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StyleKey PlayersDo you consider yourself a “Chipotle-style” pizzeria? Why or why not? Who is your founder? Where/how did you develop your restaurant’s concept? What were your influences?  When did you open your first location? Where is it located? How many locations do you have? What is the price for a Margarita or Cheese pizza (tomato sauce and mozzarella)?  What is your option on the recent influx of fast casual / quick service pizzerias in America? WebpageSlice ReviewMisc Links
Pie Zanos Kitchen (2005, Glendale AZ)Jayce Elliston and Mike Curtiss Glendale, AZClosed
Solos (2007 Maple Grove, MN)Brian Banick, Bruce Thomson Febuary 2007 Maple Grove, MN
Your Pie (2008 Athens)
Drew FrenchIn recent years, “Chipotle-style” has come to describe an innovative fast casual dining concept that will not compromise on providing delicious food with high quality ingredients. We certainly identify with this, as we are fiercely dedicated to providing the unique opportunity to “express your inner pizza” -- with an assortment of fresh, high quality ingredients and classic Italian recipes. Our innovative “down the line” concept using individual-sized 10” pies allows customers to create their own pizza and enjoy within minutes.Your Pie was the brainchild of 29-year old entrepreneur, Drew French. The inspiration sparked in May 2006 while on his honeymoon in Italy. While visiting his wife’s family on the island of Ischia, Drew fell in love with the classic brick oven style of baking pizza. When he returned, he explored how he could combine this classic Italian approach with an modern emphasis on creativity/individuality in a fast casual restaurant setting. The result was a “down the line” concept boasting individual-sized 10” pies and a wide variety of ingredient options. Two years later, his dream came to life with the opening of the first Your Pie in Athens, Georgia in April 2008. With great response and support from the local community, Your Pie has been able to grow into the 14 stores open today.Drew was highly influenced by his wife’s Italian family and their devotion to high quality Italian fare. Chef Tim of Wood Stone is also an inspiration, with his similar commitment to quality and taste. Drew also saw a niche in the pizza industry that had not been previously explored, and felt that high quality pizzas could be produced and served to customers quickly and at an affordable price point.Our first location opened in April 2008 in Athens, GA. It is located in the Beechwood Shopping Center on 196 Alps Road Athens, GA 30606.We currently have 14 locations open and 22 in development. We look forward to sharing the concept and encouraging , as we branch out into new communities!The base price for a 10-inch Your Pie is $6.49. Added bonus? That price also includes any combination of our 18 “fresh ingredients”! UNLIMITEDWe welcome it. The biggest challenge our niche has is teaching people about individual pizzas, so if more concepts are doing it, it is easier to spread the word to our customers. People are used to the traditional pizza experience, which typically involves having to split a large pizza amongst a group of people and compromise on topping options. The delivery concepts have made pizza a commodity, where a $10 one-size-fits-all pizza is the norm. Our concept is very different, which can make our value proposition a struggle initially. However, increased exposure encourages enthusiasm about the overall concept and will fuel our momentum when our customers taste the Your Pie difference. The influx of other brands has given our concept immediate credibility -- and isn’t imitation the best form of flattery?
MOD (2008, Seattle)FlatbreadScott and Ally Svenson (James Markham, no longer associated)Chipotle was certainly one of our inspirations, as was Starbucks, In-N-Out Burger and many other successful and differentiated concepts. We wanted to do for pizza what Chipotle has done for Mexican--create a product and experience that raises the bar for customers looking for quick meal. We were also attracted to what we refer to as “Made On Demand” (MOD) where customers can walk in, personalize their pizza and watch it being cooked in less than 5 minutes. We also keep it a little simpler than Chipotle in that all our pizzas are the same price regardless of the toppings. Our founders are Scott and Ally Svenson, Seattle natives, who have deep experience in the restaurant industry, as entrepreneurs and operators. They co-founded Seattle Coffee Company in London in 1994, growing the brand to 65 company owned stores in three years – while introducing England to the world of made-to-order espresso drinks and the coffee bar culture. In 1998, Starbucks Coffee Company acquired Seattle Coffee Company as their entry into the European market. Scott assumed the role of President of Starbucks UK, and subsequently President of Starbucks Europe, during which time he helped author the company’s European Strategic Plan. In 1999, Scott and Ally helped to develop and launch Carluccio’s in the UK, an award winning Italian deli-café concept which went public on the AIM market in 2005 and was subsequently sold in 2010. The first MOD opened in downtown Seattle in November 2008, after nearly a year of concept development and menu planning. During regular visits to Italy, our founders were inspired by the street and bar food readily available on most corners or local cafes - it was tasty, fresh, fast and surprising cheap. Additionally, the Svenson have four young boys and feeding them (and themselves) quality food that could be made fast and at a reasonable price, while pleasing everyone in the family, became a motivation and inspiration. November 2008. Downtown Seattle in Union Square. We currently have 8 stores trading. We are close to signing up our 9th store, are actively pursuing locations outside of Washington and expect our rate of growth to significantly accelerate. All our 11” pizzas are the same price $6.88 regardless of the toppings. We also offer a Mini MOD pizza 6” that is $3.88. UNLIMITEDIt has been interesting how many brands have entered this market since we developed the MOD Pizza concept in 2007. Some are trending towards more of a fast food experience with conveyor belt ovens, others have chosen to go more gourmet and expensive. While the proliferation of brands is validation that the fast casual pizza market has broad appeal, it is likely that there will only be 2 or 3 operators with the experience and expertise to build concepts with true staying power. Since the day MOD was founded over five years ago, we have approached the business with the intent of building a highly compelling customer experience and a business that will last.
Pizza Gourmet Express (2008 ,San Diego)Dude that works at ColorsNovember (?) 2008 San Diego, CAClosed
Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint (2009, Atlanta)Matt Andrew, a founder of Moe's Southwest Grill
January 2009 - Atlanta, GA By the end of 2012, there will be 20 Uncle Maddio’s restaurants open and 125 more in development throughout the Southeast.
Top That! (2010, Tulsa)Lori and Jeff WalderichYes. Because we have a similar ordering style, with all ingredients within plain view of our guests. Most of our toppings are freshly sliced each morning and we also feature several locally-sourced ingredients.Lori and Jeff Walderich founded Top That! Pizza after noticing that there was really no way for someone to order a personal pizza topped exactly the way they want it, for an affordable price. Top That! Pizza is the first to offer three different crust flavors, 8 sauces and the choice of over 40 toppings on a personal pizza for one price. We started thinking about the concept in about 2007, then in 2009 we assembled a team made up of pizza industry operations veterans, restaurant marketing experts and franchising consultants.Our own personal pizza preferences were a huge influence as well as our kids'. (Lori liked completely different toppings than Jeff and would always have to compromise when it came to ordering pizza so that everyone else would be pleased.) We also wondered why kids only had the choice of a cheese or pepperoni pizza at most restaurants. Our theory was that if kids can have the freedom to create their own pizzas, they will EAT EVERY BITE! We also did a lot of restaurant research related to our marketing business and found that this was a niche that had not been filled by anyone yet. We wanted to be the first. We wanted to create a new category as well. The first location opened in October of 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The site was a former sub sandwich shop and we were able to repurpose about 90% of the equipment and fixtures. (To date, four locations have utilized former sub shops.)We currently have 10 locations open (1 corporate and 9 franchises). Our stores are located in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and one unit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We have 110 units in development to date and expect to double our open stores by the end of next year,Our 10" pizzas at most locations are priced at $6.99 for a cheese pizza. People can feel free to load on the toppings without the price going up. In other words, they can create their own gourmet pizza for a quick casual price. We also offer 8 Signature pizzas – which feature 5-7 toppings each – for the same price.It's good to be first. We truly believe that we are the pioneers in this genre. Although there was one other pizza concept who had the same "Chipotle-style" ordering method, we were the first to add unlimited toppings for a single price, specialize only in personal-sized pizzas and bake them from fresh dough in under three minutes. We have the most franchises to date, and are the first to go international. Within 6 months of our first store opening, we were copied by a publicly-traded pizza concept. It thrilled us because it has helped to bring awareness to this new category we created and it has done wonders for our franchise sales. In essence, the more competitors that pop up, the better for us all. There are plenty of hungry pizza-lovers to go around!
Pie-Fection (2010, Orlando)2010 - Orlando, FL
Dough Bro's Italian Kitchen (2010 Dallas)2010 - Dallas TX1 Location
Pieology (2011, Fullerton)FlatbreadCarl Chang (James Markham, no longer associated)If the way we deliver our product like a production line is considered "Chipotle process" then yes. The production line process is something that they have mastered alon with Subway to a much less successful degree. However, as you have seen, to deliver a high quality pizza product with this process is a little more of an art than heating up tortillas. And I think we are the leader in execution of the process within the Pizza category at the moment.I (Carl Chang) am a co-founder of the idea and concept.  Our brokerage firm in Denver, Sullivan Hayes, was one of the first angel investors in a concept called Chipotle.  :)  So the idea to recreate pizza and the customer experience while delivering a higher end product than the traditional pizza chains was our inspiration.  Plus, I love Pizza, and coming from New York and my travels throughout Italy, I have always had great passion for italian food.
Other than the above.  I have always been foodie and a culinary nut!  I think Food Network is on 24 hrs a day at our house.We opened our first location almost 18 months ago (April 2011) in Fullerton, Ca. 514 S State College BLVDWe will have two locations open with the second one at Irvine Spectrum. We have twenty more in development.We charge a flat price for our cheese pizza of $6. Being a parent of four young children we wanted to be price conscious and a 12" pie can feed two of my children. Additionally, we charge a flat $7.50 for any of our specialty pies or Kustom pies with unlimited toppings! UNLIMITED
Pie Five Pizza Co. (2011, Ft Worth)We like to think of ourselves as unique in terms of what we offer, but our “fast casual” model is certainly comparable to someone like Chipotle. Some of our product attributes are similar, such as speed of service and our focus on fresh ingredients.The concept was developed and built by the management team at Pizza Inn Holdings, Inc. We saw a niche in the market and opening under a different brand name allowed us to experiment with flavors and a service style that weren’t possible with our existing brand model.Our influences span the restaurant and retail spectrum. We focused on those businesses that were best in class in their delivery of flawless service, food quality, style and speed.Our first location opened in June 2011 in Ft. Worth, TX. Montgomery Plaza to be exact.We just opened our 8th location yesterday in Allen, TX and we are finalizing the lease agreements on several others. In addition to company owned stores, we are also entertaining offers from potential franchisees.All of our pizzas are one size and one price. No matter how much you pile on you can choose any crust, any sauce and any toppings for just $6.49. I think it’s great that pizza is finding a home in the fast casual market. The more locations that open (Pie 5 or others) reinforces the fact that pizza works in fast casual just like it does in other segments. Seeing our style of restaurant grow in other markets tells us we have a lot of opportunity ahead.
Pizza Persona (2011, Chicago)Jeffrey Zucker, James KinnairdTo an extent, yes.  We often use "Chipotle-style" to explain the line ordering style, as it helps to compare to something with which people are generally familiar.  We try not to over-use the comparison to avoid confusion that our brands are associated and because we also offer a lot more variety than Chipotle. Pizza Persona was founded by myself, Jeffrey Zucker, and my business partner, James Kinnaird. James and I were roommates at Boston University and had worked in restaurants throughout our lives. As business students, we often discussed different business concepts, and we began working on the concept of Pizza Persona during college. After school, we moved to James's hometown of Chicago, finalized our business plan, spent over a year finding our location, and then got Pizza Persona rolling.We both love food and the restaurant industry. We were fascinated by the fast-casual segment not only because it had been one of the only profitable brackets around the time of our idea, but also because we saw how much people enjoyed getting fresh, high-quality food quickly and at an affordable price. We love pizza and know that so many others do, and while there are many low-end delivery pizza places and higher-end sit-down pizza places, we saw that there wasn't much in the middle. Once we were able to figure out the best way of making a high-quality pizza that also cooks quickly, Pizza Persona was born.We had our soft opening on November 21, 2011 and our Grand Opening Celebration on December 11, 2011. Pizza Persona is located at 614 W. Diversey Pkwy on the border of Chicago's Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.We currently have one location and have just begun the process of securing a second spot.$6 (All of our pizzas have a base price of $6 with unlimited 'Fresh Toppings.' Our 'Premium Toppings,' meats and roasted vegetables, are $1 each.)It is interesting to see how quickly the idea is catching on and the different methods people have come up with regarding how to best implement the concept. We feel that it will be exciting to watch the growth and hope to take a big part in it.
800 Degrees (2012, Los Angeles)Neapolitan-styleChef Anthony Carron, Adam Fleischman and Allen Ravert.We consider ourselves the 800 Degrees of pizza. When Chipotle first started, they were considered the Subway of burritos. Now every time a fast-casual pizza concept opens, they're compared to us. We just want to offer delicious, customizable Neapolitan Pizza at a reasonable price point.
800 Degrees is co-owned by partners Chef Anthony Carron, Adam Fleischman and Allen Ravert. Anthony developed the idea after traveling through Italy and Naples where traditional Neapolitan style pizza is affordable and enjoyed by everyone from adults to children in a casual style atmosphere. Due to the simple ingredients and quick cooking time, Anthony realized that the concept could be easily re-created back in the US in a counter-service style, using top notch local ingredients, paired with a few traditional ingredients, unique to Italy. In turn, customers get a delicious and completely traditional style Neapolitan pizza for a fraction of the price of fancier, sit-down eateries.
800 Degrees was very much influenced by the traditional Neapolitan style of pizza in Italy. We aim to stay true to that as much as possible. Our first location opened in January 2012 in Westwood (Los Angeles). Currently we just have the one location. We are planning more locations, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. A Marinara pizza is $5.15 and a Margherita is $6.45.Since Day One, we've had lines out the door. We feel we have something very special at 800 Degrees, but clearly Americans have an insatiable appetite for pizza. There is plenty of room for all kinds of concepts out there.
Pizza Rev (2012, Los Angelse)FlatbreadRodney & Nicholas Eckerman, Buffalo Wild Wings (March 2013)That's how many of our customers see it, and there are definitely similarities: a customizable product, an interactive service line, overall speed of the process, and affordability come to mind.  We think we place an even greater emphasis on customer choice (over 30 toppings to choose from) and friendly customer service.  Each pizza is fired in our stone-hearth oven, so that fresh & fast cooking process is the most obvious departure from a burrito assembly experience.PizzaRev is founded by two father & son duos -- Rodney & Nicholas Eckerman, and Irv & Jeff Zuckerman. We all felt that reheated pizza-by-the-slice was yesterday's news, that pizza in general was wildly overpriced, and that the heightened customer-service experience of a "mom & pop" pizzeria could be replicated in a fast-casual setting. Nicholas carries an extensive food & beverage background to the team, and his recipe for thin & crispy crust was a natural fit for the fast-casual pizza model, so we put it all together and the result is PizzaRev. From a business-standpoint, all those companies across industries that have innovated and revolutionized their industry by focusing on the customer experience. Big companies like Disney, Apple, Starbucks, all the way down to the neighborhood cafe that greets you with a smile and warm welcome each time you come through the door. Our first location opened in Northridge, CA in April 2012. We determined that we wanted to open near a large university because it would give us a great education with the young and active diner who wanted great food and quality at an affordable price point. We determined that a competitive environment near The CSUN campus would be perfect, and our success there has reaffirmed our belief in this model.We have two locations currently - one in Northridge and one in Studio City. Our third location opens in November in Woodland Hills, CA with two more anticipated to open in first quarter 2013.Our slogan is "Craft Your Own", and we underscore our belief in customer created pizza by inviting you to choose unlimited toppings to create your own idea of a perfect pizza for one all-in price. We offer some pre-set pizzas, including the beloved Margherita, but whether you select one of these pizzas or choose to "Craft Your Own", all our pizzas are 11 inches big and under $8. A one-cheese pizza only costs $5.95. We offer gluten-free and vegan options as well.For pizza lovers, it's a welcome development and we don't see the trend reversing any time soon. We offer the customer higher-quality food that they can customize to their taste, in a friendly and fast environment. This model has been a recipe for success in other food spaces, and it's hard to find someone that doesn't love pizza, so this is just an idea that's time has come now and we're thrilled to be at the center of it.
H & Pizza (2012, D.C.)Oblong Flatbread? Steve Salis (IMA Pizza LLC), Michael Lastoria July 20122 Locations$6.82 with sauce and cheese; $8.86 UNLIMITED
Blaze (2012, Irvine)FlatbreadElise Wetzel (co-CEO), Rick Wetzel, Bradford Kent, Maria Shriver, Tom Werner (co-owner of Boston Red Sox), Andrew Cherng (Panda Express), John Davis (movie producer), Jim Mizes (President, COO - Formally at Freebirds World Burrito, Jamba Juice, Noah’s New York Bagels)We have a great deal of admiration for what Chipotle delivers in terms of product, dining environment and speed of service. So, yes, we love the comparison. With that said, I think when you visit Blaze Pizza you will enjoy a fast-casual dining experience that is intelligent and current and stands on its own through our combination of food quality and flavor, speed of service, atmosphere and eco-conscious elements throughout the facility. My husband, Rick Wetzel (founder of Wetzel's Pretzels), and I have teamed up with critically-acclaimed pizza chef Bradford Kent, owner of Los Angeles' top rated Olio Pizzeria & Cafe (Zagat's #2 pizza in Los Angeles). The concept came to us a year ago last summer, when we were craving pizza for lunch, but didn't have time for waiter service and a long, leisurely meal. Still, we wanted some really good pizza -- not a delivery or a reheated slice. We searched and came up empty. Enough said. That was our "Aha" moment, and the whole Blaze concept was sketched out on a napkin in less time than it takes to fold a burrito. Or fire a thin-crusted pizza...We are big admirers of fast-casual dining concepts where the employees actually cook, and work with high-quality ingredients.  There's Chipotle, of course, but also Tender Greens, Mendocino Farms, and many others.  We are very excited to be able to offer our artisanal style pizzas in a fast-casual format, where guests can spend their time enjoying their pizza - not waiting for it.  Also, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the talents of Chef Brad to a wider audience. Blaze Pizza makes its own dough from scratch using a recipe that Kent developed, which requires a 24-hour fermentation period to produce his signature light-as-air crisp crust.  Brad has been working on his dough recipe for over 20 years....which is why we call him “The Pizza Whisperer.”Our first location opened in Irvine, across from University of California, Irvine, in August 2012.Currently, two – Our Pasadena location opened in mid-October of 2012. How many are currently in development? Plans for two on the westside of Los Angeles are underway. We hope to have more than a dozen locations by the end of 2013.Our Simple Pie, which has mozzarella, parmesan and red sauce, is $5. Our personal-sized, 11” Signature and Build Your Own Pizzas are $6.85, with most toppings included in that price. The emerging category, fast-casual artisan pizza, is one that has tremendous potential, and we're excited to be a leader in developing it.
Open Fire (2012 - July 30, 2014, Kansas City, MO)Wood FireApril 2012 - Kansas City, MO1 Location
Custom Built Pizza (2012 - Sept 12, 2014, Las Vegas)FlatbreadLarry DuLittle, Bernita DuLittleMay 2012 - Las Vegas1 Location
Project Pie (2012, Las Vegas)FlatbreadJames Markham (of MOD, Pieology and Knockout Pizzeria) Todd Owen (formerly of Qdoba), partnered with MGM?2012 - Las Vegas (MGM Grand)3 Locations (Las Vegas, San Diego, Bolder)
The Pizza Press (2012, Anahime)FlatbreadDara Maleki 2012 - Anahime, CA1 Location
NeoPapalis (2012, Ann Arbor)Neapolitan-style Joe Sheena2012 - October 4$7.50 +$1 Per Topping
The Pizza Studio (2013, Los Angeles)FlatbreadSamit Varma, Ron Biskin, Jeff Burrill (Studio 37, Pangenera LLC, Panera Bread)

2013 - Downtown Los Angeles2 Location (16 on deck)$5.99 'Starving Artist,' $8.99 UNLIMITEDTopping,
Arosto Fire Roasted Pizza (2013, Lynchburg, VA)
Opened on January 19, 20131 Location
Pizzeria Locale (2013 Denver, CO)Neapolitan-styleAssociated with Pizzeria Locale and ex-Chipotle TBD
BUILD Pizzeria Roma (2013, Berkley, CA)Neapolitan-style (NOT Roman)Lisa Holt and David ShapiroOpened on April 16, 20131 Locaiton
Live Basil / Honest Pizza (2013 Denver, CO)Non-ParbakedTom Ryan and Rick Schaden (Consumer Concept Group - Smashburger, Quiznos )June 20131 Location
Crush Pizza (2013, Nashua, NH)Neapolitan-styleTony NaserOpened June 12, 2013 1 Location
Pizza Pizzeria (TBD, Southern California)Chefs Rodelio Aglibot (Koi, Yi Cuisine, Sunda, BLT) and Frank Fronda (Napa Valley Grille, Cafe del Rey, Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire) Charlie Candelas (Wolfgang Puck, Darden Restaurants)"Pizza Pizzeria's signature dish is the urban-style, neo-nap pizza, a cross between New York and Neapolitan-style pizza."TBD0"The menu will also feature six pre-crafted pizzas ($6)"
Pizza Cucinova (2013? Columbus, OH)Neapolitan-styleSbarro LLCOctober 2013
Sunrise Pizza & Café (2013, Madison, AL)Opened July 2013
Social Life Pizza (2013, San Diego)Spetember 2013
Custom Fuel Pizza (2013, Washington, D.C.)August 2013
Garage Brewing Co. & Pizzeria (2013, Temecula)October 2013
Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria (2013, Santa Barbara)Neapolitan-styleFeb 2013
Creations Pizzeria (March 2014 - October 2014, Tustin)
Firecrust Neapolitan (July 2014, Dallas, TX)Canadian - oversees quick-serve Asian chain Wok Box.
1000 Degrees PizzeriaNeapolitan-style
Trademark Pizza (Jan 2014, Roseville, CA)Flatbreadunlimited toppings
Midici (2015, Los Angeles, CA)Neapolitan-style
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