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#1JongKeywarning: [character death]
[Orange AU (anime/manga]

Kibum, a highschool student, received a letter from his future self that asks him to prevent his future regrets which somewhat relates to a new transferee named Jonghyun. At first he did not believe the letter but he eventually does because it accurately predicts events that are happening.
PG-13 - PG-15
#2TaeKey[Vampire AU]
Key is a Vampire interested in his shy fellow classmember Taemin. Key accidently almost sucked Taemins blood once, because he forgot to eat. So Taemin is kind of scared now. How will Key tell him about his feelings ?
AnyVampires don't drink human blood, they are just attracted
#3OnHoonho have been together for a long while and have adopted two children, around the age of 4-5. minho was a natural right from the start, however jinki was slightly wary, not sure how to act in certain situations, but he tried his best. one day, when minho comes back from work, he sees jinki on the couch with the kids, both of them sitting on a knee each, asking questions and playingG, PG-13it would be nice if the children are two of the GIRLee girls, but can be whoever the writer chooses. also, minho watching jinki and the kids for a bit and getting this really really big smile, before announcing that he's homeangst, character death
#4OnKeyjinki can see souls of the dead, or sometimes even those in coma. kibum is in a coma, bc of an accident while travelling in seoul. kibum doesn't have his memories, so jinki helps him have them back. they fall in love. they travel to where kibum's body is, kibum wakes up. kibum doesn't remember jinki.anyn/an/an/a
#5OT5Minho had a hard time accepting he has four soulmates. Why couldn't he be like his brother? The guy had everything, a pretty girlfriend as his soulmate, a good job, lots of money... and the list went on. Every day he looked at the four different phrases on his wirst, trying to imagine just in what context could "Stay in your lane" be considered not rude as fuck.anyFluff and maybe some angst? But a happy ending pleaseNOT AUs, i really love this idea in a world in which they are still a group
#6MinKey [ AU ABO and COLLEGE ]
Kim Kibum's family was really surprised when he turned thirteen and revelled himself to be and alpha. Who could ever belive someone with such delicate features and omega-like habits would be an alpha?
Kibum, however, didn't care. He went on with his life normally, just glad he didnt have to pass through heats every couple of months.
Choi Minho was the pole opposite. But instead of accepting who he was, he chose to hide it, even from his own family. How could he ever tell them he was not a alpha as they believed? Just taking in a bunch of suppressant pills is much easier. That it, until his health starts getting shitty and his noisy roomate finds out about his secret. Kibum promised to keep it, but he didn't expect to fall for his best friend.
anypower bottom minho, dom minho if there is smut // jonghyun taemin and onew as their friends // minhos frist heat ever being super intense and due to not agreeing to ir frist, Key not helping him with it//no dubcon please, when minho goest into heat after stopping taking the pills, i wouldnt like key to participate if they dont agree to it before the heat starts
#7JongKeyThe ancient Red String of Fate is known to tie destined lovers together. Jonghyun wakes up one day to find a red string tied to him. Being the romantic that he is, he decides that, no matter who is on the other side of that string, he will dedicate his life to earning that person's heart. Unfortunately for him, Key does not believe in things such as destiny or soulmates, despite the undeniable presence of the red string. Will Jonghyun be able to capture Key's heart?NC-17/M2min as a side pairing, smut, hard to get Key
#8JongKeyJonghyun receives a mysterious box in the mail which contains a strange device that allows him to receive virtual company through a holographic image. After using the device, he soon falls in love with Key, the virtual companion, despite knowing that nothing will come out of this relationship. Key has held a longtime crush for Kim Jonghyun, always admiring him from a distance, but he can never muster up the courage to strike a conversation with him. His solution? Posing as a virtual companion to finally talk to Jonghyun! But what happens when Jonghyun learns that Key is, in fact, a real human and that the device was sent to him by Key himself?M/NC-17Smut, side 2min
Choi Minho is one of the most feared pirates of the land as he is ruthless and has a mysterious past no one knows about. After engaging in a fight against another pirate ship, he discovers a young boy, Lee Taemin, and decides to take him onboard as his companion for pure entertainment. After all, isn't breaking a boy the most fun? However, the more he talks to Taemin the more his heart flutters leading him to develop conflicting feelings which he can't seem to deal with.
MSide Jongkey, smut
Omega Kim Kibum has been waiting for this day since his birth. His parents, the leaders of his pack, have always groomed him as royalty and taught him that he will one day be married to the alpha of his dreams. Unfortunately, reality can sometimes be cruel. Kibum is given into marriage to the enemy pack in order to form a peaceful alliance and bond between both packs. Kibum's ego cannot take being practically sold off to the enemy! Moreover his new mate, alpha Kim Jonghyun, is a complete and utter arrogant jerk who lacks the sensibility of even attempting to woo Kibum. Jonghyun is an alpha who never believed he'd someday have Kibum, despite watching him from afar, he knows basically nothing of him and his attempts at being romantic always end up failing and coming out wrong. Will Jonghyun and Kibum ever be happy together?
NC-17/MKnotting, smut, 2min
Choi Minho is extremely lonely. It seems that his quiet and observant personality has led people to label him as cold and heartless. As he roams the streets of Seoul, he finds a seemingly new robot that has been strangely discarded by its previous master. While he never thought of owning one, Minho ends up picking the robot and taking it home. By design, these robots look and function exactly as human beings, designed to do anything their masters ask of them. However, the robot, Lee Taemin, seems to possess something that others do not: an ability to feel emotions and make their own choices. What will Minho do when he finds that he's in love with Taemin?
Msmut, side JongkeySad ending, open ending
where Kibum as Ji Euntak and Jonghyun as Kim Shin. Be creative!
pg13 to nc17Romance, fluff, (smut if possible). Happy ending, realistic drama and angst!Sad ending, major character death
#13JongKey[Side pairing of Goblin!au]
with Kibum as Kim Sun and Jonghyun as Wang Yo.
pg13 to nc17Drama, drama, drama! Romance! Fluff. Can be genderbender or no, it's fine. Smut if possible. A good amount of fluff and kisses and angst. Happy ending!Sad ending, major character death
#14JongKey(girl!Kibum) Where Kibum is a widower after her husband died in a car accident and she is left alone with her little son. She can't seem to open up to anyone else until a new neighbor comes and breaks down her walls.pg13 to nc17Closed up Kibum, gentle and patient Jonghyun. Kibum tries to resist the temptation of opening up to someone new but Jonghyun is too charming and her son seems to like Jonghyun a lot. Romance, fluff, slow build is fine, smut if possible, happy ending!Sad ending, major character death
#15JongKeyProfessor Jonghyun is new in the university and Kibum has fallen head over heels with him.nc17Agegap, romance, smut, fluff, sweet kisses, secret makeout in classes, gentleman Jonghyun, awkward and clumsy Kibum. Happy ending!Sad ending, major character death
#162minA middle schooler Minho took care of the neighbor toddle Taemin. Once he got to high school, he had to move away, leaving the kid Taemin alone crying for him. Years pass and he gets back to his town, a now successful businessman Minho gets a continuous love confession from the high schooler Taemin.nc17Agegap, cute and persistent Taemin, buffled Minho with the confession. Minho being dominant and gentle and mature, while Taemin being cute and all smileys. Romance, fluff, kisses, cuddles, smut! Happy ending!Sad ending, major character death
#172minwarning: [bullying]
(girl!Taemin) A nerdy girl Taemin is being bullied in the school by popular girls. One day, a new and handsome exchange student comes, which is ignored by Taemin. The new student (who is Minho) confesses to Taemin in the locker room in front of everyone. Taemin is flustered and she dumps his head with her thick dictionary.
nc17Shy and awkward taemin, charismatic minho. Them being childhood friends but Minho had to move out of the town and Taemin forgot him, well not for Minho as he loves her for those years back. Taemin running away everytime Minho approaches before finally she is swept off of her feet by his gentleness. Romance, smut, fluff, happy ending!Sad ending, major character death
#18OnKey[secret garden au]
where they wake up one day with their bodies switched. ^^
#19JongKey or JongYu[omegaverse!AU]
'A' is the first omega in his bloodline thats why his family always overprotected over him. Until one time when 'A' went playing outside his village without his family knowing, he meets 'B', a lone alpha who doesn't have any pack.
NC-17A's father is the pack leader / if it's Jongyu: Jonghyun is the bottom / if it's Jongkey: Kibum is the bottom
#20JongKeyKibum's family is the richest in the village and he have everything. But his parents forbid him to go outside because he have a weak immune system. One night, someone breaking into his room & want to steal from his house.anyKibum saying something like "just take it, i don't care"angst
Jonghyun tried to teach his Charmander new move yet he always failed & then Kibum with his Vulpix approach Jonghyun & help him to train his pokemon. Since then they are becoming close & inseparable duo.
anybottom!Jonghyun, top!Key
#22JongKeyJonghyun is a famous idol, everyone thought that he's dating a fellow artist but they don't know, once he's back to his home he always greeted by his lovely husband. He's secretly married with his childhood bestfriend, Kibum.Any
Lord Kim is the one in control of the entire city. Every man accounts to him. When Kim Kibum's parents' debts reach an exorbitant amount, Lord Kim sends his men to arrest Kibum's father. Of course, Kibum cannot allow this to happen as his parents are humble but hardworking people and, instead, makes a pact with Lord Kim to serve him as a slave. He exchanges his liberty for his parents' freedom. What Kibum doesn't know is that Kim Jonghyun's sexuality is not that of a heterosexual man. Just what will Lord Kim Jonghyun demand of Kibum?
M/NC-17Smut, side 2min, If possible give Kibum a strong personality since I'd prefer him not to be a weak character.
#24OnKeywarning: [identity crisis]
(inspired by J. M. Barrie's childhood, the author of Peter Pan)
Kibum had identity crisis because since he was 6 years old, his older brother (his mother's favourite) died in an accident and his mother believed he was responsible for his bro's death. This left his mother devastated, and Kibum tried to fill his bro's place in his mother's attentions, even wearing his bro's clothes, talking and behaving like him. His heart was hardened. There was no real love in him. his heart was hardened. There was no real love in him. His meeting with Jinki has changed his life.
#25OnKeyKibum broke up with Jinki because he thought Jinki was too nice to him. Jinki always treated him like princess, spoiled him. Kibum was a selfish who couldn't be thankful for having a boyfriend like Jinki. His best friend, Jjong, even called him idiot for letting go of a good guy like Jinki. Kibum said why don't you date him, and Jjong dated Jinki later (it was a pretend to help Jinki making Kibum jealous). Kibum realizes he did something stupid. He is jealous and wants Jinki back but he also doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Jjong.any
#26OnKeyJjong accidentally posted a selca of him with Onkey making out in the backgroundany
#27OT5, OnKey[SHINee as power rangers !AU]
(Onew-green ranger, Jjong-red ranger, Key-pink ranger, Minho-blue ranger, Taemin-yellow ranger). Manager hyung called them asking for their help because a monster attacked SM building. The monster took their sunbaes, hoobaes, and even lee Sooman as hostages.
anyKibum wondered why he was the one wearing a skirt. Please includes many Onkey moments.
#28OnKeywarning: [multiple personalities]
(inspired by Juanita Maxwell's case and Korean drama "Kill me Heal me")
Jinki was arrested because of murder case. He claimed he had no idea what happened. While awaiting trial, Jinki saw a psychiatrist, Kibum, and when he went to trial, he pleaded not guilty because he had multiple personalities. He had five personalities (Onew, he seems has bright personality but also mysterious; Jonghyun, the emotional and hot-tempered guy; Key, blunt, sarcastic, loves to nag; Minho, very competitive and mature; and Taemin, the younger, a free spirited and rebellious kid) besides his own, and one of the dominant personalities, Onew, committed the murder.
He tries to regain control over his life with the help of Kibum, a psychiatric.
#29JongTae or OnTaewarning: [kidnapping]
Taemins masked kidnappers voice seemed familiar, like of the boy who he admired in his study times and who apparently had a crush on Taemin too.
anyjust suggestions, not obligated: - one or both are spies. -Taemin's kind of turned on by being tied up and with the handsome man he's with. -Onew or Jonghyun took the job knowing who's Taemin and wants to protect himcharacters death
#30JongKey[Lookout AU]
Kibum is a genius hacker who does all the dirty works and hard tasks, and Jonghyun is an introverted programmer who communicates with the world through security cameras works with him. They are in the middle of a risky mission when Jjong lost his contact with Key. Worried, Jjong made a tough decision by leaving the comfort of his room to save Key.
(PS. They have not met in person since they started working together so only Jjong knows how the other looks like and Key doesn't)
Any ratingcharacter death
#31OnKeyChild onew and key in a same elementary school. Both participate in a competition that takes days to finish, with different team. Onew likes key and try to use this chance make key likes him back, and still trying to win the competition.AnyFluff please, side jongho would be nice
#32OnHoJinki is an average fisherman and goes out to the sea every day to catch food. After a storm he finds himself face to face with an infamous pirate ship. The Captain, Minho, can't help but notice how charming Jinki is, and Jinki can't help being curious. Minho offers to bring Jinki home, but Jinki is more interested in stayinganysad ending
#33OnHoJinki is in charge of taking care of the gardens at school, and one day he notices some damage. He discovers it was the soccer club's fault, but all the members are avoiding him too effectively. Later, someone has replanted some flowers and left a sweet note. Jinki really wants to find out who it was, but all he can find are a bunch of similar notes with silly flower pick up lines.any
#34TaeKey[harry potter au]
key cannot cast a patronus. taemin tries to teach him.
anylost of angst as to why key can't cast a patronus; slytherin key; hufflepuff taemmpreg, a/b/o, 2min
#35OnKey past!JongYukibum is a simple guy with small group of friends and has a crush on campus hottie jinki. the twist is, when kibum gets drunk, souls gets into his body. jonghyun, a dead, knows it and gets into kibum's body one day to help his ex boyfriend, which is jinki, move on from him and find new love. jonghyun tries to seduce jinki 'as kibum' but uhm jinki falls inlove with the real kibum. :>anyn/an/an/a
#36OnKeythe last full day before jinki enlists in the military.fluff and mild-angst plsn/an/an/a
#37OnKeythe flight from seoul to paris is 12 hours long. jinki just wanted to sleep, but just his luck, his seatmate is a excited first-timer who never stopped talking about his life, work, lovelife, hobbies, friends, siblings, parents, workmates, neighbors, and everything under the sun and clouds for 12 long hours. he thought it ended when he gets off the plane, but he was so sleepy he didn't realize agreed to be his seatmate's travel buddy for his whole trip.fluff pg r anyn/an/an/a
#38JongKeyJonghyun and Kibum were fighting over something and decided to break up, but their separation only makes them realise how much they needed each other so they decided to patch their relationship again.anyI want to focus more about their feelings when they are separated.sad endings
Jinki and Jonghyun were famous as campus couple. They are the most adored couple in their college because they are having a mature relationship. They are not "always-together" kinda couple yet they always support each other. Like when Jinki have study group, Jonghyun will always bring food for his group and giving kisses on Jinki's forehead, etc., etc.
anyJinki is Jonghyun's senior and they are from different department / Jonghyun wearing glasses
#40OnHo or girl!OnHoperson A dislike his/her back being touched with anyone but when person B kissed him/her and rub his/her back gently, he/she like it and melted in the touchanyfluffy fluff until the reader fly to cotton candy sky XPno side pairing, no uke!minho
#41JongYuJonghyun is not happy when his mother remarried with some famous doctor because not only he have a new dad, he also have step brother named Jinki who's 5 years older than him. What make him sick with Jinki is that Jinki is a too kind person who always smiling and patient no matter what Jonghyun did.NC-17Jonghyun is in college & Jinki already working / Jonghyun is a typical rebel kid who have blond hair & is in a band / theres some episode where Jinki is snapping at Jonghyun and it make him scared / bottom!jonghyunsad endings, 1st point of view
#42OnHo or girl!OnHowhat if the bright-cheerful extrovert always being cheesy, cheeky to the ice-cold intovert?anyonew as introvert, minho as extrovert, minho of course will to any thing to get onew's attention XDno side pairing, no uke!minho
#43OnHo or girl!OnHoperson A smell like honey. person B like honey.anyfluffffyyyyyyno side pairing, no uke!minho
#44OnHo or girl!OnHowhen someone introduce you to their fav book or music, that's mean he is want you to be the part of his/her life.anysoft and fluff like a pastel color :")no side pairing, no uke!minho
#45girl!OnHoeunsook, out of curiousity searched about lesbians on the internet and minjung find her out. what happen next?pg13 ~ nc17mmmmmm smuty fluff??no side pairing, no uke!min
#46OnHo or girl!OnHo"you are my cute little bunny"
"you are my gorgeous deer"
anywith evening background, they watch sunset together uwuwuw XDno side pairing, no uke!minho
#47OnKeyKibum falls in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected timeany
#48OnKeyJinki is a quiet and shy person. He doesn't have many friends. He never dated anyone before. He thinks his life is pathetic.
Kibum is a social butterfly. He has many friends. He used to date a lot. He thinks his life is boring.
The two meet. Their lives begin to change.
#49OnKeywarning: [cheating]
Kibum cheated on Jinki. They broke up but Kibum contacted Jinki after 3 months via email since Jinki blocked his number. Kibum sent him email saying how he misses Jinki and begged him for another chance. Jinki gave him one and told him to change his habits and control his drug and alcohol use.
#50OnKeyOnew and Key got casted in a drama together. There is a scene where they both were drunk and kissed. They practice the kissing scene at SHINee's dorm but got distracted by the other members. The boys keep teasing them. So Onew and Key practice their kissing scene at Key's apartment. Onew feels it's more intimate when they are alone. Key doesn't mind because he likes kissing!Key
#51OnKeytaemin just broke up with his boyfriend minho and asks his friend kimkibum to hack minho's facebook account. however, the young aspirant hacker kim kibum hacks the wrong facebook account, but what happened couldn't be more right because it was the campus hottie lee jinki's account.anyand kibum finds out jinki has been messaging various people about him ♥n/an/a
vampire!Kibum and werewolf!Jinki taking care of a human baby, Taemin.
#53OnKeywarning: [mpreg,cheating]
Kibum and Eunsook are going to marry but suddenly they need to cancel their plan because Kibum got pregnant by Jinki, Eunsook's twin.
Eunsook forces Jinki to take responsibility.
note: Kibum isn't cheating on her because they don't love each other. They are friends, it was an arranged marriage.
#54JongTae, OnKey[Snow white SHINee's version]
Taemin-Snow White, Jjong-dwarf, Key-evil queen, Onew-the huntsman, Minho-a competitive prince.
anyin the end Snow White Taemin choosed to marry dwarf Jonghyun instead of prince Minho
#55OnKey(inspired by memes)
Kibum sent Jinki texts
Kibum: Why the hell are you not picking up my calls?
Jinki: Wait I can explain
Kibum: Then explain!
Jinki: I like my ringtone
#56OnKeywhere civil servant kibum's first client on his first day of work is an annoying and stubborn gentleman, which on the next day turns out to be his boss (jinki).n/a- your choice on what department kibum is, either civil registrar, social work,
when life lost meaning Jongin finds his light in the form of a merman.anywrote this prompt with a thought of Jongin as a vampire and Taemin as a merman because i've never read such yet..but it's ok if you have something else in mind.
warning: [incest]
He knew about the dark magic book his relatives kept hidden,Taemin can't stand watching his twin brother getting weaker and dying so he would do anything to keep him alive and with him
anysuggestions: twin has to feed from brothers energy or blood like a vampire, -could include reincarnation or their immortality(?)too disturbing stuffs
#592min[general au or nonau; up to author]
Lee Taemin is the source of all of Minho's confusion. Despite being friends for years, Minho is still confused and intrigued by Taemin dating both men and women. He's had a crush on his friend for quite a long time but has always held himself back from making a move because he's unsure of what Taemin really wants and what it means to be bisexual. After a round or two of drinks one night, Minho finds the courage to finally ask him about his sexuality and gets more than he bargained for.
Mature or NC-17kissing, vers!Taemin, possibly smut
#60JongKey or OnKeyIn a world were cats are believed to run errands for the gods, people pray to the animals to hear their wishes. One special cat seems to have taken an interest in a gentle young man. A man with a simple mind and selfless wishes. The cat (Key) keeps coming back to the man, who has started to talk to him as if he was a friend, feeding him fish and petting him. As to repay all this affection Key wants to for fill a selfish wish, a deeper desire of the young man, even if that means he has to force it out of him.AnyKey can turn into a human but shouldnt, be seen by any other humans. If you can add Taemin, make him a little brat cat that likes to make human suffer but with a good heartsad ending, heartbreaking
#61OnTaeKaiTaemin been having stressful and tiring work so Onew and Jongin decides to make a surprise for him and all together go on a vacationanyside pairings
#62KeyHyun (aka JongKey but key as top)[SuicideSquad AU kinda? or Batman AU]
Key is the Joker and has been caught and sent to Arkham Asylyum by the dark knight. There, Dr Jonghyun tries to understand and help his patient. But he ends up falling for the Joker and after the Joker escapes (with or without Jonghyun's help), he's desperate to see the man again -giving up his own sanity to try to reach the one he still considers his patient. (basically he's Harley Quinn)
RCan be trigger warning with the Joker mistreating Jonghyun but would love if he did it, not because he wants to put Jonghyun in pain but rather because he's trying to push Jonghyun away or is unable to love in another way.Death of Jonghyun or Key
#63OnKeywarning: [character death]
Jinki met the death (Kibum) for the first time when he accidentally killed his abusive dad. He was minor so the court let him free. He fell in love with the death. He fell for his beauty. In order to meet him again, Jinki killed random people. But that wasn't enough because Jinki wanted to be with him forever.
anyIn the end, Jinki killed himself
#64OnKey, OT52minJjong went for camping in remote areas but failed to return home. They stuck due to bad weather and broken down vehicle. Luckily Onkey passed and help them. Onkey lived in that area. They were couple who moved to that area after got rejected by the society. Jinki offered them to stay at his place. Kibum disagree at first. He was afraid that 2minJjong would feel disgusted with the fact that he and Jinki are couple.
Onkey shared the struggles they faced.
#65OnKeywarning: [sickness]
(inspired by an article I found in internet: I Can't See Faces: 5 Weird Facts About My Life)
Kibum has Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness that affecting his social life. People often mistaken him as a rude person because of his condition. But there is this one person whom he can recognize immediately just by hearing his voice. And he loves the man because of that.
anyKibum can also recognize Jinki when he smiles. Because his smile is beautiful.
both of them are models, and been together for a long time..Taemin had a secret obsession with racing which always made Jongin worried and after an argument he had enough, and decided he needs a time of a seperation..only that Jongin to Taemin is so much more important.anyonesided love ontae, Onew wants to support Taemin since he has a crush on him..but he already missed his chance since Taemin fell in love with Jongincharacters death, taekai breaking up at the end
#67TaeKeyKeys car broke down not far from the countryside village he was driving to, he decided to walk there but he starts to hear beautiful singing and like hypnotised starts to search for the owner of it.anyjust a suggestion: Dark theme.Taemin's a vampire who lives in the mansion deep in the woods.
#68OnKeywarning: [age-gap]
Kibum was 16 when his mom introduced her boyfriend, Jinki, to him. Kibum didn't like the man. He was good looking and nice but for Kibum, no one could replace his dad. He loved his dad so much. But his mom seemed happy with this man.
When Kibum fought with his mom and refused to talk to her for a month, Jinki came to his dorm to talk to him. They began to get close. Kibum finally understand why his mom fell for this man, because he quietly began to fall in love with him too.
#69JongKeyFor his fans on instagram, Key decided to make Insta-Lives whenever he can. He likes talking to them and giving them a small glimpse of his daily life and his personality. There is one person who is not so happy with this however. Key’s boyfriend/girlfriend Jonghyun/Jonghee who keeps leaving countless of messages during his live to gain his/her boyfriend’s attention.
Key just might find that cute.
(if Jonghyun is a girl or a boy is up to the author)
Anyfluff ㅋㅋㅋ, whatever key does to have insta followers is up to the author (eg. make up, fashion, art, whatever)
#70OnKeykibum and jinki just got into a relationship with each other and the first thing they do is to decide their sex schedule. One says once a week, the other once a month.r-18n/an/an/a
#71OnKeykibum remembers all his past lifetimes, and also his soulmate. their are lifetimes when he is a woman, there are also when he is a man. however and whatever gender is, his soulmate is always jinki. however, this lifetime, kibum is already 28 and he is yet to find jinki... and when he finds jinki, jinki is already married.anyjinki was married bc of reasons except love.don't make kibum a mistress, kill the wife if necessary lmao.n/a
She has always been more of a sneaker type than a heels type but then her eyes fell on that pretty pair of high heels and maybe she bough them not only because they are cute but also because she wants to impress her boy/girlfriend. Only that walking in high heels is much more difficult than she expected.anyTaemin trying so hard, her partner finding it endearing, girl names preferred. Partner is up to the author completeycharacter death, heavy kinks, gore
#73Minho/KeyIt's summer and Key keeps coming back to the same ice cream parlour because the nice guy there keeps handing him an icecream cone with 2 balls but only charges him one. And maybe because he kind of likes this guy, too.anygore, violence, death
#74Jonghyun/KeyKey is a photographer and wants to experience the nature in order to take some amazing pictures. Camping out in the wild sounds like a wonderful idea, only that Key does not want to go alone. Naturally his best friend Jonghyun has to tag along. They spend nights in tents and soon enough limbs and hearts get tangled more than and upfluuuuufffffcharacter death, violence
#75Jonghyun/KeyRemember that time ten years ago when I told you I was in love with you but then said I was joking? Yeah, I wasn't. In which childhood bestfriends Jonghyun and Key meet again after college ripped them apartanygood or bad ending is up to you!violence, gore
#76JongYuJinki often asked to babysit his 3 years younger neighbour's child, Jonghyun and Jinki watch how Jonghyun grow from a kid into a fine young man.any
#77Jonghyun/Key[ABO AU]
Key is an omega but pretends to be a beta in order to get a job at Jonghyun's family home. During his stay at their home he slowly falls in love with the alpha, but he knows that getting closer to him also means confessing that he lied to get the job.
anyif Key fights inner battles about this problem <3gore, violence, death
#78Jonghyun/Key or Jonghyun/
warning: [mention of blood]
So here is the thing. Jonghyun has been a vampire for the longest time but until now he was able to hide it well from his friends. Yet, the urge to taste his best friend's blood gets worse as the time passes until one day it overwhelms him. Now he is terrified about how his best friend will deal with the fact that he is, indeed, a vampire hungry for his blood (and maybe him)
R - NC-17insecure Jonghyun, him fighting his urges !!violence, character death, heavy kinks
#79Onew/MinhoStudying engineering can be really really hard especially when exam period is coming around. Jinki tries so hard to keep his grades up but he might just go insane. Luckily his boyfriend is there to make him smile admist thousands of papers and equotations.anyfluff, fluff, sweetest!minhokinks, character death
#80OnHo (top!minho) or OnTae (top!taemin)Jinki loves to spend the day with his lover. Going to places he has never expected. Despite his older age, he loves it when his partner spoils him.The day is perfect but also the 17jinki's lover funny side story about the pain they went through to make jinki's day perfectplease don't include any women
#81OnJongHo (bottom! jinki)Jinki is a clumsy incubus. He doesn't like to make a human submit to his will, but he has to live. When he's struggling to live he meets 2 hot demons willing to be his meal. Jinki is super sensitvenc 17please don't make jinki too flirty, a little cute perhaps