Summary:This Pacing Guide covers a 26-Week progression using both V5 STEM Labs and EXP STEM Lab Units.
- To learn more about the structure of V5 STEM Labs, see this article.
- To learn more about the structure of EXP STEM Lab Units, watch the video at the top of the Teacher Resources page.

STEM Labs are fun STEM engagements that align to educational standards. All STEM Labs contain activities that are structured around iterative, engineering design processes, real-world applications and opportunities for students to build teamwork and collaboration skills. STEM Labs provide students with hands-on, minds-on engagement that encourages students to design creative solutions and innovate through experimentation. STEM Labs are flexible enough to be used in any instructional setting (e.g. in-school, after-school, camps, or VEX robotics teams/clubs).

While working through this pacing guide, students will begin using the Speedbot and investigate the movement of the robot using the Drive Program on the Brain or by basic programming. Then, they will move into more complex coding scenarios using the Clawbot and finish their journey with advanced engineering using both the Clawbot and other unique builds.

For information on how to adapt EXP STEM Lab Units to use with V5 Kits, see this article
WeeksSTEM LabLevelDescriptionBuildCoding?Key Concepts
Week 1Robo Rally (V5)BeginnerStudents are asked to use proportional reasoning and scale to design a racetrack for the Speedbot.BaseBotNo (run Drive Program)Mathematical Reasoning
Weeks 2 and 3Team Freeze Tag (EXP)BeginnerStudents will drive the BaseBot using the Controller, choose wheels, and add sensors to their robot to compete in the Team Freeze Tag competition.BaseBotNo (run Drive Program and use Example Projects)Controller
Weeks 4 and 5Medbot (V5)BeginnerStudents are asked to program a robot to deliver medication to patients on a hospital floor that they create. Students will learn how to program the Speedbot to drive forward, in reverse, turn left, and turn right.BaseBotYesProgramming
Week 6Momentum Alley (V5)BeginnerStudents are asked to program a robot to knock down bowling pins (cans or water bottles) using momentum. They will explore how to program at different velocities.BaseBotYesScience: Velocity and Momentum
Week 7It's a Draw! (V5)BeginnerStudents will explore the Clawbot and using it as an artistic tool in a drawing game.ClawbotNo (run Drive Program)Artistic Skills
Week 8Vision Sensor (V5)BeginnerStudents will explore a program that processes how the Vision Sensor input data should affect the Clawbot's behavior. This information will later be analyzed in the “Vision Data Challenge,” where students will analyze how the sensing blocks in VEXcode use the data received from the VEX Vision Sensor to report values.ClawbotYesEngineering Design (using the Vision Sensor)
Weeks 9 and 10Speedy Delivery (V5)IntermediateStudents are asked to navigate a warehouse by programming the Claw and Arm of a Clawbot to grab and move packages to a loading dock for delivery.ClawbotYesProgramming
Weeks 11 and 12Loop, There It Is! (V5)IntermediateStudents are asked to complete several mini-challenges to experiment with using loops within their projects. This information will be used later in the “Groove Machine Challenge,” where students will program robot movements to repeat, causing their robot to "dance."ClawbotYesProgramming
Weeks 13 and 14Castle Crasher (EXP)IntermediateStudents will explore how to use the Optical and Distance sensors to seek, crash, and clear Buckyball ‘castles’ to score points in the Castle Crasher competition.BaseBotYesEngineering
Weeks 15 and 16To Do, or Not To Do (V5)IntermediateStudents will explore conditional statements and how sensors can serve as the input deciding if the conditional is true. They will also explore how a conditional statement can be looped, repeating a decision or executing a behavior.ClawbotYesProgramming
Weeks 17 and 18Clawbot with Controller (V5)IntermediateStudents will explore programming the Controller to maneuver the Clawbot. They will analyze different ways to program the Controller by running different example projects such as Tank Drive and Clawbot Control.ClawbotYesProgramming
Weeks 19 and 20Robosoccer (V5)IntermediateStudents are asked to build and utilize an extension to add to their Speedbot to dribble a ball and iterate on its design.BaseBotNo (run Drive Program)Engineering Design
Weeks 21 and 22Robot Soccer (EXP)IntermediateStudents will explore how to use the Controller to drive their Clawbot to grab, pass, and score the most points in a Robot Soccer competition.ClawbotNo (run Drive Program)Engineering Design
Weeks 23 and 24Up and Over (EXP)IntermediateStudents will explore how to design a Clawbot to collect, pick up, and move Buckyballs from one side of the Field to the other, in the Up and Over competition.ClawbotNo (May need VEXcode if students decide to use a motor group)Engineering Design
Arm Design
Motor Groups
Weeks 25 and 26Ring Leader (EXP) IntermediateStudents will explore the difference between competing in a driver controlled and autonomous competition. They will use both autonomous and driver control in order to score Rings on different sized posts in the Ring Leader competition.ClawbotYesDriver Control
Coding Autonomous Movement
Weeks 27 and 28Treasure Hunt (EXP)IntermediateStudents will build and code the Clawbot with the Optical Sensor to recognize and collect red Buckyballs to compete in the Treasure Hunt competition.ClawbotYesSensors
Week 29Gravity Rush (V5)IntermediateStudents will explore the Clawbot and the concept of the Center of Gravity. Students will drive the Clawbot over uneven surfaces with the its arm at different angles of it being raised and lowered.ClawbotNo (run Drive Program)Science: Center of Gravity
Week 30Mechanical Advantage (V5)AdvancedStudents will explore how mechanical advantages and gear ratios can be applied in their builds, daily lives, and in robotics competitions.Gear BoxNo (Engineering)Gear Ratios
Weeks 30 and 31Design By Request (V5)AdvancedStudents will go through the engineering design process for an open-ended build activity.Open Ended DesignNo (Engineering)Engineering Design
Weeks 32 and 33Platform Placer (EXP) (Coming Soon)AdvancedStudents will explore using manipulators on the Clawbot, including lifts, to move Buckyballs and rings to platforms of different levels. They will cooperate with another team to create a strategy combining robot design and driver skills to compete in the Platform Placer Competition.ClawbotNo, Run Drive Program. (VEXcode EXP optional)Engineering Design
Driver Control
Game Strategy