August 15th PD Schedule
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7:45 - 8:00Brief Introduction in the Sami Center
Stacy's ResourcesLeveraging Technology to Immerse Students in Authentic Work - Julie Graber
Want to design or redesign lessons to be more authentic and engaging for students? This session will help you use a process to have students start creating a wide variety of authentic products/performances that incorporate technology.

Putting the Public in Public Education (School and Community Partnerships) - Rick Reinking
How can we partner with our community businesses and groups to better educate our students?
Going Places With My Maps - Lance Lennon
Learn how to customize and edit your own maps by creating place marks, polygons and paths. We’ll get a little geeky and import our own data to create rich multi-layered maps.
STEM Playground - Meredith Allen Come explore the STEM tools & toys available for checkout from the AEA!Infographics: Transforming Information Into Visuals - Kim Sierck
Learn how infographics combine visual design features to organize ideas, provide background, and emphasize key facts in ways that make it easier for learners to thoughtfully engage in a topic.
EasyBlog (Elementary) - Leka DeGroot
The Easyblog App is the world's easiest platform for classroom blogging, ePortfolios and parent communication. The participants will learn how to set up a free class account, personalize the blog, manage sharing options, create folders and subscribe parents. They will also explore the blogging tools to create posts with iPads, Android tablets or Chrome books. Examples of student created posts will be shared for inspiration. Connect your students with the global audience to bring authentic audiences into your classroom!
BreakOut EDU
8:10 - 9:00Formative Assessment Smack Down - Stacy Behmer
Join us for the battle royale of formative assessment tools. Contenders include Plickers, Quizziz, Kahoot, Formative and few more. Learn about how to use these tools and implement them into your classroom. Only the strong will survive!
9:10 - 10:00Using Chrome to Support Reading - Stacy Behmer
We will explore how students and teachers can harness a few tools included with the Chrome browser that can support literacy for all students. You get a lot of bang for your buck because these features can support new learning across the curriculum!

“Extreme Lesson Makeover” by incorporating deeper thinking, student agency and/or digital tools - Julie Graber
Interesting in learning how to make your lessons better? This session will provide an interactive approach to teach teachers how to improve lessons to include appropriate digital tools, deeper thinking and/or student agency.
CANCELLED - Passion Based Learning - Leslie Pralle Keehn
In this session we'll explore the resources at! Explore the site, see examples of classroom use, and discuss different ways that the tool might be used in the classroom. Come check out this great tool for personalized learning opportunities!
Chrome is Where the Heart Is - Lance Lennon
This session will discuss some features of Chrome that you never even knew you did not know. From extensions to incognito, from settings to tools, make Chrome your default and make it your own.
STEM Playground - Meredith Allen Come explore the STEM tools & toys available for checkout from the AEA!PowToon: Teach and Inform in an Entertaining Way - Kim Sierck
PowToon is a free online program that allows you to create animated videos and presentations to engage and explain.
Student Driven Learning - Ryan Friederich & Leka DeGroot
Empower students through opportunities to make decisions for their learning. When students find ownership, learning becomes more authentic and fun! Discover ways to incorporate technology and students’ interests to support personal learning.
10:10 - 11:00Ways to collect video responses and why? - Stacy Behmer
A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video should be worth a lot more! Let's practice a couple of ways to collect video responses from students. This session will explore the Recap and Screencastify as two ways to collect video responses from students.
Make Learning Personal - Julie Graber
What does it mean to make learning personal for students? For example, how can more voice & choice be integrated in the classrooms? Join me for an engaging, hands-on, discussion-oriented session where we begin to build common understanding and consider various entry points to begin making the learning for students more personal.
CANCELLED - Building Classroom Community - Leslie Pralle Keehn
Explore tools and strategies for building classroom community, helping students be reflective learners, sharing student work, and connecting beyond the lesson and the classroom
Google Drive 201 - Lance Lennon
Know the basics of Google Drive already but want to kick it up a notch. Drive 201 is the session for you. We will go beyond the basics, but not so far that the average user gets lost. Learn a few extra tips and tricks to make you more efficient and help students out along the way
Fine Arts Tech - Meredith Allen Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting with TechMTSS - Clint Profit
This session will talk about what MTSS is and how it can be used to support students at multiple levels.
Social Media Amazing Race- Ryan Friederich
A fast-paced, interactive PD opportunity to collaborate with peers and learn about new and updated social media tools that could be utilized in the classroom. **Bring a mobile device with you to this session**
BreakOut EDU
11:00 - 1:00Lunch
1:10 - 2:00What's new with Google? - Stacy Behmer
Things are getting better all the time! Come learn about some of the recent updates to Google for Education you can use with other educators and students! We will explore Google Cast for Education, Quizzes, Expeditions, and updates to Sites, Slides and Classroom to get started. Bring your questions and we'll try to get some answers.
Students in the Center - Julie Graber Interested in having students drive their learning? This session will provide teachers with practice in rethinking teacher-directed lessons/tasks to include more student ownership so teachers have the confidence to do this independently.“Introduction to Awesome Tables” - Chad Frerichs
Come to this session to learn how to look like a data master using a simple-to-use tool.
Adding to with Add-ons - Lance Lennon
My dad always told me to work smarter not harder. Google Add-ons adds functionality to Google Docs. This sessions will cover some of these add-ons and show you how to use them.
Evaluating Tech: 3 Big Shifts - Meredith Allen Explore this idea and start shifting your tech use to be more effective and efficient. 95 Percent Group - Heather Vugteveen
Basic and advanced phonics program and Multisyllable Routines--grades 1-3
Collective Intelligence, Crowdsourcing & Citizen Journalism- Ryan Friederich
Using social media and other web-based outlets to create 21st century, real-world content for authentic audiences. Grades 5-12.
2:10 - 3:00Chrome Extensions for Education - Stacy Behmer
Let's maximize Chrome for students and teachers by using the extensions! I will go through some of my favorite Chrome extensions that can support teacher efficiency and student learning, so hold onto your hats! This slide deck is always being updated, so you are bound to find something new. The extensions can help to use your browser more efficiently to help support student learning!
Show what you know using various formats! - Julie Graber
Interested in using a free, user-friendly tool so your students can show what they know by using pictures, audio, music, icons, and/or text by creating digital stories, animated videos, memes, or social media graphics, etc. and publishing them, then join me for a fun, interactive session.
PBL World: My Experience - Rick Reinking
I spent a week in California learning about Project Based Learning. Here's what I took away from it and would like to share with you!
GAFE Personalized Learning Lab - Meredith Allen Self-paced and YOU pick what YOU want to skill up on for YOUR students95 Percent Group - Heather Vugteveen
Multisyllable Routines and Vocabulary Surge--grades 3-6.
Being intentional with digital citizenship- Ryan Friederich
Learning ways to create a positive and safe 1:1 environment in your classroom. This session will highlight
BreakOut EDU
3:00 - 3:45Collaboration Time
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