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Water Mark
Design SkeletonDesignerNameManaTypesSubtypes
Rules TextPTFlavor TextCommentsRed Flags
CW01BroCreaturesmallscradElite Peacekeeper2WCreatureHuman SoldierCWhenever Elite Peacekeeper attacks, detain target creature defending player controls. (Until your next turn, that creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated.)21"We all know of your misdeeds. Confess now, and you may be spared."scrad: This is basically an upgraded Master of Diversion. If you feel he's too strong (which he might be), we can make him a 2/1.
Tilwin 15.09.2015: I actually think he is more powerful than Master of Diversion because it prevents creatures from attacking. I would make it a 2/1.
scrad: Changed.
Flatline: I think you should have to pay W to trigger this ability.
Leo: changed from "an opponent" to "defending player".
1It can affect other creatures in combat.
CW02BroCreaturesmallFlatlineAven Informant2WWCreatureBird SoldierCFlying
When Aven Informant enters the battlefield, you may detain target creature. (Until your next turn, that creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated.)
22"The drones aren't the only thing to watch out for in the Ormosian sky."Leo: Amazing that this card doesn't already exist!
Flatline: I changed the name of this from "Informer" to "Informant".
Tilwin 15.09.2015: I like it. Seems balanced and powerful. Kind of reminds me of Lyev Skyknight
CW03RebCreaturesmallFlatlineRebel Lightmender1WCreatureHuman Rebel ClericCRecruit – Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 2 life.12"With each new recruit, the Rebellion grows stronger."Leo: I'm not a fan of the name, it reminds of Elvish Spirit Guide and Simian Spirit Guide that are famous cards with very iconic effect. This goes against the concept of piggybacking/anchoring I was explaining for Shock Therapy. This needs to change name, because it can't certainly change mechanic to do the same thing as those other two cards. It would be a color pie break.
Flatline: I agree that the name needs to change. Any suggestions?
Tilwin 15.09.2015: Rebel sounds like Ally. Could you move it at the end of the creature subtypes? Name suggestion: Lightmender?
Leo: I saw it as more of an adjective related to the class, no problem putting it at the end anyway. Lightmender sounds good to me.
Flatline: Changed the name to Rebel Lightmender.
Leo: Making the lifegain mandatory. I see no reason to not want to do it in any ordinary situation.
CW04BroCreaturesmallIndighostCheckpoint Guard1WCreatureCat SoldierC2W: Detain target creature unless its controller pays 2. (Until your next turn, that creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated.)22"Papers, now!"Tilwin 15.09.2015: I would also bounce it to uncommon as it seems like it affects the board a bit too much and has a bit more complexity attached to it.
Leo: Ainok are not in white. I'd like this to change creature type (probably Human, this can't be an Aven as it doesn't fly and I don't either see this as a Leonin).
Flaltine: Human seems good. Or...we don't have any Brotherhood related Leonin yet, do we?
Leo: I don't think so. I thought we wanted Leonin to be more Rebels than Brothers.
Flatline: We do, but we need all races represented in the Brotherhood. Remember, the Rebellion is only now beginning to grow. At one point, all Leonin were "Brothers".
Leo: ok then.
Flatline: I changed this from a hound to a cat.
1It can affect other creatures in combat.
CW05BroCreaturesmallscradDahlian Priest2WCreatureHuman ClericCWhen Dahlian Priest enters the battlefield, target player gains 2 life. If B was spent to cast Dahlian Priest, that player loses 2 life instead.23"Confess your sins, my brother, and leave your fate in the hands of the good father."scrad: a life cushion for WB that can also bleed th opponent a bit.
Leo: Part of the Stranger cycle. Just noting this for completion purposes.
Flatline: I added the P/T as it's listed in the thread. Someone forgot it.
Flatline: Could this be changed to be you may have target player lose 2 life instead?
Leo: optional things with "instead" aren't good, because you must specify what happens if you don't do the optional thing, in this case you'd have to repeat "if you don't, you gain 2 life" at the end and it would look very strange. It would also be the only card in the cycle to be optional I think.
Flatline: You're right, what I was thinking would be When "Dahlian.....,target player gains 2 life. If you.....that player loses 2 life instead." Right?
Leo: That works. Also, the same thing applies to the original green stranger.
Leo: Changing it to apply Flatline's wording.
Flatline: Suggested flavor text.
Leo: corrected a couple typos in that flavor text.
CW06BroCreaturesmallLeoInquisition Agent3WCreatureHuman ClericCVigilance
Brainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn't brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
14"Of course you have freedom of thought... until you think what we tell you to!"Leo: The flavor of this is meant to be this is one of Dahl's agents that actually operate the brainwashing on people. Is that clear enough? This is a card that could benefit from establishing a name for Dahl's police.
Leo: A very similar flavor text already exists in the file unfortunately. Changed.
Leo: Changed name to Inquisition Agent after the suggestion in the thread that Dahl's Police is called such.
CW07RebCreaturesmall or mediumFlatlineInspired Aven2WWCreatureBird Rebel SoldierCFlying
– Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, Inspired Aven gains lifelink until end of turn.
22"Seeing more and more people join our cause fills my heart with hope."Flaltine: Changed this from 3/2 to 2/2.
scrad: The creature type should be bird, not aven.
Leo: Right, changing it.
Flatline: Oops. :)
1More than four lines of rules text.
CW08BroCreaturemediumIndighostEnforcement Squad3WWCreatureHuman SoldierCVigilance, first strike34"Citizens! Disperse and return to your abodes or we will be forced to use drastic methods."Tilwin 15.09.2015: 3/3 instead of 3/4?
Flatline: I agree with Tilwin.
Flatline: If we name Dahl's police the Inquisitors, perhaps this should be, Inquisition Squad or Inquisitor Squad?
CW09BroCreaturemediumTilwinFather's Chaplain3WCreatureHuman ClericCWhen Father's Chaplain enters the battlefield, you gain 4 life.24"Bless you, my brother."Tilwin 18.09.2015: Kinda difficult to balance this one out.
Flatline: I think this should be a 2/4.
Flatline: Could this flavor text just be...Bless you my brother.
Tilwin: Sure, go ahead! I agree with 2/4.
Leo: Adding flavor text.
3WCreatureCat Rebel ClericCWhen Perminian Subverter enters the battlefield, you may destroy target enchantment.32Before Dahl's rise, many leonin lived in villages within the Permin Plains. Most were forced to move to Orithia when their village was made into a camp.Flatline: I moved Wings of Freedom to UC. I replaced it with enchantment destruction since we have none. We can delete this wall of text, right? -deleted irrelevant text.
Leo: ok, removed red flag
CW11BroInstant or Sorcerytoken making
IndighostRaise the Alarm1WInstantCPut two 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield."Dissenters detected in sector six, deploying troops."Tilwin 15.09.2015: Beautiful reprint! Fits perfectly the theme of the block.1
CW12BroscradRe-Education RetreatWWEnchantmentAuraCEnchant creature
Enchanted creature can't attack or block.
At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life.
137-F was sentenced to "have her mind cleansed". Little did her tormentors know that the burning spark of freedom in her soul would never be extinguished.scrad: A variation on Recumbent Bliss. I think the cost change is fine. This would be a high pick for any white drafter, but it's even better for WB control as a life cushion.
Leo: I'm fine with this, but it really differs from Recumbent Bliss just for the mana cost and the life gain not being optional.
scrad: I don't think this is really thaty much of a change. we could change the "may" part if there's a concensus.
Leo: In fact I was exactly saying it was too little of a change, anyway I'm good with this as it is for now.
Flatline: Love the flavor text!
CW13BroCombat trick?FlatlineEdifyWInstantCTarget creature gets +0/+3 and gains brainwash until end of turn. (Whenever it deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn't brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)"Come and pray with me, brother."Leo: added reminder text.
Flatline: Thanks!
Flatline: I changed the name of this from Sermonize to Edify.
CW14Rebmust be a sorceryTilwinUnited Resistance3WSorceryCCreatures you control get +2/+1 until end of turn. Rebel creatures you control also gain vigilance until end of turn."Father Dahl speaks of brotherhood, let's show him the true meaning of the word."Tilwin 18.09.2015: Inspired by Rush of Battle. I figure rebels could use a bit more love in this set too.
Flatline: I like it. It goes nicely in the G/W archetype. The R/W one too. I like the name quite a bit too. I'm looking forward to the flavor text. :)
Flatline: Suggested FT.
Flatline: Does this card need the "also" in the rules text?
CU01BroCreaturesmallscradTwisted Philosopher1UCreatureHuman WizardCBrainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn't brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)12"Father Dahl teaches us that all of us are equal. You see yourself as superior to us. That must change."scrad: This is a basic brainwash enabler, and because of brainwash, he's very close to a bear. Brainwash basically gives the creature +1/+0, and that can make many brainwash creatures (like this) to look underwhelming at first.
Leo: There is also Twisted Venakian. I think one of the names must change.
CU02RebCreaturesmallIndighostTome Hoarder2UCreatureMerfolk RebelCWhen Tome Hoarder enters the battlefield, draw a card.22"I don't trust the ministries papers. They change depending on what Father Dahl wants. These books though. They are free of his magic and they speak of a free world before Dahl."Flatline: Can this be changed to a Merfolk? We are lacking in them.
Leo: Making the draw mandatory. I see no reason to not want to do it in any ordinary situation.
CU03BroCreaturesmallFlatlineFanatical Follower3UCreatureRat ClericCBrainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn't brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
Whenever Fanatical Follower attacks and isn't blocked, switch its power and toughness until end of turn.
13Flatline: Still in development. I might nix this for something similar but better.
Flatline: I'm thinking I'll keep this.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Not sure how well the effect fits in common. It's a bit unusual...
Flatline: If Calcite Snapper and Crookclaw Transmuter can be common, I think this can be.
Flatline: This is another card designed to get some damage through in the U/B archetype. I suppose this could be moved to UC if others think it should be.
Flatline: No flavor text needed.
Flatline: I forgot Ratillions were secondary in blue. We have noe of them in blue, so I changed this from a Vedalken.
Leo: We also have Fanatical Guardian (a rare) and Fenalo Fanatic (an uncommon), I think some of these names should be changed.
CU04BroCreaturesmallFlatlineSkysoar Neophyte1UCreatureVedalken ClericCFlying
Brainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn't brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
11Once a non-believer, Veren's faith now soared.Fatline: This needs a name.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: How about Skysoar Neophyte?
Flatline: See my comment in row 12 above. :)
Tilwin: Isn't it "a non-believer"?
Leo: Of course, correcting what I assume to be just a typo.
CU05BroCreaturemediumFlatlineOrithian Drone-Rider3UCreatureHuman SoldierCOrithian Drone-Rider has flying as long as you control an artifact.33Some Inquisition agents weren't content to let the drones watch over the people, so they did so themselves.Flatline: Deleted obsolete text.
Leo: Slot reserved for Indighost to design the replacement for the Inspector that has been bumped to uncommon. See thread.
Flatline: I made a card for this slot. If Indighost submits one, we can replace it.
Flatline: Why is the flavor test box for this red?
Flatline: I figured it out and added flavor text. I think the wording still needs a little work, but the idea is there.
Flatline: I just realized Aeronaut Tinkerer existed. I dropped this card 1, becuase of that.
CU06BroCreaturemediumLeoDahl's Advisor1UCreatureVedalken AdvisorCDefender, prowess
Brainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn't brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
04"Even Father Dahl needs advice sometimes. He rarely follows it though."scrad: Trusted Advisor is already a card.
Flatline: Could this be remade to have brainwash? I would love to see a 0/4 or 0/3 defender with brainwash and prowess. It could cost U or maybe 1U.
Leo: You've got it. Name changed to Dahl's Advisor. The flavor text explains it.
Flatline: I don't see a new name. BTW, I love watching our cards get spoiled in real time. :)
Leo: It may take a little time for Drive to update.
Flatline: I think that's it.
Tilwin: This feels a bit too complex for a common. I would up it to uncommon and make it a 1/3 (otherwise the Brainwash is strictly connected to the Prowess)
Leo: As I see it, brainwash being connected to prowess is exactly the point of the card.
Flatline: Yes, brainwash being connected to prowess is the entire reason for the card.
CU07-CreaturelargeLeoRowyan Serpent5UCreatureSerpentCRowyan Serpent can't attack unless defending player controls a creature with a -1/-1 counter on it.55The grasp of the Brotherhood can't reach the depths of the ocean.Flatline: A Serpent! Awesome choice. I'm not sure why it would care about brainwash though.
Leo: there's no flavor reason. It's just a purely mechanical thing.
Flatline: I wouldn't mind if the stipulation was changed.
Leo: I like it as it's meaningful in the block, I see this as a potential finisher in the UB brainwash archetype. Maybe "unless defending player controls a creature with a -1/-1 counter on it" to make it more backwards compatible?
Flatline: That would be better IMO.
Leo: You've got this too.
Flatline: Looks good. :)
Tilwin: Shouldn't it be "~ can't attack players who don't control a creature with a -1/-1 counter on it"? This looks weirdly written for multiplayer situations
Leo: There are many precedents for this kind of wording, just check Gatherer for "can't attack unless (defending player)". The "defending player" part takes care of multiplayer, as it only checks the player you'd like to attack.
CU08BroscradTangle of Bureaucracy1UEnchantmentAuraCEnchant creature
When Tangle of Bureaucracy enters the battlefield, scry 2.
Enchanted creature gets -2/-0.
"And you will have to appeal at sector 3b94 to have your belongings retrieved, then go to the 4th street and..." Tilwin: Scry 3 is incredibly powerful, it allows digging three cards deep into your library. I would be okay with scry 1, at most scry 2. (though scry 2 feels like it's pushing it into uncommon as it is)
Leo: how about scry 2 and -2/-0?
Tilwin: Alright, let's give it a shot like that.
scrad: Changed.
Leo: This is too long. Deleting older comments.
CU09BroscradPeacekeeper's Strike2UInstantCTap target creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step. If W was spent to cast Peacekeeper's Strike, exile that creature instead."Sometimes peace can come at a high cost."
-Elder Brother Jereven
scrad: Changed completely. I don't think this is too strong. If you think it's too strong, we can bump the cost, but that makes it even more completely and utterly unplayable if you're not UW. UW piece of the stranger cycle.
Leo: deleted now irrelevant comments. Unmake is triple colored but it's hybrid. To exile a creature, you can consider this a gold card costing 1WU, so double colored and gold, so harder to cast. It may be balanced. I'd say let's playtest this as is. We're always on time to raise the cost if needed.
Flatline: This might be a bit redundant with the UC "Reform". Which I really like.
Leo: I'm fine having both, they look different enough to me.
Flatline: Added flavor text.
Inaction Injuction1USorceryCDetain target creature an opponent controls. (Until your next turn, that creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated.)
Draw a card.
"To prevent action is to prevent transgression."
—Father Dahl
Leo: I like this reprint and its flavor text very much.1
CU11BroscradDispelling Sermon1UInstantCCounter target spell unless its controller pays 2. If that player controls a brainwashed creature, counter that spell instead.Father Dahl empowered his most trusted priests, giving them the ability to numb flaming emotions and calm chaotic magic.scrad: Another tool for the UB brainwash deck's arsenal which is also generically not bad.
Leo: I like this very much, both mechanics and flavor.
Flatline: Good stuff.
Tilwin: Corrected typo. It's "its controller" (no pun intended :P)
Leo: I can't believe I didn't catch that for all this time!
CU12Rebpossibly a sorceryLeoEvasion Attempt2USorceryCChoose one -
• Target creature can't be blocked this turn.
• Tap target creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
"You can try to escape a workcamp. Just be aware that it's either success or failure. You're free or you're caught. There's no third way."Leo: Establish the Truth officially bumped to uncommon. This replacement was born from my effect/color analysis on the thread.
Tilwin: Sorcery feels accurate. I wouldn't want this at instant speed, would bump it into uncommon because it bounces up complexity.
CU13-cantrip?TilwinInnovateUInstantCReveal the top three cards of your library. An opponent chooses one of them. Put that card into your hand. Then put any number of other cards revealed this way on the top of your library, and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.Leo: Changing the wording on the basis of Telling Time. No functional changes. "in any order" is not necessary because of rule 401.4 (401.4. If an effect puts two or more cards on the top or bottom of a library at the same time, the owner of those cards may arrange them in any order. That library’s owner doesn’t reveal the order in which the cards go into his or her library.).
Flatline: I think think this would read better if it was..."Put that card into your hand. Then put any number....."
Leo: Right. Changed.
Tilwin: Perfect!
Leo: Deleting older comments.
Flatline: Doesn't this card have to say to put the cards on the top or bottom in any order? This doesn't say anything about what order the remaining card go in.
Leo: It's not necessary, but I saw there is room to include "in any order" in MSE, so I'm adding it back.
1More than four lines of rules text.
CU14BroFlatlineInquisitive RecallUInstantCReturn target creature an opponent controls to its owner's hand. If that creature is brainwashed, scry 2."I'd be careful what you say around Juran. He's just returned from a Brotherhood retreat. Anything you say is bound to get back to them."Tilwin 18.09.2015: How about Inquisitive Recall as a name? This seems strictly better than Unsummon and the scry can be highly relevant. Can we allow targetting only creatures an opponent controls? (I love the brainwash)
Flatline: I like Inquisitive Recall. What was I calling it?
Leo: I agree that this looks a bit too strong. Other suggestions: cost 1U, or make it a sorcery. Or what Tilwin said.
Flatline: How about we make it opponent's creatures and scry 1? Or could we keep it scry 2?
Flatline: I changed it to only target an opponent's creature.
Tilwin: If that creature "is" brainwashed. Since the creature is no longer onto the battlefield as the effect resolves, the latest state of the creature while it was on the battlefield will be checked.
Flatline: Good catch Tilwin. Changed.
CB01CreaturesmallscradCamp Tormentor2BCreatureRat RogueCWhen Camp Tormentor dies, target opponent discards a card at random.22scrad: This card will help the WB control deck at stabilizing the early game and card-advantaging the opponent out, something that can be hard to do in WB.
CB01BroFlatlineBrotherhood Mindflayer1BCreatureRat WizardCBrainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn’t brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed)
When Brotherhood Mindflayer dies, each opponent that controls a brainwashed creature discards a card at random.
11"Your thoughts are impure!"Flatline: Added "at random". Added flavor text if it fits.
Leo: Deleting older comments. What about the 1-drop being that B 1/2 B: gains brainwash we talked about in the deleted comments? Is the death of Camp Tormentor official?
Flatline: I say yes to the official decision. And again, I've been working under the impression that the 1 drop will replace the Inspector when it goes to UC.
Leo: So let's do it. Deleting older comments.
Flatline: I changed this to a 1/1.
CB02RebCreaturesmallIndighostNightrunner Scout1BCreatureRat Rebel ScoutCNightrunner Scout can't be blocked by artifact creatures.21"Drones are easy to get by once you know they run the same patterns over and over. It's really just timing."
CB03BroCreaturesmallIndighostArbiter of Guilt2BBCreatureShadeCMenace (This creature can’t be blocked unless by two or more creatures.)
1B: Arbiter of Guilt gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
22Even the threat of a shade is often enough to get the guilty to confess.Tilwin 17.09.2015: Precedent suggests this ought to be an uncommon. A bit too powerful as a common.
Leo: I'd be fine bumping this to uncommon. A brainwash creature (we have few of those here in black that's supposed to be its primary color) could take its place here.
Flatline: I agree with moving this to UC. Perhaps Indighost could design its replacement?
Leo: We can bump this and put the missing 1-drop here.
Flatline: Can the 1 drop have an embolden cost that when paid makes it better somehow?
Leo: Yes, no problem with that.
CB04BroCreaturesmallscradWaste Exploiter1BCreatureHuman RogueCWhen Waste Exploiter enters the battlefield, reveal the top four cards of your library. You may put a basic Swamp card from among them onto the battlefield tapped. Put the rest into your graveyard.21scrad: Better stats than satyr wayfinder because of higher whiff potential. Might need to change.
Leo: For the record, I like this as it is now.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: I agree. It's just fine, though I would allow any basic land, not necessarily Swamp.
Flatline: I can't see a monoblack creature allowing anything but a Swamp.
Leo: Right, black can only search for Swamps in the color pie, not any basic land. That would be green.
1More than four lines of rules text.
CB05RebCreaturemediumFlatlineVenak Defector3BCreatureViashino Rebel WizardCDeathtouch
Embolden 1BB (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)
32Prior to his defection, Ganvarr worked in the lab that mixed concoctions responsible for zombifying the prisoners of Venak.Flaltine: I switched this to an embolden card. I saved the Crocodile if anybody wants me to switch it back.
Leo: I like this, but what about the 1-drop then?
Flatline: I thought we were talking about moving the Inspectors to UC?
Leo: Yes, indeed. You're right. Deleting older comments.
CB06-CreaturemediumIndighostShambling Mindspore3BCreatureFungusC2B: Each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.14The Brotherhood rarely punishes those that attempt escape via the Fenfar bog. There is little they could do that would match what the swamp had already done.
CB07RebCreaturesmall or mediumLeoOrithian RebelBCreatureRat RebelCEmbolden 3B (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)
When Orithian Rebel enters the battlefield, if its embolden cost was paid, put two black 1/1 Rat Rebel creature tokens onto the battlefield.
11"Come with me! I know where others of my kind are hiding!"Leo: Ignore the medium requirement. This MUST be the famous 1-drop.
Flatline: To differentiate this from Brother of Pain, perhaps it could put out a token of some sort if it's cast for its embolden cost.
Leo: adjusted this to be a rebel ratillion that comes with two mates with embolden. Deleting older comments that are no longer relevant.
CB08BroCreaturemediumLeoBrother of Pain3BCreatureHuman ClericCBrainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn’t brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
When Brother of Pain dies, each opponent that controls a brainwashed creature loses 2 life.
13Leo: because we're low on brainwash common cards.
Leo: flavor text doesn't fit here.
Tilwin: Can we move trigger on death? That way it is more synergistic.
Leo: Sure. Changed.
CB09BroCreaturelarge (for BG ramp)scradWastelands Hulk5BBCreatureZombie GiantC77"Monmoth has really outdone himself this time. Let this one go near the base of the Roktor mountains, where Thunyar's drones spotted those insurgents."
-Father Dahl
Flaltine: I know moving Belkin doesn't really do anything, but I'm kinda crazy :). The reason it makes sense is because I don't want the Brotherhood to actually find Belkin in the flavor text. Which they would if it were at the base of Roktor Mountain as it was before. This flavor text suggests that they know the Rebels have been in the general area though..
Flatline: This whole wall of text can be deleted as far as I'm concerned.
Leo: Oh, now I see the flavor. You're not crazy, I just needed the explanation to see it. Deleting older comments.
CB10BroFlatlineWear DownBSorceryCWear Down deals 1 damage to target creature and you gain 1 life.
Brainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn’t brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
"Illegitimi non carborundum."
-Rebel saying
Leo: Very strange card because it brainwashes creatures without actually having brainwash. I agree this is the way to do it, because you can't say "brainwash target creature" (brainwash isn't a keyword action), but I'm not sure this is worth it.
Flatline: I kinda like this card. I don't see it as strange at all. If you really dislike it we can change it of course, but this versatily is one of the reasons I like brainwash.
Leo: I'll think about it. For now, let's keep it.
Flatline: What have we decided here? I could turn this into an embolden card. If I do, I think one of the new creatures that should be made to replace the ones moving to UC should be another brainwash creature, instead of 2 embolden ones.
Flatline: I changed this card.
Leo: Oh, look! Here's that quote! This is fine to me, just remember that it practically deals 2 damage of which 1 permanent. Being a sorcery prevents this from being a strictly better Shock, not that it would be a big problem...
Tilwin: Since it cannot target players, it wouldn't have been better than shock. It would've been almost at the level of Last Kiss/Pharika's Cure though (again, not necessarily a problem).
CB11scradBrain CrumpleBSorceryCDestroy target brainwashed creature.scrad: Human Frailty was an uncommon, but because the destroyed creature is by default already weakened, I think this can be common.
Leo: As this fights with a card designed by Flatline, they will have the same code and decide later which one to include in the set.
Tilwin 15.09.2015: Can we make this better and allow destroying a creature with a -1/-1 counter on it? Seems less "set specific" to me and gives more interesting interactions with other black cards that put -1/-1 counters on creatures.
Leo: see card below.
CB11BroFlatlineBrain Crumple1BInstantCDestroy target creature with one or more counters on it."Your fate is regrettable, but you have brought it upon yourself." 
-Elder Brother Monmoth
scrad: I thing we can make brain crumple white (and reflavored) if we don't have enough removal there.
Flatline: OK it's settled. We go with this. Now what do we name it? I'm not sure I like Brian Crumple for it, although I suppose it's ok. I need to come up with some FT.
Leo: Killed the other one. Brain Crumple is a placeholder name for this, although I wouldn't mind keeping it. Deleting older comments.
Flatline: I'm not totally against the name. We can keep it if you want.
CB12BroIndighostThoughtbleed1BSorceryCAs an additional cost to cast Thoughtbleed, put a -1/-1 counter on a creature you control.
Draw two cards.
"It always pleases me when we actually get something useful out of one of these pathetic wretches."
-Elder Brother Monmoth
Tilwin 16.09.2015: Stricly better than Altar's Reap, to the point of being a bit too good (imagine putting the -1/-1 counter on a defender creature to draw two cards). Can we have it also make the caster lose life? (1 perhaps)
Flatline: Perhaps it could cost BB?
scrad: Not strictrly better than Altar's Reap because it's a sorcery. It's actually strictly worse than Scrascale Ritual, which was also a common.
Flatline: Good call scrad. Lets keep it.
Flatline: Added FT.
CB13RebscradClever Assassination2BInstantCDestroy target creature with power 3 or less. If U was spent to cast Clever Assassination, scry 2.It wasn't until assassination of Thunyar's top advisor that the Brotherhood began to take the Rebellion seriously.scrad: I don't think this is too strong, because this is basically a more expensive reave soul that can get you a nice bonus.
Leo: I really like this. Would it be too much to make this an instant since it costs more mana than Reave Soul?
scrad: I think it's fine.
Flatline: I like this too, but I'm afraid we now have too much black removal at common. Some of these will probably be changed or moved to UC, so let's see were we stand later.
Leo: Actually we only have this and CB11, whatever it'll be. Two removal spells in common black is just fine. Black is the first color at removal. I wouldn't make any more, but two are just fine.
Flatline: Added FT.
Leo: This FT is very good but it has huge implications on the story. Let's just call it a foreshadowing of the second set. We'll have to have Thunyar assassinated as the "turning the corner" moment for the Rebels in the second set. Let's remember this when the time comes.
Flatline: Yes, I was already thinking this needed to change. It conflicts with the flavor text for Unleash the Drones. Can it just change to "Thunyar's Advisor"?
CB14BroTilwinMental Decay2BBSorceryCTarget player discards two cards. If that player controls a brainwashed creature, draw a card."Only the boldest thoughts are capable of passing the test of time."Tilwin 18.09.2015: We need some form of Mind Rot, so how about something that again cares about brainwash? Gruesome Discovery suggests rarity and cost are fine. Hesitating between cantrip and Gruesome Discovery effect (I love both alternatives)
Leo: I like the cantrip effect it has now.
Flatline: This looks good to me. It seems to me that have a lot of hand destruction in this set. That might be ok though. I def  think we need a Lavaborn Muse card in this set. And I think it has to be the Rack!
Tilwin: I agree with Lavaborn Muse kind of rare in red. Maybe on an enchantment or a creature.
Flatline: I was thinking we could do a toned down Laveborn Muse as a red UC, then reprint The Rack at rare. I really like the Rack for this set. It's a set in which an artificer sometimes tortures his subjects. :) It also seems to have a fair amount of discard so far. Honestly, I wouldn't mind reprinting Blightning as the B/R archetype UC, but we might already have enough reprints. 
Tilwin: Blightning would be fine in the next set.
Flatline: I figured Blightning was perfect for our B/R archetype in this set, but I'm fine not using it.
Flatline: Stab at FT.
Tilwin: Attempting a FT myself...
Flatline: Delting my flavor text. Yours is very good Tilwin. Thank you for giving me the chance to save my FT for another card if need be. I'm leaving the FT box orange so Leo can see what's changed for the renders.
Leo: Thanks for marking this, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
Leo: Making the draw mandatory. I see no reason to not want to do it in any ordinary situation.
CR01RebCreaturesmallFlatlineImpatient Dissenter1RCreatureGoblin Rebel WarriorCEmbolden R (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)21Gworn had always wanted an excuse to revolt, and jumped at his first chance to actually do so.Flatline:I changed this from a 2/2 to a 2/1.
CR02RebCreaturesmallFlatlineEmpowered Defector2RCreatureHuman Rebel WarriorCFirst strike
Recruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, Empowered Defector gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
11"I feel that much stronger with you by my side."Flatline: inspired by Plated Geopede.
Leo: I think the bonus here should either be +1/+1 or +2/+2. I just went with +2/+2 in green.
Flatline: I'm fine with +2/+2, just like Plated Geopede, but I kinda like the higher power with F.S.
Leo: I understand, but with +2/+2 we have a really nice anchoring effect with both the Geopede and the green one here, which to me looks too nice to pass. I'd definitely make this +2/+2.
Flatline: Made it +2/+2.
Flatline: Made FT. I'm not sure it fits a Viashino though.
Flatline: After glancing at the BFZ spoilers, I'm starting to think this should be an UC, or cost 2R.
Tilwin: I am okay with it costing 2R.
Leo: me too if necessary. Applying the change.
Flatline: I'm good with this change.
Flatline: Due to the flavor text, I changed this to a Human.
Flatline: Could this be a 1/2 for two that gets +1/+0 instead?
1More than four lines of rules text.
CR03BroCreaturesmallscradEnslaved Worker1RCreatureGoblin WarriorCWhen Enslaved Worker enters the battlefield, add 2 to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast artifact spells or activate abilities of artifacts.11Sometimes it was difficult to tell the difference between the mindless drones and the imprisoned slaves that built them.scrad: I can see this as an uncommon, but I think it's not bad at common.
Leo: I'd see this much better at uncommon.
scrad: Just noticed it uses +1/+1 counters and probably needs to be saved for the second set.
Leo: D'oh! You're right, I didn't notice that. Please keep it noted for when we get to the second set!
Flatline: Can this be a Goblin? I see them as being lower in caste system than Viashino.
Tilwin 17.09.2015: I agree with Goblin. 3 mana sounds like a lot of mana though. Maybe only 2? (replacing itself)
Leo: I agree with Tilwin. At 3 it's producing mana.
Flaltine: I actually think I like this producing 3 mana due to the restictions of the card, but if everyone else agrees it shouldn't I'm fine with that. I just wanted to voice my opinion.
Tilwin: Let's leave it at 2. If some Johnny wants to push this they are going to have one good challenge in doing so... but Johnny doesn't mind a bit of hard work.
Flatline: OK.
Flatline: Added FT. I actually really like it this time too! :) I hope it fits (I think it does).
CR04BroCreaturesmallFlatlineGoblin ConvertRCreatureGoblin WarriorCHaste
R: Goblin Convert gains brainwash until end of turn. (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn’t brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
11It's not easy to get a goblin to believe in something, but when you do, watch out!Tilwin 17.09.2015: This seems pushed and uncommon, having both Haste and Brainwash. Can we drop the Haste?
Flatline: Changed. What do you think?
Leo: as I see it now (R 1/1 haste R: gains brainwash) I think it's fine.
Flatline: I changed the brainwash to an activated ability.
Flatline: Changed name from Maniacal Follower to Goblin Convert.
Tilwin: Updated name in rules text too.
Flatline: Thanks!
CR05RebCreaturesmallscradKunfar Sparkmage2RCreatureHuman Rebel WizardCRecruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, Kunfar Sparkmage deals 1 damage to each opponent.23"We are like the streams of lava that flow from Kunfar's peak. We shall reduce every camp and fortress of Dahl to ash!"Flatline: Maybe it could be a 2/2 for 1RR?
Leo: that would be fine to me. Being online at the same moment and answering one another live isn't that easy sometimes!
Flatline: No doubt! Actually, I say leave this at 2R, but make it a 2/2. scrad: I don't think this is too strong as it sits, but if you think otherwise, we can change it later.
Flatline: OK. We can test it where it is. I was just thinking that adding a 2/3 body to Impact Tremors for 1 extra mana seems a bit much, but I guess this doesn't count tokens, so it might be ok.
Leo: Deleting older comments.
CR06RebCreaturemediumscradViashino Trinket-Smasher3RCreatureViashino RebelCWhen Viashino Trinket-Smasher enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice an artifact. If you do, Viashino Trinket-Smasher deals 1 damage to target creature or player.32One day, Unk got mad and threw a scrap of metal at the overseer. Needless to say, no one ever saw Unk again.scrad: Inferior stats due to the potential card advantage. I still think we want some artifact sacrificing on rebel cards.
Flatline: Yes we do. I think I misunderstood you before. I thought you meant for red to hate on artifacts. I'm an idiot. Sorry.
Flatline: Maybe this could have the same ability trigger with recruit? Actually, that might not be very common.
Leo: how about just "Recruit - destroy target artifact"?
Flatline: If we change this to a recruit ability, I think it needs to be UC.
Leo: I'd have no problems with that.
Flatline: Let's try to leave this one as is.
Flatline: Gave FT a go.
1More than four lines of rules text.
CR07RebCreaturemediumIndighostContraband Smuggler2RCreatureViashino Rebel RogueCEmbolden RR (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)
When Contraband Smuggler enters the battlefield, if its embolden cost was paid, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
32"Hey, I've got rebel lit, real alcohol, rationed sweets, the works!"Leo: I'm not sure we want to reference things like alcohol in Magic, but Flatline expressed appreciation for that flavor text, so I'm leaving that here.
Flatline: I really like this flavor text. I feel it captures the essence of "soft revolt" perfectly. Didn't Kamigawa reference alcohol on a card or two? If it really is a problem, we can just change it to something made up like glark juice or something. :) Or we could just leave the alcohol part out.
Leo: Kamigawa did it? I wasn't playing yet (I'd start the following year), so it's definitely possible. I'll check it.
Flatline: Wine of Blood and Iron seems like it is referencing alcohol. Of course Kamigawa was a long time ago.
Leo: Is that the only instance? I still haven't checked this.
Flatline: Here's a thread in MTGS with a bunch more: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-general/553241-alcohol-themed-cards
Leo: The word "alcohol" itself has never been used in flavor text, but in that thread there are indeed more than enough references to wine, beer, and such. Ok, let's keep this.
1More than four lines of rules text.
CR08RebCreaturemediumFlatlineAinok Dissident2RRCreatureHound Rebel WarriorCRecruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, Ainok Dissident gains first strike until end of turn.42"I refuse to be treated as a second class citizen any longer. Who's with me?"Leo: This slot may be needed to shift the white recruit card with first strike here so that we have room for a white brainwash creature. Please leave this slot free until we decide whether we want a white brainwash creature.
Flatline: That's an excellent idea. Let's just do that. I can move my card here, and you can make a white brainwash creature (if you want). We need more red recruit.
Flatine: Does this need to be a 4/1 or 3/2?
Leo: Between those two I prefer 3/2. I'll think about the white brainwash card.
Flaltine: But can I keep it a 4/2?
Leo: 4 power with the ability to gain first strike can be too much, but we can certainly try it as a 4/2 and see.
Flatline: I might up this to cost 4R.
Flatline: I change the cost form 3R to 2RR.
Flatline: I just saw that there is a landfall card in BFZ that is exactly this.
CR09RebCreatureLeo / FlatlineRebel Chip Sniffer1RCreatureHound RebelCWhen Rebel Chip Sniffer enters the battlefield, you may destroy target Implant.21The Brotherhood was quick to illegalize dogs when they caught wind of the fact that some of them were able to detect their implants.Leo: See thread. One extra creature slot in red to fit the dog. Flatline, you get to write the flavor text here (also because I have no ideas).
CR10RebLeo / Indighost (independently)Molotov Cocktail1RInstantCEmbolden R (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)
Molotov Cocktail deals 3 damage to target creature or player.
Leo: I went with Indighost's flavor as I just called this generically "Rebel Bolt" as a placeholder name.
Flatline: I like this name.
Leo: this is fine without flavor text.
CR11BroAct of Treason variantLeoForced Conversion3RSorceryCGain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn. If it's brainwashed, it can't be blocked this turn."Come with us. The brothers will save you."Tilwin 15.09.2015: Can red make creatures unblockable? This looks a bit too complex for common as it does plenty of things.
Leo: Yes, it can, even though it usually does so with small creatures only. This is identical to Act of Treason except for the brainwashed part, and that is common nowadays, so I see no problems with this at common.
CR12BroLeoUnleash the Drones3RSorceryCPut two 1/1 colorless Drone artifact creature tokens with flying onto the battlefield. If U was spent to cast Unleash the Drones, put three of those tokens onto the battlefield instead."Worry not, my Father, my Drones will have them in no time."
-Elder Brother Thunyar
Leo: the final card for the Stranger cycle. Made to fit in UR limited archetype.
Flatline: This is awesome!
Flatline: What happened to the text on this one?!?!?
Leo: I don't know. I'll retype it right now, luckily I remember it perfectly.
Flatline: Great. Is there anyway a backup can be saved periodically to prevent losing things?
Leo: You can export it from the file menu and keep a local copy.
Flatline: I love this card. This must stay in the common cycle.
Leo: Any suggestion for flavor text? Up to two lines can fit here.
Flatline: Took a stab at FT.
Leo: Good to me. It fits perfectly and I like it.
1More than four lines of rules text.
Vandalize4RSorceryCChoose one or both -
• Destroy target artifact.
• Destroy target land.
Still too few to overthrow the Brotherhood, the rebels showed their displeasure in more symbolic ways.Tilwin 18.09.2015: This seems perfect reprint for the Rebels retaliating. Plus I kept looking for a way to destroy lands and this fits since it targets artifacts too. How does this sound?
Flatline: Seems pretty good to me. I added flavor text that probably doesn't fit. :)
Leo: The flavor text fits perfectly. It could even be a little bit longer and still fit.
Flatline: Tilwin can change the flavor text if he wants since it was his suggestion.
Tilwin: I'm good :)
CR14FlatlineOutrage???1REnchantmentAuraCEnchant creature
Enchanted creature has "Recruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, enchanted creature get +3/+0."
Flatline: This is just a thought. We can change this to something else if anybody wants.
Leo: You can't grant an ability word like this. Recruit would need to be at the beginning of the ability, and that way it would look different from all other cards that have it. Or you can just make it an ability of the enchantment, like in the alternative version right below.
CR14RebFlatlineResonating Anger1REnchantmentAuraCEnchant creature
Recruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, enchanted creature gets +3/+0 until end of turn.
"Yeah! Tell him!"Leo: I heavily support this version, with the recruit ability belonging to the enchantment. No problem with recruit triggering when enchanted creature enters, that creature has to have already entered to be enchanted in the first place. This also means that "another" could be dropped from the text, but I'd leave it for clarity so that all recruit trigger look the same throughout the set.
Flatline: I'm fine with this version. We can delete the other.
Leo: ok, done.
Flatline: Anybody got a better name than this? - I change it to Shared Outrage. I kinda like it, but still not sure.
Tilwin: Anger Resonance/Resonating Anger for name?
Leo: I like Resonating Anger.
Flatline: Me too. Changed.
CG01RebCreaturesmallLeo (REPRINT)Trained JackalGCreatureHoundC12The rebels use specifically trained wild dogs as a way to detect Brotherhood chips.Leo: I'd like a vanilla here. We only have one in black in the whole set so far.
Flatline: Agreed on the vanilla thing.
CG02BroCreaturesmallFlatlineTwisted Venakian1GCreatureElf ClericCWhen Twisted Venakian enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Forest or Swamp card and put it into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library.21There were very few elves assigned to work at the Venak Correction Camp. Those that were were twisted almost beyond recognition.Flatline: Obviously made for B/G archetype.
Leo: There is also Twisted Philosopher. I think one of the names must change.
CG03-CreaturesmallFlatlineFriendly Stranger2GCreatureHumanCWhen Friendly Stranger enters the battlefield, target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If B was spent to cast Friendly Stranger, that creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn instead.22"Never talk to strangers."Flatline: I think we should have a mono-colored common cycle featuring the color pairs we are focused on.
Leo: I like this very much. Rules technicality: the B part can only happen if you cast it, if it enters without being cast, the ability triggers but you'll be forced to give +2/+2. Is this ok? For me it is.
Flatline: I was aware of that, and fine with it.
Flatine: This might need to be an UC, or pushed to 3B?
Flatline: I upped the cost to 3B.
Leo: I'd say keep it common and increase the cost. We've already done too many cards in this cycle to push them all to uncommon.
Flatline: Agreed. I already upped the cost.
Leo: Focusing on that on another card made me realize this has the "you may" + "instead" problem too. Suggesting making -2/-2 mandatory to not have to repeat "if you don't, +2/+2" which would make the card look ugly.
Flatline: Good point Leo. I'll switch it. It seems less pwerful this way. Can I switch it back to 2G?
Leo: Considering Yeva's Forcemage, probably yes.
Flatline: I don't think this needs another subtype.
1More than four lines of rules text.
UG04RebCreatureSmallscradWilderness Channeler1GCreatureElf Rebel DruidUT: Add G to you mana pool.
Embolden 1 (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)
11“I’ll channel nature’s strength into your body.”Flatlne: Shoot! I'm not sure why I just thought of this but, "tap an untapped creature you control" actually doesn't do anyhting to stop someone from playing as many of these as they want really, since they will be able to tap a Wilderness Channeler to play another, to play another, etc. Does anybody else have any ideas of how to tone this down a bit?
Leo: Is it time to bite the bullet and just make it "Embolden 1"? It's still better than Elvish Mystic if cast with Embolden and worse otherwise, which is the main point of the card in my opinion. I'd still really like to find a way to fit something with "Embolden 0" in the second Rebel-centered set though.
Leo: For the record, this card has a complicated history: it went from being a common with embolden 0 to uncommon, then the embolden cost changed to "Tap an untapped creature you control", then to "Return a land you control to its owner's hand", then to embolden 1 while swapping rarities with Alleyway Medic. Deleting older comments. Better flavor text still welcome if anybody wants to take a stab at it.
CG05RebCreaturesmall or mediumLeoLeonin Rioter2GCreatureCat Rebel WarriorCRecruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, Leonin Rioter gets +2/+2 until end of turn.22Tired of the nighttime disappearances, some began to take their anger to the streets.Leo: inspired by the landfall triggers in original Zendikar. Also by the skeleton: without recruit it's small, with it it's medium.
Tilwin 16.09.2015: Since it is much easier to have other creatures enter the battlefield under your control, wouldn't this be more powerful than any landfall counterpart? Isn't +1/+1 a bit too much?
Name suggestion - Leonin Rioter
Leo: Name accepted. Playtest will tell us if this needs to be +1/+1.
Flatline: Tilwin's point is one I've been wondering about...Is Recruit stronger than landfall? If so by how much?
Leo: This and the red one with first strike should get the same bonus. I'm fine turning both to +1/+1, I just don't want these two to say one +1/+1 and the other +2/+2. Also notice the cards from BFZ spoiled between yesterday and today have a +1/+1 bonus. Flatline, do we want to change both our cards? I'd be fine with that.
Leo: ok, today the whole set is out and there still are +2/+2. No more problems here.
Leo: Any suggestion for flavor text?
Leo: Good. Who wrote that? Is that you, Flatline?
Flatline: Yes it was me. Sorry, I knew I missed claiming some of them, which is why I posted a catch all for these in the thread.
CG06RebCreaturemedium/embolden?LeoVenak Berserker1GGCreatureElf Rebel BerserkerCEmbolden 1G (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)33"I say we've waited long enough. It's time to take back Venak!"Tilwin 15.09.2015: Looks a bit too powerful for a common. Maybe at least be a bit more restrictive and go 1GG/GG on the cost.
Leo: I meant it to be powerful. 1GG is a good idea, changing this. Any suggestions for a better name?
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Venak Berserker?
Leo: Good. It means this has to also gain Berserker as a creature type but I'm fine with that.
Leo: Any suggestion for flavor text?
Flatline: Took a stab at FT.
Leo: Good enough. Keeping it.
CG07-CreaturemediumTilwinLenit Predator3GGCreatureBeastCHexproof, trample34The Brotherhood tried their best to keep most wildlife outside the wall, but they found the task impossible.Flatine: What is Lenit?
Leo: See map. It's one of the minor woods in the Permin Plains.
Flatline: Somehow I looed at the map and missed that. Thanks Leo.
Flatline: added FT.
CG08RebCreaturemediumLeoFurious Pack4GCreatureHound RebelCRecruit - Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, Furious Pack gains trample until end of turn.44Although there were no ainok on Freigh's homeplane, she quickly gained an appreciation for their ferocity.Leo: Any suggestion for flavor text? This is obviously a pack of Ainok Rebels.
Flatline: Yes.
Leo: Veeeery good! I love this FT!
CG09CreaturelargescradRoaming Baloth5GCreatureBeastCTrample55Every place they leave is ruined and thoroughly depleted of food.Flatline: I'm not sure who designed this, but can we replace it with Indighost's Wurm from the thread? I really like the flavor text of that Wurm.
Leo: This is not mine for the record. Who is the designer here?
scrad: It's me. I was distracted when making this.
Flatline: @scrad...Do you mind if this is replaced with Ghost's Wurm? He has less cards than the rest of us, and I really like the Wurm's flavor text.
scrad: Fine by me. we could also just put that flavor text on this card, but either way is good.
CG09-CreaturelargeIndighostFarwilds Thrasher5GCreatureWurmCTrample65The Brotherhood often secretly baits wurms into the wall, causing minor tremors. This reinforces Dahl's insistence that the barrier is for the citizens' safety.Flatline: I would like to replace Roaming Baloth with this card for reasons I've discussed before. BTW, I think this should either cost 4GG, 6G, or be a 5/5.
Flatline: I officially deleted the other card. Thanks scrad. :) Also, I changed this from a 6/6 to a 6/5.
CG10BroCreaturelargeTilwinApocryphal Bowmen4GGCreatureHound Cleric ArcherCReach
Brainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn’t brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)
46Ainok archers' skill cannot compare to that of the elves, but when you let enough arrows fly, one is bound to hit.Tilwin 18.09.2015: We don't have a single Brainwash green common creature
Leo: Good, but Ainok are just Hounds in creature type.
Flatline: This is good. I think green should get the least brainwash cards, but it does need some.
That is REALLY big for a single ainok. Maybe we want to change the flavor a bit?
Leo: This could be a pack of Ainok.
Flatline: Flavor should also explain why this has reach.
Leo: Archers? Too obvious?
Flatline: Archers seem good.
Flatline: This isn't brainwashing much at 4 power. That might be ok though. I think this needs to be renamed, and needs to be an Archer. Also, see suggested flavor text.
Leo: Corrected a couple typos in the suggested flavor text, which I support.
Tilwin: I am kind of bored with Archers everywhere. How about Sharpshooters?
Leo: That's fine too to me.
Flatline: Sharpshooters directly contradicts the flavor text. But that can be changed.
Tilwin: That was my whole point. Unless you guys can find another synonym for Archer.
Flatline: We could always change the FT too. The best synonym for archer would be bowmen. Since this is a group of archers, we could use battery.
Tilwin: Bowmen or Slingers, both sound exciting! Though I would imagine Slingers would end up doing something Prodigal Pyromancer style.
CG11RebPIVOTAL MOMENTLeoHit the Stone1GInstantCDestroy target artifact. You gain 2 life.With the final piece of the Isolation Network in front of her and 137-F close to her, Freigh drew her sword and finally hit the stone. She felt the thrill of the moment, but she was unaware of the consequences.
CG12RebGiant Growth effect?LeoWild RebellionGInstantCTarget creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If that creature is a Rebel, it gets +4/+4 until end of turn instead."Everyone gets angry sometimes. Few are driven by their anger."
Flatline: Please see thread on this card.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Perfect!
Leo: Honestly I may prefer this too. It's cleaner and it doesn't have any particular implications, unlike the other fighting for this slot. Also, me might want to leave recruit noncreatures as an advancement in the second set.
Flatline: Yes. Let's go with this one.
Leo: Keeping this. Officially deleting the other.
Flatline: Attributed FT to Freigh. Can we give her a last name?
Leo: In my mind she is like Kiora, in that she doesn't have a last name. But let me think about that a little, maybe I can come up with one I like...
CG12Giant Growth effect?LeoWild RebellionGInstantCChoose target creature. That creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
- If a nontoken creature entered the battlefield under your control this turn, the chosen creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn instead.
Leo: the wording needs to be convoluted to avoid players thinking that the recruited creature gets +4/+4 instead of the targeted one. "Another" is not necessary, this isn't a creature anyway (I got this wrong in the thread). Which version do we want? If we choose this, we need other recruit noncreatures in white and red. A three-card cycle?
CG13RebRamp?TilwinExploring Belkin3GSorceryCEmbolden 1G (You may cast this spell for its embolden cost if you dealt damage to a player this turn with a Rebel.)
Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal those cards, and put one onto the battlefield tapped and the other into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
Tilwin 17.09.2015: Embolden Cultivate?
Leo: I really like both the design and the name.
Flaltine: Although I too actually like the current name, is there anyway this could be named Path to Belkin, or Exploring Belkin? The flavor text could be "The rediscovery of the Belkin outpost was a huge boon to the Rebellion." If that fits.
Tilwin: Sure, changed name!
Leo: Added flavor text then. Too bad it barely fits, and the card would look much better without it. See renders that I'll publish soon.
Flatline: I'm going to delete the FT. You're right Leo, it would look better without it.
1More than four lines of rules text.
CG14RebFight effectscradBreak the Bonds1GSorceryCRemove all counters from target creature you control. Then that creature fights target creature an opponent controls."We will never again be chained!"
- Lareth Neria, Venakian rebel leader
scrad: Is the reminder text neccessary?
Leo: It definitely helps in limited. For now I'd keep it.
Flatline: Could this set potentially come with a token that is meant as a reminder for brainwash? It would not say the creature gets -1/-1, it would just be reminder text. A little bit like the morph "reminder" cards. All it would need to say is "This creature is brainwashed." Would it be crazy to have a few different flavor texts on these tokens? I'm going to post this in the thread.
Leo: And in the thread I also posted a couple renders. I'd say this card, and UG in general, really needs those.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Yet tampering with counters is not something that can be done at common. Or is it?
Flatline: It seems ok to me, but I have nothing to back this up at the moment.
Flatline: I don't think we need the reminder text if we are doing the reminder token.
Leo: right, didn't think of that before. Removed.
CZ01BroWUcreatureLeoStern Castigator3WUCreatureVedalken SoldierCWhen Stern Castigator enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, detain up to two target creatures. (Until your next turn, those creatures can't attack or block and their activated abilities can't be activated.)23Tilwin 15.09.2015: Added card name to rules text. Not sure how relevant the cast from hand is. What about a different trigger? "When you cast Stern Castigator, detain up to two target creatures". Seems a bit powerful for an uncommon though.
Leo: Thanks for adding the name, that's what happens when you create cards while needing sleep. I thought about a cast trigger too, but there are functional difference with an etb one I didn't like, such as you get to detain even if this is countered. Anyway, "cast from hand" is there to avoid potential loops. Changes may come, but this will certainly keep detain. All the rest can change.
Flatline: Why is this a rogue?
Tilwin 16.09.2015: Agreed. Should either be a Soldier or an Advisor.
Leo: Just because it was the first creature type that came into my mind. Now a Soldier.
Leo: This is fine without flavor text.
CZ02BroWUnoncreatureTilwinClergical DismissalWUInstantCExile target creature. Return that card to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step under its owner's control."I suggest you take some time to think about what you've done, brother."Tilwin 17.09.2015: Both blue and white can exile creatures. I find the blue here justifies crippling an opponent's creature for the turn. Can play as combat trick, pushing through a defense or triggering ETB effect.
Leo: Blue can flicker creatures, not outright exile them, but that's exactly what you're doing here, so this is perfectly fine.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Yeah I meant flicker. Thanks for pointing that out.
Flatline: Suggested FT.
CZ03BroUBcreatureLeoOrder Apprentice1UBCreatureRat ClericCBrainwash (Whenever this deals damage to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. If it isn’t brainwashed, it becomes brainwashed.)13"Come, my brother. Together we can open your eyes to the truth."Leo: needs a real name.
Tilwin 15.09.2015: How about Order Apprentice?
Leo: sounds good, keeping it.
Leo: Any suggestion for flavor text?
Flaltine: Stab at FT.
Leo: it's good, keeping it. I just corrected "you eyes" to "your eyes" (just a typo).
CZ04BroUBnoncreatureFlatlineRewrite HistoryUBSorceryCExile all cards from target player's graveyard. Then that player puts the top five cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard."You'll remember what we tell you to remember!"
-Brother Dendar, Camp 62 Overseer
Flatline: I like the flavor here, but it might not have a place in the set. Maybe this could be the white enchantment I posted in the thread, but UB? I think it works either way.
Tilwin 17.09.2015: Black is entitled to exile a player's graveyard and I think it is a beautiful design. I'd keep it here. Keep in mind it's top "seven" cards.
Leo: corrected wording ("all cards from...", see Rest in Peace). I really like this too.
Flatline: Should this be a UC? Or toned down bit to maybe 5 cards? Or maybe bumped to 1UB?
Flatline: I changed this to mill 5.
Flatline: Slight change to flavor text(added camp#).
CZ05BroWBcreatureLeoBrotherhood Sentinel1WBCreatureHuman SoldierCVigilance, deathtouch12Always alert in looking for crimes, the sentinels' role is to signal any "sin" they see being committed to the Ministry of Guilt, often taking the sinner with them.Leo: A powerful French vanilla combination never done before. Costed high enough because of the high synergy between the keywords.
Flatline: I like it!
CZ06BroWBnoncreatureTilwin (REPRINT)CastigateWBSorceryCTarget opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it and exile that card."The punishment for being caught with such an item is quite severe."
-Elder Brother Jereven
Tilwin 16.09.2015: I think Castigate would fit perfectly the Brotherhood's agenda with a good Flavor Text of course.
Leo: Wonderful reprint! Totally supporting it!
Flatline: Perfect!
Flatline: Added FT.
CZ07BroURcreatureTilwinGalvanic Ritualist1URCreatureHuman WizardCWhen Galvanic Ritualist enters the battlefield, choose one -
• Draw a card then discard a card.
• Galvanic Ritualist deals 2 damage to target creature.
12A prayer to Father Dahl was said before each work day.Tilwin 17.09.2015: Are common choice cards acceptable?
Flaltine: This seems a little weird because the first abitly is both U and R, but the second ability isn't U at all.
Leo: they are. Anyway, the first ability here is the blue variety of looting. The red one has you discard first, so this is just fine color-pie-wise. First mode blue, second mode red.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: That's what I had in mind. First loots, second one shocks.
Flatline: OK, I guess I'm still not used to the new loot rules.
Flatline: This seems pretty strong for a common. Perhaps it should cost 2UR and be a 2/2?
Flatline: Maybe we make this monored and swtich it to discard >draw, then move it to UC.
Flatline: Actually,this is probably fine as is.
Flatline: Stab at FT. I'm not sure it makes sense.
1More than four lines of rules text.
CZ08BroURnoncreaturescradScrapshaping1URSorceryCDraw three cards, then discard three cards. If you control an artifact, instead draw three cards, then discard two cards.Every once in a while, a particularly hard working goblin might get an extra morsel of gruel.Leo: definitely too strong as it is now. Quoting: "Draw 3 cards, then discard 3 cards. If you control an artifact, discard 2 cards instead", this is what I'd want this card to be for the same cost (1UR).
Tilwin 18.09.2015: I like the changed card quite a bit.
Flatline: Suggested FT.
Leo: This is getting too long. Deleting older comments.
Leo: I realized a problem in the wording. As it was, if you controlled an artifact you only discarded without drawing. That's not what we want, so I'm adjusting the wording. No functional changes.
CZ09BroBGcreaturescradBrotherhood ScoutBGCreatureElf ScoutCWhen Brotherhood Scout dies, you may search your library for a basic Swamp or Forest card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library.22"Elder Brother, that is the second scout that hasn't returned from his mission in two weeks."scrad: Too strong? It compares pretty well to Civic Wayfinder, but its cost is much more restrictive and it ony fetches swamps or forests. I think it's good.
Tilwin 17.09.2015: Forest and Swamp should be capitalized I think because it refers to a subtype (pretty much like Goblin and Merfolk for instance). Otherwise I would say it's fine...
Flatline; This should trigger when it dies I think. Also, it can't be bigger than 1/1. Right now there is no P/T listed.
Leo: Yes Tilwin, and also the name of the card should be capitalized. When I see such typos/mistakes I'm correcting them myself as soon as I see them. Also, don't we already have a very similar card in black?
scrad: We can make this a dfeath trigger instead to differentiate it from Waste Exploiter.
Flatline: Actually, what am I talkng about? Veridian Emmisary says this can be a 2/2. Sorry.
Flatline: I'm not too sure about this FT, but....
CZ10RebBGnoncreatureTilwinFerocious Holler2BGSorceryCUp to two target creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain deathtouch until end of turn."AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"Tilwin: I already suggested dropping the trample! Removing it now to avoid confusions.
Flatline: I think this seems good now. I have the same question as Tilwin, sincen this is a sorcery, does it really need the red flag?
Leo: Oops, this is a sorcery! I took it as an instant, I don't know why. As a sorcery, this is certainly not worthy of a red flag, when combat comes you'll know the creatures have deathtouch. There is no danger of a bad surprise coming right after blockers are declared. Removing red flag. Also, deleting older comments for length.
Flatline: Added hollering. :)
CA01BroCreatureDrone?IndighostSurveillance Sweeper3Artifact CreatureDroneCFlying
When Surveillance Sweeper enters the battlefield, you may look at target player's hand.
21"Our scans show no rebel activity in the area, Father Dahl."Flatline: Suggested FT.
Flatline: Changed sir to brother in the FT.
Leo: and now Father, here we have someone talking to Dahl.
CA02BroCreatureDrone?IndighostPlated Loader4Artifact CreatureDroneCPlated Loader can block an additional creature.14Originally designed for construction, their broad scoops proved to be equally good at moving rioters as rubble.Flatine: This might need to be an UC.
Tilwin 16.09.2015: Coastline Chimera suggests we don't need "each combat". Same for Brave the Sands
scrad: If Place Guard is common, then this can be common.
Leo: You're right, Tilwin. I catched this yesterday but I forgot to correct it, done it now.
Flatline: Good point scrad. Keep it.
CA03BroCreatureDrone?TilwinCathedral Protector3Artifact CreatureGargoyleCFlying, defender33For his cathedral, Dahl decided to go with a guardian a bit more imposing than a drone.Tilwin 17.09.2015: Is it Cathedral of Dahl?
Flaltine: It can be.
Flatline: Also, can this be a Drone? Although I suppose a Gargoyle could be cool too.
Tilwin: I was suggesting Gargoyle for a bit of diversity.
Flatline: OK. No problem.
Flaltline: Suggested FT.
CA04BroEquipmentImplantFlatlineInformation Chip2ArtifactEquipment ImplantC(This Equipment can be equipped to creatures your opponents control. You still control it when it's equipped to a creature an opponent controls.)
Whenever equipped creature attacks, you may scry 2.
Equip 2

Flatline: I really like how this is useful on your creatures as well. Also, you can attack with it attached to your creature, then attach it to an opponent's creature to reap its benefits on multiple turns. Another one that probably can't fit flavor text.
Leo: I like it too. I really think this is the style we should use for most of the Implants.
Tilwin 15.09.2015: I'd prefer something like Infiltration Lens in this direction. Otherwise allowing scrying on both your turn as well as your opponent's turn might be a bit powerful.
Leo: making it scry 1 would help?
Flatline: I'd rather bump the mana cost to 3 or make it an UC.
Leo: I'd be fine with either, and also with trying this as is. Your choice.
Flatline: Let's try it as is and see. It won't be hard to change later.
Leo: Flavor text does not fit here. See renders that I'll publish very soon.
Flatline: I'm going to save this FT for later use. I'm deleting it from this card.
CA05BroEquipmentImplantscradSigil of Benevolence1ArtifactEquipment ImplantC(This Equipment can be equipped to creatures your opponents control. You still control it when it's equipped to a creature an opponent controls.)
Whenever equipped creature attacks, you gain 2 life.
Equip 1
Leo: we have no white Implant activations! Only blue and black! Everybody please remember the mechanic split we agreed on! This needs to change accordingly. My proposal: make it "gain 2 life" instead of 4 and "Equip 1" instead of W.
scrad: changed.
Flatline: I'm not sure this can be named sigil. A sigil implies a mark of some kind. The implants are supposed to be secret.
Leo: Indeed. Also, Sigil reminds me too much of Bant.
Tilwin: How about Talisman? I know it's not part of the Talisman cycle but nor do I think it needs to be. Otherwise we can also use "Periapt"
Flatline: How about Embedment?
Leo: Amulet is another possibility. Which one do we want to use?
CA06BroEquipmentImplantLeoParalyzing Chip2ArtifactEquipment ImplantC(This Equipment can be equipped to creatures your opponents control. You still control it when it's equipped to a creature an opponent controls.)
Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has defender.
Equip 3
Leo: Do you want to pump your own creature at the price that it can't attack (for something the checks power, like Soul's Fire and such for example), or do you prefer to give an opposing creature defender but at the price of pumping it?
Flatline: I like it.
CA07BroEquipmentImplantLeoPervasive Chip2ArtifactEquipment ImplantC(This Equipment can be equipped to creatures your opponents control. You still control it when it's equipped to a creature an opponent controls.)
Equipped creature gets -1/-0.
Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.
Equip 1U
Leo: not sure if the costs are right. Thoughts? Also, suggestions for the name are welcome.
Flatline: I like this, but I think for this to be a common, it should trigger when the creature deals combat damage. You could probably drop the CMC to 2 if you do this.
Name suggestion: Infiltration Chip (or is that too close to Infiltration Lens?)
Leo: Implementing all suggestions except for the name, which is indeed too close to the Lens. Any synonym for "infiltration"?
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Pervasive? I think this would actually work as a Mask too. Opinions?
Flatline: The chips are supposed to be a secret. Do you mean an actual mask? Masks don't get implanted, and can be seen by others.
Leo: Pervasive is good enough for me, but I also have a hard time seeing this as a mask. Changing name to Pervasive Chip.
Leo: Flavor text doesn't fit here.
CA08BroEquipmentImplantscradPainful Graft2ArtifactEquipment ImplantC(This Equipment can be equipped to creatures your opponents control. You still control it when it's equipped to a creature an opponent controls.)
Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller discards a card.
Equip B
Leo: this lacks mana cost.
Flatline: I think maybe this should equip for 1B.
scrad: as it is now it's costed like Mind Rot, which I think is more than fair considering the fact that to make the opponent actually discard two cards you need to equip twice.
Flatline: Why would this need to be equipped twice to make your opponent discard 2 cards? If you attach this to a creature, and that creature attacks 3 times, that opponent will need to discard 3 cards from 1 equip cost.
scrad: True, but that gives them multiple turns to draw more cards and offset the discard. either way it does it's job kinda awkwardly.
Tilwin: It makes more sense flavorfully as well as mechanically to lead to a discard only when equipped creature connects. It also balances the equipment quite nicely.
Flatline: Tilwin's suggestion seems good to me. It turns the creature into a reverse Specter.
Leo: It also mirrors micely my blue one above. Applying the change.
Flatline: Maybe to further mirror the blue card, this could give +1/+0, as extra incentive for its controller to attack. This would also give you the opportunity to attach it to your own creature if you have no cards in hand or want to discard cards.
CA09RebEquipmentnon-Implant for RebelsLeoRebel Warhammer1ArtifactEquipmentCEquipped creature gets +1/+1.
Equipped creature has trample as long as it's a Rebel.
Equip 2
"Let's see if they like the feeling of my hammer alongside there skulls."
-Yural, Rebel captain
Leo: Substitution for Makeshift Shiv. This is meant to help Rebels get through to turn on embolden. Placeholder name, suggestions for a real name and flavor text are welcome.
Flatline: Well, if this is going to give trample, it needs to be a hammer. How about Leonin Warhammer, or Ainok Warhammer?
Leo: Changed name to Rebel Warhammer because I don't like this having Leonin in the name and then caring about Rebels and not Cats in the rules text.
Flatline: Makes sense.
CA10RebEquipmentnon-Implant for RebelsTilwinLiberation Banner2ArtifactEquipmentCWhenever equipped creature attacks, each other attacking creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Equip 1
A banner with the insignia of the Rebellion was made. Not that anyone was willing to display it openly.Tilwin 17.09.2015: Battle cry equipment. I'm surprised nobody tried this before.
Leo: Again, equip is always the last thing on Equipment.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: It is? I never noticed that. Good to know.
Flatline: I hate to be picky but, at this stage of the Rebellion, there would be no banner. Especially one anyone would actually carry in public. Things are much more covert at this point. I love this card, but I think it needs to be something other than a banner. BTW, I love the name Liberation Banner also. Maybe we could change the name entirely and use the banner name in the 2nd set, where it would be more appropriate.
Leo: Flatline's reasoning makes a lot of sense with the story.
Flatline: Took a stab at flavor text that might make the name ok. I'm still not sure it shouldn't just be changed and/or held for the secomd set though.
CA11BrogenericBrotherhood-affiliatedLeoHistorical Archive2ArtifactCT: Exile target card from a graveyard.
1, Exile Historical Archive: Exile all cards from all graveyards. Draw a card.
"What is history? It's just what most people think happened in the past. I'm just maneuvering those thoughts."
-Father Dahl
Flatline:I wouldn't mind a functional reprint of Relic of Progenitus for one of these slots. Or at least something similar to it. It would be flavored as rewriting history. Which we need more of.
Leo: No to functional reprint, yes to similar card.
Flatline: Agreed. It's just that the Relc needs a reprint. :)
Leo: Let Modern Masters handle that (if I designed one of those sets it would be very different...). How about a Relic of Progenitus that lets you choose which card to exile?
Flatline: The Relic has been pushed to UC in its last couple of releases. I'm not sure we can make a strictly better one at common.
Tilwin 18.09.2015: Temporary name unless you like something else better.
Leo: New name is good. How about this dropping the "draw a card" part from the second ability to stay at common?
Flatline: Maybe we can change it to scry 1 or 2 intead? Or we could just bump the cost to 2.
Flatline: For flavor's sake, I think this shloud be some sort of book. It would be flavored that the book is always being rewiritten to change the events of the past.
Leo: That's good flavor. I agree.
Leo: Name changed to Historical Archive. Avoiding references to Dahl for potential future reprinting purposes in other sets. Mana cost raised to 2. Attempt of flavor text.
CA12BrogenericBrotherhood-affiliatedIndighostAuto-Sentry2Artifact CreatureDroneCFlash12"Easy to manufacture, quick to deploy, folds up when inactive; it's exactly what we need, Father Dahl."
-Brother Jin, Head Designer
Flatline: I added this Drone Ghost made. Is that OK? This was supposed to be a non-creature artifact.
Flatline: Maybe this should just be a UC?
Leo: we can have one more creature if needed.
Flatline: Good, I feel badly that none of Ghost's designs from that post made it into the sheet. I would like to work the Wurm in too.
Leo: I think I may have just missed the post you're referring to. Usually I was the one taking cards posted in the thread and putting them here.
CA13BrogenericBrotherhood-affiliatedFlatlineFlashbomb2ArtifactCWhen Flashbomb enters the battlefield, if W or U was spent to cast it, you may detain target creature. (Until your next turn, that creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated.)
1, Sacrifice Flashbomb: Scry 1.
"I can't see!"Flatline: How come nobody's filling in these spots?
Leo: Do we want detain in colorless?
Flatline: I like it on one card. Also, I kinda think it should be the blue UC drone's ability too. If you want, this could be moved to blue (in the draw slot we've been discussing), then be made to tap or untap a permanent for U. Of course it would need to be reflavored then.
Leo: let's try this first. Added reminder text for detain.
Leo: I'm not sure I like detain at instant speed... I: "Attack" you: "detain your best guy" doesn't sound very fun from the other side of the table... I liked this much more without flash.
Flaltine: OK, I'll delete flash. It doesn't really need it anyway, and I think it would probably cause rules problems anyway. BTW, I'm pretty sure detaining an attacking creature wouldn't actually prevent the attack. It would be like tapping an attacking creature.
Leo: Of course, I meant in the "beginning of combat" step, before you choose attackers.
Leo: detain is only white and blue, so this has to require white or blue mana. Adjusting wording to reflect this.