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Biosphere Green Biosphere BlueHutton RoomSalisbury Suite
09:30Experiences are Made of Decisions, Decisions are Made of Values - Kim Goodwin
11:00Designing a disruptive service based on ecosystem thinking
- Sofia Hussain
Lean branding: rapid brand development for UX teams - Bill BeardHow I stumbled onto UX research because I loved music - Dalia El-ShimyCreating a service experience from scratch - Lily Dart
11:45Customise and compose - Phil HoldenHow do you deal with information everywhere? - Natacha Hennocq
13:30Let's have a conversation - Graham OddsHow to design a human centred bank in 90 minutes, a #UX hackathon - Pete Trainor, Johan Adda, Richard LewisBlind faith: putting UX theory into practice - Rick Monro
14:15Changing collaboration in big organisations with UX and UI design - Markus KniggeHelping customers do a better job - Andy Irvine
15:30We're just like superheroes! - Alberta SoranzoImagine what's next: using ethnographic design research to predict future product needs - Paul-Jervis HeathThe mind's eye: how we perceive data -Graham OddsWhat can social psychology teach us about (better) UX research? - Jessica Cameron
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