Lust Registration & iConfidant number
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NameUser HandleIn Person Registration?Did you post this shit to the forum? (if not, post your shit to the forum)Did you buy merch? Did that seem to trigger anything?Were you assigned to an investor? (or whoever they were)Did you sign a form?Did you keep the form?Did you see the Red Office guy?What did Red Office guy say or DO to you? (ex "you don't have what it takes", kiss you, sing to you)Do you think Red Office Guy was happy or no? Something else? Briefly, what notable things happened? (kindly text wrap when you're done)Did you see Darren Lynn Bousman--if so, where? How was he?
MelissamkarrettYep 4pYepNoMarcusYesNopeYes (some E. Euro guy)"You have a heart of a warrior--we need people like you." "I hope you join us"Initially pissed off as hell! Throwing his stick down and then lauching garbage can to the other side of the room. Possibly being held against his will and separated from his family for reasons unknown. Yet then he calmed down to feel my pulse only to say "I hope you join us"--I think he's brainwashedMarcus got into an ex-lovers quarrel with Nicole, they used to be a thing. Marcus hugged me and gave me a monologue about theater and the need for catharsis--sited Oedipus. Oh and Marcus asked me if I owned a VR system (I do) but then asked me "yes but what about flesh, bone and blood" :x We talked about the Tension Red Room and I told Marcus what happened/said in the Red Room, STAYS in the Red Room. Couldn't gauge how he felt about that.Nope
BrianWinstonSmithYesNahNoRemiYesNopeYes (Remi)Remi said Nicole was daughter of "Head Investor", his partner. Expressed disgust at obvious nepotism. Also claimed to have lost $3 million on Tension, and wanted to make sure I knew that "new people" were running this show. Remi said that I was "obviously a good man" and to "be careful."No
Susie J.monkeymuffin333YesNopeNoNicoleYesNo Yes (Remi)Spoke at length with Tina, the real estate agent.  Found an iPhone left on the seat across from me and surrendered it to Stephanie.  The warehouse smelled like weed.  Marcus threw a water bottle at Tina.  Remi fielded me in the Red Office and told me that I was a good woman and also told me to "be careful."
AlyssaAlyCYes (6 PM)YesNoMarcosYesNoYes (Remi)Marcos/Nicole fought. Turns out they previously slept together.
BrianMisterEyes 1:30pmyesnoNicole 1:30pm blockyesNoYes European Stick manNicole asked me nothing but weird sex questions, I had no problem answering and she didn't phase me. I said I was there for the system and never corrected about it. (which is annoying in hindgsight) She liked me, and I enjoyed talking to her. She asked me to sign and I did.When I was there a driver showed up with one single item wrapped for "Darren" the car pulled right into the lot, Bryan Bishop commented "That has to be in game right?"
BradNotHenryGaleYesYesNo (out of shirt size)AbeYesNoYes (Remi)"Be careful" (don't remember the eact words)He didn't seem angry, but wasn't happy either. He seemed like he was trying to convince me they were just trying to get a better return of investment this time around. Tying their loss of money to my own personal loss.Spoke with Tina, real estate person. She mentioned the people running the show were seeking a place that was soundproof and had good drainage. Later inside, she vented about how they were treating her, mentioned being called things like "idiot" in emails from her point of contact. Abe mentioned they were trying to "right the financial wrongs" of Tension, spoke that she put 1-2 million into the experience. Seemed genuinely nice and just trying to make sure her investment was successful this time.N/A
TaylorTaySavesTheDayYesYesThey Gave me Cash to Buy A ShirtNicoleYesNoYes (Euro Guy)Was handed money to buy a shirt and make a big deal out of it to impress the investors. No--but food delivery guy had food for "Darren"
JackieTheLadyJYesYes (lol)No RemiNoNoYes European Stick manRemi: Asked what I wanted from the lust experience. No Violence in the Red(ish) room.No--but food delivery guy had food for "Darren"
ChelseachelseaYesWorking on it.NoMarcusYesNoYes, Remi
MeghanMeghanMayhemYesYesI said I already had everything, Stephanie snapped at me to get one for a friend thenRemiNoNoYes, European man"I can feel a flame in your veins. Never lose it." He also whispered some things that sounded like "We're trying to fix things...but I don't think we're going to make it".He asked if I thought he was happy, I said I couldn't say, so he threw a trash can at the wall. I also asked him his name as I left, and he just shook his head 'no' at me.Remi noted that Nicole was the daughter of a supervisor, his partner, that he had worked his ass off for 25 years and she got in on nepotism. Shouted at Marcus for having the better chair. Said he was originally from NY and hated the way they treated him in LA. Asked me why I liked interactive theater. Asked me if I was into interactive theater for the social aspect. Asked me if I was into BDSM. Held hands with me as he walked me to the red room. No
KimberlyElectricHippoYes (4pm)YesNoRemiNoYesYes, European manAt the end of our exchange, he told me to "keep that strength, that courage, that fire... this is what we need... we are here to make this work." Then he thanked me for being there with him and kissed my hands/wrists 10(!) times, then calmly showed me to the door.No, he wasn't happy at all with his location or circumstance, but he also did not behave angrily towards me.Stephanie called me up first, then very specifically assigned me to be interviewed by the man at the farthest left desk (Remi). Remi was displeased with his circumstances but never rude to me. We had a pretty lively, sometimes humorous conversation. Remi brought me over to Stephanie who made small talk, offered me water, and told me Gordon asked her to be there on that particular day... she thought she was being hired as an actor, not a PA. I then entered the reddish room. The European man in the reddish room was intense but always polite and pleasant to me. He didn't have a stick, nor yell at me, hit or throw things. He was less pleased with Darren who sat silently at the desk on the right side of the space.Yes - He was sitting silently/solemnly at the desk in the reddish room. I approached him when I first entered the space. Euro man yelled at him a couple times to stay seated, don't move. Darren had his eyes cast downward, as if not feeling able to freely interact. I opted to move with Euro man to the opposite side of the room, to divert his anger away from Darren.
RizzoRizzzooooooYes (4pm)YassNoNicoleYesNoYesAfter yelling at dlb he has me sit on thecoucj next him. He held his hand to my heart beat an told me I have a heart of a warrior, and to "neve loose that... I want you to hold on to that and use it." He then waned in closer and whispered "because I'm not sure if yo will make it or not". He held the door open for me but smallest before I exited, "NOT YET... thank you" and then let me dip outNo, he seems upset and astoihed that he had been there fo "17 hours". He told me this in a way of like, "17 hours ca you believe it".I was sat in the waiting area, steph took my hand and told me "You are def getting Nicole". Lots of flirting with Nicole, talked relationships and if I have "big balls". Told me she hates people wearing her clothes. She was actually pretty fun to talk to, she then said she would call me Mikey since it was more intimate. I was taken to the cat piss room to be with stick man and DLB.Yes, he was at the desk when I came in. Once he saw me he tried to stand up, however stick man yelled at him telling him he leaves when he says so. As I walked out DLB glanced at me and then went back into cowering
Mike GrayKingkill33Yes 4pmYesNoAbigailYesNoYesCheck the forumsNo
Tom Hite@pufrock5150 (tomhite)Yes (6:30)Not yet (desu desu)No one in group purchased because nobody was carrying cash...Nicole Interiviewed me, but she was not an investor. She is related through filial obligation only, and seems to have no personal stake in this matter. But she seemed to like asking questions...YuppersNopeYes, it was beardy sad head.Nicole asked me about Noah; I explained the burner phone fiasco. She asked about my experience with Tension and specifically whether I didn't think what they "did to Anoch" was "pretty fucked." Nicole was harassing Tina, and I told her I actually got a really good vibe from Tina, and she balked. I told Tina I loved her as I was walking away. Before I entered the "Red Room," Tina asked "Are you sure you don't just want to go see a movie? I mean, this is a lot of trouble to go to for grown-ups to play make-believe..."I saw no evidence of Darren, Clint, or Gordon whatsoever.
Haley WildeHaleywildeYes (1:00pm)yes!nope!Abe? A? Abi? Annie? What the hell was her actual name??? Yes I did! (dun, dun, dunnnnnn)Nope, gave it to the man in the red officeYesuhhhh, everything notable that happened to me I wrote in the forums. Everything seemed pretty much the same as everyone else. The only thing that stood out to me was the office guy telling me I wouldn't make it... fuck you, office guy.I did not see him, however I did witness his lunch being delivered
DanieldanduderYes (5:30)Yes!!!NahAbeYes, in blood (jk)NoYes. I saw RemiOnly thing that deviated from others who interacted with Abe and Remi was that I saw a computer open showing some sort of survaillence but not sure if it was ingame or nah as it was behind the waiting chair for the red roomNo
La Salle DuonglasalleYes (4:30 pm)YesNopeMarcusHell yeah I didNoYes, I stared deeply into his eyes. He was the man with the accent. He did not have a stick but he did make me wrists smell like cloves.Like Davey Havok, I have a fire inside me. Told me to let it burn away everything so that all that would be left behind would be what's real and essential about me. He opened the door me, slammed it shut before I could walk though, then stared at me for a long time before I walked out. Indifferent. Pretty much the same as Meghan. I have a fire inside of me and Marcus hates nepotism. Nicole's dad is the CFO. When Marcus shook my hand, he did that trick of rubbing my inner wrist, which theoretically is supposed to encourage trust and closeness in the recipient (but just made me very suspicious).No
Sagesfire8Yes (5:30)yesnoAbeYes, gulp.No, Remi took it before I entered red office.Yes, Remi.Same as others who got Abe. Remy asked if I had ever lost anything, then talked about the "circle of life". He made me count 1000 dollars and asked how I would feel if I lost it. He showed me out and told me I was a beautiful woman. Stephanie was super friendly, calling me by my first name, and offering me water, even though I have never met her before. Kokopelli on the office wall (?)No.
DereknosnevetsYes (1:30)YesNoRemy/remi/Remik/ramma/rammalammadingdongNoNoYes, some foreign guyHit his cane on a box then told me I was full of pride and had a warrior spirit that he wanted to "delete"uhhhhhh liked me? But no I don't think happy.Remy seemed to like me, everyone said he didn't like anyone or anything. he brought up firing Darren without me asking. Stephanie didn't want Gordon mad. tried to talk to Gordon got shut down. Red room guy also seemed to like me. Said I was a warrior. Said he wanted to "delete" my pride.I heard his name when a delivery boy came.
Mike FontaineMikeYes - 5:00YesWasn't offeredMarc(o,us)YesNoYesExplained he was here to fix Lust and wanted my help.Not happy, not sad. More perturbed he had to be there to clean up this mess that "they" made.When leaving, Stephanie said to me "They're all fucked". I don't know who "they" are thoughNo
KevinKevinYes (2:00)YesNoRemyNoNo, did get a picture thoughYes, not RemyNo
ChrisMacbethinaBathtubYes (12:30)YesNoNicoleYesNo (Stick Man kept it)Yes, the Stick ManCalled me special, said he could feel fire in my heart and that he wanted me to keep it, said his group needed people like me. That we are all connected "In the same ecosystem, same universe."He was calm and serene, but intensely focused, my entire visit. No yelling, no complaining, no talk of money, no doors slamming, no rushing me out, no sniffing. He was totally fixated on me the entire time.Nicole mentioned that these people were her literal "family" and that she had been with them since a small child. No mention of her father, she used the word "they." Mentioned that they had done something "fucked up" to Anoch. Lied to me about her interaction with Buz.No
ClayGoldTongueYes (4:30)YesNoRemy (NOTE:) He said he was "Head of Operations"YesNoYes -- but he had a BELT, not a stick.He smelled/sniffed me. He said my heart was racing. That I seemed nervous but he could help with that. The meeting ended with him screaming at the top of his lungs for me to "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"He was particularly unhappy with the office he was in. Nothing stands out as unique to my personal experience. No
Max Z@maxzumsteinYes (2:30)Yes No Nicole<3YepNo, handed it off to stick man YepTook my glasses off and stared me down with touching noses. Asked if I thought he liked it in this room which smells like cat piss, threw a box and yelled when I didn't answer. I said "you don't seem to like it but I think your location scout is really doing her best". He told me he sensed pride in me and wanted to take it away with one swipe.Definitely not, his office smelled like cat piss Mine seems pretty standard except Tina mentioning that the cats belonged to her and that she bred them No but a guy came up in a car with a food order for "Darren"
Kevin Hsu@lazysmartpersonyes 5:00no...noAbeyepnopeyep, euro guyup close, checked pulse, said i was proudsomething elseall standardno
Tim Redman@timsmynameyes 3:30yesnoNicoleyesno red office guy crumpled and tossedyesRemoved glasses, sniffed neck, said I am kind. beware who you desire, don't let them swallow you whole.neither happy or sad.I called out tina wiht a lie and that got 3/4 investors yelling at her. Nicole asked if Tina was sleeping with Gordon?no
Jared jaredyes 12:30yesnoMarcosyesnoyesasked what I'm scared of. said I worry too much but I'm powerfulHe was angry at the situation, but he respected meAfter talking with Marcos, Nicole sat next to me, flirting, pulled up her skirt, and asked if I had a girlfriendno