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Grant awarded June 2017Grant awarded June 2017
Provider nameContact emailOrganisation overviewWebsiteHome RegionArea coveredRegions primarily work inSector ExperienceAreas of ExpertiseStatus
NENWYHEMWMEELSESWEmploymentHousingIncomePhysical HealthMental HealthFamilyCitizenshipArtsEnvironmentBuilding impact measurement toolsDeveloping impact plansIT Systems supportPerformance managementData management & analysisDeveloping new products & servicesCulture changeLeadership developmentProgramme design/theory of change facilitationReviewing external evidence
Adrian Ashtonadrian.ashton2@gmail.comAfter reading business in Cambridge, I worked with one of the top 100 PR consultancies in the UK before taking on various management roles within a wide variety of social enterprises, community organisations and more ‘traditional’ enterprise support bodies.
These experiences enabled me to ‘turn around’ an ailing specialist social enterprise support agency into a nationally recognised body and gained me recognition as an authority on social enterprises from local, regional and national organisations including government departments and Bank of England.
I have used this position, along with my knowledge of the changing environment and policy context in which social enterprises operate, to deliver support to local groups and national projects to high acclaim. This appreciation has been not only from the direct individuals and communities my work has impacted upon, but others, including support agencies and international governments. It has also led to my being invited to be an occasional writer for national and regional publications and having opportunity to influence national policy and legislation.
Aleron Partners Ltdhugh.taylor@alerongroup.comAleron is a social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and governments to create positive change in society. We believe that good impact management is an iterative, cyclical, data-oriented process, and we build it into the heart of all the work we do with our clients. We work with our clients, both small and large, local and national, to achieve effective change within five key impact stages:
• Define impact strategy, benchmark and understand impact objectives – through interactive workshops and developing strategic impact plans
• Develop tools and processes to ensure success – using best practice impact measurement and performance management tools alongside staff training
• Analyse data – deep-dive analyses of performance and impact data, focusing on actionable insights
• Report on progress to facilitate decision-making – designing intuitive reporting tools, dashboards and data visualisations
• Build a cyclical performance improvement process– working with leaders to embed impact management into strategy and decision making
LNationalXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXFunded to work with Action West London and London Irish Centre
ATQ Consultants (UK) aims to ‘Answer the Question’ put to us by the organisations we work with.
Our approach to impact management is entirely pragmatic. We help social ventures assess whether they have the data they need to understand the impact they achieve, and if they need new processes and systems to support better impact management. We then help them use data on outcomes and impact to improve their performance, change what they do and even develop entirely new solutions. We also help ventures become more sustainable by using the performance data they have to demonstrate their effectiveness to funders, commissioners and social investors, or develop outcomes-based contract propositions and Social Impact Bonds.
We have proven experience as a successful provider under both rounds of the Impact Readiness Fund, the Big Potential Fund, Investment and Contract Readiness Fund and Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund. For further details, please contact us or visit
CAN Invest/Bright Red Dot is a charity trading as a social enterprise. Our mission is to help charities and social enterprises become more sustainable and deepen their impact, which we deliver by providing premises, advice and funds. For the advice strand, CAN Invest provide consultancy and capacity building to help VCSEs with:

• Impact readiness – ability to understand, deliver and improve social impact; and
• Business readiness – ability to win and deliver contracts and/or sales.

Why choose us?

1. The CAN Invest team have worked with 100+ VCSEs
2. We specialise in capacity building techniques and bottom-up approaches to leave a lasting legacy for both frontline staff and management
3. We have been successful in securing support for our clients as an approved provider of Big Potential, ICRF, IRF and other programmes
4. We believe that working in collaboration with other providers can maximise benefit for our clients

We look forward to hearing from you!
Cogent Ventures Ventures was formed in May 2012 with the specific purpose of providing business advice services to VCSE organisations that are involved in the provision of health, social care and community focused services including supported accommodation.

Our approach to impact management is about putting impact maximisation at the heart of the strategic agenda. Services can then be developed that will achieve lasting positive outcomes for targeted beneficiaries. When this approach is supported by the development of robust performance management systems our clients see opportunities to improve and also to communicate impact to commissioners and funders.

Social impact services include:

• Development of theory of change
• Impact led strategy development
• Evidencing and valuing social outcomes and impact
• Impact led development of new services
• Calculation of social return on investment
• Reporting systems development
• Social impact marketing.
We also support our clients to win contracts, raise social finance, and with Tax & VAT planning.
David Waterfalldavid@dpwaterfall.comI'm an experienced and efficient self-employed consultant, drawing on over 15 years of varied expertise working across the country to support charities and social enterprises — helping them increase their social impact and diversify their income, especially where the end goal is securing investment or contracts.

I’m easy to work with and would be pleased to have an informal chat to see if I could offer anything of use for your organisation.

“David provided advice and guidance throughout, and has helped to ensure that our procedures enable us to adopt a more pro-active culture focused on strategic priorities, outcomes and KPIs. This has resulted in a process that everyone can trust and ‘buy in’ to. This is a first for our organisation. Our support was flexible and aligned with our own timescales, and has left us with a new approach to impact management.”
Eastside Consulting trading as Eastside Primetimersgraham@ep-uk.orgEastside Primetimers delivers nationwide through a unique member model of experienced consultants. We focus on helping Senior Managers and Boards grow and develop pioneering organisations, bringing alive their ambitions for greater impact and financial sustainability. We provide impact and social investment services to a wide range of social enterprises, in conjunction with funders. Our team of impact specialists have experience of working alongside organisations, starting from where they are, and transferring skills so that impact measurement becomes day-to-day and drives decision making. We have found that while organisations know they should do measurement better, they get lost in the morass of advice and consultant-speak and appreciate it when were are able to simplify it, work it through with them in relation to what they actually do and, most importantly, help them use it to win something.LMulti-Regionalxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Get the Data the Data helps organisations to demonstrate their impact on society. Our cutting edge approach to impact management is underpinned by robust method, rigorous analyses, and cost-effective data collection. Our defined services provide you with data to measure your performance, learn how to improve and prove your impact on society. These services combine to provide a highly persuasive business case to funders and commissioners.
We are especially keen to hear from organisations that work in our specialist areas:
1. Offender rehabilitation: we are helping our clients to tailor their services and prove reductions in risk, needs and reoffending.
2. Youth education, employment and training: we are helping our clients by using impact data to identify service innovation to reduce NEETs, and to complete definitive impact studies.
3. Homelessness: we are helping our clients to measure their impact on the homelessness and rough sleeping, and therefore demonstrate how to move people into sustained housing.
Good Economy Partnership (The) The Good Economy Partnership is a social advisory firm focused on the role of business and finance in creating an economy that works for everyone. We provide advisory and data analytic services to investors, business, government and social purpose organisations. Our work includes helping develop practical, user-led social impact measurement and management systems. We have a small core team and work with experienced associates on the delivery of projects.

For us, impact management starts with your organisation; your pathway to effectively and consistently delivering on your intended outcomes for your stakeholders (and recognising and avoiding negative outcomes). Our experience is that all parts of an organisation contribute to impact, and that understanding and operationalising this is at the heart of good impact management. This means working with the entire organisational system - theory of change, strategy, quality and performance management, HR management, risk management, information systems (including impact measurement), organisational culture & learning and governance.
Hall Aitken Associates Aitken have offices in Manchester, London and Glasgow. We work with VCSE organisations to create and deliver the maximum social and economic value from your activities. We work on your wavelength, strengthening your opportunities to win further contracts and investment. Our hands-on guidance and bespoke approaches will help you turn your plans into a realistic and sustainable impact management strategy. Our approach is participative and engaging to grow your ability to quantify, report on, increase and ‘get paid for’ your impact. We have developed dynamic tools and engaging approaches to create a Theory of Change and support performance management. We are experienced in financial modelling, programme and service design. We have expertise in building dashboards and we worked with the Social Value UK network to create their SV readiness tool. And we have helped organisations attract investment of up to £500,000.NENationalXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Helmepark Ltd was established in 2005 and has delivered in excess of £4m of client assignments with charities and social enterprises across a broad spectrum of public policy areas.
Our work with clients is based on a passionate belief that successful impact management is achieved through Insight - the development of an ever deepening understanding of the relationship between purpose (what you want to achieve) and practice (the work that you do). Helmepark Ltd is a strong advocate of Theory of Change recognising it as the starting point for impact management and making more of a difference. The application of Theory of Change is a particular area of expertise.
We provide the full range of support required to successfully implement an ongoing cycle of insight-driven impact management including: strategic and operational planning; performance measurement; and performance management and improvement.
Simon Penhall is the co-founder and Principal Consultant for Helmepark Ltd.
Keystone Accountabilityali@keystoneaccountability.orgKeystone Accountability is a not-for-profit organization that helps social-change organizations understand and improve their performance by harnessing feedback, especially from the people they serve.

Keystone has developed a method called Constituent Voice™, a rigorous feedback system that monitors the impact of activities from the perspective of those most affected by them. This quantifiable and comparative data is used as the basis for learning dialogues, relationship building, and course correction to improve performance. It provides real-time data that fosters more accountable relationships with constituents, early identification of problems and unintended consequences and helps publically demonstrate that the organization is an active learner.

Keystone is a grantee of the first donor consortium to support feedback, the Fund for Shared Insight. Our partners include The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Ford Foundation, the UK Department for International Development, Oxfam, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, Ikea Foundation, the European Union and USAID.
Liz Riley Consultantslizriley50@googlemail.comI help organisations understand the differences they make to the lives of service users and others and how they achieve this so that they can generate more and better outcomes and increase their sustainable impact.
I specialise in supporting small/medium charities and enterprises to integrate impact management throughout the project cycle, working with them to develop and embed ways to:
• Create an organisational culture where everyone understands the impact of their work and how this contributes to their organisation's total impact.
• Collect and present impact data.
• Use it to inform, design and plan projects and services.
• Identify and introduce ‘quick wins’ into services.
• Use impact data to bid for trust/foundation funding, investment and contracts.
I have worked with organisations supporting adults and children experiencing violence and abuse, women, older people, prisoners/ex-offenders, homeless people and the unemployed and environmental organisations.
Local Partnerships Partnerships is a joint venture between HM Treasury and the Local Government Association, formed in 2009 to help the public sector deliver local services and infrastructure. We work with a range of public sector organisations and the community focused third sector to deliver effective, timely and affordable solutions to the challenges they face – for the public good. Across our specialist teams we provide trusted, professional support and advice and deploy a range of technical skills and senior experience. Local Partnerships has a successful track record of providing a suite of services to social enterprises and new ventures to support their growth and to extend their impact. This has included helping these organisations access investment through SEIF, TSF, ICRF, IRF and BPA. In the last two years a dominant focus of this work has been supporting social ventures to understand and evidence their impact and to embed this into their organisations. We take a holistic approach to impact management; theory of change development or refinement, impact plans & measurement approaches, performance management & feedback loops, data management & external evidence & analysis, service / product design & development and leadership development.LNationalxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Locality (UK) is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organisations, working together to help neighbourhoods thrive.

Our national staff team works all around England and our head office is in London. We are a team of friendly and hard-working community-sector professionals working to support our members, community organisations and the communities they serve.

All our work aims to inspire local communities to change and improve.
• We help people to set up locally owned and led organisations
• We support organisations to exchange ideas and best practice on community asset ownership, community enterprise and social action
• We work to influence government and others at national and local level to build support and investment for the movement
• We run major national programmes to support and empower local communities
• We provide practical hands on support for community organisations to expand and grow and to measure their impact
Measuring + Managing the Good
(Volunteering Matters, Coalition for Efficiency and DataKind UK) + Managing the Good
(delivered by Volunteering Matters, Coalition for Efficiency and DataKind UK as joint providers)

The Measuring + Managing the Good approach is founded on the basis that you and your staff are experts in your field and in the social issues you are addressing. We build a diverse support team around you which is made up of business mentors and data scientists from the private sector who are committed to supporting the social sector by volunteering their time, energy and skills.

We will guide you through a structured process to help you meet your impact management needs and become a more results-driven and evidence-based organisation. For the support to be long-lasting, staff at every level will be involved in the process so that your organisation can fully take ownership and embed impact management in its culture, leaving you in a strong position to attract and secure future funding.
Mutual Ventures is a socially-focused consultancy with extensive experience of working with VCSEs across various sectors to develop their commercial skills in order to become sustainable organisations.
We offer a range of impact management support including:

Definition and measurement of social impact (including theory of change);
Design of data collection systems and tools;
Embedding an impact management culture;
Communicating your impact

We also support organisations with contract and investment readiness support, strategy development, service redesign, financial modelling, process improvement and leadership coaching to embed culture change.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to co-design packages of support. We are committed to ensure that learning is fully embedded within the organisation so they build their own capacity and capability to use our tools and methodologies long after our support ends.

We hold a strong track record, having been approved provider on a number of programmes supporting organisational growth.
Pulse Regeneration Regeneration is one of the UK’s leading Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector specialists for over 16 years. We support a wide range clients, helping them to grow, develop sustainability, and increase their impact.

Our service is delivered by a highly skilled and dedicated team with many years’ experience of working in and leading Third Sector organisations.

Based in Liverpool and Greater Manchester, we provide services throughout the North West, wider North of England and also nationally.

Our approach is based on close partnership working with all our clients and developing a detailed understanding of their needs.

We are able to carefully guide clients through the application process and provide follow up expert grant funded support covering many different aspects of Impact Management.

We also work in partnerships and are able to provide strong project management skills and lead multi team based approaches to draw in additional specialisms
Renaisi Ltda.thornton@renaisi.comRenaisi is an award-winning social enterprise, supporting people and places to thrive. We are dedicated to supporting disadvantaged communities and are unusual in being a frontline delivery organisation, as well as a research and evaluation consultancy.

Our team has 17 years’ experience of supporting charities, social enterprises, community groups, local authorities and funders, specialising in evaluations and impact management advice. We work with organisations at all stages of development, from small start-ups to large multi-million pound funds. Our team of researchers and analysts are experienced in supporting organisations to develop the impact management systems they need to generate good quality data, and use it well.

We can support you with all stages of impact management, including Theory of Change development and implementation; outcomes frameworks; quantitative and qualitative measures; process mapping and systems development; and data analysis. Our team has a range of subject expertise and we work across all areas of the social sector.
Social E-valuator BV / Sinzeremma@sinzer.orgSinzer is a social impact consultancy that offers an impact management software tool that organisations can use to map, measure, report, manage and maximise their social impact consistently.
Benefits of our IT solution include:
• Off-the-shelf impact management frameworks, customised to fit your needs as well as the option to create bespoke ones
• Set and customise indicators and targets
• Efficient data entry on inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts
• In-built survey module to collect data from beneficiaries and other stakeholders
• Collect data over multiple periods and monitor trends and changes
• Dynamic dashboard for visualising and analysing results
• Export reports in various formats (Word, Excel)
• Approved by Social Value International:

We welcome cooperating with other providers in the Impact Management Programme, in which we envision our contribution as providing the IT system that captures and supports the consultancy delivered by another provider.
Triangle Constulting Social Enterprise are the social enterprise behind the Outcomes Star™, a family of innovative evidence-based scaling tools that both support and measure change. Designed for use in frontline services working one-to-one with services users, there are over 30 different versions tailored to specific sectors and co-created with service and service users.

Stars are completed collaboratively with service users as an integral part of support work and action planning. Each Star looks at key outcome areas, and breaks each area down into a 5-stage Journey of Change. Completing the Star over time provides meaningful distance-travelled outcomes data at individual, keyworker and organisational levels.

Outcomes Stars can provide ready-made, evidence-based solutions for defining and measuring ‘Short Term Outcomes’ in an Impact Management Framework as well as supporting with other areas. To use the Star, services must train and licence members of staff. Triangle offer a number of options and provide support to implement the Star well.
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