Covid Ideas and Resources (Responses)
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Your CityYour State/Region/ProvinceBusinesses: What are you doing to support your staff? Hourly Staff: Ideas and resources for cutting expenses or getting access to capital Ideas/Resources for supporting your community Businesses: Ideas/Resources for Relief, Capital, Supply Chain Things you need, please include location and any specifics that will help people reach outThings you can offer, please include location and any specifics that will help people reach out Businesses: Ideas/Resources for communicating to customers (PR Tips) FreeLancers/Self Employed: Ideas/Resources for how to keep FreeLancers/Self Employed: How are you cutting expenses or supporting yourself? Links to Donate Other ideas or questions:Other questions that you think should be included in this form?Links to workshops or online resources Story or Situation you'd like the Media to be aware of/Coverage Request
Submit what you are doing here:
BrooklynNew Yorkkeeping folks safe by working from homeMoving to a to-go modelCoalition to get food for NYC studentsHelp correlating dataCoalesce around a few different orgs
BrooklynNew YorkIf you're shutting down give out extra food, provide info on filing for unemployment, share any city or state programsVisit this link to get a refund for your monthly MetroCard a text chain with your neighborsBe transparent about what you're doing! Share updates as you have them. Post signs in your business.
BrooklynNew YorkFrom the FB page: "I decided to approach my real estate broker about asking my landlord for a 3-month emergency rent abatement. I positioned it as I can either pay my employees & support them through this short term crisis or I can pay rent & lay off every person on the team. I provided cancelled invoices as proof of the more than $50k in revenue that have been completely lost or delayed in only one week’s time. It looks like the strategy worked. I still have to pay the triple net portion of the lease but regular rent is suspended until July. I’d suggest trying this if you haven’t already. It’s a game changer on our short term cash flow dilemma & will allow us to keep our entire team, God willing"Resources, how-to's for filing for unemployment: Group Call Sign-UP We're inviting all entrepreneurs to a group call to talk about any questions or concerns, as it may relate to your company going through these stressful times with the economy and market. This is not supposed to be formal but more of an open forum since we probably all feel a bit lonely and confused with everything going on. is a working list from the group of NYC restaurants that are operating:

Chefs: if you are cooking at home, get on Instagram and show how you’re cooking from your pantry through video. Be warm, comforting and measured. Link to your cookbooks, if relevant.

Show how your team & community are coming together to support each other during this time.

Keep your followers up-to-date with any changes: hours of operation, etc.

Share delivery options - is delivery free? Is there door to “outside your door” delivery?

Emphasize (as feels right) that restaurants have always kept things pristine & clean and will continue to be as vigilant as ever.

You are actively monitoring the situation and that should be conveyed. ---Pulled these from a Becca PR email
Collecting Unemployment When You're Self-Employed Johns Bread and Life Brooklyn's largest hunger Relief Org.
CharlottesvilleVirginiaTransitioning to online ordering and idea at this pointI need these.I need these.
BrooklynNew YorkGreat list of Resources from Dig INN: Scenario planning, Delivery Protocol, Staff schedule policy and more: Folks--Assistance & Guidance for Businesses Impacted Due to Novel Coronavirus:
BrooklynNew YorkWe paid our staff an extra week and laid them off temporarily so that they can claim unemployment during the unknown period of time. We're offering to have all our staff come in to meal prep with the food goods we have left in house. And obviously, we are offering our staff their jobs back the second that this problem renews.NYC SBA loans/grantsWe need corporate connections to sell some "care packages" and/or prepared meals to deliver to clients in order to supply us enough capital to pay our rent.We have a good sized professional kitchen that we'd be willing to rent out/barter with other businesses that need kitchen space during this time. (1022 Broadway in Brooklyn). We're making our famous breakfast burritos and freezing them to sell/donate to the local community. We are also planning on doing some breakfast and dinner packaged meals to be delivered to people in need and people who want something more elevated than the canned food they purchased at the supermarket.
New YorkNew York
BrooklynNew YorkI am reporting a story for Food & Wine on the various resources available to restaurant workers and operators and would love to learn about what you have collected to share for the story. Could you connect with me to share what resources are out there, I am collecting for a story in Food & Wine tomorrow. Thank you!
BrooklynNew YorkTrying to find other legitimate projects to work on in this time that will advance the orgCheck out our resource hub for families and the food industry: out our resource website: out our resource hub for families and the food industry: out our resource hub for families and the food industry: out our resource hub for families and the food industry:
New YorkNew Yorkencouraging them to file for unemployment this question isn't clearproviding good food forgiveness of rent and taxI need people to order delivery from Porsenagood food cooked with a lot of care from Porsena, 21 east 7th street 212 228 4923the usual- instagram, facebook etc.,undocumented workers are extra screwed, there are no resources available to them
WoodstockNew York
RichmondVirginiaOffering them food and incidentals, and encouraging them to file partial unemployment. This is hard. If to-go or curbside pick up is feasible, then capitalize on that as much as possible. Divy out prep, dish, and cleaning tasks amongst one hourly person for a brief window each day to be able to get some kind of income. Contact your local mayor, congressman/woman, and pool ideas with other business owners. Chances are the more you talk with people, the helpful spread of knowledge will only benefit the community as a whole. Lean on local government for tax abatements. Power in numbers!

Streamline menus, limit ordering.

Offer to go, possibly mobilize foh for delivery if it’s safe, and run a skeletal salaried only boh.
Folks who are good at IT and can help put together a site to benefit Richmond restaurants via a “restaurant week” type of event once we get going again. I can offer any information I’ve received from researching local government and unemployment. I am also happy to plan for future events/collaborations that will help us get back on our feet. Encourage them that your business is doing what’s right from a public health standpoint. We’re giving a lot to help the bigger picture and I think that says everything. N/aN/aN/aYou covered it N/aN/a
New York CityNew York
New YorkNew YorkTrying to give the neediest of the crew some jobs. Trying to think of delivery/takeout initiatives to give them some work. Asking those that have a car to come in this week to start this initiative.Give back to school kids who are homeless and unable to go to school right now. Gave up apartment and am moving in with boyfriend. Nothing like a pandemic to move the relationship along!
NYCNew YorkI have been working on moving perishables to orgs who can prepare and distribute, I have been getting offers with corporate shelf stable food donations. We have moved 1000s of lbs of food. Lastly been working with providers that are willing to convert their restaurants into community kitchens. Let me know how I can be helpful in NYC or beyond.
SacramentoCaliforniaProviding resources for job opportunities and local, state and federal resources We have turned our kitchen into a community kitchen and are working with various hospitals and local agencies to provide meals for the homeless and other vulnerable populations.Resources for interest-free or very low interest loans in California for small businesses/restaurantsI have 30-plus years in the public relations industry.
PittsburghPennsylvaniaI am putting together a google doc with resources for individuals and small biz's. I am sure there are several redundancies with what is already on your spreadsheet but here it is! I will be adding to it daily.
New YorkNew YorkHot Bread Kitchen's 11,000+ sq. ft. Brooklyn headquarters kitchen is open to relief organizations deemed essential by New York State. If you are part of an organization providing food assistance and need space, please contact Erin Zawacki (
Kansas CityMissouri
AustinTexasNeeding help paying rent and grocery billsI can offer remote help with admin duties, errand running, other remote work. Cutting out any unnecessary expenses, looking for remote workResources for new-to-texas people in hospitality who have lost work (i.e. don't qualify for unemployment)
San FranciscoCalifornia
I will share sourdough starter and kombucha scoby's + tutorials to anyone in SF
trying to create content as fast as possible to have more diverse services to offer
Read José Andrés opinion piece in the NYTimes - how do we safely mobilize as chefs/hospitality workers to provide for our communities while keeping safe ourselves? I would love to contribute to a conversation/brainstorm on organizing something in SF/Bay or elsewhere.
Thank you!
Brooklyn New York
Need a kitchen for rent in Brooklyn , preferably with gas stove and convection oven, will pay hourly to rent.
New YorkNew York
Black Feminist Futures compiled a great list of supportive safety resources for folx related to violence response/support

A COVID-specific safety planning tool that The National Domestic Violence Hotline created:

A list of COVID-19 resources for undocumented communities:

National Center for Trans Equality: The Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Trans People Need to Know

Coronavirus Resource Kit – collectivized compilation of resources from disabled, queer, elderly, Asian, and indigenous people and US-based mutual aid projects
San Francisco California
In SF, the money not being used for Healthy Sf should go back to the people. The city and restaurants have been stealing from guest and workers they need it.
I need financial assistance and food resources
I am happy to volunteer or work anywhere that needs help.
unemployment is the only resource I am aware of for hourly staff.
Let's mentor the young people starting out in food, etc.
I am very isolated being alone at home. I would like to start an audio or video group chat for all of us stuck at home with or without work. To discuss food/hospitality in general/what we are eating...anything at all.
I chef for Great Performances (I'm furloughed now) and GP is hiring cooks and drivers right now to help box/deliver meals that they are sending to the homebound elderly/ill. If you are interested, fill out this form:
Baldor is now selling to individuals and delivering to homes! I went in with a friend to stock up for the quarantine. Many of the prices are WHOLESALE! Others are much cheaper than retail. Delivery is free and it's helpful to go in with a friend who lives close by since the minimum for delivery is $250.
If you are having trouble filing an unemployment claim in NY because the sites crashes, I suggest trying at 6:45-7:15am. After five days of trying, I was finally able to file during that time. Good luck.
Brooklyn New York
For anyone with questions about access to real food, grocery shopping, immunity and more -
Be transparent and honest about what your business is going through.
Making all my own meals, reduced all non essential monthly expenses,
Tuesday March 31 @ 5:30pm we are hosting Pantry Improv, you tell us what's in your kitchen and we will help you make a meal of it!

Food Resource Doc -
New York New YorkSelf employed
New York City New YorkMental Health Resourcces & 12 Step Programs: Credit Card options with no interest on new purchases or balance trasfers: For NYC people find out if you're eligible for cash assistance, Snap and other benefits Help feed kids at risk because of School closings IG @thecollectress Support and Boundaries posts RWCF lots of great links, article, tips:
New York City New YorkAdvice from Helbraun and Levey, Law firm basic how-to's, best parctices, and updates: EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM cash grants act quickly United, Facebook group for hospitality professionals focused on Covid19 response
IDEAS IF YOU CAN'T OFFER ANY SEVERENCE OR SICK DAYS: Creat a small fund with any money you may have for highest need staff, think about a "rehire" bonus so you can offer folks something when things renorm, send folks home with a bottle of wine/loaf of bread/empty your larders, create a list of "next step" resources with things like: how/if they can file for unemployment, snap or other benefits, stay in touch with them throughout the closing period to share--what you are doing and where you are at, start thinking about how you can build a "future fund" when things are back to normal so you have a cushion specifically for your team, get together with other industry leaders and creat letters to your representatives or letters to the editor that lay out your needs & desire for policy changes We need immigration attorneys or soemone who can identify conditional card holders ability to apply for relief aid Facebook Small Business Grants Program--hasn't launched yet but you can sign up for alerts: City Covid Response Page: ReTHINK FOOD Restaurant Support Grants industry crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support Coronavirus response plans. Here you’ll find a curated collection of public Coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources. folks who are home. Have you made a plan for what to do if you or someone you know gets sick? Everyone should be able to answer these questions: Where will I go for treatment? How severe and/or what symptos will indicate it's time to seek treament? How will I get there? Who will I tell? Who can check on me or bring me supplies if I need to self-isolate? What should I be thinking about re: costs of this? What, if any, resources might I have to ask for help? Family, friends, employer, social assitance? We need to be preparing for the wave of folks getting sick that is likely to come. Here is link to the Petition calling for federal and state support: