9/20/201310/22/2013York UniversityEnvironmental Biology and Ecology11/8/2013 LettersTenure-track or tenured3got rejection letter on 12/19/2013 (x3)
1/28/20142/28/2014York College (CUNY)`9/30/2013
8/5/20138/27/2013Yale UniversityPlant Physiological Ecology11/1/2013 of referencesTenure-track or Tenured1Looks like interviews took place early in Dec.
(from seminar website).
Job reposted on Evoldir on 11/17/13. Still no due date listed!
1/1/20142/21/2014Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool Universityenvironmental science10/15/2013 post here is for bio position! I just added a line fo rthe chemistry post so that we can keep them separate. :)
5/2/2014Wyoming Catholic CollegeBiology/Ecology
12/8/201312/21/2013Wright State University aquatic biogeochemistry12/5/2013 letter 03/27/14
12/8/201312/21/2013Wright State UniversityApplied Physiology12/5/2013 just saw this readvertised, maybe a mistake. So, if you are interested you might contact HR.
12/6/201312/20/2013Wright State universitybiology education 12/15/2013
11/7/201312/8/2013Worcester State UniversityMicrobiology1/24/2014 LettersTenure track
12/20/20131/29/2014Worcester Polytechnic Universitybiology11/1/2013
12/3/201312/16/2013Wooster Universitymolecular physiology1/2/2014
11/21/201312/8/2013Wofford CollegeEnvironmental Social Sciences1/15/2014 LettersTenure-trackMoved to Discussion
10/28/201312/5/2013witchita state Universityanatomy2/14/2014wsu website?tenure track
12/20/20131/30/2014Williams Collegeenvironmental studies11/1/2013
11/14/201312/8/2013William Jewell CollegePlant Ecology12/1/2013 Letters (finalists)Tenure track1Contacted to schedule phone interview (12/9). Phone Interview December 16th.Schedule for Jan / Feb
11/15/201312/8/2013William Jewell Collegevertebrate developmental biology1/19/20141113 Letters from finaliststenure-track1) I'm getting impatient for news on this one! Anyone know anything? 2). I'm answering my own question (1). I sent an updated CV because I had a new paper accepted, and I was told the committee is still areviewing applications. This was 11/8/13. Then got another follow-up email from the dept. chair on 11/11, and he said they're currently working on developing a short list for on-campus interviews. No phone interview?! Love that. 3) Would have loved it more if I'd been shortlisted! 4.) Me too (and I was #1 and #2 here). I'm genuinely curious about the people they chose to interview. I swear I was perfect for that job! Oh well, another argument for getting out of academia...5) Crap shoot
8/26/20139/16/2013Western Washington UniversityGenetics1/16/2014 LettersTenure-track6Candidate Seminars posted on dept website: xt
11/15/201312/8/2013Western Michigan Universityfreshwater policy, sustainability, enviornmental studies 1/19/2014!topic/hydrosci-l/EJTHecmuU6k3 LettersTenure track
11/22/201312/10/2013Western Connecticut State UniversityMolecular Ecology1/10/20143 LettersTenure-track
07/5/2013Western Connecticut State Universitymolecular ecology12/15/2013
10/25/201312/3/2013Western Carolina Universitybehavioural ecology3/15/2014 info for references???1/?
12/6/201312/20/2013West Virginia Universitybiology12/4/2013 trackFirst Campus Interview Feb. 26
10/25/201312/3/2013West Virginia UniversityForest Ecophysiology/Ecosystem Modeling11/15/2013 LettersTenure-track2Letters requested 13 DecemberScheduled late February / early MarchHas anyone heard anything on this? 2) Not a word other than a reminder on Jan. 9th to get missing letters turned in 3) same here! 4) Sent a general inquiry email in Jan. In response on Jan 28, said they were creating a long list at that time, then will make a short list of 3-4 applicants. If goes smoothly they hope to schedule interviews the week of Feb. 24th and/or March 3rd.
12/6/201312/20/2013Wenzhou-Kean Universitybiology12/15/2013
12/6/201312/20/2013Wenzhou-Kean Universitybiology genetics12/15/2013
12/2/201312/12/2013Weber StatePlant Ecosystems Restoration1/6/2014higheredjobstt
12/3/201312/16/2013Waubonsee Community Collegebiology A&P1/2/2014
washington state University-vancouverenvironmental hydrologyOpen until filled
10/29/201312/6/2013Washington state University Vancouverbiostats, env stats2/2/2014 Letterstenure track<--forget that! I can see teaching their for 10 years under heavy teaching loads, getting dumped and then being completely uncompetitive for anything
9/21/201310/24/2013Washington State UniversityStatistical Biologyuntil filled LettersTenure-track
7/26/20138/17/2013Washington State UniversityMolecular Plant-Pathogen Interactionsuntil filled of referencesTenure-track
12/10/201312/24/2013Washington Collegeenvironmental science12/1/2013 info for 3 refsTenure-track
11/24/201312/10/2013Wageningen University (The Netherlands)Insect Evolution and Comparative Genomics1/10/2014 specifiedTenure-track
10/28/201312/5/2013Wabash Collegevertebrate biology11/15/2013higheredjobs.com3 Letterstenure track2Scheduled for 12/3
3/11/20144/13/2014Volunteer State Community Collegebiologyopen until filled deleted 4/10
10/1/201310/31/2013Viterbo UniversityPhysiology1/31/2014 Letterstenure track
7/9/20137/30/2013Virginia Tech UniversityComputational genetics and bioinformaticsuntil filled of referencesTenure-track
10/18/201311/21/2013Virginia TechEcohydrological modeling and informaticsOpen until filled Letterstenure track
9/8/201310/6/2013Virginia Military InstituteBiology (a broad range will be considered)12/15/2013 LettersTenure-track1Phone interviews scheduled (October 17, 2013)Campus Interview (11/4/2013)
10/6/201311/7/2013Virginia Institute of Marine SciencesOrganismal Fish Evolutionary Ecology12/1/2013 LettersTenure-track212/9: contacting refs, add'l materials req.I assume they've progressed - can someone confirm? 1) I have yet to hear anything. I am guessing this one got a flood of applicants. 2) really? end of the year and has not even moved to phone interviews? 3) Yes I am sure they have moved on by now...haven't heard anything though. 4) So, weird that this one hasn't updated. Any one know anything? 5) I have been told that the intitial list consisted of 12 applicants. I have yet to hear anything new since the additional materials were requested.
8/12/20138/31/2013Vassar CollegeAnimal Behavior10/15/2013 LettersTenure-track2Email from chair - interviewing 10 (11/7/2013), Skype interview scheduled (11/14)Interviews first week of December (11/21/2013)1) Any news on this one? Word from a reputable source is that an internal candidate is being considered. Looks like she is also an alumni ( 2) Just got my rejection letter. 3) was the rejection by email? 4) Yes.
9/4/20139/23/2013Vanderbilt UniversityBiological Sciences (development/evolution/genetics)10/15/2013 LettersTenure-trackreposted -- seemed to have disappeared from the spreadsheet
10/4/201311/1/2013Valdosta State UniversityBehavioral Ecology1/15/2014 of referencesTenure-track1Contacted about Skype interview 11/18. Interviews to occur Dec 3 & 5<-- This is really fast.....
12/8/201312/21/2013Utica Collegelife studies12/3/2013 was in a prof of practice sequence like this once. They can be pretty secure and you are generally treated pretty well, even though you don't get tenure.
12/5/201312/18/2013Utah state Universityfish ecology12/18/2013 scheduled mid-Marchweeks of march 10-20Interviewed three. decision soon.
3/31/20144/27/2014Uppsala UniversityAnimal Ecology8/29/2013Senior Lecturer
8/27/20139/21/2013Uppsala UniversityMolecular Biosciences/Evolutionuntil filled
9/21/201310/25/2013Universty of Southern IndianaVertebrate Biologyuntil filled LettersTenure-track
12/2/201312/12/2013University Wisconsin Stevens PointFisheries1/6/2014higheredjobsnt
10/8/201311/15/2013University of WyomingPopulation Ecology1/28/2014 requested late Sept7-9 OctoberLate Nov/Early DecI highly recommend ASU as a place to work
12/19/20131/24/2014University of Wisconsin, MadisonSoil Ecologist9/27/2013 info for 3 refereesTenure track1) Letters requested 1/2014Phone interviews scheduled, week of Feb 10thScheduled for end of March, beginning of April1/?1) anyone receive rejection notices? phone interviewed 7 candidates
12/6/201312/20/2013University of Wisconsin-WaukesauBiology12/3/2013 lettersTenure-track
12/2/201312/12/2013University of Wisconsin Madisonveterinary anatomy1/6/2014higheredjobsnt
12/20/20132/17/2014University of Wisconsin Eau Clairescience education10/31/2013tt
11/18/201312/8/2013University of Wisconsin - WhitewaterEcosystem Ecology and Environmental Science9/23/2013 LettersTenure-trackcontacted about phone interview (Jan 30)
2/21/20143/16/2014University of Wisconsin - ParksideInvertebrate Zoology3/17/2014 lettersTenure-track3/31/2014
9/11/201310/18/2013University of Wisconsin - Madisonevolutionary biology9/30/2013 info for 3 references Tenure-trackLetters requested 1/3/14 x9skype interviews scheduled x2feb/marchLetter acknowledging receipt of application recieved. Also gave approximate timeline: "The search committeeÕs initial screening of candidates will begin December 2, 2013. In early January of 2014, candidates will be chosen and invited for campus interviews." Nice touch. 2) wasn't the deadline extended for this position? 5) 3) OP here again - I received the above email last week. 4) Yes, the deadline was extended to 15 December. 5) interview schedule posted
9/11/201310/17/2013University of Wisconsin - MadisonGeneticsuntil filled Letters yetTenuredfeb-april
10/6/201311/7/2013University of Wisconsin - La CrosseMolecular Genetics1/10/2014 LettersTenure-track3email from search chair with more info about the position -- did everyone get this? 2) I second that 3) Rejection email 11/27/13 x3
8/26/20139/14/2013University of Wisconsin - Green BayMicrobial Ecology1/16/2014 LettersTenure-track111/15/2013
12/6/201312/20/2013University of Wisconsinbiostatistics12/15/2013
12/6/201312/20/2013University of WisconsinVeterinary anatomy12/15/2013
12/10/201312/24/2013university of west floridaA&P12/1/2013
10/11/201311/18/2013University of WashingtonBiologically Mediated Ecosystem Disturbances9/30/2013 LettersTenure-track1Request for on-campus interview, 1/24/2014
12/20/2013on campus interview scheduled for 3/14/2014Research and teaching statements are not required for initial applications
9/14/201310/18/2013University of WashingtonSystems Physiology1/31/2014 LettersTenure-track2rejection email received from HR 10/31. anyone else?
10/25/20135/6/2014University of Virginia College at WiseBiology8/20/2013 LettersTenured E-mail sent on 01/13/14 wanting to set up preliminary phone interview
Phone interview 02/07/14 - indicated that they would decide who will interview on-campus in next week/week and a half2/?1) Phone interviewed February 7th, but have heard nothing since, so I'm assuming others were invited for on-campus interviews 2) heard that at least one campus interview would happen in late March 3) OP here ...and that's what I thought. How do you know this 2? It was a weird phone interview with not a single biologist on the search committee. I imagine, though, that if you made the short list that you are not down for the count yet, as the person made the offer will most likely provide some tough negotiations for Wise given that they are already a tenured associate prof or full prof. I bet they won't get their first choice and maybe not even their second or third choices unless they really make an offer that can pull a tenured person away from their current position to middle-of-nowhere Wise, VA. 2 again) the interviewee is a friend of mine. He is a tenured full-prof thinking of a change of scenery. 4) Good luck to him! The area is really pretty. I'd be interested to know how competitive their offer is. He probably beat me out, in part, because I've only been tenured for a year and I'm only an Associate Prof. He has me outgunned. ;) I prefer to know that the folks that beat me out are more worthy than me. It makes me feel like less of a loser. ;) They did say that tenure and rank would most likely be transferrable, so that's half the battle. 5) wise is not known as a great place to be, and if you look at the holder of this endowed position in chemistry, they did not exactly get the cream of the crop. 6) I agree. He was on the search committee and didn't have much of anything original to say. Looks like they stole him from a dinky little place in Arkansas. It's going to take a special kind of person to accept this offer, as it's not the best school and it is in the middle of nowhere. It will take hours to get to any city with any real life to it. I guess we'll see how it plays out. After I read that an interview was scheduled, I e-mailed the search chair to see what my standing was. Interested to see if he replies and what he says. Will keep you posted. ;) 7) OK, just got a response from the search chair. Here's what he said "Without giving away too much or being disingenuous, I can say that the search is ongoing—indeed, we’ve continued to receive applications even in the last few days—and I think it is too early to assume the worst. The committee is very impressed with your portfolio, and the phone interview, and you have certainly not been eliminated as a candidate at this point." So, basically trying not to burn a bridge with me, but I'm not real hopeful when he says they are still looking at new applications. 8) Offer was made last week. They're negotiating. 9) Thanks for the updates. I've pretty much written them off at this point. Let us know if the offer is accepted or rejected. See if you can also get details on offer, like salary and start-up money. I'd be interested to know what they are offering. I also wonder if they only interviewed your friend or if they interviewed multiple folks? 10) Looks like the salary is 78K with ~6K for startup. 11) The salaries not too bad, as according to Chronicle, that's about $5K higher than what they normally pay their full profs. Are you saying, though, that they are only offering $6,000 in start-up for a positon that is supposed to be more research oriented? ...or did you mean to say $60K? If it's only $6K, that's kinda a joke. You can't start a lab on so little money and this may be why I was lower on the list at this point, as I told them I wanted a DNA concentrator among other things and the concentrator alone costs ~$10K. So, pretty nice pay, but shitty start-up. Has your friend decided? Sounds like they really just want someone to teach despite what they've said about this position being more of a research position. 12) My friend told me the salary is comparable to where he is now (large public MS-level school, midwest) and that the endowed position gives $15K/year for research, teaching is 3/3. Don't know if he's decided yet. 13) Thanks for the info! Let me know if accepts it, so I can put the possibility of still getting an offer to sleep in my head once and for all. 14) My friend turned down the offer. 15) Sweet, back in the game, thanks! Were there any horrible problems at Wise that led him to his decision or did his current institution pay more to keep him there? 16) From what I understand, issues at Wise. Teaching load is pretty high and issues with the Provost/Vice Chancellor 17) Provost a douche, or what? 18) Seemed pretty douche to me when we met. Also did not seem to have a firm grasp of the campus/campus life/ as he struggled to remember people's names as we walked across campus and he waxed poetically about the "liberal arts advantage".
3/15/20144/16/2014University of Virginia College at WiseBiology especially Plant Physiology5/2/2014 tenure track
12/16/20131/8/2014University of Virginiaenvironmental education11/15/2013
9/7/201310/1/2013University of VermontPlant Ecology11/6/2013 LettersTenure-track91) Short list made (11/25/13). Rest of this moved to discussion Rejection email 12/11Scheduled for 12/9
and 12/10
Scheduled (approx 12/19/13)150Filled 4/2014.
11/18/201312/8/2013University of Toronto - ScarboroughEcology or Conservation Biology1/15/2014 LettersTenure-track
9/14/201310/18/2013University of Toronto - MississaugaPlant Biologyuntil filled LettersTenure-trackIt appears that "lecturer" means a tenure-track *teaching* (not research) appointment; this terminology is *not* the same as the Brittish terminology. University of Toronto has "Assistant," "Associate" Professors, just like the US, so this is something different. **Yes Toronto has tenure track lecturers. They are full members of departments there, just no lab or grad students and are required to teach 6 courses.Great for teaching-focused people.
9/8/201310/6/2013University of Toronto - MississaugaPhysical Geographyuntil filled
8/29/20139/21/2013University of Toronto(1) ecology and evolution of disease, and/or (2) biodiversity and conservation11/18/2013 LettersTenure-track1January
12/10/201312/24/2013University of the West Indies, Mona Campusanatomy12/1/2013
9/14/201310/18/2013University of the SouthComparative Animal Physiology12/2/2013 LettersTenure-track1early Dec
8/31/20139/21/2013University of the Sciences in PhiladelphiaBiological Sciencesuntil filled LettersTenure-track
12/3/201312/16/2013University of Texas El Pasohuman anatomy1/2/2014
10/18/201311/21/2013University of Texas Austinfisheries ecologyOpen until filled Letterstenure track
9/19/201310/21/2013University of Texas at TylerComputational Biology10/1/2013 LettersTenure-track11/23/14 contacted for phone interview11/5/2013 - Interviews scheduled for November; Interviewed late Nov1) Earlier applications are more likely to receive full consideration; unofficial target date is 10/15 2) Three candidates initially interviewed. Two offered position and both
either declined or indicated that they would not be able to make a decision until done interviewing other places in February. As a result, now in the process of phone interviewing 4 more candidates 2 of which will be invited for on-campus interviews in February.
9/19/201310/21/2013University of Texas at TylerDevelopmental Biology10/1/2013 LettersTenure-track1n/a11/5/2013 - interviews scheduled for December
9/19/201310/19/2013University of Texas at TylerMicrobiology1/21/2014 LettersTenure-track1n/a11/5/2013 - interviews scheduled for January
9/19/201310/19/2013University of Texas at TylerMicrobiology1/24/2014 LettersTenure-track1n/a11/5/2013 - interviews scheduled for January
1/11/20142/26/2014University of Texas at El PasoEcophysiology9/30/2013 interview (Jan 2014)Scheduled for February1) rejection notice received 2) when?
10/19/201311/29/2013University of Texas at El PasoChairdeadline (MM/DD/YYYY) LettersTenured
9/21/201310/29/2013University of TampaPhysiology10/15/2013 LettersTenure-track1Oct 25th
9/16/201310/19/2013University of St. ThomasDevelopmental Biology (broadly defined)until filled LettersTenure-track
12/22/20132/17/2014University of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburg\biology10/25/2013
12/22/20132/18/2014University of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburgbiology10/25/2013
12/22/20132/17/2014University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coastbiology10/23/2013
9/21/201310/29/2013University of Southern IndianaGenetics1/21/2014 LettersTenure-track1Phone interview scheduled (11/8/2013)
8/17/20139/8/2013University of South CarolinaComparative Animal Physiology11/10/2013 LettersTenure-track1invited to interview
12/5/201312/18/2013University of San DiegoCell bio12/18/2013 anyone know if these positions at University of San Diego are tenure-track? It doesn't say explicitly in the job posting.
12/5/201312/18/2013University of San Diegoenvironmental science12/18/2013
12/5/201312/17/2013University of San Diegobiochemistry and molecular biology12/16/2013
10/19/201311/29/2013University of SalzburgPlant Ecology, Biodiversity, and EvolutionASAP (starts 1-2014!!)
11/24/201312/11/2013University of RochesterComputational Biology/Bioengineering10/11/2013 of referencesTenure-trackLetters requested 1/16
11/24/201312/10/2013University of RochesterGlobal biogeochemistry1/10/2014 of referencesTenure-track
7/13/20138/6/2013University of RichmondPhysiology (organism-level)11/15/2013 LettersTenure-track1Scheduled; interviewed*they advertised it with two different deadlines, search chair still accepting applications.
12/20/20131/30/2014University of RHode Islandwater resources11/1/2013
8/21/20139/9/2013University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasEcology, Microbial Metagenomics, Cell Physiology-Biochemistry, Systematics, Population Genetics3/14/2014 track1rejection letter received on 9/30, interviews being scheduledInterview scheduled (early October)