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TimestampWhy do you choose to blog instead of doing regular spelling homework? What helped you get started with blogging? What can students learn from blogging? Anything else you think I should know about student blogging?
2/6/2017 13:50:22It is way more fun to express the real world than sit and write.I had a suggestion and I've been blogging ever since.To be social and to give people information what's happening with them and the real world.Just think about a popular topic and type about it, it;s more fun than it sounds!
2/6/2017 13:56:02I choose to blog instead of regular homework because it is really fun because not only do other people learn things but you do to.My friends told me about blogging and how it was really fun and first I thought it would be boring but actually it was really fun.You can learn a lot from blogging like when I did a blog on the New England Patriots I learned who founded the Patriots I also learned about some players I did not know about.Even though sometimes they can take a long time to do the are still REALLY FUN!
2/6/2017 13:56:08I enjoy expressing feelings and thoughts on the web to tell other people about.My parents and friends gave me ideas to blog about. It was super helpful. Over time it got fun.They can learn new vocabulary. Also, learn something new about someone. Lastly, New facts and opinions about, perhaps a movie.It is extremely fun!
2/6/2017 13:56:51I choose blogging because it is a way to express your thoughts to people. I also do it because you can blog about almost any topic you want.My mom wanted me to socialize with people, so I socialize while blogging. The way I socialize in blogging is by expressing my thoughts.Since Ms. Freedman checks our blogs she also tells us if there are any grammar errors. I have learned a lot about grammar after bloggingIf you are thinking we just learn from blogging we don't. We have fun while learning so we can actually enjoy homework. Enjoying homework is important because kids will be motivated to do it.
2/6/2017 14:00:18I blog because it lets you express your own ideas in several unique ways. For example, you could do a video blog, or vlog. I also love how, in the world of blogging, there is pretty much no restrictions of what you can blog about. A family trip, or a sporting event. You could even blog about your favorite food. There is really no right or wrong topic to blog about, and I love that.I think some of my researching skills came into play. But, later I learned that you can blog about something of your knowledge, which really got me thinking about what I should blog about. Researching, if you think about, is really important. I mean, you can't just blog about something or someone that you know nothing about without looking them up, and finding information. But, I still think researching skills is what really got me into the blogging game.Students can learn to grow confidence, and boost their self-esteem. Blogging can also teach some really great digital citizenship skills. Such as, not revealed any personal information like your address and full name. And, if you notice that a student is having trouble with his/her writing lately, blogging is a great idea. It really lets kids, and adults, really speak their mind and express ideas in a safe, and really awesome way.
2/6/2017 14:04:03Well first of all, blogging is way more fun than regular spelling, and it still teaches the students that choose to do it all kinds of skills. Ms. Freedman corrects things like run-on sentences, which I didn't even know what they were before. So I still learn about spelling and grammar. Also, you get to learn so much about the topics you don't get taught in school.Well some of my friends were doing it and they seemed to like it, so I decided to give it a try. Also, I liked the idea of choosing my own topic to write about. They can learn about the things around them that they are interested in that they normally might not get the chance to. They can also learn about good strategies to use when they are writing, like starting with a question to catch the readers attention. I know I learned a lot about keeping the readers interested and make them keep reading. I think you should know(in case you don't already) that this is a great way for students to learn and enjoy their homework. Also, it helps them relax a little bit more because it is not due the very next day. I love blogging and I think all the other kids do too, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.
2/6/2017 14:04:47 I choose to blog instead of regular spelling homework because expressing your personality is always important and blogging is one way to do just that! I know homework is important, but blogging makes it fun! It does not weigh you down as much. When In started blogging, something that helped me was knowing I could write it on almost anything I wanted! This made it easier to choose subjects, and topics! Students can learn about different topics by blogging because since you blog on almost new thins every week, you must research your facts to make sure they are correct! This means new information is always being given to you! Students can also advance in grammar, and learn to express feelings. I think that blogging is an amazing homework choice because it is different and fun! I am so glad to have you as my teacher and blogging makes the things you send home for work more fun! Also, being able to do it on whatever we want is awesome since we get freedom form all of the years we have been doing boring spelling sheets! Blogging also stuffs in knowledge without us noticing it all that much! All and all, blogging is really fun!
2/6/2017 14:07:52Blogging helps me share original ideas about certain topics to my readers. I love stating different opinions about different things because it lets people get to understand me better. It also lets you express emotions and ideas about certain topics. You can honestly talk about any topic that you find interesting in a blog because it shows emotion and feeling on the specified subjectI started off blogging with a blog that was in the point of view of a bunny! I learned how to edit and revise my papers from that and the best format to write in. My teacher also helped me with suggestions on how to make my writing better and benefited from that. It used to be hard for me to find a topic to blog about, but now I feel as if I learned more and do whatever I am feeling that day. My latest blog was ninjas and that day I was feeling hyper and like I wanted to climb up walls and things! My friends helped me as well and supported me in writing and experimenting with different words and phrases.Students like myself can learn how to write better and to have confidence in your writing. You can learn to speak your mind and to make your mark on the world. It also teaches you how to research better and how to find things more quickly. You can also learn responsibility and independence from writing blogs. You have to find a topic, research, and edit all by yourself.I think every child should try to blog because it helps students in reading and writing, and it is also very fun.
2/6/2017 14:08:49I choose to blog because blogging for children is a way to share something interesting with people. Through blogging I can inform people of my interests, likes and dislikes or just something we are learning about in school. I also love to write. When I first got started blogging in class I definitely most wanted to do it because at the time I did not know much about it. I was curious so I tried it and after that I was hooked. By blogging students can learn how to express themselves in a new way. Also blogging can help students with writing skills, when our class blogs it may take days of revision and rethinking to get it ready to post. Kids that like to write may want to give writing a try because blogging definitely includes that. Also when children are blogging they learn to recheck other pieces of work in the future because of how their teacher checks them.
2/6/2017 14:08:53I think the blog is much funner because i've never got to do this. I also like that you get to research almost anything and it is very educational sometimes because you get to research things like I saidI thought it would be really fun so I tried it and I loved it. It helped me learn new things.They can learn to have fun while their doing something important like blogging.I also like it because it helps me calm down when i'm frustrated and it helps me type better
2/6/2017 14:08:59I think the blog is much funner because i've never got to do this. I also like that you get to research almost anything and it is very educational sometimes because you get to research things like I said.I thought it would be really fun so I tried it and I loved it. It helped me learn new things.They can learn to have fun while their doing something important like blogging.I also like it because it helps me calm down when i'm frustrated and it helps me type better
2/6/2017 14:09:23One reason I would choose blogging for regular spelling homework is because it tells how I feel or some of my knowledge. Another reason I rather do blogging than regular spelling homework is because it is a lot more entertaining for me than having spelling words. Lastly I rather do a blog than regular spelling homework is because I can be a lot more creative.Google Search helped me get started with blogging because it teaches me a lot of digital citizenship. Also I use YouTube to help me get started because it helps me gather information and it also teaches me digital citizenship. Finally Google Keep helped me get started blogging because I can store what I learned in there. One thing these all help me with is learning.Students can learn digital citizenship because they can see what to put and what not to put. Also they can learn about what the blog they are looking at is about if the blog is informational. Lastly they can learn about how people live, struggle, get back up, and be successful.I think you should know that you shouldn't give any of your personal information or somebody else's information. You should Lastly know that when you are blogging and you say something you don't want anyone to know DON'T WRITE IT!!!
2/7/2017 7:24:05I choose to blog because it is really a lot of fun, and with normal spelling HW, we can't choose our topics or anything like that. In our blogs, we are a little bit more free to do what topic we want, have the style we want, and anything else like that.My teacher, Ms. Freedman, and my neighbor Teddy. My teacher helped me because she is the one that gave us the choice of doing blog instead of spelling HW. My neighbor Teddy helped me because he blogged at one point, and he told me that it was really, really fun to do!They can learn many different facts because all blogs are different and express different things in the blogs. Students can also learn digital citizenship, and better computer skills.That kids should be able to be free with their writing, as long as it is appropriate, and has digital citizenship!

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