play out (if there is a time limit with rotations, etc.). Snacks and Drinks can be providedLocation, Time/Date, Materials for each event (kickball for kickball, plain t shirts and colored water balloons for water balloon fight, etc.), Volunteers, Snacks, DrinksIt has not been implemented by my chapter in the past, but ideas for this have been brought up at a meeting with the NHS Advisory Board. From previous experiences in elementary and middle schools, people would love to have field day again.Community
Pool DayChapters can contact nearby locations with public pools nearby and partner with them. The pool can be private for the day and only allow paid individuals to come. There, music can be played, food and drinks can be sold, games with small prizes can be set up and other fun activities can be hosted as well. Afterwards, the chapter and the partnered organization can split profits to the agreed terms.Location, Time/Date, Pool, Volunteers, Snacks, Drinks, Games with Prizes, Lifeguards, Music Source, Sound SystemThis idea has not been implemented yet, but there are many public pool locations and private swimming clubs near my area that are most likely willing to partner with chapters. I am a member of a swim club and I believe that they have partnered with outside organizations in the past.Community
Ice SkatingChapter contacts the local ice skating rink and chooses a specific night. For every person who visits the rink that night and lets the cashier know what organization they are a part of, the chapter receives 10% of the profits. Depending on the skate rink's rules, the chapter can also sell baked goods and hot chocolate to cold skaters to add to their profits. Location, Lots of advertisement, Announcements, Flyers, Potentially baked goods and hot chocolate, volunteersMy school's chapter ran this fundraiser and it was sucessful. It was a great way to make money and provide an opportunity for chapter members to get together and bond. However, it would definitely be much more sucessful with lots of advertising. Community
Quarter AuctionChapter rents a local hall or building, ping pong balls, and ping pong paddles. Local businesses and companies donate items that can be auctioned off. When a participant wants the item being auctioned off, they put in a quarter, (or whatever the bid calls for, for example a "fifty cent bid"). The people running the event call a number off of one fo the ping pong balls, and if the number on the paddle matches, after bidding, the guest then wins the auctioned prize. Location, Time, Lots of advertisement, volunteers, donations from local businesses Community
Basketball Tournament
$10 to create a team of 2 to participate.
No substituting
Timed games (15 minutes)
No more than 1 JV player & 1 Varsity player per team
2 Varsity players cannot be on a team
2 JV players cannot be on a team
Winner moves on to the next round
All referee calls are final
Reserve Gym, Scorekeepers, MusicMy school tried this to raise money for the Alpha Achievers club and we raised hundreds of dollars. This is a great way for students to get connected with eachother and improve teamwork while having a fun timeCommunity
Silent AuctionReach out to local business and have them donate items to put up for auction. Items to auction, auditorium or dining hall, tables, chairs, volunteers, food
Fashion ShowHave officers and other vounteers be the models. Have silly costumes and attire and have people pay for tickets. Clothes/costumes, runway, chairs, MC, food, music, speakers, volunteersA chapter in Virginia says it is a big success in their school and is their biggest fundraiser. They said they have a lot of the guys be the models and wear silly costumes. Community
Videogame Tournament
Find a fun game that everyone will be interested in paying like Mario Kart. People pay to enter and the winner can win FBLA Merch, gift card, or other items. Additionally you can be selling food, drinks, and merch at the competition.
Projectors/TV's, Video game consoles, controllers, chairs, tables, volunteers, games, food, drinks, merchPeople can get very competitive with video games and that will cause them to want to enter the competition. People will have a lot of fun and this can raise a lot of money. Community
Cornhole tournament Hold a cornhole tournament at a public park or school fields and have teams pay to enterCornhole, land/ park, food/ drink, chairs, tablesTournaments are always competitive and cornhole is not only a fun game but it’s a social gameCommunity
Purse BingoPlay bingo for purses and bags: Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, etc. Refreshments are for sale volunteers, bingo cards, bingo stamps, purses, refreshments(I dont have one now but if interested i can find out)This event is huge in my school. Every graduating class does it, sports teams do it, and anyone can participate. It has always been successful and thousands of dollars are always earned.Community
MD FBLA Pep RallyRecognize people who placed at nationals, field games, refreshments, play music, have fun, socialize, ice breakers
send memo out to all chapters as a field trip, get volunteers, venue, refreshmentsI just though of the idea, it just seems like a fun way to earn moneyCommunity
Car show and flee marketMembers get together with their community and help to raise money for their chapter. Also, advertizing is suoer important for this event. It helps to reach out to the car show people. And any community members by purchasing a spot for $5 can set up their items for sale.Advertisements & partnership with my neighbour's foundation (optional)The event can be organized by the specfic chapter and partnership might not be neededEach year Hereford's FBLA partners with My Neighbour's Foundation, a local nonprofit organization, to put together this car show and flee market. Its an amazing opportunity to connect with the community and rasie money for FBLA!Community
Sell old suitsCcould have members donate used suits for us to sell and get $$Donation
Envelope FundraiserHave someone number the envelopes and post them on a bulletin board. Donors can choose the envelope that corresponds with the amount they want to give and place their donation inside the envelope. Once all the envelopes have been filled, the fundraiser is over.envelopesworked really wellDonations
Penny Driveplace a larger container in a prominent location and encourage people to place their loose change inside until the container is full.Large containerDonations
Give-back during Holiday seasonMembers particiapte to collect donations from their homeroom. The homeroom with the most donations wins a free ice cream party A % of the donations goes to the chapter and the remaining goes in helping families in community who are unable to celebrate ChristmasA warm smile when asking people to give donationsWe do it every year during the holiday season.Donations
Shoe driveCollect old shoes and give it to a company which in return will pay you back in cash!!Old shoes way to earn moneyDonations
Business partnershipForm a partnership with a local business similar to Men’s Wearhouse. Promote said business and negotiate a portion of profits to be granted to MD FBLA.Donations
Request sponsorship from large companiesMany mid/large sized companies (escpesially MD/DC contractor companies) will throw money at high school organizations if they are a registered non-profit. Fiscal sponsoship is always possible to gain easy non-profit status for chapters, etc.Email campaign. Maybe $500 if you want to do it on a large scaleIts a really, really easy way to raise money compared to traditional fundrasingDonations
Snap! RaiseAn online system that asks members to raise funds through their community (family, friends, coworkers, etc.), social media advertising, or email campaign. Participants are incentivized as prizes/gifts are awarded to participants. Usually intended for sports teams, but it could prove to be effective for FBLAMembers
We're only now looking to implement Snap! Raise for the upcoming year, but the feedback from the rest of the sports teams and groups that use it at Dulaney has been extremely positive. These groups are far smaller (The lowest I've heard is 8 members) and they still have managed to turn over thousands of dollars. I would expect even more from a large organization such as FBLA, whose presence throughout chapters and the state as a whole is monumental. There is no upfront cost and no minimum amount of donations required to receive funds, acting as a failsafe.Donations
Advisor/Officer ChallengeSet a fundraising goal and milestones that you ask the chapter to achieve. Assign something to each marker (i.e. pie an officer, tape your advisor to the wall, throw water balloons at them, etc.). Incentivize contributions through either a raffle or some other reward.Incentives, agreement by the officer team and advisorsThis has worked particularly well elsewhere, but we haven't implemented it for FBLA. I assume that this would be something that the members would feel enticed to contribute to, especially if it is further incentivized with other rewards.Donations
LettersSimply write personal letters to teachers, family, and friends, requesting donations to your chaptervolunteers to write and deliver lettersIt’s easy to just ask for donations, especially when the requests are personalizedDonations
Partnerships with Krispy Kreme & Auntie AnnesOfficers pass out an online order form to members/pd members/studentsFoodBig and dona
Chick-fil-A FundraiserPartnered with Chick-fik-A, sold in the beginning of each month at meetingsadvertising for event, volunteersThis is one of the biggest fundraisers at my school and it always turns out to be very successfulFood
Joe Corbi'sMembers sell items from the catalog to family, friends, teachers and others to be able to lower thier SLC costJoe Corbi's catalog, and order form fundraiser has helped me and many members of my chapter be able to attend the SLC my chapter is very sucessful when we hold this fundraiserFood
Popcorn Fundraisersell Fisher's popcormvery successfulFood
Krispy Kreme Donut SaleSell Krispy Kreme Donuts at a community or school eventDonuts, Volunteers, Permit (depending on the event) if proper amount of donuts are order. (Order too many and profits are lossed)Food
Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie DoughHave members sell cookie dough through catolog to friends, family and neighbors. Catalog, a place for a large quantity of product to be delivered and distrubuted, willing members profitable fundraiser my chapter does each yearFood
Rally Beans Coffee Sell Coffee products online to friends, family and neighborspeople willing to contact others, explain cause, and sell product
McDonald'scontact a local mcdonalds, schedule a time, collect revenueadvertizing for the eventone of our chapter members has family that owns multiple mcdonalds in our town and it has worked in past clubs in our schoolFood
Chipotle NightContact local chipotle, plan time, collect revenueadvertizing for eventFood
Chapter CookoutMembers alopng with their chapter advisor or under parent supervision cook food for the teachers, parents, and school community who then provide donations to the local chapter.Advertisements, cookout/BBQ materialsHereford's FBLA does this every year! And with the help Mr.Schrenier 's supervision this event has always been successful. Also, Its a fun way for members to earn their service hours and fun along the way.Food
Pizza fundraiserSelect location, spread message using MDFBLA social media, purchase pizzas and sell per slice inorder to recognize a profit.Food
Sweet Frog FundraiserPartner with Sweet Frog. Find location and spread the message to everyone. Sell to students Advertisements for event, volunteersThis is a fundraiser that is often seen at my school and it is always a huge successFood
Glory Days Grill Fundraiser Partner with Glory Days Grill for either a day, week, or month, and collect the itemized receipts to earn 10% of total sales collected. Advertisements and participating mebers/friends/family/supporters lots of advertisement but very successful if you collect a lot of reciepts. Food
Pot LuckCreate a menu and have parents of chapter members bring in food and charge people to attend. Liike a community dinner.Have parents sign up for foods they want to cook and bring in. Table cloths, utenlis, etc all things for a dinner.It will bring awareness and have a sense of family for FBLA , plus fun for members to serve and meet more people in the community and the school.Food
School Spirit CoffeeSelling school spirit coffee.Money to order the coffee and students willing to sell it.Sold well, need to encourage students to ask everyone and have good salesmen.Food
Panera Bread NightHosting a Panera bread night. They give you 10% of all profits, no flyer needed.A Panera bread in your area and people willing to sit in and greet customers.This is the easiest fundraiser I've ever done. Requires almost no setup and makes a lot of money on the right night.Food
Coffee and Donut Stand
Hold a stand in the atrium every morning where kids can buy different flavored donuts and coffee before they start their day Volunteers to help sell, advertisers, donuts, coffeeMany people feel tired in the morning. They wake up late and sometimes don't even have time to eat breakfast. This help relieves some of that burden by giving students a fresh way to relax and start their day off with a better frame of mindFood
Spirit shirtsDesigned spirit shirts on Customink, sold for 1-2 months @ lunchmoney to order shirts, an appealing designdidn't end up selling as many as we expected toMerchSales and com
Chapter T-shirtsDesign a chapter t-shirt (custom ink) to sell to members and teachersMoney to buy high quatity of t-shirts, good designDesign needs to be solid for people to buyMerch
*Extension of "T-Shirts" (see row 60) and "Request sponsorship from large companies* (see row 38)Businesses (target smaller ones) offering sponsorships to your chapter should have their logo or information presented on the chapter t-shirt, depending on the size of their contributions. I suggest that the design for the shirt fit the national theme, so it would make more sense for this to be an annual fundraiser, and of course include aspects of the specific chapter. Proceeds from the shirt may either be kept as additional profit or otherwise donated as charity (perhaps to March of Dimes) which may also give people another reason to purchase a shirt, given that sponsorship from businesses is likely already a decent way to make money, they now have another incentive to contribute, as members would literally become walking advertisements as part the largest CTSO in the state of Maryland. Design, businessesThis is something that we're looking to implement this upcoming year, and we're very hopeful that it will work out. If everything does go as intended, it 1. Raises funds as the primary goal, 2. Increases connections with local businesses and broadens our reach, and 3. Could potentially help us contribute to the March of Dimes or other charitable foundations. It is, however, contingent on many different factors, as described, which is the main flaw that I see in this proposal. I do, however, think it's very much worth trying, and thinking from all perspectives, it seems like a win-win.Merch
Chapter Based FBLA Merchandise (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Popsockets, etc.)Each chapter could have someone from their local board create a logo that incorporates FBLA, their school and anything else they would like to add. Afterwards, they can call a company to create the merchandise for them. Schools can sell these with a certain amount of profit per apparel sold.Designs, Company to create the apparel, interested individuals to purchase the merchandise, advertisements/advertisersMerch
Design and sell shirts
Survey students for designs they desire and print them in different colors and sizes. Sell the shirts for 30% more of what they are worth, and the profits go to FBLAInvestors, Shirts, surveys, tables, volunteers t help sellThe Advanced Marketing Class in my school has done this and we have made a lot of profit every year. It is a good way to show unity throughout the school and we can have a day where everyone wears their shirt that they bought from us if they didMerch
Bake saleOfficers baked goods, sold at local libraryeffort to bake goods, volunteers to manage standtook a lot of preparation, kind of successfulSalesFood and Merch
Yard SaleCollect old items from members/officers/students, proceeds go to the chapteritems to sell, volunteers for eventtook long-term planning, but worked pretty wellSales
Book Sale Donate used books, sell at low pricevolunteers and advertising to get people to donate booksSales
Gift-Wrapping ServicesDuring the holiday season, a chapter provides this service to community members in helping them pack their presents. Or partnership can also be amde with a local retailer to do this. The chapter gets paid for this service.Gift wrap materialsWe do it every year during the holiday season.Sales
Coupon BookReach out to local businesses to get special deals that will be given out only through the coupon book. Sell the coupon books to students for a profit.VolunteersSelling coupon books as a fundraiser has been done at my school a few times and I know a lot of people participate in itSales
Candy Grams Sell candy grams accordingly to the holiday. Sell at lunches/free periods so students can send small bags of candy with a message to their friends or teachers.Small bags, candy, ties, volunteers and paper that fits the holiday theme. Easy way to make money if you announce that candy grams are available for sale. Sales
Sell BraceletsOrder & Customize wristbands with FBLA or your School on them and sale and the proceeds go to FBLAAll we need is to around a $100 to purchase the wrist bands and some creativity to come up with a wrist band that students will buy.Lost of kids love and collect wrist bands if we buy 1000 wrist bands for $100 and sell them for $1 each, we make our profit and spread awareness. I love the idea Sales
BraceletsSelling school colored bracelets, you can buy them in bulk and sell them for retail price.Money to purchase bracelets and people willing to sell them at lunch time.Haven't done it yet but pura vida bracelets are very trendy and come at $3 a piece when buying over 500. They retail for $12 so those are good margins.Sales
Holiday CardsHoliday cards could be made for anyone looking to give them out to their loved ones during the times of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, etc. Each chapter could have some of their members design numerous card design based on different holidays. They can purchase cardstock and handmake them.Designs, Materials (if handmade - cardstock, writing materials; if printed - printer, online design software, cardstock), Member Involvement, Time to sell and create these cards, Advertisement/AdvertisersThe fundraising committee wanted to execute this plan out. It has not been implemented in the past years, but from what we've seen from Holiday Grams sales at our school in the past, it was evident that some profits can be made from this.Sales
Current FundraiserThis fundraiser is selling materials like giftwrap through sales from a catalog. These items, includin gift wraps, cards, and potential gifts, are sold during the holiday season, when they are most in demand. Contact Companys, Catalog, Tentative Timeline
My mom ran this fundraiser in the past for a private school and it was sucessful, we would raise anywhere from $500 to $1500.