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Grant awarded June 2017Grant awarded June 2017
CAN Invest/Bright Red Dot is a charity trading as a social enterprise. Our mission is to help charities and social enterprises become more sustainable and deepen their impact, which we deliver by providing premises, advice and funds. For the advice strand, CAN Invest provide consultancy and capacity building to help VCSEs with:

• Impact readiness – ability to understand, deliver and improve social impact; and
• Business readiness – ability to win and deliver contracts and/or sales.

Why choose us?

1. The CAN Invest team have worked with 100+ VCSEs
2. We specialise in capacity building techniques and bottom-up approaches to leave a lasting legacy for both frontline staff and management
3. We have been successful in securing support for our clients as an approved provider of Big Potential, ICRF, IRF and other programmes
4. We believe that working in collaboration with other providers can maximise benefit for our clients

We look forward to hearing from you! to work with Speakers Trust Ltd.
Crellin Consulting was estabished in 2008 by Debbie Crellin. We provide professional consultancy services across the public, private and third sectors. These services are focused around the themes of Business, People and Place. We focus on the core delivery areas of:

1) Social impact - social value outcomes, impact measurement and data collection, evaluations, performance improvement
2) Bidding forGrants and Contracts - e.g. larger scale grants and public sector health and local authority tenders
3) Business Planning/Feasibility Studies - usually for new products / services or capital projects and linked to social investment.

Crellin Consulting has strong social values and purpose: 'through provision of our services we strive to enable communities and individuals to prosper, particularly where those areas or individuals represent communities that are the most excluded or disadvantaged due to health, gender, race or poverty etc.

Our aim is to help organisations increase their income and grow. Our core delivery areas help organisations to become more financially sustainable, maintaining, increasing or improving their service delivery and performance.

80% of our customers are individual charities or social enterprises, although we do also undertake tendering for some local private SMEs (as these provide local jobs). Most of our third sector customers employ between 5 and 20 people, through we have undertaken impact evaluations for housing associations that employ 200 plus staff. Most are loca area based chrarities, though we have a number of regional and national customers based in Yorkshire and customers based in the North West, North East and East Midlands. Sectors include - employment, skills and regeneration, community anchors/hubs, health, heritage, faith, housing, environmental (natural environment) and women's organisations.

We operate an associates model - all commissions are managed and quality assured by Debbie Crellin. We work with several trusted associates, with whom we have an excellent long term working relationship, to add skills and capacity. We have PL and PI to £5 million.

For social impact, IT systems support, we work with 'All my Systems' a local Huddersfield based company that develops microsoft dynamix based CRM systems.
Data Orchard Orchard's vision is for a world enriched and empowered through data. We combine specialist skills in research, statistics, and data, with shared passions for making the world a better place socially, economically and environmentally. Our mission is to enable organisations to use data for better decisions and a positive future. Our aims are to:
• Gather, explore, and analyse data for clients;
• Build organisations' data skills and capabilities;
• Promote the importance and value of data for good.

We primarily work with charities, social enterprises, public sector clients, networks and cross-sector partnerships. Our key services are:
• Impact Evaluation
• Service Evauation
• Needs Analysis
• Data Audits
• Data Maturity Assessments
• Training and Advice
• Data Analysis
• Data Collection
• Survey Design
• Consultation and Engagement
• Digital Tools and Systems Advice

The value we deliver to our clients is:
• Insights and evidence of their outcomes and impact.
• Analysis of current and potential reach and engagement with stakeholders.
• Understanding of the quality of their data and how to improve it.
• Insights into trends, patterns and opportunities.
• Identified efficiencies e.g. cost savings, tools improvement, and targeting service.
• Increased skills and capabilities in collecting, managing and using data.
• Improved impact definition and measurement.
• Evidende for income generation.
• Data protection compliance.
• Improved policies, products, and services.
• Identifying the right questions to ask/and problems to address.
David Waterfalldavid@dpwaterfall.comI'm an experienced and efficient self-employed consultant, drawing on over 15 years of varied expertise working across the country to support charities and social enterprises — helping them increase their social impact and diversify their income, especially where the end goal is securing investment or contracts.

I’m easy to work with and would be pleased to have an informal chat to see if I could offer anything of use for your organisation.

“David provided advice and guidance throughout, and has helped to ensure that our procedures enable us to adopt a more pro-active culture focused on strategic priorities, outcomes and KPIs. This has resulted in a process that everyone can trust and ‘buy in’ to. This is a first for our organisation. Our support was flexible and aligned with our own timescales, and has left us with a new approach to impact management.”
Eastside Consulting trading as Eastside Primetimers delivers nationwide through a unique member model of experienced consultants. We focus on helping Senior Managers and Boards grow and develop pioneering organisations, bringing alive their ambitions for greater impact and financial sustainability. We provide impact and social investment services to a wide range of social enterprises, in conjunction with funders. Our team of impact specialists have experience of working alongside organisations, starting from where they are, and transferring skills so that impact measurement becomes day-to-day and drives decision making. We have found that while organisations know they should do measurement better, they get lost in the morass of advice and consultant-speak and appreciate it when were are able to simplify it, work it through with them in relation to what they actually do and, most importantly, help them use it to win to work with Chiltern Rangers CIC and Mencap Liverpool.
Good Economy Partnership (The) The Good Economy Partnership is a social advisory firm focused on the role of business and finance in creating an economy that works for everyone. We provide advisory and data analytic services to investors, business, government and social purpose organisations. Our work includes helping develop practical, user-led social impact measurement and management systems. We have a small core team and work with experienced associates on the delivery of projects.

For us, impact management starts with your organisation; your pathway to effectively and consistently delivering on your intended outcomes for your stakeholders (and recognising and avoiding negative outcomes). Our experience is that all parts of an organisation contribute to impact, and that understanding and operationalising this is at the heart of good impact management. This means working with the entire organisational system - theory of change, strategy, quality and performance management, HR management, risk management, information systems (including impact measurement), organisational culture & learning and governance. to work with Empire Fighting Chance.
Hall Aitken Associates Aitken have offices in Manchester, London and Glasgow. We work with VCSE organisations to create and deliver the maximum social and economic value from your activities. We work on your wavelength, strengthening your opportunities to win further contracts and investment. Our hands-on guidance and bespoke approaches will help you turn your plans into a realistic and sustainable impact management strategy. Our approach is participative and engaging to grow your ability to quantify, report on, increase and ‘get paid for’ your impact. We have developed dynamic tools and engaging approaches to create a Theory of Change and support performance management. We are experienced in financial modelling, programme and service design. We have expertise in building dashboards and we worked with the Social Value UK network to create their SV readiness tool. And we have helped organisations attract investment of up to £500,
Helmepark Ltd was established in 2005 and has delivered in excess of £4m of client assignments with charities and social enterprises across a broad spectrum of public policy areas.
Our work with clients is based on a passionate belief that successful impact management is achieved through Insight - the development of an ever deepening understanding of the relationship between purpose (what you want to achieve) and practice (the work that you do). Helmepark Ltd is a strong advocate of Theory of Change recognising it as the starting point for impact management and making more of a difference. The application of Theory of Change is a particular area of expertise.
We provide the full range of support required to successfully implement an ongoing cycle of insight-driven impact management including: strategic and operational planning; performance measurement; and performance management and improvement.
Simon Penhall is the co-founder and Principal Consultant for Helmepark Ltd. to work with YMCA North Tyneside.
Independent Academic Research Studies International Institute (IARS) IARS International Institute was informally set up in 2001 to act as an international network on youth matters. Since then we have expanded our remit to cover three areas work: Youth, Equalities and Justice. IARS is now recognised as one of the world's leading user-led Institutes with a mission "To give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society". Since our inception, we have been providing voice and educational programmes as well as non-profit research, evaluations, policy and networking serices of local, national and international significance. We are focused on empowering the most marginalised communities through direct service delivery, while enabling organisations to achieve, measure and improve their social impact. We deliver our mission;
• By empowering margainalised individuals of our society (e.g. young people, abused women, refugees, asylum seeking women, victims, offenders) through accredited educational programmes, mentoring and one-to-one support;
• By acting as an international network of youth NGOs bringing together people and ideas, communicates best practice and encourages debates on current social problems; • • By carrying out action research and evaluation that is independent, credible, peer-reviewed, user-led, focused and current;
• By supporting individuals and grassroots organisations to carry out their own initiatives to shape decision-making and society, and by helping them to maximise their social impact;
• By being an authoritative, independent and evidence-based voice on current policy matters. As part of our Insitute's charitable mission, we offer tailored, independent, credible and evidence-based services helping social ventures from around the world to measure and improve their impact, develop outcomes frameworks and drive efficiency.

We use the Theory of Change and have structures to provide support at the highest standards locally, nationally and internationally. We were one of the approved Cabinet Office providers for the Impact Readiness Fund and we were originally involved in the structuring of the evidende London hub Project Oracle. Our existing research infrastructure includes our international Academic Board and Research Ethics Committee, a peer review journal and IARS Publications. IARS is a CPD accredited training provider and all our training sessions have been developed on extensive research. IARS is an approved member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. This means that IARS work adheres to high ethical standards and we have several kitemarks. Indicatively, our portfolio includes; We are the independent evaluator of the MOPAC funded Restore: London criminal justice service, looking at the quality of the delivered interventions, measuring their impact for victims and offenders and creating datasets and recommendations for the delivery and continuation of the service. We are leading on the 5-year evaluation of the BLF Realising Ambition 'The Anne Frank Trust's Schools and Ambassadors programme aiming to reduce prejudice.
inFocus Enterprises Ltddamian@impactinfocus.comInFocus is a social impact consultancy firm, supporting partners to improve lives and transform communities worldwide. Our focus is to build the skills and capabilities of social change professionals and organisations to work more innovatively, effectively and collaborately. We work across three inter-connected support areas, as key drivers for social change: Effective Planning for social change; Measuring & Learning for social change; Building Powerful Partnerships for social change.
We work with many different types of clients, recognising that NGOs, governments, private sector, community groups and individuals all play a unique role in the social change process, requiring the development of capacity, capabilities and skills at many different levels and across different sectors.
Our consultancy team is passionate about the work we do, combining decades of practical experience working in the field as social entrepreneurs, with specialist research, evaluation and learning expertise. We adopt a highly customised approach to each client project we undertake, recognising each clients' unique needs and operational contexts.
Our Effective Planning for social change services include participatory strategic implementation planning that brings together a clear vision for the future, clarity about potential barriers to progress, and innovative strategies to overcome them. Strategies are then translated into a realistic and actionable implementation plan.
We also develop theories of change, in a range of different locations and contexts and with organisations of different sizes, including major funders such as the IOC and United Nations to smaller, community-based, local organisations.
Our Measuring and Learning for social change services include our social impact measurement capacity building services that support organisations to conduct social impact measurement through monitoring, evaluation and/or research. This aids the organiations in monitoring the performance of their activities, identify improvements and communicate their most important results more powerfully. We help organisations to focus upon and measure the most important and relevant changes for their organisation.
InFocus also conducts independent, external evaluations of highly complex problems, programmes and organisations for various clients, in sectors including sport for development, gender equality, health and wellbeing.
Finally, InFocus also runs online learning communities (or community of practice) that bring together organisations to exchange knowledge, share methods and results and map out both commonalities and differences in approaches to improve the quality of programme delivery by identifying and disseminating good practice.
Investing for Good for Good (IFG) is a leading impact intermediary. We have worked with many of
the UK’s leading charities and social enterprises, social investors and intermediaries,
providing the full range of advice and tools necessary for effective impact measurement
and evaluation.
We have published two market leading best practice guides based on extensive research,
The Good Analyst and The Good Investor. We have a deep understanding of current impact
measurement practices among our peers, following our most recent publication, Oranges
and Lemons, as commissioned by Big Society Capital. We provide practical consulting
services based on the core findings of these publications in the areas of impact
measurement, analysis and strategy. We also conduct independent impact ratings and
For charities and social enterprises, we work with them to articulate their impact strategy
and provide them with practical and relevant frameworks and tools (including the use of
technology) which allow them to monitor, track and manage their impact over time. For
investors and grant makers seeking to incorporate social impact into their portfolios we
provide a range of impact advisory services. These services touch on every stage of the
investment process and advance the investor/grant maker towards best practice.
As a SIFI we are highly familiar with the funding constraints that many charities, social
enterprises and community-led organisations face in the current economic climate. Our
vision is a market place that encourages, supports and enables the positive use of money to
effect social change. We also undertake capital raising and other corporate finance
activities, having been responsible for bringing to market innovative social bonds and
structured funds.
Iridescent Ideas CICgareth@iridescentideas.comIridescent Ideas CIC is a social enterprise providing business advice. Our vision is a social enterprise company. We have three aims:

1. Providing business support: including advice on social impact that helps to create and grow social enterprises
2. Shaping the future: to see more social enterprises creating wealth and jobs and tackling social and environmental issues
3. Influence: to influence policy-making to help grow a social enterprise economy.

Our services cover four main areas: starting up social enterprises, support with finding finance, growing social enterprises and proving social impact. Our impact services include: developing social impact frameworks; creating social impact reports; helping organisations market their impact and undertaking project and organisational evaluation.

We were delighted to be a "Highly Commended" finalist in the Social Impact Category at SEUK's Social Enterprise Awards 2016. We were a finalist in the Social Enterprise Mark's national 'Making a Mark' Social Impact Award in 2016.

We are a full delivery partner in the £1.5 million, EU funded, Enhance Social Enterprise programme for Devon and Somerset. We deliver social impact expertise. We are approved providers to the Heart of the South West Growth Hub for social enterprise business advice.

We are partners in a Plymouth City Council contract to deliver business planning and social enterprise support: delivering regular workshops and advice on social impact management, development and reporting. We deliver social impact management workshops for the Schools for Social Entrepreneurs in Devon and Cornwall and for Seedbed - a £1.2 million social venture incubator funded by the Cabinet Office. Key examples of our work are:

1. Why impact? White paper on social impact reporting written in 2014, nationally researched by us.
2. Eden Project Big Lunch Extras: we did an impact critique for this £2 million national scheme.
3. Livewell Southwest - we have written a social impact report for the UK's largest health and social care provider.
Locality (UK) is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organisations, working together to help neighbourhoods thrive.

Our national staff team works all around England and our head office is in London. We are a team of friendly and hard-working community-sector professionals working to support our members, community organisations and the communities they serve.

All our work aims to inspire local communities to change and improve.
• We help people to set up locally owned and led organisations
• We support organisations to exchange ideas and best practice on community asset ownership, community enterprise and social action
• We work to influence government and others at national and local level to build support and investment for the movement
• We run major national programmes to support and empower local communities
• We provide practical hands on support for community organisations to expand and grow and to measure their impact
Measuring + Managing the Good
(Volunteering Matters, Coalition for Efficiency and DataKind UK) + Managing the Good
(delivered by Volunteering Matters, Coalition for Efficiency and DataKind UK as joint providers)

The Measuring + Managing the Good approach is founded on the basis that you and your staff are experts in your field and in the social issues you are addressing. We build a diverse support team around you which is made up of business mentors and data scientists from the private sector who are committed to supporting the social sector by volunteering their time, energy and skills.

We will guide you through a structured process to help you meet your impact management needs and become a more results-driven and evidence-based organisation. For the support to be long-lasting, staff at every level will be involved in the process so that your organisation can fully take ownership and embed impact management in its culture, leaving you in a strong position to attract and secure future funding. to work with Noise Solution Ltd.
Mutual Ventures is a socially-focused consultancy with extensive experience of working with VCSEs across various sectors to develop their commercial skills in order to become sustainable organisations.
We offer a range of impact management support including:

Definition and measurement of social impact (including theory of change);
Design of data collection systems and tools;
Embedding an impact management culture;
Communicating your impact

We also support organisations with contract and investment readiness support, strategy development, service redesign, financial modelling, process improvement and leadership coaching to embed culture change.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to co-design packages of support. We are committed to ensure that learning is fully embedded within the organisation so they build their own capacity and capability to use our tools and methodologies long after our support ends.

We hold a strong track record, having been approved provider on a number of programmes supporting organisational growth.
Pro Bono Economicsjulia.grant@probonoeconomics.comPro Bono Economics was set up in 2009 to help social ventures (charities, social enterprises
and other non-profits supporting social impact) to understand and improve the impact and
value of their work through high quality yet low cost consultancy. Since then, we have
engaged with over 300 organisations on data advice, economic analyses of interventions
and research to support advocacy and campaigns. As well as providing social ventures with
much needed skills and expertise, PBE provides skills-based volunteering opportunities and
has attracted 500 volunteers who are professional economists from the public and private
sectors and academia.

Our strategy going forward is to use our knowledge to change the debate and practice
about social impact using the unique insights we have gained from individual projects. We
will achieve this through a rolling focus on selected issues and sectors, chosen to reflect the
value we can add through our knowledge of economics, our experience and our networks.
For 2017-2022, we have chosen a central focus on wellbeing, supported by strands of work
in: 1. Education; 2. Employment; 3. Mental health and Resilience; 4. Complex needs (which
covers people living at the edge of communities who are vulnerable to homelessness,
addition and debt).

Through our experience and deep understanding of the sector, we drive best practice and
influence debate through key activities:
• Individual studies for social ventures operating in our four focus areas. Our projects are
effectively scoped and based on an organisation’s needs;
• Supporting individual social
ventures to achieve organisational aims and objectives based on the findings from their PBE
report, for example public recognition of the value of their work/scale of a problem,
attracting social investment, making an appeal to commissioners;
• Synthesising our large body of work to knowledge share and provide thought leadership for the sector (e.g. guides
and toolkits);
• Share and develop our knowledge through key partnerships (examples: we
have commenced a three-year partnership with Power to Change, an endowment fund
focused on reviving community business in the UK; we are partnering with Jump Projects
and the Centre for Social Justice on interventions related to sport; we have partnered with
Chicago Booth to deliver thought leadership events, establish a PBE “fellow” focused on
project synthesis and research and are working with university’s social investment and
innovation hub);
• Share findings from our wider work with policymakers and
With a view to: • Advocate to ensure policy, practice and legislation in our four core areas
of focus are evidence-based and lead to meaningful and measurable impact.
Pulse Regeneration Regeneration is one of the UK’s leading Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector specialists for over 16 years. We support a wide range clients, helping them to grow, develop sustainability, and increase their impact.

Our service is delivered by a highly skilled and dedicated team with many years’ experience of working in and leading Third Sector organisations.

Based in Liverpool and Greater Manchester, we provide services throughout the North West, wider North of England and also nationally.

Our approach is based on close partnership working with all our clients and developing a detailed understanding of their needs.

We are able to carefully guide clients through the application process and provide follow up expert grant funded support covering many different aspects of Impact Management.

We also work in partnerships and are able to provide strong project management skills and lead multi team based approaches to draw in additional specialisms School Sport CIC
Renaisi Ltda.thornton@renaisi.comRenaisi is an award-winning social enterprise, supporting people and places to thrive. We are dedicated to supporting disadvantaged communities and are unusual in being a frontline delivery organisation, as well as a research and evaluation consultancy.

Our team has 17 years’ experience of supporting charities, social enterprises, community groups, local authorities and funders, specialising in evaluations and impact management advice. We work with organisations at all stages of development, from small start-ups to large multi-million pound funds. Our team of researchers and analysts are experienced in supporting organisations to develop the impact management systems they need to generate good quality data, and use it well.

We can support you with all stages of impact management, including Theory of Change development and implementation; outcomes frameworks; quantitative and qualitative measures; process mapping and systems development; and data analysis. Our team has a range of subject expertise and we work across all areas of the social sector.
Social Enterprise Acumen Enterprise Acumen CIC (SEA) was established in 2012 by Kate Welch OBE DL FRSA to create real change in communities and empower people to develop enterprising solutions to meet social and economic challenges. Social Enterprise Acument is a specialist provider of social enterprise and community business support, bringing together a core team and associate consultants with exceptional experience of inspiring social entrepreneurs and delivering enterprise and place-based capacity building programmes.

The main areas of business are to:
1. Inspire, engage and support early stage social entrepreneurs to plan, start and develop their social enterprises
2. Work with organisations that want to be more socially enterprising to increase their income generation through trading and increase their social impact
3. Improve the ecosystem of support for social enterprises in the North East of England
4. Work with partners to develop social enterprise solutions to address need and market gaps

Our services include training, coaching, business advice, consultancy, investment readiness support and social impact measurement. We also run the North East Social Entrepreneurs Network, the North East Community Business Club and the North East Social Enterprise Festival which showcases and celebrates the regions social enterprise sector. We also lead on the Social Enterprise UK Social Enterprise Places programme for Durham.

We have substantial experience of supporting social enterprises and community businesses gained from contracts including; National Offender Management Service ESF co-financed programme (2012-2015) developing the capacity of community businesses to win public sector contracts, UnLtd as a delivery partner on, Lead the Change, Do it for Real and Spaces for Change from 2013-2017, Social Entrepreneur in residence at Teesside University (2013-2015) and delivering investment readiness support as an improved provider for the Impact Readiness Fund in 2015/2016 and Big Potential from 2015.

Current commissions include; The Office of the Policy and Crime Commissioner (County Durham & Darlington) to build upon the sustainability and capacity of small, community organsations so that they can continue to support victims of crime in their local communities as well as researching and developing measures for the social impact of that work. We are also delivering support for Sunderland City Council to help community organisations take on the running of the library buildings as asset transfers, developing financially sustainable community businesses whilst maintaining a library offer.
Sinzeremma@sinzer.orgSinzer is a social impact consultancy that offers an impact management software tool that organisations can use to map, measure, report, manage and maximise their social impact consistently.
Benefits of our IT solution include:
• Off-the-shelf impact management frameworks, customised to fit your needs as well as the option to create bespoke ones
• Set and customise indicators and targets
• Efficient data entry on inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts
• In-built survey module to collect data from beneficiaries and other stakeholders
• Collect data over multiple periods and monitor trends and changes
• Dynamic dashboard for visualising and analysing results
• Export reports in various formats (Word, Excel)
• Approved by Social Value International:

We welcome cooperating with other providers in the Impact Management Programme, in which we envision our contribution as providing the IT system that captures and supports the consultancy delivered by another provider.
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