Overview of the Database of Events 2017/2018
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GENERALSciCommFundCommEGEA Green
RegionEntityCo-organisationName of the eventDate of the beginingDate of the endOrgainsersParticipantsLocalExternalWas there any scientific input?Was there support (financial or other) from anybody?How green was your event?green practiceswhy not green?
EastBrnoTransition meeting 201717/09/201719/09/201741410NoNo5separating
Because it is complicated
EastWarsawWarsaw welcomes Kaliningrad17/09/201723/09/201744
We visited an exhibition in Kampinos National Park devoted to its environment and protection
Spontaneous picking up the litters we found during our excursion to the national park
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
EastPragueEGEA Praha welcomes EGEA Kharkiv25/10/201729/10/201766
Apart from historical tours and excursions both in and outside of Prague (led by either professional guide or by us), we had an excursion to a Map Collection of Faculty of Science (our home faculty), which is the most significant university map collection in Central Europe.
No, all costs were covered by members of the hosting entity.
I think that things that you can influence during such an event and they have some real impact on the environment, are mainly means of transport and structure of the diet. We didn't use cars at all, in the city of Prague we mainly used our feet to move around or the public transport (mostly metro and trams). When we had a trip to Kutná Hora and Žleby Chateau, we got to both places (and back to Prague) by a train. Our diet was based on fruit and vegetable snacks and some of the main meals were meat-free. We hate leftovers, so if we had e.g. a dinner in a restaurant, we tried to eat everything, regardless who left what. We also tried to produce as least waste as possible. When we used plastic dishes (it happened just once), they were made from plants not plastic and they were completely compostable.
Because it is complicated
EastBrnoDo you know Pálava?13/10/201715/10/201721349
Small lecture about geography of region.
Separate waste, no plastik thinks for food etc, we used public transport
Short event, not that many thinks to make more green
EastOstravaCzechoslovakian TeamBuilding Weekend vol.316/11/201719/11/2017226422
Scientific content was a bit suppressed because of the character of this event (team-building and introducing newbies). However, the participants should gain a basic knowledge about the region of Šumperk and the specific socio-geographic awareness. Moreover, there was a presentation about expulsion of Germans after WWII and its consequences, followed by workshop on this topic. Participants had to work in groups and find a solution for the consequences of this ethnical/national displacement.
We obtained support mainly from our university - University of Ostrava. The university, specifically faculty of science, paid our costs for accommodation, food, materials for workshop and they provided the university related merchandise we used as prizes for winning our competitions.
We were accommodated in the "Ecological education center" so we can be 100% sure that the event was as green as possible, we can guarantee compliance of the "zero-waste" politics, all of our trash was either recycled or naturally decomposed. We used bus for transport when we had to move for bigger distance, otherwise we were walking only.
EastKharkivKharkiv welcomes Moscow24/11/201727/11/2017104
No, it wasn't any scientific programme
We didn't use any plastic plates or glasses and didn't litter.
Because it is complicated
Katowice (Sosnowiec)
EGEA Bratislava welcomes EGEA Katowice !08/12/201710/12/201775
Yes , as I mentioned we were at geological park Sandberg , we visited OLO - waste incinerator with commented tour , and we had city tour commented by our ex member - alumni .
We used public transport , we were educated how to seperate waste insincinerator.
Because it is complicated
EastPragueRSC Live Meeting15/12/201717/12/2017616214NO
this event is covered by EGEA grant (live meeting of a committee)
separated rubish, no plastic cups or cutlary, homemade products, perfectly counted food - almost no leftovers, local meet, glass beer botles (returned after), only one car for orgateam (others came by train)
Because it is complicated
EastChernivtsiNewbie Weekend by EGEA Chernivtsi02/11/201704/11/201710131513
There were two EGEA trainings prepared by Vit Volny and Milan Mik from EGEA Praha, motivational lecture about self-confidence held by Olena Trifan (EGEA Lviv) and training about public speaking by Vitalii Yaremchuk (activist and speaker from Chernivtsi)
There was no external financial support.
We choosed the accommodation in the city center, so that every participant was able to reach almost every point of the event without using any kind of transportation.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated, Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastBratislavaEGEA Bratislava welcomes EGEA Katowice !08/12/201710/12/201775
Yes , we were at incinerator of waste - O.L.O. where we learned lot of thing about process of combustion. We could see also how to reduce waste and how to separate waste correctly. On last day we were at geologic park Sanberg where we saw fossils .
no7lecture about separating
Because it is complicated
EastKazanEGEA Kazan Kazan Newbie Weekend 1.020/10/201720/10/2017215150--1-
Because of lack of time
EastKazanEGEA Kazan Geo BrainRing KFU 2.101/11/201701/11/2017840180
Themes of questions in quize were scintific (geofraphy and sustainable development)
The quiz contained questions about sustainable development
Because it is complicated
EastKazanEGEA Kazan Re-Exchange: Helsinki in Kazan24/10/201728/10/201734
Excurcion to Kazan natural history museum and Museum of city's history.
Kazan Federal University5
Participants visited parks of Kazan and Blue Lakes
it was enough :)
EastMoscowMoscow welcomes Warsaw28/09/201703/10/201755nono4
using public transport most of the time (or walking), eating home often
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time, Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastBudapestBudapest welcomes Kaliningrad03/11/201707/11/201744There wasn't scientific input.No.1Unfortunately it wasn't green at all.
Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastLvivUkrainian Carpathians vol.6.002/08/201708/08/20179545
we have no scientific input in this event but we organised a workshop about how to play on traditional carpathian music instruments
Our event was located in national park, so its our uoght to be green as possible. we used less plastic, didnt leave trash in the mountains, also its a tradition event in march to clean the Carpathians, because a lot of tourists
leave their garbage in the mountains
Because it is complicated, Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastWarsawMeeting of Committees 201730/11/201701/12/2017820218
Even though there was an important scientific input, it was not our task to lead it - we just prepared space where the participants could work on those issues.
We have received financial support from the University of Warsaw. The Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies also provided working rooms.
Re-usable mugs, recycling of waste, self-prepared food
Because it is complicated
EastWarsawWinter Organisation and Strategy Meeting 201701/12/201703/12/2018848238
Activites and program was prepeard by BoE. In our gesture was to help them work in the most prodactive enviorment and atmospheare.
Organisers of OSM get money from EGEA. Since it was not enough we applied for a help from both university and faculty. Participants also paid 8 EURO each (participant fee)
-since both working place and hostel were close all participants did not have to use public transportation that produce pollution. It is also healthier to walk.
-each participant had his own cup for coffee/tee for whole event.
Because it is expensive
EastPoznanAfter-AC 201717/09/201719/09/20173303
Not that much, exept for surrounding biodiversity of lake.
Vegan meals, using public transport, no plastics were used
we behave as green as it was possible
EastIasiEGEA Iași welcomes EGEA Cluj-Napoca15/12/201717/12/20171520-
The support was from the Faculty and University
Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastIasiRomanian Freshmen Weekend 201730/11/201701/12/201710662937
During the event there was one workshop of introduction in mountain hiking and a lecture about public speaking.
Faculty and University4-
Because it is expensive, Because of lack of time
EastWarsawEGEA Warsaw welcomes EGEA Zagreb23/02/201827/02/201855nono1using reusable water bottles
Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastBratislavaEGEA Katowice wecomes EGEA Bratislava23/02/201825/02/201853
We were at the Planetarium in Chorzów. We partcipated in the show under the title "Heweliusz i ja". We learned a lot about the stars.
( http://www.planetarium.edu.pl/onas_eng.htm). We were in the Guido mine. Our guide told us about the history of mining in Silesia. (https://kopalniaguido.pl/index.php/en/)
We paid our guests from Slovakia for tickets to places and for the food
6We traveled around the city by bus
Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic, We are Newbies. We do not know everything yet
EastCluj-NapocaEGEA Cluj-Napoca welcomes EGEA Iasi02/03/201804/03/20182025No
We had support from our university because we got the accomodation for free.
4We didn't use plastic cuttlery, plates, cups.
Because it is complicated
EastCluj-NapocaEGEA Timisoara visits EGEA Cluj-Napoca30/03/201801/04/20181515Unfortunately not
We had support from our university.
We didn't used plastic cutlery and we didn't used the bus because we walked around the city and to our field trip
Because it is complicated
EastGdanskGdansk is hosting Turku people!21/03/201825/03/201866
No strict scientific input. We have met with the staff of our Uni. The excursion to the National Park had a scientific character as we were discussing the sand formations and the erosion process
No financial support. We managed to cover it by us.
We used public transport, we didn't use plastic plates or cuttlery, we recycled and used reusable bottles . By the end everyone received a fabric bag.
Because it is expensive, Because of lack of time
EastGdanskGdańsk welcomes Petersburg05/04/201810/04/201854No Scientific unputNone4
We used trains and public transport to move around.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
EastLvivExchange Lviv-Vilnius14/04/201819/04/201866nono8
We always sorted all rubbish and try to change minds enother people which we met on streets and in the parks.
We was green)
EastIasiEGEA Iași welcomes EGEA Timișoara13/04/201815/04/20181511No
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Faculty of Geography and Geology
Because it is expensive, Because of lack of time, Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastIasiEGEA Iași welcomes EGEA Chernivti04/05/201806/05/2018104None
From the University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" from Iași and Faculty of Geography and Geology
Because it is expensive, Because of lack of time, Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastLvivTeam Building in Carpathian mountains11/05/201814/05/2018212120nono10-we was green
EastKharkivKharkiv welcomes Vienna!09/05/201814/05/201804
There were no lectures or workshops but our guests listened to a lot of information about Ukraine and its history and current situation, so it wasn't just fun, it contained also a learning part.
We tried to walk and not to use public transport where it is possible. Also we tried not to print a lot of stuff and just show everything we need during excursions using a tablet or phone.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated
EastBratislavaBear awakening in Tatras05/05/201808/05/201851028
Yes , we had lecture about avalanches with our ex member of egea Bratislava - Pavel Krajčí - he is working in Slovak avalanche prevence centre . We learned how to behave in case of avalanche and many more. Also we had excursion at astronomic centre of Slovak academy of science at glaciar lake Skalnate pleso in Tatras where we learned something about telescops.
Not really.8
We had competition where our participant were divided into teams and each team had bag where they had to put all of their trash produced during event. On the last day we checked bags and the team with smallest amount of trash won. After event we took all trash to city where we recycled it.
Because it is complicated
EastOstravaEGEA Ostrava welcomes EGEA Gdańsk03/05/201806/05/201844
We shall concider as a scientific input a guided tour prepared by CP2 Kristýna Zsemlovicsová. She put emphasis on socio-historical development of Ostrava and described main problems resulting from mining history. Unfortunately there is no poster or video.
No plastic bottles, reusable plates and cuttlery, vaste separation
Because it is complicated
Egea Lviv Egea Lutsk
Maramures Weekend25/05/201831/05/201831183
We make Egea presentatoin for our newbees and make training of Egea dances.
-10We took all rubish with us from mountainsWe was green
EastLvivUkrainian Carpathians vol.7.012/08/201817/08/201841147no-8We always take all rubish from mountains
Because of lack of time
EastKharkivEastern Ukraine: the Post-Soviet Reality14/02/201818/02/2018910010NoNo1
We didn't put greening the event as a priority, therefore it's hard to evaluate.
Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastKharkivWelcome to the Bottom!19/08/201823/08/20184404
Slightly touched geology of the park as a part of our excursion.
No particular practices because of the specifics of the hike
Because it is complicated
EastKazanKazan welcomes Kaliningrad25/02/201801/03/201834
Our guests had a littel scientific programm. We were in meteorological observatory and had a dialog about our climate, changes in climate. Also we told about meteorological instrumentations for register main weather parameters like air temperature, dew point, humidity, air pressure.
Participants visited Blue Lakes-one is the most unique complex of lakes in Russia with azure's water.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated
EastKazanThe Ural trip29/07/201803/08/20182741
We learned more about geology, climate and nature of South Ural mountin area. We saw nature examples of aeolian processes
We spended a 6 days in the Sount Ural mountin area and lived in harmony with nature on Taganay national park and Turgoyak's lake beach
Because of lack of time
EastBudapestHungarian Weekend15/02/201818/02/2018622616NoNo6
Everybody had to bring with you the own cup, if somebody forgot it, we gave her/him, but only one.
Because it is complicated
EastBudapestBudapest welcomes Bern20/04/201823/04/201855NoNo7We drank always from our own bottles
Because it is complicated
EastBudapestCycling around Lake Balaton02/08/201805/08/20183642NoNo10
We used only bikes and trains for the traveling, and bike are the greenest transport ever. Except that we were drinkign from our own bottles wich we always filled up and the last night during the party we collected the garbige selective.
it was as green as possible ;)
EastKazanCamping trip to Mari-El’s forest18/05/201820/05/20182550
We learned more about Mari-Els lakes (river network in region, gidrography, composition of water, medicinal properties of water in lakes)
We spend 2 days in harmony with nature in Mari-Els forest
Because of lack of time
EastWarsawWarsaw welcomes EGEA Jena18/04/201822/04/201845
We think there was no special input, just exchangin cultures, ideas. Since it was a reexchange the get to know each other games were not needed.
No plastic cups used during grill, lot of walking, only public transportation no car needed,
Because it is complicated
EastBrnoPancake Landing28/06/201801/07/2018235624
Small WS about hydrology, visiting of karst, focus on region of the event
no8Sorting of waste, using classic cups (no plastic)
We had no way get more green at that palce
EastKrakowXVII Championship in Innertube Downhill16/02/201818/02/20187613922
This event was a sport championship, however, thanks to beautiful landscape we could discuss about its geographical aspects during the event.
Support was not needed, because the trip price was really small.
8Being in the mountains, among the forest.
Because it was sport competitions.
EastPraguePrague-Maribor Exchange (part in Prague)27/04/201801/05/201855
not much, just trips to interesting countrysides and places
using public transport, sorting out waste, reducing waste, drinking tap water when possible :)
otherwise we could travel that much and it would be boring
EastBrnoEGEA Bern visits EGEA Brno16/03/201818/03/201854
We visited Punkva caves and Macocha abbys where they told us some interesting facts, but we did not really work on any scientific project
waste sorting, using of public transport and walking
Because it is complicated
EastBrnoScientific Conference 201806/09/201810/09/2018740040
Yes, a lot! Scientific excursion with measurings, collecting samples and data. Half day of lectures about Polar research. Workshop session processing the data and samples. And in the end Workshop presentation.
Yes, Science Faculty and Geography department.
Separating waste. We tried to use only plastic cups for one evening and 1 per 1 person. We didn't throw away any food, what wasn't eaten on first day, we saved it for another lunch and participants were ok with that. We also baked a lot for coffee breaks and lunch, so we didn't have to buy eth in plastic. That also reffers to the fruits and vegetables.
we would be more green if we had better equipment, place for parties, but I think in the end we did enough.
EastBrnoEGEA Bern visits EGEA Brno16/03/201818/03/201854
We visited Punkva caves and Macocha abbys where they told us some interesting facts, but we did not really work on any scientific project
waste sorting, using of public transport and walking
Because it is complicated
EastBrnoScientific Conference 201806/09/201810/09/2018740040
Yes, a lot! Scientific excursion with measurings, collecting samples and data. Half day of lectures about Polar research. Workshop session processing the data and samples. And in the end Workshop presentation.
Yes, Science Faculty and Geography department.
Separating waste. We tried to use only plastic cups for one evening and 1 per 1 person. We didn't throw away any food, what wasn't eaten on first day, we saved it for another lunch and participants were ok with that. We also baked a lot for coffee breaks and lunch, so we didn't have to buy eth in plastic. That also reffers to the fruits and vegetables.
we would be more green if we had better equipment, place for parties, but I think in the end we did enough.
EastOtherLutsk welcome Chernivtsi23/03/201825/03/201844
There were two excursions. There were no other scientific events.

there was no additional financial support
9There were no green practices
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
EastOtherTeam Building for UKRAINIAN entities27/04/201801/05/2018323221

Among the scientific events were trainings, excursions and workshops.
There was support in the form of necessary products (pens, markers, other)
8the garbage sorting took place at the event
Because of lack of time
EastWarsawPolish Teambuilding Weekend 201808/06/201810/06/20184817Małgorzata Kamińska
Because of the location next to a water reservoir the topic was also hydrological. The organisers led a lecture about water resources in Poland and provided the participants with articles about the problems caused by dams. It prepared them for a debate, where two sides were discussing if we should build a new dam or not, from the perspective of investors and environmental activists. We also had a small discussion about the project: https://www.patagonia.com/blog/2018/04/telling-the-dam-truth/
We had the accommodation for free thanks to the cooperation with the University of Silesia
No foodwaste, we cooked ourselves and then distributed all the leftovers to the participants :)
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
EastWarsawEGEA Warszawa welcomes EGEA Wien18/10/201821/10/201844Marta Ptaszyńska
Thrash recycling at hosts' houses, using the public transport
Because it is complicated, Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EastPragueEGEA Montpellier comes to Prague20/02/201824/02/2018148Eliška Janoušková
We used recycled cups
Because of lack of time
EastTimisoaraEgea Timisoara welcome Egea Iasi04/06/201804/08/20181115Csato Attilahttps://egea.eu/egeans/oty/NoNo10
Without green practices
Because it is expensive, Because of lack of time
EuromedZagrebMotivation weekend for newbies: Bilogora 201704/11/201705/11/2017179726NoYes7
We recycled plastic bottles and other plastic stuff and didn't throw any food.
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
EuromedLjubljanaEGEA Green Live meeting17/11/201719/11/20171211
Not particularly, it was more of brainstorming for our projects.
Only EGEA, which will cover 10 € per person per day.
using hard soap, using menstrual cup, drinking leaf teas not from tea bags, saving with electricity, eating local products, buying local products from market place, using bikes and public transport, walking a lot, buying second hand
I think we did a very good job
EuromedLjubljanaSLOCRO Weekend24/11/201726/11/2017319415
There was no scientific input since the goal was connecting people.
Yes, Students organization of Faculty of Art and Društvo mladih geografov Slovenije- EGEA Ljubljana gave us some money.
We used reuseble plastic cups that EGEA Ljubljana has for events.
Because it is expensive
EuromedBelgradeNew Year’s Party on Jastrebac30/12/201702/01/2018240335No.No.4No plastic was used
Because there were only 2 organisers in charge of everything for 4 days
EuromedMostarCultural tourism week 2017.23/04/201727/04/2018349643
We didnt have any workshops, or lecturers.
Tourist board (Herzegovina and Neretva Canton), Students Parlament
4We care abouth our environment.
Because it is complicated
EuromedZagrebFooling around Vol.208/12/201709/12/20173504010NoNo5We recycled plastic bottles
Because of lack of time
EGEA Ljubljana
TNT - Training for new treiners20/11/201726/11/201741147NoNo6We recycled plastic bottles
Because of lack of time
EuromedMaltaNewbie Weekend by EGEA Malta10/11/201712/11/2017525322
This event did not contain a lot of scientific input, although the excursion to the Maltese countryside was partly scientific as organisers explained the general geology of the islands
recycling (recycling bins and waste separation), use of water dispensers instead of water bottles, beer bottles were returned to the factory to be reused
because of the limited choices of transport modes to/from the island and around the island
EuromedMariborCP weekend15/12/201717/12/2017418018
All the lectures, workshops and trainings were in the topic of CP assigments.They were organised by Euromed regional team.
EGEA (financial) and other local sponsors for material stuff (pens, papers, juices, food, etc.).
Waste separation, local food, nothing from the food went to waste, etc.
Because it is expensive
Chambéry, Strasbourg, Bordeaux
French Weekend 201802/03/201804/03/20181036234There was no scientific input.None3
Recycling glass/plastic, and very minimal food waste.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated
EuromedZagrebZagreb welcomes Belgrade21/02/201825/02/2018104
They participated in lectures at our department of geography
No.6We collected garbage at the Maksimir Park
Because it is complicated
EGEA Koper, EGEA Maribor
Slovenian weekend02/03/201804/03/2018418180There was no scientific inputŠSFF and participants.7
Waste recycling, 5 pearsons per car, biomass heating
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated
Koper, Maribor
Slovenski vikend (Slovenian weekend)02/03/201804/03/20184181818
We had workshops on the topic how to connect three faculties and their students. The output were the ideas for projects, that are connecting three faculties and are appealing to students and profesors. All three entities prepared the program. The leaders of workshop were Jasna and Nina.
Yes, student organisation from Ljubljana.
Washable glasses, waste separation, no waste food
Because it is expensive
EuromedMostarEgea Mostar welcomes Egea Beograd05/03/201809/03/201864It was not scientific eventNo5We care abouth enviroment
Because of lack of time
EuromedZagrebZagreb welcomes Warszaw14/03/201817/03/2018214We showed them our faculty.No6We collected the bottles
Because of lack of time
EuromedLjubljanaGeographic picnic09/05/201810/05/2018319172No
Yes, some part was funded by Student Council of our Faculty and part was financed by our national association. Also we fundraised for awards.
We recycled and didn't produce any residual waste, we used reusable cups and cheramic plates, metal cutlery, served food in the pots, most of vegetables were bought without packaging.
because some vegetables we needed were prepacked, we could have thought about more sustainable snacks in the night (chips)
It's kind of useless that it's necessary to add a link from our event page, because we don't have an event page.
EuromedBelgradeSlavic Weeknd04/05/201806/05/2018622106
There were 2 lectures. One about the region where we were settled (geography, tourism, issues about conservation of the national park and relation with local authorities). The other one was about Slavic heritage through the centuries, relations and customs between all Slavs, and history of Slavic tribes from the beginning to nowadays.
No financial support, only sponsor was Coca Cola which provided non/alcoholic beverages
No plastic was used as we were accommodated in a place which has all utensils. Water boiler was turned off when people finished using it. Cans were recycled. Glass beer bottles were returned to the shop for recycling.
The rest of the trash was just put in regular garbage containers because in that part of the country there s no separate bins.
EuromedMaltaNewbie Weekend by EGEA Malta10/11/201712/11/2017236529Yes, excursions- no scientific outputno8
waste separation, using of reusable water tanks to refill personal bottles, minimising food waste, buying from reliable sources such as farmers market
Because of lack of time
EuromedIzmirİzmir Culture Week23/05/201827/05/20188909No there was'nt.
No. Just fees for the participation.
7We did not practice any Green examples
Because it is complicated
EuromedLjubljanaTeam managment training 201814/09/201817/09/2018713013It was a traininig event.no7
Reausable dishes and cups, use of public transport or walking for most part.
Because of lack of time
EuromedZadarPre-AC 201815/09/201818/09/2018412012
As it is known that the main theme of Annual Congress 2018 was "Realize Rural", we tried to make our Pre-AC 2018 connected to rurality as well. For this reason, we organised a lecture named "Rural settlements on small Croatian islands - places of utopia or dystopia?" which was held by our university professor Anica Čuka. The lecture lasted for 45 minutes and the feedback of our participants was really good (questions, talks, etc.). We didn't do normal scientific output like posters, videos, presentations, etc. but what we did was the excursion to one of the islands nearby (Ugljan) where we had a chance to experience rurality of Croatian island life which was explained during the lecture.
We had few sponsors talking about food and drinks on the local level. Also, our University supported us by giving us the travel refund for travelling to Krka National Park by bus and by financing entrance tickets for Krka National Park.
We did our best to stay as green as possible, so during our accomodation in the hostel, participants had to sort the litter in separate boxes. Also, there were more glass bottles (we avoided using plastic bottles). Talking about transportation, we didn't use the public transport, so we walked through the city. It took us some time, but it was better for participants and also for environment.
Because of lack of time
EuromedSkopjeBalkanijada 201705/10/201710/10/2017545837EGEA Skopje
2 workshops were held, 1 for promotion of the culture and nature characteristics of Republic of Macedonia and 1 for promotion of 5 waterfalls on the mountain Belasica. The workshops were prepared by the organizers/trainers Aleksandar Stojanoski and Darko Stojcheski
Support from the company Vitalia
Recycling plastic bottles and foam food containers
Because I don't have enough of knowledge about this topic
EuromedBarcelonaCatalan Experience 3.028/03/201801/04/2018523419Marina Codorniu Matas
Only few explanations on the excursions that the organisers prepared. Also in the evenings we were explaining the Catalan culture and traditions.
Everyone had his/her own cup for the whole event. Although we were traveling by car, we were making sure that all cars were full so that we did not need any extras. All the food we ate was local.
Because it is expensive
North&BalticVilniusNewbie Weekend by EGEA Vilnius13/10/201715/10/201771019
There was no scientific input. It was just some training sessions, in which participants had a chance to improve their soft skills as communication skills.
Our faculty supported us and they gave us the bus for the excursion.
We didn't use plastic dish, so we didn't throw them away after using it.
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
North&BalticKaliningradKaliningrad welcomes Warsaw25/09/201728/09/201745
Excursion to World Ocean Museum, visit to scientific and technical park "Factory", meeting with the director of scientific work in Institute.
Free excursion to musem from university
6Walking by foot a lot, not going by car
Because of lack of time
Fundraising Committee
Fundraising Committee live meeting & training16/11/201719/11/201713808
There were two trainings on topics related to presentation and fundraising. Both organized by Fundraising Committee.
EGEA provided financial support for live meeting.
We tried to make food as green as possible, and to mostly avoid meats. Public transport was preferred. When public transport wasn't available and cars had to be used, guilt was felt in our consciences for it.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
North&BalticTurkuEGEA Turku welcomes EGEA Augsburg04/10/201707/10/201767nono8
Sailing, hiking, City Tour by foot and our tableparty's food was vegetarian
Because it is expensive
North&BalticTurkuZürich Explores Turku: The Suomi100 Edition02/12/201706/12/201763
During the city tour, we visited the University of Turku and its Zoological Museum. Physical geography of Turku and the Turku archipelago was discussed on the Finnish Experience excursion.
We got 100 euros from EGEA Turku for organizing the event, Sveitsin ystävät Suomessa ry (Friends of Switzerland in Finland) offered us a dinner at the restaurant Teini, VisitTurku gave us some promotion material (for example, KissMyTurku mugs).
Walking and using public transport, using a lot of local and vegetarian products for the menu.
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time, For some parts of the event we had to use own cars because it was easier and faster option than for example public transport or walking.
North&BalticOuluOulu welcomes Kaliningrad03/02/201809/02/201855
We visited Rokua Geopark and Botanical Garden of University of Oulu. Everything was organized by ourselves.
EGEA Oulu5
We used a car, but also walked a lot. We discussed about recycling.
Because it is complicated
North&BalticOuluOulu - St. Petersburg exchange part 128/02/201805/03/201833
We participated in lecture about northern tourism.
EGEA Oulu supported our groups exchange a bit.
5vegetarian food and and we cycled a quite lot
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
North&BalticOuluOulu - Berlin exchange part 210/03/201814/03/201843
University tour was only scientific thing in our exchange. We compared our studies there but that was it.
EGEA Oulu supported our exchange a bit.
we used public transportation, walked and cycled a lot. We recycled a lot.
Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
North&BalticHelsinkiLapland Experience04/03/201809/03/2018811011
We had a small lecture about the indigenous Sámi people of Lapland. That was given by one of the organisers.
Yes, Kilpissafari gave us a discount for forest skis.
When we prepared food, it was mainly vegetarian. We also didn't use plastic cups in the event and recycled what we could.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated
North&BalticJoensuuEGEA Joensuu welcomes EGEA Nijmegen03/01/201808/01/201843Not really.No7Organic and local foods, no dispoables
no really other options than car for transportation
North&BalticVilniusLviv visits Vilnius14/02/201819/02/201866
It was not focused on scientific program but we had a small presentation about our famous Lithuanian project "Mission Siberia", in which 2 our EGEAns participated, so EGEA Lviv had a chance to listen about Lithuanian side of history during Soviet times after World War II and how young people go to Siberia for 2 weeks to clean Lithuanian cemetaries. It was prepared by organisers (Lukas Jankunas and Laimis Kasperavicius).
We didn't use plastic dishes, used public transports - not the cars.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
North&BalticVilniusVilnius welcomes Leuven!15/03/201818/03/201876No.No.3
We didn't use plastic dishes. Used only public transport - no cars.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated, Because of lack of time
North&BalticTrondheimTrondheim Winter Week19/02/201823/02/2018611011
No, but the visit to Røros showed the old and very special cultural heritage in the area, and the city tour in Trondheim also invited for scientific inputs.
Financial support mainly from Frifond in Norway, applied for by our entity. It's funding on municipality level. We also got some small support from our local geography student association.
Using firewood for heating, boiling water and sauna.
Eating vegetarian food the whole event except for the dinner at the party.
One day of no transport and only skiing.
Transport by bus or walking when in Trondheim.
Because it is expensive, Because it is complicated
North&BalticVilniusBaltic Weekend Lithuanian Edition 3.003/08/201805/08/201841284No.No.2
during shopping we used less plastic bags, more our own. During event we had reusable cups,
Because it is complicated
North&BalticHelsinkiHelsinki <3 Tartu23/03/201825/03/201854nono6
mainly vegan food, we used almost only public transport or walked
Because it is complicated
Egea Joensuu
Explore the Urban: Sauna & Sea27/08/201830/08/20184404
no, or maybe the visit to the urban exhibition can be counted as such
no, but the two organizing entities supported the event with a small amount of money (less than 50 euro)
mostly vegetarian food, recycling, used only public transport except of one journey that was a lot easier with car, asked participants to bring own water bottles and backpacks instead of bottled water and plastic bags
Because it is complicated
North&BalticHelsinkiEgea Chambéry visits Helsinki12/04/201815/04/201876No
We mostly paid their costs (except flights) ourselves.
We ate mostly vegetarian (and even vegan) food. A car was used only for travelling to and from the cottage.
Because it is complicated, The cottage was very hard to reach without a car.
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