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House BillsSenate BillsTitleFY1FY2FY3FY4FY5Total CostAnnualized CostSOURCEMethod (# of years)Notes
HR 00005S 00218, S 01099Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2011($500)($1,900)($3,700)($5,500)($6,400)($18,000)($3,600)CBO5Medical Liability Reform
HR 00038To rescind funds appropriated to the Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund under the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.($400)($500)($100)($1,000)($333)CBO HR4872(111)3Repeal PPACA Implementation Funding
HR 00061To require Federal employees to use coach-class air travel in the United States except in limited circumstances, and for other purposes.($70)($70)($70)Heritage1
HR 00068To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit Federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after fiscal year 2013.($466)($466)($466)Budget1
HR 00087S 00712To repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.($4,300)($4,300)($4,300)($4,300)($4,300)($21,500)($4,300)CBO Testimony5Repeal Dodd-Frank
HR 00093To make 10 percent across-the-board rescissions in non-defense, non-homeland-security, and non-veterans-affairs discretionary spending for each of the fiscal years 2011 and 2012.($52,886)($47,982)($100,868)($50,434)Text/Budget2Across-the-board Rescissions
HR 00094To make 5 percent across-the-board rescissions in non-defense, non-homeland-security, and non-veterans-affairs discretionary spending for each of the fiscal years 2011 and 2012.($26,443)($23,991)($50,434)($25,217)Text/Budget2Across-the-board Rescissions
HR 00095To make 15 percent across-the-board rescissions in non-defense, non-homeland-security, and non-veterans-affairs discretionary spending for each of the fiscal years 2011 and 2012.($79,329)($71,974)($151,303)($75,652)Text/Budget2Across-the-board Rescissions
HR 00121, HR 00262, HR 00297To require any amounts remaining in a Member's Representational Allowance at the end of a fiscal year to be deposited in the Treasury and used for deficit reduction or to reduce the Federal debt.($3)($3)($3)($3)($3)($15)($3)House Clerk/NTUF5Remaining Member Allowances for Deficit Reduction
HR 00124, HR 00172, HR 00187, HR 00236, HR 00246, HR 00343, HR 00431, HR 03858S 00148, S 00133To provide that rates of pay for Members of Congress shall not be adjusted under section 601(a)(2) of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 in the year following any fiscal year in which outlays of the United States exceed receipts of the United States.($3)($3)($3)OPM data1
HR 00204Congressional Pay Cut Act($5)($5)($5)Text/OPM Data1Congressional Pay Cut
HR 00235Cut Unsustainable and Top-Heavy Spending Act of 2011($43,012)($4,941)($6,214)($6,750)($6,817)($67,734)($44,861)1 & 5
HR 00270To provide for a 10 percent reduction in pay for Members of Congress, to make Federal civilian employees subject to a period of mandatory unpaid leave, to reduce appropriations for salaries and expenses for offices of the legislative branch during fiscal year 2012, and for other purposes.($104)($104)($104)Budget/OPM data1Congressional Pay Cut
HR 00292S 00210To eliminate the mandatory printing of bills and resolutions by the Government Printing Office for the use of the House of Representatives and Senate.($7)($7)($7)BT111HR4640gpo1
HR 00335,HR 01012To provide for a 10 percent reduction in pay for Members of Congress.($9)($9)($9)Text/OPM Data1Congressional Pay Cut
HR 00371To repeal title I of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and to amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for cooperative governing of individual health insurance coverage offered in interstate commerce.($988)($1,977)($25,942)($50,907)($74,861)($154,675)($30,935)CBOHR2355-109+H2-1125Repeal PPACA Title I
HR 00397To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 and to take meaningful steps to lower health care costs and increase access to health insurance coverage without raising taxes, cutting Medicare benefits for seniors, adding to the national deficit, intervening in the doctor-patient relationship, or instituting a government takeover of health care.$415 $6,029 ($2,733)($74,500)($102,355)($173,144)($34,629)CBO HR3962 Amendment (111)5Repeal PPACA and Replace
HR 00408S 00178To reduce Federal spending by $2.5 trillion through fiscal year 2021.($288,607)($51,657)($3,658)($3,661)($3,663)($351,246)($143,969)Txt/Bdgt/RSC5 and 2Spending Reduction Act of 2011
HR 00413To reduce the budget of the Department of Defense to the level provided for fiscal year 2008 and to freeze the budget at such level through fiscal year 2016.($36,400)($36,400)($36,400)Text1
HR 00452S 00668To repeal the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act providing for the Independent Payment Advisory Board.($15)($15)($15)Text, PL 111-1981Repeal PPACA - IPAB
HR 00566To close the National Drug Intelligence Center.($30)($30)($30)Budget1
HR 00569S 00310Ending Unemployment Payments to Jobless Millionaires Act of 2011($20)($20)($20)Sponsor1
HR 00622To extend the Andean Trade Preference Act, and for other purposes.($31)($31)($31)Budget/Text1Decrease Funds for the Community College and Career Training Grant Program
HR 00649Reduce and End our Deficits Using Commonsense Eliminations in the Defense Exchange Stores System Act of 2011($200)($200)($200)BT111HR5784sponsor1
HR 00665Excess Federal Building and Property Disposal Act of 2011($1,900)($1,900)($1,900)($1,900)($1,900)($9,500)($1,900)Text5Federal Property Disposal
HR 00672To terminate the Election Assistance Commission, and for other purposes.($5)($6)($7)($7)($8)($33)($7)CBO5
HR 00690Federal Trade Commission and National Gallery of Art Facility Consolidation, Savings, and Efficiency Act of 2011($56)($56)($56)($57)($57)($282)($56)Committee PR5
HR 00704To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the diversity immigrant program. ($6)($23)($47)($71)($147)($37)CBO4Eliminate the Diversity Immigrant Program
HR 00737To terminate the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Program, and for other purposes.($25)($25)($25)DOT1
HR 00745, HR 00746, HR 04403To repeal the wage rate requirements commonly known as the Davis-Bacon Act.($10,900)($10,900)($10,900)Heritage1
HR 00830FHA Refinance Program Termination Act($2)($103)($70)($175)($58)CBO3
HR 00836Emergency Mortgage Relief Program Termination Act($390)($450)($840)($420)CBO2
HR 00839S 00527The HAMP Termination Act of 2011($10)($279)($354)($276)($222)($1,141)($228)CBO5Repeal HAMP
HR 00910S 00482To amend the Clean Air Act to prohibit the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from promulgating any regulation concerning, taking action relating to, or taking into consideration the emission of a greenhouse gas to address climate change, and for other purposes.($23)($49)($58)($60)($60)($250)($50)CBO5Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011
HR 00970Federal Aviation Research and Development Reauthorization Act of 2011($14)($11)($18)($22)($65)($16)CBO4
HR 01063S 01718To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act with respect to the application of Medicare secondary payer rules for certain claims.($2)($4)($4)($4)($4)($18)($4)CBO5Strengthening Medicare And Repaying Taxpayers Act
HR 01146American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009($3,638)($3,638)($3,638)Budget1
HR 01173Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011($3)($3)($3)($9)($3)CBO3Repeal PPACA-CLTCI
HR 01205Federal Real Property Disposal Enhancement Act of 2011($1)($1)($1)($2)($5)($1)CBO HR5787(110)4
HR 01214To repeal mandatory funding for school-based health center construction.($23)($50)($28)($101)($34)CBO3
HR 01217To repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund.($400)($900)($1,300)($1,600)($1,900)($6,100)($1,220)CBO5Repeal PPACA - Pub HealthFund
HR 01230To require the Secretary of the Interior to conduct certain offshore oil and gas lease sales, and for other purposes.($10)($15)($25)($13)CBO2
HR 01231To amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to require that each 5-year offshore oil and gas leasing program offer leasing in the areas with the most prospective oil and gas resources, to establish a domestic oil and natural gas production goal, and for other purposes.$2 $5 $5 ($95)($245)($328)($66)CBO5
HR 01246To reduce the amounts otherwise authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Defense for printing and reproduction.($36)($36)($36)Sponsor1
HR 01247To reduce the amounts otherwise authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Defense for studies, analysis, and evaluations.($24)($24)($24)House Report 112-781
HR 01248To amend title 5, United States Code, to provide that civilian employees of the Department of Defense performing unsatisfactory work shall not be eligible for annual nationwide adjustments to pay schedules.($21)($21)($21)Sponsor1
HR 01317S 00476A bill to discontinue the Voice of America: Radio Marti and Television Marti broadcasts to Cuba.($28)($28)($28)BBG Budget1
HR 01385, HR 01739S 00685To repeal the sugar price support program and marketing allotments for sugar, and for other purposes.($14)($14)($14)RSC1Eliminate Sugar Subsidies
HR 01625To prohibit funding for the Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) program.($30)($30)($30)Sponsor1
HR 01626Prevent the Reckless, Irresponsible, Needless Typography (PRINT) Act of 2011($8)($8)($8)PR1
HR 01683S 00868To restore the longstanding partnership between States and the Federal Government in managing the Medicaid program.($500)($900)($200)($800)($2,400)($4,800)($960)CBO5Repeal PPACA - Maintenance of Effort
HR 01745S 00904To improve jobs, opportunity, benefits, and services for unemployed Americans, and for other purposes.($125)($2,835)($15)($15)($15)($3,020)($601)CBO HR.1745 (112)5
HR 01782To implement the recommendations of the report of the Government Accountability Office entitled "Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue".($5,000)($5,000)Text1
HR 01837San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act($233)($65)($75)($75)($41)($489)($98)CBO5
HR 01845S 00960Medicare IVIG Access Act($17)($18)($19)($22)($22)($98)($19)Primaryimmune.org5
HR 01848One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011($33,820)($33,482)($67,302)($33,651)Text/Budget2Spending Cap
HR 01891To repeal ineffective or unnecessary education programs in order to restore the focus of Federal programs on quality elementary and secondary education programs for disadvantaged students.($413)($413)($413)CBO1
HR 02041To reduce Federal spending in a responsible manner.($503,327)($58,626)($561,953)($280,977)Text/Budget2Spending Cap
HR 02059To prohibit funding to the United Nations Population Fund.($37)($37)($37)CBO data1
HR 02114, HR 03029S 01476, S 01611To reduce the size of the Federal workforce through attrition, and for other purposes.($1,399)($4,599)($8,399)($9,999)($10,199)($34,595)($6,919)CBO HR3029(112)5
HR 02242Fairness in Cocaine Sentencing Act of 2011($1)($1)($1)($3)($1)CBO HR3245(111)3
HR 02309To restore the financial solvency of the United States Postal Service and to ensure the efficient and affordable nationwide delivery of mail.$5,455 ($760)($1,877)($2,957)($3,071)($3,210)($642)CBO5Postal Reform
HR 02319To cap noninterest Federal spending as a percentage of full employment GDP, to require that budgets and budget resolutions adhere to these caps, to enforce these caps, to increase financial transparency for mandatory programs, to provide for a line-item adjustment, to require the parings of significant spending increases and adjustments to the debt ceiling, and to provide for a Federal Sunset commission to assist Congress in eliminating Federal agencies and programs that no longer serve a public need or reforming those that are inefficient or ineffective in serving a public need, and for other purposes.($587,920)$17,840 $7,117 $92,472 ($406,491)($101,623)Text/Budget4Spending Cap
HR 02397S 00742To amend chapters 83 and 84 of title 5, United States Code, to set the age at which Members of Congress are eligible for an annuity to the same age as the retirement age under the Social Security Act.($5)($1)Sponsor1
HR 02401To require analyses of the cumulative and incremental impacts of certain rules and actions of the Environmental Protection Agency, and for other purposes.($10)($16)($9)($5)($3)($43)($9)CBO5
HR 02417S 00395To repeal certain amendments to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act with respect to lighting energy efficiency, and for other purposes.($8)($15)($4)($3)($30)($8)CBO4
HR 02441Housing Trust Fund Elimination Act of 2011($84)($84)($84)Text/Budget1
HR 02465Federal Workers' Compensation Modernization and Improvement Act$1 ($1)($1)($2)($2)($5)($1)CBO/Text5
HR 02487To amend the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 to terminate direct payments for the 2012 crop year.($2,800)($2,800)($2,800)($2,800)($2,800)($14,000)($2,800)Text/RSC5Direct Payment Reform
HR 02531To amend title 44, United States Code, to repeal the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and for other purposes.($7)($7)($7)NHPRC1
HR 02532S 01515To permit certain members of the United States Secret Service and certain members of the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division who were appointed in 1984, 1985, or 1986 to elect to be covered under the District of Columbia Police and Firefighter Retirement and Disability System in the same manner as members appointed prior to 1984.($7)$1 $1 $1 $1 ($3)($1)CBO S1515 (112)5
HR 02560To cut, cap, and balance the Federal budget.($111,000)($111,000)($111,000)Text/RSC1Spending Cap
HR 02576To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the calculation of modified adjusted gross income for purposes of determining eligibility for certain healthcare-related programs.($1,100)($1,500)($2,600)($5,200)($1,733)CBO3
HR 02585To require that fees for services provided by the Internal Revenue Service be deposited in the Treasury as general receipts.($176)($177)($178)($181)($183)($895)($179)Text/CBO Budget Options (2009)1
HR 02675S 01427To amend the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 to authorize producers on a farm to produce fruits and vegetables for processing on the base acres of the farm.($1)($1)($1)($3)($1)Text/Sponsor3Farming Flexibility Act of 2011
HR 02774To repeal the Legal Services Corporation Act.($420)($420)($420)Budget1
HR 02844National Women's History Museum and Federal Facilities Consolidation and Efficiency Act of 2011$8 $40 ($43)($7)($7)($9)($2)Text/CBO5
HR 02903To reauthorize the programs and activities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.($89)($89)($89)Text/Budget Data1
HR 02915American Taxpayer and Western Area Power Administration Customer Protection Act of 2011($20)($145)($465)($770)($715)($2,115)($423)CBO5
HR 02977To improve the circulation of $1 coins, to remove barrier to the circulation of such coins, and for other purposes.($148)($148)($148)GAO1
HR 03043To amend the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 to reduce the discretionary spending limit for fiscal year 2013 and 2014 to the fiscal year 2012 level.($4,000)($23,000)($27,000)($13,500)Sponsor2Spending Cap
HR 03044To amend the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to repeal the Office of Financial Research.($74)($74)($74)Budget1Repeal Dodd-Frank: Office of Financial Research
HR 03090S 01869To terminate the Economic Development Administration, and for other purposes.($292)($292)($292)Text/Budget/Sponsor1
HR 03111S 01658To reform and reauthorize agricultural programs, and for other purposes.($2,417)($2,417)($2,417)($2,417)($2,417)($12,083)($2,417)Sponsor5Direct Payment Reform
HR 03264S 01164To empower States with authority for most taxing and spending for highway programs and mass transit programs, and for other purposes.($5,744)($5,527)($5,310)($5,093)($4,876)($26,550)($5,310)BT112S1165budget5
HR 03306To repeal the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program.($4,000)($4,000)($4,000)YouCut1
HR 03372To amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act to deregulate the Federal milk marketing order program, to publish competitive milk price survey data, and for other purposes.($500)($500)($500)($500)($500)($2,500)($500)CAGW5
HR 03396To abolish the Office of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation, and for other purposes.($451)($451)($451)NSF Budget1
HR 03407To direct the Secretary of the Interior to establish and implement a competitive oil and gas leasing program for the exploration, development, and production of the oil and gas resources of the Coastal Plain of Alaska, to ensure secure energy supplies for the continental Pacific Coast of the United States, lower prices, and reduce imports, and for other purposes.$0 $0 ($375)($750)($375)($1,500)($500)CBO3
HR 03408To set clear rules for the development of United States oil shale resources, to promote shale technology research and development, and for other purposes.($5)($5)($5)CBO1
HR 03410Energy Security and Transportation Jobs Act$1 $14 $15 ($43)($495)($508)($102)CBO5
HR 03441Stop Green Initiative Abuse Act of 2011($210)($210)($210)Budget1Repeal Weatherization Grants
HR 03456Efficient Use of Educational Resources Act($27)($27)($27)Budget1
HR 03463To reduce Federal spending and the deficit by terminating taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns and party conventions and by terminating the Election Assistance Commission.($220)($8)($7)($47)($150)($432)($86)CBO HR359(112)/CBO HR672(112)5
HR 03481Stop Taxpayer Funded Cell Phones Act of 2011($502)($502)($502)Sponsor1
HR 03494To restore faith and trust in the United States economy and financial system by reducing Federal spending, reducing the size of the Federal workforce, liquidating certain property and assets of the Federal Government, and for other purposes.($122,982)($122,982)($245,964)($122,982)Text/Budget2Spending Cap
HR 03539HOPE VI Program Termination Act of 2011($205)($205)($205)Budget1
HR 03576To amend the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 to establish spending limits and deficit control.($148,861)($20,024)($168,885)($84,443)Text/CBO data2Spending Cap