DATESU TimePU TimeSite #Site NameTownGPS WaypointSample#Air tempPhysical ConditionsNuisance
Total countAe cinAe vexAn puncAn quadAn walkCq pertCx pi/reCx salinCx terrCs melCs morsOc abs Oc punctOc aurOc atroOc canaOc diantOc excrOc fitchOc hendOc intrOc japoOc provOc sticOc stimOc trisOc trivPs ciliPs feroxUr.SappMales
No I.D.
??Field TechnicianLab TechnicianComments
4/24/2019n/an/aW5Prunier SEWeybridge
N44.047265 ; W-73.250608
CZLV3 REARED51Cloudy, Wind: N-NW 15 mphn/a170000000000060000000001100000090CZMMReared from larvae.
5/9/2019n/an/aW5Prunier SEWeybridge
N44.047265 ; W-73.250608
CZLV16 REARED54Cloud cover 70%, 0MPH windn/a291010000000000001001000019100000350CZMMReared from larvae.
5/15/2019n/an/aW28Otter Creek Weybridge Swamp S.WeybridgeN44.070720 ; W-73.243086CZLV18 REARED52Cloud cover 50%, NNW 10-15MPHn/a66300000000000000004000001400000450CZMMReared from larvae.
5/15/2019n/an/aB3WRP East of PayneBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916CZLV21 a&b58CLoud cover 90, 0MPH windn/a1700000000000000000100000500000110CZMMHand caught in field as they were emerging/launching.
5/20/2019n/an/aW7Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W-73.251091CZLV2278CC: 50%medium1800000000000000000000001800000000CZCZ/MMSweep net from shoeline
5/20/201917:00n/aC19Swamp Road NE Wetland MeadowsCornwallN43.918588 ; W-73.174810CZSN176CC: 50%, Wind: 25-30 mph Wmedium44700000000000001001000009200000120CZMMSweep net along eastern edge of Wetland Meadows
5/20/201918:15n/aC13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZSN275CC: 50%, Wind: 25-30 mph W020000000000010000000000000000010CZMMSweep net along path up to Light Trap site.
5/20/201919:308:30W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMLT160/54CC: 75% NNW 15-20MPH; Mostly clear N 15 MPH020000000000010000000000100000000MMMMWindy and overnight temperatures in the 40's.
5/21/201919:458:15CZLT161/51CC:50%, WInd:25-35 WNW/Clear, Wind: 15-25 mph N000000000000000000000000000000000CZCZSpring emergence has occured. Large numbers of mosquitoes can be seen in the field. Wind may have prevented mosquitoes from being attracted to CDC Trap.
5/27/2019n/an/aC9125 & West StreetCornwallN43.990606 ; W-73.252606CZLV28 REARED65CC:50%, Wind: 0-10 NNWn/a6409000000000000000000000001000540CZMMReared from larvae.
6/4/1910:30n/aW7 Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W-73.251091CZLV2961Wind 10-20 NNW4000000000000000010000300000000CZMMSweep net.
6/6/1912:00n/aC19Swamp Road NE Wetland MeadowsCornwallN43.918588 ; W-73.174810CZLV3370Clear! Wind: 10-15 WSW167000000000010000000000520000010CZMMSweep net.
6/11/1920:008:25B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT2CC: 0%, Wind: 10-15 NNW/CLEARMedium2591936600040000120001000500014210000060CZCZ/MM
6/11/1919:408:15B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT3CC: 0%, WInd: 10-15 NNW/CLEARLow2221100013000010000000200000100001CZCZCulex mosquitoes may be coming from tires at adjacent farm.
6/11/1920:258:35B171445 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.971472 : W-73.2896CZLT4CC: 0%, Wind: 10-15 NNW/CLEARLow3850600050000200020000000000000000CZCZThis site is about a tenth of one mile north of site B7
6/11/1919:008:00O1 56 Court Street MiddleburyN44.009888 ; W-73.163236MMLT266/64Partly cloudy; Wind NNW 12MPH/
Clear; Wind WSW 4MPH
low (windy)40500000500001000000200000160000000MMMMMosquitoes at this site have been out in large numbers day and night, biting aggressively. Number of flying mosquitoes low at time of set up due to windy conditions-disturbing the undergrowth at edge of woods caused resting mosquitoes to fly only to return very quickly to the cover of the vegetation. Mosquitoes out in larger numbers at time of pick up due to very light wind.
6/11/1919:15n/aO1 56 Court Street MiddleburyN44.009888 ; W-73.163236MMNS166Partly cloudy; Wind NNW 12MPHlow (windy)2920000000000400100300000190000000MMMMSweep net. Mosquitoes at this site have been out in large numbers day and night, biting aggressively. Number of flying mosquitoes low at time of collection due to windy conditions-disturbing the undergrowth at edge of woods caused resting mosquitoes to fly only to return very quickly to the cover of the vegetation.
6/12/1920:208:45C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT568/60Clear, Calm/ Overcast, cool, wind: 10 mph SEHigh63213200111000040040000101213000007CZCZThe first Co. perturbans of the season!
6/12/1920:458:30C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT664/60Clear Calm/ Overcast, cool, wind: 10 mph SEHigh4715000000000020004000000042000001CZCZ
6/12/1919:308:10W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMLT372/60Sunny, wind S 6MPH/
Overcast, wind S 6MPH
Very high861967000000004003008000181400000160MMMMMosquito levels very high, swarming in clouds, possibly the worst I've seen at this site.
6/12/1919:40n/aW2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMNS272Sunny, wind S 6MPHVery high921000000000023001001500004470000010MMMM2 minute net sweep. Mosquito levels very high, swarming in clouds, possibly the worst I've seen at this site.
6/12/1919:558:25C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMLT472/59Sunny, wind S 6MPH/
Overcast, wind S 6MPH
High1926740004100006700150011000018160000060MMMMMosquito levels high, attacking the car before I even got out. Many mosquitoes entered car despite opening and closing door as quickly as possible.
6/17/1919:307:45W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMLT570/62Sunny, wind N 5MPH/Overcast, still.Very high/very high1592851006500004300120011010016190100080MMMMMosquito levels very high. Unexpectedly low number of moquitoes in trap compared to how many were swarming at the site.
6/17/1919:458:00C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995MMLT671/60Sunny, wind N 5MPH/Overcast, wind W 1MPH.Moderate/ very high1,6481918111810214000099003600169050253222029000130MMMMMosquito levels moderate on path to and from light trap, levels moderate at trap at set up but very high at pick up. Only 13 males in entire collection!
6/17/1920:008:25C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMLT769/62Sunny, wind N 6MPH/Overcast, wind W 1MPH.Moderate/ moderate7435130002000050030050210360000020MMMM
6/17/1920:10n/aC1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMNS369Sunny, wind N 6MPHModerate124000000000000010000000160000000MMMMCollected from mosquitoes swarming around my parked car.
6/17/1920:008:30DD West StreetCornwallCZLT7XR68/64Clear, Wind: 0/Overcast, Wind:0Low/Low1161108005200002210530020200120000033CZMM/CZ
6/17/1920:458:50C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT865/65Clear, Wind: 0/Overcast, Wind:0High1442834001450000120023070000340500090CZMM/CZBattery Died.
6/1820:308:45C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT968/71Clear, Calm/ CC: 50%, Wind 5-10 mph SSWLow/Low47122000117000020080020000200000010CZCZCount seems unusually low. The presence of Cu pipiens/restuans is up at this site.
6/18/1920:459:10C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT1065/70Clear, Calm/ CC: 50%, Wind 5-10 mph SSW, wooded area sheltered from the windHigh/High419232402160000027003290030000530100040CZCZ/MMREGULATOR HOSE MALFUNCTION AT CONNECTOR. CONNECTOR CLOGGED WITH BROKEN CORK. Despite that, a significant number of mosquitoes were still trapped
6/18/1920:559:20C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT1166/71Clear, calm/wind 5-10 mph SSWHigh/Medium31956180110600001150080001101019130000052CZMM/CZ
6/19/1911:1519:05C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT12 daytime75/76CC:50%, Wind 5-10 mph S, wooded area sheltered from wind/Light intermitent rainHigh/High1322110000000018001060010000210000000CZMM
6/24/1918:507:20W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMLT873/66CC: 50%, wind N 5MPH/ CC 100%, very light sprinkle, wind S 3MPHVery high/very high11410340042100003700700120201370000030MMMMNuisance level high at set up and pick up. Doe and twin fawns crossed road just north of intersection of Snake Mt. Rd. and Lemon Fair Rd!!!
6/24/1919:107:45C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995MMLT974/66CC: 50%, wind N 4MPH/ CC 100%, wind SSW 3MPHHigh/High22825431500221600008204004400030450000010MMMMNuisance level high at set up and pick up. Deer crossed road just south of intersection of Snake Mt. and Lemon Fair Rd.
6/24/1919:25C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMLT1074/69CC: 50%, wind N 4MPH/ CC 100%, wind SW 3MPHModerately high/high81132100420000610120012010013100000140MMMMNuisance level high at set up and pick up. BLACK BEAR crossed road just south of intersection of Lemon Fair Rd. and Bittersweet Falls Rd!!!
6/24/1920:459:152695 Rattlin Bridge Rd.BridportN44.016163 ; W-73.364664CZLT13c71/67CC: 80%, Wind: 0/CC: 100%, light rainHigh/High123643001320000300600010100260000021CZ CZTrapping at this site in response to complaint. It seemed like there were far more active mosquitoes than the trap caught respectively. There was nothing obvious on the site respective of artificial containers that may have led to high Culex numbers. Culex mosquitoes may be coming from the large "ant hill moats" in both the forests and open meadows as has been identified in this region of the Champlain Valley. 
6/25/1920:308:30C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT1474/71Post rain event; 1.35", WInd: 0 mph, Clearing, CC: 10%/ CC: 0%, Wind: 0 mphLow/089231001646000020060010100110400012CZ CZNuisance level at time of trapping negligable to 0.
6/26/1920:158:45B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT15Post rain event, Evening Thunderstorm; WInd: 0 mph, Clearing, CC: 10%/ CC: 0%, Wind: 0 mphMedium/Medium138240160001700002500350020100550200001CZCZNuisance level at time of trapping medium to high.
6/26/1920:258:50B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT16Post rain event, Evening Thunderstorm; WInd: 0 mph, Clearing, CC: 10%/ CC: 0%, Wind: 0 mph0/03732000124000010000000000500000001CZCZNuisance level: 0
6/26/19C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT17Post rain event, Evening Thunderstorm; WInd: 0 mph, Clearing, CC: 10%/ CC: 0%, Wind: 0 mphHigh/High at trap site3741501300522000023002590040000200000040CZMM
6/27/1920:509:20C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT1868/72Post rain event, Evening Thunderstorm; WInd: 0 mph, Clearing, CC: 10%/ CC: 0%, Wind: 0 mphMedium/Medium60525070160100080168003140020201600000020CZMM
7/1/1919:307:30W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMLT1177/68CC 20%; wind NNE 2MPH/90% CC, wind SE 5MPHHigh/Low272533052052330000150050022000182071100070MMMM
7/1/1919:4519:50C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995MMLT1271/68CC 20%; wind NNE 2MPH/90% CC, wind SE 5MPHHigh/High1,440611333120115920000180052092050021950742000270MMMM
7/1/1920:058:05C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMLT1372/68CC 25%; wind NNE 2MPH/90% CC, wind SE 5MPHHigh/High58423422001610000300600800003200510004020MMMM69% of collection comprised of males.
7/2/19n/a8:10C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMNS46890% CC, wind SE 5MPHHigh912120000000001000001107002110015000120MMMMNetsweep around car.
7/2/1910:3017:15W291049 Lemon Fair RdWeybridgeN44.019163 ; W-73.223154CZLT19c72/CC:<10%, Wind: 10-15 SSWMedium/Medium4101000000000000400002007302000003CZCZThis site is part of a continuous ledge extending several miles. It tends to be ideal resting habitat for mosquitoes.
7/2/1919:159:00C2881 Sunset OrchardCornwallN43.949851 ; W-73.251143CZLT20c81/74Clear, Calm/ Clear, CalmMed./Low20254300011200001004000000000012700081CZMM
7/2/1920:009:10C294245 Rte 30CornwallN43.938159 ; W-73.210476CZLT21c79/76Clear, Calm/ Clear, CalmMed./Med. 3883511003110000230026800150000540100020CZMM
7/2/1918:408:30B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT2282/71Clear, Calm/ Clear, CalmHigh/High61420035380181000002007900102200752146000103CZCZA beaver inhabits the pond on this property which may give rise to more mosquito habitat.
7/2/1918:508:40B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT2379/73Clear, Calm/Clear CalmMed./Med. 238138810081300001005000000002010100060CZCZ
7/3/1920:009:15C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT2477/75Clear, Calm/ Clear, CalmHIGH/HIGH8603129100271300000003000000001068100002CZCZ
7/3/1920:259:30C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT2574/75Clear, Calm/ Clear, CalmLow,Low60932151021628000030019800000001250150001542CZCZNote: extraordinary number of males
7/3/1920:309:40C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT2674/75Clear, Calm/Clear CalmMed/Low1,1580100011510000010000000003000200000CZMM/CZ
7/7/1919:458:00W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467MMLT1471/61Clear, N6MPH/Clear, calmVery high/Very High29719761400503900000001002000001317500043MMCZ
7/7/1920:008:20C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995MMLT1570/62Clear, N5MPH/Clear, light breezeVery high/Very High2,34813745310028522900001000001500017160990000105MMCZPedominant abundance: Ae. vexans, Cq. perturbans and Oc. trivittatus
7/7/1920:208:35C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997MMLT1670/61Clear, dusky, calm N5MPH/clear, calmHigh/High3486311200268000001040000021040207000450MMCZOne mosquitoe specimen possibly keys out to Oc.dorsalis (specimen in poor condition)
7/8/1910:35n/aW30869 James RoadWeybridgeN44.019677 ; W-73.212129MMNS5c73Sunny, light breezeHigh4627000000000000000000001402100000MMCZ
7/8/1913:00n/aW31206 Gooseneck Bend WeybridgeN44.067630 ; W-73.237911MMNS6c76Sunny, WNW 4MPHModerate-High43040000000000001000000011931300010MMCZ
7/8/1920:008:15W15284 Pulp Mill Bridge RoadWeybridgeN44.022868 ; W-73.178349CZLT2779/70Clear, Calm/Clear, CalmLow/Low1054610020310000100000000000203900010CZCZCO2 tank running low
7/8/1919:209:10613 West StreetCornwallN43.951539 ; W-73.250255CZLT28c79/70CC: 10%, Calm/Clear, CalmHigh/Low593151871005714000020030010000007030100001CZCZLarge section of orchard left in tall grass providing resting habitat.
7/8/1920:009:001986 Rte. 74CornwallN43.943693 ; W-73.239495CZLT29c80/69CC: 10%, Calm/Clear, CalmLow/Low894223001780000100600000000302300010CZCZNuisance mosquitoes present when walking around house in grass.
7/8/1919:307:30W30869 James RoadWeybridgeN44.019677 ; W-73.212129MMLT17c77/63Sunny, N3MPH/Sunny light breeze.High/moderate-high1,71712338100407145000003045003000036074200093MMCZNuisance mosquitoes are prevelant.
7/9/1919:358:00W31206 Gooseneck Bend WeybridgeN44.067630 ; W-73.237911MMLT18c79/67Sunny, NW3MPH/Sunny with hazy clouds, still.High/High209211300563900000001900000103706500042MMCZProperty has standing water and breeding habitat
7/9/1919:50n/aW31206 Gooseneck Bend WeybridgeN44.067630 ; W-73.237911MMNS7c77Sunny, NW3MPH/High91100000000000000000000033100000MMCZ
7/9/1919:309:00B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT3075/70Hazy, Calm/Hazy,CalmHigh/Medium79113567251012280000000370010012074403120001085CZCZOne specimen in question due to damaged condition: Culesita minnesotae
7/9/1919:409:15B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT3175/70Hazy, Calm/Hazy,CalmHigh/High422479520043560000300700100000230134001136CZCZ
7/10/19C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT489078500801100000000014000007030300000CZCZ
7/10/19C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT4,0181755500057310800006005021000009450244000005CZCZUnusal spike in collection
7/10/19C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT1,29939350005106000042053000001208011900212811CZCZ
7/11/1919:308:3056 Apple Tree LaneCornwallN43.928434 ; W-73.230639CZLT32c78/72Hazy, Humid, W: S 15-20 mphLow/Medium1390351007515000000020000000080300000CZCZHeavy Thunder Storms in the night. 1.4" rain accumulation. Nuisance mosquitoes at trap site: Medium+
7/15/1920:008:30W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467CZLT3374/69Hazy, Wind: 5-15 mph SHigh/Medium +174142009432000000000000000103500000DSCZ
7/15/1920:158:45C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995CZLT3474/68Hazy, Wind: 5-15 mph SHigh/High4,111381134113475300002003229002005012211301050002613DSCZNote: The first An. barberi was collected. unable to pin specimen.
7/15/1920:309:00C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997CZLT3574/68Slight Breeze, HazyHigh/High2761295300362000000010000010540100000161DSCZ
7/17/1919:308:45930 East StreetBridportN44.004439 ; W-73291061CZLT36c78/70CALM, HAZY/POST RAIN EVENT, Hazy, CC: 20%, Wind 5 mph SMed./Low199110000156100001003300000000526500016CZCZPredominant Abundance in Cu. pipiens/restuans, Oc. cnandensis, Oc. trivittatus
7/17/1919:30na930 East StreetBridportN44.004439 ; W-73291061CZSN378/70CALM, HAZY/POST RAIN EVENT, Hazy, CC: 20%, Wind 5 mph SMed/na51000000000000030000000010000000CZCZConducted sweep net for three minutes. Mosquitoes concentrated in vegetation.
7/17/1919:409:05B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT3779/70CALM, HAZY/POST RAIN EVENT, Hazy, CC: 20%, Wind 5 mph SMed+/Low5857780004768000000030000300134036100001CZCZ
7/17/1919:509:00B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT3876/68CALM, HAZY/POST RAIN EVENT, Hazy, CC: 20%, Wind 5 mph SHigh/High9613314116001847000030029008010437610540000023CZCZSpecimens of collection showed unusual deterioration.
7/18/1920:009:15C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT3976/73Thin haze, Wind: S 5 mph/Wind: S 5-15 mph, CC: 90%<Med/Low1,2432891100944600001003009000057017800007CZCZThere is a higher preponderance of Aedes vexans at this site which is an anomoly in the field data.
7/18/1920:259:00C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT4076/73Thin haze, slight breeze/ Calm, CC: 90%< Med/Med246914600000000000570000000010900060CZCZFROGS!!! The emergence of Leopard frogs coming from the Cornwall Swamp has been unprecedented in the last two weeks. Sustained flooding for two months has allowed nearly 100% maturation of frog eggs into adults. 100's of thousands of frogs have emerged from this years egg laying season. 10's of thousands of frogs were killed under the tires  of automobiles traveling on Creek and Swamp Rds. for two weeks. The frogs are now emigrating outward, away from their birthplace. Some are already going West of the Swamp and crossing Route 30 in significant numbers. The forest floor and lawns are now covered in frogs hopping everywhere!
7/18/1920:308:45C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT4177/75Thin haze, Wind: 5-10 mph S/Wind: 15-20 mph S, CC: 90%Low/0811142130270417000810012001200004701000116CZCZSmall Cattail pond on property may be the site from which Cq. perturbans are coming from.
7/22/1919:108:10W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467CZLT4266/65Post Rain Event; .2", Overcast//Light rain over night//OvercastHigh/High349041100391960000000700300001754200061CZCZCulex species coming directly off of property.
7/22/1919:208:50C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995CZLT4365/64Post Rain Event; .2", Overcast//Light rain over night//OvercastHigh/High2,06757476008324000002001045000043810892000021CZCZ
7/22/1919:358:35C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997CZLT4465/64Post Rain Event; .2", Overcast//Light rain over night//OvercastHigh/High118121000650000000100000100008200001CZCZNote: trivittatus numbers
7/24/1919:408:251316 Forrest Rd.BridportN44.031072 ; W-73.262771CZLT45c70/65CLEAR, CALM/CLEAR, CALMHigh/Low870230016410000000000000000002500000CZCZRe-visit site; re: Cx pip/rest population (Second trap night: See CZLT71c)
7/24/1919:50na1316 Forrest Rd.BridportN44.031072 ; W-73.262771CZSN470/naClear, Calm/naHigh/na460000000000002800001000000110100000CZCZRE-visit site; re: Cx pip/rest population. Sweep net damaged many mosquitoes.
7/24/1920:208:55B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT4667/66CLEAR, CALM/CLEAR, CALMHigh/Medium2309123800450000000501800000115211900020CZCZ
7/24/1920:108:40B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT4768/66CLEAR, CALM/CLEAR, CALMMedium/Low58170005210000000000000010102200000CZCZTall grass near trap site had been mowed. Blackbilled Cuckoo calling in the morning.
7/25/1919:208:40C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT4874/70Clear, Wind: 5-10 mph S/Clear, CalmHigh/ Low18401500079180000000400000000106700000CZCZ
7/25/1919:458:25C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT4971/65Clear, Calm/ Clear, CalmHigh/ Low161840019630000000320000000061200071CZCZ
7/25/1919:508:15C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT5071/65Clear, Calm/Clear, CalmLow/None3915000183000100080000001000000101CZCZPossible regulator malfunction
7/29/1919:408:15W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467CZLT5179/77Calm, Hazy/ Wind: 5-10 mph S, Hazy Low/Low1591504003156000000010100000022700040CZCZ
7/29/1919:558:30C4 610 Snake Mountain RoadCornwallN44.000158 ; W-73.249995CZLT5278/77Calm, Hazy/ Wind: 5-10 mph S, Hazy High/Medium +3,011010003710335510000000006200001070155200015CZCZ
7/29/1920:158:50C1 19 Ledgemont DriveCornwallN44.011901 ; W-73.220997CZLT5380/80Calm, Hazy/Calm HazyHigh/Medium +357014890031500000000020001032014700162CZCZ
7/31/1919:508:25B7 1008 Hemenway RoadBridportN43.964784 ; W-73.292159CZLT5470/63Post rain event, clearing, Wind:0/Foggy, calmHigh/Medium+2186131900106000000030010000223013300002MO, CZ / MO, CZCZ
7/31/1920:05B1 215 Payne DriveBridportN43.986241 ; W-73.278632CZLT5570/66Post rain event, clearing, Wind:0/Foggy, calmMedium/Medium15601461001390000000000000003006200004MO, CZ / MO, CZCZ
8/1/1919:408:45C16 1712 Sperry RoadCornwallN43.980803 ; W-73.239167CZLT5671/64Clear Calm/ Over night temps <60/Clear CalmMedium/Low14726110028100000000000000000204200002CZCZ
8/1/1920:009:00C13 445 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.917776 ; W-73.202457CZLT5768/65Clear Calm/ Over night temps <60/Clear CalmMedium/Low           Deer Flies: High/High17304220010350000000202004000001000300CZCZOne male mosquito had the phenotypic traits of Oc. triseriatus.
8/1/1920:109:10C26626 Swamp RoadCornwallN43.915490 ; W-73.196205CZLT5869/65Clear Calm/ Over night temps <60/Clear CalmLow/Low5123800179000500020000001000000031CZCZ
8/5/1919:258:34W2 4774 Snake Mountain RoadWeybridgeN44.058979 ; W-73.256467CZLT5972/72Clear, Calm/ CC: <25%, Wind: 5-10 mph SLow/Low18801410057930000000000002000004000170MO, CZ/MOCZNote: Culex numbers are particulaly high...