Tahni - BW/WIZ/MT - Lvl 15
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PC NameTahni Wyrmrider
Player NameRob Christie
Email Addressrob.christie3121@gmail.com
CampaignBonetown (and formerly of The Forged)
Height4ft 1in
Base Speed20ft
AlignmentChaotic Good
Immortal PowerMaab
ClassesBloodwitch 3 / Wizard 2 / Mystic Theurge 10
Hero Points4
Wealth (WBL)$221,735.00
LanguagesAbyssal (demons and other chaotic evil outsiders)
Celestial (angels and other good outsiders)
Common (humans and the core races from Races)
Dwarven (dwarves)
Giant (cyclopses, ettins, giants, ogres, trolls)
Gnome (gnomes)
Goblin (bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins)
Infernal (devils and other lawful evil outsiders)
Orc (orcs, half-orcs)
Sylvan (centaurs, fey creatures, plant creatures, unicorns)
Terran (earth-based creatures)
Undercommon/WoldianBelow (drow, duergar, morlocks, svirfneblin)
Tahni's hair is often unkempt, as she's not keen to wear the braids and beads like the rest of her kin. Everything else - her clothes and skin - remain clean. Her hands are soft having never worked in a mine in her life. She does bare scars on her back, arms and legs: a constant reminder of her time as a necromancer's captive. Her eyes are the colour of emeralds, and her skin quite fair from spending much time underground. She appears quite young for her age but has ventured the Wold since she was old enough to leave home.
On the back of her left shoulder she has a tattoo of the crest of the Grim Guard - the group she travelled with in the Scab.
On her right hip she has an arcane mark of a silver dragon, symbolising her devotion to Maab
The kerchief on her left wrist bears a High Woldian symbol for Maab (God + Woman + Life)
On the edge of the Scab, a group of dwarves (The Grim Guard) prepared themselves to enter the harsh lands.

Almost immediately upon entering the Scab the group found themselves in harms way. A group of Duergar trying to destory the main bridge into the Scab. The party thwarted this attempt, but in doing so met someone who would become a long time nemesis: Lila - a female duergar assassin, deadly with a crossbow. Lila would become responsible for the death of many dwarves in the Scab.

Riddeport was the first main village the group came across. The city was in ruins. A great explosion had destroyed the majority of the town, with rubble and small fires all about. The party thought the town deserted, but it wasn't to be. A group of necromancers converted all those who died in the blast into zombies! The party were all wounded but won the day. This group of necromancers - The Indigo Brotherhood - would always be a threat to the group
The adventures in the Scab were varied: venturing through woods and fighting giants and goblins, fighting a grick in a tunnel, dining with a nymph and treant, fighting a magma ooze atop a volcano, almost being captured by pirates, helping reclaim the ancient dwarven stronghold of Drakesmeade.

As time went by, Tahni and Bruagh (the paladin of the group) became closer. Some would say more than friends - and they would be right.

But that also meant greater danger. The necromancers used Tahni and Bruagh's feelings against them. To save Bruagh, Tahni handed herself over to the necromancers.

The torture and experimentation that Tahni underwent almost extinguished her spirit. A lesser person would have gone mad, but her will to be free and desire to see Bruagh again gave her the strength to go on. She is unsure how much time had passed, but Tahni finally found a way to escape - crawling her way through lava tubes to finally emerge in the Scab once more. Tahni credits Maab for protecting her from Mother Veolos.

She dragged herself across the Scab, crawling, stumbling, surviving on insects and animal carcasses, until she finally found a caravan that helped nurse her back to health. When she was finally well enough she made her way to Drakesmeade to return to her love. But Bruagh had gone - travelling the Wold to find Tahni. All that remained in his room was his bandana. Tahni now wears that wrapped around her wrist to keep his spirit close to her.

To this day, Bruagh and Tahni still search for each other.
Father - Gohan - is a smith by trade. He can fashion a blade but his real skill is with jewellery. Despite the equisite pieces of jewellery he crafts, he still believes that Alleah is his greatest achievement.

Mother - Mahri - is a healer, like her mother before her. Mostly she would treat some common illness, or tend to wounds from a mining accident, but occaisionally the odd adventurer would pass through her doors.

The family name Wyrmrider comes from her great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Fari. Legend tells that the poor guy was mining, when he came upon a cavern filled with mithral coins. He started running towards it, when all of a sudden he felt himself rising in the air. It turned out he'd stumbled into the lair of a white dragon and had woken it up. The dragon started to rise, but Fari hung onto the back of its neck for dear life. The monster tried, but couldn't manage to shake Fari loose, so took to the air. He fell off shortly after and landed in a snow field where he hid for days, terrified the dragon was still after him. He eventually made his way back to the village. After that, Fari earned the name Wyrmrider, and that name has passed through the generations.
Bruagh - Though not family (yet?) Bruagh is a significant other to Tahni. Bruagh’s dark brown eyes reveal his intelligence and wisdom, as well as an understanding that is almost unnerving for one of his age. He was severely burned by a Magma Ooze that completely engulfed him. It was an ordeal that nearly killed the tough old dwarf. His once long hair and beard were reduced to ash and his face and body were so scarred that hair would not grow back properly. He now keeps his head clean shaven and lets trims his facial hair to nothing more than a long, bushy goatee. His body is covered in about 60% scars.
(*DM Notes: Bruagh was played by Zach Ramage in the Forged campaignLink to Bruagh's PC sheet
Current Goals
#1 Above anything else, find Bruagh
Historical Information for DMs and Players
Tahni Wyrmrider was one of my earlier, and perhaps one of my favourite, PCs. She first appeared in the Forged campaign in 2010 travelling with the party through the Scab. Tahni was often the party healer and voice of compassion towards enemies. When I was asked to DM the Forged, Tahni became an NPC that the party regularly interacted with. This allowed the party - and in particular Braugh - to continue their relationship with her. When I was asked to DM another game I felt it was time to also remove Tahni from the game. Instead of the honorable exit that most PCs are given, Tahni (as an NPC) was given something darker. In a night battle with necromancers, Tahni sacrificed herself - allowing herself to be taken away/kidnapped in order to spare the life of her love: Bruagh.
Suprising to me was that Tahni's abduction would become a major and ongoing story arc. The party spent several modules adventuring in the Scab, but also with the focus on recovering Tahni. The Forged game eventually closed, but Tahni was never found. There was even talk of running a Tap game to allow the PCs to have resolution. Reintroducing Tahni (especially with a member of the original party: Terser) will allow for her story arc to be resolved, but also allow me to see her played to completion.
Bitly link: http://bit.ly/2vfA2wb
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