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1Enerkemhttp://www.enerkem.comEnerkem is a cleantech company transforming waste into transportation biofuels, renewable chemicals and everyday products.Biofuel, CleanTech, Recycling, Waste ManagementMontr茅al, Quebec, Canada
2Loudspring is focused on funding and commercializing companies rooted in the Finnish clean technology industry.CleanTech, Financial Services, FinTechHelsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
3Bodle Technologies SRD® technology for a low-power display of vivid colours that doesn’t look washed out in bright conditionsAdvanced Materials, CleanTech, ElectronicsYarnton, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
4FreeWire Technologies, Inc. solutions and industrial IoT for the built environment.B2B, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy Management, Energy Storage, IndustrialSan Leandro, California, United States
5Amyris Biotechnologies Biotechnologies creates renewable products, focusing on fuels and chemicals.Chemical, CleanTech, Renewable EnergyEmeryville, California, United States
6Bloom Energyhttp://www.bloomenergy.comBloom Energy offers on-site power generation systems that can use a wide variety of inputs to generate electricity.CleanTech, Energy, Oil and Gas, Wind EnergySunnyvale, California, United States
7AeroFarmshttp://www.aerofarms.comAeroFarms, an urban agricultural and cleantech company, provides aeroponic growing systems to produce plants without sun or soil.Agriculture, CleanTech, HospitalityNewark, New Jersey, United States
8PassivDom Off-the-Grid 3D-Printed Smart House3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Construction, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, GreenTech, Hardware, Interior Design, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Product Design, Renewable Energy, Residential, SaaS, Smart Building, Solar, Sustainability, TransportationReno, Nevada, United States
9Aquion Energyhttp://www.aquionenergy.comAquion Energy is a company that manufactures sodium ion batteries and energy storage systems.CleanTech, Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Renewable EnergyPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
10Volterion Stacks and Redox-Flow Batteries for commercial bulk energy storage of renewable energy sources at lowest cost of storageBattery, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, SolarDortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
11Ather Energyhttp://www.atherenergy.comAther Energy is a start-up focused on designing and selling premium electric two wheeler for the Indian market.Automotive, CleanTech, Electric VehicleBangalore, Karnataka, India
12LanzaTechhttp://www.lanzatech.comCreating new economic opportunities for companies, communities and countries around the world.Clean Energy, CleanTech, Fuel, Natural Resources, Renewable EnergySkokie, Illinois, United States
13ENBALA Power Networkshttp://enbala.comEnbala Power Networks, a smart grid network, pays electricity users who create a more robust and reliable electric power grid.CleanTech, Energy Storage, Renewable EnergyToronto, Ontario, Canada
14Hyliion is developing a hybrid system for tractor-trailers, reducing their fuel consumption up to 30% with an ROI of less than 1 year.Clean Energy, CleanTech, TransportationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
15Heliatek is engaged in the development and production of organic solar cells with the ability to absorb a broad spectrum of light.CleanTech, Energy, Manufacturing, SolarDresden, Sachsen, Germany
16Primus Powerhttp://www.primuspower.comPrimus Power manufactures big batteries for the Smart Grid and scalable energy storage in a Zinc Bromine flow battery.Battery, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable EnergyHayward, California, United States
17WiTricityhttp://www.witricity.comWiTricity Corporation provides technology to enable wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance.CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, Energy, WirelessWatertown, Massachusetts, United States
18Phinergy develops breakthrough zero-emission, high energy-density systems based on metal-air energy technologies.CleanTech, Recycling, TransportationLod, HaMerkaz, Israel
19Prieto Batteryhttp://prietobattery.comPrieto Battery manufactures lithium ion batteries based on tiny or nanostructured materials.Battery, CleanTech, Renewable EnergyFort Collins, Colorado, United States
20The Ocean Cleanup Ocean Cleanup develops technologies to extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollutions.CleanTech, Natural Resources, Water, Water PurificationThe Netherlands, Europe
21Infinite Power Solutionshttp://infinitepowersolutions.comInfinite Power Solutions is a clean-technology company developing solid-state, rechargeable and thin-film micro-energy storage devices.CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, NanotechnologyLittleton, Colorado, United States
22Avista is an energy company involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of energy.CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, EnergySpokane, Washington, United States
23Pod Pointhttps://www.pod-point.comWe’re building the infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK & Europe.Automotive, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, GreenTechLondon, England, United Kingdom
24LightSail Energyhttp://lightsail.comLightSail Energy develops breakthrough, high efficiency energy storage systems using compressed air.CleanTech, Energy, Energy StorageBerkeley, California, United States
25Eos Energy Storagehttp://eosenergystorage.comEos produces cost effective energy storage solutions that are less expensive than other battery technologies.CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, Oil and GasNew York, New York, United States
26Lunerahttp://www.lunera.comLunera is an IoT infrastructure company that provides an ambient compute platform to connect billions of devices to the cloud.CleanTech, Cloud Computing, Commercial Real Estate, Energy Management, Green Building, Internet of Things, Lighting, Location Based Services, SensorSanta Clara, California, United States
27GridcoPendingGridco develops power management solutions for electric utilities.CleanTech, Energy Management, Hardware, Oil and GasWoburn, Massachusetts, United States
28Varentechttp://www.varentec.comVarentec develops advanced power electronic-based systems for electric grid and industrial applications.CleanTech, Electronics, ManufacturingSan Jose, California, United States
29Genomaticahttp://www.genomatica.comGenomatica manufactures sustainable chemicals from renewable feedstocks.Chemical Engineering, CleanTech, Renewable EnergySan Diego, California, United States
30Elevance Renewable Scienceshttp://www.elevance.comElevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. creates a range of valued specialty chemicals from natural oils. CareersChemical, CleanTech, Natural ResourcesWoodridge, Illinois, United States
31Joi Scientific developing clean, abundant and affordable hydrogen gas from water, on-demand, at the point of use. We call this Hydrogen 2.0.CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, Renewable EnergyMerritt Island, Florida, United States
32EnergyHubhttp://www.energyhub.comA real Time Monitoring & Controls System for Managing Household Power Consumption.CleanTech, Cloud Computing, Energy, Energy ManagementBrooklyn, New York, United States
33Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.http://www.jouleunlimited.comJoule Unlimited produces infrastructure-compatible alternative energy technologies that utilize sunlight and carbon dioxide.CleanTech, Energy, Oil and Gas, SolarBedford, Massachusetts, United States
34Acre Designshttps://www.acre.coAcre creates beautiful, simple and smart net zero homes.CleanTech, Construction, Real Estate, SustainabilityMountain View, California, United States
35Gridtential Energyhttp://www.gridtential.comGridtential Energy develops scalable battery architecture that improves energy density, cycling performance, and battery life.Battery, CleanTech, EnergySan Jose, California, United States
36Metamaterial Technologieshttp://www.metamaterial.comMastering Light using Smart Materials & Photonics. Changing the way we use, interact and benefit from Light.Advanced Materials, Aerospace, CleanTech, Medical DeviceDartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
37QBotixhttp://www.qbotix.comA solar panel that tracks the sun throughout the day produces up to 30% more electricity than one that does not.CleanTech, Hardware, SolarMenlo Park, California, United States
38Fulcrum Bioenergyhttp://www.fulcrum-bioenergy.comFulcrum converts household garbage into low-carbon transportation fuels, including jet fuel, diesel and ethanol.Biofuel, CleanTech, Fuel, TransportationPleasanton, California, United States
39Hammerheadhttp://www.hammerhead.ioHammerhead guides cyclists through their ride and analyzes their performance afterwards.CleanTech, Consumer Electronics, Navigation, Public TransportationNew York, New York, United States
40Sunpremehttp://www.sunpreme.comSunpreme is a solar company that designs and manufactures photovoltaic cells and panels.CleanTech, Energy, Manufacturing, SolarSunnyvale, California, United States
41Momentum Dynamics Corphttp://momentumdynamics.comMomentum Dynamics is a clean technology company developing a proprietary technology system.Automotive, CleanTech, Developer Platform, SustainabilityMalvern, Pennsylvania, United States
42Oasys Waterhttp://www.oasyswater.comOasys Water develops energy and resource recovery products that address the growing, global water crisis.CleanTech, Industrial, Water, Water PurificationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
43Liquid Environmental Solutionshttp://www.liquidenviro.comLiquid Environmental Solutions provides liquid waste-related services, helping companies reduce their overall environmental impact.CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, FuelIrving, Texas, United States
44Flow Laboratories, Inc.http://www.flowlabs.comBringing real-time water insightsClean Energy, CleanTech, WaterSunnyvale, California, United States
45Goby is the leading energy management, sustainability reporting, and invoice automation platform for the commercial real estate industry.CleanTech, Cloud Data Services, Consulting, Energy Management, Information Technology, SaaSChicago, Illinois, United States
46Aquam Corp is a world-leading cleantech firmCleanTech, Health Diagnostics, InfrastructureSan Diego, California, United States
47Redwood Systemshttp://www.redwoodsys.comRedwood Systems provides LED lighting system architecture that enables customers to reduce energy costs.Architecture, CleanTech, Energy ManagementFremont, California, United States
48GMZ Energyhttp://www.gmzenergy.comGMZ Energy develops thermoelectric energy conversion technology for cooling and power applications.CleanTech, Energy, Energy ManagementWaltham, Massachusetts, United States
49Renmatixhttp://renmatix.comEnabling the green revolution by providing the bridge to renewable materials.CleanTech, Energy, Renewable EnergyKennesaw, Georgia, United States
50Elio Motorshttp://eliomotors.comElio Motors manufactures an ultra-high-mileage vehicle.Automotive, CleanTech, TransportationPhoenix, Arizona, United States
51HydroPoint Data Systemshttp://www.hydropoint.comHydroPoint Data Systems develops various irrigation system controllers for residential and commercial landscape applications.Big Data, CleanTech, Internet of Things, Smart Building, WaterPetaluma, California, United States
52ViZn Energy Systemshttp://www.zincairinc.comViZn Energy Systems develops sustainable energy storage solutions for transportation and smart grid applications.CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, TransportationColumbia Falls, Montana, United States
53TerraForm Global Global is a dividend growth-oriented company, or 'yieldco'Clean Energy, CleanTech, EnergyBethesda, Maryland, United States
54Xeroshttp://www.xeroscleaning.comXeros is a clean technology company focused on the development of “virtually waterless” laundry cleaning.CleanTech, Water, Water PurificationRotherham, Rotherham, United Kingdom
55Solumhttp://solum.agSolum mission is to make agriculture easier and more productive.Agriculture, CleanTech, SaaSAmes, Iowa, United States
56Natron Energy Energy is an early-stage start up company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.CleanTech
57CarbonCure Technologieshttp://www.carboncure.comCarbonCure Technologies creates, develops and licenses solutions that consume waste CO2 to make better concrete.CleanTech, Construction, ManufacturingHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
58Paygo Energy Energy is a distribution service that harnesses the power of pay-as-you-go-technologyCleanTech, Cooking, Renewable EnergyNairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
59Tecogenhttp://www.tecogen.comTecogen natural-gas-fueled, engine-driven Combined Heat and Power (CHP) products are bridges to a sustainable energy future, lowering cost.CleanTech, Energy, Industrial, Mechanical EngineeringWaltham, Massachusetts, United States
60ClearEdge Powerhttp://www.clearedgepower.comClearEdge Power produces fuel cells that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.CleanTech, Energy, Renewable EnergyHillsboro, Oregon, United States
61Sonnedixhttp://sonnedix.comSonnedix Solar is a global power producer dedicated to produce low-carbon solar energy for the future.Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy, SolarRennes, Bretagne, France
62Tulip FDA Approved formula, for a clean you expect, but a taste you do not.Clean Energy, CleanTech, Service IndustryNew York, New York, United States
638minutenergy Renewableshttp://8minutenergy.com8minutenergy Renewables is the nation’s largest independent developer of solar PV and energy storage projects.CleanTech, Energy, Renewable EnergyFolsom, California, United States
64Zenith Robotics Robotics is building the platform to route all multi-robot systems.CleanTech, Fleet Management, RoboticsSanta Monica, California, United States
65TransPodhttp://www.transpodhyperloop.comTransPod Inc. is a company dedicated to bringing the Hyperloop to reality.CleanTech, Infrastructure, Transportation, TravelToronto, Ontario, Canada
66Rayton Solar Solar utilizes a proprietary technology to manufacture solar panels 60% cheaper and 25% more efficient than the market standard.CleanTech, Renewable Energy, SolarSanta Monica, California, United States
67Serious Energyhttp://www.seriousenergy.comSerious Energy sells, manufacturers and delivers acoustical and thermal solutions to the “built environment” through its iWindow brand.Building Material, CleanTech, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Natural ResourcesSunnyvale, California, United States
68General Compressionhttp://www.generalcompression.comGeneral Compression develops advanced compressed air energy storage technology that produces low-cost, dispatchable clean power.CleanTech, Energy, Energy StorageNewton, Massachusetts, United States
69Bio Architecture Lab Architecture Lab is engaged in the development of low cost, scalable, and sustainable biomass.Chemical, CleanTech, Fuel, Renewable EnergyBerkeley, California, United States
70Renegade Brands Brands provides safe and high performance cleaning products.Brand Marketing, CleanTech, Consumer Goods, Laundry and Dry-cleaningOhio, Illinois, United States
71China Everbright Internationalhttp://www.ebchinaintl.comChina Everbright International Limited is focused on the development of environmental protection businesses.CleanTech, GreenTech, Natural ResourcesHong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
72OwnEnergyhttp://www.ownenergy.netNational leader in mid-sized wind energy development who partner with energy entrepreneurs across the country to develop 30-100 MW projects.CleanTech, Energy, Wind EnergyBrooklyn, New York, United States
73Solsticehttp://solstice.usSolstice is a cleantech startup providing community solar through a digital marketplace and customer management platform (Saas).Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Non Profit, SolarSomerville, Massachusetts, United States
74Cobalt Technologieshttp://www.cobalttech.comCobalt Technologies develops, produces, and commercializes biofuel production technologies.Biofuel, Biotechnology, CleanTechMountain View, California, United States
75Retroficiencyhttp://retroficiency.comRetroficiency offers a building efficiency intelligence platform that delivers actionable insights for energy service providers.Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy EfficiencyBoston, Massachusetts, United States
76Competitive Power Ventureshttp://www.cpv.comCompetitive Power Ventures is an electric power generation development and asset management company that creates clean energy supplies.Asset Management, CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, EnergySilver Spring, Maryland, United States
77First Derm (iDoc24 Inc)https://www.firstderm.comiDoc24 Inc digital health company with a portfolio of dermatology applications (First Derm) that provides professional advice on skin care.CleanTech, Health Care, Medical, mHealth, TelecommunicationsBerkeley, California, United States
78Danotek Motion Technologieshttp://www.danotekmotion.comDanotek Motion Technologies developed generators and electrical conversion systems for alternative energy and transportation applications.CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, EnergyCanton, Michigan, United States
79Regency Energy Partners Energy Partners is a growth-oriented, midstream energy partnership engaged in the gathering, contract compression, processingCleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, Oil and Gas, Renewable EnergyDallas, Texas, United States
80Mistboxhttp://www.mistbox.comMistbox dramatically boosts the efficiency of air-conditioning units and saves users 30% on their cooling bills.CleanTech, Consumer Electronics, Internet of Things, Smart HomeHouston, Texas, United States
81Aurora Biofuelshttp://www.aurorainc.comAurora Biofuels, now Aurora Algae, produces premium, algae-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutrition, aquaculture and fuels markets.Biofuel, CleanTech, PharmaceuticalHayward, California, United States
82Zero Energy Systemshttp://www.zeroenergysystems.comManufacturer redefining the multi-billion dollar prefab industry with automation, speed, pricing and tools new to the whole industry.Advanced Materials, Building Material, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Construction, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Smart Building, Supply Chain ManagementCoralville, Iowa, United States
83Hydration Labshttp://www.h4hinitiative.comHydration Labs is a Somerville-based company .CleanTech, Incubators, WaterSomerville, Massachusetts, United States
84Pinnacle Engineshttp://www.pinnacle-engines.comPinnacle Engines develops and commercializes internal combustion engines for transportation and stationary applications.CleanTech, Energy, TransportationSan Carlos, California, United States
85Transonic Combustionhttp://www.tscombustion.comTransonic Combustion is a cleantech company developing fuel injection systems.Automotive, Clean Energy, CleanTechCamarillo, California, United States
86Water Health International International provides de-centralized, scalable, safe and affordable water solutions.CleanTech, Water, Water PurificationIrvine, California, United States
87Sono Motors Motors‘ goal is to end the use of fossil fuels in exchange for sustainable mobility.CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, SolarMunich, Bayern, Germany
88GoSun offers breakthrough solar technology that provides practical fuel-free cooking solutions and more!CleanTech, Consumer Goods, Energy Efficiency, Impact Investing, Outdoors, Renewable Energy, Solar, SustainabilityCincinnati, Ohio, United States
89Amonixhttp://www.amonix.comAmonix, a solar power system developer, manufactures concentrated photovoltaic commercial solar power systems for tropical climates.CleanTech, Manufacturing, SolarTorrance, California, United States
90HaloSourcehttp://www.halosource.comHaloSource is a clean water and antimicrobial technology company developing solutions that makes water clean enough to drink.CleanTech, Industrial, Water PurificationBothell, Washington, United States
91Mascomahttp://www.mascoma.comMascoma is a biofuel company that produces cellulosic ethanol made from wood and switchgrass.Biofuel, Biomass Energy, Biotechnology, CleanTechBoston, Massachusetts, United States
92Mandulis Energyhttp://www.mandulisenergy.comDevelops renewable energy projects in emerging marketsAgriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Biomass Energy, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, Emerging Markets, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, SustainabilityLondon, England, United Kingdom
93Segetis is transforming the chemical industry by offering unique material properties, cost effective economics.Biotechnology, Chemical, CleanTechMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
94Conserthttp://www.consert.comConsert is engaged in the design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution and management networks.CleanTech, Energy Management, Real TimeSan Antonio, Texas, United States
95Cambridge Clean Energy Ltd.http://www.cambridgecleanenergy.comRevolutionizing the way energy is delivered to emerging markets. Clean-Tech firm focused on innovation and distributed energy as a serviceClean Energy, CleanTech, EnergyLondon, England, United Kingdom
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