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Friday, Dec. 11, Salazar Hall, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
Project Name Project Web SiteProject Description (2 lines Max.)CoursePresentation Room
Kevin TharpSMS-based Sensor Monitoring sensor system utilizing SMS (text messaging) to transfer data from remote areas.ES4932009
Bill Collins, Marcos Almonci, Jason GhiraldiniWireless Solar Power Management System system to capture and archive solar system performance data and present it remotely. ES4922009
Matt HosackSpectral Optimization Through Spatio-Acoustical Monitoring system that provides a means to monitor the spectral qualities of a room with the use of a microphone.ES4922009
Senior Design Project Fall 2010/Spring 2011
Student Name (Full Name)Project Name Project Web Site (2011)Project Description (2 lines Max.)Presentation Room
Adrian Fierros, Wei Chia Chen, Brooks HanleyCCAB- Copeland Creek Aquatic Bank system that monitors water quality and sends the data to a remote computer.2009No Permission (J. Ou)
Chris Dennison, Kyler ConnellyFOCS - Fairfield Osborn Climate Station a wireless climate station2009a
Philip Brault, Daniel SanchezMicro-Wind Turbine Generator and test a micro-wind turbine module based on the specifications of the AGlobal Tech, LLC design.2009a
Senior Design Project Spring 2011/Fall 2012
Student Name (Full Name)Project Name Project Web Site (2012)Project Description (2 lines Max.)Presentation Room Abstract
Dustin Farwell & Michael Chastain Wattcher - This project is a localized wireless sensor network (LWSN) capable of monitoring water, gas, or power usage. In this project, we will focus on measuring power consumption at a standard 120V outlet. Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster- iHub
Senior Design Project Fall 2012/Spring 2013
Student Name (Full Name)Project Name Project Web Site (2013)Project Description (2 lines Max.)Presentation Room Abstract
Ben ValdovinosBT-Boxhttp://www.benvaldo.comThe BT-Box is a general purpose Bluetooth based data acquisition system that connects computers or smart phones to sensors. Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster- iHubThe BT-Box is a general purpose Bluetooth based data acquisition system that connects computers or smart phones to sensors. BT-Box’s technology is general purpose and its applications are diverse. Connect an accelerometer breakout-board to its IO ports and it becomes a fall-detecting device, aiding in the medical field. Plug in a temperature/humidity breakout-board and it becomes a remote weather station. Data can be stored on a microSD card or transmitted via Bluetooth
Branden KessellImplementing Feedback for Motion Control Systems objective of the project is to implement an FPGA-based feedback protocol to an existing motion control system in collaboration with Parker Hannifin Corporation. The feedback protocol is Hiperface DSL and is the newest and fastest protocol on the market currently. Video Describing the project: Mountain Business Cluster- iHubLink to final presentation:
Senior Design Project Fall 2013/Spring 2014
Student Name (Full Name)Project Name Project Web Site (2014) Project Description (2 lines Max.)Presentation Room Abstract
Eric Waugh & Chio SaephanSenCell objective of this project is to design a solar powered, cellular enabled, and modular system that can monitor conditions of its surrounding environment and relay that data to an end user.Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster- iHubThis system will consist of two basic nodes: (1) a sensory node that is placed into the field
to gather data and (2) an internet enabled central server which collects sensor data
from the sensory nodes for the user. The sensory nodes will communicate with the
server using the GSM/GPRS cellular network. Using a PIC microcontroller and a
GSM/GPRS modem, the sensory node will have the ability to send collected information
to the remote server for analysis by the end user. Data will be made available to
the user in the form of a comma separated value (CSV) file, containing both timestamps and data parameters for each sensory node. The first iteration of the system will be deployed onto Sonoma State University's Fairfield-Osborn Preserve.

Scott Parmley & Angelica MendezSmarden The Smart Garden objective of this project is to create a smart garden. This garden will be controlled wirelessly connecting three nodes to monitor, control, and collect temperature, humidity, and soil moisture data.The purpose of this project is to create a self serving garden system that can collectand measure temperature data, humidity, light intensity, and soil moisture data.With this data the garden system will be able to water itself and turn on misters.The data will be collected with wirelessly through Xbee modules using the 802.11.4 Zigbee Protocol. The will need to be powered properly to last several years.
Rafael Diaz, Joshua Disbrow, Luis ReyesEye Guide objective of this project is to create a device to help the visually impaired navigate safely. It will provide verbal warnings to alert the user about obstacles.The Purpose of this project is to design an ultrasonic mobility aid that can detect
obstacles for the blind. Eye Guide has three forward facing sensors that send an
ultrasonic pulse, listens to the returned pulse and calculates the distance using an Arduino
microcontroller. The microcontroller transmits the calculated distances wirelessly,
through a Bluetooth module, to a smartphone’s phone application. The phone application
interprets the distances to give appropriate verbal warnings to the end user as needed to
avoid obstacles.
Senior Design Project Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Jon Porrazzo, Campbell Smith, Erik objective of this project is to integrate a smart smoke detector with a WiFi repeator to improve WiFi connectivity and notify users of a incident over the internet. Typical IEEE 802.11 WiFi signals from wireless routers are relatively weak when it comes to their power levels and range. Because of this, traditional installations of WiFi routers in dwellings and industrialized settings can have fairly restrictive zones of performance, and can suffer a great deal of attenuation depending on obstacles which may be located between the connection of the device and the router.
Casey WhiteSelf Powered GPS Helmet transparent patch antenna with solar panel atop a helmet for a wearable electronics platform.Sal 2001Even in today's connected world, we never feel like we are too far from civilization. However, there are times when we find ourselves disoriented and have lost track of our location. Fortunately technology has advanced far enough, thanks to the information age and innovations in sattelite based navigation, that often this type of situation isn't as life threatening as it was even 50 years ago. The type of problem that we run into today is that the amount of gear that we become laden with is burdensome. The next generation in electronics will be systems that are integrated into our clothing and protective gear.
Ryan Russell & Frank MonforteLaundry Now objective of this project is to implement a sensor network system that will allow users to easily monitor the status of washers and dryers in the laundry room of their apartment complex.Sal 2001Laundry Now is a system that is intended to make the process of doing laundry more efficient. It is designed to be used in apartment complexes or dorm housing laundry rooms and it will allow residents to easily check if washers or dryers are available or in use. This system will also report the number of cycles each machine has completed, allowing property management to see which machines are being used and how much. By keeping track of the number of cycles a machine has been used, it can help facility management determine when repairs or maintenance may be needed.
Andrew Kreidle & Maram SalamehArtificial Doorman monitoring and security system that will notify the user of arrivals via texts messages and email notifications. Sal 2001The objective of this project is to design a simplified home security system, this system will monitor a home’s surroundings and allow the user to lock or unlock their doors using a cellphone or computer. The system will include a motion sensor that will be placed on the door to trigger a camera when necessary, and a piezo element to ensure the door is opened after the proper authorization. Notifications regarding knocks, open doors and arrival pictures will be sent to the users email and phone.
Graham BlacksmithSmart Ozonator ozone generatorSal 2001Monitoring of environmental conditions and controlled generation of ozone
Eduardo Williams and Arnulfo Pureco Passive Wireless Pavement
Sensor road paivenet quality through nodes that haveGeophone sensors. Data will be send wireless and save in a SD card that could be analize through Matlab and google maps. Sal 2001A system such as this is applicable for general purpose, to measure real time status of pavement condition. The application for this system is beneficial for the safety of daily commuters, for the durability of tires and safety of the drivers. This system will consist of two nodes: (1) a sensor node that is placed into a car to gather data and (2) wireless enable central base station, which collects sensor data from the nodes to be viewed by the user. The sensory nodes will communicate with the base station using Xbee transmitter with a specific IP address assign to the wireless node sensor. Using an Arduino and an Xbee, the sensor node will have the ability to store the collected information onto a SD card. Data will be available to the user in the form of a visual graph, containing both timestamps and data interpretation for the sensory node.

Alyssa Afa'ese, Alberto Martos, Joe GorenWeather Satellite Receiverhttps://WSR2015.wordpress.comThis project implements an RF base-station system used for receiving weather satellite images via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association(NOAA) satellites. The design uses the MC13135P Motorola integrated chip which utilizes dual-conversion IF as well as achieving FM channels. In series, an Si535i oscillator is controlled via Arduino Nano MCU and is used to achieve variable frequencies. Images detected by NOAA are converted through audio output to PC software support, recovering the captured satellite images. The receiver supports Automated Picture Transmission (APT) , listening to the National Weather Report (NWR), FM as well as variable frequencies.. Salazar 2001The Weather Satellite Receiver 2015, much like a base or groundstation, will consist of a quadrifilar helical antenna, a micro-controller, as well as radio on the back-end. The micro-controller will control the LCD display which will have an array of different features on its menu. The features include tuning to FM, National Weather Report, Weather Satellites (NOAA), as well variable frequencies. It will include speaker, as well as audio output which will allow for PC connection through soundcard. The received Weather Satellite signals will be converted to actual images through software and readily available for users via CPU.
Josh Aguirre, Samuel OnojafePrime Parking Parking is designed to count how many cars are in a certain parking lot on campus. This information can be viewed by students and faculty through a server which can be accessed via mobile device or computer.Salazar 2001The count will be incremented and decremented with two ultrasonic distance sensors. The PIC microcontroller will be hooked up between the sensors and the zigbee. The zigbee will be used to send the car count to our server. With the server up and running close to real time, Students/Faculty will be able to view the information prior to arriving on campus. The count will also be displayed at the parking lot on a LCD screen.
Paul RingleinInteger-N Frequency Divider IC design objective of this project is to design a unified frequency divider capable of generating a range of frequencies used by numerous wireless communication standards.Salazar 2001Today there exists many different communication standards. Mobile devices that interface with multiple standards require an easy way to change between these different standards and to select channels for communication. One approach is to implement a programmable frequency divider that, when used in unison with a phase-locked loop, can synthesize the various frequencies and channel spacing dictated by various wireless communication standards. This project explores the development of an integer-N frequency divider for use in wireless standard and channel selection. The goal is to design an IC capable of interfacing with numerous established wireless communication standards.
Senior Design Project Fall 2015/Spring 2016
Jesse Ford, Omar AlvarezMicrobial Fuel Cell Sensor objective is to create a system that can record the values from a microbial fuel cell and have them saved to a flash drive and be uploaded to a website.
Anthony Hargrove, Juan SotoSense-It device for the visually impaired that notifies the wearer when they have reached their destination.SAL2001Our goal is to assist the visually impaired while they attempt to navigate public and private buildings away from home. Sense-It could be installed nearly anywhere and when a person carrying our compact receiver passes by it, they could be notified what exactly it is that they have passed. By using Bluetooth and RFID, we can ensure that the our device is compact and light weight. If the device is connected to a smart phone, like an Apple or Android device, the user could use their built in assistive technologies like SIRI and Voiceover to receive a more detailed message from Sense-It.
Brandon Carter, Nickolas FikratVortex Laser Cannon objective is to create a system that illuminates smoke rings from a vortex cannon
Jorge Inocencio, Richard Duong, Chanbora Uch AutoCart a golfcart to allow a basic form of autonomy. SAL2001In the future, all vehicles will have some form of autonomy. Current autonomous systems use varierty of sensors and computers to dictate the cars movement. This project will explore autonomization of a golf cart using sensors and MCU's to process data and control the cart. the goal is to create a system that can safely navigate itself through a predetermined course with no human intervention.
Sarah Memmer, Kyle GoshiaSmart Table a solar powered charging station and a weather sensor network to empower students and make a smarter campus.SAL2001Smart Table is an outdoor solar powered charge station, in the form of a picnic table, that also monitors and stores data of environmental parameters. Being comfortable today often means having technology that has a limited charge and often times need to be recharged throughout the day. The Smart Table will provide a platform for students, professionals and everyday people to sit down and recharge their devices outside, in a location remote from an outlet power supply. In addition weather data will be collected for comparison to the power production of the charge station.
Tyler Spott, Tyler WeissMobile Data Logger mobile device with the ability to wirelessly detect data-collecting sensors, collect their stored data, and store it all on a localized SD card in an organized fashion.SAL2001With our technology we want to make it so someone gathering data would only need to be in close proximity to the sensor to induce an automatic transfer of data to a back pack housed device. This would allow streamlined data gathering from hard to reach sensors making for a faster and easier process. A system like this would be a great help for people who want to gather data over a large land mass with unfriendly terrain. The problem now is that with many sensors, manually finding and connecting each sensor to a computer is very time inefficient. A sensor could be high up in a tree and it would be impractical to remove the sensor every time you needed to gather data. This problem is important to anyone wanting to gather data with a busy schedule.
Jarrett Baglietto, Blake Sack, Jenifer NunnSOMO - Solar Generator Control Unit Solar Generator Control Unit which monitors the outside environment and allows the generator to respond accordingly.SAL2001The purpose of this project is to create a control system for a Mobile Solar Generator. This product is intended to work with a renewable energy product to replace a noisy fossil fuel generator. By adding a control system we would like to allow the Mobile generator to be remotely surveyed indicating both charge of the battery and the power being produced by the system. We would also like the system to self regulate by turning on a fan to keep system operational as well as when weather conditions or daylight wanes to self retract we would also like the system to be able to self deploy through the press of a button.
Danny Galvez, Juan MaganaWater Monitoring system water monitoring system is a new solution to monitoring your water tank and well.SAL2001. This new innovation makes monitoring your well easy by wirelessly transmitting data back to a main hub. The self-sustaining warning system will have two shutoff valves that will stop flow if the tank has exceeded a high limit or if the water is below a low limit.
Senior Design Projects