Math and ScienceCourses (special note for BIS 102/103, can sub with ABI 102/103)AP Policy for Math and ScienceLiberal ArtsCourses Side NoteAP Policy for Liberal ArtsGen EdsLetters of RecommendationAvg Entering GPAApplication Due Date / Admittance TimePCAT required?
Online science pre-requisites, public speaking, or biology/organic chemistry refresher courses are not accepted for prerequisitesMin. of 64 semester units of college level coursework required for admissioin42 Units RequiredMay not use more than 2 AP exams to fulfill English, Psychology, Echonomics, general education or the liberal arts requirementsDeadline for PharmCAS is 9PM Pacific time and all supplemetal material must be postmarked by midnight on or before Nov 1No
University of the Pacific CalculusMAT 16AB or 17AB or 21AB or 21AB(H)AP score of 4/5English Composition Minimum 8 qtr unitsCOM 1-9, 12, 20, ENL 3, 4, 10A, 10B, 10C, 30A, 30B, 107, 110A, 110B, UWP 1, 18, 19, 101, 102A-L, 104 A-I Two Courses RequiredTwo courses required, one lower division (1-99) and one upper division (100-199) AP score of 4/5. One exam is needed per semesterMeant for students who have not completed a US Bachelor's degree by admittance. Must complete one course in each categoryMinimum of 2: 1 from a Pharmacist (not a relative) and 1 from an academic professor from a school you have attended within the last 3 years. If you haven't enrolled in ANY school within the last 3 years, you may submit a recommendation from your supervisor. The recommendation must be on the PharmCAS form. Minimum overall GPA considered: 2.7 but due to competitive nature of the applicant pool, students should have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and a science GPA of 3.0 to be considered a strong candidate.Early Decision Priority Review: Early Decision applications completed between July 18 and
the Tuesday after Labor Day. Early Decision designations take
priority over Non-Early Decision applications during the review
process and scheduling of interview dates.
4 7A or 9A or 9HA Labs IncludedAP score of 4/5 Public SpeakingCMN 1 Online courses not acceptedOnline course not acceptedIC Global Studies, Minimum 4 qtr unitsCultural Anthropology, Eastern Politics, Intercultural Communication, European History, Eastern Religion,History of Mexico Classical Mythology,Tier 1: September 4 through October 1
Gen ChemCHE 2ABC or 2ABC(H) Labs IncludedNo AP scores acceptedEconomincs (4 units) ECN 1B1A can be substituted with a US Bachelor's Degree or have completed a course in US History, US Political Science, or Introductory SociologyAP score of 4/5 IIB Worldviews and Ethics, Minimum 4 qtr unitsHistory of Western Civilization, Intro to Phil, Political Phil, Western Religion, Biomedical EthicsTier 2: October 2 through November 1
O-ChemCHE 128ABC (Lab not required), 129AB (Lab required) or 118ABC (Lab Included)PsychologyPSC 1 or 100 or 168AP score of 4/5 IIC Visual and Performing Arts, Minimum 4 qtr unitsIntro to Art, Intro to Theater, Music Appreciation, Film History, Photography, History of Theater, Applied ArtTier 3: November 2 through December 1
Gen Bio with LabBIS 2ABC with LabsNo AP scores acceptedTier 4: December 2 through February 3
MicrobiologyMIC 101,102,104,105(One course) - recommended, but not required
Physiology NPB (Lecture 101; Lab 101L)
University of California, San FranciscoMinimum 88 quarter units except in Social Science/HumanitiesYou may be in the process of completing the prerequisites when you submit the application, but all prerequisites must be satisfactorily completed prior to September 1 of the year of entry into the program.28 quarter units in Social Science and Humanities must include 3 courses from Public Speaking, Economics, and Social Science belowEither 3 or 4 Letters. At least 1 recommendation should be from a person who knows you through your college-level academic work. This is usually, but does not have to be, a professor.Minimum GPA 2.80July 18, 2019 - November 1st, 2019 / Admissions Decisions on April 1No, but it is considered.
12 (One course in college calculus - 4 quarter units)MAT 16ABC or 17AB or 21AB or 21AB(H)AB or BC: Score of 3/4/5 fulfills requirementEnglish 1UWP 1 or ENL 3Require 2 courses in college compositionAP Language: 3 fulfills one english, 4/5 fulfills bothAverage: 3.42 Science, 3.50 Cumulative (based on entering summer 2019 class)
*PCAT not required, optionalPhysics with Lab (1 lab in electricity and magnetism)PHY 7ABC or 9ABC or 9HABCEnglish 2UWP 18, 19, 101, 102A, 102C, or 104FAP Literature: 3 fulfills one english, 4/5 fulfills both
Gen Chem with LabCHE 2ABC or 2ABC(H)Score of 3/4/5, but also need one course with lab still required EconomicsECN 1A or 1BScore of 3/4/5
O-Chem with LabCHE 128ABC & 129AB, or 118ABC Social SciencePSC 1 or ANT 2 or SOC 1AP scores in other humanities or social sciences can be counted towards the required 28 quarter units in Humanities and/or Social Science
Gen Bio with LabBIS 2A and (BIS 2B and either BIS 101, 102 or 104 or ABI 102Score of 3/4/5, but also need one course with lab still required Public SpeakingCMN 1Other humanities or social sciences: Art History, European History, French, German Language, Government & Politics, Human Geography, Latin, Music Theory, Psychology, Spanish, Studio Art, US History, or World History
PhysiologyNPB 101 (lab not required)
Statstics32, 100 (One Course)Require 2 courses in college composition
Mircobiology 102 (including lab)
California Northstate University College of Pharmacy (CNU) Gen-Chem2ABC with Lab3/4/5 accpeted, only counts for the first course in seriesEconomics (Macro or Micro)ECON 1A and 1B2 additional courses (Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences)2 letters of recommendation
are required from a (1)science professor or instructor, and (2)health care
professional. All other letters are optional. Letters must be sent dire
ctly to PharmCAS.
For the 2012-2013 academic year it was a 3.15 average GPA on a 4.00 GPA scale.Early Decision: September 3, 2019. Deadline: June 1, 2020
22 118ABC with lab or 128ABC with 129AB (Lab portion)PsychologyPSYCH 1 and SOC 1Minimum cumulative GPA: 2.6 A 2.6 science GPA is recommmended
Biochemistry or Cell & Molecular Biology BIS 101, 102/103, or ABI 102, or MCB121Public SpeakingCMN 1, 3, 134
General Biology 2ABC with LabEnglish9 units: ENG 3, UWP 1, 18, 19,101, 102, or 104 A-F A minimum of two 3 semester unit courses or two 4 quarter unit courses will
meet this course requirement.
score of 4 or 5 will fulfill only one semester of this
Microbiology MIC 102 and 103L
Physiology NPB 101 with NPB 101L
Anatomy (no longer required)CHA 101 and CHA 101L or NPB 101 or ANAT 200
CalculusMAT 16AB, 17AB, 21AB, 21AH and 21BH3/4/5 accepted, only counts for first course in series
StatsticsSTAT 13, 32, 100, 102, 103(One Course)
PhysicsPHYS 7A, 9A, 9AH
University of Southern California (USC)**The fall 2016 admission requirements have been changed. We no longer require the following pre-pharmacy courses: upper division molecular biology, physics, microeconomics, statistics, psychology or sociology. These courses are now recommended, but not mandatory.*****Pre-pharmacy courses in Calculus, chemistry, biology, and physics courses must be taken in a classroom. Online courses are not acceptable. ***USC recommends that students apply AP credit to elective credit for their undergraduate programs at their current institutions, as opposed to waiving the pre-pharmacy requirementsThree letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from a science professor with whom you took a class and/or did research. The remaining two letters may be from professors, advisors, researchers, pharmacists or employers.3.55 (Fall 2013) | 3.59 (Fall 2014) | 3.51 (Fall 2015)Application starts: July 18, 2019. Due date: December 2, 2019No
33 Math 16A or 17A or 21A, Math 16B or 17B or 21B AP score of 4 or 5 may be used toward the first quarter or semester of a one-year series of pre-pharmacy courses, such as calculusGeneral Psychology or SociologyPSC 1 or SOC 1 (recommended only, no longer required)AP credits may be used to satisfy psychology Minimum GPA: 3.0
StatisticsSTAT 13, 32, 100, 102 or 103AP credits may be used to satisfy statisticsMicroeconomics Econ 1A (recommended only, no longer required)AP credits may be used to satisfy economics Average Cumulative and Science: 3.50
General Chemistry w/ LabChem 2ABCAP score of 4 or 5 may be used toward the first quarter or semester of a one-year series of pre-pharmacy courses, such as the first quarter or semester of general chemistryEnglish CompositionENG or UWP 1, 3, 4, 18, 19, 30AB, 45, 46ABC, 101, 102, or 104 (Any 3 courses but must include 101, 102, or 104)*** English composition and communications courses are only required for applicants who do not have a bachelor's degree from a U.S. university.However, an AP score of 4 or 5 may be used toward the first quarter or semester of a one-year series of pre-pharmacy courses, such as the first quarter or semester of EnglishIt is recommended that all prerequisites be completed at a four-year college/university. Biochemistry MUST be completed at the upper division level at a four-year college/university.
Organic Chemistry w/ LabChem 118ABC or 128ABC & 129ABCommunicationsCMN 1 or 3 or 134*** English composition and communications courses are only required for applicants who do not have a bachelor's degree from a U.S. university.
Gen Bio w/ Lab BIS 2ABC or BIS 1ABAP score of 4 or 5 may be used toward the first quarter or semester of a one-year series of pre-pharmacy courses, such as the first quarter or semester of general biology
BiochemistryBIS 102 or 103 or 105 or ABI 102
Human PhysiologyNPB 101, lab not required
MicrobiologyMIC 101 or 104
Molecular BiologyBIS 101 or 104 or MCB 121 (recommended only, no longer required)
English 1UWP 1, ENG 3 (one course)Literature and Composition: 4/5 fulfills entire prerequisite
University of California - San Diego (UCSD)General Biology BIS 2ABC(at least 1 lab)Score 3/4/5: 8 units. Fulfills biology of whole animals
requirement. Molecular and Cell Biology
requirement still must be taken with a lab.
English 2 UWP 18, 19, 101, 102A, 102C, 104F (one course)Language and Composition: 3/4/5 fulfills half of the prequisite3 required (pharmacist,health care professional, employer, faculty adviser, pre-health adviser recommended)Fall 2016: 3.71 Fall 2015: 3.68 Fall 2014: 3.71 Fall 2013: 3.65 Fall 2012: 3.70 Fall 2011: 3.71 Deadline: November 1, 2019No
45 ChemistryCHE 2ABC (at least 1 year) or CHE2ABCHScore 3, 4, 5: 8 units. Third quarter/second semester of general
Chemistry with lab must still be taken.
EconomicsECN 1A or ECN 1BScore 3, 4, 5 acceptable (fulfills entire prerequisite).Minimum GPA: 3.0 (also, 3.0 in all prerequisite science categories) Acceptance letters sent out: March 2019
Organic Chemistry CHE 118ABC or CHE 128ABC, CHE 129AB (1 year organic chem+ 1 year lab)Public speaking or debateCMN 1
Physics PHY 7ABC or 9 seriesHuman behavior4 unit psycochology, sociology, or cultural anthropology: PSC1, SOC1, ANT2Psych: 4/5 fulfills human behavior prerequisite
Calculus8 units: MAT 16ABC or 17AB or 21AB or 21AB(H) Score of 4 or 5 (8 units) acceptable
Biochemistry, PhysiologyRequired: BIS 101 or BIS 102 or BIS 104 Recommended:ABI 102/103, or BIS 105, NPB 101
Touro University School of PharmacyGeneral Chemistry w/ LabCHE2ABCAP credit is accepted as long as such credit appears on the undergraduate transcript and indicates the specific subject credit (e.g. General Chemistry - 4 units) or specific course credit (e.g. Chem 101 - 4 units). AP credit without such specifications is not accepted2 Letters of Rec are required. One must be from a math/science faculty member, the other can be from anyone other than a friend, co-worker or family member but a letter from a pharmacist is preferred. The minimum GPA considered is a 2.75 | Class of 2017 cumulative GPA: 3.36 | Class of 2018 cumulative GPA: 3.28 | Class of 2019 cumulative GPA: 3.20 | Class of 2020 cumulative GPA: 3.15Deadline: November 1, 2019No
52 Chemistry w/ Lab (6 qtr units of Biochemistry may be substituted for the second semester of Organic Chemistry)CHE118ABC or CHE128ABC + CHE129AB
Human Anatomy (no longer required)EXB106 + EXB106L or CHA101 + CHA101L(Lab optional if NPB 101 also taken)
Microbiology w/ LabMIC 102 & MIC 103L
CalculusMAT16AB or MAT17AB or MAT21AB
Human Physiology (lab no longer requrired)NPB101, NPB101L
Western UniversityHuman Anatomy CHA 101, 101L (lab optional)Advanced Placement accepted if taken within the last 10 years (details not indicated)EnglishENG 3, UWP 1, 18, 19,101, 102, or 104 A-F May not be an ESLor literature course, Must be english dept. Mayb be taken outside US in ENG speaking countries.Advanced Placement accepted (details not indicated)One course in two of the following areas must be taken to satisfy the prequisite.Public Speaking/Debate, Social Science,Economics, Physics. All elective prerequisites with be waived with a baccalaureate degree.3 Letters of RecommendationMinimum: 2.75Deadline: March 2, 2020No
59 PhysiologyNPB 101, 101L (lab optional)Public SpeakingCMN 1Must be public Speaking, Not interpersonal communication courseAverage Cumulative: 3.44, Science: 3.33
MicrobiologyMIC 102 (Mic 103L optional)PsychologyPSC 1Minimum Cumulative and Science: 2.75
Gen Chem with LabCHE2ABCEconomicsECN 1A or 1B
O-Chem with LabCHE118ABC or CHE 8A & 8B CHE118B &118C or CHE128ABC + CHE129AB Required: 2 semesters (3 quarters) of electives (cannot be from the same department): Public Speaking/Debate, Social Science, Economics, or Physics
Biochemistry/MCBBIS 102,103, 104 (2 of the 3) or ABI 102 and 103
CalculusMAT 16ABC or 17ABC or 21AB or 21AB(H)
General BioBIS 2ABC (lab optional)
Loma LindaGeneral BioBIS 2ABC w/Lab"AP scores of 3, 4, or 5 may be used toward the first quarter of one-year series courses such as the first quarter of general biology, physics, chemistry, calculus or general psychology."Public SpeakingCMN 1*Those applying without a bachelor degree must also complete additional courses, further information can be found here: to 4 letters of reccomendation. Minimum of 3. One letter is required from a pastor or spiritual advisor. The rest are recommended from a science proffesor or health preofessional.Min: 2.75 cumulative and math/scienceDeadline: April 1,2020No
68 Anatomy (not required)CHA 101 (101L optional)PsychologyPSC 1Supplemental App is due 15 days after email sent
MicrobiologyMIC 102 & MIC 103L(optional)EconomicsECN 1A or 1B
General ChemistryCHE 2ABC w/LabEnglish Composition Applicants who earned bachelor degree in U.S. automatically fulfulls this category. If not, then student must take 9 quarter units of English Composition.
Organic ChemistryCHE118ABC or CHE128ABC + CHE129AB (Labs for all)Social and Behavorial Sciences Applicatns who earned bachelor degree in U.S. automatically fulfulls this category. if not, student must complete 16 quarter units of couses. Coures in history, literature, philosphy, regilgion, fine art appreciation/history, classics, and ethics.
General PhysicsPHY 7ABC or 9 series
BiochemistryBIS 102/103, or BIS 105, or ABI 102/103
CalculusMAT 16AB or 17AB or 21AB or 21AB(H)
Cellular and Molecular Biology (Strongly Recommended)Any MCB Upper Division, BIS 104
Histology (Strongly Recommended)
Immunology (Strongly Recommended)PMI 126 or MIC 162
Physiology (Strongly Recommended)NPB 101
Microbiology (Strong Recommended)MIC 102