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A drug addict who goes back and forth to jail but wants his families forgivenessFirst: he got put in jail the first time and promised that he would learn his lesson
Then: years passed and going back and forth to jail. Even going to meetings and getting a girlfriend he hasn't learned his lesson.
Finally: he's back in jail and swears that this time he's not gonna go back.
A boy who has to leave and his friends try to help, but doesn't go the way they want it.First, I went to school to my friends and greeted them and made jokes, Then One of them was about to leave, Finally I tried and we had a adventure, but he still left, but it was a long ride.
Someone that dies and its a debate if he goes to hell or haven First, he died, then he was looking back at his life to see if he would go to heaven or hell. Finally, no one wanted him, so he went back to life.
It is about a rabbit that is hiding from the fedsFirst the rabbit did some horrible stuff, Then the rabbit noticed the feds were after him, Finally the feds got him but he managed to run away
A story with a different endingFirst I was 5 then I was 10 finally I was a teenager
Two people who don't like each other get stuck in a cabin due to a massive snowstorm, because of this they become friends.First, two people get snowed into a cabin and everyone was out. These two particular people didn’t like each other and the other was only there because a friend invited them. Then, they realize they are going to be there for a while and start telling stories. Finally they start to get along and they become friends.
An old man that works at a carnival for his whole life with his friend meets a little girl that is really rude, a roller coaster falls on top of the old man and he gets in a comma with the little girl and ascends to heaven. First: An old man works at a carnival for most of his life.
Then: A ride falls on top of him, he gets in a coma and a little girl talks to him about his life.
Finally: He goes to heaven with the little girl.
It's a short comedy about two gangs of stray house pets fighting each other.First, a gang of cats go up on a journey through the city, to meet a pack of stray dogs for a gang fight. Then, the cats reach the location and fight the dogs. Finally, the dogs get beaten by the cats, and the cats celebrate their victory.
A leprechaun gets his gold stolen by a goblin. A leprechaun's gold is stolen, he begins searching for it, he finds it.
My play is about two twin girls moving into their new apartment and they sleep the first night there and hear a creepy noise and its a ghost who used to live there but is dead now and she is super scared because she doesn't know whats happening and they all become friends.First: Two Twin sisters just move into their new apartment of becoming adults.
Then: One night They were sleeping in their apartment and they heard the sound of glass dropping.
Finally: They realized it was a ghost so they decided to be nice and friendly.
My play is about Life and Death debating whether to give a men another chance of living or not. First a men is in critical condition. Then Life and Death comes and debates if they should give him a second chance or not. Finally they were too late.
Two twin brothers, on is working towards his dreams and one is lazy/irresponsible. The lazy one wins the lottery and moves to different country. The responsible one finds his twin and visits his company and steals his money. Lazy one looses his money and goes bankrupt. First two twin brothers were headed towards college.
Then one of them wins the lottery.
Finally one of them steals the money.
Two best friends switch bodies and are unsatisfied with how they thought their best friend lived and then switch back after learning to love themselves and their lifestyle.First, there were 2, opposite gender, best friends who were envious of each other. Then, they switch bodies for a while and are unhappy and unsatisfied with how they live. Finally, they come up with a solution my learning to love themselves as who they are, and they switch back.
A sister has to decide whether to take her brother off of life support along with her estranged father.First, a brother is put on life support due to a big car accident.
Then, her sister has to decide whether to take him of life support just when her father enters the picture that she hasn't talked to a long time.
Finally, the brother gets better and learns that they're the only family they will need.
Man is stranded on an island and goes insane with friendsFirst a man is stranded on an island with his friend. Then his friend disappears and he starts talking to a palm tree. Finally He finds his friend but then everything starts to fade away
A kid gets a horrible hair cut and frantically tries to hide it before a party.First: got a bad haircut
Then: Tries to hide it
Finally: Likes it
It has a lot of conflictFirst there were three friends, then there were, And finally there was 1
Its a love story with two characters in it.First, they met.
Then, they were best friends.
Finally, they married each other.
A girl with an alcoholic father trying to find out what she should do with her life. First, her dad came home intoxicated. Then, she ran away and fell asleep at a bus stop. Finally, she dreamt of an alternate life and when she woke she had to choose if she wanted to go back home to her father.
Brother and sister in a orphangeFirst they were together. Then one left. Finally they reunit
first two friends are excited to start their winter break, then they get snowed in and at the same time the friend had had his electronics taken away. They have to get creative with what they're going to do with their snowed in day. After having a fun day, they finally are able to go outside and adventure. First two friends get snowed in, then they have to get creative, Finally they end up having some fun and eventually get to go outside.
Cartel CaliFirst he makes cocaine, Then he becomes the biggest drug lord, finally he gets shot up by the DEA
A girl fighting with the temptations with her inner demons outwardly.First: The girl loves her friends
Then: Friends are her illness and her drugs
Finally: She gives into their temptation
A cashier who has to deal with an annoying customerFIRST, James gets an annoying job and meets an annoying customer.

THEN, their co-worker has to keep James in check.

FINALLY, the customer annoys the co-worker and James has to keep their co-worker in check.
A father and a daughter going on a camping trip together to become closer.First, Then, Finally Statement: First a father and his daughter were driving along a road,but they barely talk because they aren’t that close. Then they begin to talk because her phone dies. They talk about life and all their favorite things. Finally they get to their destination and the daughter completely forgets about her phone and in return she has a great time.
Gregory, preferably Greg, a 45 year old man who was given cooties in a game of tag by a snobby girl named Brooklyn back in 1993. He has dealt with cooties for about 27 years of his life, Gregory goes around trying to reach his point out about his cooties. He's always accompanied by his unsociable shy 17 year old daughter named Emily, Emily is his biggest supporter but does not show it.
First a simple game of tag, then one opposite gender tagging the other, finally created a comedic story.
My play is about two boys who go on an adventure to the local haunted grocery shop, but they get stuck in a game show that is a competition for their lives.FIRST: Two friends are trying to find new adventures and their next target is the old, cursed general store down the street from their neighborhood. Little do they know, their is more to the myth than they know. They shake hands with the shopkeeper and they are transported to an unknown place that has been made to mimic a series of game shows.

THEN: They figure out that they are actually competing for their lives and they have to devise a plan using their own slyness to trick the trickster.

FINALLY: The two friends trick the Dealer and they escape back into their lives.
My play is about a girl who is missed by her best friend.First: Skylar gets into a car accident and is in the hospital.
Then: Maya is upset about her best friend and thinks about the memory she has with her.
Finally: Maya gets even more upset and is about to loose hope until something amazing happened.
Two boys as unlikely friends, but one has some issues.A guy in a tower. He chose to be in the tower because he totally hates people.
a. Someone finds him singing or something in there and asks why he's there. He's totally not liking the disturbance of the peace. He won't leave him alone and always comes to talk to him.
b.He realizes he needs people in his life and can't be shut up in a tower all his life, plus lack of vitamin D was making him depressed..
My play is about two kids meeting a hostile phantom bathtub.First, two kids get lost in the woods. Then, they find a barn with a phantom bathtub in it. Finally, they tie up the bathtub after it attacks them and get home.
A lonely kid that wants to play basketball.Ball, Struggle,Reward
A rabbit that needs to stand up to a bear much bigger than him, so that he can keep the stash of carrots he worked so hard to collect.First, River the rabbit went to get some breakfast at his big pile of carrots in the woods, then he realized his stash was taken over by a mean bear named Boomer, finally he built up the courage to get his carrots back.
it's about a guy who gets hurt doing something stupidFirst: A dude from a new group of dumb guys tries to do a epic stunt.
Then: He breaks his skull on a dirt bike
Finally: When he heals he does it again
Claire, Quinn, and Mr. Tim are part of a story about unlikely friendship and trust.First, a homeless man saves a sister's younger brother. Then, they get close but they move because they are a military family. Finally they revisit their favorite restaurant back home in hopes to see him again and do.
My play is about a daughter who is stealing money from her dad, and her dad gets stressed about it and gets scammed.First, there was an old man that needed some money. Then, he gets desperate. Finally, someone scams him and with all the stress of the scam, he passes away.
This play is about a girl who feels overwhelmed with the technology around her.First: A hair stylist listens to her clients tell her about their lives
Then: She imagines their adventures are her adventures
Finally: At the end of the day she (sadly) goes home to her real life
My play is about the loving relationship between a grandson and grandfather who bond over the passing of the grandma. First, a upperclassman is bullying a much younger boy on his way home.
Then, the young boy and his grandpa have a conversation about his grandma.
Finally, the young boy, grandpa, and upperclassman are reslove their issues and become good friends.
Its about a girl being talked to an angel and a demon First they had suicide problems,then an angel vs demon , finally got on track
its about the woodsidk
i really don't know how to explain it.First a guy is fired from a musical theater job, then a guy named bob tries to change his mind, finally he gives up and the play ends.
The main character Lottie, battles her inner demon Aaron, trying to figure out what makes her a good person. First, Lottie meets the classic bully Greg who hurts and abuses her. Then, Aaron encourages Lottie to become friends with Greg and do bad things to other people, so she wont be the one bulled. Finally, Lottie confronts her fears of being disliked by others, or being a bad person, and she has a fight with Aaron and in the process realizes that just because she did bad things, doesn't mean she cant make it right.
It is about two siblings being basketball stars in High School, but one of their careers is cut short. First, a boy wins the game winning shot of a game dedicated to his brother who passed away. Then. he has a moment of coping and mourning that is difficult for him. Finally, he realizes that his friend is better now than he was before.
Its about a kid who struggles with a doubtful dad. And much more but im not done. First he was doubted then he used that doubt finally he proved them wrong.
trueallard@gmail.comTwo imaginary friends helping a teen girl navigate life.First she was lost, Then she made two friends, Finally she was found.
A girl who is a victim of sex trafficking and her journey while in a comma to see the good in the world. ( Scene 1) First girl in a black leather jacket and is smoking and drinking. Her name is veronica. She talks about how she hates life and then falls asleep.( Scene 2) Man is standing in front of her and then sits down. ( man is in a suit and has a cane made of fine wood) talks with her and convinces her that her life is not that bad ( end scene 2)... (scene 3) Veronica wakes up in a hospital bed and doctor enters (doctor is wearing stereotypical doctor outfit) he tells her she is a victim of sex trafficking. Explains that she was released by them because she is pregnant. She decides to keep baby and name hope because she has hope for better world. (End Scene)
A girl is struggling against her anorexic habits while voices in her head persuade her.
First: There was a child who dealt with anorexia; she thought she couldn’t reach out to anyone for help as to not “burden” them
Then: she almost died from the disorder
Finally: She broke through and found help.
A monster with depresion dosent want to leave his home he finds another monster and she convinces the monster to go with her.
First: a monster dosent want to leave his home
Then: he finds another monster that convinces him to leave
Finaly: they leave
My play is about a kid that is a slacker and he cheats on a test and has to get tutored.
He took the test
He cheated
He got a zero
A play about devotion between a father and sonkid fails suicide, then is harrased by mother, father devotes himself to his son to help
My play is going to talk about how a family of three lost a person due to his legal staus in the U.S.
First: A family of three has been separated from each other because of their legal status in the U.S.
Then: While every single one of them separated from each other they try to figure out how to get out and get to each other.
Finally: They escape and find each other and go back to their home.
jimmy and Valerie have been friends since 1st grade and now Valerie needs to deal with issues with Mathew
2 friends are hanging out, Then one friend causes an issue, Finally one of the characters decision affects there future
Two Brothers who are completely different from each other trying to live their lives
First, two brothers come into this world. Then, they try to live their lives together but they have completely different personalities. Finally, They have to find a way to work it out.