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NNameImageArtType 1Type 2ClassAbility 1Ability 2Ability HHPAtkDefSpaSpdSpeBSTEvolutionEvo TypeEvo DataTagFormsBase FormForm NameForm TypeGender RateGrowth RateExpEHPEAtkEDefESpaESpdESpeCatchHappyHatchEgg Group 1Egg Group 2HeightWeightColorHabitatPokedex
1Hedgeko are normally found napping in the top of trees. Their foliage-like color helps camouflage them from predators.
2Floreko can jump gracefully from branch to branch, never missing a beat. Their scarf of leaves can be used as a whip to attack foes.
3Sentecko are the guardians of forests, normally found patrolling its home. It fights using its hardened forearms, which can topple even the heaviest of foes.
4Scorchog Armor505275525030309BombardilloLevel163baseFemale50PercentParabolic6200100045705355Field0.47.8RedMountainWhile normally gentle, they can lose their temper easily when startled. The flame on its head grows brighter depending on its mood.
5Bombardillo Armor737590606245405KabangolinLevel363midFemale50PercentParabolic14200200045705355Field0.932.6BrownMountainThe shell of a Bombardillo have tiny slits that can emit flames. When angered, it curls up into a ball and combusts, creating a devastating explosion.
6Kabangolin Armor931051097395605353finalFemale50PercentParabolic24010300045705355Field2.2172.6BlackMountainKabangolin scales are as strong as metal, and as tough as diamond. A frenzied Kabangolin can tear apart mountains, leaving everything in its path in ruins.
7Fisker Guard465840584559306CatfiskLevel163baseFemale50PercentParabolic6200010045705355Water 10.36.2BlueWatersEdgeThe whiskers of a Fisker can detect strange movements in the air and water, and uses this to their advantage of avoiding conflict with larger Pokemon.
8Catfisk Guard686565727560405NekimonoLevel363midFemale50PercentParabolic14200020045705355Water 10.826.8BlueWatersEdgeCatfisk are excellent divers, able to reach depths that human divers can not. Their whiskers are fine tuned to locate objects beneath the oceans' sands.
9Nekimono Guard837586107102805333finalFemale50PercentParabolic24000031045705355Water 11.561.2BlueWatersEdgeA Nekimono's whiskers are able to detect spirits and ghosts. If they concentrate hard enough, they can make those strange presences tangible, which it uses for battle.
10Elfae GatherSweet VeilPrankster13045605879704421Elfae-Cherry, Elfae-Lemon, Elfae-Grape, Elfae-Bubblegum, Elfae-Licorice, Elfae-Caramel, Elfae-MintWatermelonFlavorFemale50PercentFast395300000185705355Fairy0.10.5WhiteUrbanThese small creatures spend their time making candy from all sorts of sugars. It is believed that the creation of human-made candy was derived from Elfae.
11Fanshee lack a lot of the energy that normal Pokemon have, and thus sleep constantly. Pillows made of a Fanshee's wool is able to put even the insomniac to sleep.
12Reveram Reveram's cry is able to draw away bad dreams, which it likes to eat. A single Reveram is able to clear away nightmares from a small city.
13Daiseed GuardRain Dish603052306030262HolimbudHappinessHappiness3baseFemale75PercentMedium61000010255705355GrassFairy0.12.1WhiteForestDaiseed like to sit atop the heads of people and Pokemon. In return for providing shade to their wearer, Daiseed is able to move around the forest much easier.
14Holimbud GuardRain Dish725072609070414UmbrelalaItemShiny Stone3midFemale75PercentMedium130000020200705355GrassFairy0.45.8WhiteForestHolimbud are able to open and close itself like a parasol, which it does in order to hop or glide from place to place. They like to shelter small Pokemon from bad weather.
15Umbrelala Umbrelala is a rare sight to be seen, usually found in fair weather or among the high-class. They are known to protect their friends from harm using its shield-like head.
16Stalygmy can eat many types of rocks, which helps the crystal on its head grow. Once it becomes too heavy to lift, it burrows underground to await evolution.
17Boarow crystals on the head of a Boarow are easily replaceable, able to grow back completely in a few days if one breaks off. If the quality is good, the crystals fetch a good price.
18Crystoll live in the lowest floors of a cave, where it creates large underground dens the size of cities. Their crystals also emit a bright glow, which it uses for lighting.
19Sentrode Drive5045406055109359ShokputzLevel243baseGenderlessMedium70000010230705355Mineral0.317.8GrayCaveThe origins of a Sentrode are mysterious, with many claiming it to be the result of a failed experiment. They like to eat electricity, and can be commonly found at power plants.
20Shokputz Drive5060708565100430ReknologyLevel423midGenderlessMedium163000020160705355Mineral1.078.8GrayCaveShokputz can harness the electricity of nearby devices in order to charge itself. It can shoot out beams of concentrated bolts as a means of attack.
21Reknology Drive50808510585754803finalGenderlessMedum241000030110705355Mineral1.8136.4GrayCaveKnown as "Machines of War", Reknology is able to fire off electrical lasers that can wipe away whole forests. After heavy attacks, they have to recharge.
22Batorch FireStakeout595040404067296VampyroLevel222baseFemale50PercentMedum63000001245705355FieldFlying0.32.8RedCaveBatorch line the walls of caves, where it likes to nap. Their bright flames are useful for spelunkers.
23Vampyro FireStakeout85607580701004702finalFemale50PercentMedum149000002185705355FieldFlying1.28.7RedCaveVampyro, unlike Batorch, like to sleep on the ceiling. Their flames are so bright that a single Vampyro can light an entire room on its own.
24Sliggibak BodyInnards Out773099101133404801Female50PercentFast133200000215705355Water 30.412.5YellowSeaGentle and unsurprising, Sliggibak live very slow lives on the ocean floor, where they feed off of plankton. They make great pets for young children.
25Syanide JawArena Trap507042435773335ArsineckLevel302baseFemale50PercentMedium58000001235705355FieldGrass0.63.5GreenForestSyanide like to disguise itself like jungle plants, before leaping out with a bite. Their venom is strong enough to paralyze an adult human for an hour.
26Arsineck JawArena Trap70956060901154902finalFemale50PercentMedium153000002175705355FieldGrass2.136.4GreenForestThe collars of an Arsineck emit a sweet aroma, which it uses to draw in prey. Like a second pair of teeth, Arsineck is able to manipulate its collar as a weapon.
27Minatlas TopBulletproof758070504325343ThornatlasLevel332baseFemale50PercentMedium58001000215705355Bug0.949.5GreenForestMinatlas likes to feed off of vines and moss, where it gets most of its nutrients. The longer the spike on a Minatlas's back, the healthier it is.
28Thornatlas TopBulletproof1031171107075505252finalFemale50PercentMedium163002000170705355Bug1.8104.1GreenForestThornatlas have shells made of a sturdy material, able to take many blows. Over time these shells fall off, being replaced by even stronger shells.
24Squift Boost586259626271374SeanobiLevel322baseFemale50PercentParabolic67000001200705355Water 1Water 20.512.5BlueSeaSquift like to play hide and seek in the water, especially with other Pokemon. This helps train them in the art of the ninja.
25Seanobi Boost73927192741115132finalFemale50PercentParabolic180000002155705355Water 1Water 21.135.8BlueSeaSeanobi are a feudal Pokemon, challenging other Seanobi for the right of territory in the ocean. These battles can span many generations, with no side ever letting up.
26Ambiggle, Ambiggle-Chill, Ambiggle-Stun, Ambiggle-Toxic, Ambiggle-DreamBattleFemale50PercentParabolic154100001200705355BugAmorphous0.10.1GrayUrbanAmbiggle are normally invisible, causing all sorts of symptoms to its host. They can only be removed if the host appeases them with gifts.
FAmbiggle form of Ambiggle, which induces fevers. It causes its host to get so hot that its host can boil water to the touch.
FAmbiggle form of Ambiggle, which induces chills. Its freezing abilities causes its host to freeze the air with every breath.
FAmbiggle form of Ambiggle, which induces paralysis. Those who succumb to this Ambiggle form lose the will to move.
FAmbiggle form of Ambiggle, which induces weakness. This form is very parasitic, draining the energy of its host until no more remains.
FAmbiggle form of Ambiggle, which induces comas. Falling ill to this form leaves the host in a permanent sleep.
27Koikoi OutEmergency Exit604045403530250GomokoiHappinessHappiness2baseKoikoi-King, Koikoi-Rook, Koikoi-Queen, Koikoi-Bishop, Koikoi-KnightPawnFlavorFemale50PercentParabolic40000000210705355Water 20.217.8BrownSeaDespite having almost no appendages, Koikoi are able to travel on land by flopping. Each time their flops hit the ground, a dinstinct "clack" can be heard.
28Gomokoi Exit120100908070605202finalGomokoi-King, Gomokoi-Rook, Gomokoi-Queen, Gomokoi-Bishop, Gomokoi-KnightPawnRealFemale50PercentParabolic189200000170705355Water 20.830.5BrownSeaGomokoi can command many Koikoi at once. They are tactical genuises, able to carry out attacks utilizing their Koikoi army with high success.
FGomokoi Exit60120100908070520FormGomokoiKingFemale50PercentParabolic189020000170705355Water 20.830.5BrownSeaGomokoi's attack-based form, known for their relentless attacks on their target. Two males of this form will attack each other until one can no longer move from exhaustion.
FGomokoi Exit70601201009080520FormGomokoiRookFemale50PercentParabolic189002000170705355Water 20.830.5BrownSeaGomokoi's defense-based form, known for their iron-like will. They tend to topple over boats that get within their territory, sometimes even attacking cruise ships.
FGomokoi Exit80706012010090520FormGomokoiQueenFemale50PercentParabolic189000200170705355Water 20.830.5BrownSeaGomokoi's magic-based form, known for their graceful attacks. These are the most popular to own in oriental ponds, due to the gorgeous shimmers their scales produce.
FGomokoi Exit90807060120100520FormGomokoiBishopFemale50PercentParabolic189000020170705355Water 20.830.5BrownSeaGomokoi's wise-based form, known for their calm and collected nature. These hardy forms of Gomokoi can live about anywhere, and don't mind human contact.
FGomokoi Exit10090807060120520FormGomokoiKnightFemale50PercentParabolic189000002170705355Water 20.830.5BrownSeaGomokoi's speed-based form, known for their speedy movements. Fishermen avoid catching this form when necessary, since it will sometimes drag their boat by the fishing line.
29Castallop Voice502084706440328CymbarineLevel382baseFemale50PercentSlow61001000210705355MineralWater 30.21.2RedSeaCastallop live near the surface of the water, where they like to feed off of random ocean debris. Once they grab onto something with their mouths, they never let go.
30Cymbarine Voice6350117110100605002finalFemale50PercentSlow184002000170705355MineralWater 31.5146.5GraySeaOn the ocean floor, Cymbarine can be seen sleeping most of the day. Anything that gets caught in their mouths can never escape.
31Gnawful SpikeStrong Jaw0CrocovileLevel352baseFemale50Percent5355MonsterWater 10.721.3BrownSeaGnawful exert so much force when biting down on things, that sometimes they dislocate their own jawbone in the process. Their small limbs make them poor swimmers.
32Crocovile SpikeStrong Jaw75121955575895102finalFemale50Percent5355MonsterWater 12.667.1BrownSeaThe sails of a Crocovile are razor sharp to the touch, which helps it swim fast in the water. Their long, skinny snouts can snap shut in an instant, trapping their prey within.
33Raptice BreathRefrigerate0BasiliceLevel352baseFemale50Percent5355Monster1.035.6BlackGrasslandRaptice are a nomadic species, never staying in one spot for too long due to the cold temperatures they prefer. They freeze the air around them with every breath.
34Basilice BreathRefrigerate02finalFemale50Percent5355Monster1.370.6BlackGrasslandDue to their predator-like nature, they will always seize the opportunity to track down its foe. By blasting cold chots of air at their target, they eventually slow them down to catch.
35Slicky FrogPoison Touch525057455252308GoomarshLevel243baseFemale50PercentParabolic60100000215705355Water 10.22.6GreenWatersEdgeBecause they have a hard time on moving on land, Slicky like to inflate their bodies and bounce along the ground, using the tongue as a leg.
36Goomarsh FrogPoison Touch656380586565396PolymoorLevel423midFemale50PercentParabolic135200000160705355Water 10.819.5GreenWatersEdgeGoomarsh are able to move their tongues as a third arm, being even better than the small arms they currently have. Their tongues are a record-breaking 10 feet long.
37Polymoor FrogPoison Touch11073908068704913finalFemale50PercentParabolic225300000110705355Water 11.484.9GreenWatersEdgeA Polymoor's rubbery skin is able to secrete a toxic ooze, which it not only uses to keep its skin moisturized, but also as a defense mechanism whenever it's attacked.
38Iggnit DropFlame BodyAnticipation506247624731299KerofinLevel253baseFemale50PercentMedium73000100215705355Water 10.22.2RedRoughTerrainWhen born, an Iggnit will live their life inside a single pool of lava, until they're ready to leave the brood. Their body is surprisingly hot, causing severe burns when touched.
39Kerofin BodyAnticipation717072765059398InferlotlLevel403midFemale50PercentMedium172000200185705355Water 10.420.6RedRoughTerrainKerofin cruise along the surface of lava, catching prey that may have fallen down their lava pits. Their horns are hot to the touch, making them great skewers.
40Inferlotl BodyAnticipation92848511368755173finalFemale50PercentMedium243000300135705355Water 11.249.8RedRoughTerrainInferlotl are able to sense an impending eruption from a volcano with their spikes. When a herd of Inferlotl are on the move, people tend to migrate in the opposite direction.
41Fooldya have an exclusive mimicry of looking just like a Pokeball. Around the same shape and size as Pokeballs, trainers accidentally pick them up only to be startled.
42Dupedual scare away predators by pretending to be a giant Masterball, which wild Pokemon seem to be instinctively scared of.
43Brughoul leave behind trails of ink wherever they go. Each Brughoul has a unique symbol they like to use to vandalize things with.
44Vanghost can change the facial patterns to create complex images and scenery. However, their signature eye will always be visible somewhere in the piece.
45Picassoul of mimicry, Picassoul are able to create artistic illusions by simply thinking of it. However, they mostly just use this power for the enjoyment, rather than battle.
46Jokai come out of the woods whenever a festival takes place. Their presence has been included even from ancient times, so many people consider them a traditional guest.
47Hanbone Dance2baseFemale50PercentFast67000100200705355Humanlike0.821.5WhiteUrbanHanbone can be summoned when music is played over a cemetary. They communicate to one another by clapping their hands on different parts of their body.
48Skullvis only come out during a full moon, using its light as its own personal disco ball. Their dance movements can capture the souls of those that gaze on it too long.
49Frounder Power903159315243306SunfoonLevel283baseFemale50PercentMedium59100000220705355Water 20.20.3BlueSeaFrounder are born deep down in the ocean, where light never touches. Their bodies emit a natural, soft glow, making them easy targets for predators. Most never get to evolve.
50Sunfoon Power1105570456050390SolasolaItemFire Stone3midFemale50PercentMedium154200000185705355Water 21.260.5BlueSeaSunfoon live most of their lives near the ocean surface, where they use the sun's heat to keep themselves warm. Their basking sometimes causes boats to capsize when hit.
51Solasola DiscSunbatheSolar Power15070805070604803finalFemale50PercentMedium243301000125705355Water 23.1144.6BlueSeaSolasola have bodies that can convert sunlight into energy, allowing them to live exclusively off of it. Because of this, they end up sluggish and motionless during the night.
52Snowki HareRivalryHuge Power492542494483292SnowkoroLevel302baseFemale50PercentMedium70000101215705355Field0.38.4WhiteForestSnowki usually hide under the snow during the day, becoming more active at night. When morning comes, the path a Snowki makes is visible due to their distinctive hop-prints.
53Snowkoro HareRivalryHuge Power70457084721014422finalFemale50PercentMedium168000202155705355Field0.923.3WhiteForestSnowkoro grow magnificent fur every year, with its peak occuring in the winter months. It's said that the colder a Snowkoro's habitat, the more beautiful it becomes.
54Friwi Bird635149696091383DecoraneLevel322baseFemale50PercentMedium62000101210705355Flying0.20.8WhiteForestFriwi have underdeveloped wings, so they spend most of their time on the snowy ground. Friwi are known to come in different patterns, depending on the region.
55Decorane shed off its leaves before heading south for the winter, leaving behind a perfect wreath. People like to hang the wreaths on their door every year for good luck.
56Hopshok AbsorbCloud Nine02baseFemale50Percent705355FieldGrayGrasslandHopshok expel electricity from their tails, which it uses to jump around quickly. Packs of migrating Hopshok leave behind glamorous trails during the night.
57Pounshok AbsorbCloud Nine02finalFemale50Percent705355FieldBlackGrasslandPounshok have extremely strong tails that it balances on during battle. When the timing is right, they hop high into the air and drop lightningbolts onto foes below.
58Hordemic are master collectors, keeping all sorts of valuables in its body. However, it is very careless, and will accidentally drop some of its treasure when it travels.
59Plasmuck feeds off of the energy from nearby power plants, and then contaminates it with their ooze. If they eat too much, they expend most of it through electrical pulses.
60Myoesee are very fickle, with a unique strangeness often given to Ultra Beasts. It is able to communicate with other living beings via telepathy. They are enemies of Ambiggle.
61Quilapila Leech302060606040270Magnumoth, MaskitoLevel26, Dusk Stone2baseFemale50PercentSlow700000001705355Bug0.40.6WhiteUrbanQuilapila run amok in abandoned libraries, draining away the ink from books. An infestation of Quilapila can easily take down large library in a month.
62Magnumoth Leech80658080110654802finalFemale50PercentSlow1700000001705355Bug1.223.5WhiteUrbanWhen Magnumoth drink the ink from books, the words and images appear on its wings. In the past, they were known to be used as long distance messengers.
63Maskito the dark nighttime, Maskito can be found patrolling the city's streets. The cloak making up their body is actually hundreds of smaller insects, which it commands in battle.
64Calameow LuckMisfortune01Female50Percent705355FieldPurpleUrbanThose that make eye-contact with a Calameow will find themselves struck with bad luck. They are commonly found lurking in areas struck with grief.
65Bolichi Barbs65758555105654501Female50PercentSlow10000001705355Mineral0.113.0GrayUrbanWhile unsuspiciously cute in demeanor, they are quite destructive given enough motivation. Their steel bodies are able to knock down the walls of buildings in one swing.
66Minelk RushSap Sipper02baseFemale50Percent705355FieldGrayMountainMinelk are born without horns and a small, stubby tail. Growing up in a cold climate causes these body parts to collect ice, which eventually adds onto it in the shape of spikes.
67Elkler HoovesSlush RushSap Sipper02finalFemale50Percent705355FieldGrayMountainElkler can climb almost any mountainous terrain, due to their specialized hooves. By freezing their hooves onto the surface they're climbing, they can scale extreme angles.
68HeadrakeDragonDragonRock Head01OrentiFlavorFemale50Percent705355DragonFairyRedMountainThese rare types of Headrake migrated from a region far from Orenti long ago. Legends say that their fierce appearance came from cross-breeding with Orentian Dragon-types.
69Plattle Rod0OrnithorItemThunder Stone2baseFemale50Percent705355BlueMountainLazy and aloof, Plattle can be found doing absolutely nothing near the banks of rivers. Their fur is charged so much that they have permanent afro-like hairstyles.
70Ornithor Rod02finalFemale50Percent705355BlueMountainOrnithor are very easily angered, and will cause a ruckus if provoked. Given enough motivation, they can summon storm clouds from nowhere to strike the area.
71Fango SpiritReckless505060504050300FlanketLevel303baseFemale50PercentSlow6401000025705355Dragon0.420.4RedMountainFango are poppy in personality and tend to jump around others when happy. They are considered good luck charms to have around in Orenti, due to their rareness.
72Flanket SpiritReckless657570705070400OrienchantLevel453midFemale50PercentSlow14402000025705355Dragon1.180.6RedMountainFlanket have sturdy, leathery shells that keep in a lot of warmth. During the cold season, it's popular to huddle near them and use their shells like a heating table.
73Orienchant SpiritReckless1001301209075856003finalFemale50PercentSlow24313000025705355Dragon2.0120.0RedMountainOrienchant are a rare find, and are considered deities. In times of danger, humans used to perform special rituals to summon one, hoping it will fend off disasters.
74Tikare Dust283530282528174NicepakLevel73baseFemale50PercentMedium40000010255705355Bug0.10.8BrownForestTikare appear unsuspectingly on injuries while traveling through the forest. After feeding on a bit of blood, they heal the injury and hop right off, making them great medics.
75Nicepak Dust452844313022200NursymphLevel143midFemale50PercentMedium75000020200705355Bug0.21.2WhiteForestNicepak are able to alter their body temperatures from super cold to super hot in order to stay comfortable. Nurses like to use them as icepacks and hotpacks for their patients.
76Nursymph Dust8245667075754133finalFemale50PercentMedium185001030170705355Bug0.52.4WhiteForestThe gauze created by a Nursymph are able to heal wounds very quickly. They are known to help treat any human or Pokemon they meet, regardless if they are friend or foe.
77Nooby FatDry Skin646836303633267ProteenLevel253baseFemale50PercentParabolic61010000245705355Humanlike0.526.3BrownMountainNooby have a rubbery body that can contort to strange shapes. They utilize this trait in battle, where it can bend itself away from oncoming attacks.
78Proteen FatDry Skin879065406560407DramatamaLevel423midFemale50PercentParabolic142020000200705355Humanlike1.040.6BrownMountainProteen exclusively eat only nutritious foods, even starving itself if it can't find any. The muscles they gain from this diet makes up almost their whole body.
79Dramatama FatDry Skin110110756075705003finalFemale50PercentParabolic227030000145705355Humanlike2.0106.4BrownMountainDramatama's hefty look is due to its body being almost pure muscle. They practice many types of fighting stances, both for battle and entertainment.
80Neesoks like to eat all kinds of wool products, their favorite thing being socks. It is believed that they are responsible for unmatching pairs of socks.
81Skinky are cunning creatures, often seducing their prey with exotic dances before attacking them with their sharp jaw. They are often found alongside Smieel during the night.
82Admirror Bounce0MajesticeLevel342baseFemale50Percent705355AmorphousMineral0.49.6BlueUrbanLooking into an Admirror's face will cause the viewer to lose their own reflection. Admirror then happily goes about impersonating their victim.
83Majestice Bounce02finalFemale50Percent705355AmorphousMineral2.035.8BlueUrbanMajestice hold strange powers, able to display a gazer's most deepest desires. Once it catches the attention of a prey, it sucks them into their mirror-like body.
84Camery legs of a Camery may look awkward and long, but they are useful at traversing the desert at high speeds. They are mostly used to carry goods between desert towns.
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