TitleAuthor(s)DateBranchPartyMax $ per adultMax $ per childIncludes noncitizens?Includes nonfilers?Phase-inPhase-out start (singles/ married)Phase- out rateTax yearFrequencyStopping ruleUBI?NotesTitle rawSource raw
H.R.1319 - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021House DemocratsFeb 24HouseDem$1,400$1,400YesYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%2019 or 2020One-timeN/ANot UBIPassed 2021-02-27H.R.1319 - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
CASH ActHouse DemocratsDec 28HouseDem$2,000$2,000YesYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%?One-timeN/ANot UBIAmends the Consolidated Appropriations ActCASH Act
Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021CongressDec 20BothBoth$600$600NoYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%?One-timeN/ANot UBIExcludes adult dependentsConsolidated Appropriations Act, 2021
December White House proposalWhite HouseDec 8White HouseGOP$600$600YesYesNo???One-timeN/ANot UBIDecember White House proposal
HEROES Act v2House DemocratsSep 28HouseDem$1,200$500YesYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%2019 or 2018One-timeN/ANot UBIExtends to ITIN holders and non-child dependentsHEROES Act v2
March to Common GroundProblem Solvers CaucusSep 15HouseBoth$1,200$500??????One-timeN/ANot UBIMarch to Common Ground
H.R.7960 - Payments for the People ActMadeleine Dean and Matt CartwrightAug 7HouseDem$2,000$2,000YesYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%2019 or 2020 (tax year prior to disbursement)Quarterly3-month average national unemployment rate falls below 5.5% and has decreased past two monthsNot UBIPayment depends on 3-month average unemployment rate:
* >8.5%: $2,000
* 7% to 8.5%: $1,500
* 5.5% to 7%: $1,000
H.R.7960 - Payments for the People Act
S.4318 - American Workers, Families, and Employers Assistance ActSenate RepublicansJun 27SenateGOP$1,200$500YesYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%2019 or 2018One-timeN/ANot UBIPart of the HEALS Act packageS.4318 - American Workers, Families, and Employers Assistance Act
H.R.6800 - HEROES ActHouse DemocratsMay 12HouseDem$1,200$1,200YesYesNo$75,000/$150,0005%2019 or 2018One-timeN/ANot UBIExtends to ITIN holders and non-child dependentsH.R.6800 - HEROES Act
Monthly Economic Crisis Support ActKamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Ed MarkeyMay 8SenateDem$2,000$2,000YesYesNo$100,000/$200,00010%2019, or 2018 if haven't filed yet (other state+federal sources if haven't filed in either year)Monthly3 months after HHS declares emergency overNot UBIRetroactive to March; capped at 3 dependents per household; appropriates $250 millionMonthly Economic Crisis Support Act
H.R.748 - CARES ActSenateMar 25SenateBoth$1,200$500YesYes (using Social Security benefit statements)No$75,000/$150,0005%2019, or 2018 if haven't filed yet (uses SS statements for those haven't filed 2018 either)One-timeN/ANot UBIH.R.748 - CARES Act
AmashJustin AmashMar 24HouseInd$1,250$500YesYesNoN/AN/AN/AMonthly3 monthsUBIUp to 3 months unless lockdowns end sooner, then can be renewed as needed.Amash
H.R.6379 - Take Responsibility for Workers and Families ActHouse DemocratsMar 23HouseDem$1,500$1,500YesYesNo$75,000/$150,000Varies2020One-timeN/ANot UBIUp to 3 children. Households above phase-in threshold can repay in next year's taxes or over up to 3 years. Bases initial check on 2018 or 2019 income, then revised in the future based on 2020 tax return.H.R.6379 - Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act
CARES Act v2Senate RepublicansMar 22SenateRep$1,200$500YesYes (using Social Security benefit statements)No$75,000/$150,0005%2019, or 2018 if haven't filed yet (uses SS statements for those haven't filed 2018 either)One-timeN/ANot UBITaxpayers must have $2,500 in qualified income to receive the $500 per child.CARES Act v2
H.R.6553 - Automatic BOOST to Communities ActRashida TlaibMar 21HouseDem$2,000$2,000YesYesNoN/AN/AN/AOne-time $2,000 + $1,000 monthly$1,000/month ends one year after the coronavirus ends.UBISent as prepaid debit cards.H.R.6553 - Automatic BOOST to Communities Act
CARES Act v1Senate RepublicansMar 19SenateRep$1,200$500YesNoYes (with tax bill; $2,500 earnings required)$75,000/$150,0005%2019 or 2018 if haven't filed yetOne-timeN/ANot UBI-CARES Act v1
MnuchinSteven MnuchinMar 19White HouseRep$1,000$500??????One-timeFurther rounds if the emergency persists.Not UBI-Mnuchin
House Financial Services Committee (Waters)Maxine WatersMar 18HouseDem$2,000$1,000YesYesNoN/AN/AN/AMonthlyDuration of the crisisUBINot quite universal: "This provision would also prevent payments from going to millionaires and billionaires."House Financial Services Committee (Waters)
Bennet/Booker/BrownMichael Bennet, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, Angus King, Chris Murphy, and Brian SchatzMar 17SenateDem$2,000$2,000YesYes (must file 1040)No$90,000/$180,0005%2019Quarterly (max payment shrinks to $1,500 then $1,000)Varies by payment, based on HHS public health emergency, Treasury Economic Turmoil Determination, and unemployment rateNot UBI-Bennet/Booker/Brown
CottonTom CottonMar 17SenateRep$1,000$0YesNoNo$100,000/$200,000??One-timeN/ANot UBI-Cotton
S.3516 - Emergency Family Relief Act of 2020 (Hawley)Josh HawleyMar 17SenateRep$1,288$420No?No$50,000/$100,0005%Most recent of 2018 or 2019MonthlyRest of 2020Not UBILimited to households where the child's school closed or childcare is unavailable, or when an adult lost income due to the crisis. Amount based on size: 2=$1,288, 3=$1,446, 4=$1,786, +$420 for each additional member.S.3516 - Emergency Family Relief Act of 2020 (Hawley)
H.R.6496 - Emergency Money for the People Act (Khanna/Ryan v2)Ro Khanna and Tim RyanMar 17HouseDem$2,000$0?YesNo$130,000/$260,0005%2019Monthly6 months, unless employment-population ratio among age 16+ is 60% or higher.Not UBIAge 16+ is eligible, but excludes dependents.H.R.6496 - Emergency Money for the People Act (Khanna/Ryan v2)
KennedyJoe Kennedy IIIMar 17HouseDem$4,000$1,000YesYesNo$100,000??One-timeN/ANot UBI$2,000 per adult plus $2,000 for those with income under $100,000.Kennedy
H.R.6290 - RELIEF Act of 2020 (Omar)Ilhan OmarMar 17HouseDem$1,000$500YesYesNoN/AN/AN/AOne-timeN/AUBI-H.R.6290 - RELIEF Act of 2020 (Omar)
SandersBernie SandersMar 17SenateDem$2,000$2,000YesYesNoN/AN/AN/AMonthlyDuration of the crisisUBI-Sanders
RomneyMitt RomneyMar 16SenateRep$1,000$0?YesNoN/AN/AN/AOne-timeN/AUBI-Romney
H.Res. 897 (Gabbard)Tulsi GabbardMar 12HouseDem$1,000$0NoYesNoN/AN/AN/AMonthlyPublic health emergency endsUBI-H.Res. 897 (Gabbard)
Khanna/Ryan v1Ro Khanna and Tim RyanMar 12HouseDem$1,000$0?YesNo$65,000?2019Monthly6 months, with possibility of renewal after thatNot UBI-Khanna/Ryan v1