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Alfredo - 18Franco: " Being bisexual in an hispanic family is a big no no and it's being very kept down and I haven't even told my Venzuelan family""As a white person I have more freedom to kind of be who I am be who I am but with benefits from the system like college where it does benefit you to be Hispanic and be of the minority. they need that in their college or university. which I think is a good thing."-ASJoey "I identify as culturally hispanic.. but what color am i ? White! And i feel like i am treated that way soemtimes..." it benefits you to be Hispanic and it benefits you to be a minority because they need that in their college.They need diversity in their college, which I think is a good thing. So it helps to be Hispanic, I suppose. And I don’t want to feel like I’m takingadvantage of the system because I am Hispanicbut I think it really does target people who feel the most of the effectsof racism against Hispanicsand people like that, so...There was a little bit of, you know, It did rest of my coucious a little bit that I hit hispanic, but I did anyway. My dad pressured me to do it, my parents pressured me, so that's what I checked." HB Joey "I feel like I have more freedom as a white person..." serious tone, conescending tone
Amanda - 21If i said Im white nobody would believe me because I dont look white". "I would always fill in that I was afrian american because thats what my teachers told me to do. I raised my hand and said 'you know Im white, hispanic, and black, which one should I bubble'? They would always tell me to bubble african american. always...Franco: " I think if I married a white man I would be better off and also be perseved differently. I came home one day and my mom said the way you act on facebook makes you look black and I said wow I really haven't changed anything." "If I said I’m Hispanic, people would believe me. If I say I’m white, nobody would believe me -because I don’t look white. Growing up, whenever I had to fill out whichever race group I was belonging to, I would always fill in African-American just because that’s what teachers told me to do."DLMy husband said, you're married to a black man. You're black now.
Ari - 17"If someone meets me, within probably an hour they're gonna know I'm Jewish. I'm very outspoken about it. Im not as devout as I used to be but I still do consider myself more devout than most. I think it makes up a lot more of who I am than being white does, and if you know me as a person you know that im Jewish and that's all that really matters to me." HBJoey "Ive been made fun of my whole life for being jewish..." "my whiteness has no real value to me""I dont see Jewish being a racial thing but many people do and thats something I deal with everyday"-ASFranco: "My whiteness has no real value to me. yes i think people won't racial profile me as much but I think it's something we take for granted to much and the color of my skin has nothing to do with what I deal with on a everyday basis"saddening, worthless tone
Chaney - 18"its not like i am specifically hurting black people or asains or hispanics so hop off" ------------------- "you cant get thinsg for people who are dead"...... if she was a guy id wanna fight herit’s not like specifically I am hurting black people today, or Hispanics, or Asians…I didn’t do anything to you guys, so step off. You can’t get things for people who are dead. It's all in the past, you have to build forward, ya know and just try to keep going. Do good for your own race." HB"You cant get things for people that are dead. its all in the past you have to build forward and just try to keep going. Do good for your own race." Sargekind of blaming but positive not really caring. -Sarge Unapologetic Mean - Julian
Connor - 24R.D: "I always kinda knew that if i got in trouble i could just get a lawyer, suit up show up and it would be a slap in the wrist.""There have been plenty of times where I had consciously taken advantage of the fact that I am white and umm you know I always kind of knew that if i got in trouble i could just get a lawyer, suit up, show up and itll just be a slap on the wrist"---------------- for example "ive been arrested at least 20 times and the only thing that i have on my record is public intoxication"Grace:"Taken advantage of the fact that I was white and and you know I always kind of knew that if I got in trouble that I could just get a lawyer suit up show up and you know is a slap on the wrist I would be in jail if if I wasn't white you know I've been arrested probably over 20 times and you know the only thing I have on my record to show for it is is a a public intoxication and they have there been some Hefty drug possession charges and I've never serve time I sold drugs you know I did what I wanted to do knowing that there was going to be absolutely no consequences.”
Sarah - 18R.D: "I dont really see people as black, asian, hispanic or white, its kinda like, boy, girl, 25, 15, you know, its just people to me"[ I don't see as Black, Asian, Hispanic, or, White- It's just kind of like... Boy, Girl, 25, 15. You know just people to me. ] [ There's a certain point where you feel like your opinion loses it's validity because I'm white, so that- there's a lot times they say you just don't understand] DP"When me and my friend who is a different race and I tell her I dont see a difference,I feeel like she gets mad at me for something I cannot control"I never think about my race"I think you can be racist to any kind of person. She said you can't be racist to a majority. Matter of fact, Expressive, and, Static DP Guilty, upset.
Ella - 17"I have friends who are of different ethnic origins than I am and we hang out one-on-one alot and we have great times, but when it comes time for them to go hang out with their bigger group of friend who look like them, and are alot like them. There is this kind of unspoken rule that I can't be around that." ~Bk "There is so much privilege I have but, there is so much I can't experience because there are doors opened but there are also doors closed to me because of my skin color." ~Bk"when it comes time for them to hang out with their bigger group of friends who are... who look like them, and are a lot like them...There is this kind of unspoken rule that you know… I can’t be around that."DL"I have friends that are differnet ethnic origins than i am and we hang out one on one all the time"DLWhen it comes to my friends of a different race hanging out with a larger group of that race i feel like theres this unspoken word that I cannot be thereBecause of my skin color I feel like there is a lot of doors open but also a lot of doors closedoptimistic ~BK
Eric - 27"It's baffling and annoying that being white automatically makes me a racist"DL"I have to tip toe around every conversation I can't just talk to them like I do another white person because if I just say the same kind of things or make a joke in a wrong context, immediately I'm labeled as a racist." ~Bk" I do hang out with Hispanics, African Americans, and occasionally you know some Asian kids, you know. I hang out with them and they usually have me take care of dealing with the police because of my military background, I flip out that military ID, and as well as my skin tone. They're like the-"The white guy can handle it. He can talk to the cops and say 'sir'- and he will turn into butter." ~Bk"Everyone thinks im a nazi"DLI can’t, I can’t just… you know…talk to them like I do another white person because if I just say the same kind of things or make a joke in a wrong context, immediately I’m labeled as a racist."DLconfident ~Bk
Hadley - 16Being white definetely has value to me. I know that it gives me privilrge. I know in a lot of sticky situations, I'd be offered second chances where others wouldn't. DP "One of the most obvious examples I have of benefiting from white priviledge but I know there are little things where people have assumptions about me based on looking at me and my skin tone definitely goes into that"DLI know that being white gives me privlidges.I have of how I benefit from white privilege but I know that there are a lot of little thing where just people have assumption about me based on looking at me and my skin tone definitely goes into that. ] DPBlack students in Texas are 30% more subject to disciplinary action than whites despite being no more likely than whites to commit serious offenses.Matter of fact, A bit of Guilt, and, Non-Emotive DP
Javier - 20 Grace:"I completely get like they're like mine said and everything like my parents for example I feel like in their mind they believe that whiteness is supreme over any other race and I've always just kind of going along with that idea for the longest time I didn't want to be Mexican ever I just wanted you all to semi was white I didn't want to be associated with being Mexican I thought it was a bad thing but now I'm kind of wondering coming to realize it you know what I like I like the Mexican side of myself I like I like being able to say that I'm you know Mexican and German and Irish and Czechoslovakian and whatever else I might be I like I like being all those things "
My dad is very "white-washed" if you want to call it that so... and he is Mexican, and step-mom is white, my mom is white, and my step-dad is white. So I've been raised around white people. So... I complrtrly get their mindset that whiteness is supreme over any other race. DP R.D: "Like my parents for example, in their mind they belive that whitness is supream over anyother race and ive always just gone along with that idea."I like being able to say that I'm... you know Mexican and German and Irish and Cechoslovakian... whatever else I might be. DPMatter of fact, Sepration from his familes ideas, and, Static DP
Leilani - 17"I dont think i think about race becasue i dont talk about it... If you want to stop racism stop talking about it." SargeGrace: "I think I don't think about race is Just because I don't talk about it and modern society is so obsessed with preventing a problem that all they do is talk about the problem in that just feels the problem so I mean if we want to get rid of racism stop talking about racism and imma just stop and it's it's really not that hard the reason I don't think about it is because I wasn't raised talking about it""Modern society is so obsessed about trying to solve a problem; that all they do is talk about the problem, which just fuels the problem so if we want to get rid of racism, just stop talking about it" -------------------- "The reason i dont speak about racism is because i wasnt raised to have that even be spoken on" (i like this because i belive that racism is something you are born into)Franco : "In my family we saw it as someone who should be loved not someone who should be judged. I feel like we could stop it if we stopped looking at each other as objects and started looking at each other as people."Fusterated- Sarge. Convincing and Angry- Julian
Lena - 21"I would tell my dad not to come to my basketball games. dont come to my volleyball games becasue he looked very middle eastern and so when people saw him and they found out i got called teristalited and people were very rude to me." -AS"My mom is white and my dad is arab american... I would tell my dad to not come to my basketball games, don't come to my vollyball games and so when people found out and they saw him, they-- you know-- I got called terriost daughter" Sarge"I tried not to look middle eastern, I dyed my hair blonde, I didn't ever bring up any cultural things about being middle eastern. I mean it was a small town; it was only 2000 people. We had one half-asian girl and and me and that was it. Everybody else was white so in that community they can definitely pick out people that aren't ya know, blonde haired blue eyed so I was definitely picked on." HBSad and upset- Sarge
Liam - 18Franco: " When you watch the white quaterbacks they're always being discribed as so inteligent and i've played against white quaterbacks who are fasterthen 95% of the guys i've played against. i've also played against black quaterbacks who are smarter then 95% of the guys i've played against.""If you ever watch an NFL game and you look at a white reciever vs. a black reciever you know the white reciever is alot times will be described as he's such a smart reciever he knows how to run his routes very well. Alot of the times when they describe balck recievers thye say this guy is a real athlete. This guy can made any sort of catch." -ASJoey "There will be times when I'm talking to people and ill tell them I play football and they ask what poistion and I say running back and they look at me surpsied". "qualities are mixed between races"disappointed tone, persuasive
Makenna - 21Joey "I hate that everything is made into a ricist everything" "Ive never let somebody give me an oppurtunity based on race""I feel like alot of our problems dont start out as race problems but they become race problems". "I think its important to love one another and were all different. get over it we are all different and what are you going to do keep tearing one another apart" -ASFranco: "It sounds so stupid and silly but it's so important to love one another and be excepting of everyone. we're all different get over it thats how we were made. so what you going to do keep tearing each other apart until human exsistence goes away."determined, unfazed
Nathan - 17"In America now, being a white Christian is the hardest thing, and that's exactly what I am; I'm a white christian male. Anything white people say in the news or anything in general about race or black people is always turned around against them, like Ferguson or anyhting like that." HB"I don't hate black people but somethings about them irritate me as a whole because I dont know-- mostly at school beucase some black people at my school, they just go to school becasue they have too like they dont go to get an education, so they will disrupt people in class." Sarge"So, I feel like white people are misunderstood and they are put into bad situations like that- like Ferguson, McKinney, and all that." ~BkPassive agressive. Ignorant, Lost ~Bk
Nick - 18"Other than my mom being hispanic, i choose to not have any affiliation with that"------------- Grace: "I realize that maybe I could have got some scholarship money if I said I was Hispanic. Just trying to fill their minority quota said they have but I felt like headed out of feel like a hypocrite and because I don't I really do not have other than me my mom being Hispanic really have no other affiliation with that I kind of feel like I'm the fact that I'm sometimes hiding that I'm his Mexican I feel like disrespecting my mom" "I identify as white but I'm half mexican and half white-- in school I would say more soically I hangout with primarally white people, I have white friends. Say if I am taking a test like the ACT or somthing I check the white/ Caucation box." Sargeseem to feel guilty and uncofertable
Wade - 22R.D: The people that say the most awayful things that ive ever heard in person are those people, are those white people that get drunk and sit at my bar spout off nonsense and it makes me really disapointed that i have to be lumpted into the same catagory at them---" I'm not necessarily happy that I'm white because of all the extra stuff that came with it.... the way our "race" has acted like through the course of history. DP Grace: " I am separated in that way I think people of my generation are less tolerance to blatant racism but a lot of them don't understand like what all comes with like the underlined racism systemic racism that's happened I've seen like on the internet and on television and stuff like that a lot of older white men complaining about them being discriminated against because they're right but I don't necessarily agree with that." I think people of my generation are less tolerant to blatant racism. DPShameful, Matter of Fact, and, Low DP
Sadie - 15"A lot of my other friends assume that all white people are upper-middle class and I know for a fact that me and a couple of friends who are white, aren't but I do think that I benefit from white privilege. The advantages of being white outweigh the disadvantages. " ~BkDariaA lot of my other friends assume that like a lot of... all white people, I guess, are upper-middle class necessarily and I know for a fact that me and couple of my friends, who are lso white, aren't. DP The advantages of being white kind of outweigh the disadvantages I guess... because I feel like the only diadvantages at least, like, all of the time are when it comes to things like scholarships and sort things like that. DPThe advantages of being white outway the disadvantages.Its sad knowing all of my friends who arent white naturally have to go through a lot moreSincere, Sensible, and, Uncomfulible DP
Audrey - 18 I expected him to be like most fathers are, really overprotective, maybe trying to scare him, but he was really distant, and he didn’t make an effort to talk to him. DP"I mean if you weren't white it would affect everything else about you I guess. I mean I think it's kind of sad that you have to say that but I equally know that a lot of my friends who aren't white have to go through things that I don't so-" ~BkDariaCompliant ~Bk
Bryan - 21Daria"I feel more comfortable around more people my race. I hate that it’s like that but it is. I think it’s a lot-we are more comfortable around each other because we-It doesn’t seem and I may be wrong it doesn’t seem that there’s as many whites that are out doing crimes and murdering and-causing trouble and-doing a lot of those things." -Bk "And it’s always pointed out that the white cop hurt the African-American kid or - you shouldn’t be doing anything wrong that’s my point on all of it. You got shot in arm, you got tackled -don’t do anything wrong you won’t be - I haven’t." ~BkWhite americans overestimate the crimes done by blacks up to 30%Igonrant, Uncertain ~Bk
Carson - 18[It's hard to know that I will be given more because of who i am. And it makes me want to call into quesyion my merit. DP R.D: "I dont want to sound all boo hoo but, its hard that know that I will be given more becuase of who I am."Again, I have to call into quastion just how much of that is really coming from hard work and the grit. How much of it is because of the color of my skin, how much of that is handed to me? DPI question how much of my hardest goals I accomplish because of my pure grit or because of the color or its just handed to meA minior shake to his voice, Honest, and, Uncomfortable. DP
Nicholas - 17Grace: "I think we've come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement but kids nowadays tend to grow up thinking that the problems in the past and if they're still just a civil like there's an unjust civil system I don't feel guilty about the fact that I've been given these advantages I just feel the need to use these advantages subtly or how it whichever way I can to try to make sure that other people of other races can have the same advantages that I have."
"Lifes a little bit easier being white I think weve came a long way since the civil rights but, kids nowadays grow up thinking that the problem is in the past and there is still an uncivil unjustice system"--------- "So, I feel like white people are misunderstood and put into bad situations, like Furgeoson and Mckinny, and all that. I dont hate black people, but some things about them irritate me as a whole"R.D: "Life is a little bit easier being white I think, we've come a long way since the civil rights movement but, kids nowa days grow up thinking the problem is in the pastand there is still a civil like unjust civil system." When I got my job, for example,I walked in there,and I just looked clean cut white person,and they hired me -pretty much because of that-and it’s just-small things that no one really notices -but life is a little bit easier being white, I think. ~BkStraight forward, Confident ~Bk
Casey - 18"People saying like 'I hate white people, like, white people are the root of all evil' and what not, and I was like wow. I almost couldnt be hurt by it because I agreed with it but at the same time I was like im not evil." Sarge"I dont wanna have to lumped in with a group of people that have caused so much hatred and prejudice in this world." HBJIGGY JU - "I dont personally feel responsible for racism but as a white person it would be a duty of mine to try and end it" "I hate white people white people are the root of all evil"Joey "I dont personally feel responsible for racism but as a white person it would be a duty of mine to try to end it". "I hate white people; white people are the root of all evil"hopeful, hurt, concerned.