Wildwood PGO Schedule of Events and Tasks
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Wildwood PGO Tasks / Activities / ToDos through the school year
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Who - Historical
Who - 2015-16
Who - 2017-18Who 2018-19NeedsNotes
9 is Sep
13 is Jan
14 is Feb
18 is June
0 is all year
Example: late spring
Example: A PGO task, like the book swap or end of year picnic
List who worked on this in which years, with contact info.

For example:
2014 Teddy Roosevelt and contact info (Email)
2015 Name of new Volunteer and contact info (email)
(list any needs for this)
Example: Whatever is relevant; perhaps pointers, web-links, etc.
0All year
attend District All-PGO meetings
Vivian Liu vivianfliu@comcast.net
Madeleine Charney
Regional (Heather Welch) and Elementary (Sheilah Jones)
Kimberly Stender (Stenderk@arps.org) (District Volunteer Coordinator) will email meeting times. Attend; can be a different person every time
0All year
Facebook - Communications
Vivian Liu vivianfliu@comcast.net
Anita Rao (just checks a box)
-Post key reminders
-Post feel-good stories/photos
-Advertise our FB page/Ask families to "Like" our page via backpack mail
and blog.
-Post photos of school event (without recognizable kids' faces
unless permission granted by Photo Permission Forms in front office)
-Post relevant on-line newspaper articles about WW
* Can't we use some social media manager to automatically post to Twitter, Facebook, & the blog ...? --LQ. Answer from VFL: Yes we can, we can push all blog postings to FB, for example. But currently we post different items on blog and FB (FB is more casual/frequent reminders, or feel-good stories (like photo of kids on morning walk or photo of blooming daffodil-heart donated by retired teachers). Currently we don't post all 'community-events' (like soccer sign ups) that are not WW-related.
0All yearWebsite AdministratorBrian DeVore
0All year
Liaison b/w Principal Nick and parents
David Eisenhauer davide1114@hotmail.com
David Eisenhauer davide1114@hotmail.com
We did not have this position in 2017-18.
SGC liaison (Peter Vamosy) will work on this.
Helps Nick communicate to WW parents (newsletter)
0All yearManage PGO gmail acct
Yasmin Eisenhauer
Anita Rao
Anita Rao and Laura Draucker-Smith (apprentice)
Check www.wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com - mark posts for blogger and forward key emails to Leadership Team
Currently Blog Editor is forwarding PGO email to Leadership team
0All yearBlog
Yasmin Eisenhauer yeisenhauer@gmail.com
Laura Quilter
Anita Rao
Anita Rao and Laura Draucker-Smith (apprentice)
Check wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail account weekly and post onto blog (www.wordpress.com)
Takes about 2-4 hours per week. Friday evening deadline.
0All yearMailchimp account---
Anita Rao and Laura Draucker-Smith (apprentice)
Only required if we want to send out mass emails in a nice format. We can send out mass emails with our gmail account. Mailchimp automatically sends out weekly blog update
0All yearLiaison b/w PGO & SGC
Kerry Crosby kerrylcrosby@gmail.com
Peter Vamosy will be the liason this year--update March 2018
Peter Vamosy (and Jazz Dautruche is SGC chair)
Attend School Governance Council & PGO metings
Liaise with School Governance Council & the PGO.
0All year
Teacher’s Wishlist Coordinator
Jasper Lieber
Jasper Lieber
Lisa BerryDid not use this year
Create and maintain teacher and staff wish lists, for items (or tasks) that they could use to help in the classroom / school.
- Get everyone’s emails (which is tricky)
- Send out periodic requests for wishes
- Update the website
- Make sure wishlist is publicized.
-Email periodic thank you for contributions
0All year
New Family Welcome Packet
Not done in 2014, Previously organized by Gelila Tadesse, now a WW staff member (gelila.tadesse@yahoo.com)
SGC - Kerry Crosby
Sara Eggemeier
Sara Eggemeier (willing to continue until child graduates)
Assemble up to date Welcome New Family Packet with key PGO info, keeps documents in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portugese-Creole, Japanese, and Chinese), makes copies when needed, and checks with Joyce Gooden about once per month, and sends out relevant packet to family
NOTE: we need to provide her with updated documents and translations
Old packet here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7uf8vbi5e6o1oyu/AAA6JnHxjmGnQy1F0pN5HrsJa?dl=0
7SummerSet the Budget
Vivian Liu and Suzanne Baxter
Toni Cunningham, Kerry Crosby, Sheilah Jones
WW PGO core leadership
1) Fix budget spreadsheet so it works for new school year 2) Use last year's numbers as guideline 3) ask Nick and staff (by email) to submit expected funding requests for entire year. Submit to larger PGO group for discussion, amendments, vote of approval.
In dropbox. Example here, but look for latest version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ja5jp4qacbjgt9/2014-2015%20WW%20PGO%20Checkbook%20and%20Budget-04_29_15.xlsx?dl=0
7SummerTeacher Info Kit and Letter
Toni Cunningham and Sheilah Jones
Late August
Welcome Back Staff Breakfast (occurs the Monday before school starts)
Suzanne Baxter/Vivian Liu - skbaxter413@gmail.com and vivianfliu@comcast.net
Becky Miller
Becky Miller, Madeleine Charney
1) Breakfast from 8-8:30 am (find out where from Nick Yaffe) 2) Purchase coffee, bagels, cream cheese, fruit, OJ: From Brueggers order 3 boxes of coffee (no decaf), ~2 dozen bagels, and 9 muffins - pick-up at 7:15 am. From grocery store: purchase 4 cream cheeses, some fruit, and 2 large OJ. 3) Set up ~7:30 am - provide plates, napkins, forks, cups. (Staff will usually do clean up). (NOTE: We could also bring some flowers, a thank you note from the PGO, and maybe some hard boiled eggs or an egg dish for those that are gluten free.)
Notes from 2013 with recommended amounts
Late August
Amherst Night on the Commons (occurs the night before the first day of school)
Sara Eggemeier and Sheilah Jones
Sheilah Jones and Sara Eggemeier
(9/5/17, by Sheilah Jones)
Sarah Eggemeier & I did this together, and she was of course full of energy and amazing! Hopefully she’ll be on board for 2018.
What we brought: Kindergarten Coffee info, First Day Coffee & parade info,PGO Volunteer info, Passive Fundraising Info, “Who we are” PGO info sheet

Additional Items: My own 4’ table (there were tables set up for PGO, by prior arrangement, but more were needed. See “banner” for more about this), Pens taped to a string taped to the table, Rocks for windy conditions, Packing tape
We were given a hugely popular bowl of balloons from “Amherst for All”, which Sara and I mistakenly thought was the equity group but is actually the group wanting to change town government. I was distressed to learn we were inadvertently supporting a political thing. BUT, wow, the balloons were an awesome hit. Consider other cool fun promotionals. And perhaps water bottles and / or cereal bars or something.

Ms. Bode, the MS principal, organized large paper banners to be made for each school, so the kids could sign their names and color them. This was great but took up a bunch of space.
Late August
New Family Welcome Information Event (generally occurs the Monday before school starts)
Gelila Tadesse, now a WW staff member (gelila.tadesse@yahoo.com)
Not Done
Lisa BerryLisa Berry and ?
Aug/Sept - First day of school
First Day Coffee (occurs the first day of school)
Deb Glennon
Deb Glennon
Kerry Crosby, Victor Nunez, Sara Eggemeier
Kerry Crosby,
Sept - First day of Kindergarten
Kindergarten Coffee (occurs first day of Kindergarten)
Sara Eggemeier sara_bee1@yahoo.com
Ideally a first grade parent
Toni Cunningham, Kurt Wise, Amber Martin
Nicola Mare Usher, Daina Carvel and Mariana Pereira
Kindergarten Coffee info
K-coffee has not been well-attended for past two years. Coordinator needs to create a flyer to give to K-teachers to hand out during parent-child visit day.

K coffee invite: https://www.dropbox.com/home/WW%20PGO/Events/Coffees/2013-2014?preview=Kindergarten+Coffee+Invite+2013.doc

Notes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dy2vxuqiu28q9tg/Beginning%20of%20Year%20Coffee%20Notes%202013.docx?dl=0
9SeptDirectory - Advertising
2015 - ?
2014 - Suzanne Baxter
Laura Quilter
Eric KnytJen Matoney, Chris Pilsner
First Day Coffee & parade info
Susan Wells and Julie Hawk-Owl 2016-17
9SeptDirectory Coordinator
2015/16 - ?
2014/15 - Laura Cadonati
Laura Quilter
Susan Wells & Jenny Hauggshabink
Susan Wells & Jenny Hauggshabink
PGO Volunteer info
9SeptClass Parent Coordinator
Lea Douville
Lea Douville
Becky GahanTyffannie Fluitt
List of students in each classroom and individuals interested in serving
Becky Gahan 2016-17
9SeptAtkins Shopping Cards
2014 - Vivian
UnknownIrene DujovneIrene DujovneWe get up to $250 from Atkins a year
Stop and Shop “Bonus Bucks”
Irene DujovneIrene Dujovne
Usually earns $1600 per year. Money is allocated to Nick’s Principal’s Fund. Usually promote sign up with blog/FB postings, and also there is a spot to sign up on the Directory Form! Coordinate with Directory Person to make sure they collect S&S numbers (all 13 numbers plus first 3 letters of last name).
9SeptBox Tops
Michelle Borkhuis
Michelle Borkhuis (michelle.borkhuis@gmail.com)
Michelle Borkhuis
Michelle Borkhuis and Daina Carvel (apprentice)
Needs someone she can train for 2018-19
Fall (and just before holiday shopping season)
2014 - Vivian
No longer used so no one new is signing up and we are not supporting it.
Not relevant
www.goodshop.com is a portal that goes to major online retailers like Amazon, etc that gives a percentage of your shopping to Wildwood
Stipends/Discretionary Funds
Suzanne Baxter (skbaxter413@gmail.com)
Madeleine Charney greenzinnia@hotmail.com
No stipends this year. We created Discretionary Funds for this year. WW PGO leadership team created the guidelines.No stipends this year. We created Discretionary Funds for this year. WW PGO leadership team created the guidelines.
In 2017-2018 we set aside a certain amount of money for each teacher / staff member and notified them of the amount. To spend they submit a form and then get reimbursed.

In previous years, we gave a $50 stipend to each Classroom Teacher and Aesthetic Teacher (PE, Music, Art, Band, Orchestra) and no form was needed.
10OctSchool Photos/Picture Day
Rachel Valentine (mgrybko3637@comcast.net)
Rachel Valentine mgrybko3637@comcast.net
Sheilah Jonesseveral volunteers
In Nov/Dec 2018, we discussed whether PGO should be involved at all since the PGO at other elementary schools are not involved
Carole Learned-Miller and Nick Yaffe
Heather WelchHeather Welch
No read-a-thon money for 2017-18 so librarian could apply for mini-grant. In previous years, no funds to Library because Librarian gets all of Read-a-thon $
Oct 15 deadline
Grant writing (Mass Cultural Council) for Field Trips and Visiting Artist
International Walk to School Day
October 5, 2016
October 17, 2017
October 10, 2018
Jen Mendelsohn njmendel@gmail.com
Jeanne Hardy
Tyffannie FluittMadeleine Charney, Mila Sherman, and Jeanne Hardyhttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/u9agas8iwpf6uko/AAAR6hS8bYM33q4EiBXbd8DPa?dl=0
Open House/Curriculum Night
WW PGO leadership team
WW PGO Leadership team
WW PGO core team
Sheilah Jones, Kerry Crosby, and Lisa Berry
PGO sets up information table and arranges and pays for childcare. Last year, District (Kim Stender stenderk@arps.org said she would send 2 volunteer childcare people who cancelled at the last moment). We would like the District to pay for this District-mandated event but reality is that it won’t happen smoothly unless we arrange and pay.
11NovBook Swap
Sara Eggemeier
Sara Eggemeier
Susan Wells & Jenny Hauggshabink
Susan Wells & Jenny Hauggshabink
11NovWinter Clothing Swap
2014 - Jen Mendelsohn
Jen Mendelsohn
Julie HawkOwlJulie HawkOwl
The winter clothing drive is coordinated with the other Amherst Schools and is set up in the Wildwood lobby for 3 days and is open to all students. Items are sorted on
tables and clothing racks and visited daily to ensure items are organized.
late November/early Dec
Giving Tuesday
Yasmin will help
Irene DujovneChristine Lindstromhttp://www.communityfoundation.org/
12DecemberStaff Holiday BreakfastGeorgiaGeorgia
Event was not held this year.
Event was not held this year.
In 2015, Georgia proposed and planned this breakfast, getting parent and staff to bring dishes for staff. PGO paid for and delivered the coffee ($100), about 5-6 regular and 1 decaf.
13DecemberChorus recital receptionBecky GahanBecky Gahan
Volunteers to: Bake/Bring desserts, monitor desserts before kids get off stage, serve desserts, clean up. Make sure Nick Yaffe mentions proper decorum at reception immediately after concert. Determine level of cleaning required by custodial staff.
5th and 6th grade class parents could be notified in September about organizing a post-chorus performance gathering. If there isn’t anything some kids go out for ice cream and others feel left out. Sending out a Sign-Up Link to class parents in late November to ask them to forward to their classes could help this come together easily and quickly
14FebBlack History Appreciation
We offered support for Wildwood events. Consider ways we can advertise and support already existing community events before we propose anything extra.
Spring 2016
Valley Gives Fundraiser
2016 - ?
2014 - Vivian Liu
Probably not needed - because probably will not be a Valley Gives Fundraiser 2015-2016
Irene Dujovne
Format may be different in 2016. They are revamping the whole program, and the fundraiser will not be in Dec 2015 (as it has been in Dec for the past 3 years)
Brown Envelope Fundraiser
2015 - ?
2014- Suzanne
Sara Eggemeier would be happy to assist with others
Irene DujovneClick here for notes (3/11/2015)
15.75MarchMath Night
Elizabeth Pretel
Elizabeth Pretel
Elizabeth Pretel and Nicola Mare Usher
Ms. Pretel (pretele@arps.org) -
16.5AprilMovie Night
Jasper Lieber
No organized movie nights this year.
* Jasper organized a movie night in April. Considering an ongoing movie series for community-building. (Jasper has plenty of notes.)
AprilScience Night
Jon Reichard and Nyudlia Araeva with help from Irene Dujovne who organized in 2016-17
Jon Reichard and Julie Hawkowl
17.1MayMulticultural Fair
2015/16 Jeanne Hardy (she wants a co-lead)
2015 Jeanne Hardy & Jasper
2010-2014 Keisha Dennis
Jeanne Hardy and PGO Leadership
Becky Miller (2016-17 and 2017-18)
Becky Miller, Mary OlmoClick here for notes (3/11/2015)
17.4May/JuneYearbook Ads
Sheilah Jones
Sheilah Jones
Sheilah Jones
Advertising revenue is what allows us to offer our yearbook at an affordable price and give out free ones to all 6th graders who do not order, and anyone who requests a free copy.
Susan Rupp
Susan Rupp
Susan Wells & Jenny Hauggshabink
Susan Rupp makes the yearbook, Vivian helps w/ photos, Sheilah Jones sells advertisements.
17.5May/JuneWildwood T-shirt
Jen Mendelsohn
Jen Mendelsohn (njmendel@gmail.com)
Jen Mendelsohn
Work with Julie Rivera (art teacher) to use 6th graders art work to be displayed on our annual t-shirts. Artwork is scanned and a t-shirt design is created then submitted to One Way Printing. Another option is to have One Way Printing design the t-shirt.
Around May
Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast
2014/15 Deb Glennon

Deb Glennon (debglennon@gmail.com)
Toni Cunningham
Deb Glennon has expressed an interest.
Signing shirts has been a hit before
Jun and Sept
Jen Mendelsohn (?) njmendel@gmail.com
Kerry Crosby kerrylcrosby@gmail.com
Pam Williams (pktwilliams@comcast.net)

Sara Eggemeier would like to help. (sara_bee1@yahoo.com)
Did not happen in 2016-2017 or 2017-2018
Get retirement/appreciation gifts
Vivian Liu
PGO Leadership Team
PGO Leadership Team
* Nick tells us who's retiring & what to get. Usually at Staff Appreciation Tea or Last Assembly) - PGO
18.4JuneEnd of Year Picnic
2014/15 Heather Welch
Heather Welch and Celia Almeida
-Start with Nick & set a date; everything revolves around the dunking booth.
-Everyone usually brings their own food (PGO has supplied pizza and water in 2015 and 2016: ~15)
-PGO supplies dunk tank (reserve, pay for it, and drain it before the rental company picks it up).
-Stage with 'Open Mic'
Staff Appreciation Breakfast
2014/15 Jen Mendelsohn
Jen Mendelsohn (njmendel@gmail.com)
Parents donate food

*Bill Kaizen (and Jen Mendelsohn) helped coordinate in 2016-17

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