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This is a list of people working in Consulting who are interested in Effective Altruism and want to drive change. The goal is to easily understand, who is working on which topics and to facilitate communication and information sharing between members.If you want to add yourself to this list and/or sign-up our bi-monthly newsletter, you can fill out a form on the link in the top left. If you want to update/delete your info, you can message us( Also make sure to join the 'Effective Altruism Consulting' Facebook Group and our LinkedIn group.Company representitatives are highlighted (dark-blue). If you are at one of those companies and want to have more information on EA-activities and access to the internal commmunication channels, feel free to connect with the respective EA-nodes.
NameCurrent Organisation/FieldRoleLocationWhat would you like help with?What could you help people with?Anything in particular you'd like to discuss?Facebook LinkLinkedin LinkNotes
Abdullah Al Qayyim
(FT) Employment Coach at MCAF
(PT) Technology Consultant at abdullahandbeyond
New Brunswick - Canada
I would like to develop my consulting skills and learn world class consulting processes although I worked on many projects but I don't come from big consulting firm background mostly doing projects in developing countries and for my own nonprofits Career mentoring, Edtech, building social ventures, and community building
Brennan Wilkerson
180 Degrees Consulting ESCPHead of People and Organizational Strategy (Volunteer)
Madrid, Spain. Paris, France. Seattle, USA. Berlin, Germany
Learning more about impact opportunities within the consulting ecosystem. Networking with impact-oriented consultants. Job opportunities/career advice/mentoringNetworking, especially internationally. Discussion of Social Science topics (social psychology, education, intercultural communication, languages, etc). Connecting to young talent. Careers/job opportunities. Navigating the consulting/impact ecosystem
Nils VölkerAccentureStrategy Analyst - Life SciencesCologne, GermanyBuilding a corporate EA community (my personal goal) Discussing career development, applied ethics and EA readsMy goal is to advocate for EA and effective giving within our 500k employee-strong organization
Jennifer BaikAccentureTechnology Consulting AnalystBoston, MA, USACommunity development, connecting like-minded peopleCoaching, providing ideas, being a listening earInternational Development
Samuel Selleck
AccentureData EngineerSwedenSpreading EA principles, giving talks about EAdiscussions, programming, webdev, mathematics
Aditi SharmaAccenture StrategyMangement ConsultantIndiaExpand network, connect with like-minded individuals, shaping corporate dialogue to be inclusive (of EA)Community Building, Sustainability, Listening, Sharing insights about EA & IndiaElevating CSR to intentional impact - rooted in the principles of EARelatively Familiar
Daniel HandschuhAccenture StrategyConsultant (Energy Transition)MunichExchange on climate change and animal welfare cause areas, high-impact exit opps (especially entrepreneurship), build network in MunichSparring on climate change/energy transition/corporate sustainability topics, network in China, Canada, access to technology experts within Accenture, implementation of donation matchingClimate change, Energy transition, other long-termist causes like animal welfare New
Neil HarteArupAssociateLondon, UK
Rafael Souza Dib
Bain & CompanyAssociate Consultant InternCity of São Paulo, Brazil
Julian De GeorgiaBain & CompanyAssociate ConsultantBostonI'm working with my friend Matt to start a Bain EA group! We'd love to chat with others who have been in similar organizations at other consulting firms to help a) learn from all of your wisdom, and b) figure out how we should structure Bain EAEngage more people in consulting / corporate world with EA ideas How to progress EA within consulting (and increase donations to effective causes) Familiar
Charlotte FestaBCGAssociateZurich, SwitzerlandMaximizing impact in consulting; high impact careersBackground in environmental policy; knowledgeable about animal welfare. Network in Switzerland & AustriaClimate/environment, animal welfare, to connect and exchange!
Friederike Grosse-HolzBCGConsultantDüsseldorf / Oxford
Carolin OelschlägerBCGAssociateHamburgLong-term career planning: Finding out where I can have the most impact / put my strength into best useDiscussions, organization of EA events such as workshopsPotential careers in Global Health / Behavioral Economics
Simon AsbachBCGAssociateCologne
Franz GravenhorstBCGProject LeaderSydney, AustraliaMaximise my (positive) impact on the world, especially poverty, animal suffering and climate change
Joris SchefoldBCGAssociateStockholmLearning more about EA, building the organizationDiscussions about EA/science/philosophy, have a decent network in AMS (where I'm orginally from)
Sam Bernecker BCGConsultantSeattle, WA USAstaying current with events/developments in EA, discussions of philosophies, tactics, organizations, conducting original research on ways to promote EAevaluating the quality of research literature, especially mental health, subjective well-being
Jørgen ErdalBCGConsultantOsloMy field of expertise is renewable energies, with a special focus on large scale renewables. If anyone would like to discuss this then please feel free to reach out.
Ryan CobainBCGAssociateLondon, UKVery interested in public sector work and social entrepreneurship. Also eager to grow the community of Consultants who are focused on doing good with their career.Career mentoring, community building, event organisingOpen to most cause areas but particularly interested in improved institutional decision-making (primarily focused on political institutions and systems rather than improved individual decision-making). I would also like to see engaging directly with politics become more of an EA cause! Familiar
Carlo CristobalBCGConsultant (Incoming 2022)Washington DCAny EAHelping start grassroots organizations (I've started one in the Philippines, where I am originally from)Education, economic opportunity, poverty alleviation New
Tobias VanselowBCGJunior ConsultantBerlinUnderstand which problems in healthcare need the most attention and how to fix them. How to generate impact within your organization. How to apply EA principles to company politics.Community Building, open discussions, constructive feedback, career prospects in healthcare
Jona GladeBCG / Effective Altruism Consulting Network / EA AustriaAssociate ViennaGrow a community of impact driven consultantscareer & donation advice; strong global EA NetworkImpactful careers free to contact me with any issue
Peter SlatteryBehaviourWorks Australia/READIResearch FellowSydney/AustraliaCareerCareers, networking, behaviour change/life coachingImproving research, particularly translation Familiar
Noemi MolnarBeHive ConsultingChief Behavioural ScientistBudpaest and BostonNetwork with like-minded consultants especially understanding how to best apply your skills to have an impact aligned with EA principles. How to apply behavioural science to have more effective intervention and how to build scientific research methods for understanding real drivers of behaviours
Nicole WheelerBiosecurity, genomics and machine learningResearch Fellow, ConsultantBirmingham, UKMeet like-minded people and better understand the landscape of opportunitiesEarly career mentoring in academia, discussions around biotechnology, pathogen genomics, machine learning, AI and data science, programming skills, networking Familiar
Steven Brantley
Brantley Strategic, LLC / Nonprofit & government consultingPrincipal ConsultantAtlanta, Georgia, USAI'd like to connect with nonprofits and other organizations that want to increase their impact.Design Performance Management System for nonprofits with implementation supportI'm particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence policy.
Joseph LevineBryce Space and TechnologyAnalystWashington, DCI'm particularly interested in discussing how consultants can shape internal corporate discussions about technology development. I'm also looking for lively discussion around longtermism, and how it can be pursued by extant (government or commercial) institutions. Identifying my comparative advantage within EA. I recently moved from a big three (via another large firm) to a boutique firm. Happy to discuss what went into that decision, from an EA or personal standpoint. I'm also well connected in the DC aerospace/government R&D world, and would love to help others make connections. Growing professional EA network, longtermism, returns to grad school for EAs, renewable energy. free to email:
Andrew DornonBTSAssociate DirectorAustin, USFinding opportunities to help EA orgs fundraise or with a cultured meat or biosecurity orgCareer mentoring, fundraising, exiting into industry (especially biotech in the US)Ending factory farming, biosecurity Familiar
Gianfranco CecconiCapgemini InventDirectorUtrecht, NetherlandsSystemic change of consulting businesses so that they integrate social impact considerations in their cultureThe more senior perspective of the topics, given my role and seniority: how to make a business case for altruism in a consulting company, how to persuade leadership, how to communicate about it with clients, etc... at Deloitte in the UK, now at Capgemini Invent. I lead for the Netherlands what we call "Invent for Society": the internal initiative to promote doing more work with our client that has a positive social impact.
Naryan WongCultivating LeadershipConsultantToronto, CanadaInterested in collaborations that bring me to a diversity of clients and challengesCollaboration in the complexity, systems, and network spaces. Familiar
Lisa Soder currently student, BCG (starting in September)Junior AssociateAustriaCareer research, promoting EA, giving strategiesCommunity building, website stuff (happy to get feedback)Giving Pledge, potentially high impact masters/phd in desicion making, behaviorual science, dev. economics and gloabl health
Felix Werdermann
d-fineConsultantBerlin / GermanyGet to know more EA interested consultants; Have interesting discussions about EA topicsFind a consulting job in Germany; Donations advice (especially in Germany)
Molly KampmannDeloitteSenior Manager – Climate Ecosystems for North & South EuropeLondon, UKAnyone who has designed or worked on climate solutions accelerator programmes or formed coalitions for climate impact between NGOs and organisations across or within industries in the private sectorBrainstorming & problem-solving generally, connections if I have relevant contacts to your space, facilitation techniques, climate-change related resources & statistics, career mentoring for tech analysts; climate change educational toolsHow to have the most impact in the climate space with direct action and donations
Vasco GriloDeloitte (Portugal)Risk Advisory Tech AnalystLisbonInsight on how to promote EA inside the consulting world, especially in a country like Portugal where the level of EA awareness is quite low (only 10 to 100 people know about EA, I would say).I am a huge fan of the 80000 Hours Podcast, and I have read their career guide as well as some "EA-ish books" ("The Precipice", "The Most Good You Can Do", "The Life You Can Save" and "The Scout Mindset"). I have also participated in events from the portuguese-brazilian EA facebook group. Consequently, I should be able to introduce people to EA, offer some career mentoring, and take part in exciting discussions!Which career plan should I porsue inside Deloitte to maximise my career impact? Since I have strong quantitative skills (due to my Masters in Aerospace Engineering), I am planning on working on risk analytics... free to get in touch!Very Familiar
Julian Theseira
Deloitte Consulting South East Asia Business Analyst Kuala Lumpur Career advice about how to have a greater impact via consulting, and how to eventually transition from consulting to working on AI ethics and governance. I am also exploring consulting opportunities in continental Europe as I plan to relocate there for personal reasons and would appreciate professional connections that could also help me get my foot in the door in consulting in Europe. Career discussions including with regards to Agile and leadership coaching, historical research, contextual information about the political economy of South East Asia. Careers
Niklas LehmannDeloitte Cyber GermanyJunior StaffDresdenVery Familiar
David AguirreDeloitte Digital (Canada)ConsultantMontreal, CanadaNetworkingEarly carreer mentoring, public sector, service designDevelopment studies, problem framing, social impact evaluation in consulting. Latin America.
Henry CooksleyDeloitte Digital UKDeveloperLondonNetwork - getting to know more people in consultingInformation on working in technology consulting/digital delivery
Nastassja "Tanya" Quijano
Development ConsultancyResearch and Monitoring & Evaluation ConsultantManila, PhilippinesCareer advice, consulting in other developing countries, EA materials that have been useful for peopleGive some insights about Southeast Asia, global health & development, working with and for the government, creative means to advocate for policy, EA Community Building in non-Western contextsGlobal Health & Development, Systemic Change, Career advice within international development co-founded EA in the Philippines and I have some experience with the government.
Jan-Willem van PuttenEffective Altruism Netherlands / Freelance consultantMDRotterdam, NetherlandsExpand network, share experiences, do career research togetherI've worked as strategy consultant for three years and am now working in community building EA. I can share my experiences presenting EA to consultants and next career steps for current consultantsCareers
Anurag DeyEYConsultantStockholmNetworkingCareer planningImpactful careers
Rhea Soonawalla EYTechnology Risk Senior Consultant LondonCareer advice, moving from consulting to research NetworkingCareers New
Lucas Le Merlus SchmuckFinal year Masters student at UCL, starting at Bain & Company in January 2022Associate ConsultantBrussels, BelgiumPromoting EA at Bain & Company, Learning how to pitch EA in a positive, non-judgemental manner and integrating it with other initiativesInterview/application advice, Community-building, Meeting up and discussing EA, Writing and Illustrating adviceHow to best present and explain EA to time-poor, already ESG-conscious people write psychology books in french (collection called 'Apprendre A', or 'Learn to'), the first was on cognitive biases and the second (in progress), will either be on negotiation or EA
Merlin SteinFreelance Impact Consultant / BCG AssociateBerlinBerlin community of consultants, anyone working on impact measurement in private sectorHelp on master decisions in economics / Oxford.
Self-reflection advise: Being grounded through meditation, questions etc.
Contacts within the impact startup/funds community. Familiar
Freelance Management Consultant / KearneyJr. ManagerBerlinDoing something meaningful, impactful and enjoyable using my broad consulting skills, while I keep learning new things. So far it seems harder than expected, so I'm still consulting for the big guysEcommerce, ventures, structuring and presenting ideas, organizing, data analysis, problem-solvingCareer change
1- I am part of a WhatsApp group who is trying to devellop EA in Lisbon (we are only 4 people now!).

2- I´ve published one article based on the book "The Life You Can Save" (TLYCS)(, and a series of three based on the book "30 Non-Vegan Excuses and How to Respond to Them" (1st: I tried to measure the impact of the articles via google forms. The TLYCS article had about 800 views, and 19 people said they would establish a monthly donation to an effective charity.

3- I´ve sent some emails to people with high potential impact (e.g. I emailed all the top 10 sports agencies, all top20 road cycling teams and some sports YouTubers about High Impact Athletes). So far I have not been successful (as far as I know), most likely because the probability of success is very low, but maybe the expected impact of such actions is worth it.
Olin ThakurIndependent/UNInternational ConsultantCambodiato network with philanthropists or academics interested in x-risksInterim executive roles; operations; project management; independent evaluations; Strategic planning; DEIB/GEDSI policy/audit
Joining BCG in a couple of weeks & getting ahead of the curve with joining this database!
I'm not quite sure at this stage. Will be trying to work on as many cases in BCG's public sector practice during my first year at the firm and use that to understand the landscape of opportunities for impact in my primary areas of interest (politics & public policy).
Celine Delacharlerie
Innovation Is Everywhere / Scalable ImpactMarketing / OperationsSingaporeInspiration, connections, discussion on how business models driving impact, and insights on tech in China
Earn to give and eventually exit to run fundraising for an EA org
Thijs JacobsIt's Public - Public sector consultingJunior ConsultantAmsterdamNetworking, getting an idea how other consultants try to make an impact within the public domain. So that would be direct impact, not trough donations.Meditation :) & tell others about the non-profit consulting company I work for, which focuses on (not particularly EA-aligned) impact. So I could help others think about how an alternative business model could look like for strategy consultancy.Mental Health, Climate Change, Meditation, Psychedelics,
Ian David Moss
Knowledge Empower L3CFounderNew YorkI'm interested in collaboration opportunities with other consultants, particularly involving larger-scale projects in the government, nonprofit, and CSR spaces.Happy to offer ideas for innovating on current practices within the firm, specialized expertise in social sector work overall and improving institutional decision-making (IIDM) in particular, external management capacity for project teams, perspectives on building up your own independent practice, connections as appropriate.Relatively Familiar
Keep up the great work :)
Kim-Ole HolmLondon School of Economics / Accenture StrategyStudentUKFundraising; Network
Thanks for putting this together :)
Planning to transition into non-profits or high-impact, socially-driven for-profits in the next few years
Luke EureManagement consultingConsultantNairobiConnections to EAs in Africa, community building in a developing countryNairobi Effective Altruism, moving to a developing country, religion and Effective Altruism, moving out of consulting to find jobs in a developing country, Connections in East Africa, connections in Progress Studies FamiliarThanks for doing this!petertslattery@gmail.comSome combination of research, entrepreneurship and coaching
Konstantin SietzyMcKinseyJunior Engagement ManagerLondonLong-term career planning considerations; ideas on how to have impact within your current consulting org the short term, find ways to increase the impact of projects my organisation works on. In the longer term, I think I'll most likely want to move to a non-profit in the EA space that more directly works on high-impact causes and apply the quantitative and management skills I've developed as a consultant.
Zac AustinMcKinseyBusiness AnalystLondonWould love to discuss social entrepreneurship ideas Ideation for social entrepreneurship, careers, Entrepreneurship in global health/development am currently exploring options and trying find the best fit for me, with a goal to move into a research focused career
Weige (Wei) Wu
McKinseyEngagement ManagerNew York, USPivoting to high social impact areas, organizing for change within consultingCareer mentoring, networkGetting in touch with people who do public health or climate risk work
Andreas Fazekas
McKinseyConsultantViennaIncreasing outreachcareer mentoring, donation decisions, donation related tax purposes (Austria) a research program focussed on developing computational methods and tools for genomic surveillance for biosecurity, with applications in synthetic biology safeguarding and global health.
Clara Ruiz LinajeMckinsey & CompanyBusiness AnalystMadrid, SpainDevelop a real strength in top consulting firms to help clients have a positive social and environmental impactCollaboration around building this interest and capabilities in consultantsClara Ruiz LinajeClara Ruiz Linaje
For-profit entrepreneurship in climate technology / energy transition to drive emissions reduction and build capital for donations and funding of other founders
JoshMcKinsey & CompanyIncoming Business AnalystSan FranciscoBuilding community, career mentoring (undergraduates)Building community, career mentoring (undergraduates)Submitted request to join
Earn-to-give in the education field, STEM education
Steven VoMcKinsey & CompanyIncoming Business AnalystWashington DC and Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamLearn from peers on how to apply EA principles during and after consulting to generate impactBuilding community (especially in Southeast Asia), event planning, interview/application adviceConsulting in education and healthcare sectors, urban policy, emerging economies especially those in Southeast Asia
adding impact-KPIs in consulting work, start independent consultancy on how to measure impact in the private sector (startups, corporates)
Jakob GraabakMcKinsey/EA NorwayJunior AssociateOsloDiverting top consulting firm resources & attention to EA causes; PSing longtermist/institutional decision making/x-risk interventionsConceptual power PSing, network in European EA/policy/x-risk community, network in McKinsey Global InstituteAnything in longtermist/institutional decision making/x-risk policy space
Participating in a learning ecosystem working on the tools of deep culture change.
libby jonesNewton EuropeOperations consultantOxfordNetworking & setting up an EA groupDiscussing EA & facilitating EA discussionsSetting up an EA group at my consultancy firm Familiar
Planning to join either a startup in East Africa or an EA org in an operational role in early 2022
James WalkerOliver WymanSenior ConsultantUKLearn more about impactful next steps after consulting; meet other consultants in the EA community PhD at Oxford in Biology/ engineering; Interestied in global poverty
Kam RaiPwCProduct Manager/ Technology ConsultantLondon, UK
Rod MoshtagiPwC Canada - One AnalyticsAssociate, Data Strategy VancouverBuilding community/communities of consultants interested in tackling AI SafetyEntering and Working in AI and Analytics Consulting: Data Strategy, AI Strategy, AI Ethics ConsultingAI Safety
Rory TierneyRSM UK ConsultingAssociate Director (Economic Consulting)LondonHealth economics & economic evaluation
Jack MaldeSimetrica Economics ConsultancyEconomics ConsultantLondonOpportunities for Economists that are high-paying for ETG or have good direct impactWorked for PwC Consulting for three years and made switch into Economics after doing a masters. Can talk about these experiencesOpportunities for Economists that are high-paying for ETG or have good direct impact Soder
Barth Cabouat
Social enterprise in agriculture; ex-Bain & Co.Internal consultantMalawiAgricultural value chains research and business cases to lift smallholder farmers out of poverty and hungerCoaching, career discussionsSocial entrepreneurship, business in developing countries
Claire YipStrategy&, PwCSenior AssociateLondon, UKLeaving consulting for a more impactful/relevant jobCareers; animal advocacy
Filip MurarThe Behavioural Insights TeamResearch AdvisorLondon, UKIn short: Having greater impact as a consultant.
Long answer: My organisation is a social enterprise and several senior staff are supportive of EA and/or the rationality movement. However, this often isn't reflected in our work -- much of it is demand-driven and there isn't much cause prioritisation. I'd be keen to explore ways to work on more high-impact projects, either by developing an internal framework for cause prioritisation (that could be used to guide business development) or by developing direct relationships with high-impact clients.
Advice on careers in behavioural science/behavioural economics consulting, or on doing a more technical kinds of consulting (stats, programming) than traditional management consulting. Familiar
Sean SellersThe Bridgespan GroupAssociate Consultant New York, USBuild-up the EA community within consultingProvide insight into the US social sectorSocial entrepreneurship, building up the EA community in consulting worked at Deloitte, now working directly at offshoot of Bain focused purely on social sector work
Sean SellersThe Bridgespan GroupAssociate ConsultantNew York City, USBuild-up the EA community within consultingProvide insight into the US social sector, career mentoring Familiar
James NorrisUpgradableFounderBaliI've consulted for 70+ social purpose organizations (and built 25 organizations of my own) so I'm happy to offer my experience
Vaidehi Agarwallavia Barnabas ConsultingConsultantPhiladelphiatransitioning into general management consulting from boutique consulting, advice on career plansEA group building and events resources, connections within the EA community, effective environmentalismcareer advice, growing EA professional networks, climate change, global health & development
Ruben smouterBright Green Partners / ex-BainConsultantAmsterdam / Lisbon
Felipe PereiraFundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) - International RelationsStudentBrazilNetworking and career adviceInternship, connections in Brazil and Latin America. Qualitative and quantitative work. as Research Manager at a junior (student) consultant company in FGV