Open Education Week 2016 on OER World Map
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1Opening up Higher Education in EuropeIn this video Andreia Inamorato talks about how European higher education institutions have been opening up education, the importance of having a strategy and about the dimensions of open education. This interview was recorded during the OEI Day on 7th September 2015 in Berlin. Read more about OpenEduEuropean Commission's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies - IPTS is a video on OER. Currently we do not collect individual ressources, so it is not easy for us to record this. I see 4 possibilities:
1. adding the institution and putting the link to the video to the institution (How? Maybe in a separate field or in a comment?).
2. adding the video as a story
3. Extending our data model to documents on OER ("OER on OER")
4. Do not collect this information
1. collect IPTS as organization
2. unclear concerning the video (see comment)
What does open education mean for you? [OpenEdu]
This is a collection of very short videos with university managers of higher education institutions in Europe. They were recorded during the workshop “Opening up Higher Education in Europe’, part of the OpenEdu Project of the IPTS-DG EAC, which took place at the IPTS in Seville in Nov 2015. We asked them “What does open education mean for you?” and we had a variety of responses. Open education is an umbrella term for a number of practices which lead to ‘opening up education’.European Commission's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies - IPTS is a small but interesting collection of videos with interviews on higher ed managers. Since we have collected Youtube channels as services before, I guess, we can do this here as well.1. collect IPTS as organization
2. collect Youtube Channel as a service
3. use tags to mark channel as "oer on oer"
3A quick intro to OPEN EDUCATIONA quick introduction to Open Education for Higher Ed faculty, with a focus on OER, Open Pedagogy, and Open Access.Plymouth State University de Rosa is giving an introduction to Open Educatino in this video. See Comment no. 1 for options how to handle it.unclear
4The AVU Peace Management and Conflict Resolution (PMCR) MOOCOn march 14th 2016, The AVU will launch a MOOC :PEACE MANAGEMENT and CONFLICT RESOLUTION .It is an interdisciplinary course, produced by the African Virtual University, whose aim is to introduce learners from a variety of backgrounds to the analysis of conflict, violence, and peace. It is free and accessible to everyone. The specific purpose of the course is to help learners identify and use tools that can guide them in working towards sustainable peace by strengthening and solidifying the existing peace in their communities.AFRICAN VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY is a mooc, which we can easily record as an event. The AVU seems to take licensing quite serious, so the complete Mooc might be licensed under CC BY-SA.1. Collect AVU as organization (we already got it:
2. Collect Mooc as event
5URJCx: Abiertos al ConocimientoVideo of presentation of the URJCx platform. Message about the content of the platform and commitment to open through the MOOC knowledge making the University Rey Juan Carlos.Universidad Rey Juan Carlos online (URJC online) is a marketing video for a (mooc?)platform, called URJCx. Currently the platform is not available.probably (check first):
1. Add Platform provider as organization
2. Add URJCx as service
6Open.EdOpen.Ed at the University of Edinburgh showcases Open Educational Resources created at the University. The site provides: guidance on best OER practice; aggregates blogs from some our prominent open practitioners; highlights best practice and OER exemplars; up-to-date news and information; and a calendar of OER workshops and events across campus. The OER vision for University of Edinburgh has three strands, each building on our history of the Edinburgh Settlement, excellent education, research collections, enlightenment and civic mission.University of Edinburgh is an interesting website. It includes not only (links) to OER made in Edinburgh University, but also How to guides and an event calendar. I would clearly classify this as a service, but it will be a question in the future what kind of service this is. It contains elements of an repository (or an referatory, if only links are included) and a tutory. 1. Add Organization
2. Add website as an service
7Center for Open Education at Hokkaido UniversityCenter for Open Education is a department to leverage OER to accelerate online learning around Hokkaido University. Center for OE develops OERs in blended learning to improve student engagement and learning outcomes for both on its own campus and on the consortium by public universities in Hokkaido region. These OERs are for undergraduate courses, special-education programs and international programs. Center for OE collaborates with Center for Engineering Education Development (CEED) in the School of Engineering at Hokkaido U.Hokkaido University the website is mainly in japanese. According to the descripton, the Center for Open Education at Hokkaido University produces OER. So the center could be added as an organization and I guess that there should be a service as well, where you can find the OER`s1. Discuss with Tomo
2. Add Center for OE as organization
3. Look for service
8Access to informational modern resourcesSocial and -Human Sciences, Real Sciences, Education Sciences
Scientific Library of Alecu Russo Balti State University seems to be an online library by Aleccu Russo University in Moldavia. Unfortunatly there is very little available in English. There are some ressources presented in the galllery, but I did not find licensing information.I`m not sure how to handle this. According to our policy it would be possible to add a service, even if it would not use open licenses. Nevertheless the only hint for me to add them to OER World Map would be that they are participating in OEW....unclear
11 – détecteur de plagiat professionnel. Détecteur de plagiat vérifiera votre papier avec plus de 14 milliards de pages Web, articles, revues, livres, périodiques. Il dispose de la plus grande base de données de détection de plagiat au monde.plag.fr is a tool to detect plagiarism. Maybe it could be used for quality assurance of Open Education, but there is no clear connection to OER or Open Education. So I`m unsure how to handle this.unclear
10Pulsar Video PlatformOpen-source video platform for managing videolectures, OER with a great functionality.Moscow Institute of Physics And Technology seems to be a russian lecture video (OCW?) platform. It uses CC licenses. Interesting is the question, what kind of service this could be. While "Mooc platforms/providers" seem to be quite common, "video lecture platforms" are not as usual.1. add Institute as organization if not existent.
2. add Pulsar Video Platform as service
3. contact provider for further informaton
4. unclear: what subtype of service?
11ICT Integration with OERICT integration in education is an approach to integrate various resources in day to day teaching learning of an academic institution. This includes the best of the industry resources used worldwide in different academic institutions. The resources are as diverse as content, software activities, skill development, educational games, logical and analytical software to help students learn from various perspective. And, most important to all, the resources are developed collaboratively with the support of community worldwide.Axon System is another interesting one. A private "value based" company specialized in free and open source software offering support in the field of ict integration in education. One the one hand one could argue, that there is no explicit or prooven relation to OER. Also it as a private company which might be looking for advertising. On the other hand they expressed some interest in Open Education by participating in OEW and a list of companies like this might be very helpful. I would tend to put it on the map. If it turns out to be relevant, it will get connected, otherwise not...unclear
12The Power of Open Education to DevelopmentThis short but expositional video will highlight with thematic messages the importance, benefits and opportunities of growth and development that access to open education can afford across network interesting, but I cannot find the video following the linkunclear
13Open Educational Resources (OER) and Adult EducationAdult educators, students, and Johan Uvin, Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, US Department of Education, discuss the value of Open Educational Resources – and how this growing body of high-quality, no-cost, modifiable tools can be used to enhance the teaching of science and math in adult education and to engage adult learners. Developed for the U.S. Department of Education by American Institutes for Research.American Institutes for Research is a video on OER. Unfortunatly published under the standard youtube license... See comment line 3unclear
14Tools of Engagement Projects (TOEP)Tools of Engagement Participants in the Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) of the State University of New York at Rockland Community College will share daily TOEP Tips with their colleagues throughout the week. Each tip will highlight an OER they have found to be valuable with their students.Rockland Community College
15Che cos e CommonSpaces / What is CommonSpacesCommon Spaces is an international co-learning and e-mentoring Community of Practice (CoP) devoted to improving the employability skills and work opportunities of participants and reducing the gap existing between the academic world and the labour market, by means of appropriately remixed and localised OERs, i.e. Open Educational Resources freely available to everyone. The platform is co-funded by the Erasmus+ EU Programme and is being developed by six European partners co-ordinated by Sapienza University of Rome.CommonS Consortium"Common Spaces is an international co-learning and e-mentoring Community of Practice (CoP) devoted to improving the employability skills and work opportunities of participants and reducing the gap existing between the academic world and the labour market, by means of appropriately remixed and localised OERs, i.e. Open Educational Resources freely available to everyone." Unfortunatly the platform is not yet online. This seems to be an interesting project, since it addresses practical labour market need, preparing people to get jobs using OER. They also consider themselves to be both a platform and a community of learning. Open qeustions tackled by this entry:
- when becomes a projet a service? Is a beta version enough?
- How can CoP*s be put on the map? As organizations? Or as an attribute to to a platform?
1. collect project as project
2. add service, if beta version looks promising
3. Add Organizations
4. Add funder (Erasmus+)
16Some Rights Reserved: Creative Commons in EducationThis brochure was created to be a field guide for educators to use Creative Commons in their preparation of course work and to help them educate their students about the proper way to share and use material with a CC license. The brochure also covers Fair Use and Public Domain as well as covering some copyright myths. It is available as a PDF and a editable InDesign file. The link will take you to the PDF, for the editable file email Rion Huffman at State University
17Online/e-learning OperationsLeveraging our proven experience spanning over 3 decades of pioneering and operating online programs with University of Phoenix and other online institutions, CMSquared offers to serve as go-to resource for institutions of higher learning looking to launch and/or expand online modality.Creative Minds Squared Inc.,
18MOOC Video-bitesShort video messages of recognized experts on the benefits provided by MOOCs to institutions and learners. Flexibility, interactivity, personalization as well as the opportunity to spread content everywhere are just some of the possibilities offered by this open and evolving system.UOC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
19Study Skills MOOC / MMOC de Habilidades de EstudioThe Study Skills Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is developed through the collaboration between the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) and the University of Northampton. The aim is to help students improve their self-efficacy and develop their study skills.The learning materials are available as open educational resources (OERs).Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
20Social Media Exchange Social Media Exchange (SMEX) is a media advocacy and development organization with more than 20 years´experience in commercial, development, and postconflict media environments. We adress urgent needs in the Arab information society through online and offline courses in digital and social media and peer-to-peer learning events.Social Media Exchange (SMEX)
21SSRNSocial Science Research Network (SSRN) is a world wide collaborative authors and users that is devoted to the rapid dissemination of social science research. With over 613,000 scholarly abstracts available, SSRN has been recognized as the number one Open Access repository in the world.SSRN
22Sharing OER InfographicOpen Education is about more than just using open materials. It’s about
innovating new practices and new ways of teaching. Sharing is one of
these Open Educational Practices (OEP), the benefits of which you can
see in this infographic.
Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas
23Maris Stelle Virtual LibraryThis website is a one stop access to the teaching and learning community by providing free access to resources like e-journals, e-books, directories/gateways, thesis and other open access resources in pure sciences, social sciences and management. This Maris Stella Virtual Library provides links not only for the above resources but also links for OpenCourseWare and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).Maris Stella College (Autonomous), Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
24plagramme.comOnline plagiarism checker that reviews over 14 trillion web pages, articles, books, and periodicals. Helps you detect possible plagiarism in your papers. It finds not only copy paste plagiarism, but paraphrasing, good and bad citations.plagramme.com
25Book "Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs, Transformation"The book examines specific 15 OER implementations from all regions through three thematic lenses: policy; costs; and transformation. It seeks to illuminate OER not from a theoretical perspective, but to provide rich case studies of OER as it is unfolding in different localities. These case studies will highlight policy issues and lessons relevant to a wide-variety of stakeholders, including Ministry of Education officials, school and district administrators, and classroom educators.UNESCO
26Open course: Blended Learning EssentialsA free course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning.Association for Learning Technology
27Observatorio de Innovación EducativaWe are a competitive intelligence unit at the Tecnológico de Monterrey that identifies, analyzes and disseminates the educational trends that are shaping the future of education and learning. Our goal is to promote and encourage the development of educational innovation in colleges and universities from around the world.Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
28Blog Launch Online Education at Wageningen UniversityWageningen University launches a new weblog about online and open education for anyone with an interest in developments in online and open education at Wageningen University. In this blog our online education experts and contributors share their experiences on the transition towards the new online education The weblog will be launched at March 10 with a recap of learnings from other events at Wageningen University of the open education week.ecosystem at Wageningen University.Wageningen University
29Copyright the Card GameCopyright the Card Game is an open educational game resource designed to train educators and information / e-learning professionals in HE and other educational institutions in UK copyright law. The resource reflects the important changes to educational copyright exceptions in 2014. The game is designed to be played by up to 5 teams of up to 6 people and takes delegates from copyright basics through to real world scenarios which explore the relationship between licences and copyright fair dealing exceptions.University of Kent
30Maricopa Millions BlogDuring OpenEd Week several guests will be blogging about the following topics: (1) What is OER? (2) How do I find OER? (3) Faculty experiences developing OER (4) FAQs and (5) information about the Maricopa Millions project.Maricopa Community Colleges
31EMMA platform: providing multilingual access to European MOOCsThe European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, called EMMA for short, is a 30 month pilot action supported by the European Union. It aims to showcase excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and learning approaches through the large-scale piloting of MOOCs on different subjects. EMMA provides a system for the delivery of free, open, online courses in multiple languages from different European universities to help preserve Europe’s rich cultural, educational and linguistic heritage and to promote real cross-cultural and multi-lingual learning.ATiT
32 Open Educational Resources Guide is a joint collaboration between the Library, Instructional Technology and Design, and faculty to create a resource to help faculty locate quality, open content for their courses. This guide is designed to bring together practical and appropriate open educational resources that can be adapted for class use.North Shore Community College
33Knowledge to Work (K2W)Knowledge to Work (K2W) is a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT grant at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, Virginia that is using OER in its competency-based education programs.Lord Fairfax Community College
34Instructional Design Service Course: Gain Experience for GoodWe at Designers for Learning are excited to announce enrollment is open for our latest free open service course that will take place February 22 – May 15, 2016 on the Canvas Network massive open online course (MOOC) platform. During this 12-week service course, participants will engage in a real-world authentic instructional design project that centers on the design and development of open educational resources (OER) for adult basic education (ABE). In this project-based course, participants will gain instructional design experience while developing instructional materials that will be made available for free to adult educators and learners in the Adult Learning Zone group on OER Commons.Designers for Learning
35OERs @ AVUThe African Virtual University is promoting the use and adoption of open source and open format model like Open Education Resources (OERs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) in Africa. Here is how and what is its impact.AFRICAN VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY
36Open Risk AcademyThe Open Risk Academy is an eLearning platform offering innovative training around Risk Management. The Academy uses interactive, visually engaging material as the best way to tackle the challenge of an ever growing risk management knowledge base.OpenRisk
37Research Methods in the Social SciencesThis is a YouTube channel devoted to postgraduate/graduate level instruction on social research methods. There are playlists on Grounded Theory, Social Research Methods & Design and presentations from the OER 14 conference. All videos are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence.University of Huddersfield, UK
38Mensch ärgere dich nicht Goethe Thessaloniki Vimeo 2015How two German teachers in a public and private school in Athens, embedded an old popular board game from Germany, that celebrated 2014 its 100th anniversary, in their daily teaching, believing in Gamification in Education.Arsakeia - Tositseia schools, 3rd Gymnasium of Vyronas
39OWC Educator: Sharing Teaching Approaches and Materials from MIT with Educators Everywhere, For FreeThis video provides an introduction to OCW Educator and demonstrates for users how to find open resources on the OCW Educator site. OpenCourseWare
40sMOOCS Step by StepOur contribution is the YouTube channel of our sMOOC “sMOOC Step by Step“, in which all the course videos are hosted. This sMOOC, offered in 6 languages, teaches participants how to create their own MOOC, with a specific session on OERs. The next (3rd) iteration of the course starts on March 7th and this is an introducion video for the second iteration, which finished a few months ago (
41Best Practices for OER Faculty DevelopmentA pre-recorded webinar on best practices for Faculty Development to promote OER adoption. Two librarians who are leading efforts in their states to inform and inspire faculty to adopt OER will be featured.Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER)
42Darakht-e Danesh Online LibraryThe Darakht-e Danesh (‘knowledge tree’ in Dari) Library is a digital repository of open educational resources (OERs) in three languages: Dari, Pashto and English. These resources are teaching and learning materials aimed at educators in Afghanistan. They may be freely viewed, downloaded, shared, adapted, translated and repurposed. Users may also submit their own materials for inclusion in the library.Darakht-e Danesh Online Library
43DIY Learning Tech: Do Innovation Yourself with Open StandardsThis infographic describes how you can use open platforms, open code, and open standards to integrate many great learning tools into one meaningful learning ecosystem. The infographic provides information specific to the Canvas LMS, as well as general to all platforms using IMS standards.Canvas by Instructure
44Understanding Open Educational ResourcesThis is a short open course on Open Educational Resources (OER). No need to log in; no password required. Just click the link and enter the course. You will need about 2 hours to complete. Print your certificate at the end by answering some questions.Commonwealth of Learning
45OpenCurriculumA website with over 5000 Common Core aligned mathematics lessons and activities, well organized and easily find-able for K-12 teachers.OpenCurriculum
46Student Guide to Open Educational ResourcesThis resource is for students who are taking courses that use open educational resources. While there are many support materials for faculty, this guide focuses on helping students figure out the best ways to access, organize, store, annotate, and print their course materials.North Shore Community College
47Open Course Resource CenterHome to Saylor Academy’s OER resource guides, open licensing help, and course design philosophy, the Open Course Resource Center will be born anew in time for Open Education Week 2016! Look for GitHub-powered open textbooks and courseware, opportunities to contribute and improve materials, and cogent information on how to put Saylor Academy’s resources to work for you in your classroom, workplace, or home.Saylor Academy
48Marshall McLuhan Speaks Special CollectionFor decades scholars and students have read Marshall McLuhan’s landmark books Understanding Media and the Gutenberg Galaxy, recognizing him as the foremost theorist of how the new media have affected human behaviour. Now, however, we can experience Marshall McLuhan in the original. The Marshall McLuhan Speaks Special Collection is a historical archive that comprises video of three decades of McLuhan’s appearances on television: interviews, panels, debates and lectures. Taken together, the Marshall McLuhan Speaks Special Collection is a priceless archive.Marshall McLuhan Speaks
49National Programme on Technology on Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)An initiative by India’s premiere institution like IIT and IISC for creating course contents in engineering and science. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of engineering & science education in the country by providing free online courseware & certificate courses.MAHATMA GANDHI MISSION INSTITUTE OF BIOSCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY AURANGABAD, MAHARSHTRA INDIA
50Availability of Foreign Language materials in OER repositories (blog entry)A guide from COERLL on finding language learning materials in Open Educational Resource repositories online.Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas
51History and Career Exploration OER TextbooksCC-BY OER History to 1865 and 1865 to present and Career Exploration TextbooksBay College
52Online open Course Media LiteracyThis course provides pupils between 10-14 years old the opportunity to learn online and at their own pace about media literacy. The main learning objective of the lessons is developing knowledge, skills and attitude to become a self aware, critical and active participant in the modern and fast changing digital world. They practice with 21st century skills and develope receptive, reflective and investigative skills, collaborate together and create a knowledge based community.Leerpodium
53Mensch ärgere dich nicht Larissa 2015Παρουσίαση της πορείας του κλασικού επιτραπέζιου γερμανικού παιγνιδιού “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” από την πρώτη εφαρμογή του στην διδασκαλεία των Γερμανικών ως β΄ξένη γλώσσα στα ΑρσάκειαΓυμνάσια Ψυχικού, με υπεύθυνη καθηγήτρια την κ. Αγγέλα Μεταλληνού μέχρι και την εφαρμογή του ύστερα από διασχολική συνεργασία στο 3ο Γυμνάσιο Βυρωνα, με υπεύθυνη καθηγήτρια την κ. Μελίνα (Μαρία) ΛαινάArsakeia - Tositseia schools, 3rd Gymnasium of Vyronas
54The "Savvy Strategist" Online Course in Digital AdvocacyThe “Savvy Strategist” is a seven-week online course in digital advocacy that has been delivered to dozens of civil society activists from Arab countries. Available in both Arabic and English, the course walks learners through how to plan, design, and assess advocacy campaigns with a strong online component. It was developed by Social Media Exchange (, a Beirut, Lebanon–based media development organization that strongly supports open culture, including Creative Commons and open-source software, as well as the production of Arabic-language Web content.Social Media Exchange (SMEX)
55Programme for Affordable Learning Materials InformationThe Program for Affordable Learning Materials (PALM) is part of the California State University system-wide Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) campaign, which is “designed to enable faculty to choose and provide quality educational content that is more affordable for their students.” The mission of this program is to make higher education more accessible to students by promoting the use of high-quality, free and low-cost learning materials. Explore resources at Cal State LA.California State University Los Angeles
56Lifewide Magazine Issue 16 March 2016Community-based open learning resource on the theme of ‘Exploring Ecologies for Developing Ourselves in and for Work’. The idea of learning ecologies is highly relevant to open learning and education. In this issue we focus on ecologies we create to help us learn, develop and achieve in the work environment. The magazine will be published on March 10th 2016. It is free to download and published under a Creative Commons licence.Lifewide Education
57DisCo 2016We would like to inform your participants about 11th International Conference DisCo 2016: Towards open education and information society which will be held in 20. 6. – 22. 6. 2016, Prague. DisCo 2016 offers a platform for scholars, researchers, pedagogical staff, students, educational start ups, educational NGOs and experts from the private and public sectors, in which they can join the discussion on topics related to open education and new technologies in education.Center for Higher Education Studies, Prague, Czech Republic
58Anyone can build a MOOC.Webinar from the LoCoMoTion Project ( outlining the basic ideas behind the project and the forthcoming MOOC "Making a MOOC on a Budget"Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland.