The brainchild of Aaron Carter, The Mix was developed by Aaron and Polly Hubbard, Director of New Play Development at Steppenwolf Theatre Company.
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Sweet MaladiesAlexander, ZakiyyahSusan Weaving, WMETwo years after slavery has been abolished, three recently freed girls play with the only game they know: history. As the era of Reconstruction begins, these characters contend with the world that they have inherited and the society that they must reconstruct. Inspired by Jean Genet’s The Maids.
RedwoodAllen, BrittanyEmma Feiwel, WMEMeg and Drew, an otherwise peachy interracial couple, get thrown into crisis when Meg’s Uncle Stevie discovers that his would-be nephew-in-law is heir apparent to the family that owned his own relatives in antebellum Kentucky. What ensues is a time and space bending dramedy of manners (+love, hip-hop, and gone very far South.
AtacamaAmador, Augustoroughwriters@gmail.comThirty years after the dirty wars waged by the General Pinochet regime on the Chilean people. Two strangers; a mother and father, search the Atacama Desert for their buried loved ones and discover there are darker truths awaiting them underneath the hard sands of the Atacama.
Good GoodsAnderson, ChristinaOlivier Sultan, CAAA queer story of spiritual possession against the backdrop of decaying economic prospects, Good Goods centers on Stacy, who is still getting the hang of running his late Dad's store. Stacy agrees to hold a birthday party for his friend Wire, and the event is crashed by Wire's twin sister Patricia (a former comedy team with Stacy) and a woman she just met, Sunny. As their relationships unfold, and tales from the community seep in, the action leads to a climax in which a double-exorcism is required. At one point a man possessed by the spirit of a woman wrestles with a woman possessed by the spirit of a man.
How to Catch CreationAnderson, ChristinaOlivier Sultan, CAAA wrongly convicted man is released from prison after 25 years. As he settles into a new life, he begins the quest to become a father. Spanning more than 40 years, this play explores family, connection, parenthood, and the right to start over.
ClaustrophileArbery, WillDi Glazer & Sam Barickman, ICMBob and Pepish are married. They live in Wyoming. Bob's the opposite of claustrophobic. He wants to be surrounded. He wants to fill his big empty property with as many people as possible before the volcano erupts. Meanwhile, Pepish wants to create civilization from scratch, which she might pull off... unless she's trapped inside this terrified/terrifying white man's dream. It's a tiny-enormous non-epic about fusing with everyone.
SheepdogArtigue, KevinMichael Finkle, WMEWhat begins as a love story about two Cleveland cops​—an African-American woman who falls for her white male partner​—changes when he shoots a young black man in the line of duty. Amina loves Ryan. But can she trust her heart when the truth about the shooting, and her man, grows more and more uncertain?
The Last Tiger in HaitiAugustin, JeffMichael Finkle, WMEThere once lived five kids in modern-day Haiti, all entangled in a dark history of servitude. Huddled in a tent on Mister’s land, they’d spin spellbinding folktales, vying for the title of best storyteller—and dreaming of their freedom. When two of them reunite 15 years later, the boundary between reality and fiction vanishes, revealing secrets of their past more haunting than any of the tales they told.
The New EnglandersAugustin, JeffMichael Finkle, WMEThe newly radicalized mixed-race daughter of an interracial gay couple yearns to break out of her small town and become a legend, like her hero Lauryn Hill. Meanwhile, one of her dads reconnects with his high school love and the other fights for an idealized suburban family life that never existed. Told over the course of seven nights, great clarity comes when there’s nothing to see but trees and nothing to do but contemplate silence.
Men on BoatsBackhaus, JaclynDerek Zasky, WMEMen On Boats, by Jaclyn Backhaus, is a joyfully anachronistic retelling/revision of the mapping of the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon, which was chronicled in William Powell’s personal journal, on which the play is based. It’s an examination of masculinity, of discovery, of camaraderie and historiography—a riff on the many dubious claims that are often the keystones to our understanding of our nation’s history. Its cast of ten features the kinds of people who were not included in Powell’s narrative: women, queer people, people of color, and genderfluid people. That this kind of experimentation and social critique is accomplished with such hilarity, inclusivity and without any finger wagging is a testimony to the skill and huge spirit of the playwright.
Princess Clara of LoisaidaBarbot, Mattmatt.barbot@gmail.comWith Mamá long gone and Papá catatonic (and only able to sing old sitcom theme songs), aspiring baseball player and high school super-senior José finds himself in charge of his video game-obsessed little sister, Clara. Scraping by together on the Lower East Side, the siblings try to stay distracted from their bleak reality through José’s fanciful stories. However, when José discovers the fairy tales he’s been telling might be true – that Clara was a fairy princess of a magical realm, left in Central Park for their parents to find – he is forced to fight a magical battle for her destiny. "Loisaida" is a term Puerto Rican migrants still learning the language used for the neighborhood.
Saints Go MarchingBarbot, Mattmatt.barbot@gmail.comJo's grandfather—a decorated veteran—has died, leaving emotional wreckage and unpaid debts in his wake. As she prepares for the funeral, Jo's heart is set on keeping grandpa's burial flag; to get it, she'll have to deal with her despondent mother, an attempted exorcism, and competition from a secret aunt young enough to be her little sister. It won't be easy, but it's nothing an aspiring saint like Jo can't handle.
P.S. 365Beckford Burrell, BleuBleu.Beckford@gmail.comA year in the life of PS 365, an at-risk school up for quality review in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY, told from the perspective of its security, custodial, and after-school staff.
The IslandsBeech, Maria Alexandria mariabeech@me.comRey, a Venezuelan undocumented landscaper, lives with his high school sweetheart Geanna-May in a trailer adorned by flowers. After Geanna-May dreams of ships falling off the earth, Rey buys lottery tickets. Will a fortune change their lives for the better or will they learn the truth about the American Dream?
at the very bottom of a body of waterBenne, BenjaminAllison Schwartz, Paradigm Talent AgencyMarina is being haunted. Every night, she dreams about drowning. Every week, she makes catfish soup. But when this ritual meal is disrupted by the disappearance of her fishmonger, she can no longer swim in the routine circle of her solitary life. She embarks on a surreal quest all the way to the ocean floor to confront the ghost that is holding her captive.
q u e r e n c i a: an imagined autobiography about forbidden fruitsBenne, BenjaminAllison Schwartz, Paradigm Talent AgencyWhat's a boy to do when his favorite fruit is banana in a world that says he's gotta love mangoes? "q u e r e n c i a" (a Spanish word having to do with the longing to find or return to a place that feels like home) is a magical coming-of-age story about a young boy named Milo’s search for belonging as he grapples with friends, family, and his sexual identity.
Super Magic Wild ForestBenson, KateBeth Blickers, APAWith a sprawling and varied (age, gender/identity, race and cultural background, economic status, education) cast of at least 13, SUPER MAGIC WILD FOREST is Noises Off if it were reinterpreted by Robert Altman and Spike Lee. The play is the backstage story of a play produced in a church, performed by a diverse group of amateur and professional artists. Eavesdrop as a group of people who are rarely accidentally in a room together try to put on a play, leading up to the first run-through. No one knows how it goes--what will spill out of this container?
Indeed, friend! Bent, ElizaEmma Feiwel, WMESet in the basement office of an undergraduate art and literature magazine, "Indeed, friend!" looks at artistic collaboration, the creation of one's aesthetic self, and dreams deferred. While the country is splitting apart and seeds of Islamophobia are being sewn during the 2001-2002 academic school year, the editorial board, made up of misfits, dissects each other's poems, which feels like the most vital thing of all.
72 Miles to GoBettis, HilaryAlly Shuster, CAA72 miles. It’s the distance between Tuscon, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico—and the distance between deported immigrant Anita and her American-born husband and children. Spanning a decade, the play takes us to the US-Mexico border and into the life of one family struggling to gulf an ever-growing divide.
AlligatorBettis, HilaryAlly Shuster, CAAEmerald and her twin brother, Ty, are orphaned ‘gator wrestlers living in the backwoods of the Everglades. One night, a doe-eyed runaway shows up with promises of unlimited whiskey in exchange for Emerald's friendship -- but this plan quickly backfires, leaving a trail of broken hearts in its wake. Alligator is a play that weaves together sex and enemies, blood and whiskey, hope and murder. It is a play that asks the question: How do we truly love one another in the face of our deepest, darkest monsters?
Queen of BaselBettis, HilaryAlly Shuster, CAAIt's Art Basel, Miami's week-long festival where the rich and famous party with impunity. Julie reigns queen at the South Beach hotel owned by her real estate mogul father. Tonight, he’s thrown a decadent blowout, but when her fiancé breaks up with her in front of the crowd, Julie hides out in the storage kitchen, humiliated and devastated. She is comforted by Christine, a cocktail waitress from war-torn Venezuela, whom her father has paid to get her home discretely. Christine calls her fiancé, John, an Uber driver from the Miami slums. But Julie refuses to let the night end unless it’s on her terms… A bold and contemporary take on Strindberg’s Miss Julie from a writer of the Emmy-nominated The Americans.
School Girls; Or, the African Mean Girls PlayBioh, JocelynRachel Viola, UTAPaulina, the reigning queen bee at Ghana's most exclusive boarding school, has her sights set on the Miss Universe pageant. But the arrival of Ericka, a new student with undeniable talent and beauty, captures the attention of the pageant recruiter--and Paulina’s hive-minded friends. This comedy explores the universal similarities (and glaring differences) facing teenage girls across the globe.
Of GovernmentBorinsky, AlexDi Glazer, ICMOf Government is a play that takes up the tradition of theater as civic ritual by way of middle-school pageantry. It moves from a one-room schoolhouse in Montana to a lodge in the Swiss Alps and back, and focuses on five women. Staged on a high platform, with a bare minimum of props, it unfolds in five scenes. Each is a modern parable about an individual’s relationship to “government”—community, social services, capitalism, or the supernatural. With songs.
StepchildBoyd, David James (Music, Lyrics, Co-Book, Co-Concept); Kessler, Chad (Co-Book, Co-Concept); & Rushton, Kori (Co-Concept)stepchild@irttheater.orgInspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm, Stepchild is a full length original musical about Orella, a young Deaf woman whose courage to communicate with sign language saves her kingdom from evil and prejudice. This all new, ground-breaking musical has featured roles for 6 Deaf (4 female, 2 male) and 7 hearing or hard of hearing performers (4 female, 3 male).
CarlyleBradshaw, ThomasOlivier Sultan, CAAWelcome to a new era in American politics.
The Republican Party is looking for a more progressive identity leading up to election season. Enter Carlyle Meyers, an ambitious African American lawyer working for the party who agrees to share why he became a member of the GOP. The result is hilarious and startling satire—an insightful and bold examination of the hot-button racial issues facing America.
Fabulous MonstersBurbano, Dianadianaburbano@icloud.comWhen punk rock exploded in L.A., Sally and Lou were there: feminists, Latinas, queens of noise. One went pop, one stayed punk, but sparks from their tumultuous friendship remain. Decades later, can they overcome old wounds, forgive each other, and rock as hard as they ever did?
Ontario Was HereCanady, DarrenMark Orsini, Bret Adams Ltd.Two social workers who share an office (and often each other's beds) become emmeshed in the life of a young boy named ONTARIO who may or may not be being raised in an unsafe home environment. As much about incredible stress and the toll the job takes on people who care as the tragic fate of the young man.
El HuracanCastro Smith, Charise Rachel Viola, UTAA beautiful play inspired by The Tempest that takes place in Miami the night before Hurricane Andrew and 30 years later the day after another seismic hurricane. The play looks at Alzheimer's and its impact on a family through the lens of three generations of women and asks the question, "Are there some things that are unforgivable?"
The Opportunities of ExtinctionChanse, SamMark Orsini, Bret Adams Ltd.Mel and Arjun have embarked on a last-minute camping trip to take
refuge from the brewing storm of their lives. Georgia is studying the
impact of climate change on the imperiled Joshua tree. As the world
heats up and the wilderness forces Mel and Arjun to question their
symbiosis, what can they learn about survival in the face of
The Other InstinctChanse, SamMark Orsini, Bret Adams Ltd.Tara serves as a gestational surrogate in a Gujarat clinic for Denise,
thousands of miles away in California. Each woman is set on realizing
her dreams in a rapidly changing world, but complications only
intensify as a deeply personal experience becomes a global
TRIGGERChanse, SamMark Orsini, Bret Adams Ltd.When Lee recognizes childhood friend Allie in a video of a racist rant that goes viral, Lee’s sister, Grace, urges her to reach out. As Lee becomes uncomfortably reacquainted with Allie, a deteriorating domestic situation and sudden crisis explode the world around her. In a time of heightened fear and anger, how can Lee connect with others, and contend with her own rage? A play about this country and this moment, the fury around and within us, and what happens next.
An Ordinary MuslimChaudry, HammaadMichael Finkle, WMEThe events of the night before have thrown the Bhatti family into disarray, just as the recently married Azeem Bhatti is on the cusp of a promotion of a lifetime. Set in West London in 2011, An Ordinary Muslim explores the family, personal and political dramas of British Pakistani Muslims across generations.
PassageChen, ChristopherRachel Viola, UTAInspired by E. M. Forster's A Passage to India, Passage is set in the fictional Country X, which is a neocolonial client of Country Y. B, an X doctor, and F, an expat Y teacher, begin to forge a friendship that is challenged when B is jailed after an outing in which Q, another Y expat, panics and shoots at him. Passage is particularly noteworthy in that it is written in a way that allows a director great latitude in casting the central roles by race, ethnicity, and gender, with different casting highlighting different aspects of how these factors play out in contemporary capitalist society.
You Mean to Do Me HarmChen, ChristopherRachel Viola, UTAAn innocuous comment at a dinner of two interracial couples leads to a surreal escalation of cold war-style paranoia. A psychological exploration of Chinese and American foreign relations, and of the personal relations we hold most dear.
Colonialism Is Terrible, But Pho Is DeliciousChinn, DustinJonathan Mills & Kevin Crosby, Paradigm Talent AgencyHanoi, 1890 / Ho Chi Minh City, 1999 / Gentrifying Brooklyn, present day. A triptych about the ownership and authorship of food following the journey of Vietnamese noodle soup.
Anacostia Street LionsChisholm, TearranceBeth Blickers, APAWashington, D.C., 2049 AD: the feral cat population in Anacostia has been neutralized, and now the M.A.N. turns its attention to the “undesirables” in the human population. But twins Fable and Korinna and their Grandthang don’t intend to go down without a fight. American Expressionism meets speculative fiction in this portrayal of a future Anacostia, D.C. where fear of African-American sexuality has created a bizzarre system of regulated sterilization. Thrilling and unexpected.
Bingo HallChitto, Dillondchitto909@gmail.comThis play from brand-new voice Dillon Chitto (Mississippi Choctaw, Isleta, Laguna Pueblo) is an ensemble piece with tremendous humor and heart. Bingo Hall celebrates commonalties amongst Native communities as well as the uniqueness of Native experiences.

Wisecracking Edward Anaya makes all the calls in his Pueblo community – at least, he calls the numbers at the senior center's bimonthly bingo gathering. But college acceptance letters kick-start an identity crisis. Who will Edward be if he leaves home and the bingo behind?
AubergineCho, JuliaJohn Buzzetti, WMEAn estranged son, a father who’s ill, a visiting uncle carrying their memories in tow, a woman without an appetite, and a refugee from a forgotten country—they all prove potent ingredients in this bittersweet and moving meditation on family, forgiveness, and the things that nourish us. When language fails, when the past fades, the perfect meal transcends time and culture and says more than words ever can.
My Name is YusufChoudhury, Naveen Baharnaveen.choudhury@gmail.comJoseph, a Bangladeshi American college freshman, falls in love with his dormmate, Lee, a closeted Southerner from a conservative family. While Joseph encourages Lee to come out about his sexual orientation, Joseph has secrets of his own that threaten their relationship. An exploration of homosexual identity in the context of Muslim culture, pre-9/11 Islamophobia, the intersection of multiple identities, and the concept of closetedness in various contexts.
Bald SistersChum, VichetBeth Blickers, APAAfter their mother's recent passing, sisters Him and Sophea duke it out to determine what the next step will be to say goodbye. In their messy collision, tightly guarded secrets begin to come to light from their shared history, ranging as far back as their survival from the Cambodian genocide. Two bald sisters tear each other apart to get to the truth.
Catch as Catch CanChung, Miatellmianow@gmail.comThe Phelans and the Lavecchias grew up in each other’s homes in a tight-knit working class community, sharing the good times and the bad. But when Tim Phelan comes home with some news, a shifting crisis is set in motion that tests the bonds and identities of each member of this extended family. Catch as Catch Can employs the theatrical convention of character doubling in an unconventional way to help us look again at the roles we play with family.
florissant & canfieldColón, Kristiana Rae Samara Harris, Robert A. Freedman Agencyat the intersection of tear gas and teddy bear memorials, at the intersection of darren wilson and michael brown, at the intersection of looting and liberation, florissant & canfield refracts the realities of ferguson in the wake of the black lives matter movement. colliding in the unlikely eden of a civil rights renaissance, a newly formed alliance of protesters is forced to put its nascent ideologies to the test in the quest for new visions of justice.
People Sitting in DarknessCoo, ClarenceKatie Gamelli, Abrams Artist AgencyMagdalena dreams of being anything other than a housemaid. But luckily for her, it's 1901 and the Americans have arrived in the Philippines, bringing along the English language and the possibility of change. When she discovers the American governor is coming to town, she knows what she has to do -- convince the others to help her mount a theatrical adaptation of a book about self-determination called "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
The Birds of EmpathyCoo, ClarenceKatie Gamelli, Abrams Artist AgencyA gay man obsessed with birdwatching awaits a meeting with the man who sexually abused him when he was a child. Meanwhile, he navigates through a series of encounters with his mother and with sexual hook-ups in between giving lectures to the audience about the birds of New York City.
The God of WineCoo, ClarenceKatie Gamelli, Abrams Artist AgencyLeaping back and forth between the very beginning and very end of two men's decades-long romance, THE GOD OF WINE adapts the story of the career, carnality, and murder of British playwright Joe Orton and reimagines it in a changing contemporary Brooklyn.
Recent Alien AbductionsCortinas, Jorge Ignacio Emma Feiwel, WMEA writer believes that an episode of The X-Files he saw while growing up in Puerto Rico has been mysteriously altered since its broadcast, but no one believes him. A dark and compelling tale that explores Puerto Rico’s current political status. Why is that families, and nations, keep circling the places that haunt them?
Waiting for RainCostello, Mark J. markjohncostello@gmail.comWAITING FOR RAIN offers a prismatic portrait of a romantic relationship. Jenna and Ryan have broken hearts that almost fit together. Navigating physical disability and mental illness, they search for a deeper connection to one another and themselves. Through a fragmented chronology, we come to discover that honesty is actually the most imposing hurdle for them to overcome.
Black Super Hero Magic MamaCraig-Galván, IndaJonathan Mills, Paradigm Talent AgencySabrina Jackson cannot cope with the death of her 14-year-old son by a White cop. Rather than herald the Black Lives Matter movement, Sabrina retreats inward, living out a comic book superhero fantasy. Will Sabrina stay in this splash-and-pow dream world where sons don’t die, or return to reality and mourn her loss?
Welcome to Matteson!Craig-Galván, IndaJonathan Mills, Paradigm Talent AgencyA suburban couple hosts a welcome-to-the-neighborhood dinner party for their new neighbors — a couple recently (forcibly) relocated from Chicago's roughest housing project — and it's anything but welcoming. A dark intra-racial comedy about reverse gentrification and how we deal with the "other" when the other looks just like us.
The Rape of the Sabine Women, By Grace B. MatthiasCrowley, Michael Yates Max Grossman, Abrams Artist AgencyWhen Grace B. Matthias is raped, her world spirals into chaos. Between navigating emotionally unstable guidance counselors, overbearing lawyers, an angry championship football team, and useless Wikipedia answers, Grace tries to make sense of her world anew. A complex collision of satire and dark comedy, The Rape of the Sabine Women, By Grace B. Matthias fearlessly explores rape culture in America.
The SaintsDame, Nathandame.nathan@gmail.comSiblings Michael and Darryl never had it easy in the foster care system, and the adult world isn't much better. Darryl is adrift, doing less-than-legitimate odd jobs to get by, while Michael has finally hit bottom with her own aimlessness and abusive boyfriend. She is close to giving up on life altogether when she finds hope in the form of two young, female Mormon missionaries. And while their way of life may not be what Michael thinks she wants, she is surprised to find they might be exactly what she needs to survive. But it turns out the thing that is saving her life might be the thing that destroys her relationship with her brother.
Denim DovesDawes, Adrienneme@adriennedawes.comDenim Doves is a dystopian feminist farce with a large, intergenerational, diverse ensemble cast (originally developed with Salvage Vanguard Theater). It's a play with music (5 original songs written by Erik Secrest and Cyndi Williams) and is pretty aptly described as "Handmaid's Tale . . . but with dick jokes."
Draw the CircleDeen, Mashuq Mushtaq Susan Gurman, Gurman AgencyDraw the Circle is a funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking story told entirely from the point of view of Deen’s family and friends, bringing to life the often-ignored struggle that a family goes through when their child transitions from one gender to another.
The Shaking EarthDeen, Mashuq Mushtaq Susan Gurman, The Gurman AgencySet during the three days of anti-Sikh massacres in India in 1984, the play explores the motivations of heroism amidst violence, the transgenerational transmission of trauma, and the way immigrants fleeing from other countries are re-traumatized when they come to an often anti-immigrant America.
My Father's Keeperdel Carmen, Guadalísguadydc@gmail.comTirsio Armando Gonzalez and his wife Juana are the pillars of their community, in the Dominican Republic and in their new home in Chicago. But Tirsio’s sudden death causes family secrets to come to light. Dealing with the their father’s truth and double life, Mondo and Sofía must learn to lean on each other like never before while figuring out how to best honor their father. The Gonzalez family must define what secrets are worth keeping and which ones aren’t worth the trouble.
The ProfaneDohrn, ZaydOlivier Sultan, CAAThe Profane is an intimate portrait of two Muslim American families. The play explores a universal tension between the secular and the fundamentalist. Emina's family is secular, even assimilated – her mother is a dancer, her father a novelist. Sam's family is traditional, even fundamentalist. When the two meet at college and fall in love, their union challenges the values of both families. Both families are trying to maintain love and dignity in a new country that is filled with both animosity and opportunity. And both families feel judged and threatened by their compatriots. Ultimately, The Profane examines the sacrifices one must make to emigrate to and succeed in the US and asks whether or not the trade-offs are worth it.
A Boy and His SoulDomingo, ColmanLeah Hamos, The Gersh AgencyWhere do you get SOUL? From watching your parents sell the house you grew up in? From discovering the family secret about your crazy cousin? Or from the childhood records found in your parents’ basement? From Stevie, Aretha, Marvin, Chaka, Barry, Gladys…and Colman. Propelled by the beat of classic soul, smooth R&B and disco, this is the soundtrack of a boy’s coming of age in 70s and 80s Philadelphia.
Our Enemies: Lively Scenes of Love and CombatEl Guindi, Yussef Samara Harris, Robert A. Freedman AgencyStruggling writer Gamal hates the way his fellow Arab-Americans represent their culture on American media. It’s easy enough to take out his frustration on literature superstar Mohsen and local mosque leader Sheikh Alfani. But when his own girlfriend and novelist Noor gets an offer from a major publisher backed with a national media campaign, how will Gamal manage his frustration?
B.i.Escobar, Georginagesco33@gmail.comA bilingual play inspired by the book "Flatland" by Edwin Abbot. The year is 2089 in Tierra Plana, a new nation of squares, walls, and all sorts of boxes; a place where individual categories are pre-determined. Four friends, Fig, Noir, Isa, and Hex, are preparing for the day they receive their identity bracelets. Nervous about not fitting in, they escape to the desert and discover the mystery of the past hidden in boxes from the U.S. 'Memory' Census Bureau. A piece about expansive thinking, amplification through simplification, and the idea that bi (dual) is the right place to start.
SweepEscobar, Georginagesco33@gmail.comSweep is a sci-femme and ultra humanism story that follows two women of color—sisters Luna and Siri, hit women of the splintered worlds—whose initial snafu with Adam & Eve catches up with them lifetimes later. Fighting for a last chance to reset humanity’s imperfect patterns, the women of Sweep hunt their targets from biblical times to modern-day in order to accelerate humanity’s evolution. As these female sweepers battle with history and destiny and contend with the consequences of trying to revise the past in order to find a new future, Everywoman (Eve) is forced to face the reality of a lifetime(s) battle to remind her partner Adam of the need for balance and equality.
The DanceEuell, Kimkyeplaywright@msn.comThe Dance is a play that uses spoken word poetry, choreography, music and visual art to help tell the story of three ambitious young people and how their lives and relationships are forever impacted by epic events during the early nineties. The three main characters include an African American visual artist (male), a female African American dancer/choreographer and an Anglo American activist attorney (male) all struggling to define their identities, values and commitments. Set in the San Francisco Bay Area against the backdrop of the Anti-Apartheid movement, the Crack Epidemic, The War on Drugs and The Golden Age of Hip-Hop, the play marries form and content in order to tell a unique story inspired by Nelson Mandela's release from prison and historic visit to the Bay Area. The cast also includes an African American dancer, an African American male age 9-11, and a DJ of any race and gender.
The ChampionEvans, Amyaev@scriptingrage.comIt’s 1962, and Nina Simone and her trio, fresh off tour, are holed up in a snowstorm in a small-town café in North Carolina. As tempers flare and secrets start to surface, the bandmates soon discover they are in hostile territory, and getting home will be harder than any of them bargained for. Based on real events, The Champion is an intimate portrayal of a cultural icon, her star musicians, and the turbulent era during which they rose to fame.
Pick a ColorFeldman, EmilyDi Glazer & Ross Weiner, ICMPick a Color follows four women taking refuge in a local nail salon to momentarily escape the stresses, heartbreak — and joys — of the busy winter holiday season. Playwright Emily Feldman uses her consciously theatrical storytelling style to present intimate portraits of women digging within themselves for the strength to fight off an army of reasons to despair. Shot through with humor and arresting imagery, the play celebrates the resilient emotional lives of women of middle age living in the American present.
Another Kind of SilenceFeldman, L MBeth Blickers, APAA fully bilingual play (English & American Sign Language), ANOTHER KIND OF SILENCE tells the story of Evan, a writer who -- after a decade of marriage to her composer husband -- finds herself falling in love with an artist named Chap, who is already partnered herself. Set in modern Greece with its bedrock of myth, this intimate, physical, lush, and theatrically spectacular play follows the two couples (Evan & Peter -- both hearing; and Chap & Ana -- hard-of-hearing & Deaf, respectively) along with their four Souls, as they confront the hard questions in long-term partnership, the challenges of communication, the transformative nature of desire, and the mysteries of a changing self.
THE YEAR TO COMEFerrentino, LindseyAlly Shuster, CAASet on 18 consecutive New Year's Eves - performed in reverse chronological order - THE YEAR TO COME is a beautiful, painful, funny, clear-eyed portrait of America through the lens of one sprawling, diverse family that gathers together each year to celebrate the promise of a new year.
Night of the Living N-WordFree, Kevin R. kevinrfree@gmail.comNight of the Living N-Word!! is a dark comedy and racial satire about an interracial family who retreats to a secluded island in the U.S. south to celebrate their biracial teenage son's birthday. One by one, party guests meet grisly fates. Who is behind all the deaths? Is it the N-Word, or something more sinister at work?
Klauzál SquareGancher, SarahDi Glazer, ICMKlauzál Square tells the story of Klara, a precocious preteen new to Budapest’s seedy 7th District. Ostracized and humiliated by the neighborhood mean girls, she starts hanging out with a strange companion: the ghost of a thirteen-year-old girl. With the ghost’s help, Klara strikes back at her tormenters and takes over their group. But over time, the girls’ adolescent power trips and mind games morph into something much older and darker. Inspired by a real Budapest playground built on what was once a Nazi mass grave. Part of the larger 7th project.
Every Tongue ConfessGardley, MarcusSusan Weaving, WMEAn intergenerational story about loss and redemption set in the Deep South that incorporates biblical themes.
The Orange GardenGarner, Joannajoanna.b.garner@gmail.comIt's 1972 and John signs up for the Peace Corps to avoid the draft and impress a girl. To his surprise, he winds up in Iran. Exiled from his buddy who shipped off to Vietnam and his girlfriend in Florida, John is swept into a swirl of poetry, dervishes, and the growing fire of the coming revolution. When he is forced to return to America, he finds himself a foreigner in the place he once called home. Winner of the 2016 Keene Prize for Literature.
SalvageGlancy, Dianeglancy@macalester.eduCut Bank, Montana. Blackfeet country. Here, a hard-working family scratches out a life running a salvage yard. A deadly accident throws them into a turbulent world of doubt, recrimination, and vengeance, pushing their lives into horrific new territory. Can traditional ways pull them back to safety or will their lives be torn apart forever?
The Color of TrustGoff, KeliBeth Blickers, APAErica Reynolds, an idealistic African American woman, has just accepted her dream job as Vice-president of the cosmetics company owned by a prominent white Southern family that once employed her mother as a cook. The job represents just how far Erica and her family have come in achieving the American Dream, and the level of trust between the two families. But this trust is tested when Erica discovers the company is being sued for racial discrimination, raising complicated questions for all of them about love, loyalty and race.
Bottle FlyGoldfinger, JacquelineAmy Wagner, Abrams Artists AgencyBottle Fly is the tale of a Florida Gulf Coast couple, their disabled young ward, two lesbian tenants, and the bonds between them that stick like honey. It is an earthy, cruel and hilarious multi-generational family drama of profound and reckless love.
PerKup ElkhornGomez, IsaacLeah Hamos, The Gersh AgencyIt's just another day at PerKup Elkhorn, the hottest local coffee shop in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, where happiness is sold per the cupful. Lori and Vicki gab about the latest town gossip, Jeff and Eric argue about the latest sports news, and the new cold brew is selling like hot cakes. But when a newcomer, Pedro, stops by the shop to borrow WiFi for work, a collision of differences leaves irreparable damage. PerKup Elkhorn is an experiment on assessing how far we will go to protect the ones we love.
Wally WorldGomez, IsaacLeah Hamos, The Gersh AgencyIt's Christmas Eve and Wally World employees are about to lose it. On the one day of the year this mega department superstore is to close its doors for the holidays, secrets come to life as store manager, Andy, does everything in her power to keep her store in line and her employees in check. But can hard truths from her past ruin everything she's ever worked for? Wally World is a hysterical examination of finding magic in the mundane as eleven employees do everything they can to find purpose in a place that has never seen purpose in them.
Hype ManGoodwin, IdrisMark Orsini, Bret Adams Ltd.Frontman Pinnacle and his hype man Verb have been making Hip-Hop together since they were kids. Now that they’ve got top-notch beatmaker Peep One in the mix, the group is finally on the verge of making it big—until the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager shakes the trio to its core, and forces them to navigate issues of friendship, race, and privilege.
I Wanna Fucking Tear You ApartGould, MorganRachel Viola, UTASamantha and Leo are a team—best friends and roommates, fat girl and gay guy against the world—until a new friend upends their cozy co-dependent diet of mutual self-loathing and Grey’s Anatomy marathons and they are both forced to look at how the cruelty of the world lives inside their supposedly sunny relationship. An ode to the complications of friendship in its many fucked-up forms, with a special nod to a kind of love that sometimes looks a lot like rage.
LAID TO RESTGrays, Donnetta Lavinia Evan Morse, The Gersh AgencyWhen his fatal shooting stirs a community into fevered protest, Vanda's son Clarence becomes yet another hashtag in the ongoing fight against police brutality. Social media overwhelms and recreates Clarence's story beyond even Vanda's recognition. While struggling to find a sense of peace, Vanda meets Grace -- a well-meaning yet casual armchair activist -- and the need to mourn Clarence's death and reclaim his story in the concrete offline spaces of the real world becomes ever more urgent.
The Mermaid Hour: RemixedGreenwood, David Valdes & Mayson, Eric (Composer)davidvaldesgreenwood@gmail.comTwo working class parents navigate their daughter Vi's gender transition while juggling their opposing parenting styles and her impulsive nature. Vi's more concerned about the BFF she wishes was her boyfriend, and when nothing goes the way she wants, she makes a YouTube video that pushes everyone’s buttons. Parents and kids alike wrestle with whether they're really who they aspire to be--and, if the answer is no, how to become that person. The Mermaid Hour is a 90 minute stage play; Mermaid Hour: ReMixed is a two act musical.
MotherlandGregory, Allisonallisongregory101@gmail.comA self-made woman does her crafty best to protect her wayward children, keep her food truck business competitive and thriving, and impart a kind of moral code in a city battling the War on Poverty. Funny, forceful, and tragically timely, in MOTHERLAND grit, guile and guns are everyday parenting tools in some communities -- and hope comes at a cost.
The Art of GamanGuha, DipikaMichael Finkle, WMEWhen Tomomi’s steamer pulls into San Francisco, her arrival coincides with the first wave of west coast Japanese internment. So when an old man on board offers to arrange her marriage to his son, who lives out of harm's way in New York, Tomomi knows she must accept. At once funny, intimate, and deeply theatrical, The Art of Gaman is an account of one woman’s struggle for independence and self-expression through her life and American history.
Yoga PlayGuha, DipikaMichael Finkle, WMEYoga apparel giant Jojomon are at the top of their game when a terrible scandal sends them into freefall. Newly hired CEO Joan stakes everything on a wild plan to recover their earnings and their reputation. YOGA PLAY is a comedy about enlightenment in a world determined to sell it.
West Of CentralHam, ChristinaChris Till, CAAWhen a mysterious man stumbles into the office of private eye Thelma Higgins looking to warn her husband that his life might be in danger, she soon discovers that the man she’s been married to for ten years is not who he claims to be. As her investigation leads her on a tangled trail of deceit, corruption, and treacherous backroom deals, she and her husband must learn to trust one another again to find out who’s trying to kill him and why in this fast-paced noir.
The Quiet OnesHamilton, MaryLeah Hamos, The Gersh AgencyHow do you function in a world that is evolving without you? Katherine’s old-school methods as a teacher have come under new scrutiny. She struggles to handle a disturbing event between two of her students; her only son is getting married and she can’t decide on a pair of shoes; and she is still working to recover from the break up of her marriage 17 years ago after her husband transitioned genders. As Katherine attempts to navigate a new culture using all the old rules, the fragility of her world-view becomes painfully clear. The Quiet Ones explores what is lost or gained as we evolve as people and as a society.
Nothing Left to BurnHanash, Adi & Vassel,, pvassel@gmail.comA young man sets himself ablaze in rural Tunisia, setting off a wave of revolution in the Arab world. As it turns out, the political is personal, and the Arab Spring began (as so many springs before it) with a love story.
Is God IsHarris, AlesheaRoss Weiner, ICM"Is God Is is a modern myth about twin sisters who sojourn from the Dirty South to the California desert to exact righteous revenge. Winner of the 2016 Relentless Award, Aleshea Harris collides the ancient, the modern, the tragic, the Spaghetti Western, and Afropunk..." -Soho Rep
WHITE HISTORYHarris, DaveRachel Viola, UTABONNIE and TODD, a cage-free, kale-bred white couple, have just moved into a new home when an exiled KKK Member kicks in their front door with a rope and a loaded revolver, mistaking them for the Black couple that just moved in next door. Naturally, there is a dinner party. Dave Harris's WHITE HISTORY contends with the violence of America's foundation and the comedy of American progress.
Slave PlayHarris, Jeremy O. Ross Weiner, ICMThe old South lives on at the MacGregor Plantation—in the breeze, in the cotton fields...and in the crack of the whip. It’s an antebellum fever-dream, where fear and desire entwine in the looming shadow of the Master’s House. In this provocative and explosive new play, Jeremy O. Harris rips apart history to shed new light on the nexus of race, gender and sexuality in 21st century America.
Pete The GirlHenson-Ballard, Charitycharity@charityhensonballard.comPetrice Kincaide, an inner-city, troubled and androgynous teen, finds a promising future in world domination when she teams up with Vera, a brilliant and disillusioned agoraphobic scientist living in her housing project. Vera offers her scientific genius, while Pete sacrifices her body to fulfill “the prophesied shaming of the machine" by secretly creating softball techniques such as the base-stealing "sonic leap", and “the perfect swing” for grand slam home runs. The only obstacles standing in the way of Pete and Vera’s guaranteed financial success and political power: Vera and Pete.
Put Your House in OrderHolter, IkeMichael Finkle, WMEJust outside of Chicago. Fall. In only 24 hours, a first date turns into a life-shaking adventure against the clock as two people are thrust into circumstances outside of their control. Equal parts romantic comedy and old school thriller, this play explores new beginnings at the end of the world.
RightlyndHolter, IkeMichael Finkle, WMERightlynd is Chicago's 51st Ward. The L doesn't run here anymore and it is full of abandoned storefronts, crumbling apartment buildings, and its fair share of crime. A powerful real estate conglomerate is planning a massive redevelopment project that would gentrify the neighborhood and change Rightlynd forever. Only one woman stands in the way: Alderman Nina Esposito. In award-winning playwright Ike Holter's ambitious new work, one woman tries to use her street smarts and raw determination to save the Chicago neighborhood she loves. But will the political machine turn her into the very person she is trying to destroy?
DessertHowze, PhillipEmma Feiwel, WMEBy executive order, the country is in a perpetual state of mourning. Grief, like war, seems destined to become endless. To break the silence of normalized misery, a single citizen organizes an epic, unlikely reconciliation. As strange indignities mount and shrouded intentions are revealed, a revolving history of unresolved violence erupts into a feast of comic, calamitous consequences. A comedy of epic (and bite-sized) proportions.
Frontieres sans FrontieresHowze, PhillipEmma Feiwel, WMEAt the corner of a country that feels both foreign and familiar, three orphaned, stateless youth have built a simple life out of recreation and mischief-making. Their world is rocked as a parade of immodest strangers slowly invades, offering gifts of language, medicine, art and commerce. In a comic spectacle to question the pretense of altruism and civilization, FRONTIERES SANS FRONTIERES inventively explores the power of language, the pains of friendship, and the challenges of self-reinvention.
The Paper Dreams of Harry ChinHuang, JessicaMax Grossman, Abrams Artist AgencyDuring the Chinese Exclusion Act, Harry Chin, a Chinese national, entered the U.S. by buying forged documentation. Like other "Paper Sons," Harry underwent a brutal detention and interrogation, and lived the rest of his life keeping secrets—even from his daughter. Told through the eyes of a middle-aged Chin, THE PAPER DREAMS OF HARRY CHIN reveals the complicated loves and regrets of this Chinese immigrant who wound up in Minnesota. Through dreamlike leaps of time and space and with the powerful assistance of ghosts, the story of the Chin family reveals the personal and political repercussions of making a group of people "illegal."
The SubjectHutchinson, ChisaDi Glazer, ICMAn upstart documentarian builds his success on the death of one of his teenage subjects, and faces the consequences, in this discomforting play about race, privilege and ambition.
AmerikinHutchinson, ChisaDi Glazer, ICMA man takes an ancestry test as part of his initiation into a white supremacist group and gets an unsettling surprise.
WhiteIjames, JamesRon Gwiazda & Amy Wagner, Abrams Artist AgencyGus, a young artist trying to get into a major contemporary art museum exhibition, hires Vanessa to claim his work. When these two cross paths, both of their assumptions about art, race and gender are dismantled and they are both forced to reckon with what it means to be a black artist.
ReckoningInoa, GeraldineA.B. Fischer, Literate Management2015: a year when the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on marriage equality coincided with a record number of trans women being murdered. Reckoning: Furies from a New Queer Nation examines the most pressing issues affecting Queer America today: gay white male privilege and the systemic oppression of trans women. Because when a Supreme Court ruling like marriage equality passes, we must ask: what did we accomplish and who did we leave behind?