To submit info, go to: country do you live in?State/Province/Territory CityPostal Code (Zip Code)How far are you willing to travel to call?ContraGender FreeEnglish CountryIrish CeilidhSquare - Modern WesternIf you call MWSDSquare - TraditionalFamily DanceTechnoContraFestivalsDance WeekendsSpecial One-Time EventsWeddingsPrefix of e-mail address (everything before the @)Suffix of the e-mail address (everything after the @)Last 7 digits of regular phone numberArea code of phone numberWeb pageSocial mediaPreferred method of contactDances, dancers, or organizers who are familiar with your callingA link to a video of you callingAny additional information you'd like to includeTimestamp
Greg AllanCanadaManitobaWinnipegr3c1z1NegotiableYesLead/FollowYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesgregoryrossallangmail.com417-4073(204)E-mailManitoba International Folk Dance Association; Village Green English Country Dancers11/15/2016 18:37:58
Judy GreenhillCanadaOntarioGuelphN1H 2Y3NegotiableYesYesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesjudyrelativeharmony.com763-2494(519)
E-mail, PhoneToronto, Rochester, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Morgantown, both English and contra.
I LOVE calling for weddings and other events for non-dancers, and sharing the joy of dance with them. Equally happy with more experienced dancers, too.
2/11/2020 22:19:14
Pippa HallCanadaOntarioKarsK0A 2E0NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoYesYesNoNoNoYesA littlepipandjohnxplornet.com489-0773(613)nonenoneE-mail, PhoneManotick United Church; Dickinson Historical Society; Terry McGovernnone
My main focus currently is on developing community connections within our own small community through dance. This is mainly volunteer driven, with a local band and me calling. The dances are mainly family-centred, building their skills slowly. I am not looking for gigs or wanting to tour.
11/14/2016 19:24:51
Emily AddisonCanadaOntarioOttawaK1Y2S9NegotiableYesNoNoNoNoA littleNoNoNoA littleNoEmilycdss.orgE-mailOttawa Contra Dance, Maberly Contra and Squares
I consider myself to be a novice caller. I'm not looking to get gigs by filling out this form. Rather, connect to community and potentially do a 1-2 dance guest spot somewhere if appropriate. I'm not yet calling family or one-off/wedding events but I'm definitely interest in those.
10/23/2019 12:37:37
Frank Francalanza CanadaOntarioOwen SoundN4k 5w4NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
NoA littleNoYesYesYesYesYesYesdancefranchotmail.com372-9151(519)
go to about page
E-mail, PhoneFiddlefern Country Dancers, TCD, Drumlin ContraQuébécois, Couples dance, and some Balfolk10/7/2019 21:44:23
Myra HirschbergCanadaOntarioPeterboroughK9J 4L5NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
YesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesmyradancingthread.ca367-6184(828)www.dancingthread.caE-mail, PhoneOld Farmers Ball (Asheville) Glen Echo (DC) Kathy Anderson, Ron Buchanon
Also very experienced in couples dance workshops (cajun, zydeco, hambo, others)11/9/2016 11:17:26
Tom CalwellCanadaOntarioPeterboroughK9J 4L5NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesinfodancingthread.ca367-6184(828)www.dancingthread.caE-mailGlen Echo Sunday contra, Asheville OFB English and contra, Toronto Contra and English
11/3/2016 23:00:29
Drew DelawareCanadaOntarioTorontoL6V 4M6NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven or Robin
E-mail, Web pageToronto Contra Dance, and several virtual organizers across North America
An incredible sense of joy is what brought me to contra dance. When the music is in full swing, and the dance floor is in motion, I grin ear to ear. I can’t help myself.

It’s an honor to share that unbridled joy with others as a contra dance caller. I am grateful for the incredible support, from my mentors George Marshall and Judy Greenhill, to those near and far who are inviting me to their dances.

I travel extensively throughout North America. Ask me when I’m coming to a location near you.

In 2020, I am donating 100% of any calling fees. I support CDSS and causes that help our community musicians, or I am happy to work with a community charity of your choice.
8/23/2020 20:53:49
Craig "Red" SaundersCanadaOntarioTorontoM4C 3H2NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleNoA littlesaunderseditorhotmail.com576-7316(416)
E-mailToronto Contra Dancers, Fiddlefern Country Dancers[0]=68.ARAcwvvT9v6_P30pjxtRDFiRLw9X2JLKT4j0cA-Wt4c9Pp0J7e0SPSpHSPmnDTWNobIo7FcRmjw3coNjTwUNdhsVTM0RkRk93nTtyaqjoLdH2BL120tD_lg1HJ3BwnAtaW1lshU0OdmvGfiFAH30rZ9jVg-r5s1D4_pmN1MWuYQoSUBDT1ipa1vlif1qGvsOwyjDMqxWqBp4yRu7UUx5oB4-kohsmR2s0g4Uwt3CXuHyrbzZxlUthV5hsz8kf0xf6FpsOMZ9wwy6fcoPdGoUTlt0UxNpQTyJru6pESlz71dre5_PGMyGw3MRGS6_iD9Bki3PYqvCjNpNwh_FsGBX5wirUNnC39hB7AijTkr9&__tn__=CH-R
Newer caller and organizer of a monthly community dance in Toronto1/30/2019 15:35:41
Bev BernbaumCanadaOntarioTorontoM5V 3N8NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
YesA littleA littleYesYesYesYesWturnipsympatico.ca458-0586(416)FBE-mailToronto Contra Dances, other references available on request. Google me. Thank you for considering me :-)1/16/2019 17:21:33
Franck MarynowerFrance- OtherParis75000NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
A littleNoNoNoYesNoNoA 783126806
Facebook : Paris Contra Dance
E-mail, Social MediaParis Contra DanceI call in French (native speaker) or in English (fluent)5/7/2017 11:29:48
Charlie TurnerUnited KingdomCambridgeCB4NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
A littleNoNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYescharlotteturnergmail.comE-mailBay Area (California) contra community, Charley Roberts in UK, many more1/16/2019 15:45:32
Jane EwingUnited StatesAlabama
Grant(near Huntsville)
35747180 miles / 300 kmYes1's & 2'sYesYesYesA littleYesYescontradancecharter.net558-3324(256)FB-no text to phoneE-mail, PhoneKathy Anderson, Susan Kevra, Lisa Greenleaf, email for possibility of some in your area.
I would be happy to forward a resume which will include much more info. I have traveled across US several times calling dances along the way.
10/26/2016 10:10:58
Michael BarracloughUnited StatesArizonaPhoenix85022NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYesmichael
E-mailGlen Echo Friday night dance, Sidmouth Folk Festival, Catie Geist (FL), Sharon Green (CA), Ron & Linda Nieman (AZ), see where I have called on my website
48 years calling and still going strong1/29/2017 16:03:21
Harold WatsonUnited StatesArkansasLowell72745NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
A littleYesNoA littleYesA littleA littleA littleYesYeshewatson03gmail.com756-3298(479)E-mailArkansas Country Dance Society, Fayetteville Traditional Dance Society4/11/2019 12:08:18
Carl BallouUnited StatesArkansasRogers72756180 miles / 300 kmYes
Willing to use community terms
E-mail, PhoneFamily Barn Dances
Specializing in programs for groups with little or no dance experience7/27/2018 4:30:48
Andy ShoreUnited StatesCaliforniaAptos95003NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
NoNoYesChallengeA littleNoA littleYesYesYesA littlecallingandyshore.com345-7989(831)
E-mailBACDS (SF Bay Area) Alan Winston, Chris Knepper, Claire Takimori ; MCDC (Monterey) Catherine Couglin, Elizabeth Todd ; Queer Contra (Oakland) Margaret Pigman, Mark Galipeau ; SBCDS (Santa Barbara) Simon Kiefer, Victor Garza ; LCFD, BIDA (Boston Area) Chris Ricciotti, Andy Tannenbaum
12/15/2016 17:05:53
Robin FischerUnited StatesCaliforniaBerkeley94704NegotiableNo
Willing to use community terms
E-mailFirst and Third Friday Oakland Square Dances, San Francisco Fourth Friday Square Dance, family dances at Ashkenaz (Berkeley), Bay Area Semi Secret Square Dance Society, and calling square dances at various old time/bluegrass festivals around California (Los Angeles Old Time Social, Parkfield Bluegrass Festival, BOTMC, etc)
Caller, old time fiddler, dancer, and instigator enthusiastic about all parts of traditional square dancing. Love calling wherever there is live music, whether its at a bar, grange hall, wedding, festival, family dance, house, or parking lot.
2/17/2017 20:43:50
Celia RamsayUnited StatesCaliforniaBerkeley94708NegotiableYesNoNoNoNoYesNoYesYesYesYesceliaramsaygmail.com337-0498(707)
facebookE-mailSF Bay area dances (from Ukiah to Monterey) via,, VOM Fiddle Camp (scroll down)
I also call easy Scottish ceilidh dances.9/13/2018 17:39:22
Yoyo ZhouUnited StatesCaliforniaBerkeley94709NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Lead/Follow
A littleYesNoA littleA littleYesYesA littleA littleA littleyozhovgmail.com501-0275(703) 14:23:13
Claire TakemoriUnited StatesCaliforniaCampbell95008NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, non gendered dances
YesA littleNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesclairedancecallergmail.com874-6840(408)
E-mail, Phone, Social Media, Yoyo Zhou, Jacqui Grennan, Nils Fredland I call for all ages & am great with kids/families. 2/21/2019 14:19:52
Jeffrey SperoUnited StatesCaliforniaCulver City90232NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoA littleNoA littleYesYesA littleA littlemailjeffreyspero.com266-7692(310) contradancer, or contradance producer in the Los Angeles area would know me as a caller.
I've been calling and composing dances in Los Angeles since the early 90's. And yes, I'm the same guy that plays piano in the Syncopaths and The Rhythm Raptors.
2/13/2017 0:49:29
Kelsey HartmanUnited StatesCaliforniaHayward94545NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
A littleNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYeskelseyannehartmangmail.com816-7225(510)
Facebook: Kelsey Hartman
E-mail, PhoneSusan Stratton/Sacramento, Chris Knepper/San Francisco, Mark Gallipeau/North Bay, Chris Page/San Diego, Lisa Frankel/Grass Valley, Erik Weberg/Portland
I have taught workshops at weekends that include waltz (learn both roles), joyful play without creating chaos, Meanwhile Figures, Making Twirly Skirts for Dancing.
10/25/2016 11:02:05
Jacqui GrennanUnited StatesCaliforniaLos Angeles90066NegotiableYes
Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleA littleA
E-mailCalifornia Dance Co-op, Santa Barbara CDS; Amherst, MA; Concord Scout House, MA (Monday); Jeffrey Spero, musician; Claire Takemori, organizer; Kelli Butler, organizer.
1/16/2019 13:55:24
Jean GorrindoUnited StatesCaliforniaLos Osos93402NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
NoNoNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYesjgorrindocharter.net550-5647(805)jeangorrindo.comFacebookE-mailPenelope Weinberger (Glen Echo), Stuart Kenney (Greenfield, MA), Simon Keifer (Santa Barbara), Chris Knepper (San Francisco), Frannie Marr (Pasadena), Linda Leslie (caller), Lisa Greenleaf (caller), Bob Isaacs (caller), Will Mentor (caller), Nils Fredland (caller), George Marshall (caller)
Search for Jean Gorrindo on YouTube - there are several
I love calling, traveling, and meeting new friends in the many wonderful contra dance communities around the US. It brings me great joy to present beautiful choreography that compliments the music, creating magical moments on the dance floor.
2/2/2017 12:52:32
Nick CucciaUnited StatesCaliforniaMerced95340NegotiableYes
YesYesYesNoYesYesYescucciamosswood-audio.com722-7836(209)FacebookE-mailContras: Sonora, Monterey, San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, Ukiah, Reno, SF Queer Contra, Oakland/Berkeley Circle Left. ECD: San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Roseville.
CDSS/CALLERLAB/Lloyd Shaw Foundation/Gay Callers Association member (insured through CALLERLAB), ASCAP/BMI licensed. I also provide dance sound for dances and special events (LCFD/SF Queer Contra Dance Camp, BACDS Family Week, BACDS Fall Frolick, TDOGS Twelve-Hour Twirl, BACDS Playford Ball, Sacramento Echo Summit, BACDS English Week). Comfortable with both "traditional" (ladies/gents/boys/girls) and "alternative" (armbands/barearms/larks/ravens) role nomenclatures. MWSD programs: Basic/Mainstream/Plus.
10/22/2016 19:11:31
Erik HoffmanUnited StatesCaliforniaOakland94606NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lead/Follow
A littleNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYeserikerikhoffman.com410-0456(510)www.erikhoffman.comfacebookE-mail, PhoneKelsey Hartman, Claire Takemori, Brad Foster, Yoyo Zhou, Charlie Turner, Jacqui Grennan, Jean Gorrindo, Robin Fischer, Bruce Hamilton, Alan Winston, Chris Page, Erik Black, Andy Shore, Tina Fields, Kalia Kliban, Greg Frock, Cammy Kaynor, George Marshall, Bob Dalsemer, Beth Molaro, more...
4/11/2019 11:55:28
John RogersUnited StatesCaliforniaPasadena91016NegotiableYesNoNoNoA littleYesA littleYesYesjoda.rogersgmail.com833-2737(626)E-mailNed Boyer, Jeremy Korr, Patty McCollom, Jacqui Grennan, Steve Lewis, Frannie Marr, Susan Michaels, Jeff Spero, Lynn Ackerson10/22/2016 18:53:40
Jeremy KorrUnited StatesCalifornia
Rancho Cucamonga
Willing to use community terms
A littleNoNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNojeremykorrhotmail.comFacebookE-mailNEFFA, Dancing Fool, May Madness, Lisa Greenleaf, Frannie Marr, Seth Tepfer
2/22/2017 17:23:29
Alan WinstonUnited StatesCalifornia
Redwood City (SF Bay Area)
Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
YesA littleNoA littleA littleYesYesYesYesAWinstonDancegmail.com380-0336(650)FacebookE-mailContra: NEFFA, Seattle (Lake City), Coos Bay (OR), Ukiah, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Berkeley, Oakland (Queer Contra; also at Queer Contra weekend), San Francisco (regular contra and Free Folk Festival), Palo Alto, San Jose, Monterey. English: Seattle (English Ball), Heather & Rose (Suttle Lake weekend, Ashland), Mendocino, Sebastopol, Berkeley, San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose; lead Civil War dancing for National Civil War Association, Regency for Bay Area English Regency Society, assorted science fiction conventions.
I do a good job with beginners and mixed crowds as well as dances for dance hobbyists; enjoy calling at weddings and parties. I can teach waltz workshops, give survival waltz/polka/schottische lessons, etc.
10/24/2016 0:19:41
Chris PageUnited StatesCaliforniaSan Diego92130NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleA littleA littleYesYesA littleA littlechriscpagegmail.com450-4395(858)
E-mailSan Diego, Los Angeles
11/1/2016 20:53:23
Frannie MarrUnited StatesCalifornia
San Diego/Los Angeles
Willing to use community terms
A littleNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYescallerfranniegmail.comhttp://franniemarr.comE-mail, Web pageKelli Butler-Harvest Moon, Simon Keifer-SBCDS, Meg Wilkinson-Dancing Fool, Chris Page-San Diego Contra, Linda Prince-TFOOTD, Erik Erhardt-NM FolkMADS
Numerous on Youtube. Also on my web page
10/23/2016 22:55:33
Renee CamusUnited StatesCaliforniaSan Fernando91340NegotiableA little
Willing to use community terms
YesA littleA littleA littleA littleA littleYesYesYescamusr6gmail.com381-2376(240)
Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn...
E-mail, PhoneCulver City English Country Dance, Historical Tea & Dance Society
(I have some videos of me calling but they're not available online yet.)
I also teach Victorian and Ragtime social dance. 9/22/2018 14:18:09
Eric BlackUnited StatesCalifornia
San Francisco area
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
A littleNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesericeric-black.com747-0786(650)http://eric-black.comE-mailManyseveral on YouTubeCalling since 1982 all over this country and in several others10/24/2016 23:55:58
Bob EllingUnited StatesCaliforniaSan Leandro94578NegotiableA little
Willing to use community terms
NoNoYesAdvanceA littleYesNoYesYesYesYesbob.ellinggmail.com278-8621(510)Riverboat.comE-mailCallerlab, SDCANC, SCVCallers Association, Riverboat Records, ESP Records, Silver Sounds Records, CAMA, Skirts & Flirts (Oakdale), Swinging 21ers (Fremont), Star Eights (San Jose), Mitchel Osawa (Japan)11/18/2016 14:28:29
Gary ShapiroUnited StatesCaliforniaSanta Barbara93110NegotiableA little
Willing to use community terms
E-mail5/23/2018 13:21:34
Kalia KlibanUnited StatesCaliforniaSebastopol95472NegotiableYes
Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Let's talk about what your community prefers.
707-483-5758 cell, 707-829-3478 home
If I'm on the road it may take me a few days to respond to emails, but I look forward to hearing from you!
9/12/2018 19:34:49
Patricia (Pat) DanscenUnited StatesColoradoArvada80002NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoYesYesA littleYesYesYesYespdanscengmail.com827-5828(303)E-mail, PhoneLarry Edelman, Bill Olsen, Denise Johnson, Mary Isaac, Fort Collins, CO9/10/2019 20:40:21
Tina FieldsUnited StatesColoradoBoulder80303NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
A littleNoNoA littleYesA littleYesYesYesYestfields8yahoo.com483-9511(707)
Facebook, LinkedInE-mail, PhoneCFootMad (CO); NBCDS, BACDS (CA).
I see my job as caller and songleader as fomenting maximum joy for all.10/31/2018 23:30:39
Christa TorrensUnited StatesColoradoBoulder80305NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
NoNoNoA littleYesA littleYesYesYesYestorrens_cyahoo.com546-0787(406)E-mail, PhoneCFOOTMAD, FOTD (CO Front Range) dance organizers (Duffy Boyle, Teri Rasmussen, Paul Somlo, Viki Lawrence, Betsy Keith, Peter Johnson, Sam Smith); CalDanceCoop (Frannie Marr, Anton Nixon, Beata Ponder, Dan Vilter); Jeff Spero (musician, caller); Jacqui Grennan (caller, former organizer); Chris Page (San Diego); Simon Kiefer (Santa Barbara); Jean Gorrindo (SLO); Claire Takemori (San Pedro); Missoula Folklore Society (Vicki Watson, Roy Curet)1/16/2019 16:39:49
Peter JohnsonUnited StatesColoradoDenver80207180 miles / 300 kmYes
Willing to use community terms, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYespetrcontragmail.com864-7660(802)E-mailJason Storer of Queen City Contras (Burlington, VT), Luke Donforth of Mad Robin Callers Collective, Riley Geistman of CFOODMAD (Colorado)
10/27/2016 21:56:39
Wendy Graham SettleUnited StatesColoradoDurango81301NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms
YesA littleNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesPerkyPantsDancegmail.com903-9402(970)
E-mail, PhoneNew Mexico Folkmads, Cis Hinkle, Nils Fredland,
google "Ann Arbor Wendy Graham Calling"
2/12/2017 17:28:00
Neal SchleinUnited StatesColoradoFort Collins80537NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
A littleA littleYes
YesYesA littleYesYesYesYesnschleingmail.com227-2591(970)E-mail, PhoneTucson Friends of Traditional Dance, Peg Hesley, Chris Kermiet, John Bradford5/24/2018 19:53:35
Patricia Campbell United StatesConnecticutNewtown 06470NegotiableA little
Willing to use community terms, Sometimes use my own terms
A littleA littleNoYesYesNoNoYesYesCountrydancecallergmail.com364-4554(203)
FB - Patricia Campbell, Dance Caller
E-mailCarol and John Mazza, Bob Livingston, David Millstone
My focus is community dances and 18th century dances10/22/2016 22:41:05
Allan BrozekUnited StatesConnecticutOxford06478NegotiableYesNoNoYesPlusYesYesA littleA littleNoNoYesafbrozeksnet.net888-5049(203)E-mail5/10/2017 22:19:28
Richard SbardellaUnited StatesConnecticut
Stafford Springs, CT
Willing to use community terms
Facebook Rich Sbardella Dance Caller
E-mailHartford CT Contra Dance (HCD), New Haven Contra Dance
2/1/2017 15:23:03
JoLaine Jones-PokorneyUnited StatesFloridaGainesville32653NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
NoNoNoA littleYesA littleYesYesYesYesjolainegmail.com871-0948(352)
E-mail, Phone, Web page, Social Media
Warren Doyle, Beth Molaro, Seth Tepfer, Gaye Fifer, ask for other references
2/12/2017 13:37:26
Alice RaibournUnited StatesFloridaOviedo32765NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
A littleNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYesYescontradansoutlook.com970-7604(407)contradans.comFacebookE-mailSteve Chesson,, books Gainesville, FL dance
Jere Proctor,, books Coca Beach, FL dance
3rd generation caller, calling since 19926/14/2020 10:52:34
Roni WienerUnited StatesFloridaSarasota34232NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Positional
NoNoNoNoA littleA littleA littleYesYesA littleshirak44gmail.com18138439629
PhoneDances: All local Florida dances (especially Pinellas Park and Gainesville), Glen Echo, Summer Soiree, GODS weekend, CDH. Organizers and callers: Will Mentor, Terry Doyle, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney, Penelope Weinberger, Dana Parkinson.
I also teach workshops and facilitate community conversations about gender-free dancing, safety, and community building.
1/3/2020 22:06:41
Dana ParkinsonUnited StatesFloridaSt. Petersburg33713500 miles / 800 kmYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
NoNoNoA littleA littleYesYesYesYesYesdanaparkinson7gmail.com293-1443(813)
E-mail, Phone11/1/2018 19:29:27
Vicki MorrisonUnited StatesFloridaTallahassee32311180 miles / 300 kmYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoA littleA littleA littleNoYesA littleA littleA littletallygal007yahoo.com868-6280(850)
Vicki Morrison Contra Dance Caller
E-mail, Social MediaJoLaine Jones Pokorney, Joey Norton, Susie Rudder, Richard HopkinsSee my FB page2/4/2017 13:51:32
Cis HinkleUnited StatesGeorgiaAtlanta30307NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
E-mail4/11/2019 14:56:28
Joseph Erhard-HudsonUnited StatesIdahoMoscow83843NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoNoA littleNoA littleA littleYesYesjosephatthecoopgmail.com330-0236(509)E-mailPalouse Folklore Society, Spokane Folklore Society1/21/2020 21:06:27
Reid MillerUnited StatesIowaAmes50010NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lead/Follow
A littleA littleYesYesYesYesYesYesYesreidmillershowgmail.com852-4524(608)
Reid Miller Art
E-mail, Phone, Web page, Social Media
Jennifer Hamilton, Nikki Herbst, Bill Deutsch, Linda Rex, Grinnell Contra Dance Club, Lonna Nachtigal, Roger AlexanderI'll be updating this information with a link to a video asap. Thank you.2/21/2017 0:21:19
Joe WilkieUnited StatesKentuckyBerea40403NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleA littleNoYesYesYesYesjoewilkiewindstream.net314-3502(859)E-mailNicholas Rockstroh (Louisville Kentucky), Sune Fredericksen (Hands Four Dance Weekend, Berea Kentucky)
11/12/2016 17:39:12
Chet GrayUnited StatesKentuckyLouisville40206500 miles / 800 kmYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lark/Robin, *not* Lead/Follow
NoNoNoYesA littleYesNoYesYesYeschetgray+callinggmail.com419-7008(502)
E-mail, Social MediaLouisville Country Dancers (contra); Louisville Old Time Squares Association (trad square); Northside Squares (Cincinnati, trad square); T-Claw (Elkins, WV); Matt Turino (Urbana, IL); Bob Green (St. Louis); Susan Kevra (Nashville, TN)
I cut my teeth in the traditional square revival, organizing monthly community square dances for several years. I've an accessible square repertoire rooted in southern Appalachian and Kentucky figures, with additions from the early western and New England canon, all tied together with neo-traditional sensibility. The "modern urban contra" is my more regular scene these days, though I'm always ready to throw in a square or triplet or set mixer if the crowd is feeling it. At one-night-stands I've convinced the stubbornest chair-sitter to have a good time on the dance floor and the most belligerant drunk to remove their bottle from it. Barn dances are my jam to call just as much as calling for diehard "advanced" dancers who don't need a walkthrough.
12/1/2019 14:28:10
Nicholas RockstrohUnited StatesKentuckyLouisville40245NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleNoA littleNoA littleA littleNonicholasrockstrohgmail.com418-4242(502)FacebookE-mailLouisville Country Dancers, Lexington Traditional Dance Association, Indy Contra5/23/2018 21:31:42
Tavi MerrillUnited StatesMaineBangor04401NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleA littleA littleYesA littleYesA
E-mailBangor, ME; Tucson and Phoenix, AZ; JP Gender Free; BIDA; Concord Scout House Monday; Brooklyn, NY
1/20/2019 12:45:49
Patricia (Pat) DanscenUnited StatesMaineCamden04843NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesYesA littleYesYesYesYespdanscengmail.com827-5828(303)E-mail, PhoneBill Olsen, Pam Weeks, Maggie Robinson, Mary Isaac9/10/2019 20:36:17
Shari ShaktiUnited StatesMaineGorham04038NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleYesNoYesYesYesYesarmswideopen1gmail.com209-4425(207)FacebookE-mail, PhoneDugan Murphy & Dela Murphy (Portland Intown Contra Dance), Trenton, ME, Topsham, ME (Maggie Robinson), Kingston, NH, Newfields, NH, Concord, NH, Deerfield, NH, Concord, ME (Sue Rosen & Lisa Greenleaf), Norway, ME, Mystic, CT.
I've been lucky enough to be a part of Dugan Murphy's calling 101 & 102 classes. Having the opportunity to learn & grow with such experienced support has moved me forward much more quickly and with lots of resources too!
5/24/2018 15:12:14
Dela MurphyUnited StatesMainePortland04101NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lead/Follow, Willing to call to community preference
NoNoNoA littleYesNoYesYesYesYesDeladelahere.com807-0081(207)
E-mailDugan Murphy, Portland Intown Contra Dance, Many organizers in ME, MA, VT, etc. (Email for more references)
10/10/2018 14:08:04
Dugan MurphyUnited StatesMainePortland04101NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lead/Follow
NoNoNoA littleA littleYesYesYesNoduganduganmurphy.com776-5050(207)
E-mailEveryone in Maine; Will Loving; Lisa Greenleaf; Stuart Kenney; Will Mentor; Flurry; Warren Doyle; Adam Broome; Mary Wesley; other folks in Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Boston, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, Toronto, Ottawa, Glen Echo; lots of other folks in other places mostly in the Northeast and Midwest
I also organize a weekly Thursday night contra dance series in Portland, Maine:
10/24/2016 20:49:48
Allison Aldrich SmithUnited StatesMaineSteuben04680NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleYesNoYesYesYesYeshuntandallisongmail.com598-6398(207)www.huntandallison.netHunt and AllisonE-mailLisa Sieverts, Carol Compton, Mary Jones, Monadnock Folklore Society10/28/2016 7:05:41
Bill OlsonUnited StatesMaine04287NegotiableYes
Armbands/Bare Arms
E-maillisting close to far: Festivals/weekends: DownEast Country Dance Fest (DEFFA); NEFFA; Folk Project, NJ; River Rendezvous, OH; Winter Warmup, OH; Vernal's Equinox, FL; Stellar Days and Nights, CO; Monte Toyon, CA. Regular dances: all Maine; Montpelier, VT; NEFFA Concord dance; Princeton, NJ; Rochester, NY; LITMA, CDNY; Pittsburg, PA; Philadelphia, PA; FSGW; Triangle, NC; Old Farmers Ball, Grey eagle, NC; Harvest Moon, SC; Chatahoochie, GA; Lake City, WA; BACDS, CA; NBCDS, CA.
In addition to "contra dances", I do a lot of family dances and one night stands, weddings, etc.. I also play and call with 3 bands so am conveniently available to supply caller plus band for any of the above.
10/26/2016 10:08:30
April BlumUnited StatesMarylandAdelphi20783180 miles / 300 kmYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleYesA littleA littleYesYesaprilgblumgmail.com422-0292(301)Facebook E-mailZeke's Fancy, Glen Echo Several on YouTube I organize two dance weekends. 10/22/2016 20:21:24
Ann FallonUnited StatesMarylandAnnapolis21401NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesaefallonverizon.net507-0934(410)FacebookE-mail, PhoneDance organizers in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, and Pennsylvania8/14/2018 16:08:57
Jason Little United StatesMarylandCalifornia 20619NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Lead/Follow
NoNoNoYesA littleYesNoYesYesjglittle42gmail.com610-8036(410)E-mail, PhoneSouthern Maryland Traditional Music and DanceNew to calling, specializing in new/ beginner dances and intermediate dances7/1/2019 21:59:41
Susan TaylorUnited StatesMarylandGreenbelt20770NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Right and Left
YesA littleNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYessusansusantaylor.info982-1107(301)susantaylor.infoE-mailKathy Talvite (Philly), BFMW (B-more), FSGW (DC), Fae Fuerst (Ann Arbor, MI), Rich Goss (Portland, OR), Lisa Greenleaf/NEFFA (Boston), tons more, please ask
I'd be happy to send you a video, but I think that doesn't really show the teaching, which is what calling is REALLY all about. I also call harmony singing squares with Janine Smith. Thanks!
6/8/2019 10:50:11
Greg FrockUnited StatesMarylandOdenton21113NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven, Lead/Follow
A littleNoNoA littleYesYesYesYesA littleA littlegregfrockgmail.com409-8918(410)Gregory FrockE-mail, Social MediaToo numerous to mention. Ask me for references near you.
I have been calling contras since 1992.9/8/2017 1:44:02
Jacob BloomUnited StatesMassachusettsArlington02476180 miles / 300 kmYes
Willing to use community terms
E-mail, PhoneMIT Folk Dance Club, Montague Gender Free, Wayside Inn Steppers
I've been calling for 40 years, and delight in getting people dancing.10/23/2016 20:59:03
Tony ParkesUnited StatesMassachusettsBedford01730NegotiableYes
Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
NoNoNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYestonyhands4.com670-9333(978)hands4.comE-mail, PhoneCDSS, NEFFA, BACDS; references on request
Calling since 1964. Specialties: New England squares and contras; "transitional" (pre-MWSD) all-moving squares of the 1950s; "chestnut" contras, Lancers and other elegant dances; parties for non-dancers.
6/7/2018 15:43:17
George MarshallUnited StatesMassachusettsBelchertown01007NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lead/Follow
A littleA littleNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYesgeorgewildasparagus.com575-6283(413)
E-mail, PhoneAlmost everybody :)
10/27/2016 23:07:41
Bob PetersonUnited StatesMassachusettsBillerica01821NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
E-mailChris Ricciotti, Sue Rosen, Paul Lizotte, Rainbow Contra Dance (western MA), 4th Saturday Cape (Wareham MA), Roaring Jelly, CotuitSpecializing in lively DJ mixing and calling (techno, pop, Bollywood, musicals)7/17/2019 9:09:47
Dereck KalishUnited StatesMassachusettsBoston02215NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven
A littleNoNoA littleA littleYesYesYesA littledereckkalishgmail.com233-3005(617)
E-mail, PhoneNEFFA, NEFFA Thursday Contras Concord Ma, Greenfield Ma., NH, CT, NY
I also can provide full professional sound for just about any size venue 40 to 400 people
5/23/2018 11:55:03
Andrew StoutUnited StatesMassachusettsCambridge02140NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoNoNoA littleA littleA littleA littleandrewandrewstout.net695-3814(413)E-mailBIDA, Warren Doyle, Rick Mohr10/23/2016 22:14:28
Daniel FriedmanUnited StatesMassachusettsCambridge02139NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven or Robin
A littleNoNoA littleA littleA littleA littleA littleA littleNocornrigsgmail.com545-5252(617)E-mail, PhoneSue Rosen; BIDA; Monday Contras at the Scout House2/20/2020 20:23:55
Liz NelsonUnited StatesMassachusettsGreenfield01301NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven or Robin
NoNoNoNoYesYesA littleA littleYesYesliz4nelsongmail.com949-2869(860)
E-mail, Social MediaDowntown Amherst Contra Dance, Friends of Greenfield Dance, David Kaynor, Alex D-L, Ron Blechner, Nancy Worthen, Bob Isaacs, Lisa Greenleaf3/1/2020 20:45:23
Alex CummingUnited StatesMassachusettsMedford02155500 miles / 800 kmYes
Willing to use community terms, Lead/Follow
YesA littleA littleA littleYesA littleYesYesYesalexcummingmusicgmail.com917-4494(617)
E-mail, Phone, Web page, Social Media
I call English Ceilidh 11/16/2016 16:21:35
Cammy KaynorUnited StatesMassachusettsMelrose02176NegotiableYes
Often call for dances without mixture of genders for which I use non-gender language but not a tried and true gender-free caller
YesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYescammydancegmail.com665-3835(781)manystrings6.comg campbell kaynorE-mail
6/20/2017 23:20:44
Ron T BlechnerUnited StatesMassachusettsNorthampton01060NegotiableYes
Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleNoYesA littleA littleYesContrarongmail.comAsk
Ron T Blechner, Dance Caller
E-mail, PhoneAll over New England, Hudson River Valley, NYC, NJ, eastern PA, Baltimore, Glen EchoOn my website.I promote welcoming, fun, safe, and friendly dancing.10/26/2016 22:43:31
Dave EisenstadterUnited StatesMassachusettsNorthampton 01060NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
A littleNoNoA 762-1273(603)FacebookE-mail, PhonePlease ask for references
Love dancing; love calling! 2/1/2017 22:06:54
John B. FreemanUnited StatesMassachusettsOak Bluffs02557NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoYesYesA littleA littleYesYesjohnfreemaol.com904-4689(734)E-mailAACTMAD Woods Hole Contra Dance
I have been calling for over 30 years in Michigan and Massachusetts. I also play children's music.
10/22/2016 20:10:25
Angela DeCarlisUnited StatesMassachusettsSomerville02144NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby
NoNoNoA littleNoYesA littleA littleYesA littleaedecarlisgmail.com514-9889(352)
E-mail, PhoneBIDA; NEFFA Thursdays; JP Genderfree; Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society; Mt. Airy Thursday Contras; Princeton; Queen City Contra (VT); Greenfield Guiding Star Grange
I don't have a car, but am widely available to rendezvous with bands for extended tours and am much more able to travel in general if the band is Boston-located, as well. I spend my holidays (Christmas-New Years) in Gainesville Florida, and call for their community several times a year.
11/16/2016 12:44:14
Dan PearlUnited StatesMassachusettsSouthborough01772NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesA littleNoYesYesA littleYesYesYesdaniel_pearlyahoo.com229-2854(508)E-mailMany organizations across the US, most concentrated in Northeast US
Many available via Youtube search
10/24/2016 16:09:15
Yaron ShragaiUnited StatesMassachusettsWaltham02451NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoA littleNoYesYesYesYesYesyaron.shragmail.com308-2522(508)E-mail4/11/2019 17:14:43
Megan WilsonUnited StatesMichiganAnn Arbor48104NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lead/Follow
YesA littleNoA littleA littleYesYesYesYesYesmeganxwilsongmail.com373-9713(857)E-mailI call for AACTMAD (Michigan) and Scissortail (Oklahoma) regularly and have also called for FCSH (London, England). (English); (contra)
9/12/2018 20:29:42
Rick SzumskiUnited StatesMichiganAnn Arbor48108NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
NoNoNoNoYesNoYesYesYesNorszumski.migmail.com677-0212(734)E-mail, PhoneRay Bantle, Gaye Fifer, Megan Wilson, Glen Morningstar4/12/2019 8:02:47
Sue RobishawUnited StatesMichiganCooks49817180 miles / 300 kmA little
Willing to use community terms
NoYesNoNoYesNoYesA littleYesYessuemanytracks.com644-2598(906)www.ManyTracks.comE-mail, PhoneInterested mainly in calling in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or close by.12/6/2016 20:17:20
Karen DunnamUnited StatesMichiganGrand Rapids49505NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoYesYesNoA littleA littleYesYeskarendunnamgmail.com304-8306(616)karencontracaller.comE-mail
Historic re-enactments, family events, recordings or live music2/17/2017 23:47:43
Boo Radley (Brad Baughman)
United StatesMichiganKalamazoo49001NegotiableA little
Willing to use community terms, Lark/Raven
NoNoYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYeswbbaughmangmail.com235-5440(269)n/aE-mailSquare Dance Kalamazoo, Mike Clark, Laurie Pietravelle, Brad Kolodner (Baltimore Square Dance), South Bend Contra
email for audio samples!
High enthusiasm calls, specializing in newbies and parties.10/14/2017 15:10:19
Jim McKinneyUnited StatesMichiganNear Ann Arbor48174NegotiableA littleNoNoNoA littleYesNoNoNoYesYesStringtetcharter.net355-8199(734)
E-mail, PhoneThe folks at AACTMAD
Comfortable with beginners, live bands & recorded music11/15/2016 11:41:54
Robin McGalliard NelsonUnited StatesMinnesotaMinneapolis55414NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
A littleA littleNoYesYesA littleA littleA littleYesYesmcgnelsonaol.com378-7578(612)
FacebookE-mailTapestry Folkdance Center, David Kirchner, Beau Farmer, Ted Hodapp, Ann Carter, Sue Hulsether, Susan Michaels,
Robin delights in calling for dancers of all ages and abilities in many genres: contras, singing squares and traditional squares, and community dancing!
3/17/2018 13:07:36
Jim ThaxterUnited StatesMissouriColumbia65203NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesA littleNoYesYesNoYesNoYesYesJathaxter47gmail.com874-2792(573)E-mail, PhoneMid-Missouri Traditional Dancers, Childgrove Dancers, Lawrence Barn Dance, Kansas City Cross Currents dance11/15/2016 12:06:49
Jerome GrisantiUnited StatesMissouriMaryville64468500 miles / 800 kmYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Jet/Ruby
E-mail, PhoneLawrence KS, Louisville KY, St. Louis, MO, Columbia, MO; Jill Allen, Martha Edwards,
I enjoy leading family dances, weddings, and reunions as well as dedicated dance events. My goal is to be warm and inviting as a host, and to have your face hurt from smiling so much.
10/25/2016 0:12:08
Allison JonjakUnited StatesMissouriSaint Louis63104NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Armbands/Bare Arms, Lark/Raven, Jet/Ruby, Lead/Follow
NoNoNoA littleYesA
E-mailBob Green / Childgrove, John & Kathy Coffman / Cape Girardeau MO, Second Wind String Band / Stone Lake (WI) Lions Club1/16/2019 13:46:42
Sarah KaiserUnited StatesMissouriSaint Louis63123NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Lead/Follow
YesNoNoA littleYesYesYesYesYesYesSarahkaiserstlgmail.com249-9129(314)
Facebook- Sarah Kaiser
E-mail, PhoneChildgrove, Chance Dance, Sugar Hill, Jan Jam, Fairfield, Cape Gireardeau2/1/2017 20:02:34
Deborah HylandUnited StatesMissouriSt. Louis63116500 miles / 800 kmYes
Willing to use community terms
A littleYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesdjeh_byahoo.com776-2763(314)
E-mailChildgrove Country Dancers, Urbana Country Dancers, Chicago Barn Dance Co.
Also able to call Civil War, Regency, and other historic and vintage dance10/25/2016 20:50:14
Bob GreenUnited StatesMissouriSt. Louis63141NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms
YesNoNoA littleYesYesA littleA littleYesYesbobgreenswbell.net662-4230(314)
5/11/2018 15:14:54
Bev YoungUnited StatesMontanaMissoula59802NegotiableYes
Willing to use community terms, Gender free dances that don't need terms!
YesNoNoYesYesYesA littleYesYesbyoungjavins.net542-0236(406)nonenoneE-mailMissoula Folklore Society, Bozeman Folklore, Helena Contra Dancers10/24/2016 18:00:59