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AnimationABCYA Animate .
Animationwww.animatron.comwww.animatron.comAmazing (free) animation software, very much like Adobe Flash. It will create HTML5 files, so can load on any laptop, mobile etc. Great graphical interface, with timeline, frames and the whole lot.Middle/High school: Have students create an animated new school logo, an advertisment for a school production etc.mailto:marcel.ideler@gmail.com
Animationaurasma augumented reality
Classroom ManagementClass Dojohttps://www.classdojo.com/Great classroom management tool. Students can earn and lose points for behaviors. Behaviors can be customized. Parents can sign up and see results in real time. Also has a messenger so you can communicate directly with parents.Give and take away points for work completion. Easy way to communicate with parents behaviors of the student and see patterns with customized behaviors.I find it effective to discuss with students about why they lost or earned a point. It seems to help them internalize their behaviors. The students like earning the points and I've noticed they are more engaged with academic tasks.@CampsCrusaders @MsDrasby
Classroom ManagementClasscraftwww.classcraft.comA mix of Class Dojo & World of Warcraft, students are rewarded for positive behaviors and lose points in the game for negative behaviors. Prefect for older grade levels!
Classroom ManagementClass Toolshttp://www.classtools.net/This website has a slew of different resources. I've only scratched the surface by using the timers and the randomizers.Great way to randomly break kids up into groups or pairs, or even assign topics.@wabacon
Classroom ManagementEasyClasshttps://www.easyclass.com/platform that allows educators to create online classes whereby they can store the course materials online; manage assignments, quizzes and exams; monitor due dates; grade results and provide students with feedback all in one placehttps://educational-web-apps.zeef.com/it/gianfranco.marini
Classroom ManagementEdmodo
Classroom ManagementGoogle Classroomhttp://classroom.google.comGoogle ClassroomGreat for assignments, as they all will be coming in ONE assignment specific Google drive folder WITH the right student names.
Classroom ManagementNewselahttps://newsela.comBuild reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. Every Article At 5 Levels. Easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student.
Classroom ManagementOneNote Class Notebookshttp://www.onenote.com/classnotebookSave time, organize, collaborate. OneNote Class Notebooks have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.
Classroom ManagementTrellohttps://trello.com/An easy way to track student progress through a project.
Students working on a video project can track what each group member is working on and how much progress is being made.
Classroom ManagementSchoologyhttp://schoology.com/Schoology is an online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform.@TechCoachZ
Classroom ManagementOnCorehttp://oncoreeducation.com/iPad app that can be used to take attendance, track formative assessment and record assignments
Classroom ManagementGoogle Tonehttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-tone/nnckehldicaciogcbchegobnafnjkcneshare a webpage through this Chrome extension that emits a sound wave. Very cool! in chrome web store.Easily share a webpage to a large group... in a Star Trek kind of way!
Classroom ManagementWonderopolishttp://wonderopolis.org/homeExploration and curiosity. Easily add HTML to your website. It updates automatically each dayParents love the updates on classroom websites.Students get to explore questions that they have never had answered
CollaborationOneNote Staff Notebookhttp://www.onenote.com/staffnotebookeduCultivate & manage educator collaboration. OneNote Staff Notebooks have a personal workspace for every staff member or teacher, a content library for shared information, and a collaboration space for everyone to work together, all within one powerful notebook
CollaborationPadlethttps://padlet.com/you can use Padlet for: -Personal note taking -To-do lists - Party Invitations - Feedback - Collection - Wishing people on occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries - Anything that might need input from a lot of people, eg. a Mac Vs PC wall (that'll be a war, not a wall actually).
CollaborationPrismprism.scholarslab.orgInsert text and students (or teachers) can highlight different parts based on 3 criteria that the teacher sets up. After highlighting, the teacher can show the paragraph and the more a word is highlighted the larger the text.
CollaborationRemindhttps://www.remind.com/A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

CollaborationToday's meettodaysmeet.comOnline messengerHave students conduct their own Twitter chats about a topic"Rooms" can be embedded onto your class blog. Ss can join and contribute to discussion right from the blog.
CollaborationChatzyhttp://www.chatzy.com/Chatzy is a free tool to quickly create chat rooms. Features include "Quick Chat," which allows teachers to invite people to join via email, and "Virtual Rooms," which are password protected.@TechCoachZ
CollaborationRealtimeBoardhttps://realtimeboard.com/app/Massive endless white board that allows you (and pupils) to write all over it, embed Google Docs, Videos etc.Use in much the same way as Google Docs but with more free-form functionality. I've blogged about this here: https://realtimeboard.com/blog/realtimeboard-paperless-classroom/#.VzuF7pErI2w
CreativityCS-First http://www.cs-first.com/Coding classes
CreativityDrawp for Schoolshttp://www.drawpforschool.com/Collaborative drawings.
CreativityFace Your Mangahttp://www.faceyourmanga.com/editmangatar.phpCreate cartoon avatars (faces and shoulders) for the kids to represent themselves online.
CreativityPinterestcreate a class account, and let students build their "all about me" boards
CreativityPixtonhttp://www.pixton.com/Create cartoon strips
CreativityScratch and/or other coding toolshttps://scratch.mit.edu/With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online communityScience simulationInteractive artsVirtual math manipulatives
CreativityStory Jumperhttp://www.storyjumper.com/Kids can be a published author.
CreativityTagxedohttp://www.tagxedo.com/Creates word clouds out of text on a website or pasted text.Students can copy and paste their essay or work into tagxedo to see what patterns emerge from their word choices.
CreativityTayasui Sketches for iPadhttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/tayasui-sketches-+-draw-paint/id671867510?mt=8Best drawing app for sketchnoting. Students can take visual notes in class.@sylviaduckworth
CreativityToonDoohttp://www.toondoo.com/Comic strip creator
CreativityCanvahttps://www.canva.com/Create beautiful graphics and posters.
CreativityBook Creator
students demonstrate learning using images, voice, shapes. Easy to use, easy to share.
CreativityThingLinkhttp://www.thinglink.comAdd rich media links to photos and videosInteractive maps, egaging photo tags/elementsMAS
CreativityPhotos for Classhttp://www.photosforclass.com/Search for photos that have a creative commons license. Don't let students just download the photos. They need to visit Flickr and properly attribute the photos
CreativityScoodle Jam by Scoot & Doodlescoodlejam.comCreation & collaboration tool for the iPad w/built-in digital manipulatives, graphic organizers, creativity kickstarters and cross-subject projects with teacher guides that are aligned to CCSS/NGSShttp://scootdoodle.com/scoodlejam.phphttp://scootdoodle.com/eduguides.php"Apps in the Classroom: Scoodle Jam Lesson Ideas" http://apple.co/1Lsly0z
FeedbackClassKickwww.classkick.comSee students' work instantly on iPad. Students get more feedback than ever from their teacher and peers. And it's FREE! http://youtu.be/HvSxM9KpTDE
FeedbackEdulastichttp://www.edulastic.comPARCC and SBAC-like Questions

Create SBAC- and PARCC-like assessments that map to your curriculum and check for deeper understanding – not just memory. Choose from our template library or share your own assessments within your school or district.
FeedbackKahoothttps://getkahoot.com/Gamified quiz activity to use with whole class activities. Even middle schoolers LOVE this. Either use to 'quiz' their progress, or have to start thinking about a certain topicm(with provocative questions)
FeedbackOpenEdhttp://www.opened.comFormative Assessments to drive instruction with the world's largest K-12 resource library. OpeneEd lets teachers assign standards-based quizzes and see/track results through an interactive mastery chart. Students are given specific resources for skills they need help with.
FeedbackPollEverywherehttp://www.polleverywhere.com/Live audience participation with students taking polls from mobile devices
FeedbackQuizizzhttp://www.quizizz.com/Similar to Kahoot. Game format for review or assessment questions. Students can move at their own pace and don't have to wait for the "whole" group to finish before moving on...Create review and formative assessment tests.
FeedbackSocrativehttp://socrative.com/Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Through the use of real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding. Socrative saves teachers time so the class can further collaborate, discuss, extend and grow as a community of learners.Use as formative assessment. Create a quiz, open it to students and have them work on it. Give them the instant feedback and if they are not where they should be, have them keep trying it (it has to stay open though). It turns into a competitive individual challenge.
FeedbackTypeFormtypeform.comForm creator similar to goolge forms with more options.
FeedbackGo Formativegoformative.comAny kind of assessment you can imagine! Including drawing a pic! Real time results and aligned to standards.Make real-time interventions or discuss student work as it happens. You can literally see what your students are doing as they are working on any internet-connected device (the live results view updates with every scribble or keystroke). You can also upload any worksheet and turn into an assessment which can be typed or drawn on.Do nows, exit slips, independent practice, performance tasks, formative or periodic assessment.Have all of your students working together on a challenging problem where they have to show their work with a drawing. As they are working, you can grade all of the responses. You can hide the student names and play a game with your students to have them all work together until every one understands a concept. Students can also move on to other questions at their own pace. (also if students log in, you can return their scores later)
FeedbackThe Answer Padhttp://theanswerpad.com/features/A formative assessment tool for BYOD. A Student Response System Together With A Grading Solution for Your Quizzes!. Interactive is the response that has awesome full color draw tools. Images are saved to a digital portfolio. Answer Sheets grade you paper quizzes. 10+ question types and show your work. Standards based reports and a paperless solution.Interactive gives you the spontaneity to engage with your students at the time of instruction, giving them an opportunity to show what they know. Immediate data to pivot instruction. Adjust on the fly, based on the responses you are receiving, or set up ahead of time. Capture responses to a digital portfolio.Upload images for slides from Google Drive to send out to the students.The Answer Pad helps you transition from paper to digital assessment. Save yourself lots of time by using your existing quizzes, but set up The Answer Pad to grade them for you! Comes loaded with CC standards, but any standard can be imported. Upload the test file for paperless solution. Students have a scratch pad for all questions. Has many different question types. Great for flip class, homework quizzes etc. Has great reporting tools.Use Interactive during classtime to gauge which students are grasping the concepts being taught. You can show or hide names on your dashboard and also select a response to broadcast out to the whole group. This is great for working collaboratively on a problem, idea or picture. Once issues have been addressed, go ahead and give a quiz, The Answer Pad can grade it for you.
FeedbackPearDeckhttps://www.peardeck.com/Collect information in real-time from students with a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, true/false, draggables, drawing, short answer, paragraph answer, and numerical answers. Student responses can be collected and downloaded via spreadsheet. Conveniently integrates with Google Apps.
FeedbackPlickersplickers.comAn Assessment tool that can be used when only the teacher has access to technology and connectivity, students are given individual sheets where they can answer true or false or multiple choice a-d by simply holding up the paper. The teacher scans the papers and the results can be shown live.Used for all forms of assessment where instant feedback is required to move on or repeat learning and understandingLive visual feedback for discussionscott@techtacademy.com
GamesQuiahttp://quia.com/webEasily create games and quizzes with templates from Quia.
GeneralDocerihttps://doceri.com/Make videos, interactive whiteboard, control laptopStudents make videos to explain learning.Move around room and use whiteboard, laptopWhen students are working in groups on whiteboards, snap a picture of a groups work (with students in the picture) and they are super exicted to share out what they did!
GeneralKidBloghttp://kidblog.org/home/Student friendly blog platform. Web and ipad compatible Students love having a audience for their writing. Share math projects, slide presentations, writing and more.
GeneralMove It Chrome Extensionhttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/move-it/kopilngnmfklhhjocdfdlokmodibcbmk?hl=en-USGet kids moving! Reminds your class to do something active every... 15 minutes.
GeneralPixabayhttp://pixabay.com/en/Free High Quality Images
GeneralQR Code Creatorhttp://www.qrstuff.com/Create QR Codes to take you to a URL.
QR Code Reader and Scanner
Scan a QR Code to take you to a URL.Embedding videos of book readings in books for younger students to improve literacy.
GeneralQuizlethttps://quizlet.com/Online learning tool for studying vocabulary. A large bank of vocab is already available for use, and students can review, study, and play games to help learn terms.The students like playing the review games to study for quizzes and test. Have students create Quizlets to support each other with their studies.@MsDrasby
GeneralRikaikun (Chrome Extension)https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rikaikun/jipdnfibhldikgcjhfnomkfpcebammhp?hl=enJapanese language learning. Hover over Japanese words on websites and they'll be translated in a pop up. If you hit shift/enter, you'll see some information about the first Kanji.
GeneralSimple Wikihttp://simple.wikipedia.org/The Simple English Wikipedia is a Wikipedia encyclopedia, written in basic English. Most students use the "regular" Wiki exclusively, although it is written at a language level far above their own. This version of Wiki helps younger learners access the power of Wiki in a way that makes more (linguistic) sense to them.
GeneralFlippityhttp://www.flippity.net/Lots of cool tools for teachers built off of Google Spreadsheets.Flashcards, Jeopardy-style quiz show, Spelling words, MadLibs, Random Name/Group picker, Badges tracker, Progress Indicator, and Certificate Quiz.
Hour of CodeTynker.comhttp://tynker.com/hourofcodeCreate block style code programs that teach conditionals, logic and general problem solvingGreat lessons here to connect coding to learning for other subjects. Have students write a story with dialogue and then animate the characters with Tynker. It's Block coding teaches kids very well how to code while allowing teachers freedom to stick to the content.
Hour of CodeGameSaladhttp://gamesalad.com/Create video games for any platform. No programming knowledge required.
Hour of CodeMIT App Inventorhttp://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/Create Android apps without programming knowledge.
Hour of CodeSnap!https://snap.berkeley.edu/Build Your Own Blocks for basic programming
Hour of CodeLightbothttp://lightbot.com/hocflash.htmlLightbot is a fun tool for teaching the process of coding. The free web version is Flash-based. Kids love getting the robot around the various mazes to light up tiles. It requires lots of thinking. It's even better when students collaborate to solve the puzzles.Lightbot is a great tool to use during the Hour of Code event.
Photo EditingPixlrhttps://pixlr.com/Edit photos. Similar interface to Facebook.
Photo EditingPixlr Editorhttp://app5.pixlr.com/editor/Advanced photo editor. Combine Pixlr Editor with Google Draw to have a powerful creative tool similiar to Adobe Photoshop.Students can create their own clipart for presentations. This can be combined with a leson about creative commons, copyright and liscensing.@MsDrasby
Photo EditingAwesome Screenshothttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-screenshot-minus/bnophbnknjcjnbadhhkciahanapffepmFREE Chrome extension available from the ChromestoreCreate custom screenshots or images Students can use to create images that explains a process
PresentationEasel.lyhttp://www.easel.ly/Infographic creator
PresentationGoogle Presentationhttps://www.google.com/slides/about/
PresentationNearpodhttp://www.nearpod.com/home.phpPresent to the class to their devices. Students can interact with the presentation.
PresentationOffice Mixhttp://mix.office.comInteractive PowerPoint with video, quizzes, analytics
PresentationPhoto Peachhttp://photopeach.com/
PresentationPictocharthttp://piktochart.com/v2/Infographic creator
PresentationPopplethttps://popplet.com/Online graphic organizer
PresentationPowToonpowton.comvideo and presentation creator
PresentationPrezihttp://prezi.com/Create innovative presentations with the ability to zoom in or out on content to add additional information. Ability to edit from scratch or templates.
PresentationSwayhttps://sway.com/Easily create animated storylines and presentations.
PresentationTime Toasthttps://www.timetoast.com/Create digital timelines
PresentationVokihttp://www.voki.com/Create animated figures to speak content.
PresentationHaiku Deckhttp://haikudeck.com/Haiku Deck makes it easy to simplify your message, use images to amplify emotional impact, and keep formatting clean and consistent.@TechCoachZ
ProductivityStupeflixhttps://studio.stupeflix.com/en/video creator
ProductivityEvernotewww.evernote.comFree for all platforms - note taking, to do lists, lesson plans, class notes, meeting notes, research and much morenotes, research, share, clip and so much more. See here for more teaching ideas and tips http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/p/evernote-for-education.htmlDavid Andrade http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com
UDLRead & Write for Google Chrome ExtensionFree and full version, text to speech, dictionary, speech input, personalised vocabulary list, collect highlighted text into new GDoc etc.Students listen back to their own writing and edit / extend / improve.Students listen to text rather than read it (in GDrive or on website), using dictionary to explore unknown words.Students highlight any text on web or in GDrive and create personalised spelling list or simply collect highlights in new doc.Monika Kern @BeLchick1
VideoTED Talksted.orgPresentations about a variety of topics by professionals and expertsWatch and analyze public speaking skillsGreat hook for a lesson on an subject
VideoAnimotoanimoto.comAnimoto provides an array of tools for creating videos in your classroom. Get the educator account.
VideoAnimotohttps://animoto.com/Create videos for presentations.
VideoBrain Pophttps://www.brainpop.com/
VideoEDpuzzlewww.edpuzzle.comFind a video and turn it into a useful lesson. Crop it and take only what you need. Record your voice to make it more personal. Embed questions at any point. Share it with your students and hold them accountable: who is watching the video and who is understanding the lesson.Ideal for flipped and blended classrooms. Assign a video to watch at home, get their responses before they get to class and use your 1-on-1 time for more meaningful activities.
VideoeduCanonhttp://www.educanon.com/eduCanon is an online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. Teachers begin with any YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube video content and transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for students. By time-linking activities that students engage with as the video progresses the content is segmented into digestible components - increasing student engagement and, through our real-time monitoring, informing the next day’s lesson planning.Formative and summative assessment.Useful in flipped classrooms.
VideoPowtoonwww.powtoon.comCreate an animated video from scratch or using templates.
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