01 - Quantum / Nuclear Physicists Research Questions and Suggested Sources
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1JJ ThomsonWhat did JJ Thomson discover using his cathode ray experiments? What apparatus did he use to make his discovery? How did he use this apparatus to make his conclusions?How did JJ Thomson’s results advance our understanding of atomic models?
What technology was invented as a result of JJ Thomson’s cathode ray experiments?
2Robert MillikanWhat did Millikan measure in 1909 with his oil drop experiment? How did Millikan use electrical and gravity forces to make his famous measurement?How did Millikan’s measurement advance our understanding of atomic models?
What is electron microscopy? How does it work? What types of research are made possible by electron microscopy? Article 1Video
Article 2Prezi
Article 3
3Ernest RutherfordWhat did Rutherford discover while shooting alpha particles at atoms in 1909? What concept did Rutherford discover in 1902-1903 while studying radioactive decays? How did Rutherford’s scattering experiment advance our understanding of atomic models?
How are Rutherford’s radioactivity discoveries used in techniques such as carbon dating? What is carbon dating used for?Article Video
4Hans GeigerWhat tool did Geiger invent in 1911 to study radioactivity? What does it measure and how does it work? Geiger collaborated with Rutherford on what experiment?What types of things in earth and space science are studied using Geiger's tool? How does his tool enable us to study this phenomena?What are some medical applications for Geiger's tool?Article Video
5Albert EinsteinHow did Einstein explain the odd results of photoelectric experiments by Lenard involving light shining on electrons? Use Einstein's explanation to explain a graph showing Lenard's experiment results.How does the photoelectric effect advance our understanding of wave-particle duality? What is wave particle duality? Is the photoelectric effect an example of the particle or the wave nature of light? Explain your choice.What are some practical applications of the photoelectric effect?Article Video
6Werner HeisenbergWhat is the Uncertainty Principle? What does it mean? Provide experimental evidence for this principle.What limitations does the Uncertainty Principle set on position and momentum measurements? What equation describes those limitations and what does that equation mean? How is knowledge of the uncertainty principle being used to detect elusive gravity waves? How do these ultra-sensitive gravity wave detectors work?Article 1Video
Article 2
Article 3
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