Black Desert [EU] Node war results
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TypeWeekdayAreaI stopped filling in my "Node War results" spreadsheet after 26th May.
If any of you have a wish to create same kind of list and fill it in by yourself, I can add your link in 1st post of forum thread and in this spreadsheet.
Besides I'd like to thank you all for using this list, posting your reports and keep forum thread alive!
Here's copy that you can use for yourself including results of last two weeks
20-26 May 2018
20-26 May 2018
13-19 May 2018
13-19 May 2018
6-12 May 2018
6-12 May 2018
29 Apr -
5 May 2018
29 Apr - 5 May 2018
22-28 Apr 2018
22-28 Apr 2018
15-21 Apr 2018
15-21 Apr 2018
8-14 Apr 2018
8-14 Apr 2018
1-7 Apr 2018
1-7 Apr 2018
25-31 Mar 2018
25-31 Mar 2018
18-24 Mar 2018
18-24 Mar 2018
11-17 Mar 2018
11-17 Mar 2018
4-10 Mar 2018
4-10 Mar 2018
25 Feb - 3 Mar
25 Feb - 3 Mar 2018
18-24 Feb 2018
18-24 Feb 2018
11-17 Feb 2018
11-17 Feb 2018
4-10 Feb 2018
4-10 Feb 2018
28 Jan -
3 Feb 2018
28 Jan - 3 Feb 2018
21-27 Jan 2018
21-27 Jan 2018
14-20 Jan 2018
14-20 Jan 2018
7-13 Jan 2018
7-13 Jan 2018
31 Dec 2017 -
6 Jan 2018
31 Dec 2017 - 6 Jan 2018
24-30 Dec 2017 Winners24-30 Dec 2017 Participants17-23 Dec 2017 Winners17-23 Dec 2017 Participants10-16 Dec 2017 Winners10-16 Dec 2017 Participants3-9 Dec 2017 Winners3-9 Dec 2017 Participants26 Nov - 2 Dec 2017 Winners26 Nov - 2 Dec 2017 Participants19-25 Nov 2017 Winners19-25 Nov 2017 Participants12-18 Nov 2017 Winners12-18 Nov 2017 Participants5-11 Nov 2017 Winners5-11 Nov 2017 Participants29 Oct - 4 Nov 2017 Winners29 Oct - 4 Nov 2017 Participants22-28 Oct 2017 Winners22-28 Oct 2017 Participants15-21 Oct 2017 Winners15-21 Oct 2017 Participants8-14 Oct 2017 Winners8-14 Oct 2017 Participants1-7 Oct 2017 Winners1-7 Oct 2017 Participants24-30 Sept 2017 Winners24-30 Sept 2017 Participants17-23 Sept 2017 Winners17-23 Sept 2017 Participants10-16 Sept 2017 Winners10-16 Sept 2017 Participants3-9 Sept 2017 Winners3-9 Sept 2017 Participants27 Aug - 2 Sept 2017 Winners27Aug - 2 Sept 2017 Participants20-26 Aug 2017 Winners20-26 Aug 2017 Participants13-19 Aug 2017 Winners13-19 Aug 2017 Participants6-12 Aug 2017 Winners6-12 Aug 2017 Participants30 July - 5 Aug 2017 Winners30 July - 5 Aug 2017 Participants23-29 July 2017 Winners23-29 July 2017 Participants16-22 July 2017 Winners16-22 July 2017 Participants9-15 July 2017 Winners9-15 July 2017 Participants2-8 July 2017 Winners2-8 July 2017 Participants25 June - 1 July 2017 Winners
Calpheon TerritoryCastleSaturdayCalpheon VenariVenari vs MaomaoPrince vs DieVierWindeVenarifor freeVenarifor freeVenarifor freeVenariVenari vs Resilience vs TributeVenariResilience vs Blitzkrieg vs Venari vs InversionResilience
Resilience vs Blitzkrieg vs Unpredictable vs Inversion vs Venatoris
Encore vs Resilience vs BlackSail vs Unpredictable vs Certified vs Blitzkrieg vs PancakeRiders vs Tribute
Encorefor freeEncoreResilience vs EncoreResilience
NME (DriveByThugs) vs Resilience vs Leviathan vs KHAOS vs Blitzkrieg vs RAGNAROK
KHAOS vs FOOL vs RAGNAROK vs Venatoris vs DriveByThugs
Inversion vs RAGNAROK vs Blitzkrieg vs KHAOS vs Eclipsed vs Venari
Resilience vs VoS vs Addicted vs Oldskool vs StandBy vs Blitzkrieg vs Inversion vs Orca
Leviathan vs VoS vs Resilience vs Addicted vs Zealot
Venari vs Leviathan vs VoS vs Resilience vs Blitzkrieg
VenariResilience vs VoS vs VenariResilienceVoS vs ResilienceVoSResilience vs Venari vs Blitzkrieg vs VoSResilienceVoS vs Resilience vs VenariVoS
VoS vs Certified vs Blitzkrieg vs Resilience vs Venari
VoSResilience vs VoS vs Zealot vs VenariResilienceResilience vs VenariResilienceVenari vs Resilience vs Millennium vs BlitzkriegNeutralVenari vs Leviathan vs ZealotVenari
Resilience vs Venari vs Millennium vs NovusOrda vs Desillusion
ResilienceResilience vs Venari vs HERO_SQUADResilience
Millennium vs VoS vs Spicy vs Prismatic vs Oldskool vs Leviathan vs Resilience
Millennium vs Harmony vs VoS vs Resilience vs Zealot vs Misanthropolis vs Something
MillenniumMillennium vs ZealotMillennium
Resilience vs Leviathan vs Millennium vs Venari vs Zer0 vs Zealot
Leviathan vs Resilience vs Millennium vs Jadegarde vs Zer0
LeviathanResilience vs LeviathanResilienceResilience vs VenariResiliencefor freeResilienceVenari vs Resilience vs SovereignVenariVenari vs HarmonyVenariLeviathan vs Venari vs Harmony vs BlitzkriegLeviathanResilience vs Venari vs Leviathan vs HarmonyResilience
Harmony vs Sovereign vs Venari vs Resilience vs Leviathan vs FinalEnemy
HarmonyHarmony vs Death_Factory vs Venari vs ResilienceHarmonySanguine vs Harmony vs VoS vs SpicySanguineEnemy vs SanguineEnemyOldskool vs EnemyOldskoolShadowElite vs OldskoolShadowElite
Enemy vs Venari vs Oldskool vs ShadowElite vs Millennium
Mediah TerritoryCastleSaturdayMediahResilience
Resilience vs Sovereign vs Blitzkrieg vs Sparda
ResilienceResilience vs Sovereign vs ResilientResilienceEnemy vs Resilience vs Blitzkrieg vs StandByEnemy
Unpredictable vs Resilience vs Enemy vs Blitzkrieg vs VoS vs Triggered vs PancakeRiders
Enemy vs Sanguine vs Unpredictable vs SMASH
EnemyEnemy vs NER0Enemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyEnemy vs Inversion vs Eclipsed vs ResilientEnemyfor freeEnemyEnemy vs SneekyEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyEnemy vs Leviathan vs ZealotEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyEnemy vs SanguineEnemyEnemy vs MilitiaEnemyLeviathan vs EnemyLeviathan
Enemy vs Resilience vs Leviathan vs Kuraidesu vs Gemini
Enemyfor freeEnemyEnemy vs VenariEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemyfor freeEnemySovereign vs Enemy vs RainingHostiasSovereignEnemy vs SovereignEnemyEnemy vs SanguineEnemyEnemy vs KHAOS vs Death_Factory vs SanguineEnemyfor freeEnemy
Oldskool vs Enemy vs Pantsu_Raiders vs SwordArtOnline
OldskoolHarmony vs OldskoolHarmonyHarmony vs MillenniumNeutralResilience vs Harmony vs Enemy vs MillenniumResilienceHarmony vs Resilience vs LeviathanNeutral
Valencia TerritoryCastleSaturdayValencia Enemyfor freeEnemyNME vs EnemyNMESovereign vs NMESovereignNME vs Paranoia vs Origine vs SovereignNMESovereign vs NMESovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignVenari vs SovereignVenari
Venari vs Kuolema vs VoS vs RAGNAROK vs Blitzkrieg vs Leviathan vs Jokers vs Demetori vs BlackSailAcademy vs Venatoris vs Paranoia vs Eclipsed vs Materia vs BlackSail vs Tempest vs StandBy vs SwordArtOnline vs LowKarma vs Unpredictable vs Inversion vs Smuber vs Exit vs Sovereign vs NME vs Zephyr vs Resilience vs Tangra
VenariVenari vs Sovereign vs SpicyVenari
Inversion vs BalenosPolice vs Venari vs EasyStreet vs Sovereign vs StandBy vs BadIntentions vs Venatoris vs Wanderlust vs EXIT vs Hex vs BandaVandalica
Venari vs Blitzkrieg vs Jokers vs Inversion vs Resilience vs Sovereign
VenariResilience vs Venari vs Sovereign vs NUGOSResilience
Sovereign vs Addicted vs Resilience vs Millennium vs Karma vs Dissendium
Sovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignSovereign vs AggrobunnysSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignSovereign vs DogmaSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignSovereign vs EncoreSovereignSovereign vs EncoreSovereign
Sovereign vs Hostile vs DeSync vs Kuraidesu vs Encore vs BlackSail vs Resilience vs Orca vs StandBy
SovereignLeviathan vs SovereignLeviathan
Sovereign vs Leviathan vs Xion vs Millennium vs RAGNAROK vs Hostile vs Blitzkrieg vs VoS vs Buccaneers
SovereignSovereign vs Encore vs UprisingSovereignSovereign vs MilitiaSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignLeviathan vs SovereignLeviathanLeviathan vs Sovereign vs VenariLeviathanLeviathan vs Harmony vs VoSLeviathanResilience vs Encore vs Oldskool vs LeviathanResilienceOldskool vs Resilience vs MillenniumOldskoolOldskool vs SovereignOldskoolfor freeOldskoolSovereign vs OldskoolSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereignSovereign vs DiviumFuror vs QrwaSquadSovereignfor freeSovereignfor freeSovereign
Balenos TerritoryBarnSaturdayBalenos Karma
VoS vs Karma vs EasyStreet vs TheJunkies vs DosRombos
Prismatic vs Karma vs VoS vs Zephyr vs Suicidal
BlackSail vs Karma vs Prismatic vs VoS vs Coldforged
Prismatic vs BlackSail vs NUGOS vs BlackTemplars vs TheNorth vs VictoryNox vs Solaire
PrismaticPrismatic vs Eclipsed vs Paranoia vs KarmaPrismatic
Prismatic vs BlackSail vs VoS vs Access_Denied vs StandBy vs Incursion vs Jokers vs Hex
Leviathan vs Prismatic vs Jokers vs KHAOS vs BlackSail
Prismatic vs Inversion vs Oldskool vs KHAOS vs VoS vs Leviathan vs Coldforged
PrismaticPrismatic vs Hex vs KuraidesuPrismatic
Prismatic vs Kamasilve vs Kuolema vs Oldskool
Oldskool vs Prismatic vs Demetori vs Chillskool vs SwortArtOnline
BlackSail vs Oldskool vs Unpredictable vs Blue vs VoS vs Leviathan
BlackSail vs Blitzkrieg vs Unpredictable vs SwortArtOnline vs Prismatic vs Karma vs StandBy
BlackSailBlackSail vs PrismaticBlackSail
BlackSail vs KHAOS vs Prismatic vs SwortArtOnline vs NUGOS
KHAOS vs Oldskool vs BlackSail vs RAGNAROK vs Blitzkrieg vs Venatoris vs Jokers
KHAOS vs Oldskool vs StandBy vs NUGOS vs Karma vs Prismatic vs TheNorth
Karma vs NUGOS vs Prismatic vs BlackSail vs Blitzkrieg vs RAGNAROK vs KHAOS vs TheNorth
Oldskool vs KHAOS vs DeSync vs Spicy vs Blitzkrieg vs Origine vs Aasgard vs Karma vs NUGOS
KHAOS vs StandBy vs Oldskool vs Prismatic vs Aasgard vs ReBorn vs BlackSail
Megumin vs KHAOS vs DeSync vs Recovery_Center vs FUREUR
Spicy vs Megumin vs KHAOS vs Dogma vs Triggered
SpicySpicy vs VAULTSpicy
Prismatic vs KHAOS vs StandBy vs BlackSail vs Inside vs Spicy vs Orca
Spicy vs Harmony vs KHAOS vs Prismatic vs Orca
KHAOS vs FinalEnemy vs Prismatic vs Blitzkrieg vs Urna vs Eclipsed vs BeastRiders vs Spicy
Spicy vs KHAOS vs Oldskool vs StandBy vs ECHO
BlackSail vs Oldskool vs Spicy vs DanishRegulators vs Kamasilve vs Orca vs KHAOS
BlackSailBlitzkrieg vs KHAOS vs BlackSail vs HostileBlitzkriegSpicy vs Oldskool vs Blitzkrieg vs illxDCMxlilSpicy
Oldskool vs Misanthropolis vs BlackSail vs Spicy
Prismatic vs Misanthropolis vs Oldskool vs Blitzkrieg vs Kuraidesu
Misanthropolis vs Spicy vs Harmony vs Prismatic vs BlackSail
Zealot vs Blitzkrieg vs BlackSail vs Misanthropolis vs FinalEnemy vs Oldskool vs Spicy
Zealot vs Blitzkrieg vs Megumin vs FairyTurbo vs Prismatic vs Spicy vs Zer0
ZealotZealot vs AvaritiaZealot
Zealot vs BlackSail vs Oldskool vs Sneeky vs Spicy vs Prismatic
ZealotSpicy vs Sneeky vs Zealot vs BlackSailSpicy
Sneeky vs Zealot vs Spicy vs RAGNAROK vs Prismatic vs BlackSail vs SecretSociety
SneekyPrismatic vs SneekyPrismatic
VoS vs Kamasilve vs Ruthless vs Prismatic vs Sneeky vs Spicy
VoSMillennium vs VoS vs SneekyMillennium
Venari vs KHAOS vs Death_Factory vs Millennium vs Sneeky vs Vile
Prismatic vs Death_Factory vs Venari vs KHAOS vs ShadowElite vs Sneeky
PrismaticRAGNAROK vs BlackSail vs Prismatic vs Leviathan vs VileRAGNAROK
Death_Factory vs RAGNAROK vs Leviathan vs KHAOS
KHAOS vs Prismatic vs Death_Factory vs Spicy vs RAGNAROK vs Zakon_Vii
Serendia TerritoryBarnSaturdaySerendia Leviathan
BlackSail vs Dissendium vs Prismatic vs Leviathan
BlackSailLeviathan vs BlackSail vs IncarnationLeviathanLeviathan vs ZephyrLeviathanLeviathan vs LuxArcanaLeviathanSpicy vs Inversion vs LeviathanSpicyfor freeSpicySpicy vs Karma vs HeadHunters vs VenariSpicyfor freeSpicyKarma vs SpicyKarma
Karma vs Origine vs KHAOS vs VoS vs Leviathan vs Blitzkrieg vs BlackSail
KarmaByFlame vs Materia vs Jokers vs KarmaByFlameSpicy vs ByFlame vs EclipsedSpicyfor freeSpicyfor freeSpicySpicy vs KarmaSpicySpicy vs PettanCoSpicy
Addicted vs Spicy vs Millennium vs Zealot vs Orca
Addicted vs Zealot vs Spicy vs Oldskool vs Millennium vs Kuraidesu vs Aggrobunnys
Zealot vs Venari vs Addicted vs Millennium vs Harmony
Zealot vs Harmony vs Millennium vs Addicted vs Spicy
Millennium vs Blitzkrieg vs Oldskool vs Spicy vs Zealot
MillenniumMillennium vs OldskoolMillenniumMillennium vs OldskoolMillennium
VoS vs Millennium vs Zealot vs Oldskool vs Blitzkrieg vs Leviathan vs Harmony vs EXIT vs Jokers
VoSVoS vs Inside vs AasgardVoSVoS vs Millennium vs HarmonyVoS
Zealot vs Harmony vs Aasgard vs VoS vs Prismatic
ZealotHarmony vs Zealot vs MeguminHarmony
Venari vs Addicted vs Zealot vs Harmony vs Misanthropolis
Venarifor freeVenariHarmony vs Venari vs Prismatic vs Zer0HarmonyVoS vs HarmonyVoSZealot vs VoS vs OldskoolNeutralMillennium vs Harmony vs Venari vs VoSMillenniumHarmony vs Millennium vs VoSHarmony
Millennium vs OSEF vs VoS vs Harmony vs BlackSail
Millenniumfor freeMillenniumVoS vs Millennium vs VolansVoSfor freeVoSMillennium vs VoSMillenniumEncore vs MillenniumEncoreLeviathan vs Vile vs EncoreLeviathan
Resilience vs Leviathan vs RAGNAROK vs Prismatic vs ShadowElite
ResilienceResilience vs Leviathan vs MillenniumResilience
VoS vs Venari vs KHAOS vs Death_Factory vs Resilience vs Sneeky vs ShadowElite
VoSVoS vs High_Dawn vs Venari vs HostileVoSVoS vs High_Dawn vs FateAwaitsVoS
Ancado Coast3Sunday Valencia EasyStreetCypherRemixTOP_ClanSMASHOrigine (38) vs Smash (30) vs Kujiratori (20)HexHex (45), RainingHostiasOrigineKuraidesuKuraidesuKuraidesuMateriaOrcaOrca (26) vs EasyStreet vs Wasted (10-15?)DestinyBlissSOLIDMillenniumDiviumFurorRAGNAROKRAGNAROK vs NUGOS vs WingedAssassinsNUGOSNugos vs BlueLionsWingedAssassinsUrnaOSEFVoSPizzaPlanet vs VoSNeutralOoSEFFinalEnemySwordArtOnlineDeleteDelete vs FALLOUT vs Apocalypsis vs AlphaResilienceEXITMementoViverefor freeNeutralFinalEnemy vs Zer0FinalEnemy
Mystral vs FinalEnemy vs BDM vs RainingHostias
FinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs FateAwaits vs UrnaUrnaDestinyViraiVirai vs RiOT vs SinFateAwaitsEXITLeviathanLeviathanDestiny
Destiny vs Helvete vs BlackSailAcademy vs Orka vs PettanCo
PettanCoRiOTRESURRECTIONAddictedAddicted vs RainingHostias vs JghphhhfResilienceResilience
Anti-Troll Fortification3WednesdayCalpheon Access_Denied
Blitzkrieg (23) vs Access Denied (20-25?) vs Winged Assassins (35?) vs Top_Clan (0)
Pyrolyse (18), WingedAssassins(~35), TOP_Clan (~35)
Access_Denied(26) vs WingedAssassins(40 - 45)? vs RAUR(Snipe)
WingedAssassinsSneekyNMENME vs HexEncoreEncore vs Jokers vs Remix vs Rem vs AbaddonBlitzkrieg
DeSync(32) v Blitzkrieg(40) v Venatoris(20ish) v WingedAssasins
WingedAssassinsVenatoris (35-38) vs WingedAssasins (45?)WingedAssassinsDriveByThugsDriveByThugs vs Venatoris vs BloodwingsDriveByThugsDriveByThugs vs VoS vs Venatoris (snipe)VoS
VoS (75) vs FinalEnemy (~45-50) vs Nugos (~20) vs Venatoris (~20-25)
DriveByThugsDriveByThugs vs Darkroom, PettanCo, VenatorisSanguineSanguine
Sanguine vs Caronte vs TheWatchers vs Blacklisted
Sanguine vs Venari vs Chaos_United vs WingedAssasins vs Addicted vs VoS vs HeadHunters vs FinalEnemy vs illxDCMxlil
ToNieMyNeutralWingedAssassins vs TranscendenceXIVSanguineSanguine vs FinalEnemy vs VenatorisSanguineSanguine vs Zealot vs BlueLionsVenariVenari vs Leviathan vs Sanguine vs VenatorisZealot
Zealot vs Millennium vs Leviathan vs Sanguine vs Resilience
NeutralSanguine vs VoS vs Millennium vs WealthNeutralDarkroom vs illxDCMxlil vs RiotZealotZealot vs Leviathan vs FinalEnemy vs **illxDCMxlilPayoutPayoutVoS
VoS vs Resilience vs War vs Paradigma vs Payout
SanguineSanguine vs SpicySwordArtOnlineVenatorisOldskoolOldskool vs Payout vs VenatorisLeviathanLeviathan vs SonsOfDesert vs VenatorisVenatorisVoSVoS vs Opium vs SonsOfDesertOpiumOidskooi vs Sovereign vs Opium vs VenatorisVoSVoSVoS vs RAGNAROK vs GangsterLeagueVoSVenari vs Vos vs WanderlustHarmonyVenariVenari vs Hopeless vs TerraNovaHarmonyHarmony
Awakening Bell3FridayMediahBadIntentionsSovereignNMENeutralInversionArchon (32) vs DCM (too few) vs InversionOldskoolOldskoolKuraidesuDCMKuraidesuHexSovereignSovereign(~56) vs InversionNeutral
Orca (26) vs FOOL vs Bliss vs Desillusion vs Blitzkrieg (35) vs NUGOS
FOOLUrnaUrnaRAGNAROKSilberwoelfeSilberwoelfeOooSEFAddictedVenatorisZealotRAGNAROKVenatorisAscendingRAGNAROKRAGNAROKGangsterLeagueRiOTRiOT vs VenatorisGeminiBlitzkriegFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs Zer0 vs VenatorisVenatorisVenatorisDestroyersSovereignSovereign vs RainingHostias vs VenatorisEnemyRainingHostiasRainingHostias vs DanishRegulatorsSovereign
Opium vs Vanix vs RainingHostias vs Sovereign vs *
RainingHostiasRainingHostias vs SonsOfDesertSonsOfDesertSonsOfDesert vs GuildlessVoSRainingHostiasKHAOSHarmonySwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnline
Barhan Gateway3FridayValencia MillenniumMillenniumBlitzkriegResilienceResilienceSecretSocietyInversionVarshen
Varshen(26) Vs. SwordArtOnline(25ish) Vs. Khaos(?)
OrcaNeutralSneeky vs Orca vs Jokers vs DCM vs OpiumBadIntentionsNeutralJokersNeutralReborn
ReBorn (47) vs Desillusion(~25) vs Impulsion (~20) vs Luminosity(~20)
Trident (49) vs Silberwolfe (~30) vs Aasgard (~40) vs FinalEnemy (N/A) vs Bliss (N/A)
illxDCMxlil vs SwordArtOnline vs FinalEnemy vs Chaos_United vs Darkroom vs BlueLions
SilberwoelfeSilberwoelfe vs Urna vs Tempest vs RiotTempestKuraidesuOSEFFinalEnemyHostileVoSBandaVandalicaFinalEnemyStandByStandByNeutralBlitzkriegDelete vs BlitzkriegVoSMystralHarmonyViraiDeleteDelete vs Venatoris vs OsefResilienceZealotSneekySneeky vs VenatorisSneekyDestroyersJghphhhfRiot vs Sneeky vs Caronte vs JghphhhfEnemyEnemy vs RiotOldskoolOldskool vs HostileOldskool
Oldskool vs RLXT_Alliance vs Hostile vs Karma vs Alpha
Cron Castle3Sunday Balenos BlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg
Blitzkrieg (25) vs WingedAssasins (45?) vs ToNieMy (25?)
WingedAssassinsWingedAssassinsWingedAssassinsWingedAssassinsVarshenVarshen(22) Vs. Fiction (10-15?)WingedAssassinsInversionWingedAssassinsWingedAssassinsWingedAssassinsDogmaFOOLAasgardAasgardTheJestersMillenniumFinalEnemySilberwoelfeNeutralFinalEnemyTranscendenceXIVGangsterLeagueEclipsedSovereignSovereign vs Echo vs Prismatic vs *ECHOECHO vs BlueLionsFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs ECHOMeguminVenariVenari vs Prismatic vs ResillienceProximoDelete
Delete vs PettanCo vs GangsterLeague
Venari vs Elite_guild vs Hopeless vs Ningu vs Bluelions
BlueLionsHarmonyVenariVenari vs AmityVenariVenari vs ProximoVANIXOldskoolOldskool vs VoS vs YushHarmonyOldskoolOldskool vs VenariHarmonyVenariVenariHarmony
Eastern Border3TuesdaySerendia NMEEnemyFragmented
Venari (Fragmented) (81) vs Enemy (NME) (85) vs Leviathan (Zephyr) (65) vs PancakeRaiders (snipe) vs Accused (snipe)
EnemyEnemy (92) vs Sovereign (67)NMESanguineBadIntentionsSanguine
NME vs Sanguine vs WhiteSheepGang vs Gangsterleague vs *
NMENME vs Hex vs FairyTurboNMENME(81) vs Inversion(79) vs Remix vs GGWPEasyStreetPrismatic (45) - Sovereign (80?) - EasystreetSneekyDrivebythugs vs Sneeky vs UnpredictableSilberwoelfeKujiratoriDriveByThugsDriveByThugs vs Zealot vs Federation (snipe)NeutralDriveByThugs (85-86) vs EncoreNeutral
DriveByThugs (84-86) vs Encore (90?) vs Hostile, Darkroom, WingedAssassins
EncoreEncore(81) vs Sanguine(76) vs HelveteSanguineSanguine vs Encore vs GangsterLeague vs SOLIDSanguineVenariVenari vs Encore vs Resilience vs AiphaSanguineSanguine vs Desillusion vs DestinySanguineSanguine vs Venari vs VoS vs GeekingVenariVenari vs Sanguine vs Zealot vs NucturiusNeutral
Venari vs Encore vs Zealot vs Zakon_Vll vs Aequinoxe
NeutralEncore vs Zealot vs Zer0 vs PancakeRidersSovereignSovereign vs Sanguine vs Dogma vs **NeutralLeviathan vs VoS vs EncoreEncoreEncore vs SanguineVoSVenariEncore
Encore vs Zealot vs Venari vs Aequinoxe
Sanguine vs War vs Zealot vs Venari vs Zer0 vs Blitzkrieg
LeviathanVenari vs Leviathan vs Encore vs VoSVoSVoS vs Venari vs Khaos vs HostileVenariVoS
VoS vs Sovereign vs Exit vs Nugos vs FinalEnemy
FinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs RainingHostias vs FateAwaitsVenariVenari vs Harmony vs PrismaticNeutralVenari vs Vos vs *VenariFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs Vos vs Opium vs Addicted vs VenariShadowEliteOldskool
Oldskool vs Vanix vs Rosszcsontok vs Jghphhhf vs ShockWave
PrismaticPrismatic vs Zakon_Vii vs HopelessHarmonyOldskool vs Harmony vs RLXT_AllianceKarmaEncore
Glish Ruins3Sunday Serendia SforaSovereignResilienceBlackSailNeutralVenatoris
Venatoris(40) vs Origine (60+?) vs Sparada(15) vs Blaise(35?)
BlaiseWanderLustHexHex (26), BDM, FairyTurboSovereignSovereignSovereign vs ResilienceTranscendenceXIVSilberwoelfeResilienceNeutralResilienceVoS
VoS (82) vs Millennium (70) vs SwordArtOnline (~25-30) vs Fallout (?) vs Nucturius (?)
NeutralPettanCo vs Eidolons vs FalloutNeutralAasgardUnicornsDieVierWindeAeoxFinalEnemyDestroyersMillenniumNOVIDanishRegulatorsDarkroomDieVierWindeBandaVandalicaBandaVandalica vs FALLOUT vs HopelessHelveteVoSVoSMystralOSEFHarmonyLeviathan
Leviathan vs Oldskool vs FrozenDawn vs HeavensArmy
SovereignOpiumOpiumOpiumEnemyEnemy vs HopelessMillenniumMillenniumMillennium vs Addicted vs FinalEnemyHopelessPrawnhubHopeless
Hexe Sanctuary3Sunday Calpheon MaomaoPrinceHeadHuntersBadIntentionsResilienceSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineMaomaoPrinceDCMMystik
Mystik (35) vs SeaShepards (~23) vs BlueLions
ToNieMyToNieMy vs MaomaoPrince vs ArpeggioChaos_UnitedSwordArtOnlineNeutralTheNorthTheNorthOrigineOrigine vs TheWatchers vs Kujiratori vs SpardaTheWatchersResilienceResilienceRAGNAROKDieVierWindeFinalEnemyBuccaneersBuccaneers vs VANIX vs DeludiaMillenniumFinalEnemyHopelessResilienceResilience vs ECHOProximoProximo vs Six_Paths vs BDMKuraidesuJadegardeSpicyInsideEXITEXITUndividedBlueLionsHarmonyHarmony vs Sneeky vs GangsterLeagueSneekyVarshen vs Sneeky vs Revolve vs JokersBlasphemieBlasphemie vs Revolve vs DeludiaJghphhhfSneekySneeky vs Addicted vs VANIXDemonsHunterProximoProximo vs HavokOldskoolOldskool vs LostElysium vs ChupacabraBlackSwan
Ibellab Oasis3Sunday Valencia BadIntentionsSuicidalStandByVoSUnpredictableKamasilveNeutralHexHex (29), RemixUnpredictable
Unpredictable (53) vs BadIntentions (~35) vs GangsterLeague (~15)
Prismatic (45) - Eclipsed (70-75?) - Venatoris (35?) - Gangster League (15?) - BadIntentions (35)
AiphaStandByAiphaAiphaDunedainAiphaAasgardAiphaGeeking vs Venatoris vs AiphaMillenniumToNieMyAiphaKuraidesuKuraidesu vs Sup vs MorbidAiphaElysiumStandByNeutralParadigma vs VenatorisParadigmaUprisingKuraidesuVANIXFateAwaitsFateAwaits vs Venatoris vs PayoutPayoutVANIXVANIX vs SeriouslyKHAOSAvaritiaAvaritia vs TerreurVenatorisMillenniumResiliencePayoutVenariAddictedAddicted vs TheJunkies vs RezPleaseRezPleaseThelynEnnorJghphhhfOldskoolOldskool vs YUSHRuthlessRuthless vs Jghphhhf vs *Sin
Kamasylve Temple3Sunday MediahEncoreVoSTOP_ClanChaos_UnitedChaos_UnitedRAURDestroyersBuccaneersChaos_UnitedChaos_UnitedSMASHResistanceFOOLFOOL vs BlissDestroyers
Destroyers vs Underleveled vs CantTouchThis vs Federatlon vs *
TridentTridentAggrobunnysAggrobunnys vs KujiratoriillxDCMxlilDesillusionillxDCMxlilSfora vs illxDCMxlilVenatorisNeutral
LowKarma vs DiviumFuror vs Chaos_United vs *
VenariVenari vs VenatorisNeutralSMASHSMASHChaos_UnitedVenariVenari vs Millenium vs Mystral vs Six_PathsVenatorisEnemyEnemy vs Revolve vs Zer0 vs RAGNAROKVenatorisMillenniumMillenniumSix_PathsMillenniumFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs DeleteFinalEnemyFinalEnemyCrazy_FrogsVenatorisResilienceResilienceRAGNAROKFateAwaitsVenariVenari vs RuthlessRuthlessMillenniumSchattenlegion
Mansha Forest3ThursdayCalpheon BlitzkriegEnemyNeutralPancakeRidersUnpredictable
Unpredictable (44) vs Chaos_United (45) vs Sfora (~25?)
Sanguine vs Blaise, PettingZoo, WhiteSheepGang, SecretSociety, Downgrade, RAUR
Kamasilve (26), SMASH, Oldskool, Unpredictable, Mystik (0), Venatoris (0)
Destroyers vs Chillskool vs Venatoris vs Chaos_United
Karma (78), VoS (77), Inversion (60+ ?), Addicted (?), Tiamat, WhiteSheepGang
Chillskool (15-18), Venatoris (15-18?), GangsterLeague (0/snipe)
Venari vs Addicted vs Millennium vs Venatoris vs Blacksail vs Origine vs BlackListed
VoSKarma vs VoSJokersRuthlessVenariMillenniumEncoreZer0Zer0 vs SwordArtOnline vs Kujiratori vs ApocalipsisSwordArtOnlineVoSVoSVoS vs ResillienceResilienceApocalipsisLeviathan
Leviathan vs Millenium vs KuraiDesu vs *
Millennium vs Venatoris vs Zer0 vs Blitzkrieg
BlackSailBlackSail vs Venatoris vs ProfaNationKHAOSFinalEnemyOldskoolOldskool vs BlueLions vs KyoOldskoolOldskool vs Millennium vs VenatorisMillenniumMillennium vs Harmony vs OosefOSEFOsef vs VenatorisResilienceResilience vs Delete vs SwordArtOnline vs Chaos_UnitedVoSVoS vs Addicted vs SonsOfDesertMillenniumMillennium vs VoS MillenniumMillenniumEnemy vs Millennium vs **EnemyEnemy vs Harmony vs RuthlessNeutral
Ruthless vs Yokai vs Resilience vs Oldschool vs Mystral vs Dissendium vs ECHO vs Gemini vs Prawnhub
Moretti Plantation3TuesdaySerendia FragmentedVoS
Invasion (~55), VoS (39), Venatoris, Headhunters (3-4)
Invasion (67), Standby (49), Remix (37), Tangra (~20)
Prismatic (47) - NME (80?) - Vos (50?) - Venari (60?) - KHAOS (59)
Sovereign, Venari, Hex, Wanderlust, Inversion, Kuraidesu
Unpredictable (53) vs LowKarma (52) vs Kuraidesu (~65) vs Eternity (~5) vs *
OrigineKHAOSTranscendenceXIVByFlameDrivebythugs vs Byflame vs Destiny vs StandbyVoSVoS vs Karma vs Addicted vs DriveByThugsVoSVoS
VoS (74) vs Venari (60) vs Nugos (40) vs snipe tower
VoSZer0 (61), VoS (91), TheNorth (20?)NeutralRAGNAROK, NUGOS, TheNorthNUGOSRebornVenari vs Addicted vs ReBornSanguineZealotZealot vs Triggered vs WealthNeutralRAGNAROK vs Kuraidesu vs Aoex vs VenatorisVenatorisVenatoris vs MorbidSanguineSanguine vs VenatorisSanguineSanguine vs Buccaneers vs Prismatic vs Venatoris VANIXPrismaticDelete vs DanishRegulators vs PrismaticPrismaticPrismaticSanguine
Sanguine vs VoS vs Bandavandalica vs Venatoris
Encore vs Prismatic vs FinalEnemy vs Vos vs Jadegarde
Khaos vs Hostile vs Blietzkrieg vs Harmony vs Encore vs Enemy vs Venatoris
SpicySpicy vs VenatorisLeviathanNeutralSovereign vs SonsOfDesertEncoreEnemy
Enemy vs Harmony vs VoS vs FinalEnemy vs MangoSmile vs PettanCo
EncoreEncore vs Riot vs SwordArtOnlineNeutralEnemy vs EncoreEnemyEnemy vs EncoreNeutral
Oldskool vs Encore vs ShadowElite vs RLXT_Alliance vs Wanderlust
Northern Wheat Plantation3Sunday Calpheon RAURNeutralInvasion
Invasion (60), Unpredictable (45), Megumin (42), Six (8)
Six (14) vs Venatoris (~35-40?) vs Incursion (~15)
Solid (18-20) vs Resistance(30?) vs Venatories (33)
SOLIDVenatorisSovereignSovereign vs Addicted vs ChillskoolVenatorisVenatoris vs WingedAssassinsNeutralFinalEnemyWingedAssassinsSOLIDSwordArtOnlineVenatorisVenariNeutralUprisingVenatorisLeviathanMillennium vs Leviathan vs CantTouchThisPrismaticCantTouchThisVenatorisNeutralBDMRAGNAROKRAGNAROK vs CantTouchThisCantTouchThisParadigmaCantTouchThisVoSCantTouchThisVoSDeleteSpicySpicy vs Desillusion vs PayoutRainingHostiasRainingHostiasSonsOfDesertMillenniumVoSDiviumFuror vs VoSDiviumFurorHopeless vs Oidskooi vs DiviumFurorRLXT_AllianceRLXT_AllianceRLXT_Alliance vs SforaNostalgic
Oze Pass3Monday Calpheon EncoreResilientFragmentedEnemyEnemy vs VoS vs Sparda vs EclipsedChillskoolKamasilveStandByInversionVoSBadIntentionsBadIntentionsSovereignSovereign vs BlueLions (snipe)Sovereign
Sovereign(83) vs Addicted(46) vs Inversion(80+) vs Resilient(30ish) vs Chaos_United vs TemplarOrder
NeutralDriveByThugs vs Addicted vs FairyTurboZealotAiphaHostileHostile vs Solid vs GeekingSilberwoelfeSwordArtOnlineVenatorisProfaNationDogmaDarkroomZealotVenariVenari vs NothingPersonalZealotNovusOrdaVenatorisSanguineEnemyEnemy vs VenatorisSanguine
Sanguine vs BandaVandalica vs ECHO vs Kuraidesu vs VANIX vs Venatoris
VenatorisSanguineHarmonySovereignSovereignSovereignSovereign vs Venatoris vs LandsharksBlueLionsHarmonyTheExodusCompany vs Harmony vs *HarmonyVANIXVANIX vs SonsOfDesertFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs Blitzkrieg vs Vanix vs **GuildlessEncoreEnemy
Enemy vs Resilience vs Jghphhhf vs ShadowElite vs Addicted
AddictedAddicted vs ProximoShadowElite
Oldskool vs Harmony vs Encore vs ShadowElite
Rock (Boulder) Post3Sunday Valencia DestinyKujiratoriDCMDCMNeutralDCMDCMDestinyEclipsedEclipsed (?), Kujiratori (20?), Nugos(27)DCMKujiratoriNeutralDCMDCM vs GangsterLeague vs DogmaKujiratoriRecovery_CenterUrnaDarkroomMillenniumillxDCMxlilillxDCMxlil vs Darkroom vs Dunkle_GardeBlueLionsJokersRuthlessillxDCMxlilDarkRoom vs Sfora vs illxDCMxlilSforaSforaLeviathanLeviathan vs BlitzkriegNeutralBlitzkrieg vs VoSLeviathanBlitzkrieg vs Leviathan vs *LeviathanBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs SwordArtOnlineNeutralBlitzkrieg vs FinalEnemy vs VoS vs SomethingBlitzkriegfor freeZer0Blitzkrieg vs Zer0NeutralBlitzkrieg vs Zer0BlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs Ragnarok vs DieVierWindeSilberwoelfeRAGNAROKBlitzkriegIrrelevant vs BlitzkriegHeadHuntersVoSSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnline
Sarma Outpost3Sunday MediahNeutralInvasion
Invasion (~63-65), BadIntentions (~30-35?), MoneyGang (8-15), SPITE (5-10)
Venatories(38) vs Tangra (35?) vs NothingPersonal(20?)
EternityBuccaneersBuccaneers (20) vs SOLID (10-15?)IstariBlitzkriegResilienceNUGOSRAGNAROKUrnaVenatorisResilienceDogmaCaronteNothingPersonalRainingHostiasDesillusion
Urna vs DeSync vs Destroyers vs Dissendium vs Dessillusion
GeekingGeeking vs Alpha vs UrnaUrnaNothingPersonalUrnaDogmaillxDCMxlilillxDCMxlil vs Xion vs Payout vs *NothingPersonalAuroraVerumLeviathanLeviathanLeviathan vs SeriouslyResilienceHarmonySovereignNeutralHarmony vs Sovereign vs VoSResilience
Oldskool vs Resilience vs Vanix vs GangsterLeague
Splashing Point3ThursdayMediahDestinyFragmented
Invasion (~45-50), Cypher (23), Fragmented (Venari ~60-80), Chillnation (0)
ChillNationBlackSailPancakeRidersEncoreVoSBadIntentionsChaos_UnitedInversionDCMResilienceNeutralDestiny vs Venatoris vs Urna vs Bliss vs FoolDriveByThugsDrivebythugs vs Fool, IncursionIrrelevantDriveByThugs
DriveByThugs (~56) vs Resilience (~68) vs Venatoris vs Trident vs Urna (~20) vs *
Millennium (50?) vs Dogma (30?) vs Mystik (30) vs TheNorth (25?) vs Darkroom (snipe) vs LuxArcana (snipe) vs ??? (snipe)
AiphaMillenniumDogmaDogmaKarmageddonKarmageddon vs Urna vs *SforaResilienceOrca vs Resilience vs MorbidStandByStandBy vs VenatorisVenariVenari vs Chaos_United vs RainingHostiasMillennium
Delete vs illxDCMxlil vs Millennium vs DanishRegulators vs Paradigma
NoFaceNeutralNugos vs KuraidesuKuraidesuVenariVenari
Venari vs Zealot vs Delete vs FinalEnemy
NeutralVenari vs SanguineVenariHarmonyNeutralPayout vs LastVanguard vs VenatorisEncoreZealotVenariVenari vs GangsterLeagueSovereignOldskoolOldskool vs TheJunkiesHarmonyVenari
Venari vs Leviathan vs MadHouse vs FateAwaits vs Riot
Trina Fort3WednesdayCalpheon NMEFragmentedNMEPyrolyse (18), Top_Clan (?), NME (zerg)VoSSanguineNMENME vs SanguineNMENME vs Destroyers vs BlaiseFragmentedFragmentedNMENME vs Kuraidesu vs VenatorisEXITDriveByThugs
Drivebythugs vs Seashepherd, WhiteSheepGang, StandBy, Remix
Drivebythugs, Bliss, Destiny, ToNieMy, Fool, Overpowered
DriveByThugs vs Addicted vs Aasgard (20) vs Federation
Silberwoelfe (20?) vs Hostile (40?) vs LuxArcana (10?) vs Leviathan (75) vs Zer0 (61) vs Trident (20?) vs Aasgard (?)
LuxArcana (30) vs Chillskool (13?) vs Aasgard (30?)
AasgardAasgardAasgard vs MoistCakeSanguine
Sanguine vs Unicorns vs ProfaNation vs Sin vs Venatoris
Sanguine vs Venatoris vs TOP vs TOP_II vs Kuraidesu
VoSVenariVenari vs DieVierWinde vs FinalEnemyMillenniumMillennium vs FinalEnemy vs DestroyersFinalEnemyFinalEnemyVenariVenari vs Encore vs FinalEnemyVoSFinalEnemyNeutral
Leviathan vs Resilience vs Encore vs BandaVandalica vs Kakao Servers vs *
Delete vs Encore vs FinalEnemy vs Venatoris
EncoreMillenniumVoSFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs Vanix vs BlueLionsEncoreEncore vs BlueLions vs *VANIXSwordArtOnline
SwordArtOnline vs Venatoris vs GangsterLeague
LeviathanResilienceBDMBDM vs Mystik vs VanixShadowEliteSanguine vs ShadowElite vs Jghphhhf vs *JghphhhfMillenniumMillennium vs Oldskool vs RLXT_AllianceMillenniumMillennium vs KarmaVoS
Valencia Castle Site3Monday Valencia SovereignJokersEncoreSovereignEncoreEncoreEncoreSovereignSovereignJokersVoSVoS (29) - Venatoris (~30) - Semper_Vigil (0)DriveByThugs
Drivebythugs vs Resistance (15-20) vs Venatoris
DriveByThugsResilienceGangsterLeagueEncoreEncore(80) vs Venari (65) vs Venatoris(snipe)EncoreEncoreEncoreVenariAiphaTriggeredEncoreEncore vs Venari vs Venatoris vs BlissNeutralVenari vs MorbidMillenniumVenatorisFinalEnemyMillennium
Encore vs Millennium vs VoS vs ECHO vs illxDCMxlil vs Delete
Destroyers vs Encore vs Jadegarde vs KuraiDesu vs Venatoris
VenatorisUrnaDestinyPayoutEnemyMillenniumGangsterLeagueSovereignEncoreMangoSmileEnemy vs ShadowElite vs MangoSmile vs VanixThelynEnnorEncoreEncore vs DemonsHunterNeutralEnemy vs Harmony vs EncoreVenariDemonsHunter
Western Guard Camp3Sunday Balenos WingedAssassinsEternityNeuroNeuro (22) - PancakeRider (50+?) - RFC (11)​OrigineChillskoolVoSPrismaticResilienceVenatorisVenatories(40) vs Resistance (30-35?)FairyTurboVoSUnpredictable
Unpredictable (64) vs TheJunkies (43) vs FairyTurbo (0)
VenatorisNeutralSfora vs Uprising vs IncursionKarmaKarma (72), Prismatic (41), *BlissSilberwoelfeChillskoolConfusion vs ChillskoolFederatLonChaos_UnitedRecovery_CenterTranscendenceXIVNeutralMillenniumResilienceResilienceVenariVenari vs Darkroom vs Zakon_VllDarkroomDarkroom vs HelvetePrismaticFinalEnemyKuraidesuVenariVenari vs SwordArtOnlinePrismaticPrismatic vs Zealot vs VenatorisLeviathanLeviathan vs PrismaticSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineBDM
BDM vs Something vs Paradigma vs LastVanguard
RainingHostiasVenatorisImpulsionChaos_UnitedWanderiustWanderiust vs PredictedShadowEliteHavokPrismaticMillenniumBlitzkriegLeviathan
Aakman (Akman)2WednesdayValencia NeutralGodOfWarGodOfWarBlitzkriegBlitzkriegWhiteSheepGangBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg (44) vs Eclipsed (45?)JokersBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs Vault vs AddictedBlitzkriegBlueLionsAddictedAddicted vs BuccaneersAddictedKujiratoriAddictedSurvivalAddictedAddictedGangsterLeague vs AddictedAlphaHostileHostile vs TheJunkies vs Addicted vs RuthlessTheJunkiesAddictedAddicted vs TheJunkiesNeutralTheJunkiesKamasilveKamasilve vs QrwaSquad vs OrkaQrwaSquadThelynEnnorTheJunkiesKHAOSTheJunkiesHigh_DawnPyrolyse
Abandoned Iron Mine2TuesdayMediahLuxArcanaStandByRAGNAROKDieVierWindePantsu_RaidersVampzUnpredictableStandBy
Ragnarok(~45), Antidote(~30), Dementori(25?), StandBy(~55), ByFlame(Spicy)(48), Remix(0)
InvasionInvasion (59), Tempest, AntidoteDemetoriRAGNAROKInvasion(60) vs Hex(50?) vs Ragnarok(50+?)VoSRAGNAROKRAGNAROK (50) vs Blitzkrieg (30?)BlitzkriegBandaVandalicaNeutralPrismatic (35-38) vs RAGNAROK (~53)RAGNAROKStandByDeSync
DeSync vs TranscendenceXIV vs Megumin vs PancakeRiders vs Aquinoxe vs Kujiratori vs Ascending
KarmageddonKarmageddon vs Prismatic vs CrimsonMoonDiviumFurorSilberwoelfeLowKarma vs Silberwoelfe vs Origine vs *TOPFateAwaitsPrismatic
Buccaneers vs Prismatic vs SwordArtOnline vs Apocalipsis
HeadHuntersRAGNAROK vs HeadHunters vs Demetori vs **RAGNAROKHostileSanguine vs ZONE vs SwordArtOnline vs HostileNeutralSomethingPrismaticFinalEnemyDieVierWindeTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs WanderlustPrismaticViraiRAGNAROK vs Amity vs ViraiAmityOidSkooi vs AmityMisanthropolisFinalEnemyBuccaneersBuccaneers vs Megumin vs LastVanguardSpicyTheExodusCompany vs Spicy vs DiviumFuror vs BlackSailTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs SpicyTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs Chaos_UnitedTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs AequinoxTheExodusCompanyBlackSailBlackSailHostile
Ancient Stone Chamber2FridayBalenos TheJunkiesArchon (23) vs TheJunkies (53)DCMNecroticMoneyGangHeadHunters
Access_Denied(28) vs Headhunters(?) vs Dissendium(?)
HeadHuntersAequinoxeKarmaAntidoteAntidoteDeSync(18) v Antidote(22) v Drieghan(7)DeSyncDeSync(29) v GangsterLeague(7)AequinoxeOldskoolTranscendenceXIVAequinoxePrismaticPrismatic (34) vs Tempest (40+?) vs *FinalEnemyTempestBlueLionsJokersJokers vs Sparda vs Delete vs HelveteNeutral
Kuraidesu vs Kamasilve vs Aequinoxe vs BeastRiders vs Zephyr
Oldskool vs DiviumFuror vs Destroyers vs Headhunters vs Mystic vs *
DiviumFurorSundavarKuraidesuAlphaSurvivalAequinoxeBuccaneersDiviumFurorDiviumFuror vs DeSync vs ApocalypsisTheExodusCompanyChaos_UnitedChaos_United vs TridentRiOTUrnaApocalipsisHeadHuntersDissendium vs HeadHuntersUnpredictableBuccaneersPrismaticDeSyncDeSync vs PayoutDeSyncDeSync vs DestroyersDestroyersDestroyersGangsterLeague
Biraghi Den2TuesdaySerendia PrismaticPrismatic (43) - TheNorth (39) - SnipeTheNorthVoS
Kuolema(38), VoS, LuxArcana, Antidote, Unpredictable, Coldforged
Invasion(51) vs BeastRiders(~20?) vs Aquarii (?)
SforaFragmentedStandBy (56) vs Fragmented (63)VoS
VoS (48), BandaVandalica (??), TradingCompany (12)
StandByNeutralUnpredictableUnpredictable (56) vs Invasion (55) vs SOLID (~10)StandByStandBy vs AssaultUnpredictable
Orca (22) vs Unpredictable (15?) vs ByFlame (Spicy) vs Assault (8?) vs *
ZealotStandByPrismatic (37) vs Standby (50+?)MeguminSpicyStandByStandBy vs NugosDissendiumVenariVenari vs Addicted vs BlitzkriegKarmaKarma vs KHAOSKuraidesu
Karma vs Leviathan vs Kuraidesu vs Nightclub vs NoFace vs SpecialKids
ByFlameSpicyBlitzkrieg vs Oldskool vs Spicy vs ApocalipsisBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs Unbuffed vs *BlitzkriegBuccaneers
Zephyr vs Addicted vs Xion vs Buccaneers vs BeastRiders
OldskoolAmityVykaleneCepele vs AmityMisanthropolisMisanthropolis vs SwordArtOnlineKHAOSAbaddon vs KHAOSNeutralBuccaneers vs Guildless vs DiviumFurorSpicyMisanthropolisSpicyNeutralVirai vs Nugos vs HeadHuntersBlitzkriegSanguine vs Blitzkrieg vs Virai vs NugosTheExodusCompany
Sanguine vs TheExodusCompany vs Dissendium
ZealotSanguine vs ShadowElite(Zealot) vs Prismatic vs ZealotNeutralLeviathan
Prismatic vs Zephyr vs Karma vs War vs Encore vs Leviathan
NeutralVenari vs BlackSail vs Blitzkreig NeutralSpicy vs BlitzkriegBlitzkriegSonsOfDesert vs BlitzkriegLeviathanSecretSociety
Cadry Ruins2ThursdayValencia SwordArtOnlineNeutralGodOfWarNeutralTributeBlueKHAOSHordaStandBy
Kuolema(34), StandBy(50-60?), EXIT(30-35?), Schattenlegion(38-45)
GangsterLeagueZephyrZephyrZephyrZephyrDeSync(27) v Zephyr(28) v *OldskoolSwordArtOnlineAequinoxeKujiratoriChillskoolZephyrZephyrZephyrZephyrInsideInsideInside vs DeSyncJokersKHAOSZephyrKHAOSUndividedZephyrLuxArcanaLuxArcanaBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs GangsterLeagueMisanthropolisBlitzkriegAlcyone vs Khaos vs BlitzkriegNeutralDelete vs DiviumFuror vs RainingHostiasSeriouslyKHAOSKHAOSKHAOS vs Addicted vs UrnaRuthlessShadowEliteShadowElite vs VenariNeutralDeSync vs Origine vs FinalEnemy vs RIOTNeutralSpicy vs Karma vs EchoKarmaKarma vs Death_FactoryRESURRECTIONDeath_FactoryRosszcsontok
Capotia2Sunday Valencia RAGNAROKHordaHordaVictoryNoxTangraPancakeRidersStandByPancakeRidersKHAOSKHAOSKHAOS
Khaos(86), Karma(64), Leviathan(~20), SeaShepherd(~15)
StandByNeutralTangra vs Sfora vs PettanCoKHAOSKHAOSKHAOS vs VagrantsBlitzkriegFinalEnemyKHAOSKhaos vs SwordArtOnline vs *Neutral
Addicted vs Khaos vs Delete vs Invasion vs Dogma
SwordArtOnlineKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSHarmonyKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSBDMBDM vs Ner0KHAOSKHAOS vs DesillusionMisanthropolisMisanthropolis vs KhaosViraiKHAOSKHAOSKHAOS vs DiviumFuror vs SwordArtOnlineWealthKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSNeutralBlitzkrieg vs Khaos vs RLXT_AllianceBlitzkriegNeutralPyrolyse vs DiviumFurorRLXT_Alliance
Castle Ruins2WednesdaySerendia DieVierWindeTriggeredMillenniumTriggered
Triggered (59) - Sparda (25) - Headhunters (40-50~)
BandaVandalicaHeadHuntersBandaVandalicaHeadHuntersHeadhunters, Elysium, Semper_VigilJokersSemper_VigilBandaVandalicaBandaVandalica vs AntidoteJokersSemper_VigilNeutral
Orca (24) vs DiviumFuror vs Jokers vs Aggrobunnys vs Uprising vs Oldskool (25)
BandaVandalicaDiviumFurorMillenniumFinalEnemyOrca (23) vs Destroyers vs FinalEnemyFinalEnemyBandaVandalicaNeutralAddictedAddictedBandaVandalicaHeadHuntersBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaOrca vs BandaVandalicaSpicyBandaVandalicaDeSync vs BandaVandalicaChillskoolNeutral
VAULT vs BandaVandalica vs Desillusion
DesillusionDesillusionHopelessNeutralUrna vs Spicy vs BandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaDestroyers vs BandaVandalicaOldskoolPyrolyseHostileKHAOSKHAOS vs Payout vs FinalEnemyKHAOSKHAOSKHAOSIrrlichtLeviathan
Leviathan vs High_Dawn vs Prismatic vs Destroyers vs HeadHunters
Catfishman Camp2WednesdayCalpheon ChillNationSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineParanoiaParanoia (35) v Destroyers (3) v Remix (15)TraumaLeviathanVenariWhiteSheepGangInversionNeutralKuraidesuNUGOSEasyStreetEasyStreet (55) vs. GangsterLeague (~10)KarmaTempestAvaritiaAvaritia vs AszendentHeadHuntersHeadHunters vs Geeking vs Destroyers vs *ZealotNeutralDeSync
DeSync vs Wealth vs Unicorns vs Bladeworks vs FALLOUT
DestinyDeSyncDeSync vs BlueLionsKHAOSDeSync
DeSync vs DiviumFuror vs VAULT vs Kuraidesu vs NoFace
BandaVandalicaBandaVandalica vs Encore vs NoFaceEncoreGeekingSanguineSanguine vs Aasgard vs Ragnarok vs XionHostileHostile vs Oldskool vs *HostileNeutralOldskoolTempestTempestGangsterLeagueDestroyersAddictedAddicted vs Alpha vs LowKarmaZealotZealot vs SneekyNeutral
Sanguine vs BandaVandalica vs DiviumFuror vs Desillussion
UrnaUrna vs Ruthless vs DestroyersVolansVolans vs DisrespectVile
Sanguine vs Desillusion vs Pyrolyse vs Vile vs Hostile vs TheExodusCompany
Addicted vs Amity vs Fragmented vs Desillusion vs Oidskooi vs Chaos_United vs Spicy
PayoutPyrolysePyrolyse vs TheExodusCompany vs FateAwaitsTheExodusCompany
SecretSociety vs TheExodusCompany vs Rosszcsontok
Crescent Shrine2Sunday Valencia ArpeggioIncarnationSwordArtOnlineNeutralColdforgedColdforged (49) vs Tribute (snipe)KHAOSUnpredictable
Unpredictable (47) vs Mystik (50) vs Vampz (20)
VoS (48), SwordArtOnline (51), Blitzkrieg (45), HeadHunters (50~)
SwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineTangraKuraidesuHaaku (37) vs Kuraidesu (40?)Haaku
Haaku (28) vs Fiction (15?) vs Recovery_Center (20?)
KuraidesuHaakuHaaku vs PancakeRidersRosszcsontokKuraidesuFUREURRosszcsontokDiviumFurorHarmonyNeutralGeeking vs Alpha vs Harmony vs AddictedNeutralAddictedAddictedAddictedAddictedAddictedAddictedAddicted vs MisanthropolisAddictedRagnarok vs AddictedBDMAddictedAddictedRuthlessfor freeTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs MisanthropolisNeutral
Misanthropolis vs BandaVandalica vs ThelynEnnor vs Ruthless
PyrolyseTheExodusCompany vs PyrolyseMisanthropolisBDMTheExodusCompany
TheExodusCompany vs CaveatEmptor vs BoneMarowCold
GangsterLeagueYush vs Havok vs GangsterLeagueKHAOS
KHAOS vs Geeking vs DiviumFuror vs TheExodusCompany
Crioville2ThursdayCalpheon Karma
Karma (43) vs Horda (~30) vs LostVayne (~10) vs Blast (~35) vs Unpredictable (~40)
SonsOfHeidelEXITZephyrLeviathanBLASTDeSyncDeSync(28) vs Apostles vs DevillHeartInvasion
Invasion (48), StandBy (50), Apostles (40), Zephyr (25-30?), BandaVandalica (?)
Invasion(50) vs Coldforged(52) vs BlackSailAcademy(40?) vs BlackSail(60+?)
Orca (23) vs Leviathan vs Wanderlust vs Antidote vs Hex
Delete (40), Addicted (50?), Geeking(25?), Ruthless(30?), Aasgard(?)
DeSyncDeSync(25) vs Incursion(8)Addicted
Kujiratori vs Addicted vs Aszendent vs Kuraidesu vs *
TranscendenceXIVSpicyZephyrZephyr vs Karma vs InvasionBlackSailDestinyAddictedLeviathanLeviathan vs NightclubHarmony
Leviathan vs Encore vs Harmony vs Addicted vs Dissendium vs Nightclub
Addicted vs RAGNAROK vs Karma vs ECHO vs SwordArtOnline vs Zephyr
NeutralVirai vs Blitzkrieg vs Buccaneers vs AmityViraiECHOAddictedAddicted vs Zer0BlackSailNeutral
Chaos_United vs Addicted vs Nugos vs Spicy vs NovusOrda
WealthWealth vs PancakeRidersZealotZealot vs Khaos vs Volans vs LastVanguardViraiUnpredictable
Unpredictable vs TheExodusCompany vs HEIDELJUGENDamt
RAGNAROKRAGNAROK vs Kyo vs Hostile vs Zealot vs ThelynEnnor vs *NeutralBlitzkrieg vs NovusOrda vs InsidePrawnhubDiviumFurorQrwaSquad vs Blasphemie vs DiviumFurorPayoutHeadHuntersHeadHunters vs JokersTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs ThelynEnnorECHO
Cron Castle Site2WednesdayBalenos Millennium
DeSync(28) v Millennium(25) v LuxArcana(35) v Tangra(2)
RemixTriggeredTriggered vs Primastic vs Solaire SolaireInversionVenariNeutralOldskool
Byflame (40), Oldskool (xx), Paranoia, Demetori
Prismatic (36-39) - VOS (40?) - BandaVandalica (35?) - Headhunters (40?) - Kuraidesu (49)
DeSync (30) vs Jokers (7) vs SOLID (2 no structures)
VoSVoS (77) vs Venari (54) vs Nucturius (15)Addicted
KHAOS vs Chillskool vs Addicted vs DiviumFuror vs Dogma vs GangsterLeague
Oldskool vs Karma vs Venari vs Leviathan vs Geeking
HeadHuntersPyrolyseDeSyncDeSyncOrca vs FUREUR vs NoFace vs Aasgard vs DeSyncSundavarVoSVoS vs Zealot vs *HarmonyZer0Zer0 vs GeekingGangsterLeagueTheExodusCompanyZealotNeutralDeSync vs Blitzkrieg vs HostileHostileNeutralTheExodusCompanyHostileVarshen vs HostileZealotSanguineSanguine vs BandaVandalicaSanguineSanguine vs HeadHunters vs Death_FactoryThelynEnnorWarDeath_FactoryDeath_FactoryKHAOS
DeSync vs Pyrolyse vs KHAOS vs Hostile vs Urna
DeSyncDeSync vs DieVierWinde vs QrwaSquadPantsu_Raiders
Delphe Outpost2ThursdayCalpheon TriggeredColdforgedDeSyncDeSync(30) v Chillskool(10) v BlueLions(0)TheNorthVoSBlitzkriegZephyrVoSTempestResilientVenari
Unpredictable (59) vs Demetori (?) vs Karma (~65) vs Venari (56)
Invasion (50) vs Dissendium (~40) vs TranscendenceXIV (47) vs SwordArtOnline (~50?)
OrcaOrca vs BlueLionsZephyrDeSync (35) vs Zephyr (27) vs Geeking (~30)ZephyrBlackSailKHAOSKhaos vs Uprising vs Unicorns vs VagrantsDeleteDeSync vs Delete vs RAGNAROK vs FUREUROldskool
Delete vs Oldskool vs Kamasilve vs Dissendium vs Inside vs Ragnarok vs TheWatchers
Recovery_CenterRecovery_Center vs RosszcsontokBlitzkriegSpicyBlackSailNeutral
Kamasilve vs Chaos_United vs DiviumFuror vs Dissendium vs Kuraidesu vs FUREUR vs Oldskool
OrcaOrca vs BlueLionsOldskoolOldskoolRiOTECHOECHO vs LuxArcana vs GangsterLeagueKarmaRuthlessRuthless vs Tempest vs BlueLionsViraiVirai vs Echo vs InsideDeSync
DeSync vs TheExodusCompany vs Zer0 vs LowKarma vs Rosszcsontok vs Proximo vs Apocalypsis)
Misanthropolis vs PerlaNera vs DeSync vs TheJunkies vs Lutkuttajat
RAGNAROKDeSync vs RAGNAROK vs SunswornRAGNAROKRagnarok vs TheExodusCompany vs *RAGNAROKNeutralNovusOrda vs Inside vs TheExodusCompanyUnpredictableUnpredictable vs DiviumFuror vs BuccaneersMisanthropolisHeadHuntersInside vs HeadHunters vs Chaos_UnitedFinalEnemyInsideInside vs SpicyPantsu_RaidersMadHouse vs Jghphhhf vs Pantsu_RaidersLuxArcana
Elric Shrine2TuesdayMediahInvasion
Invasion (~55), Unpredictable (26-28), Neuro (20-25?)
RAGNAROKChillskoolInversionInvasionZephyrByFlameElysiumUnstable(12) vs Elysium(16-21)KHAOSBlitzkrieg
Resilient, Oldskool, StandBy, Blitzkrieg, Nugos(38)
Addicted (46) vs Orca(23) vs GangsterLeague (18~)
ByFlameSMASH(36) vs Oldskool(?) vs ByFlame(50+)RAGNAROKStandByOldskoolHaakuSilberwoelfeKarmaKarma vs Spicy vs RAGNAROK vs Blacksail ZealotMeguminOrcaOrca vs Payout vs AequinoxeRiOTRiOT vs Buccaneers vs VAULTOrcaOrca vs BlueLionsHarmonyOrca vs Harmony vs HostileNeutralKarma
RiOT vs Orca vs Karma vs Something vs Buccaneers​
Virai vs TheExodusCompany vs Karma vs LuxArcana vs illxDCMxlil
AscendingBlackSailBlackSailBlackSailNeutralTheExodusCompany vs Nugos vs DissendiumDesillusionRAGNAROKRAGNAROKRagnarok vs TheExodusCompany vs TheJunkiesRAGNAROKRAGNAROKRAGNAROKThelynEnnorRAGNAROKShadowEliteRAGNAROKRAGNAROKBlackSail
Invasion (50) vs BeastRiders (~10) vs BlueLions (0)
Oldskool (20) vs SwordArtOnline vs Recovery_Center vs *
HaakuHaaku (27) vs SilberWoelfe (60?)RAGNAROK
RAGNAROK vs Les_Merguez vs ToNieMy vs Helvete
UrnaKuraidesuKuraidesuHaakuSpicyJokersBDMRiOTRiot vs Access_denied SwordArtOnlineBeastRidersBeastRiders vs BlueLionsHostileHERO_SQUADBuccaneersBuccaneers vs XionHostileHostileXionHostileAipha vs Hostile vs RosszcsontokECHOFALLOUTSpicyTheJunkiesDiviumFurorPyrolyseAddictedTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs DeleteDeleteDelete vs YushHostileHostileHostille vs RosszcsontokResilienceWanderLustWanderiustThelynEnnor
Florin Gateway2FridayBalenos DissendiumVector
Vector(8-9) vs Dissendium(13-14) vs ChillNation(7-8)
CypherLuxArcanaLeviathanBLASTKuraidesuDesillusionLeviathanLeviathanLeviathan, Nugos(33)LeviathanLeviathanSMASHSMASH vs RecoveryCenter vs DevlillHearTVenari
Venari (?) Kuraidesu (?) Access Denied (29) Sparda (?) Bloodwings (?)
BDMSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineGeekingPrismaticPrismatic vs VagrantsVagrantsNucturiusChaos_UnitedMeguminMegumin vs Destroyers vs Aquinoxe vs *KarmaMeguminMegumin
Varshen vs Megumin vs DeSync vs Wealth vs *
BDMDiviumFurorChaos_UnitedChaos_United vs PancakeRiders vs DestinoBDMMementoVivereUrnaGeekingBuccaneersBuccaneers vs TRIDENT vs GGWPBDMfor freeSneekyPayoutDiviumFurorDiviumFurorDestroyersTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany
TheExodusCompany vs Nephilim vs Chaos_United vs FinalEnemy
SpicySneekyTheExodusCompanyDieVierWindeDieVierWinde vs MystralBDM
Gavinya Volcano Zone2Sunday Valencia KujiratoriStandByKamasilveKamasilve (21) EXIT, CrypticStandByHexHex (40+) , HabgierStandByAntidoteColdforgedColdforged(49) vs StandBy vs InvasionColdforgedKamasilveKamasilve (28), Tungra, Sfora, TributeStandByBlueKuraidesuStandByNeutralJokersStandByGeekingDelete vs Geeking vs AlphaJokersJokers vs RuthlessRuthless
Kamasilve vs Ruthless vs Zakon_VII vs FateAwaits
BlackSailAcademyWealthNeutralLeviathanJokers vs StandBy vs Leviathan vs InsideInsideInsideAasgardOrcaOrca vs Necrotic NecroticViraiViraiVirai vs TheExodusCompanyUrnaUrna vs Ruthless vs SundavarViraiVirai vs Seriously vs Shinrai vs DejaBugStandByZer0BDM vs Zer0 vs YushMisanthropolisMisanthropolis vs BlasphemieDesillusionDesillusion vs Urna vs TheExodusCompanySunswornPrismaticNeutral
Necrotic vs Urna vs TheExodusCompany vs Blitzkrieg
NecroticNecroticNecrotic vs Death_Factory vs ThelynEnnorNecroticNecroticNecrotic vs Leviathan vs Inside vs DieVierWindeInsideInsidePrismaticKHAOS
Glish Swamp2ThursdaySerendia DeSyncDeSync(21) v Cryptic(4)NeutralColdforgedColdforged (49) vs JokersInversionArchon (34) vs Inversion (39) vs Tangra (20)Pantsu_RaidersInversionInversionLeviathan
Leviathan (48) vs Khaos(45) vs Jokers(39) vs Coldforged (55)
KHAOS(64~), Tempest(40-45), Inside(~30), Blue(~50)
Invasion (55) vs SwordArtOnline(50+?) vs SchattenLegion(48) vs MangoSmile(30?) vs LowKarma(30+?)
AntidoteAntidote vs FOOL vs AggrobunnysKarmaKarmaNeutralVenari vs Jokers vs ZephyrAggrobunnysBlackSailVenari
Delete (35), Venari (?), Standby (~45), Jokers (?), Ruthless (?)
JokersHarmonySpicySpicy vs LeviathanInsideStandByBlackSailDelete vs BlackSail vs AeoxAddictedDesillusionOrca vs ECHO vs DesillusionStandByBuccaneers
Buccaneers vs VAULT vs Schattenlegion vs ChillNation
MisanthropolisLuxArcanaMisanthropolisZer0Zer0 vs Desillusion vs RuthlessBlackSailNeutralMisanthropolis vs HostileFairyTurbofor freeBlackSailHeadHuntersPayoutZephyrSpicy
Spicy vs Misanthropolis vs Death_Factory vs BlackSail
Death_FactorySpicyMisanthropolis vs Hostile vs Spicy vs ECHOChaos_United
Oidskooi vs Encore vs ChaosUnited vs HeadHunters
MisanthropolisChaos_UnitedNecroticDogma vs Necrotic vs NephilimChaos_UnitedBlackSail
Goblin Cave2FridayBalenos FinaleTriggeredKuolemaEclipsedTangraEclipsedMeguminSMASHSMASH vs FINAL_IMPACT KuolemaKuolema(23), Desillusion(17), *EclipsedAntidoteKamasilve
Kamasilve (21), SMASH(~30), NUGOS(39), Kuraidesu
DeSync(21) vs Headhunters(50~) vs Tribute(5) vs SonsOfHeidel(?) vs Helvete
GeekingOldskoolGeekingHeadHuntersAddictedAddicted vs Desillusion vs OrigineGeekingFederation vs GeekingStandByGangsterLeagueLeviathanAddictedKamasilveDesillusionMeguminHeadHuntersECHOECHO vs AequinoxeDeSyncDeSync vs GangsterLeagueDesillusionDestroyersDestroyersWanderLustECHOECHO vs Alcyone vs AmityMangoSmileNeutralNer0 vs AequinoxeUnpredictableSpicyNecroticImpulsionDissendiumOrigineNeutral
Pyrolyse vs Zephyr vs TheExodusCompany vs RLXT_Alliance
Gorgo Rock Belt2TuesdayValencia EXITEXITEXITEXITTraumaBlackSailRazorsInvasionInvasion (59), BlitzkriegBandaVandalicaKuolemaSecretSocietyMorghulisMorghulis (39), Yuukan (30), Echo (20) AeoxRecovery_CenterKHAOSKHAOS (65), Resilient (40), Desync (29)DiviumFurorRecovery_CenterDiviumFuror
Blitzkrieg (31) vs DiviumFuror (55-65?) vs Unicorns (30?)
Recovery_CenterGeekingKHAOSKHAOSRecovery_CenterKHAOSDeleteDelete vs Geeking vs ThreadripperGeekingGeekingKHAOSPayoutZephyrBlitzkriegBuccaneers vs BlitzkriegKarmaKarma vs TheExodusCompanyKarmaNeutralBlitzkrieg vs KHAOSKarmaBlitzkriegAlcyone vs Payout vs BlitzkriegKHAOSNeutralHostile
Hostile vs Khaos vs Zealot vs Jokers vs Nucturius
NeutralQrwaSquadQrwaSquadAddictedAddicted vs Buccaneers KarmaHeadHunters vs Karma vs ExusBANESMASHDeath_FactoryDeath_Factory
Hasrah Cliff2Sunday MediahRemixEclipsedAntidoteRAGNAROKSforaNER0InvasionInvasion (55), RAGNAROK (~50), Habgier (?)EclipsedSpicyInvasion (60) - Spicy (45-60?) - Sundavar (?)SpicyInvasionEclipsedYokaiInvasion
Invasion (52) vs Kuraidesu (40+) vs DiviumFuror (~45)
UnpredictableUnpredictable (47) vs Certified (~10)GeekingBlitzkriegNeutralInvasion vs Destroyers vs FinalEnemyDestroyersKarmageddonDiviumFurorNeutralOldskoolOldskool vs Fallout vs MaomaoPrinceOldskoolOldskool vs Blitzkrieg vs PancakeRidersBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs KuraidesuKuraidesuKuraidesuKuraidesuKuraidesu vs Something vs DestinoKuraidesuSomethingDiviumFurorHarmonyNeutralGangsterLeagueMisanthropolisViraiVirai vs Echo vs FateAwaits vs LutkuttajatECHOPantsu_Raiders vs ECHOKHAOSFinalEnemyFinalEnemyFinalEnemyDiviumFurorZephyrQrwaSquadQrwaSquad vs HopelessQrwaSquadFinalEnemyQrwaSquadFinalEnemy
Imp Cave2ThursdayBalenos Invasion
Archon (29) vs TheNorth (44) vs Desillusion (?) vs Invasion (49) vs SchattenLegion (50)
Karma(45?), Schattenlegion(55?), Desillusion (52)
Paranoia (25), Byflame (45ish), Chaos_United (45ish), ColdForged (55ish?)
Kamasilve (25), Leviathan, Oldskool, Coldforged, Invasion
BlueTempestResilientResilient vs Hostile vs JokersHostile
Orca (25) vs Hostile (70~) vs GansterLeague (??)
BlackSail (60+) vs Hostile (40+?) vs StandBy (50)
SchattenlegionDeSyncDeSync(40) v BandaVandalica(25) v Saska(5)RAGNAROKSpicySpicy vs Addicted vs SwordArtOnlineKarmaKarma vs StandByKarmaKarma vs UnpredictableKarmaKarma vs MangoSmileKarmaKarmaKarmaInsideDeSyncDeSync vs Xion vs PayoutECHOECHO vs GangsterLeague vs PayoutOldskoolOldskool vs Harmony vs StandByNeutral
BlackSail vs Chillskool vs Hostile vs Zealot vs DiviumFuror
NeutralOldskool vs ZephyrOldskoolZephyrZephyr vs RAGNAROK vs ProximoZephyrRuthless vs ZephyrDesillusionBlackSailRuthlessRuthless vs Zephyr vs GangsterLeagueRuthlessRuthless vs ECHO vs Necrotic vs *RuthlessRuthless vs MementoVivereBlackSailBlackSail vs NecroticBlackSailSanguine vs BlackSailBlackSailUnpredictableBlackSailBlackSailZakon_ViiNeutral
Ivory Wasteland2Monday Valencia EXITGangsterLeagueKamasilveKamasilve (25), EXIT, JokersNUGOSHexJokers(35) v DeSync(26) v Hex(48) v Remix(3)JokersJokersJokers vs AntidoteEclipsedLeviathanLeviathanKamasilve (29), LeviathanJokersOrca (26-29) vs Jokers (34~)JokersNeutral
Haaku (24) vs Eclipsed (50?) vs Jokers (30?) vs Access_Denied (35)
WhiteSheepGangOrcaOrca (25) vs Sup (7) vs Kamasilve (21)OldskoolZealot, Addicted, Zephyr (26), Oldskool (26)Leviathan
Leviathan(40-45) vs Harmony(7) vs GangsterLeague(5) vs Helvete(snipe)
Recovery_CenterKHAOSKhaos vs Blitzkrieg vs Wealth vs TangraUnicornsBlitzkrieg vs Unicorns vs OSEFKamasilveKamasilve vs DestinyGeekingKamasilveKamasilve vs Access_Denied vs BlitzkriegEXITPyrolyse vs ExitKHAOSKamasilvefor freeKamasilveKamasilve vs StandByXion
Kamasilve vs Xion vs DeSync vs Destroyers vs Orka vs Friskyttarna
HavokTerreurNeutralECHOECHOECHO vs Vanix vs ProximoECHOECHOECHOECHO vs Hostile vs RuthlessECHODestinyThelynEnnorThelynEnnor
ThelynEnnor vs Destroyers vs Helvete vs PancakeRiders
PyrolysePyrolyse vs Kamasilve vs QrwaSquadHostileNeutralVileHigh_DawnHigh_Dawn vs JokersHigh_DawnThelynEnnorThelynEnnor
Marie Cave2TuesdayCalpheon KarmaKarmaKarmaKarmaParanoia (35) Vs Karma (55ish) KarmaKarmaKarmaKarmaAmrakInvasionKamasilve (27), Invasion, BlackSails, KhaosTempestKarmaKarma> (65), ByFlame(42-49), AequinoxeKarmaPrismatic (40) - Desillusion (30?) - Karma (73)BandaVandalicaIrrelevant
Prismatic (31) vs Encore(40?) vs Irrelevant (40?)
Unpredictable (32) vs TheNorth (?) vs Aquiver (~15) vs Karma (~70) vs BlueLions (0)
BlueLionsOldskoolVenariOldskoolKarmaKamasilve vs KarmaStandByZealotNeutral
Encore vs Oldskool vs Chillskool vs Spicy vs Blacksail
NeutralKarma vs Blacksail vs OldSkoolKarmaKamasilve vs BlackSail vs KarmaBuccaneersBuccaneers vs Megumin vs KHAOSKamasilveKamasilve vs Xion vs Ragnarok vs SpicyBlueLionsMisanthropolisMisanthropolisAddictedAddicted vs BlueLions vs ZephyrSpicyNeutralRAGNAROKVolansVolans vs FateAwaits vs *HostileHostile vs Misanthropolis vs BlackSail vs TOPNeutralBlackSail vs TheExodusCompany vs VolansBlackSailMisanthropolisThelynEnnorNeutralDiviumFuror vs Dissendium vs Payout vs ThelynEnnorHeadHuntersLeviathanLeviathan vs ShadowElite vs Hostile vs EchoNeutralDeath_Factory vs Necrotic vs FinalEnemyUnpredictableUnpredictableHigh_Dawn
Mask Owl's Forest2TuesdayBalenos ExiledBlackSailWhiteSheepGangInvasion
Invasion (~57), Antidote (~30), ForsakenOath (~30-35?)
WhiteSheepGangStandByParanoia (26) vs Standby (60)Paranoia
Paranoia (29), Megumin (40-45), Kuraidesu (50~)
Unpredictable(44), BadIntentions(30-35~?), Certified(20-25~?)
ZephyrUnpredictableUnpredictable (55) vs WhiteSheepGang (~15)VenariNeutralHostileUnpredictable
Unpredictable (47) vs Invasion (~40) vs SwordArtOnline (~40) vs GGWP (~10)
Addicted (79) vs Oldskool vs Megumin vs Invasion
Orca (27) vs Megumin (44) vs GangsterLeague (a few)
Venari (60), VoS (87), Zealot (72), KHAOS (60), Geeking (25)
KarmaHaaku vs Invasion vs Karma vs StandByRecovery_CenterDeSyncDeSync vs Aeox vs Blue vs HelveteDiviumFurorStandByMegumin vs Addicted vs Standby vs LeviathanStandBy
Standby vs Dissendium vs DivirumFuror vs Megumin
MeguminMegumin vs Ragnarok vs **MeguminKamasilveKamasilve vs DesillusionDesillusionKarmaKHAOSBlackSailOldskool vs Zealot vs BlackSailNeutral
KHAOS vs Oldskool vs BlackSail vs Hostile vs Buccaneers
NeutralBuccaneers vs Hostile vs OldskoolNeutralKamasilve vs Megumin vs MisanthropolisMeguminVoSMeguminSneekySwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnline vs MementoVivereHostileHostile vs Spicy vs Urna vs ThelynEnnorRosszcsontokShadowElite
Hostile vs Misanthropolis vs BlackSail vs Access_Denied vs ShadowElite vs Prismatic
NeutralBlackSail vs Hostile vs Death_Factory vs NugosBuccaneersHostile
Hostile vs Dissendium vs RLXT_Alliance vs Virai vs TheJunkies
Mediah Northern Gateway2Monday MediahRemixZephyrVoS
DeSync(32-27) v VoS(45ish) v Blaise(15) v Sparda(14) v WhiteSheepGang(0)
Fragmented (Venari) (64) vs Inversion (~60-65) vs Leviathan (45) vs Pantsu Raiders (spicy) (?)
Venari (62) vs Inversion (75) vs Resilient (~60) vs Blitzkrieg (?)
Venari (58) vs Inversion (~70) vs Helvete (~20) vs *
LeviathanParanoiaTangraChillskoolVoSSMASH(35) vs VoS(?)ByFlameNeutral
Orca vs Haaku vs Oldskool vs Zephyr vs HeadHunters vs BlueLions (Snipe)
Irrelevant(44) vs Encore(40) vs ByFlame(?) vs 2 snipe towers
NeutralOrca (25) vs Hostile vs SwordArtOnline vs AeoxOrcaOrca (25) vs Crank vs Haaku vs StandByHelveteNeutral
SMASH vs Geeking vs Dogma vs Recovery_Center vs Spicy
Oldskool vs Venari vs Zealot vs Chillskool vs Wealth vs TOP
NeutralKhaos vs Oldskool vs LeviathanSpicySpicy vs Zephyr vs Dogma vs DesillusionDesillusionDesillusion vs BandaVandalicaDeSyncDeSync vs Undivided vs NothingPersonalOldskool
Oldskool vs HeadHunters vs DiviumFuror vs PettanCo
Hostile vs Desillussion vs DeSync vs Oldskool vs SwordArtOnline vs NUGOS
DeSyncDeSync vs BeastRiders vs GangsterLeagueDiviumFurorSpicyHostileNeutralOldskool vs DiviumFuror vs SecretSocietySanguineSanguine vs HelveteZealotSanguine vs Zealot vs Sneeky vs SpicyNeutralSanguine vs ThelynEnnor vs Desillusion vs BlasphemieSneekySneeky vs Spicy vs Desillusion vs Sanguine vs OsefSneeky
Sneeky vs SecretSociety vs DeSync vs Chaos_United
Spicy vs FinalEnemy vs SonsOfDesert vs Varyags
Northern Heidel Quarry2FridaySerendia TriggeredFictionImpulsionHeadHuntersImpulsionBandaVandalicaRazorsStandByRemixStandByDemetoriSilberwoelfeAeoxSMASH
SMASH (29) vs Aequinoxe vs Deludia vs Hostile (31) vs *
SMASH(31) vs Delete(13) vs Mystik(30) vs FinalEnemy(30-50) vs Uprising(0) vs PiratesOfHell(25)
PettanCoMeguminAggrobunnysRAGNAROKKarmaLuxArcanaNeutralDestroyersKarmaKuraidesuPettanCoAeoxKuraidesuPayoutRAGNAROKBuccaneersBuccaneers vs AequinoxBuccaneers
Buccaneers vs Aeox vs Ascending vs BlueLion
AeoxBuccaneersBuccaneers vs UrnaAequinoxeBuccaneersBuccaneers vs Addicted vs DeleteAequinoxeTheJunkiesAequinoxeAequinoxeZealotNeutralQrwaSquadDissendiumDissendiumDissendiumDissendiumDissendium
Northwestern Gateway2TuesdaySerendia DosRombosDesillusion
Archon (40) vs Desillusion (40-50) vs DieVierwinde (20-25)
OrcaOrca [24] vs Archon [??]SpicyRemixRAGNAROKBlackSailBlackSailBlackSailMateria (40) vs BlackSail (80) ZephyrZephyrKamasilveKamasilve (24), Hostile, OldskoolInversionNeutral
Prismatic (39) - Irrelevant (15) - Khaos (78) - Hostile (79)
SMASHSMASH (38) vs Haaku (26) vs NUGOS (47)HelveteKarmaRecovery_CenterHarmonyHarmony vs BlackSail vs Chillskool vs GeekingVoSVoS vs Harmony vs TrancendenceXIVNeutralSpicy vs StandBy vs Oldskool vs *RiOTRiOT vs GeekingRiOTRiOT vs MangosmileZONEHarmonyAddictedAddicted vs Desillusion vs BlueLionsHarmonyZealotBlackSailBlackSailNeutralDesillusionDesillusion
Desillusion vs Haaku vs Apocalipsis vs Addicted
HostileZephyrDiviumFuror vs Zephyr vs BlueLions ZephyrZephyr vs BlueLions vs BuccaneersDiviumFuror
DiviumFuror vs Dissendium vs Sneeky vs TheExodusCompany
BuccaneersMisanthropolisMisanthropolis vs Necrotic vs ZephyrDesillusionDesillusion vs Death_Factory vs ZealotNeutral
Necrotic vs Oidskooi vs Death_Factory vs Dissendium vs Nugos
Death_FactorySanguine vs Death_FactoryMisanthropolisNecrotic
RLXT_Alliance vs Starless vs Sanguine vs QrwaSquad vs Necrotic vs **
FateAwaitsSpicyHostile vs Havok vs Spicy vs NugosPantsu_Raiders
TheExodusCompany vs Divinity vs Impulsion vs Pantsu_Raiders
Olvia Coast2ThursdayBalenos NeutralTOP_ClanVectorVector(19) vs Moneybags(8~)ColdforgedColdforged vs Something vs RemixDesillusionColdforgedTheJunkiesAntidoteJokersByFlameNeutralNeutral
Leviathan (34) vs ByFlame vs Morghulis (38-43) vs SwordArtOnline (55) vs Karma (?) vs DevillHearT(55)
SwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnline vs Paradigma vs RagnarokDesillusion
Unpredictable (53) vs Jokers (~35) vs Origine (23) vs Desillusion (~45) vs WhiteSheepGang (~10)
Orca (29) vs BandaVandalica vs Vagrants vs Inside
AeoxSpicyOrca vs Spicy vs DeleteRuthlessRuthless vs Jokers vs NugosFUREUROldskoolOldskool vs Venari vs FinalEnemy vs StandbyJokersOrca vs Jokers vs Chillskool vs PizzaPlanetOldskoolOrca vs Oldskool vs PancakeRidersZephyrDeleteDelete vs Ecchi_SquadVoSZealotHarmonyNeutralHostile vs Inside vs Zero vs MisanthropolisNeutralKarma vs Inside vs Geeking vs KhaosHostileHostile vs KhaosKarmaKarmaKarmaSneeky
DeSync vs Sneeky vs RAGNAROK vs TheExodusCompany vs Unpredictable
RuthlessRuthless vs ProximoBlackSailBlackSail
BlackSail vs Inside vs StandBy vs Misanthropolis vs Unpredictable
InsideNecrotic vs Inside vs NovusOrdaOidskooiOidskooi vs DiviumFuror vs HelveteThelynEnnorHostile
Hostile vs TheExodusCompany vs Prismatic vs Addicted vs Virai
Pantsu_RaidersPantsu_Raiders vs Wanderiust ShadowElite
Necrotic vs Nephilim vs Dogma vs ShadowElite vs Resilience
TheJunkiesTheJunkies vs QrwaSquad vs JadegardeBlackSailNUGOS
Omar Lava Cave2Monday MediahNeutralEclipsedZephyrMoneyGangParanoiaParanoia (33) vs Destroyers (30), Yuukan (27)DestroyersKHAOSKamasilve (22), KHAOS, ZephyrPancakeRidersSpicy
Spicy(?) vs DeSync(35) v Jokers(48) v Headhunted(61) v BandaVandalica(42) v Opium(6)
DemetoriDemetori (35) - VoS (?) - Antidote (?)BandaVandalicaFOOLGangsterLeagueByFlame
Byflame (50~) vs Eclipsed (40~?) vs KuraiDesu (30~?) vs Blitzkrieg (30~?)
EclipsedHeadHuntersHeadHuntersZephyrResilienceHeadHuntersDeSync vs Headhunters vs DogmaBandaVandalicaBlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs BlackPawBandaVandalicaDeSyncDeSync vs BandaVandalica vs ECHOByFlameNeutralOrca vs Geeking vs AIpha vs BandaVandalicaECHOSpicy
Orca vs Spicy vs CantTouchThis vs RenegadeLegion vs BlueLions
BlueLionsHarmonySpicyDiviumFurorAlphaSwordArtOnlineFinalEnemySneekyTheExodusCompanyHostileHostilePyrolyse vs HostileBandaVandalicaTheExodusCompanyVileVileDesillusion
Desillusion vs BANE vs DeSync vs Avaritia vs Endcore vs Ressurectlon vs Youkan
Oze's House2FridayCalpheon NeutralDeSync(19) v Coldforged(12-20) v Helvete(1)WelcomeToUgandaBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaTriggeredDesillusionHeadHuntersBandaVandalicaTangraTriggeredTriggered - Suicidal - BlueWanderLustStandByHeadHuntersMillenniumTempestHeadHuntersGeekingHeadHuntersChaos_UnitedBandaVandalicaChaos_UnitedUnicornsBandaVandalicaAddictedRAGNAROKBandaVandalicaBandaVandalica vs Triggered vs KakaoServersKakaoServersSeriouslyBandaVandalicaHarmonyXionRAGNAROKRAGNAROKHostileHostile vs FrostGlade vs XionXionXion vs WaterTribeTheExodusCompanyDissendiumDissendiumNephilim vs DissendiumBandaVandalicaTheExodusCompanyHostileHostile vs Dissendium vs BandaVandalicaDissendiumDeath_FactoryDiviumFurorDiviumFuror vs ParabellumNeutral
FinalEnemy vs Unpredictable vs Trickster vs Oidskooi vs Aequinoxe
Phoniel's Cabin2Monday Calpheon NeuroDeSync(23-28) v Neuro(26) v Eclipsed(65-70)EXITEclipsed
Access_Denied(32) vs Eclipsed(70+) vs Yuukan(20)
VoS(50?) vs Access_Denied (32) vs Eclipsed (?) vs Sparda
HeadHunters, DeSync(25), SMASH(34), BandaVandalica
Kuraidesu vs DieVierWinde vs Zephyr vs Reborns vs Yokai
RebornsReborns vs Assault vs LostArkZephyr
DeSync(35-39) v Zephyr(28) v Xion(30) v Haaku(25) v 2 snipes(BlueLions & Tiamat)
DeSync(46) v Kuraidesu(?) v Nucturius(20~) v WhiteSheepGang v TOP_Clan(20ish) v Kujiratori(snipe) v Valor(15)
DeSync(45) vs Spicy(43) vs BlueLions(snipe) vs Apocalipsis(?)
DeSyncDeSync vs Haaku vs FederationHeadHuntersDeSync vs Headhunters vs SpardaHarmonySpicy vs Harmony vs Oldskool vs **NeutralDeSync vs Encore vs Oldskool vs DarkroomDeSyncDeSync vs Silberwoelfe vs GGWPDeSyncDeSync vs ProfaNationEncoreNeutralOrca vs DiviumFuror vs DeSync vs XionChaos_UnitedDeSyncDeSync vs GeekingZephyrDesillusion
Desillussion vs DeSync vs Hostile vs Apocalypsis
DesillusionDeSync vs Hostile vs Desillusion vs NUGOSDeSyncDeSync vs BlueLionsZealotOldskool vs Spicy vs Zealot vs HostileNeutralAddicted vs Shinrai vs WarOldskoolOldskool vs Zer0 vs PayoutNeutralDeSyncDeSync vs Addicted vs FairyTurboDeSyncDeSync vs SwordArtOnlineDeSyncDeSync vs Wealth vs ProfaNationAddictedDeath_FactoryDeath_Factory vs GGWPSpicySpicy vs GangsterLeagueVenariNovusOrda vs Venari vs DeSyncLeviathanSanguine
Venari vs Sanguine vs Destroyers vs HeadHunters vs Hostile
HeadHuntersHeadHunters vs DestroyersDeSyncDeSyncDeSync vs ImpulsionDeSync
Quint Hill2TuesdayCalpheon LeviathanNeutral
Zephyr (50-60) vs Chillnation (10-15) vs Retirement home (Snipe)
PrismaticStandByVoSInvasionInvasion (~57), Remix, AN_THEMZephyrVoSKhaos(49), VOS(49), Kuolema(33), *ResilienceRAGNAROKDemetoriDemetori (40) - Ruthless (50?) - Hostile (35?)TangraVoS
Oldskool (28) and TranscendenceXIV (39) vs VoS (52) and Resilient (??)
TranscendenceXIV (42) - Encore (20?) - Tangra (??) - Aqeuinoxe (18?)
HostileBlackSailBlackSailBlackSailPrismatic (36-38), BlackSails (60+)BlitzkriegBlitzkrieg vs Prismatic vs WealthHaakuDesillusionKujiratoriOldskool vs BlueLions vs KujiratoriPrismaticBlitzkrieg
Addicted vs Geeking vs Access_Denied vs Blitzkrieg
Blitzkrieg vs Xion vs Addicted vs BeastRiders vs Dissendium
FUREURAddictedViraiViraiVirai vs NecroticViraiVirai vs Desillusion vs Nugos vs KarmaRevolveViraiViraiVirai vs ZephyrViraiViraiHostileHostile vs BlackSail vs KhaosNeutralAddicted vs Zephyr vs MystikDissendium
Oldskool vs Addicted vs Dissendium vs Oidskooi
Buccaneers vs Ruthless vs Mystral vs LastVanguard vs Amity vs GangsterLeague vs Chaos_United vs Rosszcsontok
Misanthropolis vs Exus vs Interesting vs PancakeRiders vs Hostile
Necrotic vs Zephyr vs Helvete vs Nugos vs DieVierWinde
FragmentedFinalEnemyDeath_Factory vs FinalEnemyBlackSailFinalEnemySpicyLuxArcana vs Dissendium vs SpicyTheExodusCompany
Rhutum Outstation2Sunday Calpheon NeutralRemixEclipsedFanatixEclipsedUnpredictableColdforged(52) vs Unpredicatble vs RaknarokEclipsedUnpredictable
Unpredictable (41) vs Mystik (55-60) vs Nucleus (1)
RAGNAROKNecrotic(42) vs RAGNAROK(?)Unpredictable
Unpredictable (54) vs Coldforged (~60) vs Tempest (~45) vs Kuolema (~35) vs NoWayOut (~5)
Prismatic (34) vs Blitzkrieg (46) vs Invasion (60?) vs *
Blitzkrieg (33) Vs. Oldskool (24) Vs. Destroyers (40?) Vs.ToNieMy (25?)
MeguminSpicyBlitzkriegNeutralBlitzkrieg vs HeadHunters vs DieVierWindeBlitzkrieg
Delete vs Desillusion vs Blitzkreig vs Jokers vs Inside
Prismatic vs Inside vs Delete vs Megumin vs Payout
Megumin vs Schattenlegion vs Kuraides vs Desilusion vs Exit
MeguminMegumin vs Noface vs DestinoAddictedHarmonyNeutral
Inside vs Virai vs Oldskool vs Buccaneers vs VoS
Prismatic vs Oldskool vs Hopeless vs Rosszcsontok
Zer0Zer0 vs Ruthless vs BlueLionsBuccaneers
Buccaneers vs Megumin vs Haaku vs FALLOUT
Buccaneers vs Urna vs Prawnhub vs Megumin vs *
TheExodusCompany vs Addicted vs Jokers vs * vs Iron_Wolves
HopelessPrismaticAddictedMisanthropolisECHOECHO vs UrnaECHO
Echo vs Helvete vs Riot vs Death_Factory vs Neuro vs Desillusion
UrnaUrna vs Echo vs HopelessBDMFinalEnemyFinalEnemyFinalEnemy vs Payout vs RLXT_AlliancePayoutHostileHostile vs Triggered vs *NeutralInside vs CBT vs RainingHostiasBuccaneers
Roud Sulfur Works2WednesdayValencia SpardaGangsterLeagueJokersArchonJokersJokersJokersJokers vs AntidoteJokersTriggered, Jokers(40), Materia(24), TOP_ClanMateria
Materia (35-37) vs Demetori (33) vs TOP_Clan (15-20)
Kamasilve (13), BlackSail, TOP_Clan, GangsterLeague
Khaos (68), DiviumFuror (52), Kuraidesu (~50), Spicy (27)
KuraidesuPrismatic vs Kuraidesu vs *KuraidesuKuraidesuDestinyOldskoolNeutralKuraidesuKujiratoriPrismaticDesillusionDestroyersDesillusionUrnaDeSync vs Urna vs FairyTurboUrnaUrnaUrnaZer0 vs Urna vs DestroyersDestroyersKamasilveKamasilve vs Amity vs AlcyoneUrnaUrna
Kamasilve vs Urna vs Pyrolyse vs Necrotic vs Destiny
UrnaMementoVivereUrnaDestroyersTheJunkies vs Destroyers vs JokersPyrolyseVileVileJokersFinalEnemyToxicTeam
Saunil Camp2Monday Calpheon SwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineGangsterLeagueEXITResilienceZephyr
Paranoia (27), Zephyr (33), Sundavar (?), Sparda (?), Leviathan (40ish)
Khaos(62), Antidote(36), Certified(24), HelixSquadron(~5?)
SMASH(38) vs HeadHunters(52) vs SOLID(?) vs PettanCo(?)
Hostile(39) vs TOP(?) vs TOP_clan(?) vs BDM(?) vs Encore(?) vs Irrelevant(~35-40)
Haaku (28) vs TheJesters(15?) vs AggroBunny's (Snipe)
ZealotNeutralChillskoolHaaku vs Chillskool vs HarmonyZephyrHeadHuntersHelveteJokersOrca vs Addicted vs JokersOrcaOrca vs Oldskool vs KHAOSZealotNeutral
Oldskool vs Hostile vs ECHO vs Akane vs Zephyr vs DiviumFuror
BandaVandalicaHostileOldskool vs Hostile vs BandaVandalicaLuxArcanaChaos_UnitedResilienceBlueLionsHarmonyDiviumFurorDiviumFuror vs Destroyers vs *AddictedDiviumFurorSpicyVolansVolans vs ECHO vs AddictedSecretSocietyEcho vs SecretSociety vs DiviumFurorDesillusionKuraidesu vs Desillusion vs EchoECHOECHO vs Addicted vs Death_FactoryDeath_FactorySpicyUnpredictableECHOECHO vs Spicy vs DeSync vs PayoutECHORosszcsontok vs ECHO vs Access_DeniedRosszcsontokFREE_HUGS vs RosszcsontokSpicy
Serendia Shrine2FridaySerendia Aequinoxe
Neuro (13) vs Aequinoxe (20ish) vs Tribute (10?)
ParanoiaTriggeredTriggered vs Black_BullsKarmaOrca (17) vs Triggered (65) vs Karma (25~30)​OrcaOrca vs Bloodwings vs OsefInversionParanoia (26) vs Inversion (65?), Megumin (?)NeutralTributeNeutralHeadHunters vs TriggeredSwordArtOnlineSwordArtOnlineFOOLEclipsedAddictedAddicted vs Tangra vs BandaVandalicaRAGNAROKKuraidesuBlissOrigineTheJestersSilberwoelfeRAGNAROKRAGNAROKMeguminGeekingFALLOUTRAGNAROKNeutralOrca vs Mystik vs TempestBlueLionsECHOECHO vs Destino vs Impulsion vs FairyTurboGeekingKHAOSGeekingOldskool
Oldskool vs Gemini vs Aequinoxe vs DiviumFuror
AequinoxeMeguminDiviumFurorDiviumFuror vs MementoVivereAmityParabellum vs AmityKHAOSNephilimProximoThelynEnnorMementoVivereSneekyBuccaneersSpicyPrismaticThelynEnnorHostile
Soldier's Grave2FridayMediahEclipsedArchonArchonArchonBandaVandalicaEXITEclipsedDemetoriEXITTangraEclipsedEclipsedBandaVandalicaEclipsedNUGOSSOLIDDeSync
DeSync(21) vs PancakeRiders(7) vs Elysium(8-no buildings)
BandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaAiphaDeleteHeadHuntersDiviumFurorTheJunkiesBandaVandalicaXionXionHeadHuntersVarshenVarshen vs BDMHopelessZealotNeutralHostile vs Khaos vs BandaVandalicaSundavarSundavar vs AscendingYokaiZer0WhiteSheepGang vs PancakeRiders vs Fureur vs Zer0ZephyrMeguminMegumin vs Fallout vs RosszcsontokBandaVandalicaBuccaneers
Buccaneers vs TheExodusCompany vs Dissendium vs ShockWave
BandaVandalicaBandaVandalica vs ThelynEnnorBuccaneersTheJunkies vs BuccaneersHostileFALLOUTRAGNAROKThelynEnnorJghphhhfHeadHuntersJghphhhf
Stonebeak Shore2Sunday MediahDieVierWindeDestroyersGangsterLeagueInvasion
Invasion (~60), Easystreet (50-60?), Hex (40?), Triggered (33-35), Sparda (~30-35?), Antidote
InvasionInvasion (50) vs Destroyers (36)DestroyersOldskoolOldskoolKhaos(53), Blitzkrieg, Inside, OldskoolInversion
StandBy (52), Oldskool (25 +/-), Inversion (70~)
Unpredictable (55) vs Delete (39) vs Eclipsed (~40) vs Destroyers (?)
Oldskool (~30) vs. FinalEnemy (45) vs. Materia (?)
DiviumFurorInsideBlueLionsPrismaticPrismatic vs Chaos_United vs StandBy vs *HarmonyOldskoolStandBySilberwoelfeRiOT
RiOT vs FateAwaits vs Aasgard vs Incursion vs Blitzkrieg
NoFaceECHOECHO vs DieVierWinde vs AeoxOrcaOrca vs Darkroom vs Destino vs DemetoriInsideRiOT vs Inside vs Sundavar vs BlackFlags​SchattenlegionSchattenlegion vs Sfora vs Chaos_United vs *ViraiInsideInside vs DarX vs *InsideNeutral
Oldskool vs Viral vs Inside vs Khaos vs Desillusion
TheExodusCompany vs Inside vs ECHO vs Yokai
YokaiGangsterLeagueTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs Amity vs PayoutMisanthropolisMisanthropolis vs Ner0 vs InsideBuccaneersStandBy vs Buccaneers vs UrnaViraiVirai vs InsideInsideInsideKamasilve vs InsideInsideInsideECHOECHOECHOECHOECHO
Tungrad Forest2WednesdayMediahDestroyersChillNationBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaHeadHuntersRemixHeadHuntersBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaChillskoolAntidoteAntidote vs EasystreetAequinoxeKHAOSPrismatic
Prismatic (27-31) vs Jokers (29) vs Standby (24)
NeutralJokers vs HeadHuntersZealotNeutral
Suicidal (35), Nugos (35), Headhunters (40), Chaos_United (35-40+?), BandaVandalica (40+?), Jokers (snipe)
DestroyersSpicySpicy vs DiviumFurorBandaVandalicaChaos_UnitedVAULTTheJunkiesZealotSpicyHostileAlphaBandaVandalicaZealotSpicy
Zer0 vs Hostile vs Spicy vs Sundavar vs Abaddon
Neutralno fightBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaFairyTurboFairyTurbo vs FALLOUTMementoVivereJokers vs MementoVivere vs DiviumFurorFALLOUTDiviumFuror
DiviumFuror vs BandaVandalica vs SwordArtOnline vs Wealth vs **
FALLOUTSneekyHostileHostile vs DiviumFuror vs ThelynEnnorHelvetePantsu_RaidersPantsu_Raiders vs NobodyPyrolyseDeSyncDeSync vs OidskooiAccess_DeniedPyrolyseTheExodusCompany
Western Gateway2Sunday Balenos Prismatic
Prismatic (47) - Coldforged (42) - StandBy (45?) - Unpredictable (40?)
ColdforgedColdforged(52) vs Tangra vs SwordArtOnlineColdforged
Prismatic (52) - Ragnarok (40?) - Hex (30?) - Coldforged (50) - Origine (35?)
BlackTemplarsKarmaInvasionInvasion(65) vs Eclipsed(70) vs Megumin(40?)Megumin
Megumin vs Vos vs Demetori vs BalenosBallers
DemetoriDemetoriOldskoolUnpredictableUnpredictable (57) vs Anarchia (~15)Neutral
Prismatic (43) - Ruthless (25-30?) - Aasgard (30?) - Invasion (70+?)
Haaku vs Tempest vs Karma vs Aasgard vs Eclipsed vs Ruthless (27) vs VoS (35-40) vs Whitesheepgang vs Geeking
Prismatic (31) vs Oldskool (25?) vs Standby (50?) vs Karma(59)
Prismatic (31) vs Arpeggio (10?) vs Fairy Turbo (snipe)
ZealotNeutralStandBySwordArtOnlineCertifiedAddictedAddictedOrca vs Addicted vs RiOT vs AasgardAasgard
Orca vs Prismatic vs SwordArtOnline vs Aasgard vs Elite_Gilde vs Payout
AasgardMeguminMegumin vs OSEFPrismaticNeutralAlphaECHOECHOVenariRuthless vs Oldskool vs VenariNeutralECHOBuccaneersBuccaneers vs Ruthless vs HeadHuntersPrismaticRuthless
Sneeky vs Ruthless vs SwordArtOnline vs Prismatic
SwordArtOnlineApocalipsisPrismaticNeutralShadowElite vs Prismatic vs FinalEnemy vs ZONENeutral
Origine vs Schattenlegion vs TheExodusCompany vs Prawnhub
Abandoned Land (Isolated SP)1Monday Calpheon NeutralChaos_UnitedDemetoriFictionPyrolyse (14), Yuukan (~25), Fiction (~30)NeuroApostlesNeuroRetirementHome
Pyrolyse (19), Materia (~30), Hostile (~20), Chaos_United (~10)
Reborn (56), Seriously(13), Materia (35), ForsakenOath (35)
ECHOECHO (21) vs HYDRA (15)DestinyDestiny vs BeastRidersSilberwoelfeAvaritiaBlueStaticDeSync vs StandbyBDMJokersSMASHChaos_UnitedWealthSpecialkidsWealthDarX vs Disrespect vs Wealth vs MangoSmileBlueAvaritiaWealthWealthWealthPrawnhubWealthMangoSmileProximoXion vs ProximoSecretSocietyNeutralVault vs Suicidal vs Interesting vs Riot vs VenatorisProximoWealth vs ProximoStandByRosszcsontok vs StandByProximoMystralMystral vs Rosszcsontok vs BlueLionsProximo
LowKarma vs SemperDanica vs Proximo vs Disrespect vs Rosszcsontok
PyrolysePyrolyse vs Volans vs KamasilveNeutralMangoSmile
MangoSmile vs Predicted vs Volans vs SecretSociety
VolansVolans vs HydraVANIXVanix vs Hydra vs DemonsHunter vs OsefDemonsHunterBlackSwan vs illxDCMxlil vs DemonsHunterVolans
Abandoned Quarry1ThursdayCalpheon CaronteNeuroWanderLustChillskoolNeuroDesillusionNUGOSNUGOSUrnaSneeky
Sneeky (14) vs Yojimbo (22) vs Destroyers (28) vs Alterium (15)
ReBorn (36) - Akamonedydy (~20) - Impulsion (~30) - Helvete (~30) - Apex (~15)
Reborn(54), PancakeRiders(~30), Amethyst_Dawn(~40)
BlueChaos_United vs BlueRebornReborn (52) Aeox(30) Access_Denied(30)EXITEXIT vs Disrespect vs Chillskool vs TheNorthRebornReBorn (51) vs Historymakers (~30)Reborn
ReBorn(47) vs Undivided (35) vs BDM (20) vs Nucturius (snipe tower)
Xion(17) vs Invasion(30+?) vs Desillusion(20+?) vs Fiction(?) vs Yojimbo(?)
XionXion vs Elysium vs UnevitablesUndividedMystikMystik vs Aequinoxe vs DarkroomDemetoriMystikRosszcsontokSwordArtOnlineillxDCMxlilillxDCMxlil vs BlueLionsHigh_DawnUnpredictableUnpredictable vs VANIXDeSync
DeSync vs Synthesize vs Paradigma vs LowKarma vs UPS
UnpredictableUnpredictable vs AggrobunnysNovusOrdaNeutral
StandBy vs FrozenDawn vs BlackSail vs Jokers vs Echhi_Squad
NeutralKamasilve vs Inside vs StandByNeutral
Amity vs Apocalipsis vs DanishRegulators vs Karmageddon vs Mystral vs Origine vs WingedAssassins
WingedAssassins vs Karmageddon vs Tempest
JokersJokers vs Blackheart vs OrigineZakon_ViiZakon_Vii vs Mystral vs OidskooiPrawnhubKuraidesuScaredOfDarkness vs Kuraidesu vs BeastRidersKuraidesuKuraidesu vs Amity vs Jghphhhf vs ProximoKuraidesuTerraNovaTerraNova vs ThousandFSForPriNeutralGeeking vs Mystral vs Kuraidesu vs GeminiGeminiGemini vs DrivenBDMBDM vs AkamonedydyWealth
Abstinence1ThursdayValencia BlueBlueBlueFrozenDawnCypherAlteriumDestinyTranscendenceXIVTranscendenceXIVNUGOSDieVierWindeDemetoriNeutralBlueBlue vs HYDRANightCiubNightCiub vs HERO_SQUADTheJunkiesHERO_SQUADHistoryMakersMeguminECHO vs Megumin vs BlackSheepGangLuxArcanaLuxArcana vs Destiny vs SpardaUndividedUndivided vs Apocalipsis vs LuxArcanaBlackSailDestinyDestinyDestinyDestinyDestinyWealthNeutralBlueAkamonedydyGemstoneIncGemstoneInc vs PettanCoSuicidal
Suicidal vs Blue vs DeSync vs EternalFlames vs Prometheans vs GangsterLeague
Suicidal vs TheCrimsonLords vs PerlaNera vs Smash vs AdMultosAnnos
SuicidalSunsworn vs Suicidal vs SonsOfHeidelNUGOSNUGOSBlitzkriegMementoVivereSonsOfHeidelNovusOrda
Jokers vs Zakon_Vll vs NovusOrda vs FrozenDawn
NovusOrdaNovusOrdaNovusOrdaMisanthropolis vs NovusOrda vs SonsOfDesertNovusOrdaNovusOrda
Ahto Farm1ThursdayMediahDissendiumNeveResignAkamonedydyNeveResignArchon
Archon (34) vs Wanderlust (62) vs RainingHostias (30) vs Caronte (20)
Myrios(23) vs Yojimbo(18) vs TranscendenceXIV(8) vs BaloneyBrothers(15)
RiOT (21) vs Certified (13) vs Schattenlegion (~60)
Delete (42) vs Unpredictable (~40) vs Kamasilve (~20) vs Schattenlegion (~50+?)
RiOT(31) vs Paradigma(?) vs Destiny(?) vs Origine(37) vs Amethyst Dawn(?)
Unpredictable vs FrozenDawn vs Paradigma vs Impulsion vs Akamonedydy
AkamonedydyParadigmaUndividedUndivided vs SchattenlegionHostileSchattenlegionSilberwoelfeSilberwoelfe vs SonsOfHeidelDissendium
Dissendium vs Suicidal vs EXIT vs NATION vs CrimsonMoon
NeutralDanishRegulatorsRainingHostiasRainingHostias vs Iron_WolfSchattenlegion
Schattenlegion vs GangsterLeague vs DanishRegulators
SchattenlegionAlphaXion vs Geeking vs Alpha vs LowKarmaJokers
Jokers vs Unpredictable vs Suicidal vs Geeking vs NovusOrda
NeutralMangoSmile vs EdenProject vs OrigineMangoSmileDesillusion
Unpredictable vs Desillusion vs DanishRegulators vs Dogma vs AggroBunnys
NeutralGeeking vs illxDCMxlil vs DanishRegulatorsDanishRegulatorsJokersJokers vs OrigineNeutral
Skysoldiers vs BaloneyBrothers vs BalenosBallers vs BeastRiders vs DemonsHunter
CrooksOrigineOrigineOrigine vs WealthOrigineLowKarma vs Origine vs Riot vs PettanCoOrigineOrigine
Alejandro Farm1ThursdaySerendia VectorDemetoriParanoia
Paranoia (32) vs Icecream (25ish) vs Iscariot (15ish) vs PancakeRiders (~40) vs Archon (39)
NeutralNeutralNecrosisSneekyDesillusionPancakeRidersNeutralDesillusionNeutralDemetoriDemetori (41) v Razors (?) v TheJunkies (?)ResilientResilient
Delete (42), Desillusion, BDO_Cruzcampo, Sparkle, Resilient (35)
Demetori (27) vs Vagrants (20?) vs Origine (35?) vs LeRohan (15?)
Unpredictable (32) vs Desillusion (~40) vs ECHO (16) vs DieVierWinde (~10) vs Hopeless (~15) vs Incursion (?)
Kamasilve vs DiviumFuror vs Ruthless vs NovusOrda vs SeaShepards vs StandBy vs SanguinumCorvus vs Necrotic
Schattenlegion vs Hostile vs Akane vs Ecchi_Squad
WingedAssassins vs Semper_Vigil vs Karmageddon vs Exit
Kamasilve vs Jokers vs Unpredictable vs BlackFlags vs NothingPersonai
Nephilim vs Dogma vs Schattenlegion vs Pantsu_Raiders
TempestVolansVolans vs TempestOrcaZephyrDesillusionKarmaMystralAdMultosAnnos vs Vanix vs MystralMisanthropolisPantsu_RaidersAccess_DeniedNecrotic
Altar of Agris1WednesdayBalenos HeadHuntersBliss(32) vs HeadHunters(34)VarshenOrca (~14) vs Kuraidesu vs VarshenApostlesDreamfallPyrolysePyrolyse (15), Destino (20-25), Chillskool (7)LuxArcanaSemper_VigilPyrolyse
Pyrolyse (20), Chillskool (~14), ForsakenOath (~35)
TempestParadigmaVarshenDosRombos - Varshen - Apex - CroissantDestroyersBlueTriggeredForsakenOathChaos_UnitedFateAwaitsFateAwaits vs MangoSmileParadigmaUrnaUrna vs ProfaNation vs PettanCoDesillusionVarshen vs Desillusion vs *DestroyersBeastRidersRainingHostiasDesillusionSecretSocietyInsideProfaNationTheExodusCompanyAkane vs TheExodusCompanyDeSyncDeSync vs PrawnhubDestroyersPrawnhubKamasilve vs PrawnhubNeutralKamasilve vs VarshenDeSync
DeSync vs Unpredictable vs Haaku vs Hopeless
Orca vs Prawnhub vs FUREUR vs PettanCo vs RFC
SmoczaKompaniaWealthRiOTSecretSocietyRiOTVarshenVarshen vs ParadigmaEclipsedHYDRAUrnaUrna vs Wealth vs *ProximoMangoSmileVAULTBDMOrca
Altas Farmland1TuesdayValencia CypherKarthage
Tribute (10?), Karthage (35-38), BaloneyBrothers (15-20?), OSEF (15?) , 2 Oosef Snipes
Neuro (26) vs BadIntention (30+) vs Blaise (?) vs FateAwaits (30+)
HexHex (38), LAG (10?), Remix (?)MateriaApostles
Apostles (29) vs Valor(20?) vs Schattenlegion(50) vs Croissant(15?) vs TheWindNinjas(20) vs Myrios(20)
AkamonedydyImpulsionOverkillKuolemaKuolema vs TheNorth vs OrkaEcchi_Squad
Ecchi_Squad (23) vs TheSocialTavern(20-25) vs BDM (20~)
Morghulis (21) v Kuolema (50+) v PancakeRaiders (15) v Orka (6?) v Ecchi_Squad (15)
UnicornsDeviouzBlueFrozenDawnUPSUPSEcchi_SquadSecretSocietyEcchi_SquadKarmageddonKarmageddon vs Mystik vs UPSKarmageddonKarmageddonTheExodusCompanyRiOTRiOT vs PettanCo vs UPS vs NextGenImpulsionKamasilve
Kamasilve vs StandBy vs QQmore vs FairyTurbo
NeutralSurvival vs Aurion vs ProfaNationSomethingJokersJokers vs MementoVivereMementoVivereLiberationLiberation vs AssaultMementoVivere
Sunsworn vs MementoVivere vs Undivided vs Liberation vs Exus vs YUSH
Unpredictable vs Blasphemie vs Helvete vs Jokers
MystralRuthlessOrkaRainingHostiasZephyrZephyrDarkroom vs Mystik vs ZephyrDarkroomMystik
Altinova Gateway1ThursdayValencia Neutral
BlackTemplars (17-27) vs Elysium(25?) vs Edges (15?) vs CLINIC(30-35?)
YuukanNeutralParadigmaKamasilveKamasilve (26), Demetori, DreamwalkersNeutralPancakeRiders
Materia (35) Vs PancakeRiders(~50) Vs BlackSailAcademy (~45) Vs Dissendium (~25)
MyriosDissendiumDissendiumElysiumDeSyncDeSync(30) v BandaVandalica(15) v Solace(9)Neutral
Akane vs Yojimbo vs GGWP vs Elysium vs OutOfDank
Morghulis (30) v Ecchi_Squad(20+?) v Agonise(20+?)
Orca vs PancakeRiders vs SecondFatalSin vs VykaleneCepele
LowKarma(20-25) vs Kuolema(36) vs Dissendium(25)
Orca (29) vs Dissendium vs Vagrants vs Uprising vs Nation
KuolemaAmethyst_DawnLowKarmaLowKarma vs VykaleneCepeleAasgard
Aasgard vs Undivided vs Chillskool vs Semper_Vigil
YokaiKuolemaAequinoxeNeutralKuolemaStandByRuthless vs TOP vs StandBy NeutralUnpredictable vs Ruthless vs StandByNeutralNovusOrda vs Xion vs Orca vs Pantsu_RaidersNeutralKuolemaKuolema vs SonsOfHeidelUnpredictable
Survival vs Unpredictable vs BDM vs GemstoneInc
QQmore vs Gemini vs Impulsion vs Akamonedydy vs Tengu
HaakuKarmaKarmaKarmaKarmaKarmaNeutralYokaiillxDCMxlil vs YokaiRiOTOrcaNeutralKarma
Alumn Rock Valley1Sunday MediahNecrotic
Necrotic(26) vs HeavensArmy(5) vs Futuristic(snipe)
Kamasilve (22), Paranoia(34), Buccaneers(27), Chillskool(33), Yokai(20-34?), Apostles(35), Pyrolyse(16), Spite
Kamasilve (22), Mystik, GangsterLeague, Exiled
Varshen(29) Vs. Apocalypsis Vs. Schattenlegion Vs. Geeking Vs. Sneeky Vs. Pyrolyse Vs Somnium
Kamasilve (26), TranscendenceXIV(50), DuneDain(15?), Croissant and BloodWings(20?)
Kamasilve (24), Pyrolyse, TranscendenceXIV, Unpredictable, Hydra, Unicorns and SleepingSlayers
Kamasilve (24), Delete, TranscendenceXIV, Unicorns, Tangra, Apocalypsis, Ruthless, MonkeyDClan (+ one more snipe)
Kamasilve vs BlueSkull vs Vile vs Les_Merguez vs Infinity_Fire vs ForsakenOath
Kamasilve vs Dissendium vs OSEF vs Sfora vs SeaShepherd vs Les_Merguez vs Zakon_VII
Luminosity vs Kuolema vs Semper_Vigil vs Apocalipsis vs TranscendenceXIV vs ForsakenOath vs SleepingSlayers vs ***
Varshen vs RainingHostias vs Silberwoelfe vs Paradigma
PyrolysePyrolyse vs Hopeless vs Dunke_GardeWanderLust
Wanderlust vs SimplyOneShot vs Uprising vs Pancakeriders vs Schattenlegion vs Shockwave
DarXDarX vs Uprising vs illxDCMxlilRuthlessNeutral
DarX vs Megumin vs Urna vs Geeking vs CantTouchThis vs Unpredictable
DarXStandByStandBy vs Unicorns vs Ruthless vs *Neutral
Varshen vs Schattenlegion vs Survival vs Prawnhub vs Megumin
Varshen vs Synthesize vs Orca vs Prawnhub vs Destino vs Sirius vs ProfaNation
Varshen vs LobosDeHierro vs FateAwaits vs ProfaNation vs Synthesize
StandBy vs Synthesize vs RainingHostias vs Helvete vs TheBloodBrothers vs Origine vs Apocalipsis
ShockWave vs Naitsuburaddo vs Prawnhub vs Schattenlegion vs ******
AasgardAasgard vs RiotSchattenlegionSchattenlegion vs OsefBuccaneers
Buccaneers vs MorsMartII vs Synthesize vs HeavensArmy vs Ecchi_Squad vs Survival vs SputTaken
DemonsHunter vs Aasgard vs VAULT vs Semper_Vigil vs Buccaneers
AasgardApocalipsis vs Aasgard vs OsefPyrolyseNeutral
Pyrolyse vs Orca vs Kamasilve vs Till_Valhalla vs DosRombos vs ThousandFSForPri vs *
NeutralSemper_Vigil vs FrozenDawn vs FateAwaitsVarshenOSEFRuthless
Ancient Ruins Excavation Site1WednesdayMediahVampzRemainsMystikVampzLuxArcana
Kamasilve (21), TranscendanceIXV, BalenosBallers, Desync, LuxArcana
Paranoia (26) vs Demetori (25?), BalenosBallers (40ish?), Triggered (70)
BalenosBallers(42) vs Vault(26) vs Access_Denied vs ShadowHunter_ES(?) vs LuxArcana
LuxArcana (32) v EXIT (38) v BalenosBallers (39) v Hostile (25ish?) v Suicidal (?)
Access_Denied (33) vs Destiny (40+?) vs Materia (40~?)
FateAwaits (28), Territory (?), Avaritia (?), Destino (?)
TheNorth (20+) vs LowKarma (20+) vs Access_Denied (22)
Avaritia (40+) vs Apocalipisis (28) vs Access_Denied (25-28)
ApocalipsisYuukanPyrolysePyrolyse vs Access_Denied vs EntranceChillskoolChillskool vs Darkroom vs IncursionEntranceillxDCMxlilGeekingillxDCMxlilNeutralDarXDarX vs Aquiver vs Ecchi_SquadAquiverNeutralGemini vs Apocalipsis vs ToNieMy vs AquiverNeutral
Terreur vs Wanderlust vs Landsharks vs DarX vs Paradigma vs Eclipsed
WanderLustDarXKHAOSVarshen vs Khaos vs SecretSocietyNeutralSecretSocietyNeutralPettanCo vs GemstoneIncShockWaveShockWave vs Blasphemie vs MystikNextGenHYDRAMystik vs Hydra vs GemstoneIncFateAwaitsKamasilve
Orca vs Access_Denied vs Seekers vs Memento_Morte vs LuxArcana vs Kamasilve
NeutralBlasphemie vs Exus vs HelveteExusAlphaBDMAccess_DeniedAccess_Denied
Asula Highland1TuesdayMediahApostlesNeveResignCypherNeuro
Neuro (20) - Alterium (40) - GatosPingados (12-13?) - RisingAngels (10?)
AlteriumSchattenlegionLes_MerguezMyrios(23) vs Les_Merguez(38)DissendiumDissendium
Wanderlust (53), Dissendium (~40), Paradigma (~35), OrdoTeutonics (21), TradingCompany (15)
SaintsLawParadigmaTheNorthDissendiumDissendium vs VenganzaDissendium
RiOT(30) vs Dissendium(32-45) vs Scourge (15) vs Waifumakers (20) vs BrokenSouls (?)
DissendiumSemper_VigilDesillusionFrozenDawnSMASHSMASH vs Abaddon vs Chaos_UnitedApocalipsisDarkroomApocalipsisApocalipsisApocalipsis vs Semper_Vigil vs RazorsTheJestersWealthWealth vs Aeox vs AquiverNeutralValorVagrantsHaakuFrozenDawnOrcaOrca vs Geeking vs Zakon_VllNeutralCrazy_Frogs vs Origine vs QQmoreBlasphemie
Blasphemie vs SimplyOneshot vs RainingHostias
OSEFYokaiRainingHostiasHaakuZephyrZephyr vs Megumin vs KamasilveNeutralDark_Matter vs WhySoSerious vs GeminiWhySoSeriousAuroraVerumMeguminOrcaNUGOSNUGOS vs NUGOS_ii vs ViraiNUGOS_iiWealthBuccaneersSemperDanica
Balenos River Mouth1Monday Balenos PrometeusResistanceOrcaParanoia (35) vs Orca (26) vs Cypher (30) vs **NeutralAjinPrometeusFictionLowKarmaTOP_ClanDestroyersResistanceTOP_ClanAszendent
Ecchi_Squad (18) vs Territory(14~) vs Aszendent (32)
Access_Denied (37) vs SecretSociety (34) vs Venari (15~) vs Jokers (35~) vs Sundavar (10~) vs Dantai (snipe?)
Morghulis(32) v Dogma(35+) v ChaosUnited(25?+) v Federation(7) v PancakeRaiders(7)
DogmaDogma vs TheJunkiesTheJunkiesTheJunkies vs SaintsLaw vs Ecchi_SquadMeguminTheJunkiesTheJunkiesTheJunkiesZephyrOrca vs Zephyr vs SwordArtOnline vs *BeastRidersSecretSocietyPayoutTheJestersPyrolyseAeoxEclipsedBandaVandalica
Aggrobunnys vs Triggered vs Vanix vs BandaVandalica
DejaBugNightCiubBandaVandalicaKuraidesuLowKarmaLowKarma vs AIpha vs BeastRiders vs KOTN vs *KOTNKOTN vs ReBorn vs TriggeredHeadHuntersillxDCMxlil vs HeadHuntersMystralEclipsedEclipsed vs OrcaNeutral
Paradigma vs Liptons vs Destiny vs DanishRegulators vs Kotn vs Jadegarde
JadegardeJadegarde vs OverkillIron_WolfBandaVandalicaBandaVandalicaillxDCMxlilillxDCMxlil vs Iron_WolfMystralMystral vs OoosefYokaiSemper_Vigil
Bashim Base1TuesdayValencia TempestParanoiaNeutralTempestMystikMystikMystikMystikMystikMystik (39) vs Mystic (~18)Mystik
Mystik (43) - Gangster_League (~22) - Valor (~18)
Mystik (34) vs Kuolema (45?) vs HERO_SQUAD (45?)
MystikMystik (35) vs Abaddon (25?)FrozenDawnDissendium
ECHO (14) vs Dissendium (33) vs Apostles (25-30 ?) vs Abadon (15 ?) vs Orka (10 ?) vs IronWolf (20-30) vs CrimsonMoon (15 ?)
KuolemaYokaiSecretSocietyNeutralHaakuNoFaceSecretSocietySecretSocietySecretSociety vs NoFaceNocturnalNeutralUnicornsUnicornsProfaNationKarmageddonKarmageddon vs HexSecretSociety
Mystral vs SecretSociety vs FrozenDawn
Survival vs HERO_GR vs Sirius vs Tengu vs QQmore vs Semper_Vigil vs Valor
QQmoreQQmoreSirius vs Tengu vs QQmoreLaidToRest
Aurion vs Alpha vs LaidToRest vs Tengu vs LowKarma vs PettanCo vs Chaos_United
SwordArtOnlineKarmaKarma vs SurvivalNeutralSurvival vs Haaku vs RiotRiOTRiOTRosszcsontokBlitzkriegKarmageddon
LowKarma vs WingedAssassin vs Karmageddon vs Suicidal vs Pancake_Riders vs Eternity vs * vs RezPlease_II
Beacon Entrance Post1Sunday Calpheon OrigineEasyStreetEasyStreetMeguminParanoia
Paranoia (31) vs Blitzkrieg (25) vs Sententiae (25)
Varshen(23) Vs. Pyrolyse(18) vs Semper_Vigil(?) Vs. Blaise(30-40) Vs. Apex
Orca (17-18) vs RainingHostias vs Chillskool vs Luminosity
Kamasilve (30), Tempest, Haaku, Yokai, PhoenixKnights
Kamasilve (29), Semper_Fi, FinalEnemy, Tempest
Chaos_United vs TemplarOrder vs Megumin vs RainingHostias vs PiratesOfHell vs VeniVidiVici vs **
Schattenlegion vs Chillskool vs Arpeggio vs OverPowered
ECHO (20) vs TheJunkies (32) vs Uprising (36) vs Origine (37) vs Yokai (~36) vs Chillskool (~18) vs Biedronka (a few) vs Darkroom (a few)
TranscendenceXIVSuicidal vs TranscendenceXIVNeutral
Mystik vs Origine vs Pyrolyse vs Apocalipsis vs Blue vs Wanderlust vs ToNieMy vs Blaise vs *
Mystik vs Schattenlegion vs Epilogue vs Pyrolyse vs Blue vs Godless vs Asylum vs Chillskool vs Demetori vs BloodyDragon vs Desillusion
UndividedIncursionPyrolyseProfaNation vs Dissendium vs PyrolysePrawnhubRiOTRiOT vs StandBy vs GGWPNeutralDelete
Delete vs Yokai vs Geeking vs SoGami vs Unpredictable vs DieVierWinde vs Aeox
HeadHuntersNeutralRiOT vs RainingHostias vs Suicidal vs OSEFTheExodusCompanyTheExodusCompany vs DejaBug vs FalloutNeutral
Sirius vs GangsterLeague vs Chaos_United vs NoFace vs FrozenDawn vs TheJesters vs Geeking
FairyTurbo vs Origine vs Chaos_United vs Apocalipsis vs Aeox vs *
Kamasilve vs HeadHunters vs Apostles vs Abaddon
Smash vs ShockWave vs Something vs Mystral vs Necrotic
CompaniaMaldita vs Rosszcsontok vs Schattenlegion vs DieVierWinde
DieVierWindeHeavensArmy vs PancakeRiders vs **Pyrolyse
Pyrolyse vs Kamasilve vs LuxArcana vs SecretSociety vs TeeParty vs Liptons
NeutralTempest vs SecretSociety vs PrawnhubSchattenlegionSchattenlegion vs Rosszcsontok vs DeleteUnpredictableUnpredictable vs FateAwaits vs OooSEFUrnaUrna vs Unpredictable vs Apocalipsis vs RisingSchattenlegion
Orca vs Schattenlegion vs Auphan vs Resistance vs Jokers vs Aasgard vs CantTouchThis
CaronteCaronte vs LobosdeHierroNecroticPrawnhub
Behr Downstream1ThursdayCalpheon TheJunkiesEasyStreet
Access_Denied(18-23?) vs Wanderlust (65?) vs EasyStreet(55) vs Serpentiae(10-15)
Unstable(26) vs NovusOrda(39) vs Alterium(42?) vs Emetsys(12)
DCMWanderLustFrozenDawnNeuroNecroticNecrotic(33) vs Orca(23) vs Luminous(19)NeutralAmethyst_DawnParanoia
TheNorth (31) vs Paranoia (23?) vs Delete (6) vs RiOT (15~?)
Delete (38) v Mozaik (25-30) v Agonize (20-30) v Unicorns (20-30)
SeaShepherd (17) v Fiction (~20) v MoZaiK (~30) v Iron_wolf (snipe)
Xion(24) v Inside(27) v Chaos_United(35~40) v Caliphate(7)
YokaiYokai vs Incursion vs Aequinoxe vs NocturnalXionXion (17) vs DosRombos (20) vs Certified (11)BeastRidersTranscendenceXIV
TranscendenceXIV vs Epilogue vs BlackPaw vs OutOfDank
TheNorthDanishRegulatorsUrnaUrna vs AbaddonKujiratoriLuxArcanaTheJunkiesXionUnpredictable vs Xion vs *DeleteADNXionWealthLowKarmaLowKarma vs PettanCo XionTenguTengu vs QQmore vs Iron_WolfDestinyDestinyMystralOrca vs FUREUR vs Mystral vs LowKarmaFrozenDawn
FrozenDawn vs Destiny vs Survival vs Crazy_Frogs
ViraiBeastRider vs Virai vs SchattenlegionKamasilveKamasilve vs NovusOrdaNeutral
LowKarma vs Disrespect vs Interesting vs ICE vs Crazy_Frogs
Interesting vs Scourge vs Jadegarde vs CrimsonPirates
CrimsonPirates vs Osef vs Mystik vs PeePeeInTheButt
TenguViraiVirai vs Geeking vs IrrlichtGeekingGeeking vs ThePirateBay vs Jadegarde vs *Dogma
Behr Riverhead1Sunday Calpheon ToNieMyNeutralLuxArcanaOrca (25), Kuolema, LuxArcana, DevourersNeutral
FateAwaits (35), BalloneyBrothers, OSEF, Semper_Vigil, Toucans
Unstable(9) vs BLAST(?) vs CLINIC(?) vs FOOL(?) vs Semper_Vigil(?) vs Edgy(?) vs AshenOnes(?)
Mystik (46) - Materia (~43) - Megumin(?) - Incersion(?) - PhoenixKnight(?) - Territory(?) - *
RiOT (27) vs Materia (~35) vs FateAwaits (29) vs SeaShepherd (~15-20) vs Blacksailsacademy (20?) vs Remix (~25-30) vs Incursion (~20) vs *
Delete (42), Morghulis (~25), SeaShepard (?), Asylum (?), NeranjaMecanica (?)
FateAwaits vs Apocalipsis vs Inside vs Aposteles vs Istari
SecretSociety vs Undivided vs Urna vs Access_Denied
Kamasilve vs Ruthless vs Wanderlust vs Bladeworks vs Eidolons
Pyrolyse vs Varshen vs SecretSociety vs FALLOUT vs Tempest vs *
Delete vs Desillusion vs Prawnhub vs Les_Merguez vs Jokers vs Divium_Furor vs TheWatchers
Pyrolyse vs Pantsu_Raiders vs Tempest vs Karmageddon vs Kuolema vs TheJunkies
Ruthless vs TheExodusCompany vs Vos vs Dissendium vs Abbadon
SimplyOneshot vs Undivided vs TheJesters vs Apostles vs Aquiver
SimplyOneshot vs PettanCo vs LobosdeHierro vs Semper_Vigil
TheJesters vs FateAwaits vs SecretSociety vs Uprising vs **
GeekingUnpredictableUrnaHaaku vs ProfaNation vs Urna vs TempestChaos_UnitedNeutral
Zakon_Vii vs Unpredictable vs PSI vs Mystral vs Geeking vs Zakon_Vll vs BlackSailAcademy vs WhySoSerious
Aasgard vs AuroraVerum vs Aurion vs CantTouchThis vs Gemini vs Addicted vs Tempest
Jokers vs Avaritia vs Geeking vs DieVierWinde vs Schatten_Woelfe vs FateAwaits
Varshen vs Pyrolyse vs Buccaneers vs Hopeless vs Unpredictable vs Paradigma vs CantTouchThis
NeutralHelveteHelvete vs AsylumBuccaneers
Avaritia vs OSEF vs Predicted vs Chaos_United vs Buccaneers
DieVierWinde vs Chupacabra vs WhySoSerious vs Energetic vs CantTouchThis vs Aasgard
DemonsHunter vs Taboo vs BlackSwan vs Arcanite vs VANIX vs *
Bloody Monastery1ThursdaySerendia DCMSMASHSMASH(22), Sparda, Impulsion, AkamonedydyElysiumSwordArtOnline
Certified (16) vs Impulsion (~20) vs Akamonedydy (18) vs SwordArtOnline (35)
Orca (25) vs Kuolema vs TheNorth (38) vs Necrotic (23) vs Love vs Yuukan vs IceCream
SMASH (27) vs Kuolema (40+) vs Tempest (30+) vs SecretSociety (20~)
Bliss (32), Triggered (50), SecretSociety(28), BalenosPolice (5?), Bierdronka (?), Helvete (?)
Exit(33) vs ReBorn(60) vs Sundavar(?) vs Ruthless(25) vs **
NeutralAssault vs CertifiedRuthless
Access_Denied (23), Ruthless (28), Aasgard (38), Schattenlegion (50+?), SeaShepherds (10?), Apocalipsis (20+?)
Access_Denied (22) vs Ecchi_Squad (26) vs DieVierWinde (20+?) vs Certified (15)
TOP_ClanNecrosisApostlesFrozenDawnFrozenDawn vs KuolemaRebornFrozenDawnDogmaMystikBeastRiders vs LowKarma vs MystikKuolemaTriggeredRuthlessRiOT vs Zephyr vs Ruthless vs Dissendium Neutral
LowKarma vs Karmageddon vs WingedAssassins vs Undivided vs Aquiver vs Uprising vs SecretSociety
InsideOrca vs VoW vs Inside vs illxDCMxlilNeutralVanix vs FrozenDawnXionTheJunkies
TheJunkies vs Akamonedydy vs Somnium
SiriusTenguTengu vs QQmore vs NecroticOrcaWingedAssassinsSwordArtOnline
SwordArtOnline vs Zephyr vs StandBy vs Crank
NeutralMystral vs Nephilim vs FrozenDawn vs GeekingJokersJokersillxDCMxlil vs Jokers vs SurvivalNeutral
TheJunkies vs Proximo vs Geeking vs Pantsu_Raiders vs DanishRegulators
SemperDanicaSemperDanicaHostileHostile vs RuthlessNeutral
Reborns vs Jokers vs LuxArcana vs SchattenLegion vs Interesting vs Reborns vs Jadegarde vs **
NeutralReborns vs Bane vs Volans vs AuroraVerumillxDCMxlilPrawnhub
Bradie Fortress1WednesdaySerendia Neutral
Pyrolyse (16), Edges(~15), Kuraidesu (~25), Elysium (?)
EdgesYokaiMisanthropolisEdgesEdges (13) - Uprising (~35) - MoZaiK (~20)OrderOfTheHydraUndivided
Access_Denied (24) vs Undivided(30+) vs Remix(Snipe) vs OrderOfTheHydra(13)
NecrosisHeadHuntersHeadhunters, Orca, BDM, FOOLUndividedUndividedUndividedChaos_UnitedYokaiResilienceNeutralTOP_Clan vs Chillskool vs ExitDestinyPvPPiratesOfHellLowKarmaLowKarma vs Chillskool vs Darkroom vs OriginChillskoolSuicidalSuicidal vs Kamasilve vs TheJestersNeutralPayoutPyrolyseSonsOfHeidel vs Der_Schattenrat vs PyrolyseRainingHostiasAquiverOrca vs Aquiver vs NextGen vs *NeutralVAULT vs NoFace vs StaticNoFaceNoFaceTheJunkiesSecretSocietyDogmaDogmaillxDCMxlilPyrolysePyrolyse vs Mystik vs Mystral vs FUREURTempest
Opium vs Nephilim vs LastVanguard vs Tempest
Bree Tree Ruins1TuesdayCalpheon DreamfallEncoreSpardaVector
Kamasilve (26), Hex, Coldforged(17-18), Buccaneers (Vector), Necrotic, Chillskool, Megumin
Neuro (22) - Dissendium (30+) - The North (35+) - FOOL (15?) - Les_Merguez (20+?)
DeSync(23) v Chillskool(13) v FrozenDawn(~45) v Aeox(12)
Sneeky (17) vs FateAwaits (34) vs BeastRiders (15) vs SeaShepherd (Snipe?)
RemNecroticWanderLustWanderLust vs ChillskoolDemetoriDemetori vs Iron_WolfMateriaYokaiRiOTRiOT (36) vs Necrotic (29) vs VagrantsNecroticWingedAssassinsMystik
Mystik vs Delete vs PvP vs Smash vs Megumin
VAULTVAULT vs XIONFrozenDawnSMASHHostile vs SmashNUGOSUnpredictable
Unpredictable vs NUGOS vs Undivided vs Diabolus
NUGOSNUGOSNUGOSNugos vs Megumin vs *NUGOSTheJunkiesNUGOSAquiver vs Nugos vs DanishRegulatorsNUGOSNUGOSNUGOSDesillusionTempestTempest vs Fureur vs GeekingLuxArcanaChaos_UnitedChaos_United vs LaidToRestKarmageddonVolans
Orca vs Volans vs Karmageddon vs WingedAssassins vs Interesting
BuccaneersTheJunkies vs Geeking vs SecretSociety vs BuccaneersTheJunkiesLowKarmaLowKarma vs Delete vs GangsterLeagueSpicy
Spicy vs Orca vs Alpha vs Zakon_Vii vs Reactive vs Ooosef
NeutralRage vs Volans vs WealthDesillusionNeutral
Traiana vs OSEF vs Megumin vs Caronte vs LobosdeHierro
Canyon of Corruption1Monday MediahVenatorisRainingHostias
Remains (25) vs Raininghostias (27) vs Caronte(25)
Pyrolyse (14), Access_Denied (~22), LowKarma (~35), HighKarma (~7), CrimsonMoon (~5)
Access_Denied(30) vs RetirementHome(20ish) vs Chillskool(20ish) vs Chaos_United(?)
KamasilveKamasilve (25), Overkill, EternalFlameNeutralKamasilve (23), BlueNeutralPyrolyseLuxArcanaNecrosisSuicidalNucturiusSecretSocietyNeutralEclipsed vs Blacklust vs TheCrimsonLordsInvasionSuicidal vs Xion vs Invasion vs **Delete
ECHO vs Delete vs TheWatchers vs Akane vs Apocalipsis
EXITPyrolyse vs ExitSuicidalSuicidal vs OverkillSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalSuicidal vs BlueSuicidalSuicidalPrawnhubOverkillPyrolysePyrolyse vs GangstersLeagueSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalLowKarma
Jadegard vs Amity vs LowKarma vs Mystik vs PiratesOfHell
SuicidalAlphaPyrolysePyrolyse vs Volans vs Kuraidesu vs *MystikIron_Wolf vs MystikMystikExusJghphhhfAccess_DeniedAccess_Denied
Dogma vs TheJunkies vs Access_Denied vs Osef vs Oosef vs Ooosef
Casta Farm1WednesdayBalenos CrypticTempestXionXion (14), Ignition, BalenosBallers, DreamfallVarshenVarshen(36) Vs. MangoSmile(35-45?)LowKarmaLowKarma(37) vs ToNieMy(30)XionXion (19), ToNieMy, Blaise, BiackTemplarAvaritiaSilverlightToNieMyBansheeDestroyersVarshen
Varshen(25) Vs. Territory(20-25?) Vs. PancakeRiders(5-10) Vs. Elite_Gilde(5-10) Vs. Chii(5-10)
PancakeRidersNeutralFrozenDawnOrcaOrca (24) vs Pyrolyse (13) vs CertifiedNeutralUnicorns vs MateriaMateria
Projec7 (15) v BeastRiders(7?) v Materia(20) v SmoczaKompania
Ecchi_SquadHostileHopelessSecretSocietyHopelessDestroyersVarshenEcchi_SquadTheExodusCompanyUrnaEgo vs SaltyCrusaders vs Urna vs DestinyFALLOUTKarmaVarshenVarshen vs AquiverNeutralDer_Schattenrat vs FureurWanderLustWanderLustBandaVandalicaLefseAasgardWanderlust vs Aasgard vs PredictedAvaritiaWealthWanderLustOsef vs WanderlustFrozenDawnSecretSociety
Varshen vs SecretSociety vs BandaVandalica vs AuroraVerum vs Osef
Central Guard Camp1Monday Serendia Paranoia
Paranoia (29) vs Vector (20) vs Kamasilve (23) vs Junkies (40-45ish?) vs Chaos_United (10-15)
Kamasilve (29), LuxArcana, Paranoia(~30), DCM, PolarWolf, Overkill
TOP_Clan(50), DeliriumTremens (15), LAG (20ish), Necrosis (30ish)
ResistanceApocalipsisLuxArcanaBlueNeutralSecretSocietyOrca (29) vs SecretSociety vs *NeutralOrderOfTheHydraEclipsedLuxArcanaHopelessOrca
Orc vs Blue vs Chaos_United vs Destino vs FairyTurbo vs Saska
OrcaOrca vs Zone vs HopelessZONETheJunkiesLowKarma vs TheJunkies vs Unpredictable vs *Blue
LowKarma vs DeGa vs ZEALOT vs Apocalipsis vs Blue
MangoSmileHexHex vs AggrobunnysTheExodusCompanyTheJunkiesEclipsedAquiverSilberwoelfeAkane vs SilberwoelfeTerreurPantsu_RaidersNeutralApocalipsis vs MystikSilberwoelfePantsu_RaidersWealthPredictedFairyTurbo vs PredictedPantsu_RaidersPantsu_RaidersAkaneSecretSocietyRainingHostiasTriggeredTheJunkiesTheJunkies vs DogmaPantsu_RaidersNightCiubHighKarma
LowKarma vs HighKarma vs Blood_Rain vs Night_Trinity
Coastal Cave1Monday Balenos HeadHuntersNightCiubResistanceForsakenOathLowKarma
LowKarma(41) vs NightClub(47) vs HighKarma (10?)
DeSync(31) v Oldskool(25~) v ItsComplicated v Germanz
NeutralGeekingAvaritiaSmuberRemixSecretSocietyNeutralBlue vs Ajin vs FinalEnemyLuxArcanaLuxArcana(27) vs NovusOrda (?) vs NightClub(?)NovusOrdaNovusOrda
RiOT(28) vs NovusOrda (~55) vs Silverlight (20?) Crank(17)
AvaritiaAvaritia (50+) vs Pyrolyse(20)MangoSmile
Mangosmile vs Eclipsed vs StandBy vs Demetori vs BlackPaw
FederationNeutralEXITKamasilveKamasilve vs Aasgard vs NightciubNightCiubBlueEclipsedDesillusionMangoSmileRiOTVANIXPyrolyse vs MangoSmile vs Destroyers vs VanixLowKarmaJadegarde vs LowKarma vs QQmoreWealth
VAULT vs Wealth vs SonsOfAnarchy vs Amity vs NightClub
EclipsedSecretSocietyDestinyProximoKuraidesuKuraidesu vs Destroyers vs ExiliumLowKarmaProximoKuraidesuProximoProximo vs Memento_Morte vs Hydra vs YokaiWealthKuraidesuKuraidesuOoSEFOsef vs Oosef vs OoosefHostileHostile vs Proxima vs Exus vs IrrlichtPyrolyse
Pyrolyse vs ThelynEnnor vs Pantsu_Raiders vs Kamasylve vs Exus vs Wealth vs NightFury vs Wrath vs Dreamkeepers
Contaminated Farm1ThursdayCalpheon InsideAntidote
Bliss (14) vs Antidote vs BlackTemplars vs Inside vs Paradigma
Access_Denied(30) vs Inside (35?) vs NUGOS(?)
VAULT(24), ButterFlyEffect(35) vs Necrosis(30+), NightClub(30+), TheJunkies(45?), HeroSquad(?)
Myrios(14) vs Edges (5-10) vs Venganza (20+) vs Necrosis (15-30?)
Paranoia (29) vs Smash (29), Desync (27), Destiny (25?)
LowKarma(30sh) vs Venganza(?) vs NovusOrda(45?)
DemetoriDemetori vs SpardaXion
Xion (34) vs NovusOrda (40) vs Akane (20) vs Mozaik (25)
Hostile vs Blue vs DieVierWinde vs Yojimbo vs CompaniaMaldita vs Apocalipsis
BlueOrca vs Blue vs EXIT vs DisrespectNecroticDanishRegulators
PizzaPlanet vs EGO vs DanishRegulators vs CompaniaMaldita
TranscendenceXIVWingedAssassinsADNNovusOrdaNovusOrda vs Dunkle_Garde vs PayoutNeutralRebornDanishRegulatorsSilberwoelfeCompaniaMalditaUnpredictable
DeSync vs Dissendium vs Unpredictable vs Uprising vs Iron_Wolf
ProximoProximo vs NecroticFrozenDawnFairyTurbo vs FrozenDawn vs UprisingDanishRegulatorsProximoLuxArcanaLuxArcana vs Necrotic vs OpiumProximoProximo vs TheJunikes vs VanixDesillusionDeSync vs Dessillusion vs SeventhLegion vs * WingedAssassinsPrawnhubOrca vs Prawnhub vs WingedAssassins vs KarmageddonChaos_UnitedDeSync vs Prismatic vs Dogma vs Chaos_UnitedProximoViraiVirai vs Darkroom vs SemperDanica vs BaneRuthlessDarkroomDarkroom vs AdMultosAnnos vs MystikNephilimNephilim vs DogmaUnstable
Costa Farm1WednesdaySerendia OrcaOrca (7-13) vs BlackFlags vs Black_BullsMisanthropolisBliss
Bliss(39) vs BLAST vs Varshen vs Der_Schattenrat
Unstable(7-12) vs Ner0(20ish?) vs AshenOnes (20?)
BalenosBallers(31) vs Destroyers(40~) vs Bliss(40) vs Varshen(25+)
Apocalipsis(23) vs ForsakenOath(37) vs SonsOfHeidel(22) vs Energetic(24) vs Der_Schattenrat(31) vs Crank vs FOOL
LowKarma(26) vs Unicorns(24) vs Destroyers (35?)
DestinoPyrolyseHostileVarshenVarshen vs TheNorth vs AequinoxeTempestAvaritiaTempestTempestTempestApocalipsisJokers vs ApocalipsisDarXGemstoneIncPrawnhubTempestSecretSocietyApocalipsisWealthVAULT
VAULT vs Akane vs KOTN vs Apocalipsis vs Impulsion vs Aasgard
ApocalipsisApocalipsis vs SonsOfHeidelHigh_DawnDesillusionNeutralWhySoSerious vs ApocalipsisDesillusionTempestWealthTempestZakon_ViiApocalipsisApocalipsisPantsu_RaidersApocalipsisMangoSmileUnstable
Crescent Mountains1TuesdayValencia DazeDazeDazeDazeTrauma (17) – Daze (20) – Uprising (22)NecroticNeutralNeutralKamasilveKamasilve (28), OrcaNeutralHERO_SQUADHERO_SQUADHERO_SQUADKujiratoriImpulsionImpulsionOrkaProjec7Projec7 (12) vs Kujiratori (3)UndividedDissendiumDissendium vs HelveteImpulsionBlackSailNeutralAkamonedydy vs NextGenAkamonedydyAkamonedydyEcchi_SquadUnbuffedVAULTNeutralImpulsionKamasilveKamasilve vs SwordArtOnlineNeutral
LowKarma vs SwordArtOnline vs FateAwaits vs GangsterLeague vs Chaos_United vs BDM
EXITNeutralNightCiub vs Smash vs ExitMystikAlphaKamasilveKamasilve vs SnowCrows vs Valor vs MeguminNeutralSirius vs IroncladEXITMystikRezPleaseBlitzkriegNeutralWanderLustGeminiGeminiGeminiGeminiGemini
Delphe Knights Castle1Monday Calpheon NeutralItsComplicatedBLASTDestroyersToNieMyTOP_ClanNeuro (24) - TOPClan (53) - TheJunkies (30+)BLASTNovusOrdaTheJunkiesDestiny
LowKarma(36) vs Destiny(35+) vs ForsakenOath(35+) vs Akane vs **
FinalEnemyDeSyncDeSync(34) v Invasion(50) v EXIT(38)NeutralAvaritia (ca. 40), Crank (ca. 25), Pyrolyse (19)MateriaLowKarma(38) vs Chillskool(6-8?) vs Materia (34)TheJunkiesDestinySMASH(30) vs LuxArcana(25), Destiny(27)MangoSmileHostileSemper_VigilLowKarma vs TheJester vs Semper_Vigil LowKarma
LowKarma vs Crank vs Payout vs Xion vs TheJester vs Akane
DieVierWindeHaakuHeadHuntersBlueLionsPrawnhubPrawnhub vs Nightclub vs CaronteWrathOfHeavenHaakuAkaneCasualOrca vs CasualOrcaOrca vs AscendingOrcaOrca vs PettanCoOrcaOrca vs VANIXOrcaOrca vs MystralOrcaOrca vs CrimsonPiratesOrcaOrcaExusExus vs AmityVenatorisVenatoris vs VanixTheJunkiesTheJunkies vs CrimsonPiratesAggrobunnysAggrobunnys vs LastVanguardVolansWealth
Wealth vs Jadegarde vs Crooks vs GangsterLeague vs Exus vs Amity
Mystral vs Addicted vs DemonsHunter vs Blasphemie
TheJunkiesTheJunkies vs MystralLowKarmaLowKarma vs SonsOfDesertVolansHighKarma
Desert Naga Temple1TuesdayValencia StandByBlueMegumin
Megumin vs GodOfWar vs UPS vs Ajin vs Dreamfall
Kamasilve (29), DeSync(25), Necrotic(28), LuxArcana(29), RetirementHome
RiOT (29) vs Venganza (~25?) vs ToNieMy (~25?) vs GloriaBendita (Snipe)
RetirementHome (15) vs BDM vs Scourge vs Assault
HYDRA (13-18) vs LuxArcana (27) vs RetirementHome (14)
Apostles (30), Hex (35?), Necrosis (15?), BlackSheepGang (20?), a snipe
Kamasilve (24), Haaku, Invasion, Ecchi_Squad and Pansophia
NeutralWanderlust vs SecretSocietyNeutralMateria vs Unicorns vs Ecchi_SquadEcchi_SquadEcchi_SquadApostlesYokaiApostlesHaakuTheCrimsonLords vs HaakuOrigineSecretSocietyOrigineTheExodusCompanyHaakuSurvival vs HaakuSurvivalSurvival vs Gemini vs HERO_SQUADHaaku
Haaku s PerlaNera vs Reborn vs RAGE vs *
RebornRebornRebornRebornPerlaNera vs ReBorn vs GeminiApocalipsisHaakuNightCiubNightCiubMementoVivereHexTheJunkiesNightCiubNightCiubKamasilveSuicidal
Suicidal vs BoneMarrowCold vs MementoVivere vs Lostvayne
Eastern Gateway1Sunday Serendia Kamasilve
Kamasilve (19), Acceptance, Anarchia, Decima_Legion
Triggered (32) vs Megumin (35~) vs Solaire vs Vile vs CAOS vs FOOL
Varshen (36) Vs. Destroyers Vs. Caos Vs. Kaizen Vs. GatosPingados
Varshen(35) Vs. Black_Crusaders Vs. Ameno Vs. Saska Vs. BlackFlags Vs. FOOL
LuxArcana (37) v FateAwaits (30?) v BalenosBallers (?) v FOOL (?) v Smuber (15?) v Geeking (15?) v Luminosity (15?)
LuxArcana vs Blue vs Mystik vs Aasgard vs Ruthless vs Orca (15) vs Equilibrium
Orca vs Aeox vs Origine vs SwordArtOnline vs Inside vs Istari vs Undivided vs ***
Varshen (25) Vs. Chillskool Vs. OrderOfTheHydra Vs. Undivided Vs. RainingHostias Vs. Confusion
Tempest vs TranscendenceXIV vs Hevelte vs Ruthless vs PMaS
NeutralNeutralExit vs Dissendium vs RiotEXITProfaNationDesillusion
Orca vs SwordArtOnline vs TheJunkies vs Desillusion vs ADN vs ***
Unpredictable vs TheJunkies vs DarX vs Chaos_United vs Helvete vs Arpeggio
FateAwaits vs ShockWave vs SimpleOneshot vs Zakon_Vll vs Abaddon vs Landsharks vs Arcanite
SimplyOneshotADN vs Vanix vs SimplyOneshotYokaiYokai vs OSEF vs TangraDesillusionNeutralDesillusion vs Jokers vs SchattenlegionNeutral
SecretSociety vs ProfaNation vs RainingHostias vs Tangra vs Iron_Wolf
Varshen vs SecretSocieties vs Schattenlegion vs Geeking vs Dragonborn
Vanix vs Starless vs SecretSociety vs Memento_Morte vs Predicted vs Venatoris vs Ambient
Schattenlegion vs Tempest vs PewPewBamBam
TheExodusCompany vs Somethingsomething vs Orca vs Desillusion vs Sin
NeutralNeutralTempest vs LaidToRest vs RainingHostiasSecretSociety
Helvete vs Blasphemie vs Apocalipsis vs Yokai vs SecretSociety vs Chupacabra
Ehwaz Hill1ThursdayBalenos Paranoia
Paranoia (30) vs Nugos (29) vs Finale (79) vs Standby (26)
Paranoia (36) vs Archon (35) vs Unpredictable (41)
Xion (16), Pantsu_Raiders (~20?), FrozenDawn (40), Schattenlegion (~60), Unpredictable (38)
Kamasilve (22), LuxArcana, Necrotic (26), Uniden
VAULT (9) vs Triggered (35), Elysium (27), DieVierWinde (20?) vs Smuber (8)
SMASH(28) vs EasyStreet(54) vs DieVierWinde(12?) vs Ecchi_Squad(?) vs *
Akane (15?), LowKarma (56), FrozenDawn (35), Apex (11)
Frozen Dawn (48), Origine, VAULT, Yokai, Vampz, Assault, Incursion, Sneeky, Yojimbo
FrozenDawnFrozenDawnFrozenDawn vs DogmaFrozenDawn
RiOT (30) vs Paradigma (30) vs Saska (Snipe) vs FrozenDawn (60-70?)
Necrotic vs Hopeless vs Energetic vs Dunkle_Garde vs Der_Schattenrat vs *
ECHOKamasilveKamasilve vs EdenProjectNeutralBlutpaktUnpredictable
Unpredictable vs AggroBunnies vs SonsOfHeidel vs Akane vs CBT
RiOTNeutralNecroticAggrobunnysAkamonedydyAkamonedydy vs Impulsion vs SonsOfHeidelKamasilveKamasilve vs FrozenDawn vs AquiverNeutralNovusOrda vs Suicidal vs NecroticNovusOrda
NovusOrda vs DanishRegulators vs Uprising
NovusOrdaOldskoolKamasilve vs Oldskool vs Ecchi_SquadNeutralBDM vs PancakeRidersUnpredictableUnpredictable vs Jokers vs Karma vs TherionNeutral
Kuraidesu vs Death_Factory vs NovusOrda vs Haaku
PrawnhubProximo vs PrawnhubPantsu_Raiders
Amity vs Pantsu_Raiders vs EXUS vs GGWP vs Origine vs Tengu vs Scrubusters
SecretSocietyCrimsonPirates vs SecretSocietyNeutralOrigine vs Orca vs Yojimbo vs ResurrectionOrca
Unpredictable vs Orca vs Ruthless vs Nephilim vs Destroyers
Zakon_VLiViraiUnpredictable vs Virai vs HavoC vs NightcIubNightCiubInteresting vs Traiana vs NightCiubInterestingJghphhhf
Elder’s Bridge1Sunday Balenos Chaos_UnitedVarshen
Varshen(33) Vs. Oldies Vs. Promethean Vs. Destiny
Varshen(40) Vs. TheJunkies Vs. CLINIC Vs. Vampz Vs. Vile Vs. Ajin (19) Vs. Vault(0)
CLINIC(20), Karma(~35), Vile(?), Helix Squadron(?), Impulsion(?), GodOfWar(?), Vampz(?), Impulsion(?)
CLINIC (15), RetirementHome (~15), TheJunkies (~30), SPITE (~10), Waifumakers (~15)
Varshen(35) Vs. Nugos Vs. BlackTemplars Vs. RFC Vs. SecretSociety Vs. Daze
Unstable(11) vs TranscendenceXIV(?) vs Most_Wanted (?) vs Paradigma(40-42) vs Destino(?) vs LegiondeHonor(?) vs DeliriumTremens(?) vs HelixSquadron(7)
DestinoPancakeRidersParadigmaMeguminSecretSocietyNeutralAvaritia vs Paradigma vs KuolemaRiOT
RiOT (28) vs TheJunkies (35) vs Exekutives (15-20) vs VeniVidiVici (25?) vs ELITE_GUILDE (10) vs Varshen (28)
Varshen(20) Vs. OSEF(40+) Vs. Kuolema(30+) Vs. Elite_Gilde Vs. BeastRiders Vs. Paradigma(40+) Vs. Ruthless
Unpredictable (42) vs Delete (39) vs Tempest (~40) vs Bureido (~15) vs ELITE_GILDE (~15) vs WaifuMakers (?) vs Uncharted (?) vs Wild_Riders (?)
NeutralIron_Wolf vs Undivided vs RainingHostiasUprisingNeutralUprising vs Iron_WolfTranscendenceXIVWanderLustSecretSocietyUnpredictable
Unpredictable vs WingedAssassins vs Varshen vs Dogma vs ProfaNation vs BrokenSouls vs BlackPaw vs Biedronka vs Schwarz_Hand
Delete vs Kamasilve vs Buccaneers vs SparrowKnights vs *
Kamasilve vs Dissendium vs CantTouchThis vs Ruthless vs FALLOUT
NeutralHeadHunters vs PrawnhubNeutral
Varshen vs Outlast vs DejaBug vs Nucturius vs RFC vs Auphan vs Profanation vs Diabolus
Pantsu_RaidersPrawnhubPrawnhub vs Zakon_VllNeutral
Synthesize vs Shinrai vs DejaBug vs Biedronka vs Bliss
YokaiSurvival vs Varshen vs YokaiVarshen
Varshen vs Checkmate vs Survival vs Kuolama vs Sundavar
Ruthless vs Oldskool vs Pyrolyse vs Elite_Garde vs SecretSociety vs *
NeutralSinSin vs LaidToRestKamasilve
Kamasilve vs Orca vs CantTouchThis vs Varshen vs Kuraidesu vs BrigadaDelViento vs Refused vs Muskettisoturit
Origine vs Varshen vs Haaku vs illxDCMxlil vs Orca vs Tengu vs Synthesize vs MaoMaoPrince
NeutralMystral vs Origine vs BalenosBallersVarshen
Varshen vs Zealot (ShadowElite) vs FrozenDawn vs BlackSailAcadamy vs Chupacabra vs BlueLions vs Aasgard
RosszcsontokUrnaUrna vs Alpha vs Zakon_Vll vs ***VarshenVarshen vs KeyboardWarriors vs TridentNeutral
Varshen vs TheJunkies vs VAULT vs Origine vs Semper_Vigil vs Predicted vs KeyboardWarriors vs WarPigs vs SecretSociety vs HeavensArmy
Origine vs Sin vs PandaPaw vs HeavensArmy vs Caronte vs Waechtergarde vs OrdoTeutonicus
TheJunkies vs Mystral vs HeavensArmy vs MementoVivere
Epheria Ridge1WednesdayBalenos FinalEnemyFinalEnemy (33) - Entitled (~14?)WingedAssassinsMangoSmileBlissBliss (29) vs Remains (22)TOP_ClanDer_SchattenratDestinoWingedAssassins
Remains(18) vs WingedAssassins(40~) vs SonsOfHeidel(25-30)
UndividedWingedAssassinsBlissBliss (31), Ajin (18?)SonsOfHeidelSinSin (23) vs Top_Clan (35+?)WingedAssassinsSforaWingedAssassinsApostles vs WingedAssassinsAshenOnes
LowKarma(30) vs TOP_II(?) vs TOP_Clan(35-40?) vs Luminosity(19) vs AshenOnes(14)
WingedAssassinsApostlesApostles vs Iron_WolfBDMApostlesAvaritiaPiratesOfHellApostlesWingedAssassinsProfaNation vs WingedAssassinsProfaNationWingedAssassinsOldskoolNeutralSMASHSMASH vs Der_SchattenratPyrolyseJokersJokers vs PiratesOfHellOrcaOrca vs ResistancePantsu_RaidersResistanceResistanceResistanceDeath_FactoryVarshenEXITNeutralCrazy_Frogs vs Wealth vs KotnCrazy_FrogsillxDCMxlilKOTNKOTNLaidToRestOSEFLaidToRest
Epheria Valley1Sunday Calpheon Neutral
Orca (13) vs Paradigma vs Varshen vs Bliss(33) vs SovPolice vs Sparda vs Inside
Orca_Raiders (20) vs Paradigma vs Kuraidesu vs Inside vs Bliss(34) vs FateAwaits
Bliss (37) vs Sfora (?) vs Chaos_United (?) vs Mystik (30) vs *
BlissBliss(26) vs GangsterLeague vs UprisingApocalipsisFateAwaits
Bliss(26), FateAwaits(30?), Neuro(20), Mystik(51), Saska(1?), Ameno(15?)
Bliss(34), TheJunkies(36), Chillskool(18?), Inside(35-40), RainingHostias(30?)
Bliss (44) vs Croissants (18?) vs Les_Merguez (35?) vs Sententiae (10?) vs TheJunkies (35-40?) vs Alterium (?)
Varshen (31) vs TheJunkies (35) vs NothingPersonal vs RetirementHome vs Myrios vs FireFly vs Origine vs Paranoia
Mystik (35) vs FateAwaits (35?) vs Necrotic (30?) OSEF (40?) vs Suicidal (???) vs Agonize (20?) vs Blaise (30?) vs Blue(snipe)
FateAwaits (36), BlackSails, BlackSailsAcademy, TranscendenceXIV, Vagrantz
Kamasilve (26), Invasion, LuxArcana (28), Kuolema, Recovery_Center, Biedronka, Inside, TemplarOrder
NeutralDieVierWinde vs Materia vs Paradigma vs StaticSecretSocietyNeutralStarless vs Materia vs BlissChaos_UnitedNeuroEXITNecrotic vs ExitNeutralDesillusion
Desillusion vs Ruthless vs TheExodusCompany vs RainingHostias vs LandSharks vs OSEF vs Oldskool
NeutralVarshenVarshen vs Arcanite vs Semper_Vigil vs SforaTempestSimplyOneshot vs Origine vs TempestPrawnhub
Pyrolyse vs Prawnhub vs Paradigma vs Ironwolf vs Nucturis vs Envious
Varshen vs Suicidal vs Tangra vs Semper_Vigil vs VANIX vs Origine
Orca vs Aasgard vs Abaddon vs Haaku vs Undivided
Orca vs Nucturius vs TRIDENT vs PettanCo
Kamasilve vs Jokers vs SimplyOneshot vs Celestial vs HERO_GR vs Trusted vs Nucturius
Exilium vs Haaku vs FrozenDawn vs Fiction vs Necrotic
LaidToRest vs Geeking vs Ambient vs ShockWave
Virai vs RNGesus vs CrimsonPirates vs UltimaRatio vs PettanCo
Origine vs FateAwaits vs Geeking vs BierBauchClub vs Jokers vs Virai
UrnaOooSEFNecroticPyrolyse vs Wealth vs NecroticNeutral
Necrotic vs DemonsHunter vs Night_Shade vs Helvete vs Hex vs Prawnhub
Erdal Farm1ThursdayValencia Chaos_UnitedDazeCaronteCaronteAccess_Denied
Access_Denied(31) vs Junkies(20) vs Reborn(?) vs Origin(15-20)
Unstable(15) vs Emetsys(?) vs Chillskool(14?) vs FINAL_IMPACT?(snipe)
RebornBDMApostlesECHOECHO (17) vs Geeking (22) vs *AeoxNightCiubAkamonedydyECHO (23) vs Akamonedydy (23) vs Impulsion (36)SecretSociety
ECHO (16) vs Kamasilve (18) vs LuxArcana (22) vs SecretSociety (~25?)
Kamasilve (20), Necrotic, SecretSociety, NovusOrda, Reborn and Hadooken
Demetori vs Akamonedydy vs Impulsion vs FateAwaits
NextGenEXITNUGOSNUGOSNUGOSNUGOSHexHexRiOTRiOT vs Akemonedydy vs ImpulsionRuthlessRuthless vs Delete vs GangsterleagueNeutralNecrotic vs Blue vs Deleted vs DemetoriApostlesApostles vs AuraChrysaliaDestinyMangoSmileMangoSmile vs Delete vs AkamonedydyDeleteEcchi_SquadFireFlower vs AuraChrysalia vs Ecchi_SquadNovusOrdaSinAuraChrysaliaSinAddictedRuthlessKamasilveRezPleaseSinSinSin vs BDMNeutralZephyr vs SonsOfDesertZephyr