This spreadsheet © Simon Chadwick, CC-BY (use this data however you like, but credit me!). For more information see my Old Irish Harp Transcriptions Project via and my Bunting manuscript index PDFs via Bunting mss (Queen’s University Belfast, Special Collections, MS4/…)Description of ms version listed (either a transcription, or a related non-transcription page or item)ms29HARP TRANSCRIPTIONMyMy interim opinion based on looking at the transcriptions from the point of view of a player of the old Irish harpWrite-ups and video demonstrations of the transcription notationATTRIBUTION SUMMARYCarolanReference nos.1796 (May) (BL g.138.(2) see Peter Downey, Edward Bunting and the Ancient Irish Music… (Lisburn 2017) p.71797180918401840ms attributions (transcr.)ms attributions (arr)ms attributions (arr)ms attributions (arr)ms attributions (arr.)Printed book attributions (1840 index, 1797 & 1809 annotated copies BL add ms 41508 – for annotations see Karen Loomis, )Belfast tunes
Irish titleEnglish title & alternatives29.1 & 3 B29.2 & 4 b29.3 b29.4 b33.1 O33.2 B33.3 B33.4125transcriptioncopyarrangementpaper(see my ms29 text transcript PDF available via (my opinion on whether it is notated live from the playing of an old Irish harper. 9=defintiely. 0=no chance. 5=not sure, could be a harper singing, or just can’t tell.)commenttranspositionKeytuning (harp can be tuned all naturals, or f can be sharp. Bunting mentions the possibility of limited c sharp in one or two tunes)basscommentsYoutubeCommentaryPDF typesetting of transcription notation, and machine audioNo. of attributions to the same informantharperNon-harpplacedatemy score (see my Carolan Tunes Collation spreadsheet at 9=definitely Carolan. 0=no chance. 5=I’m not sure)DOSC (Donal O’Sullivan, Carolan the Life Times and Music of an Irish harper. London, Routlege & Kegan Paul, 1958, 2 vols. Numbers 214 and above are from Bonnie Shaljean’s ’Appendix’ to the 2001 Ossian edition though they are un-numbered there; the numbers above 214 are from Catríona Rowsome, The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs, Waltons 2011.)DOSB (Donal O’Sullivan, The Bunting Collection of Irish Folk Music and Songs. Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, 1927-39 )MOSB (Donal O’Sullivan with Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, Bunting’s Ancient Music of Ireland edited from the original manuscripts. Cork University Press, 1983)N (A Collection of the most Celebrated Irish Tunes proper for the violin, German Flute or Hautboy, Dublin, John and William Neal, 1724, facsimile edition by Nicholas Carolan published 1986 by the Folk Music Society of Ireland / Cumann Cheol Tire Eireann, second edition Irish Traditional Music Archive 2010)pageno.pageno.pageAttributionplacedatesourceAttributionplacedatesourceAttributionplacedatesourceAttributionplacedatesourceAttributionplacedateSourceAttributionplacedateSourceAttributionplacedateSourceRobert Young, the Irish harpers in Belfast, UJA ser.2, vol 1, no 2, 1895)Northern Star (from Young)Bunting 1840 intro p63-4 tunes for each harpertitles in 1840 list intro p64Bunting 1840 intro other info
The Banks of Claudy (harp version)3of transcription?2 staff it49Higgins 922Higgins1792434333Higgins, Hugh, the harper1792ms13 M35/f17rHiggins, H. Harper17921840 index p.vii
Casadh an tsúgáinTwisting the rope4fullof transcriptionit4892? (in 96)1 upG majorF sharpnoVery clear Yes1Mooney193.319Mooney1797 anno (Cannot find any other attributions for this version)
Molly Bheag Óold way of Molly Astore6fullit49921 upG majorF sharpa fewSeems to work fairly well! Rythym problems in first bar of first and last lines Yes1Fanning1792909067Fannin C harper17921840 index p.ixDuncan?
Planxty Irwin or Kit Irvin7fullit4892?1 upC majorall naturalsnoVery clear. A set with the Beggar? YesconflictedHiggins, Byrne959717Byrne, CharlesMs33.3 p7 Higgins, harp1809 anno
Bacach buidhe na léimneLame yellow beggar7fullit4992?1 upG majorno FnoVery clear. A set with Irwin?, Byrne, Duncan1792202018Duncan, James1792ms27 M20 f9vBlack Daniel the harper1792ms13 M11/f5vByrne, CharlesOn the mountains highms33.3 p8Black D harper17921840 index p.xiNorthern StarBacach buidhe na leimne The lame yellow beggar
Planxty Drury8dotsof transcriptionit48(in 97, not in 96)1 upC majorall naturalsnoVery clear Yes1Byrne5421010Byrne1797 anno
Miss Kelly / Planxty Kelly / Plangsty Kelly10dotsof transcriptionit48(in 97, not in 96)1 upC majorall naturalsnoRhythm problem 2/4 or 6/8 anno
Hugh O’Donnell (John Carolan printed version)12from John Carolan’s printed book (NLI LO1635)it40--- (John Carolan book), Harper17921840 intro
Hugh O’Donnell (transcription dots version, last 4 bars only)12dots and barsit48Byrne 92?at pitchC majorall naturalsnoConfused dots, only 4 bars, hard to make out, Harper17921840 intro
Rambling boy12dotsit41Vocalnovocal version?3Sloane (or Stewart?)Belfast / Armagh1799969671Mr. StewartSloan, Mrms12(2)29b/M250/f89rSloan W. EsqrArmagh1799ms27 M84 (CHECK VERSION?Sloane, W, esqBelfast17991840 index p.viii
Codladh an tsionnaighThe Fox’s sleep14neat copy with Irish textit4(Hempson ??? Or from a book or singer 92?) (in 97, not in 96)22Hempson1797 annoNorthern StarCollough an Tinnic or The sleeping fox
Mrs MacDermot Roe / Nanny McDermottroe18dotsof transcriptionit47 (in 97, not in 96)At pitch / mixedA minorf sharpnoDots in A minor. Copy in D minor. F sharp accidental marked in dots (B flat in transposed copy) but all Fs could be sharp or skipped. Final part of transcription is in the wrong place (D minor) and there is a wrong section as well. Yes1Mooney8825353Mooney1797 anno
Colonel Irwin (copy from book)20from book?it49609639Byrne, CharlesCo. Leitrimms33.3 p14O Neil1809 anno
Colonel Irwin ??? (transcription dots)20dotsit47Byrne perhaps? (from copy version)mixedlow notes written below staffseems to repeat up a 4th
Rambling boy (not right)21fullof transcriptionit45Byrne vocal?1 upE minorf sharpnoC sharp accidental inserted but questionable, classical minor editing even in transcription?1Byrne96Byrne, CharlesMs33.2 p54
Fanny Power22from elsewhere?it4conflictedO’Neil, Byrne9155676749Byrne, Charlesms33.3 p15O’Neil the harperNewry1800ms27 M73O’ Neill, A, harper18001840 index p.viiiMooney, RoseMooneyFanny Power
An Róise Bheag Mhodhamhar (first version)bonny shannon water23dots and barsof transcriptionit45Higgins? 92? (attr of print, in 96 book)Mixed, 1 up?majorsharp 7th?noBig problems. Rhythm changed in copy (from 3 to 2 time). 1st dots in A, 2nd dots in G, 3rd dots and bars and copy in E Yes 43
Saely Kelly24fullof transcriptionit481 / 2 upD neutral?F naturalnoClear. Clef changes from alto to treble. Dots in F, full and copy in E with c sharp & f sharp. Accidental in full/ conflictedLinden, ByrneNewtownhamilton / The Fews1802975343427Byrne, CharlesCo. Leitrimms33.3 p16Linden, PaddyNewtown Hamilton, Co. Armagh1802ms13 p30/M26/f13rLinden the Harperthe Fews Co. Armagh1802ms27 M14 f7rLinden, PNewtownhamilton18021840 index p.ix
Toby Peyton (Higgins version)26dots and barsof transcriptionit46Higgins 92Mixed, 4 up / at pitchA neutralf sharp?no, but goes very low and jumps highDots in E neutral for first half, switch up to A neutral for 2nd half. Copy in A neutral Yes1Higgins1792914812712797Higgins H harper17921840 index p.ix
Tá Mé Mo Chodladh (Higgins version)I am asleep28fullof transcriptionit48Higgins 921 upD majorf sharpnoNice clear, rythym marks. Transcription and copy in E major, 4 sharps but D natural marked. Yes1Higgins1792100Higgins, Hugh1792ms29
Burns’s March30dotsof transcriptionit49????? Is this Higgins 92?1 upG majorno FBTricky2Hempson696Hempsonof Magilliganms33.3 p18-19Hempson, from (composite version)1809 anno
William McCracken30dotsof transcriptionit41F majorno0William McCrackenWilliam McCracken (not an attribution?)
A chailíní, an bhfaca sibh Seoirse (anon version)32fullit47Is this Higgins 92?at pitchE minorno Fnoclear Yes611
Róisín Dubh (Doctor version)Second set of Black Rose Bud34from elsewhere?it40from a ms 1803/43McDonald / a peasantCushendall1803/4191917Low Glens1803ms27 M18 f9rDr. McDonald’s setms12 M155/f51rA peasantCushendall18041840 index p.viiLower glens, co Antrim1840 intro p97
Abair a chumain ghilmaybe influence on the print? An bhfaca tú mo valentine in 1797 / Sgarúint na gcompánach in 179634from Walker bookit40--- (Walker)57
Gol na mna ’san ar34from Walker bookit40--- (Walker)
Diarmaid Ó DúdaSlack Dermot yeoudy / O Doudy38dotsof transcriptionit47Byrne 92?? harp? (in 97, not in 96)at pitchG neutralf naturalnoVery clear 1Byrne373724Byrne1797 annono attr in 1809
B’fhearr Liom Ná Éire (first version)39Dots & fullit44Byrne 92? vocal? (in 96)noVocal version? Or mistranscribed? Or actively edited? Key or mode error? Natural sign for B natural. Tune curls differently in full transcription and copy, than in dots.1Byrne488.14829Byrne1797 annono attr in 1809
Edward Dodwell40dots and barsit46Byrne 92 vocal?1 down?D neutral?f natural?noNotated in C Neutral, needs Bflat & Eflat. So either 1 down or possibly transposed from A neutral. We are probably missing the facing-page neat copy. Is this a vocal version? Was Byrne such a bad harper that he used non-standard tunings? 5Byrne1792/180294010410477Byrne, Charlesms33.3 p21Byrne, C.1802ms27 M122Byrne, Charles the harper1792ms13 M3/f2rByrne, C.1802ms27 M38 f18rByrne C harper17921840 index p.viii
Lady Blayney43of transcription?ot4copy from lost facing page transcription?conflictedFanning, Mooney95616145Fanning C the Harper1792ms13 M64/f29rMooney, Rose1792ms27 M24 f11v p24Fannin, C, harper17921840 index p.ixNorthern StarLady Blaney
Uilleacán Dubh OThe County of Leitrim ???44fullot49Hempson 96at pitchG majorF natural? See tuning pageSays “bass first”What does “bass first” mean? Rythm not clear but in 42Hempson685Dennis a Hempson in 179[6]+17961796Hempsonof Magilliganms33.3 p22Hempson. Harp1809 annoHempson
Letty Burke (ms version)45fullot49Hempson 96? at pitchC majorf naturalB, Bass, difficult1Hempson910113Hempson, Dennis aMagilliganms33.3 p23Northern StarLady Letitia Burke
A chailíní, an bhfaca sibh Seoirse (Hempson version)46Dots & fullot49Hempson 96 (in 97, not in 96)at pitchE minorf sharpB and other implied bass notesThis is the version printed in 17975HempsonMagilligan1796 / 92 61161110Hempson, Dennis ams33.3 p24-28HempsonMagilligan1796MS13 p34/M32/f15r-16rHempsonMagilligan1796ms27 M108Hempson1797 annoHempsonMagilligan17921840 index p.vii
Caitlín TriallKitty Tyrrell47notesot49Higgins? 92? (in 97, not in 96)at pitchG majorF sharpBNo barlines, but feels like 3. Questions about stresses / strong notes. Big notes written over dots – some questionable passages? *** Could it be 1 up in D major???* Yes1Higgins88Higgins1797 annoDuncan, JamesDuncanCathleen Tyrrell
A lovely nun to a friar came48notesot49Higgins? 92? or Hempson 96?at pitchG majorno FB 8ths Yes2HempsonMagilligan1796142142104Hempson’s authority… many other harpers had it and played it with the same variation of the octave to imitate the ...voices…ms12 M51/f19rHempsonMagilligan17961840 index p.vii
Aisling an ÓigfhirThe Young Man’s Dream49fullot48Hempson 92? (in 96 book)at pitchG majorf sharpnonice simple1Hempson173.117Hempson1797 anno
Caid é sin do’n té sin nach mbaineann sin dó51fullot48Hempson 96at pitchG majorno FnoVery clear1Hempson153intro p15Hempson, Dennis aMagilliganMs33.2 p55r
Lady of the Desert52fullot49Hempson 96at pitchG majorF sharpB and other notated bass notesDots overwritten, often ambiguously1Hempson,Magilligan179611911988HempsonMagilligan1796ms13 p22/M20/f9rHempsonMaggilligan Co Derry1796ms27 M92HempsonMagilligan17961840 index p.viiiHempson1840 intro p89Northern StarCoolinFanning, with modern variations. Hempson (p75)
A ghadaidhe ghoid mo shláinte UaimThe Jointure or the Golden Star53of transcription?ot49Higgins 92? (in 96 book)at pitchG majorF sharpBLooks like a copy, not a transcription1Higgins332.233Higgins1797 anno
Féachain Gléis54notesof transcriptionot49Hempson 92?at pitchG majorF sharp2 staves, full harp bass through entire tuneDifficult, overwritten in many places especially 2nd line2Hempson1792156Hempson, Dennis aMagilliganMs33.2 p55vHempson17921840 intro p82
Cumha Caoine an AlbannaighScott’s Lamentation58fullot49Hempson 92?at pitchG majorF sharpwritten bass notes7HempsonMagilligan1792886Hempson, DennisMs33.2 p17Henpson the Harper1796ms27 M28 f13v p27Hempson1792ms12 M69/f28rHempson the harperMaggilligan1796ms13 M63/f28rHempson, harperMagilligan17921840 index p.xHempson1796ms13 p48-9Hempson1840 intro p89
Eibhlín a RúinAileen Aroon58of transcription?ot49Hempson 92?at pitchG majorF sharpB and other written bass notes 3HempsonMagilligan179212312394Hempson, DennisMs33.2 p6-8HempsonMagilligan17921840 index p.viiiHempson1840 intro p90Northern StarEibhlin a Ruin Ellen a RoonNOT Hempson (p75)
Róis bheag dubhRosey Black (3rd version)62Notes & dotsof transcriptionot45Black 96?at pitchE minorno FnoClear but rythym and strong notes questions 1McCrackenBelfast18John McCracken Belfastms29 p62
Ar Bhruach na Sionainne variantThe banks of the Shannon63from elsewhere?ot4 31
Brighit ÓgYoung Bridget Cruise by Carolan. Stroon a roon.64Dots & fullof transcriptionot48Black 96at pitchE minorno Fnomine/his in copy. Transcription is fragmentary, like he couldn’t get rythym or flow. Don’t believe barring in copy! Don’t believe ¾ time sig! 1Black92689aBlack, Donald “I have the words”Ms33.2 p9
Sir Thomas Bourk66from elsewhere?ot4(in 97, not in 96)9136262Mooney1797 annoBlack, Daniel
Maili San SeóirseMolly St George (Neal version)67from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)12
Géidhe Fiáinewild geese68from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)0book (Neal)113
Éirí na Gréine69copy?ot44at pitchA minorF sharpno017986Oct 31 981798
Éirí na Gréine69from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)
Mailí Níc Ailpin70from Neal bookot40--- Copied from Neal book, 92? (in 96 book)446.244Martin, Kate (harp)1797 anno
Sín Síos an Ród a d’Imigh Sí / Súd é sios an rod a d'imigh síNeal version71from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)This is copied from Neal. The piano arrangements use the second and third parts of this Neal copy.contradictoryHiggins / O’Neillbook (Neal)9740Billy, B.Ms33.3 p60HigginsMs33.3 p60O’Neil, ArthurMs33.3 p60no attr in 1809
Sín Síos an Ród a d’Imigh Sí / Súd é sios an rod a d'imigh sí71full?ot44Vocal version?D minorb flatsThis seems to be a transcription inserted under the Neal copy. The piano arrangements use this for their first part. It can’t be from blind Billy O’Malley because the arrangement is 1798 and Bunting didn’t hear O’Malley sing until 1802contradictoryHiggins / O’Neillbook (Neal)Billy, B.Ms33.3 p60HigginsMs33.3 p60O’Neil, ArthurMs33.3 p60no attr in 1809
Captain Magan72from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)393126a
Creamonea72from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)1192
Radaire Mínchosach73from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)
Cuckoo74from Neal bookot40--- Copied from Neal book, 92? (in 96 book)12026314.163from an old MS1797 anno
Isabella Burke (Neal version)75from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)51256
Carraige an Aoibhnis (Neal version)Clanuff’s Delight (the Rocks of Pleasure)76from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)book (Neal)22
A Mhaighdean, druid liom77from Neal bookot40--- (Neal)
Mild Mable Kelly78fullot49Higgins? 92?at pitchD neutralf nat (see note in 1809 anno, “in D natural minor while the harp is tuned in high bass key… F being left out all through...”)BOverwritten with edited version? conflictedLinden, Higgins97310748Higgins, Hughco. Mayoms33.3 p29-30Linden harp1809 annoNorthern StarMable Kelly
Sliabh gCallann / Sliabh GailleanSlieve Gallen / Slieve Gallion80fullot49Higgins 92at pitchA minorf naturalB and full bass divisionClear but difficult to understand register of bass passages 4Higgins1792242421Higgins, Hugh, died in 1796ms33.3 p.32Higgins, Hugh, the harperco. Roscommon179213 p10/M10/f5rHiggins1792ms27 M15 f7vHiggins, harperCo Roscommon17921840 index p.ixHiggins
Cupán Uí EaghraO’Hara’s cup – 2 versions of the same tune? (with different DOSC numbers)82fullot49Higgins 92?at pitchG major?f sharp?BVery corrupt, gave up on trying to do a playing edition 1Higgins9131Higgins, HughMs33.3 p.34-5 “These 2 last tunes are very middling hard to set basses too”Same tune as the other Cupán Uí Eaghra?
Caitlín Ní Uallacháin (first version)Kitty Nowlan84fullot44Higgins? 92?? (p79 tune list)???E major?sharp 7th?No? possible, voice leading?Vocal version? VERSION AMBIGUITYByrne (or maybe Higgins, needs version checking in the ms13 and ms27 settings)1806979771Byrne, Charlesco LeitrimMs33.3 p.31Byrne, C1802MS27 p.50Higgins, Hugh1792MS27 M107 f46r p.91? (CHECK VERSIONS)Byrne the harper1806ms13 M62/f27v p.59?Byrne harper18061840 index p.ixThe 1840 print is a kind of synthetic modified combination of both versions
Thugamar féin an samhradh linn (with variation)86fullot48Higgins 92? (in 96 book) – less likely to be Black 96 (p178 tune list)?at pitchD majorF sharpnovery clear, 1Higgins615.261Higgins, harp1797 anno
Rois DillounYoung Lady Dillon88fullob49(in 97, not in 96)at pitchC majall natBass clef passagesMay be keyboard setting overwritten onto partial transcription conflictedFanning, O’Neil935242418O Neil1797 annoFanning Harp1809 annoFanning, CharlesFanning
Dr. Hart90Full & dotsob49Higgins 92at pitchG majorno FB and bass clefDifficult tune, difficult to untangle transcription, compare with John Carolan (harpsichord) and James Cody (voice or pipes) Yes4Higgins1792953272723Higgins, Hughco. MayoMs33.3 p.36-7 “These 2 last tunes are very middling hard to set basses too”Higgins the harper1792ms13 M45/f21vHiggins, Hugh the Harper1792ms27 M48 f22rHiggins H harper17921840 index p.viiiNorthern StarDoctor Hart
Fairy Queen92Full & dots fragmentob49O’Neil? 96? (in 97, not in 96)at pitchG majorF sharpyes, single low noteDots overwritten by another tune, very hard to make out. Fragments only. 1O’Neil919555O Neil1797 annoO’Neill, Arthur
A bhean dubh rún dileasbonny black Irish maid92fullof transcriptionob44Vocal? 96? (in 97, not in 96)at pitchG majorF natural accidental, implied also f sharpsnoCould be a vocal version? 1Ballinascreen4040Ballynascreen1797 anno
Clair beag dealSoft Boards of Deal or Castle Moon93Full & dotsob44Vocal? Black 96? (p178 tune list)at pitchD minor?F nat? B flat???novocal version?1Byrne singingByrne, Charles, singingMs33.3 p.38
An Fallainnin MhuimhneachLittle Munster Mantle93Full & dotsob44vocal? at pitchG majorf sharpnodots seem to be at different pitvh level from full? Dots Include F sharp accidental. Full version needs F sharp, plus C sharp accidentla in second part.
Uair bheag roimh a’ lálittle hour before day94fullob44Vocal version. Black 96? (p178 tune list)at pitchG major? Or D major?sharp and flat fnof sharp accidentla marked, seems to want both3Byrne1802/6666648Byrne, CMs33.3 p39Byrne, C.1802ms27 M34 f16rByrne the harper18061840 index p.vii
An londubh agus an chéirseachblackbird and thrush95fullot45Black 96? (p178 tune list)at pitchD minor?f natural?noclassical minor sharps and naturals inserted over transcripton. Implied b flat in key signature (the Ballinrobe attribution is clearly mistaken and transferred from no.7 cock and henQuinByrne singingBallinrobe1792 / 1802333Byrne, Charles, singingMs33.3 p40no attr. In ms13Quin, Paddy the harper1802ms27 p69Ballinrobe, co Mayo17921840 index p.x
An gearrán buidhe96Full & notesot45Higgins 92? Or Black 96? (p178 tune list)at pitch?E minor?f sharp?noWritten in E, over-written? Seems to be changing from minor to major as he works? Very unclear key/mode. Neat copy seems to be in Bb major, HughMs33.2 p11no attr in 1809
Sín Síos an Ród a d’Imigh Sí / Is é siúd siar an ród a d'imigh síCoolin Fin (dots on previous page)96Dots & fullot47Higgins 92? Or Black 96? (p178 tune list)at pitchG major or E minorF sharpnoclear, lots of rests contradictory (attributions come from piano arrangement, combined from p.71 transcription and Neal printed book version)Higgins / O’NeillO’Malley97
Variation Coolin / Lady of the Desert variation98Full & dotsot49Hempson 96at pitchG majorF sharpB and bass notesDots overwritten, often ambiguously4HempsonMagilligan179611911988Hempson, Dennis aMagilliganMs33.2 p2HempsonMaggilligan Co Derry1796ms27 M92HempsonMagilligan17961840 index p.viiiHempson1840 intro p89Fanning, with modern variations. Hempson (p75)
The ploughman’s whistle101from Walker bookot4--- (Walker)0book (Walker)137as whistled by the ploughman1840 intro p96
Speic Gailleanach101from Walker bookot4--- (Walker)
An bhfaca tú mo valentinemaybe influence on the print? An bhfaca tú mo valentine in 1797 / Sgarúint na gcompánach in 1796102full?ot4792? (in 96 book)D minor?f sharpnotranscription overwritten with heavy editorial notes 1Black5710.157Black1797 anno
Madam Maxwell102notesot49??? harpat pitchC majorf naturalB and 8No barlines but clear and nice with bass notes at phrase endings conflictedFanning, Higgins, Mooney17929101939368Higgins, HughMs33.3 p52Fanning the harper1792ms13 M56/f25rMooney, RoseBelfast1792ms27 p60Fannin C harper17921840 index p.ixNorthern StarMrs. Maxwellthe piano arrangements are not completely the same as the transcription but close.
An Róise Bheag Mhodhamhar (second version)bonny shannon water103fullot46perhaps Black 96?at pitchG majorf sharpnoseems clear enough. Some slight overwriting 43
Ar bhruach na SionainneThe banks of the Shannon104fullot4Black 96? (p178 tune list) (in 97, not in 96)no Byrne3131Byrne1797 anno
Sín Síos agus Suas liomStretch her up and down104fullot48??? harpat pitchG majorf sharpnoClear 3825
Sín Síos agus Suas liom variationVariation105full?or copy?ot46???at pitchG majorf sharpnoInk over pencil, Independent of previous page?
Peggy na Leaven (with variation)106fullot48O’Neil? Or Black 96? (p178 tune list)at pitchD neutralF sharpnovery clear 1O’Neil109O Neil, ArthurMs33.3 p60
Pléráca na RuarcachO’Rourke’s feast107full?or copy?ot48Mooney?????at pitchG majorF sharpnoClear YesconflictedO’Neil, Mooney9199728Mooney, RoseMs33.2 p13O Neill harp1809 annoNorthern StarPlearaca na Ruarc or O’Rourke’s Feast
Betty O’Brein (aka Catty or Kitty O Brian) (The other version is what the print is based on)108fullot49Fanning? 96? (in 97, not in 96) (attribution from other version)at pitchC majorno FB and B 8ths 1Fanning (other version)91113838Fanning1797 anno
Seónin Ó Raghallaigh, fear gasda109fullot46O’Neil 92??? (in 96 book)at pitchD neutralF naturalnoclear 1st half, totally corrupt 2nd half 1O’Neil1141498.249O neil1797 anno
D’éalochadh Máire liom (First set)111full2+21Mayo 92 (in 97, not in 96 – indicates that some tunes were incorporated in 97 book from 92 transcriptions? Or, is this inserted into the 92 notebook in 96?)no1Ballina, Deel Castle4141Deel castle1797 anno
The taylor done over111dots and bars2+21Mayo 92?no
Seán Ó Duibhir an Ghleanna112from elsewhere? 2+2(in 97, not in 96)Dr SheilBallyshannon3030Shiel, DrBallyshannon1797 anno
Giolla na Sgriob113full2+24(in 97, not in 96)?F majornoB flat marked and required3Martin9912Martin, Kate ???ms29Martin, Kate1797 annoMartin, Kate (harp)1809 anno
Andrew Carey113from elsewhere?2+2
Sláinte an ChupáinHealth from the cup114dotsof transcription2+21Mayo 92no3Kirwan179210584478464Kirwan, MrMs33.3 p63Kirwan, Richard, esq.17921840 index p.viiino attr in 1809Kirwan1840 intro p96
(unidentified tune) 114dots2+21Mayo 92?no
(unidentified tune)(Garret Moore)115Full & dotsof transcription2+21Mayo 92?no
Is trua nach bhfeicim mo ghráit’s a pity I don’t see my love116notesof transcription2+21Mayo 92noconflictedFitzgerald, O’Malley?Westport, Mayo (from the)Ms33.3 p53Deel Castle Ballina1792ms27 M60Fitzgerald, MrsWestport18021840 index p.xi
(unidentified tune)(Bermingham)117Full & dotsof transcription2+21Mayo 92?no03125a