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8/9/2013 15:26:58#VALUE!aleysiasnapealysiasnape@yahoo.comHermione/Abraxas Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy/Hermione/Severus SnapeHermione finds herself in a predicament. Her time turner broke and she is being helped by the persons she lest expect to help her.NC-17blood, gore, deathficWould love it if they were a veela. Also BDSM is fine too.
8/11/2013 22:06:08#VALUE!aleysiasnapealysiasnape@yahoo.comLucius Malfoy/Hermione/Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy/Hermione, Rodolphus/Hermione, Abraxas Malfoy/Hermione, Abraxas Malfoy/Hermione/Cygnus BlackHermione finds herself in a predicament when she invokes a ritual and winds up with Slytherin husbands. How will she cope?NC-17noneFicWould like to see threesome/moresomes, and BDSM.
8/22/2013 20:24:04#VALUE!aleysiasnapealysiasnape@yahoo.comAbraxas Malfoy/Hermione/Lucius Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy/Hermione/Severus, Rodolphus Lestrange/Hermione/Rabastan LestrangeAfter the war, Hermione finds one man that she thought was long dead is alive and well. How will she help him?NC-17noneficthreesomes/moresomes, BDSM, AU, time travel, veela, vampire
8/17/2013 20:28:30#VALUE!alley_skywalkerjedi_padawan_411@yahoo.comSlytherin!Scorpius/Ravenclaw!LouisLouis is complicated and beautiful and if Scorpius does fall in love, is that such a crime?anything up to Rmpreg, genderswap/genderbending, non-con, cross-gen, humiliation, BDSM, heavy kink (bloodplay, scat, necro, etc), incest, pedophilia fic
8/17/2013 20:31:16#VALUE!alley_skywalkerjedi_padawan_411@yahoo.comRemus/Evan RosierSometimes accidents happen. Sometimes they lead to more. anything up to Rmpreg, genderswap/genderbending, non-con, cross-gen, humiliation, BDSM, heavy kink (bloodplay, scat, necro, etc), incest, pedophiliaficI would love to see an accident of some sort -- either an anonymous sexual encounter or something that makes one open up to the other, basically anything that wasn't supposed to happen -- lead to feelings and/or an affair between the two boys. Would also love to see how they deal with these feelings/relationship while being on different sides of the war.
8/17/2013 21:10:14#VALUE!alley_skywalkerjedi_padawan_411@yahoo.comDraco/ErnieIf they ever had a real chance, the war got rid of that. anything up to Rmpreg, genderswap/genderbending, non-con, cross-gen, humiliation, BDSM, heavy kink (bloodplay, scat, necro, etc), incest, pedophiliaficI would love to see Ernie as a "liberal" Pureblood and how that effects his relationships with other Purebloods. Is he a "blood traitor" like the Wealeys or does the family somehow maintain "respectability"? It would really be interesting to see Ernie and Draco forming an attraction/feelings and then seeing how the war gets in the way of that.
8/9/2013 8:05:38#VALUE!ama_darelullaby.rina@hotmail.comAny het pairing that's not from the Marauder era is fine"So you can sleep with me in private, but you can't talk to me in public? Figure out what you want [Matty] because I'm tired of being your secret." - Jenna Hamilton in awkward.Anyteenage pregnancy (scare is okay!)FicHogwarts-setting would be great! I'd prefer Gryffindor/Slytherin but everything is fine, really. Go with what you want :)
8/14/2013 14:06:55#VALUE!ama_darelullaby.rina@hotmail.comPansy/Ron, Pansy/Harry, Pansy/Neville, Pansy/Seamus, Pansy/other GryffindorA Slytherin would have understood her subtle hints the moment she started dropping them. But there were other way to get her Gryffindor to finally propose to her; she wasn't known as THE scheming bitch of Slytherin for nothing.anyanyFicMake it fun! ;)
8/16/2013 7:48:30#VALUE!ama_darelullaby.rina@hotmail.comDraco/HermioneHermione Granger was known as the brightest witch her age. And even though she was a modest person, she knew it was true. At least, she thought it was. But that was before she made the stupid mistake to sleep with Malfoy. Once. Okay, more than high as you can gohard kinksFic
8/9/2013 12:11:40#VALUE!arjdsallykayclark@hotmail.comPansy/GinnyA destitute Pansy shows up at Grimmauld Place after the war, and Ginny ignores her until she sees Pansy masturbating one night... And then she can't get Pansy out of her mind.NC-17blood, scat, necrophiliafic
8/9/2013 12:25:29#VALUE!arjdsallykayclark@hotmail.comDraco/LunaWhen Draco is in trouble, he goes to the only person he can think of who has helped him before: Luna Lovegood.anyblood, scat, necrophiliaanyI'd love a vulnerable Draco and a strong Luna, with some mention of the past "help" Luna has given him (author's choice what this is). Just some good old h/c really.
8/9/2013 12:30:51#VALUE!arjdsallykayclark@hotmail.comRon/ChoRon was glad of the attention, really, after Hermione broke up with him and all - but getting drunk with Cho Chang in a Muggle bar was one of the strangest things to happen to him, ever.anyblood, scat, necrophiliaanyA blundering yet well-meaning Ron would be perfect in this, and feel free to switch around the details; it may not be a Muggle bar or whatever.
8/17/2013 14:52:28#VALUE!arjdsallykayclark@hotmail.comPansy/RonShe said, do me a favour and stop flattering yourself!
How to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off, might be too kind

- Arctic Monkeys, Do Me A Favour lyrics
anyblood, scat, necrophiliaany
8/17/2013 14:58:08#VALUE!arjdsallykayclark@hotmail.comanyAnd everything depends upon how near you stand to me

- the smiths, hand in glove
anyblood, scat, necrophiliaany
8/9/2013 21:14:58#VALUE!Baby_k21keeleyknn@gmail.comErnie/LisaPost-war. He can't stop himself from touching her, just to know that she's there and they're both still alive.RNon-con, hard kinksFic
8/22/2013 21:49:04#VALUE!blithelybonnymalrps123@gmail.comDraco/Susan"Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Can you take me with you?
For my hand is cold and needs warmth.
Where are you going?" -- Godspell, the Musical.
PG-13 and upScat, non-con, mpreg, bloodplayAny
8/22/2013 21:54:57#VALUE!blithelybonnymalrps123@gmail.comHarry/Susan/Draco/PadmaAll four meet at a midnight showing of Rocky Horror and are chosen to reenact. Smut later ensues.NC-17Scat, non-con, mpreg, bloodplayAny
8/9/2013 14:14:42#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comCharlie/MariettaTroubled by her past transgressions, Marietta runs away to Romania hoping to make a fresh start.Anynon-conFic
8/9/2013 14:16:55#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comCho/GinnyAs the two newest Quidditch stars playing on rival teams, the media loves to make a big deal out of Cho and Ginny's alleged feud. But though things are heated in the air, their off-the-field exploits are hot in an entirely different way.Anynon-conFic
8/9/2013 14:17:55#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comDaphne/LunaDaphne realizes that there is more to Loony Lovegood than she first thought.anynon-conFicA scene in the rain would be nice.
8/9/2013 14:19:50#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comZacharias/MariettaZach proposes marriage to his long-term girlfriend Marietta, but wedding planning is difficult when they must balance their love for each other with their hatred for all things fluffy.anynon-conany
8/9/2013 14:20:57#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comSeamus/PansyNothing makes Seamus happier than to get under Pansy's skin. A series of hijinks wherein Seamus is annoying and Pansy is furious, though secretly falling in love.anynon-conFic
8/9/2013 14:21:23#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comPansy/ParvatiMeeting the parents.anynon-conany
8/9/2013 14:22:26#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comCho/LavenderPost werewolf attack, Cho nurses Lavender back to health.anynon-conany
8/9/2013 14:22:58#VALUE!bluemermaidcrystalpuff@gmail.comDraco/LunaDraco does NOT believe in Nargles. Luna tries to change his mind.anynon-conany
8/19/2013 0:11:45#VALUE!carrie_leighpersephone3333@gmail.comRon/PansyI've always wanted to see a R/P set to a Jane Austen plot... Perhaps a little Emma, Persuasion or Pride and Prejudice bend to a story?AnyIncest? Beastiality?any.
8/15/2013 19:50:10#VALUE!dalliriousdeaths_CSI_angel@hotmail.comCharlie Weasley/Narcissa MalfoyIt's something akin to winning the lottery.Any-FicIt can be AU, post war, pre war... whatever you like.
8/15/2013 19:53:24#VALUE!dalliriousdeaths_CSI_angel@hotmail.comCharlie Weasley/Narcissa MalfoyAn affair was one thing, but the prospect of passing off a ginger haired baby as a Malfoy was completely another.Any-FicIt can be AU, post war, pre war... whatever you like
8/15/2013 20:41:49#VALUE!dalliriousdeaths_CSI_angel@hotmail.comCharlie Weasley/Narcissa MalfoyHe always smiles when he sees her, he can't help it. What surprises him is that she smiles back.Any-FicIt can be AU, post war, pre war... whatever you like
8/15/2013 20:50:46#VALUE!dalliriousdeaths_CSI_angel@hotmail.comRodolphus Lestrange/Amelia BonesHe'd always admired her intelligence and she'd always admired his talent.Any-FicAU, post war, pre war, whatever you want to do.
8/15/2013 22:12:50#VALUE!dalliriousdeaths_CSI_angel@hotmail.comBellatrix Lestrange/Neville LongbottomIn one swift move Neville's obsession with revenge becomes something else entirely.Any-FicBonus points for Bellatrix taunting him with her baby voice.
8/8/2013 8:24:311divagonzo1diva.gonzo@gmail.comGeorge/LunaThe war has ended and George is still having trouble coping with losing Fred. If anyone understands loss, it's Luna. Luna brings her way of comprehension and understanding of the world around her to George to help him cope.Left up to the writerInfidelity, hard kinks (bloodplay, water sports, bad BDSM)Fic but art is adorable tooThe story can be angsty and dramatic and trouble coping and Luna filled!
8/8/2013 12:39:3419divagonzo1diva.gonzo@gmail.comCharlie/TonksQuidditch brought Charlie and Tonks together - but they fly for their respective houses. Their relationship is complicated since they are dating but refuse to talk about their future together. A friendly bet leads to upping the stakes as the season progresses - leading to a Winner-take-all result for the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff match.

Up to the writerInfidelity; Hard kink (including bloodplay, water sports, anal, bad bdsm); tortureFic preferred but art is cool tooIt can be funny, smexy, angsty, or a genHet fic. Trash talking can be a plus - innuendo if you go that route too. Whether they go under the Quidditch stands is up to the writer.
8/22/2013 14:05:2720divagonzo1diva.gonzo@gmail.comNeville/HannahIt's 1997 and Hannah has returned to Hogwarts and finds that it's a true nightmare. Her mum is dead - killed by Death Eaters - and she's forced to be in school because of Ministry Dictates.
Neville Longbottom is there and he's not the shy retiring quiet boy she knew two years prior. She would like to get to know him better but the problems at school hinder her possibilities. He's also working with Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley and she has no idea how to talk with them either.

How does Hannah go about capturing General Longbottom's eye and telling him that she fancies the strapping lad now?
Up to and including RHard Kinks; infidelity; nothing too gross or harshFicThis can be written as friendship borne of hardship or falling in love in the face of adversity. Anything is fine with me. I love me some Longbottom.
8/22/2013 14:15:3721divagonzo1diva.gonzo@gmail.comNeville/HannahThe fighting has ended and Neville is still alive. The smoke hasn't even cleared and people are clamoring for a Piece of the General - from interviews to people begging to know about their child. Witches are fawning over him and he has opportunities he never considered. The shy child who thought he wasn't good enough for Gryffindor is now lauded as a Hero. He's seen Luna and Ginny is with her family.
But where's Hannah? He's not seen her since the gathering in the Great Hall. Where has his friend gone? What happened to her?
Neville sets off to find Hannah Abbot in the castle - and tell her what he thinks of her.
High as you wantHard Kinks; infidelityficThe more complicated this is, the better. Does he fancy her? Is there more to their friendship? The writer can decide.
8/8/2013 12:58:5821dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comPercy/PadmaShe caught his attention ever since she sassed him during a meeting with the Prefects the year he was made Head Boy. She was working at the Ministry now and still constantly challenging him. When they go on assignment in [author chooses country], he seizes his chance.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficIf meddling siblings on either or both sides could get involved, somehow, that'd be a bonus!
8/8/2013 13:05:5422dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comGeorge/LunaA few of the many pets that Luna owns has escaped the Lovegood's property and ended up in The Burrow's garden. anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestanyAn AU, non-angst scenario where Fred is alive would be an interesting take on the pairing!
8/8/2013 13:12:1723dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comHarry/Blaise, with a side of Draco/HermionePost-Hogwarts. Now that she's dating the uber-Slytherin prat himself, Hermione has had to attempt to get along with Draco's cronies. She's noticed that Blaise is a damaged individual [author can decide why]; she's got a pretty damaged, PTSD-suffering best friend. An idea begins to form...anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficDo Harry and Blaise thank this meddling witch for interfering? They were both quite "happy" in their misery, thank you very much.
8/8/2013 13:17:1924dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comSeamus/PansyCan this easy-going, class-clown Irishman and that sarcastic, condescending Slytherin princess EVER see eye-to-eye? Firewhiskey seems to think so.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficHaving them at some sort of formal event where neither are particularly willing to be at would be extra fun.
8/8/2013 13:24:4325dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comRon/SusanPost-Hogwarts, post-war. Life has not been going right ever since he stopped being a full-time student at Hogwarts. To add to the injury, Hermione has recently dumped him. But as the saying goes "when you hit rock bottom..." His luck is about to change, and he finds unexpected kindness from an unexpected quarter.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incest, Hermione-bashingficMisery loves company? What's happening in Susan's life, now that she has no close family relations left?
8/8/2013 13:32:2126dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/Hermione/CormacDuring a masked ball, she thought she kissed the same wizard twice, but she hadn't. Now, both wizards are vying for her, and she can't choose. Can she have both? Can two alpha-males learn to share? Well, there's certainly plenty of feisty witch to go around...anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestfic
8/8/2013 13:49:5027dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comHermione/Draco/CormacPost-Hogwarts. Draco is desperate to finally get rid of his virginity--he must be the only one left in his year who is still encumbered by it! SHE is the only witch he trusts to not laugh at his fumblings and bed-and-tell to all and sundry. So, he screws up his courage to ask her. What he doesn't expect is to lose his virginity to both a witch AND a wizard in the same night--and TWO such Gryffindors to boot!anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficAuthor can decide if Hermione and Cormac are already in a sex-based relationship or not.
8/8/2013 13:52:3428dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comBlaise/GinnyShe's finally over and done with hero worship. To her surprise, anti-hero worship is just as intriguing...anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incest, Harry-bashingany
8/8/2013 14:00:1729dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comErnie/LavenderHe's been pigeon-holed as a pompous arse; she, an empty-headed floozie. Only Luna sees past all this. anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestanyWhat do these two have in common that sparked the interest to begin with?
8/8/2013 14:11:2531dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comJustin Finch-Fletchley/Luna OR Justin/PadmaShe is not put off by this shy, awkward Hufflepuff. In fact, she's intrigued...anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficPost-Hogwarts. They are co-workers. Ministry? St. Mungo's? Some sort of Muggle-magical cooperative endeavour? (Or, in the case of Luna, some magical creatures project.)
8/8/2013 14:15:5234dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comJustin Finch-Fletchley/Daphne AND Astoria GreengrassThe Greengrass girls have always been rebellious. And all the talks about arranged marriages to pure-bloods have made them more-so. And what better way to get revenge on their stuffy, outdated parents than a publicized wild night in the sack with a Muggle-born Hufflepuff?anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficHow did this sweet Hufflepuff even get onto the radar of such snotty Slytherins?
8/8/2013 14:37:1037dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comLuna/any half-blood or Muggle-born wizard, same yearSomeone has been illegally breeding dangerous magical creatures with ferocious non-magical ones. Luna has been asked to consult and work with this Ministry worker to find out who the culprit is.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestfic
8/9/2013 1:55:5138dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comTerry Boot/Hannah AbbottA mouse. That's how everyone saw her. But after she rescues Terry from [author decides situation], he sees her in a completely different light.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestanyAn added bonus is if Hannah is a Healer.
8/9/2013 2:26:0539dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comPercy Weasley/Marietta EdgecombeSeen as betrayers, Percy and Marietta strike up a friendship while working for the Ministry. In their attempts to redeem themselves in the eyes of family and friends, they also teach an invaluable lesson in forgiveness.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incest, character-bashingany
8/9/2013 2:43:4640dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comcormac/pansy OR seamus/pansy OR blaise/harry OR blaise/ginny OR any same-generation pairing"Thus human beings judge of one another, superficially, casually, throwing contempt on one another, with but little reason, and no charity."
— Baroness Emmuska Orczy (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestanyA Slytherin/Gryffindor or Slytherin/Hufflepuff pairing would really showcase the prejudices.
8/12/2013 14:57:1641dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/HermioneThey had a horrible breakup. Now, fifteen years later, they meet up again--at 12 Grimmauld Place, of all places! The sparks are still there. Will they allow themselves a second chance?anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestfic
8/12/2013 15:02:4542dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/HermioneDraco and Hermione encounter each other post-war and discover that they have been using each other's wands.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestfic
8/12/2013 15:54:0243dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/HermioneJust to prove Ginny wrong, Hermione has booked a week-long vacation at an exclusive nudist spa. What the hell is Malfoy doing here?! And damnit, why does he have to be more fit than most of the other wizards?anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestany
8/12/2013 16:01:2844dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/HermioneFor the past week, the Ministry workers on Level Five have been noticing strange noises--groans and violent thumping--emanating from the closet at the far end of the hallway. Convinced that a Boggart or some other magical creature has trapped itself in it, Auror Potter is sent to investigate. When he finally wrenches the door open, the sight that greets his eyes is one he could've died without seeing.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestanyWhat position will Harry find them in, I wonder?
8/12/2013 16:20:2945dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/HermioneThe eminent mage Pankratius van Leeuwenhoeck is finally accepting a new apprentice, after three decades. Hermione and Draco are competing for the single, prestigious spot.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestfic
8/12/2013 17:19:2246dormiensadormiensa@gmail.comDraco/HermioneThe Ministry is doing everything wrong in its attempts to rebuild the wizarding world post-war. And it seems that getting rid of a dark lord is not sufficient to get people to behave more decently toward one another. Hermione is fed up. So is Draco. They decide to team up and change the world.anyadultery/infidelity, cross-gen, watersports/scat, non-con/rape, mpreg, bloodplay, incestficWill the world truly be improved? Or will it be yoked under tyranny yet again?
8/9/2013 1:02:5247drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comharry/draco Eighth Year: Harry and Draco have to work together as Slughorn's assistants and teach a few of his classes. R - NC-17Rape, Non Con, BSSMMIX, EITHER, Friendship is okay, Romance is a plus!
8/9/2013 1:05:0948drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comR to NC-17Draco's magic has been bound as a punishment for being on the wrong side of the war. He's only allowed to use magic under the supervision of a Ministry appointed official. Harry volunteers. Draco wants to know why? ANYRape, BDSM, Non-ConAnyTrust building exercises.
8/9/2013 1:08:5149drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comHarry/DracoHarry and Draco are professors at Hogwarts. They are both head of their houses and there seems to be a lot of tension in the houses. H/D must work together to have exercises, fun things, etc... to get the students to get along. And... of course, they fall for each other. ANYRape, Non Con, BDSMANYSex in the quidditch pitch.
8/9/2013 1:12:0950drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comHarry/Draco, Ron/PansyRon wants to go out w/ Pansy but Pansy says she'll only date when her gay BFF gets a boyfriend, Ron tries to set Harry up with Draco. Harry has to pretend to like Draco so Ron can shag Pansy. What happens when Draco finds out--esp. since his feelings are real? ANYRape, Non-Con, BDSMFIC, MIX, ANYIt's complicated: Harry was pretending to pretending to like Draco b/c he doesn't want anyone know that that he actually LIKED when Draco finds out and thinks it's fake, he doesn't believe Harry when he said, it was always real.
8/9/2013 1:16:2851drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comHarry/Draco, Ginny/PansyTo the world they are dating their best friend and are in a heterosexual relationship. Then Hermione and Ron find out that Harry is dating Draco, and Pansy is shagging Ginny. ANYRape, Non-Con, BDSMANY"I don't know what's worse, seeing you shag Malfoy or seeing my sister going down on Parkinson."
8/9/2013 1:24:1352drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comHarry/Draco, Seamus/PansySeamus tries to become good friends with Draco so he can find get into on Pansy. Draco thinks that Harry's sent Seamus to spy on him. They fight, they rip each other's clothes off, they shag. ANYRape, Non-Con, BDSMANY
8/9/2013 1:37:5553drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comharry/draco, blaise/nevilleHarry used to date Neville and Draco was dating Blaise. After the war something changed and Harry and Draco got together. Blaise was annoyed so he tried to exact revenge by dating Harry's ex, only to realise that the second hero of the war (Neville destroying a horcrux and all...) isn't so bad and Blaise didn't mind him so much. ANYRape, Non-Con, BDSMANYWould love it if Blaise sets it up to shag Neville that Draco can see to try to make Draco jealous. Neville is confident and sweet. Gets hurt but doesn't sulk. Blaise works hard to win Neville back.
8/15/2013 14:50:5154drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comHarry/DracoSex in the broom closet. NC-17rape, bdsm, ginny bashing, hermione bashing, nonconMIXCHRISTMAS THEMED. EIGHTH YEAR?
8/15/2013 14:52:4355drarryisgreendrarryisgreen@gmail.comHarry/DracoHarry is at the Burrow for the holidays, he and Ginny break up and somehow he ends up on Draco's front door. ANYBDSM, NONCON, RAPE, SCAT, ANY
8/8/2013 20:31:3552eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comTheo/Ron, Lavender, OR Hermione; Hermione OR Percy/Draco, Pansy, TheoCharacter A likes to make lists of all kinds. While checking off items on his/her to do list one day, Character B gets in the way. And this person happens to be on another list of Character A's. (Char A: Theo, Hermione, OR Percy; Char B for Theo: Ron, Lavender, Hermione; Char B for Hermione or Percy: Draco, Pansy, Theo.)AnyNoncon, mpreg, established relationshipFic or art
8/8/2013 20:42:3753eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comGinny/Scorpius; Hermione/Scorpius; Ginny/Scorpius/HermioneScorpius is bored with girls his own age. That this woman has (or these women have) a bad history with his father is just a bonus.AnyNonconFic or art7th year or immediately post-Hogwarts for Scorpius (17-19 for delicious teen angst and rebellion, if possible :)). Up to you how he knows/meets Hermione/Ginny or why he has issues with Draco.
8/8/2013 20:47:3454eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comSirius/DracoDraco: "I've always wanted a dog..." Whether a taunt or a lonely confession is up to you (and obviously dictates whether or not Draco knows Padfoot is Sirius).AnyNoneFic or artYou'll note I didn't list bestiality as a squick, so if you want to go there...though Draco has to be 16 for this fest (time turner, resurrection, AU?).
8/8/2013 21:08:1457eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comRon/Astoria, Harry/Astoria, both either with or without DracoHe wasn't expecting Draco Malfoy's wife to be so warm, funny...and flirtatious.AnyNonconFic or artBonus points for the threesome (Harry/Astoria/Draco, Ron/Astoria/Draco)--maybe Draco and Astoria have an open marriage, maybe one of them has always had a thing for Ron or Harry, or maybe Draco catches them and gets involved. Just please don't sideline Astoria if you go with the threesome.
8/8/2013 21:29:0059eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comRon/Narcissa, Harry/Narcissa, Cormac/Narcissa, and/or Neville/NarcissaNarcissa has always secretly fancied younger men, and life after the war provides the perfect opportunity to finally indulge herself under the guise of "doing favors" to restore the Malfoy name. Her partners may think they're taking advantage when in fact she's getting exactly what she wants.NC-17NonconFic or artYou can play with how much or how little manipulation Narcissa is required to do, how much her partner(s) come to understand the situation, and how deep the relationship might ultimately go.
8/8/2013 21:40:1360eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comPercy/any interhouse Hogwarts Era ladiesPercy had no idea he's made such an impression as Head Boy during his time at Hogwarts. Attending a function held there post-war, he finds out when he's unwittingly led away from the other guests...and surrounded.NC-17NonconFic or artThe impression Percy made could be good or bad--let's face it, probably bad, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy whatever punishment's doled out.
8/8/2013 21:53:3761eevilalicejade_dust@yahoo.comDraco/Lavender, Theo/Lavender, Padma/Lavender, Cho/LavenderLavender takes a vow of silence. She finds a new way to communicate and someone new/different with whom to communicate.Anyestablished relationshipFic or artWhy she's taken the vow and how she communicates now are up to you. I can also see this prompt in two totally different, opposing lights: funny or angsty.
8/19/2013 21:54:4762elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comGeorge Weasley/Pansy ParkinsonSmiling doesn't always mean you're happy. Sometimes it just means you're a strong person.No higher than Rhard squicksfic and/or mixPost-war. Feel free to interpret them as a pairing or as (oddly suited) friends.
8/19/2013 21:58:0463elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comCormac McLaggen/Astoria Greengrass"I'm too smart to be seduced by you."

"Well, that's why I like you."
No higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/19/2013 22:06:1864elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comCedric Diggory/Cho ChangIt's funny how day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back everything's different.No higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/19/2013 22:10:1965elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comHarry Potter/Pansy Parkinson"I like you a lot more than I originally planned."No higher than Rhard squicksficThey can be a couple or just friends. Your choice!
8/19/2013 23:02:2466elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comTheodore Nott/Lavender Brown"Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are." ~ Buffy the Vampire SlayerNo higher than Rhard squicksficPairing or friends -- up to you!
8/19/2013 23:10:3267elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comTed Tonks/Andromeda Black"I'll go anywhere with you. I mean, if we have to spend the rest of our lives running, I will run with you." ~Caroline Forbes, The Vampire DiariesNo higher than Rhard squicksficHogwarts Era. Assumes Andromeda is in Slytherin and Ted is another house.
8/19/2013 23:13:1468elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comTheodore Nott/Lavender Brown"Things are different this year. Everything that used to matter doesn't anymore." ~Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Hogwarts Era, specifically during their seventh year.
No higher than Rhard squicksficPairing or friends -- up to you!
8/19/2013 23:17:2269elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comDraco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley"I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." ~ Spike, Buffy the Vampire SlayerNo higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/19/2013 23:21:3670elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comBlaise Zabini/Ginny Weasley"I was raised to believe men dig up the corpses and women have the babies." ~ Buffy, Buffy the Vampire SlayerNo higher than Rhard squicksficPairing or friends - is up to you!
8/19/2013 23:26:4471elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comDraco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley"It's been a long day. I need one of those hugs that turns into sex."No higher than Rhard squicksficFic doesn't actually have to contain sex if you don't want it to. Banter is fun too.
8/20/2013 23:13:3972elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comHarry Potter, Teddy Lupin"Some days you'll feel sad without knowing why. Like you lost something precious, but forgot what it was, or you miss someone you never met."No higher than PG-13hard squicksficNo slash. Just a godfather and a godson working through feelings only people like them can really understand. (Assumes Teddy's Hufflepuff like his mum.)
8/20/2013 23:48:3373elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comRon Weasley/Pansy Parkinson"I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all." ~Coco ChanelNo higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/20/2013 23:55:0874elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comScorpius Malfoy/Lily Luna PotterFlirtationship = More than a friendship, but less than a relationship.No higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/21/2013 0:13:2775elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comGideon Prewitt/Narcissa Malfoy"What are you doing tonight?"

"Not you."

"Damn it."
No higher than Rhard squicksficI'm open to crack. I'm also open to something serious. Whatever strikes your fancy.
8/21/2013 0:23:1176elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comEdward Carmichael/Astoria Greengrass"You're the best thing that's ever been mine."No higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/21/2013 0:35:1577elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comPadma Patil, Parvati Patil"Are you okay?"


"Me either. Let's kill people."
No higher than PG-13hard squicksficNo slash. Sister fic. Crack is perfectly acceptable.
8/21/2013 1:01:4378elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comBill Weasley/Pansy Parkinson"I'm quite good at spending money, but a lifetime of outrageous wealth hasn't taught me much about managing it." ~Tyrion LannisterNo higher than Rhard squicksficFeel free to make them a pairing or just friends.
8/21/2013 1:13:3979elle_blessingelle.blessingway@gmail.comSirius Black/Narcissa Malfoy"A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you will know the debt is paid." ~Tyrion LannisterNo higher than Rhard squicksfic
8/15/2013 10:40:0880enchantedteapotenchantedteapotfic@gmail.comDraco/Astoria, past Draco/PansyA chance encounter between the two women. Pansy takes it upon herself to impart some words of warning to Draco's latest conquest.

"Girl you better wake up,
Girl you better run,
Back-stabbin' bullet coming outta that gun,
Tells you that he loves you,
Then he takes it all back,
Girl, you gotta wonder 'bout a man like that." – Gin Wigmore
AnyNo pansy/astoria please. AnyHow does Astoria take this unsolicited advice? Is she intimidated by Pansy and take her words to heart, or is she a bit more savvy than Parkinson gives her credit for? Clever dialogue would be an extra delicious treat!
8/9/2013 15:28:3181fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comPansy/ParvatiYou are the girl that I've been dreaming of
Ever since I was a little girl
AnyNoncon, scat, watersports, voreAnyPansy seemed to know Parvati in the first book. I'd like to see something exploring that possible friendship (and something more later). I prefer story and character over smut, but smut is totally allowed.
8/9/2013 15:31:0182fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comAndromeda Tonks/Ted Tonks"Words surround you like fog--they make you hard to see." -PotC: Dead Man's ChestAnyNoncon, scat, watersports, vore.AnyI'd like to see Ted's difficulty in courting a Black woman.
8/9/2013 15:42:3083fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comSeverus/any male or femalegrace is a gift for the fallen, dear
you're an angry blade and you're brave
but you're all alone
-"An Angry Blade" Iron & Wine
AnyNoncon, scat, watersports, voreAny
8/9/2013 16:02:1284fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comBellatrix/Sirius"I can't hope for heaven if this be sin, you're a siren; you killed me with your call, and I know it's not love, but I'm not sorry at all"- "Ballet or Art" lyricsAnyScat, watersports, vore.Any
8/22/2013 17:24:4785fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comCho/PercyPercy's new assignment at work requires some outside help in the form of Cho Chang.AnyScat, watersports, vore.AnyGen or romance here is fine. I'd like to see poor Percy out of his depth and Cho coming to his rescue.
8/22/2013 22:30:0586fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comAlbus and Aberforth Dumbledore"People forgot; it was in the nature of people to forget, to blur boundaries, to retell stories to come out the way they wanted them to come out, to remember things as how they ought to be instead of how they were."
— Spindle's End by Robin McKinley
G to RScat, watersports, vore, incest.AnyMaybe have Aberforth in Hufflepuff? It's up to the author.
8/22/2013 22:37:1287fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comPadma and Parvati Patil"She’d always wondered what it would feel like to stand on one end of a ballroom and watch a handsome, powerful man make his way to her. This was as close as she’d ever come to it, she supposed. Standing at [her sister's] side. Imagining." - A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare AnyNoncon, scat, watersports, vore, incest.Any
8/22/2013 22:45:2588fiery_flamingoartemisia.kore@gmail.comAngelina Johnson/Gwenog Jones"You're unpredictable, and that can be the difference between success and failure. Most people make decisions in anger, fear, love, or obligation. You make decisions to irritate people." - For A Few Demons More by Kim HarrisonAnyNoncon, scat, watersports, vore.AnyAngelina continues her Quidditch career with the Holyhead Harpies. Gen or femmeslash accepted. Gwenog's House is up to the author.
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