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DATETIMEValcour Room -- 45 seatsWillsboro Room -- 40 seatsShelburne Room -- 40 seatsKingsland Room -- 40 seatsDiamond I -- 110 seatsDiamond II -- 110 seatsAmphitheatre -- 70 seatsMaple Room -- 40 seatsEmerald Ballroom I -- 200 seatsEmerald Ballroom II -- 200 seatsEmerald Ballroom III -- 450 seats
Monday9:15 AMTiuFood SystemsCreating an aquaponics community of practice in FloridaCooperYouth ProgrammingYouth Leadership Academy: Building Resilient YouthYoungForestryAre You Ready for an Invasion?: Insights from the Ohio Emerald Ash Borer Experience.SheftallEnergyExtension office retrofit serves as demonstration platform for teaching alternative energy systemsHeadyLand UseConservation and Land Use Planning Extension: An Outcome-Based Approach to Engaging Municipalities in Natural Resource InventoryMouillesseaux-KunzmanEconomic DevelopmentThe CALS NYS Internship Program: An Engaged Learning Program Promoting Workforce Development, Civic Engagement and Vital CommunitiesMonroeClimate ChangeAdapting to the Audience: Sharing Information about Climate ChangeBurrTourism & RecreationPlanning for the Future of the Central Wasatch Mountains: Utah’s Mountain Accord Initiative and Central Wasatch Mountains Visitor Use StudyAyersCommunity ResiliencePathways to resilience for your county: extrapolating from the South (90 MIN)BilottaLand Use & Community PlanningCreating a Stormwater‐Green Infrastructure‐NEMO Community of Practice for Sea Grant and Extension Educators and Faculty (90 MIN)PlattenLeadership and Civic EngagementFacilitating Difficult Situations for Positive Results
KolodinskyFood SystemsChallenges and Benefits of Implementing and Sustaining a Cost-Offset Community Supported Agriculture (CO-CSA) Model from the Perspective of Farmers and Extension EducatorsGiraudFood SystemsFederally Recognized Tribes Extension Programs: Helping Tribal Communities Develop Resiliency around Food Security and Youth Development Programs.SaffellForestryOregon Forest Pest Detectors: Oregon’s first line of defense against invasive forest pestsAinleyEnergySkills for the Green Economy in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada: Green Economy ProfilesHornerCommunity Develoment - Land UseFostering Social Learning in Order to Promote Landscape StewardshipMcConnonEconomic DevelopmentFacilitating Business-to-Business Focus Groups to Enhance Community-Based EntrepreneurshipSchattmanClimate ChangeCommunication Navigation: Talking about climate change with farmers and landowners in the NortheastJonesTourism & RecreationNatural Resource Enterprises: Enhancing Landowner Incomes and Conservation on Private Lands in the USAIrelandLeadership and Civic EngagementBuilding Capacity in Collaboration and Conflict Management: The Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute
ZieglerFood SystemsGrowers Fare: Working with local partners and farmers to create innovative collaborative efforts to promote community supported agricultureFagerlieProgramming with Diverse AudiencesOpportunities for Disaster & Natural Resource Programming With Native American TribesGuptaForestryAn Extension Approach to Terrestrial Invasive SpeciesKaysEconomic DevelopmentUsing Forestry Sectors’ Economic Impact Data to Inform the Design of a Regional Extension Program to Promote Economic DevelopmentWerlingLand UseOSU Land Steward Program: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Private Land Management EducationJonesTechnology Tools & TechniquesHR4Ag & MainStreet: Managing and Mitigating Human Risk on the Farm, Ranch, or Small BusinessBehelEconomic DevelopmentEconomic Burden of Chronic Disease/Adverse Health Behaviors on A State’s PopulationMoellerTourism & RecreationRecreational Advancement at Summersville Lake in West Virginia - Find a Partner and Start DancingTerryWaterMoving from challenges to solutions: Rebuilding pathways of trust within watersheds to address water resources issues
ModeratorLaura Tiu,, ANREP; Robert Kluson,, ANREP; Maria Portelos-Rometo,, ANREPModeratorKris Parker,, NACDEPModeratorDiane Oleson., ANREPModeratorModeratorDean Solomon,, ANREPModeratorDeNae Gitonga,, NACDEPModerator
John Cobourn,, ANREP
ModeratorSteve Burr;; NACDEPModeratorConnie Mefford,, NACDEPModeratorLloyd Singleton, ANREP, lsingleton@ufl.eduModeratorKris Tiles,, ANREP, Univ of Wisconsin-Extension
Monday11:00 AMPortelos-RometoEnvironmental Ed- Food SystemsBuilding Resiliency through School GardensWorthleyForestry - WaterStormwise: Integrating research, management, and outreach to promoting storm resistant trees and resilient powerYoungForestryTrees on Tap: Why Plants Rule the EarthDerrickEnvironmental EducationEnhancing Environmental Awareness with a Butterfly HouseJanowiakClimate ChangeStrategies for Integrating Climate Considerations into Conservation Planning in Forestry and Agriculture (90 MIN)OntlClimate Change - ForestryClimate Change Adaptation in Northern Forests: Lessons from 150+ Demonstration ProjectsHamiltonCommunity Development - PlacemakingCommunity Design Impacts on the Health, Environment, and the EconomyDudensingCommunity DevelopmentWhat is Community Development?: Defining Extension CD Programs
HabeckerLand Use - Food SystemsDeveloping a Local Pollinator Protection Plan Using Community Development PracticesRocklerWater QualityIncreasing Stormwater Best Management Practice Adoption Rates by Integrating the Natural and Social SciencesWillisForestry - TechnologySimplifying Southern Pine Thinning with Stand Density Index (Pine Thin): A Smartphone ApplicationStraussEnvironmental EdUsing Citizen Science to Enrich Extension ProgrammingThompsonCommunity Resilience - CoastalAddressing Coastal Business Needs and Coastal Hazards: Business Resilience IndicesWooleryLeadership; PlacemakingStrong leadership and civic engagement: Tools for effective placemakingDoughertyProgram EvalutationFinding the Focus of Extension CRED Programming
BrainCommunity DevelopmentThe people side of natural resources community development work: Strategies for building excitement, commitment, and ownership in transitioning a mono-planted schoolyard into a perennial, water-wise, pollinator garden.DicksonWater - TechnologyMobile Outreach Tools for LID/Green Stormwater InfrastructureForrerForestryOur VT Woods: An Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Forestry Outreach and Education in VermontPrysbyLeadership; Environental EdVirginia Master Naturalists and Citizen Science: Expanding Capacity for Natural Resource Inventory, Monitoring, and ResearchOrlandoCommunity Resilience - CoastalINCREASING MARINA RESILIENCY TO COASTAL STORMS IN THE GREAT LAKESTurackLand UsePenn State Extension Land Use Decision-Making Webinar Series: Incorporating Multi-Disciplines into Land Use EducationBurbaughLeadership & Civic EngagementLeadership Development Approaches that Impact Social Capital Capacity
Moderator Garrett Ziegler,, Michigan State University Extension, NACDEPModeratorKaren Fawcett, CEDIK, University of Kentucky, NACDEP; karen.fawcett@uky.eduModeratorKris Tiles,, ANREP/ Univ of Wisconsin-ExtensionModeratorShelly Krueger,, ANREP, UF/IFAS Extension, Florida Sea Grant, Agnes Kedmenecz,, ANREPModeratorJohn Cobourn,, ANREP  ModeratorW. Daryl Jones,, ANREP, Mississippi State University Extension Service and Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries & AquacultureModeratorBrad Neumann,, NACDEPModeratorRachel Welborn,; NACDEP
Monday3:45 PMSmithEnergySharing Extension Outreach in Oil and Gas Impacted Areas: A "Round-Panel" DiscussionBohlingFisheriesLessons Learned Using Adaptive Management to Restore Fish Spawning HabitatRobertsCommunity Development“Friends of the Bluff”; a successful community stewardship project that channeled positive energy but left an important question unanswered.SaariEnvironmental EdDunes in Schools: A Success Story of Partnerships, Endurance, and CommunityValentineClimate Change - Food SystemsHow Do We Feed A City? Regulating Urban Rooftop Farms for Climate-Smart CitiesStrongCommunity Resilience - ForestryOregon Citizen Fire Academy: Building Wildfire Preparedness among Woodland Landowners, Wildland Urban Interface Communities, and BeyondTuckEconomic DevelopmentFacilitating Successful Community Conversations Using Economic DataWalkTourism & Food SystemsAgritourism: Uniting Community Development, Natural Resources and Local Food SystemsTorppaLeadership & Civic EngagementEffective Conversations with Public Officials (90 MIN)LongFood SystemsPromoting an empowered food system: a fresh perspective on the complex challenges within the community landscape (90 Min)ChazdonProgram EvaluationThe Emergence of Ripple Effects Mapping
RomichEconomic DevelopmentOil & Gas Boomtowns – A Process for Evaluating Economic ChangeBackmanFisheriesAdding Value to Alternative Gear Fisheries: Building Resilience in Lower Columbia Fishing CommunitiesBhaktaEnvironmental EducationRe-designing the Michigan Conservation Stewards Program as a Hybrid Learning Experience to Foster Community Conservation Capacity-BuildingSmithEnvironmental EdMoving Environmental Science Out of Project Books and into 4-H CampsInwoodFood SystemsHarnessing the Power of Hospitals for Local Food System and Community Economic DevelopmentWarrenCommunity Resilience - ForestryThe 2015 Wildfire Season in Idaho: A Potential Model of Extension Response to a Natural Resource EmergencyFrenchLeadership; Economic DevelopmentCooperative Extension and USDA-Rural Development: Helping Communities Set the Table for Economic DevelopmentStevensonTourismNaturally EscaRosa: Promoting Agritourism/Ecotourism in FloridaFlageProgramming with Diverse AudiencesDocumenting Ripples of Resiliency in Communities through 4-H Tribal Youth Mentoring
CserEnergyNot your Grandfather’s Bioenergy CouncilMalchoffFisheriesEnsuring sustainability Lake Champlain bass tournaments: biological research and Extension impactsSisockLand UseTalking to Realtors about Conservation: Engaging a New Audience to Influence Forest Landowner PracticePollockCommunity ResilienceIncreasing Community Resilience to Disasters with Civic AgricultureAitkenCommunity ResilienceWSU Extension’s Mudslide Team, Year 2: Evolution and InnovationBowen EllzeyEconomic DevelopmentBusiness Retention & Expansion Case Studies: A 30-Year RetrospectiveSingh-KnightsTourismInnovation and Collaboration in the Agritourism Supply Chain – Cluster Development and Implications for MarketingPapeLocal Government EducationUsing Ripple Effect Mapping to measure impacts of local government official education: The Citizen Planner Example
ModeratorBob Smith,, Virginia Tech, ANREPModeratorMary Derrick,, University of Florida Extension, ANREPModeratorJulie Crick;; Michigan State; ANREPModeratorConnie Mefford,, NACDEPModeratorModeratorJanean Creighton - ANREP janean.creighton@oregonstate.eduModeratorMarilyn Schlake,, NACDEP, University of Nebraska ExtensionModeratorLisa Chase;; NACDEPModeratorKris Parker, NACDEPModeratorJodee Ellett,, NACDEPModeratorRebecca Sero,, NACDEP
Tuesday8:00 AMLubischerFood SystemsHungry for Change: Working with Small Food Retailers to Close the Food GapHaskellCommunity DevelopmentHow Learning Circles Helped Public Libraries Build Stories to Communicate Public ValueTitchenellWildlife ManagementThe Ohio Community Wildlife Cooperative: Addressing the Needs of Local GovernmentsJacksonForestryUsing County-Level Online Public Records to Identify Forest LandownersHabeckerLocal Government EducationHelping Local Government Plan and Host Community Conversations About Issues that MatterTootleCommunity Resilience: Evidence and ApplicationsBlakely-ArmitageCommunity DevelopmentUnderstanding the Impacts of Fiscal Stress: Developing Community-Driven Indicator ModelsGaolachUrban Extension“Hot Shots, Dream Teams & Project-Based Extension”ElliottCommunity Development“Bridging the Initiatives – Energy, Climate Science and Sustainability” (90 MIN)FetterYouth ProgrammingRain to Drain – Slow the Flow: Experience this New Hands-on Stormwater Curriculum for Youth and Adults (90 MIN)NorthropTourism & RecreationHow your work impacts tourism: connecting with colleagues and resources
RyserFood SystemsSoftware for the Food Economy: E-Commerce Solutions for Food System PractitionersReedProgramming with Diverse AudiencesAll In: Building Positive CommunitiesCarnevaleEnvironmental EducationMeeting People Where They Are - Wildlife Wednesday Webinar SeriesSchultzForestryWasp Watchers: A Case Study for Collaborative EAB BiosurveillanceParkerLeadership & Civic EngagementRed Light, Green Light—Facilitation Tool for Mediation between Feuding OrganizationsBeaulieuCommunity DevelopmentIndiana’s Hometown Collaboration Initiative: Building the Long-Term Capacity of Rural CommunitiesLansfordLocal Government EducationLocal Government Bond Debt: Understanding Alternatives & ConsequencesFoxProgramming with Diverse AudiencesCompetency in the CityTurackPlacemaking & DesignEngaging Communities and Natural Resource Assets for Placemaking at Multiple Scales
O'NeillFood Systems“Growing” a Producer-Owned Food HubRothsteinLeadership & Civic EngagementR4. Relevant, Reflective, Remembered, Renewed: A phased approach to cohorts for community leadersCabreraEnvironmental Ed - WaterThinkWater: Building a movement of people who care and think deeply about waterWillisForestryAlternative Strategies for Mitigating Emerald Ash Borer Impacts in MississippiKayLocal Government EducationLocal Government Education on Polarizing TopicsSeroProgram EvaluationUsing a Multi-Method Approach to Examine Community WorkKooPlacemaking & DesignKentucky Trail Towns: Challenges and potentials for community and economic development and resource management planning
ModeratorDeNae Gitonga,, NACDEPModeratorSuzette Barta/ State Univ./NACDEPModeratorMary Derrick,, University of Florida Extension, ANREPModeratorErik Lovestrand,, ANREPModeratorConnie Mefford,, NACDAPModeratorCynthia Bond,, NACDEPModeratorAmy Rowe,, ANREPModeratorMartha Aitken NACDEPMark Megalos mamegalo@ncsu.eduModeratorDan Geller ANREPModeratorKaren Terry,, ANREPModeratorAndy Northrop;; NACDEP
Tuesday9:45 AMHatchCommunity DevelopmentBridging the skills gap: Extension framework and community pathwayHelebaTechnology & ToolsGearing Up Collaboration: WebconferencingCatanzaroForestryThe Future of Family Woodlands: Tools for informing legacy planning outreach and education (90 MIN)MissaghiEnvironmental Ed - TechnologyLessons Learned in Developing a National Online CourseClarkLocal Government EducationThe Local Government Leadership Challenge: Teaching Practical Leadership Behaviors to Strengthen Local Government Resiliency (90 MIN)Madhosingh-HectorFood SystemsAnalyzing Impacts of Local Farmers’ MarketsCookWater QualityRestoring the Health of the Green Bay Ecosystem: Linking Land Use to Water Quality Response Under a Changing ClimateDrinkwaterCommunity DevelopmentBuilding Community through Collaborative ArtLachapelleClimate ChangeCoordinating Extension Climate Education: A "Round-Panel" Discussion on Integrating ANREP and NACDEP ProgramsAbeelsLeadershipDeveloping Leaders To Spread A Sustainable MessageWhitmerLeadershipCommunity Engagement: Tools, Concepts, and Strategies for Improving Your Community Engagement Efforts
RaisonFood SystemsProfessional Development Training and Certification ProjectSchlakeYouth Programming - TechnologyTeaching by tablet: Digital delivery of Extension economic development curriculaBhaktaWater QualityIntroduction to Lakes Online: Effective Teaching Strategies and Lessons Learned From a Self-Paced Lake-focused Certificate CourseShidelerFood SystemsEconomics of Local Food System DevelopmentPhilyaw PerezWater QualityCommunity Development expertise to encourage water quality stakeholder engagement and priority selection.SchwartzPlacemakingThe Discovery Program: Place-based Learning Driven by Smart Phone TechnologyPardelloEconomic DevelopmentIlluminating current networks across community development and natural resourcesCarnahanClimate ChangeAssessing a Community’s Concern of Climate Change ImpactsMenonCommunity DevelopmentThe Art of Facilitation: Building Your Palette of Skills
TurnerFood SystemsAligning Food System Efforts across the SouthMadhosingh HectorProgramming with Diverse AudiencesUtilizing Film to Engage Diverse AudiencesAbeelsWater QualityOvercoming Barriers to Statewide Extension Program Implementation: Florida’s Water Schools for Decision MakersWeberFood SystemsThe Fostering Local Foods-Based Economic Development Strategies: Developing New Resources and NetworksVarsaYouth Programming - Water4-H Bay Stewards ProgramSalazarPlacemakingEnhancing the Value of Public Spaces: Guiding the Development and Implementation of Inclusive Action PlansPowerWater QualityGrowing a North Central Region Water NetworkCliffordClimage ChangeToward Climate Literacy: Engaging Extension in the ConversationKaysLocal Government EducationExtension’s Role in Educating Local Government Officials
ModeratorDeNae Gitonga,, NACDEPModeratorMichael Dougherty;; NACDEP ModeratorJulie Crick;; ANREPModeratorLauren Behel,, NACDEPModeratorBrad Neumann,, NACDEPModeratorBrigid Tuck, NACDEP, tuckb@umn.eduModeratorCarrie Stevenson, ANREP, ctsteven@ufl.eduModeratorNotie Langsford, Jr.,, NACDEPMark Megalos mamegalo@ncsu.eduModeratorBeverly Maltsberger NACDEP; Robert Kluson,, ANREPModeratorAshley Mueller, NACDEP; Robert Kluson,, ANREPModeratorDeborah Giraud;;NACDEP
Wed8:00 AMJonesCommunity DevelopmentCreating Resilient Communities through the Entrepreneurial Communities Activation Process (ECAP)GioeliWildlife Management - Citizen ScienceThe Everglades Invasive Reptile and Amphibian Monitoring Program (EIRAMP) – A Florida Master Naturalist Citizen Science Wildlife Monitoring ProgramCochranForestryMerging Urban Forestry and Community Development through the Establishment of a Memorial Tree Program in West VirginiaRichterWaterAgricultural Producers Pilot Phosphorus Water Quality Monitoring Project In NW Ohio Following the Water Crisis of 2014WalkFood SystemsGroupGAP – Food Safety Lessons from the U.P. Food Exchange pilotKaysForestryAgroforestry System Combining Deep-Row Applications of Biosolids, Short Rotation Wood Crops, and Reclamation of Mine SpoilsLeuciLeadership & Civic EngagementFindings from the pilot of an international community leadership program, a collaboration between University of Missouri Extension and University of the Western Cape, South AfricaHodgesTourismDestination Beautification – A Community Resource GuideBakacsEnvironmental Ed.The Rutgers Organic Land Care Certificate Program: An initial assessment, lessons learned, and recommendations for others.
Burkhart-KrieselCommunity DevelopmentShowcasing the Outside to Bring People InKrimskyEnvironmental EdWater Watch: Citizen Science Water Monitoring Programs for South FloridaMcConnellForestry & Community DevelopmentPonderosa Pine Needle Compost as a Catalyst for Community DevelopmentSwistockWaterMonitoring and Education for Harmful Algal Blooms in Pennsylvania Inland Ponds and LakesWillsFood SystemsTalking Kale and Cooking Kohlrabi: How Michigan State University Extension is helping growers and connecting with consumers in farmers marketsZamoraForestryEnhancing environmental and economic benefits of woodland grazing using SilvopastureLiepoldFood SystemsDeveloping Leadership among Men and Women Agricultural Leaders in MoroccoArbogastTourismWest Virginia Welcome: Improving the Skills of Frontline Hospitality Employees through Online and Classroom TrainingStienbargerEnvironmental Ed.Living on The Land: Stewardship for Small Acreages: 13 Years On
ModeratorMike Gaffney/ State Univerisity/NACDEPModeratorHolly Abeels,, ANREPModeratorChris Jones;; ANREPModeratorShahram Misssaghi (; Minnesota Extension, ANREPModeratorKari O'Neill,, SDSU Extension, NACDEPModeratorSanford "Sandy" Smith,, Penn State, ANREPModeratorDeNae Gitonga,, NACDEPModeratorDoug Arbogast;; NACDEPModeratorJennifer Taylor, ANREP;  Robert Kluson,, ANREPModerator
Wed9:15 AMDawsonCommunity Develoment - Food SystemsCommunity level freezing meets the health and sustainability needs of the 21st centuryCrickForestry - Citizen ScienceUsing Citizen Science for Early Detection of Invasive Forest PestsOlesonWaterIssues Associated with the Use of Untreated Roadside Springs as a Source of Drinking WaterMedicLand UseDavisYouth ProgrammingGood to the Last Drop or Not – Global Water Quality and Conservation Day CampNesbittLeadership & Community EngagementUsing a Futuring Process to Spark Opportunities and InnovationGalfordWater QualityExtension’s Role in Source Water Protection Planning in PennsylvaniaTangerForestry
WyattLand Use - TechnologyWeb-Based Preventative Blowing and Drifting Snow Control Decision ToolsClydeCitizen ScienceCitizen Science and Cooperative Extension: Methods for Engaging Communities Through Scientific ResearchGarkovichLand UseDefining and Preserving the Rural Agricultural Identity of South Kenton CountyTakacsEnvironmental EdThe 6-12 American Chestnut Education ProjectLucenteLeadership & Community EngagementHoly Toledo! 15 Years of Local Government Leadership Education: A Retrospective of Successful Leadership Development for Public Officials in Toledo, Ohio and BeyondRocklerLeadership & Community EngagementWatershed Stewards AcademyJacksonForestryWhite‐tailed Deer Education: Reaching Sportsmen and Women
ModeratorConnie Mefford,, NACDEPModeratorCarrie Backman,, NACDEP and ANREPModeratorModeratorModeratorMichelle Walk,,
Michigan State University Extension, NACDEP
ModeratorModeratorChris Jones;; ANREPModeratorJessica Ireland;; University of FloridaModeratorSanford "Sandy" Smith,, Penn State, ANREP
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