NameWhat is your current location?Where have you lived? What are you currently doing with your life?Why do you want to be a G3S Mentor?What are some of your interests/hobbies?What can I come to talk to you about?
AlbertSanta Clara, CA Bay Area (South Bay) and Orange CountyI currently work as a marriage and family therapist.I want to be a mentor to help ease the path of any younger gay Asian folks or anyone who feels that they'd like some help regarding identity development. I have had to navigate this interesting and unique intersection alone with essentially no role models, and I know what it's like to try conceptualizing something when you can barely put a name to it. Ideally, I'd like to offer my insights and be a person of contact that other queer Asian folks feel comfortable talking to when they'd like to process something. I love analog forms of documentation, such as using planners and journals! I practice calligraphy when I have the time and journal regularly; I like the literal act of putting pen to paper, plus it's a great way to process things when I need some alone time.

I also enjoy taking leisurely walks and roller-blading!

I love (good) pop music, namely Carly Rae Jepsen who's a national hero. Oh I'm also super into video games and am a devoted Nintendo fan. My favorite games are Bayonetta, Celeste, Hollow Knight, Portal, Animal Crossing, Cuphead, Kirby, Rhythm Heaven, Splatoon, and The Messenger. My favorite genre of all-time is metroidvanias, and I will endorse Order of Ecclesia until I die.
Anything and everything! I love talking with other queer Asian folks about their identity development and how they've personally reconciled these two (or more!) identities. If that sounds like something that doesn't feel safe to do at the current moment, I'd gladly chat about anything else! I can't promise that I have an answer to every question or can relate to every experience, but I promise that I can be a curious and candid ear.
JesseGarden Grove, CaliforniaLos Angeles, Oaklandincoming corps member for teach for AmericaWhen I came out, I had to figure out a lot of things on my own: navigating the socal gaysian world, coming out, figuring out my identity, relationships, sex, ect. It would of been really nice to have someone give me some advice or support during this time, so i want to be that source of advice or support for someone elseanime, ru pauls drag race, concerts, raving, food adventuresThe intersectionality of being asian and queer, how to navigate the "gaysian" world, social issues, education, EDM, anime, and sex. ( What i mean is platonic and healthy conversations about sex. I think honest conversations about sex is important to make sure people know safe sex practices and how to navigate hook up apps. It can be risky for someone who is just starting to hookup. )
ThomasTokyo, JapanHong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, CaliforniaVideo production/editingI'm a good listener and think I've been through enough in life to give some advice. I also was a mentor at my college's Asian Pacific American Coalition for a couple of years. I'd like to give support to younger gaysians since I didn't really have that.-YouTube
-Spoken word
Anything and everything. I'm open to talking about coming out, dating, getting checked for STIs, job hunting, and living abroad.
ClintonChicago, IllinoisAnn Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, IllinoisI'm a barista at Starbucks, and also preparing for a life in law. Maybe.I'm not sure that I can. I don't know very much, and I also don't feel very lived, especially wrt being an out, gay man.

However, I feel like there are people that just want to be heard, and listening is what I do best.
My main hobby is all things tennis (playing, watching). Since becoming a barista, I have also taken an interest in learning about coffee (its origins, roasting, fair trade).

I also studied political science as an undergrad.
I'm confused about this question. With respect to being a mentor? I think anything.
Justin K.Taipei, TaiwanNew York City, Boston, Troy, NYStudying Chinese in Taiwan and working part time remotelyI have found friendships with some younger gaysians to be quite rewarding. When one had some relationship issues I listened to him and supported him during that difficult time. Also, after another broke up with his boyfriend, I became close with him as we shared stories of each of our breakups. I think this would be a good way to give something back to the gay community.-Software development
-Mandarin Chinese
-video editing
-self-exploration of emotions
-relationship issues
-feelings and emotions
-coming out
-any of my hobbies
-experiences as a half gaysian
JonCanadaCanadaMedical ResidentI feel like I am a fairly rational person, and that having a mentee would be a mutually beneficial relationship. Music, singing, dancing, food (esp Asian sorts and bubble tea), medicine, BroadwayAnything you would like! Relationships, experience, reflection, ranting, medicine, vocal techniques/music... I'm fairly open - although I do get busy.
BenjiBoston, MALos Angeles, San Francisco, Oslo, BostonGraduate Student in ChemistryI wish I had a supportive older gay person to talk to when I was younger and coming out and coming to terms with myself and my experience.VolleyballAnything you want, really.

I probably have the most experience with doing research, science related stuff, and talking through race related lgbt issues.
JamieYakima, WASan Jose, CA and BostonClinical Pharmacy Intern; training to be an Infectious Disease Clinical Pharmacist with focus on HIVI'd love to be a G3S mentor since I do see a lot of younger generations struggling with not just sexuality, but being gay in a world where the caucasian race is still highly favored. Being a person of color can be hard, especially when you do not live in an area where there is a lot of Asians. I also would like to be a G3S mentor because I personally have been through quite a bit in terms of not just relationships, but dealing with different types of people in everyday life whether gay or straight or female or male. Being street smart and knowing what's around you is highly needed in today's increasingly complex society.I love to play the piano and draw random things in my spare time. When I'm alone, I do take little walks to places, usually where there is water or lots of trees and plants. I am a die hard boy scout, and I love to go camping, hiking, and whitewater rafting. I am a swimmer at heart, which means that throw me in the water and I will stay there for a very long time. Some things that I do is go out for drinks and I have a huge liking for food; particularly Asian food of course, but also French-style food.My favorite thing to talk about in terms of my specialty is medications, first aid, and emergency preparedness whether that be in the wilderness or in the heart of the city. I love reading new studies when it comes to certain topics; specifically HIV and the LGBT community dealing with infectious diseases. You can also come talk to me about other things too, whether that be issues you may be having with life, or whether you are struggling with other people in general. I am very open, and I tend to be extremely blunt. I respect honesty, communication, and patience when it comes to every person.
JeremySan Francisco, CASan Francisco, San Diego, Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne, SydneyFinishing up a 3yr stint living abroadI'm a firm believer in the idea of paying things forward. We owe everything to those who have helped and guided us. And we must do the same. Gymming, swimming, running, photography, longboarding, travelingAnything and everything.
NackSan Jose, CASeoul (Korea), Santiago (Chile), Caracas (Venezuela), Bogota (Colombia), Pittsburgh (PA)Software EngineerAs cliché as it may sound, coming out to myself was more difficult than it should've been. If there's anyone who is going through growing pains or simply needs someone that they can talk to, I wish I can be the person that I wished I had.Ocean! Scuba diving is something that I love, which I don't get to do often now that the "real life" started.
Meeting new friends, and making friends for life is something that I really enjoy doing, although not everyone I meet are of that quality I look for...
Anything and everything. Quite literally.
FishLos Angeles, CASan Diego, Boston, Phoenix, ChinaMedical/Public Health StudentJeff and I created this program to create more personal connections among the online gaysian community. I would love to meet and get to know more people! TV Shows, reading, social justice, freshwater aquascaping, hiking, traveling, snoozing in the morning and being late for work, sleeping in on the weekendsAnything you want! Navigating gay world, dating, guys, body image, career, life, traveling, fishies, food, TV shows, etc.
EthanMenlo Park, CASoutheast Michigan, Beijing, HiroshimaEngineering Grad StudentI've benefited a lot from informal mentorship, and I'm now in a position to start paying it forward by sharing what I've learned from the people before me and providing mentorship to others! Also - something that's really helped me with my mental health is having people to confide in about my struggles and hopes and worries, and I've found it's been really rewarding to be in a similar position as an active listener for other people, too.Bioengineering, mechatronics, computer science, engineering/STEM in general; designing & building things; behind-the-scenes work for LGBTQ Asian American community organizing; kpop, science fiction, Asian American literatureMental health; parents (incl. coming out); being queer and/or Chinese American; Asian American history, community, and identity; emotional healing after trauma (incl. sexual violence); grad school (PhD & Master's) and PhD admissions; transformative justice & community accountability; being a college student; gender & genderqueer/nonbinary identity; interests/hobbies
Minghan & DarrelAuckland, NZ Singapore, NZ Studying in Uni and living with my boyfriend. Minghan: I believe I've got a lucky break as compared to many other people on that I'm surrounded by accepting and understanding friends and family. I (and my bf) would love to meet new friends and people in need of advice and support!

Darrel: Give back to the community, help people in need
Minghan: Talking, cooking, eating, playing the piano, teaching

Darrel: Running, investment, play games
Minghan: Relationships, random stuff, studies, sex, coming out, family, friends

Darrel: Relationships, military service (and being gay in it), family.
JimmyChicago, ILCentral/Shore New Jersey; New York City, NY; Baltimore, MDGraduate StudentTo hopefully provide guidance and advice for people who could benefit from my past experiences.Photography, video games (console and handheld, mostly Nintendo), reading books, trying new places to eat and new foods in general, and going on adventures!Pretty much anything! I may not have experience or advice for all situations, but I can always lend a listening ear!
MaxLos Angeles, CABerkeley, Yokohama, Orange CountyEducator To offer my experience as a Gaysian. Reading about sociology, cognitive science, psychology, and education. 3D printing, laser cutting, rapid prototyping and educational technology. Discussing and debating social issues and breaking social norms. Pretty much anything.
KevinNew York City, NYIthaca, NYSoftware EngineerI'd love to help out any way I can to our community.
If my experience can help a younger person out, it's a no brainer that I should share what I know. It'd be great if a solid friendship can come from it, too!
Also, thanks Fish for making me aware that I'm mentor worthy!
Learning languages - I took Cantonese in college, and did some basic Mandarin in HS. I'm done with Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese in Duolingo, and am currently learning German, Russian, Vietnamese, and Dutch. I also know some ASL, know the Korean alphabet, and know some basic Japanese.

Songwriting - I've made two songs so far, and intend on making more. I play guitar and sing, although my voice leaves much to be desired.

Weighlifting, Yoga, Jogging, Cooking/Eating, Board games, Party games, Movies/TV, Kpop
Anything, but especially: self-improvement strategies, which Amy Winehouse song is your favorite and why, why you still feel you can't come out to your family yet, commiserating about rejection
Justin S.Boston, MALA, San Diegomed studentAs one who has struggled myself growing up as a lonely gaysian, I fought hard to change this as a college student and am determined to continue expanding inclusion and education in my community. I have been both an LGBTQ mentor and mentee before and love sharing my experiences and journey with other like-individuals. boba, fashion design, musicAnything!
I am an open book. I have struggled to reconcile my Christian faith with sexuality, and am still in the process of doing so. This often comes up as an interesting topic of discussion with my mentors and mentees.
RajSan Jose, CAAlbuquerque, Los Angeles, Taipei, Singapore, The Netherlands, Geneva, Khabarovsk (Russia)GM of VR startup To be a source of support and perspective to other gay APIs that I didn’t have growing up. Travel, EDM, Gadgets, ReadingAnything, career, social issues, etc.
David Los Angeles, CANew York, NYDiversity/Advocacy work at UCLA. I really appreciate the chance to foster meaningful connections with others and I especially am drawn to the mission of the program to support someone else’s identity development and learn more about myself in the process. Karaoke, dancing, cooking/baking, photography, traveling, museums, beaches, video/movie/board game nights. Anything I hope! I’m not really judgmental and my goal is to be an open ear and sounding board for folks who are in need of support.