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Major flawsNotable advantages
CorruptionOwning property?BureaucracyShort term USLengthLong termOther nationalities?Notes&citesCrimePollutionPoliticalNaturalNotes&citesTransportMedicalHealth Care IndexHealth Care CostOtherEnglish?% EnglishFriendlyOpenmindedHighest speedPay for extra?TemperatureRainy seasonAccommodationIngredientsRestaurantLaborMedicalUS flightUK/EU FlightAustralia flightIncentivesNotes&cites
Albania36Visa not required1 year43.9171.4361.2#N/A#N/A#N/A
ArgentinaUncertain/unstable economic and possibly political futureLovely, Cheap, educated, language barrier not strongDiegoOnly Canadians and Australians need to pay a fee, and no one needs visasCheap for Buenos Aires sattelite cities (e.g. Lanús)SafegoodGood a house would be an interesting longer term plan as they are not very expensiveDiego and Pablo Stafforini?99% white country with some farmers and no industrial park, tech could save them. 32yes fineVisa not required90 daysfine, only canadians australians40.2158.6248.473.73134.466.52400-1100USD
Australia- Housing in cities is expensive and can be challenging for some people to obtain, but the train system is good so you can just move to a less populated region where housing is less in demand.
- Flights and internal travel in Australia may be expensive, depending on destination, due to long distances. (Australia is very large.)
- Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city for the sixth year running according the Economist’s global liveability survey. (The Guardian)
- Currency conversions likely to be in your favor.
- Australia is politically quite stable.
- Australia is tectonically quite stable.
- Melbourne is unusually safe from a wide variety of threats (see safety).
- Melbourne has a nice climate with warm winters.
- The state of Victoria (where Melbourne is) has liberal laws.
- There are two different rationalist movements, LessWrong and Evidence and Reasoning Enthusiasts (Kathy's).
- There is an existing EA group to welcome you and assist.
- Kathy Forth
- Eliot Redelman

Visas are not hard to get if you meet the requirements, but do take a lot of processing time and require a lot of paperwork. This may be changing if a lot of Americans decide to leave due to Trump.

New Zealand citizenship, PR, and certain NZ visas grant you the ability to live and work in Australia, last I knew. This may change with a large enough number of immigrants.
The cities are expensive, but I suspect moving out into the countryside would be much more affordable and it's likely to be worth the large number of benefits.- Melbourne is unlikely to be attacked by foreign militaries due to supply line challenges because it's on the Southern coast. They could attack Australia on the Northern coast, but there would be plenty of notice for those in Melbourne that Australia is under attack. A foreign power might not bother to come down to the Southern coast to take Melbourne even if they win on the Northern coast because it's *that* far away.
- No natural disasters other than the universal ones like wild fires and floods.
- Low crime rate. (Even bad neighborhoods here are nothing like American ghettos.)
- There are a lot of unique deadly animals in Australia but humans have civilized this place enough that almost no one ever dies from them.
Acceptable, but nothing like Seattle. They're currently working on a fiber optic Internet infrastructure and it's overdue. (Not sure if that's just Melbourne or the entirety of Australia.)ExcellentContact the champions via Facebook. (Add Kathy as a friend to make sure she sees your message!)Yes to property. Unsure about setting up an organization.As close to ideal as bureaucracy gets.The ETA visitor visa:
- Inexpensive.
- Granted in minutes.
- Online application.
- Lasts 3 months.
- You can extend that to 12 total months by applying for a 600 visitor visa.

Kathy might let you use her guest room near Melbourne.
90 days - 1 yearThe skilled independent visa:
- Requires 6 years of experience in certain career paths, perhaps mitigated by education.
- You get permanent residence when it is granted.
- This costs 5,000-10,000 AUD.
- Australia is rumored to have a bias in favor of Americans and Brits.
- Australia is rumored to have a bias against certain nationalities.

New Zealand citizenship, PR, and certain NZ visas grant you the ability to live and work in Australia, last I knew. This may change with a large enough number of immigrants.
Melbourne is awesome.22.2422.5None except the universal ones like wild fires and flooding, and you can plan for those (don't live in a forest or on a floodplain).Unusually Good Possibly the actual best in the world. Free healthcare if you have the right visa, permanent residence or are a citizen. People don't go bankrupt if they get sick here.

The health insurance is extremely inexpensive compared to the American offerings. See the major health insurance provider's website for pricing.
73.71134.21Must sees:
Australian funny political videos.
- The major arts festival held during the season when the sun never fully sets called "White Night".
- Bush doofs (wild parties in the forest).
- The world-famous Sydney Opera House.
- The strange and fascinating MONA museum.
- The great barrier reef.
- The unusually unique flora and fauna like the lyre bird.
- The wonderful secular comedian Tim Minchin.
YesAlmost everyone.Very. Extra friendly to Brits and Americans.YesNice. Mild winters. Summer can be hot.No (only in Northern states, but not near Melbourne).100-200 AUD for a rice, beans and V8 diet.1350 AUD15-20 AUD700-800 (I did not check every time of year.)40-600 AUD (depending on where you are going)
Belize not required1 month, extendable up to 6 months42.7143.9766#N/A#N/A81.65
Bolivia34Visa on arrival90 days31.7283.3478.5#N/A#N/A#N/A
BrazilExpensive short-term visa for US citizensbeautifulbad for US peoplenot greatbadfinemedium required<- expensive30.3553.1365.351.190.45
CambodiaEndemic corruption, lawlessCheap travel to other parts of SE AsiaOK in Siam Reap. Bad in South.21Visa on arrival30 days59.2478.2687.4#N/A#N/A#N/A
CanadaLong & cold wintersCulturally awesome. Close and similar to US, seems to be avoiding the problems prevalent in US and UK, good climate for start upsNo visa for six months for US citizens, Express entry immigration with job offer. While NAFTA lasts Americans and Mexicans can get work visas at the border with job offer letter (in ~200 fields)Bad in Toronto/Vancouver, more reasonable vs the Bay in Kitchener-Waterloo (KW)goodfineexcellentNascent rationalist community in Waterloo, EA chapters in Toronto, Vancouver- zejacobi at gmail dot com
- malcolm at malcolmocean dot com
Yes - many cities have accelerators or incentives for start-ups. Highest startup density in the world outside the Bay is in KW-Toronto corridor, world's largest free accelerator in KW, etc, etc83No more so than in the USVisa not required180 daysExpress entry with job offer, otherwise time consuming to immigrateAllows dual citizenship62.8428.823.8Ontario has no natural disasters. BC suffers same risks as all west coast About as bad/good (depending on perspective) as AmericaLonger wait times for electives than America, but much cheaper overall. PR and citizens have single payer health insurance68.62126.24Many Start up incubatorsEverywhere but Quebec, which has a lot of anti-English laws85.63YesExtremely100Mb-1Gb
Chilegreat climate, most prosperous and advanced economy in South America has contacts70Visa not required90 days55.2472.2441.961.1110.379.53
Costa RicaOf carribean states, has better tech infrastructure than others. Often considered an ideal place to retireRochelle Harris55Visa not required90 days39.2656.145.1#N/A#N/A#N/A
CroatiaCheap and convinient travel to other EU countries. Very popular tourist destination with famous coastiline and lots of opportunities for recreation and fun (music festivals, camping, summer activities, sports..etc). Lots of cheap unused land/space, bunch of low-populated islands. EU member stategenerally very cheap compared to the western countries. Beer = 2$generally safeModern highways, but rail service is kinda outdated. not required90 days within 180 days70.5830.4652.459.96110.3649Regular flights to all major EU cities
Czech RepublicPopular with start-up communities. Prague is a great city. Cheap travel in Europe.Rochelle Harrischeap good56Visa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area65.9742.3540.872.35133.127
Ecuadorall but 10 countries visa-free, 90-day with reentry32Visa not required90 days, extendable for another 90 days, per year41.7456.5375.665.69118.53#N/A
Fiji52Visa not required360 days50.5653.1876.2#N/A#N/A#N/A
FinlandVery cold and dark in winter
EU member statevery safegood18.8
Georgia28Visa not required90 days80.6164.0578.9#N/A#N/A#N/A
GermanyCold and dark in winterBerlin and Munich have existing start-up communities, central in EuropeChristian KammgoodfineExisting rationality community in Berlin- mail at ckamm dot de81Visa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area70.8730.3328.675.85138.9664
Guatemala38e-Tourist Visa30 days22.0972.1183.266.47118.8810.35
IcelandWinters, driving recommended, there isn't TONS to doLow population (~300,000). Very progressive. May be possible for EAs to get involved with pioneering progressive democratic projects. Convenient location between Europe and North America.expensive - $10 a beergreatgood74.1516.3422.8
IndiaDelhi: Health and safety issues for women, sunk time on bureaucracy.Strong internet and tech talent. Charity Science Health is working there.A lot of sunk time but can use the bounce in and out optionVery cheapSexual harassment badDepends- I found in Delhi- poorPoor41Visa not required6 months10 yr multiple entry tourist visa30.9384.4979.6#N/A#N/APrevalent97.64Only amongst friends
IndonesiaFlights get expensive during holidays b/c it's a very popular tourist destination for Australians.Beautiful & easy for tourists.Rochelle Harris25Heavy, but corrupt and can be skirted if you grease the right palmsVisa on arrival30 days, conditions apply, extendable up to 60 days63.7669.8974.9#N/A#N/AAlmost everyone#N/AExtremely
IsraelHigh cost of living.Great place for EA ideas to thrive. Vegetarianism, tech, & x-risk awarenessDoableFairly highexcellent excellentgoodYesFine79.7
JamaicaPoor42Visa not required90 days within 180 days63.0684.896559.99106.52#N/A
JapanCost (?). There is still a prejudice towards outsiders, especially in suburban areas. You need to constantly endure being stared at by people.

There are not many people who can communicate in English.
The standard of hygiene is excellent. People can be warm and welcoming, also extremely polite. If you find the right people, in the villeinage, you will be treated like a family.Chiaki There are many ways that allow people to stay in Japan, but presumably the more important part would be not about getting a visa but more about having a permission to built a some form of organisation?House prices are significantly low in the suburbs and the quality is second to none.The internet connection is very strong. You will hardly ever experience not being able to connect to the internet even on undergrounds.35.1In the city you will be surprised to see how abundant in choices you will have in terms of health care, yet in the suburb you will have difficulties finding one doctor.In summer it gets very hot and humid in the south of Tokyo (around 36C) and in the north of Tokyo, it gets quite cold and so much snow (around -5 and 3m snow fall).
LaosInternal travel is very time-consuming, so depends where it is.Very cheap, great food, nice environmentsuper cheapbelow average50Visa not required3 months31.464.4984.466.45119.78Limited, tourist trade only62.57Very
Macedonia35Visa not required180 days47.269.196768.13121.8412.9
MalaysiaVisas and increasingly conservative state.high tech, excellent resources for cheap, excellent climate, safe, good E2G possiblities, cheap travel in SE AsiaRochelle Harris3 month- bounce in and out on a tourist visa is possiblecheapexcellentexcellentexcellent44Visa not required90 days within 180 days80.7844.5866.1#N/A#N/A#N/A
MexicoLawless.Lawless, effectively tribal, abundant empowerable youth.65 countries visa-free for 6 monthscheapgood if in synergy with common locals36Visa not required3 months42.9862.7570.4#N/A#N/A14
Montenegro27Visa on arrival90 days49.1285.4255.2#N/A#N/A46.49
Moroccopoor27Visa not required90 days56.61#N/A74.2#N/A#N/A#N/A
Nepal39Visa not required180 days57.4749.3691.2#N/A#N/A#N/A
NetherlandsNot sure what differentiates it well from the UK. Good social security. Open secular country. Dutch citizens are proficient in English. Close to the UK. averageexcellentexcellentexcellent28.2
New Zealand21.3
Nicaragua74Visa not required3 months56.1821.3379#N/A#N/A#N/A
Panama36Visa not requiredup to 183 days; determined on arrival43.1984.7853.2#N/A#N/A#N/A
Uruguay51Visa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area59.6545.6336.252.192.6520
Peru35Visa not required30 days57.9871.57272.25130.3656.63
Not possible to own land.
Tolerant culture
Exceptionally friendly people
Not much government interference
ToonWaiver extendable up to 3 years
27th lowest out of 124 (see cost sheet)Safer than USavg 4.3 MbpsbadGMT +8Yes
63Not for immigrantsVisa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen areaWaiver up to 3 years
Immigration limited
65.4130.8784.769124.9727YesYes~100Mbpsavg 26 celcius
PortugalNeeds infrastructure work outside of Lisbon.1) Western Europe's poorest country.
2) Politically stable.
3) Good infrastructure in Lisbon, which is good to get to from wherever.
--> Could also mean we are going to find more potential EAs
4) Well educated people.
5) Currently strongly promoting all types of entrepreneurship (Web Summit, trying to bring gigafactory2 over, entrepreneurship checks, etc.).
Konrad SeifertEU member state + Golden visas possible. safest country in the world ("With an average peak Internet access speed of 34.5 megabits per second, Portugal stood seventeenth on the list of countries with the fastest Internet access.[1]" ( Current prime-minister (António Costa) spearheaded pro-startup capital when in was leading Lisbon, and doing same now that leading Portuguese Gov. see not required90 days within 180 days70.6659.1829.251.4390.66Prevalent31
Vietnam62Visa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area65.8250.0570.760108.3133
RomaniaSlow bureaucracy
Some corruption still remains, particularly affecting private enterprise & politics
Transport infrastructure somewhat lacking
Great internet speed & access
Prices fairly low in comparison to rest of EU
Good flight links to rest of Europe from a number of intl airports
Fairly stable politically
No visas needed for EU and EEA citizens safe, pickpocketing still occurrs and there are bad neighbourhoods to be avoided in most major townsBest in the world according to some publicationsRoads - ok, but leaves to be desired
Trains - same as road
Air - v good
Details added by AlexEthisisjaid at gmail dot com40Visa not required90 days within 180 days58.4450.9552.955.88100.89#N/A
Serbia58Visa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area65.9450.227275.89140.122
Singapore (SG)Politically cautious country. Can be bureacratic for getting things done.
Expensive city to live in.
1) Financial Hub in Asia - potential for outreaching to a lot of people who have excess wealth to give more and give effectively (e.g. engage them in EA narratives like GWWC & 80K)
2) Educated population and growing group of socially-conscious, meaning-seeking young people - potential in finding people to work in "EA jobs"
3) Existing EA chapter - a growing community of EAs
4) English is the main language here.
5) A tiny country - you can get anywhere within 45min in Singapore by car; public transport is really easy and convenient and cheap
Wanyi -
"Citizens of almost 80% of the world's countries may travel to Singapore for a period of 30 days or 90 days without a visa"

Singapore has been extremely international, multiethnic and
multireligious. Its economy only works if it's open to the world.

have a friend who runs a small company in Singapore and regularly hires
new people, including foreigners. When she needs to hire a foreigner,
she just asks for a visa for them. However, while (I think) there isn't
any -official- about portion of foreigners, it seems that the government
only wants you to hire no more than ~50% foreigners. If you get much
above this they start denying your visa applications.
not greatexcellentexcellent www.effectivealtruismsingapore.orgThis country was inserted by Wanyi; Singapore wasn't shortlisted in this list originally.

Chapter's contacts: Wanyi Zeng & Kyle Tan

Wanyi is working on EA full-time starting in Aug 2016 (currently self-funded)
GMT +885Visa not required90 days52.3443.0132.9
South AfricaOn the dangerous side (nighttime activities should be in certain areas for safety), but on the other hand, extreme poverty is very close and much can be learned from that.Extremely low-cost housing, especially in relation to quality of life in the wealthier areas.I lived in Cape Town for three years and have many contacts who could help set this up. -LauraNot difficultgreatnot greatcould be better, but not badvery good, in the areas we would be inSouth Africa #1: by Laura Gamselauragamse@gmail.com58.4243.0169.9
SpainVillage idea: Fairly remote, needs prep work, not much else to do. Or could be nearer a city not in abandoned villageNorth west of Spain has large swaths of land that are mostly abandoned and very cheap. We'd have to wire up our own internet, and I'm unsure about amenities, but some of these areas are ~1 hour away from an airport.Zachary Anderson: Currently living in spain.EU / SchengenMedium upfront cost for acquisition and renovationWestern EuropeWe'd need to set it up ourselves. There exists an association of DIY networkers ( with their open source tools, and other initiatives that might be helpful here - I have several contacts with people who've done smaller but comperable things in Spain. Business specialising in selling entire villages: http://www.aldeasabandonadas.comGMT +1Somewhat37Electronic Travel Authorization30 days52.3465.3639.8No earthquakes, hurricanes or otherGood public transport in cities,#N/A#N/A9.9
Sri LankaNot great accessibility ALSO very conversative and not civil society friendly 42eVisa3 months58.4273.5287.773131.6917
TurkeyConversative and not civil society friendly 70Visa not required90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area70.9117.2777.369.91129.1150
ThailandDepends where you areCheap flights elsewhere in SE Asia. Easy, fun, popular, fairly cheapThey change this often. Worst case scenario: do a 'visa run' to a neighbouring country (many tourists do this to stay longer-term) every 3 months. Luckily travel in SE Asia is cheap & relatively painless.Cheaper than West, more expensive than most SE AsiaAverage. Lots of motorcycle accidentsDepends on the location. Can be very fast in certain areaslauragamse at gmail dot com
(lived in Pai, Thailand
with the CouchSurfing
collective in 2008)
38Visa not required30 days, extendable once62.9971.7678.880.8147.9527.16
Trinidad and Tobago39Visa not required90 days22.7386.5557.8#N/A#N/A87.74
EstoniaAlmost everyone is an atheist.Amazing.43.4
HungaryRacist & anti-immigrantBudapest a thriving city - good nightlife etcCheap36Visa not required30 days52.762.56111.6#N/A
PolandCheap while inside of European Union (even true for major cities); rather attractive outdoors with cheap land available for purchase to anyone; good connection by air, land and sea; growing tech hub; wide adoption of English as second languageMichal - / Schengencheap; currency is PLN; usual rent in Kraków or Warsaw is 1800-2500 PLN for 60m^2; a decent meal is 20 PLN (4.51 EUR)excellentLTE in all major cities; 10-50MB broadband is widely available for landline connectionsgood to very good in and between all major citiescountry-wide Facebook group for EAs, in addition to 3+ local groupsa strong and growing community and local awarenessmichal.trzesimiech at gmail dot comUTC+01:00Cracow and Warsaw as main hubs for tech/startup scene62no restrictions since may 2016rather high, but with tendency to be fallingVisa not required90 daysEU / Schengen rules applyThe country is relatively homogenic, with some diversity in major cities65.8250.0540.7No dangerous phenomena or natural disasters except rare floodingsEasy by land, sea and air (with international airports in Warsaw and Cracow)Public healtcare is so-so, but there's a large number of private competitors60108.31Almost everyone below 40 in all major cities33Friendly, though moderately expressiveSomewhat conservative on average, except for Warsaw, which is rather liberal and open-minded100MB/sYesCold winters, rest of year is moderate on average (20-25)Some rain in autumn800 - 1400 EUR140 EUR340 EUR2 EUR0 - 100 EUR upwards500 - 1400 EUR45 - 160 EUR1400 PLNEuropean Union funds
Marsliterally not on Earthliterally not on EarthElon Musk????expensive to reachpoorno internetno roads lacking in atmosphereElon MuskDutchgrowing fast0Space Treaty may need amending before allowing private property ownershipFAA and ITAR00Radiation risks, global dust-storms, lack of breathable air, occasional falling rocks...BYOBYObandwidth: 32k/s
avg ping of 720000
Yes-76 to 2 CDIY$500,000
SeasteadsWe have to make one.We get to make anything we want.Very high.Literal pirates.DIYDIYDIYBYOBYO