TUG CONNECTS 2019 Agenda
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Welcome to the TUG CONNECTS 2019 agenda!
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Start time
End timePlatformSes #SessionOccurs
13-Mar7:00 AM8:00 AMNetworkingBreakfast
13-Mar7:30 AM8:15 AMGeneralNW01New Attendee Orientation Network Meeting
TUG Board and Network Leaders

First time attendees and new TUG members are invited to join the TUG board and network leaders for an introduction to the TUG Connects experience and get some tips on how to make the most of your time while you're with us. If you're assigned to a TUG ambassador this is a good time to meet.
1 time only
13-Mar8:30 AM12:00 PMA+NW02A+ Network Meeting
Rhea Murray, Atlantic Packaging

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
8:30am Welcome and Agenda review
8:45am Ice Breaker – Fun, interactive group experience
9:00am A+ Roadmap
9:30am Ice Breaker – Fun, interactive group experience
10:00am Break
10:30am Vendor Showcase
11:00am Roundtable Discussions
11:30am A+ Session Overview
11:45am Questions, close
12:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar8:30 AM12:00 PMSX.eNW03Assembly & Service Network Meeting
John Kociuba, RW Gibson Consulting

Meeting Agenda (coming soon)
1 time only
13-Mar8:30 AM12:00 PMSX.eNW04EUG Network Meeting
Dean Wagner, Electrical Engineering & Equipment Co.

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
8:30am Welcome and Introductions
8:45am EUG MOD roundtable and Deep Dive into recent MOD implementations (EUG or NON-EUG)
10:00am Break
10:45am Any Rockwell Updates and News Releated to Electrical
10:45am SX.e Upgrade Post Mortem Example
11:30am Form committees for upgrades, CDC and SPA's
11:45am Onsite agenda and webex agenda review
12:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar8:30 AM12:00 PMFACTSNW05FACTS General Group Network Meeting
Jill Vass, Rice Industries

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
8:30am Welcome, Introductions and Housekeeping
8:45am Inventory Management (with Grant Howard)
9:45am New from FACTS
10:00am Break
10:15am Open Discussion by group
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm FACTS Upgrade Path to CloudSuite Distribution
2:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar8:30 AM12:00 PMGeneralNW06Storefront Network Meeting
Wendy Jindra, American Refrigeration Supplies

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
8:30am THEME - Storefront...It's Not The Titanic
8:40am New Member/Attendee Recognition
8:45am Best Practices
- Content Normalization
- Images (Optimizing & Naming Conventions)
- Reporting
- Descriptions
- Features
- Look & Feel
9:30am Break
9:45am Connection between SX.e and Magento (eConnect)
10:05am Rhythm Show & Tell
10:30am Break
10:45am Presentation: Mobility - Capitalise on the Mobile Phenomenon
11:30am User Success Story on Recent Upgrade
11:45am Open Q&A's
12:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar8:30 AM12:00 PMSX.e / CSDNW07SX.e Technical Network Meeting
Brandy Alderman, First Supply

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
8:30am Intro to Group
9:00am High Level Overview of Different Technologies - Familiarize everyone with the terminology and
different topics
- Infor OS
- Mongoose / App Builder
- Application Extensions
- Code Extensions
- Progress Programming / Q&D's
- Hardware / Administration
9:45am Mod vs Extension - What's the Difference?
10:00am Break
10:15am User Presentation - Application Extension
10:30am User Presentation - Infor OS
10:45am User Presentation - ION
11:10am Working Think Tanks -Group will break up into areas of interest where a group would work
through a real issue they are facing with someone who had done it before and start to develop
a technical solution that they can take back and work on at home.
- Mongoose
- Progress Programming / Code Extension
12:00pm Adjourn
1st of 3 times
13-Mar8:30 AM4:00 PMGeneralNW08WMS Network Meeting
Gord Crober, Kerr Controls Limited

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
8:30am Welcome, Housekeeping, Important conference events
9:00am Introductions and Expectations of Members, via quick round-the-room
9:45am Review what TUG is/does, same for WMS Group, review other Networks
10:30am Subject Matter Industry Expert Presentations (2 @ 20 min ea.)
11:15am User Demos (3 @ 15 min. ea)
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Review ERS, Mods, CoDev, Infor Updates, Future WMS Onsite conferences
1:45pm Misc. Updates, other WMS events this week
2:15pm Roundtables Round 1
3:00pm Break
3:15pm Roundtables Round 2
3:45pm Wrap Up
4:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar10:00 AM10:30 AMNetworkingRefreshment Break
13-Mar12:00 PM1:00 PMNetworkingLunch
13-Mar1:00 PM5:00 PMSX.eNW09AIM Network Meeting
Ross Denton, Quality Pool Supply Co.

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
1:00pm: Welcome and Introductions
1:15pm: Goals for AIM Group
1:30pm: Thrive Technologies Demo - Demand Planning
2:00pm: Break into 3 discussion groups for networking and best practice sharing:
Product Setup, Reporting, and Maintenance
2:30pm: Each group share the top 2-3 things they uncovered and comes back
with 1-2 questions for Grant to answer in front of everyone.
2:55pm: Closing remarks
3:00pm: Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar1:00 PM5:00 PMGeneralNW10Business Process Automation Network Meeting
Beck Greene & Larry Puroll, PSMi

Meeting Agenda (coming soon)
1 time only
13-Mar1:00 PM5:00 PMGeneralNW11eCommerce Network Meeting
Wendy Jindra, American Refrigeration Supplies

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
1:00pm Introduction and Agenda Review
1:15pm Presentation: Assessing Your Digital Readiness
2:00pm Group Round Tables - Break into smaller groups for discussion. Topics:
- Taking advantage of the mobile platform: Importance of mobility
- How important is a TEST environment? Discussion on syncing, testing
practices, version control
- What makes B2B eCommerce Unique & what B2B features do you need to
add to most platforms
- Digital Transformation: Organization change management tips that work
- Every ecommerce site should be doing this: What are the Must-Have's?
- How to select an E-Commerce vendor that fits you
2:40pm Present Round Table Summaries
3:15pm Break
3:30pm Presentation: eCommerce + ERP: Determine System Roles for Site Harmony
4:15pm Case Studies: Moving from Storefront to Magento & Other Platforms
5:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar1:00 PM3:00 PMSX.eNW12Finance Network Meeting
Suzanne Lomas, The R.M. Wright Company

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
1:00pm Welcome and Introductions
1:10pm Presentation: How GLSB works in SX.e, and Overall Best Practices for GL
2:00pm Break into smaller groups for Roundtables. Potential topics include:
- Reporting – financial, management, ad hoc
- Reconciling credit card transactions – best practices
- Budgeting
- Bank reconciliations, reconciling counters
- Acquisition/growth planning
- Credit card management – best practices
- Reconciling perpetual inventory dollars to the G/L
- WebUI / Cloudsuite Upgrade ROI
- Cash Flow forecasting
- Using Corporate credit cards for purchasing
- Tariffs
3:00pm Break, and adjourn for Rebates Meeting at 3:15pm
1 time only
13-Mar1:00 PM3:00 PMSX.eNW13Strategic Pricing Network Meeting
Danny White, IAC & Randy Hughes, HosePower USA

Meeting Agenda
• 1:00 - Welcome, Intro, and Agenda Review
• 1:15 – Pricing Today
o Obstacles
o Cost Plus or Margin Down
o Matrix (how big is too big?)
• 2:00 – What’s New for PRICING in 10 and 11
• 2:30 – ERS List for Pricing
• 2:45 – Where to Next?
• 3:00 - Adjorn
1 time only
13-Mar1:00 PM5:00 PMSX.e / CSDNW14WebUI / CloudSuite Network Meeting
Mel Church, SMC Electric & Kathy Lundquist, NSA

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
1:00pm Welcome and Introductions
1:15pm Hot Topics - Infor
- Elevator pitch to our executives – why should we migrate?
- Infor Document Management - What is it, what can it do besides forms?
- HYBRID GUI/WebUI On-Prem - Recommendations, GOTCHAS
- CSD – how does it handle Peripheral devices?
- What are the Infor SX.e training tools – overview and demo
- Infor support review
- Performance in the cloud
- CSD – what control do we have to: Create new database, Copy live to test, Access to our data
- CSD – Audits - are independent audits allowed on the environment and applications for
performance tuning, security, etc.?
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Panel Discussion with Infor and Partners - Audience Q&A
4:00pm Panel Discussion with Users
- Introduction of users
- Implementation/Upgrade lessons learned
- Recommendations, tips, concerns
- Tips, tricks and gotchas you experienced during your company’s upgrade/implementation
- How do you handle WEBUI or CSD issues? Turnaround time for resolution
- If you could go back in time, what’s one thing you would do differently and why?
- Audience Q&A
5:00pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar3:00 PM3:30 PMNetworkingRefreshment Break
13-Mar3:15 PM5:00 PMSX.eNW15Rebates Network Meeting
Della Coffelt, Distributors Corp. of America

Meeting Agenda
Start Topic
3:15pm Welcome, Introductions, Agenda review
3:30pm Nuts & Bolts of Rebates 10 and 11 setup reconcilation, etc.
4:15pm EDI process
4:45pm Discussion of current ERS list and anything missing
5:15pm Adjourn
1 time only
13-Mar5:00 PM6:30 PMNetworkingHappy Hour Reception in Marketplace
14-Mar7:00 AM8:00 AMNetworkingBreakfast
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMGeneral108Navigating the Seas of Disruption
Ralph Wallace, Sequoia Systems

This session presents a summary of the findings found in the 11th edition of the popular Facing the Forces of Change surveys conducted by the National Association of Wholesalers. Author Paul St. Germain focuses on five broad areas of concern that are being felt in the distribution business today with a look back to some of the most recent trends. Get a heads up on the latest concerns and observations by thought leaders and industry experts alike.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMGeneral112Infor Concierge and the New Mobile App

Introduction Come experience Concierge and the new mobile app. This will become the only access to Infor tools like Xtreme and Education.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMGeneral117Cloud Common Cents—Understanding Your Total Cost of Ownership
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMGeneral124Best Practices Inventory Management
Grant W. Howard, Grant W. Howard Co.

Join Best Practices Inventory Management authority Grant Howard for a company changing session on how to maximize your company’s inventory investment impact and ROI. Best Practices inventory management plays a critical factor in the success of increased revenue, profits and customer experience.

To thrive today, distributors have to balance the objectives of top and bottom line growth with the objectives of customer service and company longevity. Now more than ever distributors must understand the difference between buying and selling inventory versus managing inventory for growth, profit and customer experience. Many distributors struggle with how to properly manage inventory, what the objectives are and how it all has to come together to drive stellar results. Many distributors forget that INVENTORY is the reason for their being. Grant will discuss concepts, tools and techniques that allow a distributor to offer stellar service while realizing improved returns on their inventory investment. Fill Rates, Turns, Freight, Transactional Cost, Surplus and Measurement will be discussed. Big picture – better profits, better service, better company!

Whether your company is getting ready to implement an inventory management process, already has a solid inventory management process established, or is somewhere in-between; you will want to understand and implement these powerful inventory management steps. Don't miss this high impact, fast moving opportunity to take your company's inventory management process to a new level. This session is non system specific; no matter what system you are using, you will want to attend this session. Grant Howard is a distribution industry expert and authority on “Best Practices” inventory management, operational excellence and smart technology utilization. He is well known for his ability to take real world problems and issues and turn them into opportunities; applying real world solutions that work and drive results. Grant is the conceptual designer of the Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) features and techniques in the SX.e, FACTS and A+ ERP systems.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMGeneral151Building Catalogs and Content in Storefront
Ben Rudnick, Fun Hat Group

Catalogs and Content create a container of experience, a view into the products you are selling. In today’s SEO (Search Engine) driven world, it is important to consider how Google sees your site in addition to the Shopper perspective. In spite of this, many Catalogs originate from the perspective of the Internal Buyer or the Manufacturer. This session helps you make the most of what you have & also provide guidance on how to Build Better.

Compelling Conversion & creating Frictionless Findability are key to making to most of your Shopper relationship – providing the best Shopper Service while also Maximizing Revenue. In addition, keeping SEO impacts of what Content you use and how you build a Catalog at top of mind builds the long term future of Your Brand and keeps your pipeline of New Business full.

Beyond motivating Shoppers and keeping Google’s focus on your site, there are big ROI opportunities in using Microsite Catalogs. The top 3 types of MicroSites you can build via Catalogs include:

- White Labeled MicroSites you provide to your Customers for THEIR Customers – Value Add
- MicroSites for your Customers or Verticals - Streamlined Findability
- B2C MicroSites - Protect your existing Brand & reach New Markets with increased margin
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMGeneral152Ready for a WMS? Discover the Opportunities and Obstacles of Automating Warehouse Operations
Tony Bruckler, ASW Global Consulting

You may have heard about all the advantages of Automating Warehouse Operations. Or maybe you have implemented a WMS and are still waiting – impatiently – for all those benefits to materialize. Join us to learn about what to expect and not to expect from a WMS and how to maximize your WMS investment return. During this session we will explore the factors that can drive the need to automate and discuss how you can uncover weaknesses in your operations, in advance, that will help make your implementation successful. And finally we will review a sample ROI, walking through how you can analyze your investment return and support that always important cost benefit analysis of your project.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e / CSD201.1Cloudsuite Distribution and Distribution SX.e Roadmap
1st of 3 times
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e / CSD204Cloudsuite Distribution User Experience
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e216Tips and Tricks for Using and Personalizing SX.e WebUI
Julie Zindle, Central Data Systems

Tips and tricks will be shared for the Version 11 WebUI browser based version of SX.e. We’ll be sharing some little known but super neat shortcuts as we go. Learn how to maximize your grid options, workflows and how to set your Personalization Settings to help you fly through entry. Keyboard shortcuts will be included in the bag of tricks. Bring your best tips to share with the group as well as we all explore WebUI benefits together.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e217Using Smart Phones and Tablets in SX.e / WebUI / CSD
Tina Rood, Central Data Systems

1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e221Pricing 101: Understanding the Pricing Hierarchy
Della Coffelt, Distributors Corp of America

The pricing hierarchy provides the ability to be flexible with your pricing strategy. Understanding how the hierarchy works and other options within the pricing setups will help you apply your pricing strategy. This session focuses on how that hierarchy works, how to determine where a price falls within and how to manipulate other options on the setup within that hierarchy. This session provides the ground work for session 201 as well as the pricing workshops on Wednesday. The Pricing workshop will give you the hands-on practice to apply what you learn in this session.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e / CSD252Creating Infor Ming.le Homepages

1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e261EDI / XML / Infor OS Case Study
Don Green, EGC & David Humer, Unilink Group

The Ewie Group of Companies (EGC) has been on a decades-long mission to maximize the automation of business processes. When EDI integration with ERP systems first became possible there was great potential, but they also had to contend with the shortcomings. For instance, transactions involving automatic sourcing always required human intervention to complete. With over 90% of their inventory being drop-shipped, being unable to automate all the steps from order placement to drop shipment represented a significant limitation. These added steps pulled employees away from other tasks and led to slower, more error-prone processing. ECG ERP Manager Don Green spent countless hours on developing workarounds and ERP extensions to automate the many exceptions.

Step forward a few years and now the right partnerships has made the solution simple, yet powerful. EGC shifted the EDI transaction processing over to UniLink, a leading EDI service provider. While building the connections to each trading partner’s system, UniLink embedded EGC’s customizations directly into the maps. These UniLink Smart Maps now contain all the business logic to mimic the extensibility to handle a customer’s order, verify it as a drop shipment, and automatically create the sales order and PO, without any human involvement.

The data is the same as before, but today EGC is working with UniLink to best leverage the Unilink Smart Maps and send that data in the Business Object Document (BOD) format, which is how Infor exchanges information across its Infor OS platform. For an EGC customer, the automated sourcing process won’t noticeably change, but the effort, time, and expense involved to deliver that capability have all been significantly reduced.

In this session Don will step through the innovations that have enabled EGC to automate this mission-critical business process.
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMSX.e266A Day in the Life of IT and Introducing Infor OS Into Your Environment
Tridex Systems

This session will focus on IT as a strategy not an expense. Key areas to be covered:

• Managed Services and Support
• CSD, Application Hosting and Business Continuity (DR)
• Introducing Infor OS into your environment
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMFACTS301FACTS Roadmap and What's New
Jeff Rosengarden, Infor
1 time only
14-Mar8:00 AM9:00 AMA+404Modernizing A+: Extending New Functionality to Your System
Aktion Associates
1 time only
14-Mar9:00 AM10:30 AMNetworkingMarketplace Open
14-Mar9:30 AM10:00 AMNetworkingRefreshment Break in Marketplace
14-Mar10:30 AM12:00 PMGeneralGeneral Session with Peter Sheahan
14-Mar12:00 PM1:00 PMNetworkingLunch
14-Mar1:00 PM1:30 PMGeneralSponsor Demo Sessions
14-Mar1:30 PM1:45 PMNetworkingBreak
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral105Using Technology Advancements to Tear Down the Walls Between IT, Sales and Operations.
Della Coffelt, Distributors Corp of America

What do Sales, IT and Operations have in common? The walls in-between. Remember being told to never let your sales reps in the warehouse? Do you cringe at the thought of taking someone from your IT department on a sales call? Today’s technology changes more than just how you access your ERP, it can change your entire company structure. Sales is becoming more technical, IT is becoming more focused on operations and sales, and operations needs to be able to take advantage of technology to do more with less. The walls of communication have to come down and the proprietary nature of knowledge is out the window! This session will be a lively discussion about the future and how we get there.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral110Managing Rebates & Vendor Relationships – Creating New Profit Centers in Your Supply Chain
Kevin Lawson

Every vendor discussion is a negotiation; even if you are only talking about last weekend, sports, or vacation. We’ll unpack this idea as well as other topics that drive your overall profitability with vendors and your supply chain. Specifically, we’ll talk about planning for every meeting in the same way you plan client meetings. We’ll talk negotiation plans, top 20 relationship plans, and who in your organization can drive successful vendor relationships. (Hint: it’s not just buyers). Attendees will leave with a profit creating tools-list that they can use immediately and a roadmap for implementing profit sustaining changes for months on end.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral119IBM Power System Update1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral122Creating Training Videos - Best Practices
Dave Baum, Midwest Packaging Solutions

Training is one of the things we can all use so we learn something new every day! We will do a very quick overview of the seven different types of learners and cover why video is a very good option. This session will cover some tip and techniques that should be considered and used when creating a video training session. We will also be creating a quick training video, on the fly, using a readily accessible on screen recording video product.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral135Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Distributor's Future or Hype?
Rick Sundahl, Greywolf Systems

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger and all the latest blockchain buzzwords have been in the news lately. This session will be an overview of blockchain technologies and their relevance to wholesale distributors. While the presentation will touch on technology, the intent will be a general overview and oriented to the business analysis of the technology.

After attending this session, you'll have a better understanding of:
• Terms and Definitions (Distributed Ledgers, Cryptography, Smart Contracts, etc)
• Current applications of blockchain
• How to get started with blockchain as a distributor
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral145I just got handed Storefront. Now What?
Michael Watkins, Quality Pool Supply

How to Get Started This session will be a medley of Tips, Tricks & Advice to help you expedite your learning curve and get things done with basic tasks in Storefront. Mass imports, templates, mobility, customization, and things that Storefront should do out of the box that 3rd party solutions are already doing.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMGeneral160TWL Jumpstart: An Implementation Overview and Best Practices
Andy Weith, ASW Global Consulting

Not sure of where to start or if your configurations are set properly? Join this session and learn about the TWL implementation, how it works, configuration options and best practices. We will cover average timelines, important milestones, basic hardware as well as the impact to the ERP and office person roles. Discover the setup requirements and housekeeping tasks that not only contribute to a successful implementation, but will ensure TWL will continue running smoothly for years to come. Presented by an experienced TWL user who has implemented dozens of locations for companies in various industries.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e / CSD202.1What's New In Distribution SX.e and Cloudsuite Distribution
1st of 3 times
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e211What Should You Consider when Choosing On-Prem (OP) vs. Cloud (CSD)
Carol Shinya, NSA

CloudSuite or On-Prem, what about Hybrid? If you’re considering migrating from your current CHUI or GUI attend this session to find out the Pro’s and Con’s of each and how to determine what is the best option for your business. We will cover the three different options, and what the impact of each is for your infrastructure, services and to your Non-Infor or 3rd party products.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e / CSD213Infor Concierge Deep Dive
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e218Next Generation Order Entry - What Does WebUI Bring to the Table?
Daryl Ziegelman, Central Data Systems

WebUI Order Entry has more changes than any other SX.e module. Come see how you can take advantage of the great new way to take orders.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e225Financial Statements and Reports
Kathy Lundquist, NSA

Clear. Accurate. Timely. How can a business know if a course correction is required without good measures? Distribution has pressure from all sides, with competitors and ever increasing costs eating into market share and margins. The ability to rapidly report financial information is critical, providing management with key data to discern if the course is correct or needs adjusting. Using standard system tools, you can create financial statements that can be run on demand. We will also review how F9 works with SX.e.

Key Takeaways:

• Get ahead of month end crunch time
• Overview of in system finance related reports
• Creating financial statements within SX.e
• Building financial statements with F9
• Interaction with other users for ideas and best practices
• White paper documentation
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e240Implementing your Inventory Strategy
Ross Denton, Quality Pool Supply

TUG Connects is a great opportunity to hear outstanding speakers, gain valuable insights, and leave with a notebook full of information as well as fresh ideas. What happens the week after TUG Connects though? If you don’t have a plan of action you’ll be consumed by email, meetings, and “emergencies” that consume your time and prevent you from applying what you’ve learned.

In this session, we’ll discuss how to formulate your plan of action while here, and how to implement what you’ve learned when you return home. Attendees will leave with a “to-do” list including setup items, reports, and settings to review as well as practical steps to ensure you take control of your time, implement your inventory strategy, and see tangible results from your TUG Connects experience.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMSX.e259Progress Version 12 - Roadmap and What's New
Dan Mitchell, Progress

Explore the new features and functions of OpenEdge Version 12 which focuses on: Continuous Availability, Security, Performance and Scale, Tooling, and AppServer enhancements.
1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMFACTS303CloudSuite Distribution Implementation for FACTS Customers
Aktion Associates

1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMFACTS307FACTS Credit Card Integration and PCI Compliance
Jeff Rosengarden, Infor

1 time only
14-Mar1:45 PM2:45 PMA+401A+ Roadmap and What's New
Meghan Foley, Infor
1 time only
14-Mar2:45 PM3:15 PMNetworkingRefreshment Break in Marketplace
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMGeneral104Maximizing the ROI on Your TUG Membership
Mark Law, Hayley Group LTD

Come to this session and learn how to get the full benefit from your TUG membership. This is YOUR user community and we want you to make the most of it. We'll cover how to use the TUG member portal, how to build your network in the TUG community, and the benefits of getting more involved in the network groups, committees and even the TUG board.
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMGeneral121Documenting The Value You Add for Your Customers
Mark Law, Hayley Group LTD

Delivering added value solutions has, for many years, been on the agenda for distributors. However, what is seen as added value by the customer is always evolving. Many things that were once seen as added value are now seen to be the norm, for example:
• Local stocks
• Consignment stocks
• Same/ Next day delivery
• Technical expertise
• Out of hours service

Distributors need to work harder to not only deliver added value products and services but also be able to prove and wherever possible document the value they bring to their customers. The other thing to remember is that added value needs to impact the customer’s bottom line so even if we call it added value, ultimately it should deliver an identifiable cost saving to the customer. No distributor wants to be the cheapest, and price wars generally result in very few winners. So being able to prove to a customer that it is worth paying a premium to deal with you rather than a competitor is vital. Using real examples, this session will cover tools and techniques that can be used to introduce or enhance added value initiatives in your own business. Users of any ERP system and all skill levels will find this session interesting.
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMGeneral127Infor ION—How to Orchestrate Hybrid Integrations

1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMGeneral133Remote Hosting Options
Brian Weaver, NSA

With nearly 10 years of experience in Cloud Services for the largest IT distributor in the world, Brian brings a unique ability to educate the TUG community about various hosting options for business, including pros/cons of some of the largest providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure & others). Find out about selecting a public versus private cloud option, and which one may be best for your environment, with pros/cons of each. Finally, learn about the return on investment elements of hosting versus traditional on premise infrastructure.

Key session take aways:

- Hosting growth trends & why
- How does hosting WebUI versus Cloud Suite Distribution Differ
- Hosting vendor options are not the same, how they differ
- Considerations when choosing a hosting option
- How hosting gives businesses strategic advantages over an on-premise environment
- TUG Exclusive benefit
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMGeneral146Storefront Best Practices – Building a Better Platform
Michael Watkins, Quality Pool Supply

1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMGeneral154WMS Hardware: Work Smarter Not Harder!
Tony Bruckler, ASW Global Consulting

Do you have the right hardware to maximize your WMS? Whether you have been using a WMS for years or plan on implementing soon, join this session to find out. This session will cover information regarding wireless networks, RF Devices, voice picking, desktop and mobile printers, barcode label options and a couple other accessories that will improve your experience with a WMS.
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e203.1Distribution SX.e V11 Updates
1st of 2 times
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e208.1Upgrading Distribution SX.e—What You Need to Know to be Successful
1st of 2 times
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e212Come Ask the WebUI Customer - An Open Q&A Session with Users Already Running WebUI / CSD
Mel Church, SMC Electric

We'll have a panel of SMEs (subject matter experts) to help guide the discussion, but in the end this is your session to discuss issues, opportunities and obstacles related to your WebUI upgrade.
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e222Pricing Maintenance – Update and Create Pricing Records
Linda Gavin, Colin Rhyno, NSA

PD Entry Mass Maintenance expedites the process of updating and creating customer pricing records and rebate records by using pricing sets. This session will be a refresher on using the mass maintenance functionality to create new records and update existing records.
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e243Advanced Purchasing Roundtable

1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e257MaxCapture Enhancements Case Study
Don Green, PSMi

This session is a study of how PSMi put a Cradle-to-Grave Electronic Transaction system in place with processing controls at every touchpoint, using MaxCapture integrated with SX.e module processing to monitor transactions every step along the way.
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e / CSD267Infor OS for Distribution—The Basics on the Infor OS Technology Platform

1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMSX.e / CSD284Using Infor ION for Alerts and Workflows In Distribution SX.e
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMFACTS316Bring Your Questions! Open Q&A Panel Discussion
Tim Plotner, Earnest & Associates
1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMA+405A+ Upgrade - User Case Study
Lisa Giblin, Spicers Canada; Brad Maguire, American Paper & Twine

1 time only
14-Mar3:15 PM4:15 PMA+412A+ AIM
Dave Baum, Midwest Packaging Solutions; Grant Howard, Grant W. Howard, Co.

Get a peek at the 10.02 code enhancements that start to show the movement of the ICC options and functionality from the Web-based product into base A+ code. We'll be touring the new “Exception Center” capabilities within 10.02 and the set-up that is feeding the data into the Exception Center.
1 time only
14-Mar4:15 PM4:30 PMNetworkingBreak
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMGeneral111Managing Change - Why do Some Changes Succeed and Others Fail?
Bob Brunk, ASW Global Consulting

How many new techniques, new processes based on high quality systems fail to live up to expectations? The management of change has become as important as the tools selected to implement that change. Learn more about how to use proven techniques and methods to move your business in the right direction, to succeed where so many fall short.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMGeneral113Infor Coleman and Artificial Intelligence—Here to Help You Work Smarter

1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMGeneral118Infor Cloud Offers More Than You Think

1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMGeneral147Taking Storefront Mobile
Ted Flavion, Dalco

eCommerce is an essential part of business today, allowing customers to purchase items quickly and easily. Today, mobile technology is booming and businesses need to make sure they're focused on this side of eCommerce to ensure they're not falling behind their competition. While your eCommerce site may be mobile friendly, would it benefit your customers if it was mobile responsive?

In this session we'll take a look at some of the current mobile eCommerce trends, how to plan and implement a mobile project for Storefront, and what the future of mobile eCommerce may have in store for us.

• History of mobile ecommerce and current statistics
• Difference between mobile friendly and mobile response
• Deciding if mobile ecommerce is for you
• Advantages/Benefits of a mobile responsive site
• Steps to implement a mobile responsive platform – How to approach the project
• Future mobile eCommerce trends and statistics

1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMGeneral155Warehouse Safety 101: Are Your Assets at Risk?
Lauren Bruckler, ASW Global Consulting

Let’s be honest, investing in safety is too often pushed aside in favor of productivity and immediate operational gains. However, a sustainable business model is one that includes a commitment to occupational safety and health principles, as these are most often complementary to long-term operational viability. Learn the essentials to protect your most valuable asset - your people - and in turn, your business. Even if you already attend a monthly safety meeting, come learn what you might be missing!
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMGeneral161Pro-Advisor
Tim Plotner, Earnest & Associates & Grant Howard, Grant W. Howard Co.

Wouldn’t you like a BI tool which brings clarity and focus instead of just a mountain of data? A solution that puts your data in the context of your business goals and objectives instead of merely showing you KPI statuses? Software that actually takes you on a ‘guided fishing trip’ to show you were the ‘fish’ are!

Come see how ProAdvisor (developed by Earnest & Associates and Grant Howard) moves BI from passive data analysis to a business objectives and performance tool that will empower everyone in your organization, from the CEO to account representatives, with focused, actionable information!
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e205Considering an upgrade? Here are all of your options
Julie Zindle, Central Data Systems

Are you considering an upgrade to your SX.e system? We will discuss the options you have and what to consider as you go through the process. Are you considering CloudSuite Distribution or are you staying on premise? Are there features (or fixes) you’ve been waiting for? What will you do about your modifications and third party addons? How will you handle training your end users?

The goal of this session will be to guide you through all of the options and the opportunities for your next upgrade.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e227Freight Processing Best Practices Roundtable

1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e242Inventory Replenishment Settings – Set it and Forget It
Linda Gavin, Colin Rhyno, NSA

Are you aware of the settings that facilitate the Buyer’s Control Center? This session will take a look at the Administrative Options (AO) for Purchase Order Replenishment and Warehouse Transfer Replenishment. Product line settings for transfers and purchase orders will be covered along with rounding, buying units and standard packs. Maybe you did set it and forget it, or maybe you forgot to set it. Whether you are new to the Buyer’s Control Center or a seasoned buyer, getting back to basics is always a good idea.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e253Intelligent Mobile & Web Apps for More Informed Customers (presented by Progress)
Dan Mitchell, Progress

In this session we’ll show how Progress solutions can accelerate the creation of smarter web and mobile applications that support modern security standards, integrate with diverse backend systems, and can leverage business rules, chat bots and proactive engagement services to provide valuable insights and intelligence to end users.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e / CSD256User Management for Infor CloudSuites in On-Premise and Single or Multi-Tenant Cloud

1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e / CSD265Using the Mass Maintenance Tool in CSD

Learn how to use the Mass Maintenance of Master Data Tool to export data sets from CSD, manipulate the data and then import the changed data back into CSD. We'll explore adding, changing and deleting records/fields and show how standard CSD rules and validation are performed when data is imported back into the system. We'll also show how to track data changes for auditing purposes.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMSX.e275Distribution SX.e V11 Patches—How to Deploy for Maximum Benefit

1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMFACTS302CloudSuite Distribution Overview for FACTS Customers

As we continue to migrate our A+/FACTS customers to CloudSuite Distribution, we're learning a lot. If you are one of those customers considering the migration, come learn what we've already learned and hear about some exciting tools we have developed specifically for our A+/FACTS customers to simplify the migration effort.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMFACTS305Life Hacks for FACTS
Ralph Wallace, Sequoia Systems

A new installment of the ever-popular tips and tricks presentation with ten new suggestions for features every distributor using FACTS should leverage. A few examples are: “I Need Somebody, Help!”, “Putting Your Keyboard on a Diet”, “Another Taxing Question” and “We’re Gonna Have a Busy Week”.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMA+402CloudSuite Distribution Overview for A+ Customers
Meghan Foley, Infor
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMA+407Adding Services to A+
Randy Morris, Doe & Ingalls

Is your distribution organization adding value for your customers by performing services in addition to the products you are distributing? Come see how Doe & Ingalls, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific decided to add services to the ERP. In this session we will discuss the high level view of the service module we created and drive into the details of adding service types, automated counting of services based on transactions in the ERP and reviewing the service invoices to our customers.
1 time only
14-Mar4:30 PM5:30 PMA+410Handling Rebates
Lisa Giblin, Spicers Canada

1 time only
14-Mar5:30 PM6:45 PMNetworkingHappy Hour Reception in Marketplace
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